Robinhood or ‘robbing the ‘hood’? Outrage at online broker grows

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There has been another dramatic twist in the David and Goliath financial battle between multibillion-dollar Wall Street hedge funds and small-time traders.
Several lawsuits have been filed against trading platform Robinhood.
That is after it blocked people from buying more shares in the gaming store GameStop and other companies that have been promoted on social media site Reddit.
Al Jazeera’s Leah Harding has more.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar xxx says:


  2. Avatar Stealth Attack says:

    Shame on Robin Hood.

    This is disgusting.

    • Avatar Matthew Ng says:

      They should change their name, they aint Robinhood

  3. Avatar Oscar Archie says:

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    • Avatar Abbe isaac says:

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    • Avatar Cyndy Ivey says:

      I Invested in Crypto and stocks but believe me crypto is better than stocks

  4. Avatar ThisTroper says:

    Look at the face of that CEO, you can see him slightly shaking his head. That’s a tell tale sign that the effer is lying through his teeth.

    • Avatar Eljan Rimsa says:

      He has problems on two sides: He mustn’t favor one customer over the other. He mustn’t openly pursue policies to favor his own investors.

  5. Avatar Gurdeep Singh says:

    Stop using Robin Hood

  6. Avatar Izoto says:

    It’s almost as if the game is rigged.

    • Avatar Sino Pino says:

      it is.

    • Avatar Chancellor Asher says:

      U don’t say…

    • Avatar Madd 1243 says:

      Unless you work together like the reddit users.

    • Avatar Stealth Attack says:

      Who would have though…. LOL

  7. Avatar Sina says:

    Wall Street crooks

  8. Avatar AR Ibrahim says:

    Loving this 😂Hopefully this bad publicity will make them pay.

  9. Avatar SUBHAN KHAN says:

    Game is Rigged.

  10. Avatar D. MD says:

    I am Bulgarian like Vlad Tenev, but his parents work in the world bank…

  11. Avatar Johnson phantasm says:

    The rich become richer because they lies,manipulate,bribe,lobby and rigged the system.

  12. Avatar Adnane Amiri says:

    Robinhood received $1B after halting trading of these stocks.
    There is no such thing as a free market. Capitalism is all good until the poor are making money.

    • Avatar A_Socialist_Channel says:

      Exactly. Capitalism is corrupt in and of itself there is no “cronyism” capitalism IS cronyism

    • Avatar Hi Hi says:


  13. Avatar navratan sahu says:

    Looks like this blogger has lost lots of money.🔥

  14. Avatar Viral Cup says:

    whole system is rigged. Soon they will rise against the 1%

  15. Avatar Hardi Shwan says:


  16. Avatar Kelly White says:

    So you sometime listens to the Shrimp cries?! no you don’t because its insane. So suck it up lol

  17. Avatar José Martins says:

    Immediately Uninstaller Robin Hood

    • Avatar ty shu says:

      lol take your money out first

  18. Avatar Xenon 4300 says:

    You forgot to mention that they CLOSED investors positions without their consent. PURE ROBBERY.

  19. Avatar Prison Mike says:

    The trader has every right to block users .I support Robin hood and I will file a case against any participant who wants to go legally

  20. Avatar FerisPan80 says:

    Robinhood’s CEO: we are just making a favor to our customers…..

    Everyone: F*CK YOUR FAVORS!

  21. Avatar Core Bliss says:

    Rigging the Game… Public stock should be open to all willing to risk it… thou they sound like bad ideas 💡 black berry??

  22. Avatar Howard Li says:

    time for better apps to replace Robbing hood.

  23. Avatar I Rf says:

    What a day boys

  24. Avatar Dion Lesmana says:

    Because the poor should remains poor, if everybody getting rich then who gonna be the poor?

    • Avatar books from Windblown says:

      Like Venezuela

  25. Avatar Kill Anything Fruity says:

    🖕🏼 RobinHood

  26. Avatar Claire Conover says:

    to the ceo of robinhood, your customers are adults and don’t need your “protection”.

    • Avatar TAK Ism. says:

      Nahhhh, you got him all wrong, he don’t want them to get rich and then they go do drugs and stuff, want them to stay poor 😀

  27. Avatar Prashanth B says:

    The big guys have rigged the game since beginning.

  28. Avatar M I B says:

    This is called pure gambling and you these investors are losers

  29. Avatar Alex Povolotski says:

    They’re a private company – they can change the rules.

    • Avatar Eljan Rimsa says:

      But they run into trouble when they change the rules with the intent to manipulate market prices. Especially when they screw their customers to protect their own corporate sugar daddies.

  30. Avatar Alex Povolotski says:

    … and yes, banks can get your money any time. Read your loan agreement – they can request the repayment of funds at their whim!

    • Avatar Eljan Rimsa says:

      The word “loan” means it’s the bank’s money. An investment is your own money. They can make it hard for you to do something with it, but it’s bad PR and illegal if they do it to manipulate the market.

  31. Avatar Alex Povolotski says:

    Buy stocks directly. Why do you need Robinhood?

    • Avatar ty shu says:

      what do you use to buy stocks directly?

  32. Avatar Gpolice says:

    Silver next 👊🏻

  33. Avatar Fractal Cosm says:

    players only love you when they’re playin… we love gamestop, for real.

  34. Avatar Eureka says:

    Ripping offff

  35. Avatar Migsy P says:


  36. Avatar Migsy P says:


  37. Avatar Migsy P says:


  38. Avatar Migsy P says:


  39. Avatar Toddy Mainz says:

    Nokia will surge next week tell your friends

    • Avatar Eljan Rimsa says:

      I still have a Nokia phone. It was bad for business to make them durable enough to last 20 years.

  40. Avatar Phuminplace_nan Hotel says:

    The Dealer always win

  41. Avatar Steven Nathaniel says:

    stock market is the best arena for psychological warfare

  42. Avatar Chancellor Asher says:

    Title is FIRE and systems rigged

  43. Avatar Gregg Spencer says:

    This can’t be good for the economy.

  44. Avatar cave man says:

    there will be one thing in demand now more than any stock. a guarantee that i can buy and sell any stock i want when i want in black and white. the first brokerage firm to do this will get all the business. maybe over seas. i don’t see anyone giving money to anyone who persist in these buy and sell what and when i say practices.

  45. Avatar Haha Hahah says:

    Steal from the poor give to the rich? What an oxymoron lol hood the robin?

  46. Avatar Zambian Media says:

    Яобiиноод Фuск Уоu Бiснез

  47. Avatar diceprice says:

    My my what u stoping .. u owe for a lifetime margin trap for robinhood….. my my even drug dealers who want to change get rob buy this no safe in the street hand to crown 👑 drop a man 👨 head in Philly store 🏬.. store person cool nothing broken .. it’s shows what robinhood my considered to .. apply no safety u see .. so he all China 🇨🇳 and all individual business others no excuse.. signed seal period

  48. Avatar Tohurangi says:

    Shorting stocks was a mechanism designed to stablise the share market, yet it is abused by the money elite to make more money for doing nothing. Capitalism is a broken system that only benefits a few; that is why no-one has ever tried to improve or make an even playing field for all people. Good job Hedge Funds lost as in the latest financial crisis it was banks & wall street that were bailed out by US money elite Govt. while real people lost their homes & a lot more.

  49. Avatar Thy Wagerhoner says:

    Down with Robinhood! not the original ‘Robin Hood’ we know and love, but the low life hypocrites of a company who takes the peoples fun away! shameful and unhuman! lock them up!

  50. Avatar Yanis Agodor says:

    Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life” (Jn 3:16″

    But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)|

  51. Avatar jan baloch says:

    Robinhood is crazy

  52. Avatar Matthew Ng says:

    How is blocking the purchase of a stock and then causing it to plummet from $400 down to $120 while only giving them the option to sell protecting investors!?!?!?!????
    I use webull, no price restrictions for $gme

  53. Avatar Muhammad Arsalan Bela says:

    super villians run these companys

  54. Avatar Steve of the north says:

    Todays work of the day is Corporatocracy, as in America is a Corporatocracy.

  55. Avatar Anonymous says:

    When they halted it alot hedge funded short

  56. Avatar Dotsanddash says:

    There are other trading apps use them, it’s time for robinhood to learn some lessons.

  57. Avatar THE FIRE says:


  58. Avatar Constable Colin says:

    Time to go Decentralised like bitcoin and Ethereum

  59. Avatar Johm Helen says:

    Hold the line everyone

  60. Avatar eWorkNOW says:

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