Deadly snowstorms cause chaos across Spain

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Madrid is experiencing its heaviest snowfall in 50 years.
Storm Filomena has disrupted travel across Spain.
Madrid’s main airport was shut down late on Friday and transport officials said the snowfall disrupted traffic on more than 600 roads.
But most Spaniards are embracing the freak weather.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Elly Godelcra says:

    Keep your pets inside, they also feel cold, have compassion !!!

    • Avatar Over Leven in Vayrac says:

      Uhh? my dogs like snow very much. My pyrenean shepherd want to sleep outsite in the snow at minus 4 lol
      So I let him out of the house in the early morning around 5 o’clock because I think it is crazy to let him sleep all night long in that cold. But I agree with you, have compassion , but also ‘listen’ to your dog too.

    • Avatar timothy george says:

      Leave bread crumbs out on the terrace or accessible places for birds to eat

    • Avatar tina kapoor says:

      @timothy george best comment

    • Avatar Elly Godelcra says:

      @Over Leven in Vayrac it seems that you take general comments personal, they are not , it’s very simple ,dogs feel cold and SHOULD NOT be sleeping outdoors with that horrible weather. This is about the best for the pets.

  2. Avatar Alijaan Ali says:


  3. Avatar Paul Huneich says:

    Ilove Snow .. that’s not climate change ..its nature phenomenal

  4. Avatar Frida Clarke says:

    Send this to the puppet cowards in the uk police they would not have the balls to go to spain and arrest the spanish

  5. Avatar CrudeTruth 77 says:

    covid 19 brought this to madrid.

  6. Avatar Rihad Alif says:

    Heaviest Snowfall in madrid since 71. Places around the world where it’s supposed to be winter, feels hot like summer. Scientist are concern.
    People: I am so happy, its beautiful 🤦‍♂️
    People are actually dumb. And i guess they will always be like that.

    • Avatar Rihad Alif says:

      @reysim simuladores you do realize when some abnormal natural phenomenon happens out of nowhere just in a few places its not a big thing to care about; like the 71 thing. But when unusual natural stuff starts happening all around the world one after another then obviously people should be concerned. And i would rather believe in people who have given up their whole lives to research about the environment than people who just found a random video or article in youtube or facebook made by a random person who has no clue or knowledge about the subject he/she talking.
      The environment won’t change like a 100m sprint, it will change like an endurance race.

    • Avatar reysim simuladores says:

      @Rihad Alif Chill out random scientist. People are not sp worry about things they dont know or controll. Let them enjoy life. By the way. Do you go everywhere walking or in a bicicle? The day you use a car or a plane, all that you just say will mean nothing. Hipocresy is another quallity of humans and ignorance is bless

    • Avatar Rihad Alif says:

      @reysim simuladores i use public transport (train – domestic travel, bus – intercity, plane – different country as no other option) and if its a short distance travel then walk
      “ignorance is a bless” 😅 yeah, can see. that

    • Avatar reysim simuladores says:

      @Rihad Alif Man As you see I am kinda jocking here coz these last months were terrible. People use and do waht our stupid goberments say, I use combustion engines to move around, as you do, knowing we are polluting the planet, but what else can we do? I want a Tesla and solar panels. They are too expensive I am Waiting the (another 30 years) time for Fusion to finally give us all unlimited energy. I might never see that happend So instead of loosing my mind I try to live day by day with the things we can use. Cheers

    • Avatar Rihad Alif says:

      @reysim simuladores 🤝👍

  7. Avatar kevin cvalciuc says:

    They got hit by 2 feet of global warming!

    • Avatar Miriam Castillejo Felosa says:


    • Avatar Darius Lezama says:

      I do believe in global warming but they do have a winter season but Madrid is usually dry, just a bit of moisture caused this

    • Avatar kevin cvalciuc says:

      @Darius Lezama LMAO…….moisture AND COLD….lol….typical science denier omits the only mitigating factor that causes snow.

  8. Avatar Законопослушный Гражданин says:

    Зима👍👍👍 делайте снеговиков , стройте горки катайтесь на санях 😀 и не носите маски дышите свежим воздухом

  9. Avatar MS N says:

    Global warming?

    • Avatar Over Leven in Vayrac says:

      1 meter of it. More is coming next 30 years. GSM (Grand Solar Minimum) check out Oppenheimer Ranch Project, Dr Willie soon and Tony Heller for all real data.

    • Avatar Greg K says:

      Yes. 2020 was (probably) the hottest year on record. 2016 had the record before that. And 2019 before that. 2015 before that. That doesn’t mean it can’t show in winter.

    • Avatar Monkey Master says:

      The alarmists will try to tell you that this is actually a sign of climate change. Very little if anything can be garnered from this. Remember, serious climatologists use a *minimum* of 30 years to study climate. When looked over the long term, there has hardly been any change.

  10. Avatar Suleyman Eliyev says:

    Короновирус менял климать Планета земля ажывается 600 400 лет назад был ледниковый периуд токда жывые сушество и челавека мало было И Северный полюс был другом полюсе

  11. Avatar MyAcer20 says:

    meanwhile in the nederlands no snow XD

    • Avatar Momon says:

      Same here in Germany. I’m only about 80km from Denmark and I have yet to see ANY snow this winter!

    • Avatar atahualpa atahualpa says:

      But in Central- Northern Spain snow every year and its veeeeery cold u have 38 ski spa centers in Spain. So….its normal

  12. Avatar Aziz Aziz says:

    World : Climate change…..Welcome….. You can sit next to Covid19… Hey Covid19….. move….. Give climate change some space….

  13. Avatar ANDREW Garcia says:

    Deadly snow and now deadly spike in virus…why get out in huge groups.

    • Avatar KingSkyliner says:

      because of 99% survival rate you moronn

  14. Avatar Izoto says:

    Madrid is a very pretty city.

  15. Avatar Amy Chavez says:

    A good chance to have fun in one way, but stay safe in this time of pandemic.

  16. Avatar haych says:

    Amazing, wish I was there!

  17. Avatar F F says:

    save the best for the last, hahahaha 🤣

  18. Avatar Manik Kalore says:

    This is like in those Doomsday movies.. 😟😕

  19. Avatar Michael Griffin says:

    so natural ! particularly the the inability to breath normally.

  20. Avatar Glen Kelly says:

    How dare you

  21. Avatar A N D R E Y says:

    Take those masks off. They are only good to keep you poor.

  22. Avatar iTsM4rV1n says:

    And then here Netherlands still no snow 😂😂

  23. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    God loves the Spanish, there’s a reason The Zohar was born there.

  24. Avatar PG trojka says:

    MUUUUCH better than 20 days of rain non stop like in my city in southeastern Europe. We are going crazy by now…

  25. Avatar tina kapoor says:

    Build houses for all the stray feral wild animals and homeless needy humans. At most risk are cold blooded animals such as reptiles amphibians marine animals insects who cannot tolerate cold weather at all. So many marine creatures were frozen to death in pond lake and ocean last year in some Country I forgot the name( sorry) 3 crocodile were found frozen to death seagulls swan fish were all frozen dead and in another place 18 elephants deer sheep tigers birds were found frozen to death.

    • Avatar catalick converta says:

      Thats cuz they dont belong in a zoo

  26. Avatar Sukai Penn says:


  27. Avatar mantoman marking says:

    Looool they really think they got a lot of snow 😂😂😂🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    • Avatar mantoman marking says:

      @José Manuel D we get that every few days we have something called “snow squalls” check it out. It’s neat.

    • Avatar José Manuel D says:

      @mantoman marking I don’t doubt it. But again 50-60 cms of snow is quite a bit

    • Avatar atahualpa atahualpa says:

      Yes the miracle of Spain is u can go to beach 300 km to the south and having sun…

    • Avatar mantoman marking says:

      @José Manuel D true

    • Avatar mantoman marking says:

      @atahualpa atahualpa that’s very interesting geography

  28. Avatar Jason Ashley says:

    Lucky buggers have fun Madrid

  29. Avatar courtney young says:

    Absolutely Beautiful

  30. Avatar sneksnekitsasnek says:

    what next? snow in cyprus?

    • Avatar mcrsal says:

      FYI: it snows in Spain. We have mountains and cold temperatures in winter. Spain is much more than Ibiza or the Canaries 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Avatar sneksnekitsasnek says:

      @mcrsal no one cares

    • Avatar leonsio green says:

      @sneksnekitsasnek your mother

    • Avatar Mad in Madrid says:

      You cared enough to respond!

    • Avatar Crafter 1246 says:

      global cooling

  31. Avatar iammora says:

    While here in Amsterdam waiting for the snow to fall but nada. 😕

    • Avatar Juan Morales says:

      habla en espanol,cateto.

    • Avatar Maria Ingrid Atillo says:

      Nada nada?

    • Avatar Tximeleta says:

      @Juan Morales dios, no nos hagas pasar vergüenza, idiota.

  32. Avatar Steve E says:

    Spain on day 1 of snow “yaaayyy!”

    Spain on day 7 “ok wtffff”

    • Avatar Nauta Comio says:

      Well this works for Madrid city but not for Spain.
      There are lots of places in Spain full of snow the whole winter.

    • Avatar nelutu says:

      The melting is coming…

  33. Avatar gary Osborne says:

    So much for global warming.

  34. Avatar Amari7 says:

    Hi from Russia(siberya)👍😀

    • Avatar 2kool4myskool says:

      Amari7 Hi from Spain(iberia)👍😀

    • Avatar Tximeleta says:

      @2kool4myskool 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Avatar Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler says:


  36. Avatar Leni Salomon says:

    Enjoy with the snow but keep safe everyone 🥰😘❤🙏

  37. Avatar Reet Daft Wat says:

    The 2 things the left are trying to control us with come together, Climate change🙄 & an invisible DEADLY virus, neither of which do we really know exist & even if they did😉🤫 we can’t do 4uk all about anyway. So, live YOUR life, not your Governments.

  38. Avatar cano malo says:

    Hospitals are so over crowded that she slept in a hospital bed? Thought they were all filled

    • Avatar cano malo says:

      No,hospitals don’t supply “hospital beds” they supply cots for staff when they are in a plan A scenario….true they have placed for them to sleep.That’s not what she stated

  39. Avatar serxio doblebb says:

    Madrid is 1000 meters above sea level, it is one of the world’s capital cities at the highest altitude, winters are cold but it is very rare for it to snow because it is almost always sunny

    • Avatar The Mechanic Tangerine says:

      640 meters. Still the highest Eutopean capital city.

    • Avatar Danonino nino says:

      You’re wrong. Madrid is not 1.000 meters on the sea level. It’s between 600 – 700 ms.

    • Avatar The Ottoman Empire WWI says:

      Wrong it’s not 1000 meters

    • Avatar serxio doblebb says:

      @The Ottoman Empire WWI 700m sorry

  40. Avatar Ross Thayne says:

    Where is Thunberg now .. with her Global Warming .. ha ha

  41. Avatar Asteroid X says:

    Snow in Spain. Foggy Sun in Oregon. Who woulda. Thunk It.

    • Avatar Asteroid X says:

      Tree branches snapping under water ?

    • Avatar Asteroid X says:

      Looks beautiful. hrmphh.

    • Avatar Asteroid X says:

      we can build it. If not.

    • Avatar Asteroid X says:

      beware the freezing at night. Makes travel impossible.

  42. Avatar Redjetsen says:

    Where is Greta?

    • Avatar atahualpa atahualpa says:

      Under the snow

  43. Avatar Mr PheNoM3noN says:

    i never knew it snows ther

    • Avatar José Manuel D says:

      Snow is quite normal in winter in North Spain. In Madrid it snows sometimes in winter but not this much. However we have mountains close to Madrid with snow every year until May with popular ski resorts

    • Avatar Fernando Solano says:

      From now on, you know it

    • Avatar reysim simuladores says:

      MAdrid has Sky resorts opened 2 months a year, But this snow is not like the kind Madrid has every year which is litle and it doesnt stay for a day. Just in the montains

  44. Avatar Oskar Google says:

    For those who do not know, in Spain it is normal for it to snow every year, it is the second most mountainous country in Europe, and the entire northern half of the country is snowed every year. What happens is that in the city of Madrid it is strange to see such a heavy snowfall, but Spain is a country of snow.

    • Avatar Mahardhika Amarullah says:

      What about southern Spain? Andalusia and Algarve in Portugal? Is there snow in there? Are these places semi desert, arid places?

    • Avatar Ian Robb says:

      @get2rog s

    • Avatar Tom k.williams says:

      Spain is a country of snow …have a day off 😁😁😁😁

    • Avatar Paculus says:

      ​@Mahardhika Amarullah im from the south and here snows every winter but in other parts of the south that are less
      mountainous it snows rarely but here in granada snows a lot and all the mountains that sorround usally stay snowy and there is a lot of towns that the snows is during all winter like: pradollano, trevelez , pampaneira, capileira , bubion , pitres and others…

    • Avatar The Black Freighter Tattoo Co says:

      @Mahardhika Amarullah not on the South of Spain…Only on Portugal’s highest mountain,it rarely snows there.However these places do get very cold still and plenty of rain in the winter.

  45. Avatar TheNineThrees says:

    Laughs in Toronto

    • Avatar Raven Z says:

      Bitc, I’m from Siberia ish..

  46. Avatar KeepIt 100 says:

    Snow is indeed magical! 😃❄️

  47. Avatar bostongirlsandy says:

    I didn’t even know that it could snow on the Iberian peninsula.

    • Avatar atahualpa atahualpa says:

      hahahahahahahaha Iberian Peninsula has 38 ski spa centers and in Northern Spain u have cityes more cold than Boston (Burgos, León, Ávila, Victoria)

    • Avatar bostongirlsandy says:

      @atahualpa atahualpa Thanks for your reply.

    • Avatar Carl R. says:

      I thought the same with Turkey, but yes it snows too there.

    • Avatar atahualpa atahualpa says:

      @bostongirlsandy u r wellcome….to Spain but dont forget the coat if u come in winter specially the center-northern country or probably u die of hipothermia

  48. Avatar Wim van der Kuijl says:


  49. Avatar Harley Quinn says:

    Global warming is getting out of hand.

  50. Avatar I C U says:

    It starts with fun and ends with underlying health conditions 🤔

  51. Avatar atahualpa atahualpa says:

    0:36 is incredible for me the most beauty city in Europe. Breathtaking the architecture of Madrid streets look like Paris other look like New York. Amazing city

  52. Avatar j.m s. says:

    global warming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar Ed P says:

      it’s global cooling. it’s snow not rain.

  53. Avatar hansonel says:

    Good to see Madridano’s playing in the snow after enduring one of the hardest years in recent history cooped up inside

    • Avatar Christian Figueroa says:


    • Avatar Deirdre Mangan says:

      God Bless! Madrilenos from Ireland,

    • Avatar Ana Casanova says:

      Jajaja, madrileños .
      No Madridanos jajaja😁😀🇪🇸

  54. Avatar Simon says:

    ❄️Snow: Hola! Come out to play…
    🦠Coronavirus: Splutters & puts coffee down. Virus siren goes off at covid hq. Another easy target crowd, c’mon.

  55. Avatar get2rog says:

    Don’t let climate radicals know. Poor Greta might have a nervous breakdown. Oh and why haven’t her parents and their cohorts been jailed for child abuse.

  56. Avatar NEWONE Newlife says:

    Repent repent for your sins turn to jesus christ JESUS COMING SOON!!! Be converted biblical!!!

    • Avatar Chris Carrasquilla says:

      Lol, you’re crazy.

    • Avatar NEWONE Newlife says:

      @Chris Carrasquilla same back to you when see coming Jesus coming with all holy Angels from heaven hope you be live and safe ,hope you don’t be destroyed by brightness or receive those plagues dropped so heavy that you never seen before then you remember me Repent repent for to late have a nice day

  57. Avatar fred grove says:

    Will the Madrid residents still love the snow , when no trucks can deliver supplies to the shops etc ?

  58. Avatar platin heart says:

    Snow in germany.
    Policemen destroy snowmen!

    • Avatar Tximeleta says:

      Ohhhh they are dead inside 🥺

  59. Avatar ALKEBULAN GREAT HOLY LAND great africa says:

    Ice spicies

  60. Avatar Ric419 says:

    I miss snow like this in NYC

  61. Avatar Eddie De Leon says:

    always the capital, probably reminds their childhood experiences where time is worry free a sigh of relief, don’t need to travel

    • Avatar Eddie De Leon says:

      number of atoms theory, clean environment

  62. Avatar XAVI68S says:

    Madrid looks amazing white

  63. Avatar Flame zodiac says:

    This wouldn’t happen in the uk people are boring and miserable hag faces 24/7

  64. Avatar Guimelaleph aleph says:

    Cool! Yeeees the world is getting their Seasons Back thanks to lock dowm Halleluyah for Storm Filomena in Madrid Spain!.

  65. Avatar Ericka Norris says:

    Of course it is …………………….GLOBAL WARMING…………………………..

  66. Avatar Prasanth Paul says:

    Global warming 😳😑

  67. Avatar Gary says:

    I can’t believe they’re wearing masks OUTSIDE!?!? Am I the only person in the f***ing world that sees what is WRONG with this picture? I bet their hospitals have been empty for months–and not because of masks. What a bunch of suckers.

    • Avatar Marc Aranda says:

      No, we have one of the highest rates of infection in europe. We have 70.000 deads with a population of only 46 milions

  68. Avatar Emil Cioran says:

    The planet is warming


  69. Avatar Lori Touma says:

    So exciting the snow is! Makes the city magical!

  70. Avatar ty white says:

    Global Warming?

  71. Avatar Josh Tri says:

    Take ya masks off you dickheads!

  72. Avatar Fatima Tunga says:

    1:44 Malaska means your unlucy.

  73. Avatar David Burgess says:

    Did you see that car with its REAR wheels spinning? Must be a German make!

  74. Avatar Therry KEASBERRY says:

    Not only Madrid! !

  75. Avatar Sakeeb Rahman says:

    When people celebrate global warming

  76. Avatar Quincy Ileh says:

    Wow it’s snowed in africa , cause Spain is so hot it like Africa’s heat if not more , and I am sure it never snowed in other places in Spain many years ago

    • Avatar Gerlautam R. says:

      It snows every year in Spain, but in Madrid it doesn’t snow like this.Hope you can understand the point.

    • Avatar reysim simuladores says:

      Spain is hot in July and Agost, Not Africa at ll. In Summer north Spain is cool and nice

    • Avatar Danonino nino says:

      You don’t have any idea what are you talking about, sir. Spain’s so hot….in summer. Now you can go to drink some sangría and a paella with chorizo. Amén.

  77. Avatar Appuz Wish says:

    Nature is changing…
    Earth is changing…

  78. Avatar मै हिन्दू लंड पुजारी शिवलंड says:

    Very sad here temperature is 5 degree no snow still we hate cold

  79. Avatar Secwet Only says:

    I don’t understand. Did this happen recently? Why are the people not maintaining social distancing? Don’t they have protocols or something?

  80. Avatar Lord Askia mohanmend says:

    I didn’t see chaos.

  81. Avatar The Conscientious Objector says:

    Oh noes the global warming goblin Greta will not be happy

  82. Avatar four tails says:

    People : Yippy snow ! 😊
    Covid : Yippy lots of people together out in the cold ….🙄

    • Avatar KingSkyliner says:

      99% survival rate

    • Avatar four tails says:

      @KingSkyliner tell that to the families of that 1%

  83. Avatar Leo says:

    A sign of Frostpunk?

  84. Avatar 37375 says:

    I hope the people have enough warm clothes and housing and heaters.

  85. Avatar geo says:

    around world people going more stupid again again again that’s the plan globalist when they praying in bohemian Grove they praying like this more fools in this world

  86. Avatar Sen Le says:

    2 weeks later… covid cases in Madrid rises…no one knows why…

    • Avatar Tximeleta says:

      Christmas celebrations , not this.

  87. Avatar shanu Sha says:

    Yup better weather came back after a priod of lock down for the past 10 months, carbon foot print decreased half so nature bring back suprise to us😃

  88. Avatar adlerzwei says:

    The day after tomorrow.

  89. Avatar Eric says:

    Must be the result of global warming.

  90. Avatar lmw lmw says:

    It must be global warming……………

  91. Avatar Mani Thangavalu says:

    So much so for global warming!
    Greta thundberg eat your heart out.
    Let’s see what you have under your sleeves this time.🌫️🌪️☃️⛄🏔️❄️🌀🌊🌬️🌬️🌁🌀🌊❄️🌪️🌪️

  92. Avatar Silvia Logan says:

    The snow in Madrid, Spain looks just like Ottawa, Canada where I live.

  93. Avatar CARLOS RUIZ says:

    -35.8° in León province (Picos de Europa mountains). -20° in villages Soria, Guadalajara and Teruel

  94. Avatar zoll z says:


  95. Avatar Jesus G says:

    !!! Viva Madrid!!!

  96. Avatar Kiyoone says:

    Yeah… and COVID magically go away

  97. Avatar RobertRod818 says:

    Spaniards are fun, and are enjoying the snow

  98. Avatar Matt Duckett says:

    Ah I love the Spanish!
    If that was the UK the police would be issuing you all covid fines and arresting you at the moment 🤣😂👍

  99. Avatar Daily my childhood says:

    haha,don’t care corona 😅

  100. Avatar Gente dernak says:

    Happy for snow could never be me😑😑😑😑

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