New US President Joe Biden inherits US-Iran tensions

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On the campaign trail, US President Joe Biden made it clear his formal plan for dealing with Iran would start with the simple step of rejoining the nuclear deal. But things have changed drastically since then and now that step might be more difficult than ever.

Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari reports from Tehran on where Iran-US relations stand.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Showboy Tizzy says:

    Trump is a disastrous uncontrol human being, he left the deal and now is going to start from the bottom again

    • Avatar Joe momma says:

      Your a disastrous human being in a waste of breath

  2. Avatar Lulu Linda says:

    Iran is always under tense…everyone knows that Iran is a terrorist organization. Idiots.

  3. Avatar Lulu Linda says:

    Poor iran, they are gonna be wiped out and stupid biden will not save iran, biden is a coward and Kamala maybe the mattress for iran if they want the deal…just saying

  4. Avatar bhu nji says:

    Saudi Arabia now “defending itself” too lol

  5. Avatar Charles Ponzi says:

    Trust your government to lie to you, it’s the only thing they’re consistent in.

    We have been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems. Maybe at some point we’ll wake up and recognize that it was politicians who caused our problems.

  6. Avatar R Fox says:

    Iran needs to leave the Holy land alone

  7. Avatar Vincent Guthrie says:

    On Purim 2020 the Lord showed me his Prophet that the Rapture was around the corner no longer lead by the spirit but the manifestation of the Son’s of God, Eliakim is upon the horizon Isaiah 22:20.
    Know this that a Righteous Democratic Believer is a Oxymoron Jeremiah 7 defines why, we are to flee from wickedness PROVERBS 17:15 You who justify the wicked an condemn the just are both an abomination to the Lord.
    Elijah the Prophet

  8. Avatar USSF Enterprise says:

    Joe Biden: Ban Nuclear Bomb

  9. Avatar M K says:

    No1 likes Iran

  10. Avatar undecided says:

    if your defenceless we have all seen what democracy usa brings. bombs and plenty of them.

  11. Avatar Nuhu Mohammed says:

    Long live Iran

  12. Avatar I Love Humanity says:

    long live Iran
    Love Iran

  13. Avatar Shariya Shajid says:

    Iran has all the rights to defend itself.
    Good luck Iran.

  14. Avatar Moby Pancake says:

    I hope the US WIPE them off the map

  15. Avatar Apple Suite says:

    biden isnt ready for a war. rouani must go hard or go home. right now is the oppurtunity

  16. Avatar Digital Nomad Records says:

    Drop atomic bomb on Yellowstone volcano, America

  17. Avatar imnot tushiro says:

    Iran should not fall for it again. No deal, unless they pay Iran 280 Billions, for the damages they caused, and send trump to an Iranian court for justice. Thats the LOWEST Iran has to demand, before going for any kind of a deal.

    • Avatar African Boy says:


    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      280 billion? Giving trump to iran? You stupid? Iran is a danger to the region, it should just stop being aggressive, throw their mullahs in jail and create a democracy based on the principles of freedom and secularism.

    • Avatar SYED MIAH says:

      That money is not enough they should give more

    • Avatar Rosen Dale says:


  18. Avatar Saify says:

    Great job Iran🇮🇷🇵🇰❤️

    • Avatar African Boy says:

      Long Live Iran 🇮🇷

  19. Avatar Gustavo Diaz says:

    No one cares about Iran

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      Important people do

  20. Avatar Evelyn De LosReyes says:

    Iran will perished together with there evil leaders .

  21. Avatar Darth Aman says:


  22. Avatar SpiritKatana says:

    La beyk ya Allah.

  23. Avatar The Punjabi Channel says:

    Good luck to Iran

  24. Avatar Smiley Home Improvements John says:

    What is Iran going to do to Saudi Arabia? There is nothing there. It’s all dessert. What? They want to hit their own holly land? Mecca??
    You make me laugh.
    You Aljazira people.

    • Avatar Zafir Zakaria says:

      Hit the refinary and ports.
      Saudi will choke.

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      Attack the oil fields mainly.

  25. Avatar Amir Herez says:

    Joe Baiden is enemy of the USA. He want to create nation of slaves without weapon & right to self-defence.

  26. Avatar The Quran Spreader says:

    Sudia is a zero country

  27. Avatar Hussainali Khalifa says:

    What is the point America get republicans president in 4 all over again
    Is building a house on ice every is gonna melts

  28. Avatar Ethiopia lij Abrham says:

    Keep going iran 💪🏿f the western powers

  29. Avatar Paulie Walnuts says:

    god bless iran!!!

  30. Avatar Hussin Ali says:

    What a bunch idiots they full of weapons while their citizens are dying of hunger

    • Avatar Affan says:

      Uhhhh someone with Brian 👍

  31. Avatar Haris Ahmed says:

    USA is only get afraid when countries like Iran and Pakistan make missiles. They better look in to themselves for how many years they have ruined the lively hood of people in tons of country.

    • Avatar DAHABI ZIZY says:

      Wht pakistan 🤣🤣 no one cares pakistan its poor and backward
      Pakistan stuck 1960

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      All guilty countries

  32. Avatar Haris Ahmed says:

    Iran 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  33. Avatar jesus gomez says:

    Don’t worry biden will bend over to iran.

  34. Avatar jesus gomez says:

    Iran wait to show their balls after Trump is out office. They know biden is like obama .

  35. Avatar Nima says:

    Persian gulf

  36. Avatar Ungli wala Gamer says:

    Man PAKISTANI hastam. But I love Iran.

    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      Iran is shia. We see how pakistan treats shia’s.

  37. Avatar DavidJMa says:

    Yeah Joe give up sanctions – your only source of leverage. The regime is in its knees. What do you give a drowning enemy? A firehose down the throat. Now is not the time to give in – for the sake of the Iranian people. They want sanctions kept because they want their corrupt kleptocratic murderous regime gone – now!

  38. Avatar African Boy says:

    Love Iran 🇮🇷 From Africa

    • Avatar fx Gamer says:

      Africa isn’t a country

    • Avatar African Boy says:

      @fx GamerI know

  39. Avatar Freds Bevaren Peace And Love says:

    Palestine=Iran=Real Peace 4 Ever to the Hole World… Peace

  40. Avatar Benjamin of Persia says:

    Iran/Persia 💪🏻😎
    PERSIAN Gulf

  41. Avatar Blue Team says:

    They like instagram gang bangers.. showing off their weapons.

  42. Avatar Saqib Sheikh says:

    The only nation in middle east who is not on a dog leach of USA.

  43. Avatar syed najeeb says:

    Long live IRAN

  44. Avatar to1o to1o says:

    Iran 💪💪💪

  45. Avatar matthew stein says:

    That the Israeli and American flag is in there base is funny

  46. Avatar Mark Whales says:

    I can see it new crusade will be establish

  47. Avatar Dior Savage says:

    because growing the army isntead of feeding your starvation population is snart

  48. Avatar Francisco Verra says:

    Why change policies when Abraham accord s flourishing, thanks 2 president Trump..

  49. Avatar Anuradha Ranasinghe says:

    Interesting they are walking over the Israel flag but for aljazeera they are the victims

  50. Avatar FUTURE LIFE101 says:

    Iran is strong and that makes Zionists fear iran also if they attack iran so many Zionists would be wiped out

  51. Avatar DminusFlamingo says:

    we dont mind that iran put defenses against airstrikes. but we dont want iran to be a threat and we dont want iran to stay islamic state, we want iran to be free and the people in it should have their freedom.

  52. Avatar DminusFlamingo says:

    the real problem with iran is that they might actually use nukes. because they not afraid of death, thats what happen when your brain is stuck in religion. but honestly as israeli person, we dont want war with iran, iran should have their rights and freedom.

  53. Avatar Shafaietun Nur says:

    We hope Mr Biden you will punish Israel govt to protect humanity.

  54. Avatar Shafaietun Nur says:

    Bush destroyed twin tower to get opportunities to. destroy Irak
    Few leaders create terrorists in The name of Islam

  55. Avatar yuuyt dvdf says:


  56. Avatar Idris James says:

    Never believe extremists Islam countries A Back stabbers….

  57. Avatar KK Daze says:

    So it’s ok for one side to have a billion weapons but Iran is not allowed any weapon. This is a silly policy

  58. Avatar Mervin Germain says:

    Politics Biden came in, war in iran maybe

  59. Avatar chaminda Tiamu says:


  60. Avatar worldwide Channel says:

    Iran is self made country keep it up Iran 💪🇮🇷

  61. Avatar WANNA LEARN says:

    0:00 Somebody play the thug life song.

  62. Avatar anotherchanceful says:

    Let’s see some trigger fingers not just Twitter fingers 🤣

  63. Avatar Dr Akbar Sher Afridi says:

    Not Unknown gunman but israeli Mossad killed iran scientist.

  64. Avatar Husain Ibn Aziz says:

    Still talking of ‘it wasnt included in the nuclear agreement’ when the agreement ended

  65. Avatar Harry Shahrum says:

    Saudi.. deal with your own probs.. USA is busy with their own probs now

  66. Avatar TV Ted says:

    If Iran thinks Biden will make peace they’re mistaken. No way will that happen.

  67. Avatar Sweaty Boi Rudy Guiliani says:

    Iran lashes and executes peaceful protesters… We should’ve never done any business with them… We have only degraded our morals as a nation

  68. Avatar Abdi Khadar says:

    Lesson from Libya!

  69. Avatar Joe momma says:

    what a joke USA will destroy your country in less than 48 hours if you really want to go to war with USA

  70. Avatar Logical Mind says:

    Please no more wars! Please stop! Please I just want all wars to stop! No more! Let us just be humans! Please.

  71. Avatar abdulla bukhari says:

    Wars more wars weapons more weapons , i mean the sec you are born you have to defend your country, defend your religion, defend ethnicity even the football team you like thats the only way to prove you love it

  72. Avatar Mike DC says:


    • Avatar Yurichtube says:

      Trump will never win again.

  73. Avatar Didmasela says:

    The post-cold war world has changed a lot. No country can now bully other countries coz there is now a ”Military Balance of Power”. The world order is no longer bipolar, but rather multipolar world order where not one country dominates the military scene, and global trade and finance. As an International Relations Consultant, I recommend that, all marginalised developing countries of the world also arm themselves to the teeth with nuclear weapons as a deterrence. If every state in the world, small and big, developed and developing, had nuclear weapons, no one state will dare attack another. And if no country dare attack another or others, there will be no bullying and marginalisation; and then there will be peace.

  74. Avatar S.Mahdi Alavi says:

    PERSIAN Gulf you mean , Right ?

    • Avatar ِ ِ says:

      Its arabian gulf

    • Avatar S.Mahdi Alavi says:

      @ِ ِ not even a funny joke

  75. Avatar RyzenX_SK says:

    Get yourself stronger, Iran as much as you can.

  76. Avatar Jo Biden says:

    I support Iran Security

  77. Avatar keystone yager says:

    “America is Satan” seriously grown men in this day and age with imaginary freinds and enemies, how pitiful 🤣.

  78. Avatar Matt Graham says:

    Go head Iran and build nuclear weapons just remember one thing fire one I the United states we will fire 100 at you and say good bye to iran but if I was you watch out for China

  79. Avatar spawn0024 says:

    It´s time for IRGC to take care of mr donald duck and his fat friend pompeo for what they have done!

  80. Avatar Tina Jones Myers says:

    If you are Iran will you really trust DC, in your right senses no , Europeans no either ,

  81. Avatar asif khan says:

    who broke the deal 🤔

  82. Avatar asif khan says:

    israel is bigger threat than iran who already has nukes and a lot of them.
    funny thing is no one talking about israel.

  83. Avatar YT AkaplusCR7 says:

    Love Iran from iraq keep up the good work make more nuke 🇮🇶❤️🇮🇷

  84. Avatar Eris .V says:

    Iran should watch out Biden is not some Orange

  85. Avatar Jonas Ark says:

    i once saw jets coming out of the water that belonged to iran. i was convinced iran was sovereign. i think i was wrong, c calling out for “someone” to perform falls short of ordering urs to do it. shia i understand now. its like the latinos of the arab world.

  86. Avatar Zorro Kronik says:

    Could not blame iran to step up their defence cause trump administration cause it to happen..

  87. Avatar jobs Update says:

    Love for Iran 🇮🇷

  88. Avatar Medopfe says:

    Israeli Lobby has become so strong in US that a President cannot be elected against them. Whether it be against Syria, Iraq, Lebanon or Iran. It was in. an American book, Israeli Lobby and the American foreign policy

  89. Avatar Kashif Kamboh says:

    Iran have all rights… 🇮🇷♥️🇵🇰

  90. Avatar Andy Sammy says:

    Why is Iran being asked to comply when it was the Americans who are breaking it? What is the point of the other countries in this deal if America can single handedly decide whether Iran benefits or not?

  91. Avatar Lorenzo Lopez says:

    IRAN rain them with your firepower and Nuke’s them All,

  92. Avatar Dream the Noob Version says:

    Is Iran the next DPRK?

  93. Avatar V V says:

    If one asks another to have no nuclear weapon, it is one’s obligation to have none too. The earth is the one and only house that belongs to the family of human race, no one has the right to destroy it by any means, diplomacy is the way, not war.

  94. Avatar Arif says:

    Iran has the right to defend itself.. US & others are just hypocrite

  95. Avatar Olive Insat says:

    Biden will make SURE Iran gets the Nuclear bomb! That will be a defining part of his legacy. Just like W. Bush sold nukes to North Korea.

  96. Avatar 炎Kuraiji says:

    Iran will be happy once trump is arrested

  97. Avatar SYED MIAH says:

    They got trump to do other dirty work of giving jerusalem to stolen palestine and now they will get Biden to attack Iran.

  98. Avatar Rosen Dale says:

    People should not forget that both Israel and USA as far back at under Bush senior identified Iran as one of the ‘axes of evil’, and as such Israel has tried to goad USA to bomb Iran ever since! This vile USA/Israel intent must be resisted! Both USA and Israel are terrorist countries!

  99. Avatar Raihan Sojib says:

    Biden will again start the bloodshed in the middle east.Iran saudi and USA all three are working as a Israeli agent.

    Trump was the messiah for world peace ❤️

  100. Avatar fabio D says:

    Hey arab reports of al jazira. Its not the golf.
    It is persian golf
    It has been persian golf and will remain persian golf.
    Forever persian golf.
    Put it in your thick skull.

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