Post-Brexit, new export paperwork affect UK businesses

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After a long quiet period, the United Kingdom’s seaports to France and Belgium are expected to get back to normal this week.
But businesses are watching anxiously, having to battle through new export paperwork brought in after Brexit.
For some, it may mean saying farewell to their biggest market.
Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from Dover, in Kent.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Skippa Leflippa says:

    Bunch of idiots – you brought this on yourselves.

  2. Avatar FunnyGuy Swavee says:


    • Avatar Vit Dodger says:

      @bubblefart I agree and I am against Brexit but we can’t be happy on other’s misery

    • Avatar Serenity says:

      @bubblefart Only blinded neoliberal capitalists with a fetish for constant growth, the globalists, and socialliberals with no moral judgement supports the EU. Both the left and right criticizes the union, and so would almost every continent on earth.

    • Avatar bubblefart says:

      @Serenity wrong.

    • Avatar d15ude says:

      @Serenity most Brexiteers call the EU ‘EUSSR’, saying we are communists. Now we are neoliberal capitalists? Very confusing… 🇪🇺

    • Avatar Vit Dodger says:

      @d15ude isn’t it fun debating with brexiteers?

  3. Avatar Vit Dodger says:

    All who voted for Brexit were warned what could happen, and here we are again

    • Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

      It was more about the rebellion. The UK is fractured and split. Low morale. Everyone went into Coronavirus tired. Brexit could of resulted in a Trade Agreement that would of lost FREE TRADE. In that scenario it would of been havoc. But it worked out ok, but only just.

    • Avatar Buckets 666 says:

      Everything is great with galloping Unicorns & all things Dandy & Wonderfull in happy ‘BREXSHITELAND’

    • Avatar Calogero Huygens says:

      @David Turner your magical blue passports will certainly help with that pile of paperworks where you just buried yourself in. Now you have got your freedom… to fill them for HOURS!

    • Avatar Pancho Villa says:

      @Serenity in the end…When is the end ??…

    • Avatar Vit Dodger says:

      @Calogero Huygens i wonder if all the fish will get a blue/black passport as well!!!

  4. Avatar growtone says:

    what do you expect shooting in your leg ?

    • Avatar Anon says:

      UK shot itself in the foot and is now angry at EU for making the bullets.

  5. Avatar pete sharples says:

    And the EU export paperwork is any different is it ?

    • Avatar pete sharples says:

      @Maria Lana Not the UK as proven with the Covid Vaccine

    • Avatar Maria Lana says:

      @pete sharples Sorry, but what do you want to say now?
      That EU member states are vasal states due to the vaccine?
      While UK is so fantastic on it as it is independent?

      If it is like this than:
      UK has the same problems as the EU with vaccine.
      They have ordered earlier, approved earlier and got earlier delivery. This is fine. But they also are affected by the reduction of Pfizer-Biontech. Or why do you think, they cannot provide a 2nd dose?
      The EU member states don’t depend on EU. It was an agreement, that they order together. There was a reason, called solitarity. Germany would have got enough vaccine, ordering allown but what is with countries like Malta, Cyprus …
      On top EU doesn’t limit to order extra. Hungary has even approved the sputnik and a chinese vaccine.
      AZ is now approved but Germany has it only until age 65 and Italy even 55.
      All of the countries also have permission to provide poorer countries with vaccine ordered by the EU, if they want to do so.

      So, where is there a vasal situation?

      By the way about solitarity:
      You for sure know, that all countries have a problem with Covid. Portugal is at the moment most effected. Germany has the possibility to send military to help, military hospitals, 27 doctors and nurses and health material. Austria, which has a lot of problems also, they will bring patients of Portugal nevertheless to Austria.
      We all have helped in spring and we do the same again, even with a national problematic situation.

      I understood that you are extreemly against EU, but believe me, we have a good co-operation. Like in a successful merrage we fight but know, that at the end we want to go together.

    • Avatar pete sharples says:

      @Maria Lana Its the UK being Independent that has given the UK the advantage over the vaccine and the UK is about to join the TPP which makes the EU look like a corner shop for trade

    • Avatar Maria Lana says:

      @pete sharples Enough is enough. I wish you all the best. Hope you qill not have a very hard weak up in the near future.
      You behave like radical people do. There is nothing you accept good from the other side, because you just don’t want to see it.
      Future will show.

    • Avatar pete sharples says:

      @Maria Lana If there was anything positive coming from the EU then i would praise it but all i see is greed , power and dare i say Genocide of the European Citizens with how its handled the virus .

  6. Avatar H Fricke says:

    at 1:22 doing more Business with other parts of the world, thats fine, but I am worried they need same amount or more paperworks if they have only freetrate with that countrys too, or worse WTO… So much goods arrive from China India USA in EU – how come this 3rd country can do the paperwork, but Uk gave up and think its easy as a 3d country in other markets? Hopefully no illusion BUT anyway, if they can get it done at otherplaces, maybe its good / eccelent training for trading in addition with EU later to sell more—who knows. And if they will try hard, they shoud lern to trade as a third country, many EU do so from inside the EU

    • Avatar Andrew Boddy says:

      American tariff on dairy is brutal ; protectionism from Canada to help US farmers. Cheshire Cheese company using a ‘feel good motto’ about “doors opening” is not a business plan.

    • Avatar James valpuesta says:

      We Will Fast Decline Now As A Nation and Split Up. Adiós Northern Ireland and Scotland.
      Europe is Not Going To Do Us Any Favours. We Even Insult The EU Ambassador By Reducing His Status. We Are a Country Led By Self Entitled Morons. With No Idea Of The Real Working World Except For An Ability To Stash Money In Off
      Shore Tax Havens and Give Money Making Contracts to Mates.

    • Avatar NLJeff EU says:

      Because brexiteers think that other countrys cant wait for uk dominance. Other countrys just slap tarrifs on goods, when the uk industry is stronger than their own. Why would you destroy your own market by uk firms? 😂👍

  7. Avatar James says:

    Adapting to change…that is one pillar for any successful & agile business. Don’t just sit there and be a whinging squidbilly, find alternatives, kickstart locally produced supply chains if possible. Brexit happened deal with it.

    • Avatar idpro83 says:

      @James Except the are no remainers in the EU. Also it’s the UK which is whining about the super mean EU mimimi. 😭
      We’re just having a laugh at your expense.

    • Avatar James says:

      @idpro83 it’s okay, healing takes sometime. You will soon get over it.

    • Avatar James says:

      @idpro83 your beloved EU just broke the Good Friday Agreement with the export control measures by invoking article 16. Finally the wolf in sheep’s clothing is starting to manifest, absolute devils

    • Avatar Samson says:

      @James And after a couple of hours and a call from Ireland the EU saw it’s error and reversed the decision. How long did Doris Johnson need to get rid of the Common markets bill?

    • Avatar James says:

      @Samson damage already done by Ulsa Von der tantrums and the rest of her protection racket

  8. Avatar ro Suzzie agnes says:

    Massive issues massive issues

  9. Avatar Gabs says:


    • Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

      @LifeOfLewi yes exactly. There is no unity. Kids on the internet are starting to talk about leaving the UN and any other international organisation, without any knowledge of what the UN is of course. More an act of rebellion without knowledge. We will end up as a small and poor island. Age of stupidity.

    • Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

      Hearing the poor opinions of people and lack of intelligence. How can you fight a Coronavirus that is very strong and very clever. I do not feel hope anymore.

    • Avatar Gabs says:

      @MostlyPlaymobil the virus is not clever. The virus is doing what viruses do. The onus is on us. We haven’t had a good strategy to start with and this pandemic has been politicised left and right. The byproduct of this inaction is 100k deaths in the UK and soon to be 500k in the US. Among many other deaths worldwide. It has been a complete and utter failure. Decades of the small state mantra has left us like this because frankly the private sector didn’t pick it up on this one

    • Avatar Fallout -Clash of Clans says:

      uk stores have fruits but now its from Colombia. i bought a pineapple and some bananas with a Colombian sticker on them. think the avocados was Colombian too but i don’t like them.

    • Avatar Ping Pong says:

      Turns out we *always* had the option of blue passports. The only stipulation from the EU was the inclusion of the term *EU*

  10. Avatar Danzy1138 says:

    the people that voted for Brexit are mostly uneducated and don’t know what it meant, here you go

    • Avatar Ian Blair says:

      @wawaw swfc Proud of it I assume

    • Avatar Steven P says:

      @Ian Blair proud to bankrupt your fellow countrymen’s businesses. Well done. That is an achievement.

    • Avatar wawaw swfc says:

      @Ian Blair very ….proud 2 be English….

    • Avatar Calogero Huygens says:

      @wawaw swfc in no time only pride will be left to you. And your cool blue passports, of course.

    • Avatar Heed The Ba' says:

      Remoaners are uneducated, unemployed and have drool running down their chins.

  11. Avatar Anas Judge says:

    Wait until the import papers are needed .. then the EU will start to cry foul… Still waiting for the sky to fall? Still keep seeing the same re-hased news reports. Brexit was not about the economy stupid! (Ronald Reagan). We are so glad to be free of the EU empire..

    • Avatar Anas Judge says:

      Also the UK is about to sign up to a deal with these countries.. A trade area growing 8% per year.. while the EU is shrinking 1% per years… An you know what if the uk decides to vote and leave that agreement because it is not working out for them.. they won’t have to put up with all this nonsense and EU revenge

    • Avatar mobilephonewatches says:

      ​@Anas Judge A country can grow 100% and it doesn’t necessarily mean its doing well. For example, if you had 2p in your pocket and you grow 100%, you are left with only 4p. You are still poor. Basically if those regions like Vietnam increase 8% a year it would take many decades to reach the GDP of just France or Germany. You are basically replacing mature economies with a gamble which “may” or “may not” pay off in 20-50 years. More importantly what can we trade with Vietnam today? Because they are a developing country and most citizens couldn’t afford our products.

    • Avatar Anas Judge says:

      @mobilephonewatches A Desperate argument indeed.. CPTPP covers 500 million people and some of the worlds fastest growing economies.. with no desire for political integration….13% of global income.. and rising each year , compared to EU declining each year

    • Avatar mobilephonewatches says:

      @Anas Judge well right now most of those 500 million people are very poor and couldn’t afford UK made products. Again if you have 2p and i give you 2p everyday your economy is growing 100%. After a year its 36500% growth, but you’re still poor. If you don’t understand that concept then you brexiters are truly dunce and there is no more i can say.

    • Avatar Anas Judge says:

      @mobilephonewatches Well you have obviously not studied economic, and are just emotionally espousing stuff. The CPTT contains many of the worlds fastest growing economies (economics for dummy’s high growth = high profit and invested = jobs) Many of those countries are richer than the UK in GDP per head.. and their economies are complimentary.. we need what they have, they need what we have.. Much better than being dragged backwards by the protectionist anti-free Trade EU.

  12. Avatar New ERA says:

    That’s just less than a month. Let’s see few years later what you think about it.

    • Avatar Elmo says:

      It will hopefully be better once teething issues have been resolve, supply chains re-routed.

    • Avatar fred smith- king of the lunatics says:

      Agreed, but that also means for those involved they need to be realistic, for example the ports in Wales.
      They’re highly unlikely to recover with cargo instead going to Ireland.
      They need to understand this and should have already started planning for life without a major port.
      That’s not fear mongering. It’s not scare tactics. That’s the reality of the situation and the longer they don’t consider that option the uglier it will be when they do finally realise it.

    • Avatar New ERA says:

      @fred smith- king of the lunatics unfortunately It’s a reality for many products and services as European countries are starting to cut the middle man (UK) in favor of Ireland and other countries. You will, nevertheless, see politicians spin these facts as the country’s getting smaller and the problem is people will still believe them!

    • Avatar fred smith- king of the lunatics says:

      @New ERA ain’t that the truth. As you said, it’s the reality of the situation. A sad reality but reality none the less.

  13. Avatar der_ radierer says:

    Yepp, leave your share of the EU cheese market to NL, DK, D and CH.
    Thank you.

  14. Avatar Ken Fu says:

    would be awesome if the anglo saxons losing scotland too ohhh i would love it, satisfying !

    • Avatar Ian Blair says:

      Scotland is coming home to the EU soon, keep our seat warm

    • Avatar Andrew S says:

      @Ian Blair Independent Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Avatar Buckets 666 says:

      New EU land frontier will be Scottish EU Customs Control border.

    • Avatar Ian Blair says:

      @Buckets 666 Yes there will be an immigration and customs border between Scotland and England and new marine shipping routes from Leith, Dundee and Rosyth to the EU and Scandinavia with a significant boost to Scots employment

  15. Avatar James valpuesta says:

    So Many Small British Exporting Businesses Will Go Broke & No Longer Exist By The Time We Sign Up Meaningful Trade Agreements. These Take Years To Orgamise. We Are A Modest 68Million Person Market Isolated & Adrift On Our Own.
    We Have Cut Off A Leg So Won’t Be Going Anywhere Fast And We Will Get Poorer As a Nation & Say Good Bye To Northern Ireland and Scotland.

  16. Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

    There is a subject in GCSE History – How Britain lost an Empire. Lol. True.

    • Avatar Heed The Ba' says:

      Meh, all empires fall. At the time of our rise, we were contending with rising japan, germany, usa and italy. Military budgets were about 30% of gdp and the world had multiple fronts and alliances forming. We fought and liberated europe from nazism. The price was our empire. 1956 cemented our decline from superpower to global power, where we have been ever since. The americans took our constructs, our bases and set the agenda. It happens.

  17. Avatar wawaw swfc says:

    Stop saying thanks 2 brexit ….when I.grew up veg was seasonal …..and im a international truck driver….brexit is and will be the best thing 2 happen ….out means out…get the paperwork right in the 1st place and theres no hassle at all …we’ve had over 4 years 2 sort it out

    • Avatar Alt Acc says:

      Getting paper right will not stop delays… and there will always be wrong paper. If you are a international truck driver you should know this, since there is a lot of borders with EU and all have delays… like all borders. With the volume of trucks UK had before brexit even a common delay of 1min to 3min just to check will create problems with the same volume of trucks.

    • Avatar d15ude says:

      thanks 2 brexit… total mess!

    • Avatar Jo Oli says:

      There will be little paperwork to fill in because trade will go well down, so no problem.

    • Avatar Hilde Toepoel says:

      Wawaw, could you give me your date of birth? And possibly the year you first took part as an international truck driver. And now that you’re working on which countries in Europe have you driven and how many times a week?

  18. Avatar John Wilkinson says:

    For people to understand what it really meant they should have called it *Bullxit*

    • Avatar Buckets 666 says:

      Brexshit is BREXSHITE & the Brexshiters have made a total BREXSHITE of the ‘BREXSHITING’.

  19. Avatar Adrian Ceasar says:

    i don’t see any problem… Uk vote to get out so where is the problem?… transport to Canada NZ US 🙂 is more easy:).. also cheaper:) .. Also can UK vote to move the island close to US 🙂 ?

    • Avatar Heed The Ba' says:

      You sound pretty dim

  20. Avatar Cormac Keenan says:

    He obviously hasn’t seen what passes for cheese in America.

  21. Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

    Scotland will want to Leave the UK in the next Referendum. Then Northern Ireland will want to Leave the UK in the Referendum after that. Wales will follow.

    • Avatar Elmo says:

      And you know this because?

    • Avatar Eise Baerends says:

      @Elmo Polling. Although I’m not sure about Wales.. Boris and Brexit did more for Irish unification than Sinn Fein has done in a 100 years, it also solidified an already strong call for Scottish indepence. I wouldn’t say it’s inevitable.. but I would say it has become very likely.

    • Avatar Elmo says:

      @Eise Baerends – let’s hope not. De-unification from EU as already caused untold issues

    • Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

      @Eise Baerends doesn’t seem you are sure about anything. Why not have a vote about?

    • Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

      Anyone here KNOW what they are talking about? Any knowledge that isnt Googled?

  22. Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

    There must be a good reason to stay in the UK.

    • Avatar V H says:

      I’m making double the money from before. But will move to the continent this year.

  23. Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

    Everyone wants to Leave. They’ll be nothing left.

  24. Avatar Subhas Chandra Boss says:

    Amerexit is coming. Trump is viewed by his followers as the only legitimate president of the US and if the southern states have to secede from the Union and be independently led by him, so be it. The north should respond in a civilised way and accept it. If it sent troops then the order will be given by Trump to all patRiots and Militias to rally.

    • Avatar Ralph Macchiato says:

      The downfall of the US is sad but entertaining

  25. Avatar Valentin Condeescu says:

    🇬🇧Flag 🤔. ” This is the question “

  26. Avatar George Bonta says:

    So it’s the voters fault. Not the EU who spikes the prices. Interesting.

  27. Avatar D TEE says:

    Minor teething problems; should short itself out in about 20 years. but, you’re free.
    Just imagine, when 50% of your home grown competitors go out of business, more for you.

  28. Avatar kevin clark says:

    The EU are boolean the UK because we left shame on you. The EU is a sinking ship anyone with half a brain can see that.

  29. Avatar G says:

    When you let the plebs vote..

    • Avatar philip stone says:

      They get it right Looooooooooooooooooooooooooser

    • Avatar G says:

      @philip stone I have my job, my qualifications and my future goals. My life has not changed during the pandemic, but I cannot say it is the same for the white chavs in margate or clacton, where the attendance at food banks has increased by 400%. Simply plebs!

    • Avatar Heed The Ba' says:

      The people get it right. Alwaysn

    • Avatar G says:

      @Heed The Ba’ yes, I have seen how they get it right, in brexitlands (clacton on sea, margate.. ): they get it rights through inbreeding, ignorance an alcoholism

  30. Avatar Annoying B'stard says:

    It certainly seems to be holding up exports of covid vaccines to Europe. 😅

    • Avatar Arpudli says:

      It’s ok cause UK needs it the most in the whole world

  31. Avatar Crypto Uk says:

    So delays with the new system, who would have thought, not like we are all human or anything let’s just blame brexit as always

  32. Avatar Calogero Huygens says:

    Magical blue passport should solve everything.

    • Avatar Buckets 666 says:

      1) Nice new UK Passports ‘Made in EU Poland’ by ‘EU’ French Germalto (Minus the GOLD EMBOSSING words ‘EUROPEAN UNION’ ).

      2). Nice New. ‘UK to UK’ Border in the Irish Sea ports & inside NI Airports + Nice New ‘EU’ Headquarters Office Base in Belfast for EU Customs Officials checking operation, effectiveness & efficiency of the ‘UK to UK’ Customs at Sea Ports etc.

      3). Very nice of Bozo Clown to consider Ireland’s future ‘UNITED’ status & kindly present gift of a ‘UK to UK’ Border in Advance. ‘I get that’ Bodgejo sure knows how to get UK break underway, HAPPY DAYS.

      4). It was nice of Bodgejob to Shackle NI to the EU, the Single Market & the CUSTOMS UNION & shove NI off to be a ‘PLACE APART’ creating A ‘UNITED IRELAND IN ALL BUT NAME’. BoJo self named it his FANTASTIC & OVEN READY withdrawal deal.

      5). ? er! ? . ? Um . ? Doh! ?. Eh.! ? Doh-Duh! . ?

      6). ? Uhmm . ? Err ? Umn..!.. UGHhug. – ahg*,:”‘*💩,*:’.,*:👀?

      7). ?

    • Avatar Calogero Huygens says:

      I couldn’t explain better

  33. Avatar Kim Jong- Un says:

    *Boris is the best. We are doing well. This is all staged. We are also handling the pandemic like no other country. Rule Britannia. Long live Boris.* 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  34. Avatar Dennis AWS says:

    Much of this can be fixed over time but Brexiteers will be able to cite the EU vaccine failure as evidence they were right. The EU has shown an unbelievable level of incompetence over the wellbeing of their 500m people while we are still gripping over the lack of lettuce to Northern Island.

  35. Avatar Anthony Reright says:

    Let the EU keep our ham sandwich just don’t buy anything from EU.

    • Avatar STORM says:

      almost everything is from europe in uk dumb

    • Avatar Anthony Reright says:

      LOL we import from the EU if we don’t buy from the EU there will be a surplus in the EU which is BAD for EU no one buying there good, we just buy from some where else, its not the UK that’s scared of trading equally or fairly .

    • Avatar Repelsteeltje says:

      Good. And we won’t buy anything British then. Let’s also slap a visa duty on UK citizens.

    • Avatar Anthony Reright says:

      Breaking your own rules like the article 16 that the EU just did then undid no wonder other countries are starting to think about coming out

  36. Avatar Giant Putt says:

    Who cares about a corrupt, bullying trade organisation. I buy Japanese cars, all my meat, fish and veggies are local to where I live, cheese is all English, wine is all new world, no I don’t need the EU.
    The EU trying to bully us over the vaccines seems to have backfired

  37. Avatar PL- VIS says:

    The British people were warned. The British even got the opportunity to cancel the Brexit. The Brits got exactly what they wanted. So stop crying, complaining and looking for sympathy.

    • Avatar Wojciech Zylinski says:

      English people* Scotland, Northern Ireland and native Welsh population all voted remain. It was the little England that voted leave.

    • Avatar Heed The Ba' says:

      @Wojciech Zylinski all part of the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 . Majority voting.

  38. Avatar Aesma says:

    As if there was no paperwork to export to Canada and the US ? In fact there are also quotas (not with the EU) and tariffs with the US !

  39. Avatar Daniel Thomas says:

    Price inflation is coming to rob is of our living standards.

    • Avatar Heed The Ba' says:

      Prices fall as more competition is introduced to the uk home market.

    • Avatar Daniel Thomas says:

      @Heed The Ba’ If only it were that simple, UK fishermen don’t catch the type of fish UK customers like i.e. Cod, Haddock and Plaice etc they catch Herrings, Mackerel etc and sell it into the EU. Its going to take change of set up and in the mean time quantities of tge fish we do like are going to be constricted and inflation.

  40. Avatar Repelsteeltje says:

    Good thing I won’t buy anything British ever again.

    • Avatar Heed The Ba' says:

      I stopped buying european produce years ago. My pantry is 99% british with a few commonwealth indulgences.

    • Avatar Repelsteeltje says:

      @Heed The Ba’ You don’t produce your own food. 90 percent of your fresh produce comes from here.

  41. Avatar MostlyPlaymobil says:

    Utter trash

  42. Avatar rob Edwards says:

    Oh all these doom merchants, No problems getting food,trade deals being completed and no longer under the crooked or useless (probably some of both)
    EU. Thank god we are out.

  43. Avatar Berserkir Claws says:

    Let’s eat potatoes and beetroots 🤮 thanks to Brexit good food is gone!

  44. Avatar Xenon X says:

    Wtf? Where are the rainbows and unicorns?

  45. Avatar Hilde Toepoel says:

    Today I read in the (independent) news that since the beginning of January 2021 some 500 companies from the UK are going or have started to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Only in the Netherlands! The reason is the import tax and the enormous administration caused by the exit by the UK. This is very serious if this trend continues.

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