Nearly 500 detained in Myanmar, hackers target military websites


Anti-coup protesters in Myanmar are refusing to back down despite fears of a violent crackdown by the military.
Thousands of people have joined demonstrations for a 13th straight day – calling for the release of deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports.

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166 thoughts on “Nearly 500 detained in Myanmar, hackers target military websites

  1. rogen caborubias Reply


    • 25 years ago Reply

      Prove it

    • Mohammed Sofi Reply

      Ya bro u proved it

    • I Suck At Clones -pnglotpgi- Reply

      how dare you

  2. adel Reply

    People have been protesting since more than two weeks now. Military is harshly treating people.

    • Eric Bergström Reply

      It means they are desperate. Increase the pressure

    • adel Reply

      @Eric Bergström yes,army should listen to people not arrest them

    • Eric Bergström Reply

      @adel Obviously, but they are choosing violence. If they push violence too far, rest of world must step in

    • Ali Ali Reply

      Very good, I guess now next time they can speak out when certain minorities are being wiped out

  3. Mohammed Sofi Reply


    • Nameless User Reply

      How Dare You Say Karma To The People The Military Should Get Karma Not The People!

    • Your Dad Reply

      How ignorant

    • katlekho umphela Reply

      @Nameless User it is karma it just took a u.trun.and how dare you talk bad about army? Army is the one who look after people in condition leaving the families behind

    • Nameless User Reply

      @katlekho umphela Bro You Dont Understand Nothing

    • Imperial Guardsman Reply

      @katlekho umphela bot

  4. Pick grow up Reply

    Thanks Al-Jazeera for prioritizing the Myanmar coverage.
    I hope Myanmar majority will one day change their hostile attitude toward Rohingya Muslim.
    God bless Myanmar.

    • Balargus Reply

      I think they will now. I saw signs that said “First they came for the Rohingya”

    • Naychi Loves Meow Reply

      We do now 👍🏻 thanks.

    • Gary Graham Reply

      military hostile to rohingya (encouraged by ccp)

  5. Abraham Tsfaye Reply

    What about democracy and free speech in Qatar?
    Oh I forgot there isn’t any!

    • KingTeti Reply


    • Gary Graham Reply

      Al Jazeera = free speech, (democracy not really needed if everyone agrees with a good govt)

    • Jigsaw Reply

      What about democracy and free speech in Ethiopia? Oh I forgot there isn’t any!

  6. sonofa B Reply

    Myanmar dont back down, the world is behind you. The military works for you, if they wise they must listen to the people!

    • Nilar Moe Htet Reply

      @Penny the Bully Thank you for your suggest.
      But I can’t support the military either.
      Sometimes dreams do come true.

    • Sedevacantist Traditional Catholic Reply

      @Max M Not going to work either. No way out ,Make peace with God. All nations will have control over their people.

    • Penny the Bully Reply

      @Su Htet Ko don’t joke .go back to work .military knows to take care

    • Su Htet Ko Reply

      Penny the Bully I am not joking. Both sides won’t give up easily. Banks are closed due to no employees. Import of fuel cannot be done due to bank transaction problem. It usually takes a month to complete the process. Plus, Sanctions will lead to illegal trading. People are dying, growing so much hate. Country situation really messed up. Need a great leader. We cannot accept Military leader 💯 Uneducated manipulative deceitful military environment who doesn’t care about people.

  7. Balargus Reply

    Yes you can! Fight the power!

  8. Michael Tay Reply

    Many protestors are either killed or arrested. They’re innocent peoples. They protest because the evil Army Chief stage a coup with no valued reason. What is UN for? UN should protect the life of
    innocent citizens of Myanmar. The must send troops to protect to protect them.

  9. Tolentino Cardenas Reply

    Soldier should shot the protesters and lets see they are running.

  10. นิคม พุทธ Reply

    The military do not care if protestors block the road. This is bad strategy. Protestor will loose support from people, If this blocking keep going.

  11. goose gander Reply

    Currently there are 123 card-carrying members of the communist party in the FBI.

  12. Mang Singson Reply

    Qatar sponsored news channel.

    • katlekho umphela Reply

      @Mang Singson which government?

    • Gary Graham Reply

      @Mang Singson your agenda is fake or true, either way no one cares

    • Mang Singson Reply

      @katlekho umphela Qatar. This channel is anti-Israel & spread news without proof or verification

    • Mang Singson Reply

      @Gary Graham my agenda is fake or true eitherway your al Jazeera channel is like CCTV of China..

    • katlekho umphela Reply

      @Mang Singson there’s nothing wrong with CCTV

  13. b Lose Reply

    I see their courage to fight for their rights.

    • Toxic Gamer Reply

      @Shez 1983 this has nothing to do with the rhoinga crisis moron

    • Imperial Guardsman Reply

      @Shez 1983 where was your courage when they were getting killed tough guy?

    • Shez 1983 Reply

      @Imperial Guardsman i wasnt in burma.. if i was i probably wud have been killed.. whats this deflection… i asked a simple q. u cant reply so u start attacking back

    • Imperial Guardsman Reply

      @Shez 1983 Attack? Stop victimizing yourself, I asked a simple question just as you did. And tbh, you just played yourself. You said if you were in Burma you would’ve been killed correct? Then what rights do you have to tell other people to die in Burma too for a pointless protest that won’t even stop the genocide anyways. Your level of self contradiction is astounding

    • Razzel Dazzel Reply

      I have a friend that lives in Burma it he says the general sentiment is the reverse of what all the news says. Apparently there are plenty of people who feel the election was tampered with. But reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. Bend Mind Reply

    We are with the people of Myanmar. I believe the rest of my country(India) also feels the same.

    • Lawrence Martyn Reply

      We Indian concerned about the situation but Myanmar has to co operate

    • Penny the Bully Reply

      @Lawrence Martyn u need to shut up and look at your own dirty filthy country first .

    • FOURTH RIGHT Reply

      @Penny the Bully showing concern is not interfering.

    • Lawrence Martyn Reply

      @FOURTH RIGHT thank you fourth right

    • Lawrence Martyn Reply

      @Penny the Bully you are a bully do not worry penny I will give you a penny so you can get a life

  15. V WittySternRaj . V witty Reply

    The Natural Scenery of Burma alias Myanmar country is really Wonderful and even I am inspired to make Tour to Myanmar in future.

  16. jaya tissa Reply

    Civil servants are together with the general public. I truly hope the Myanmar military gets the message. Certainly they can’t jail the whole country! The people are against the military coup.

  17. Cilla Reply

    I’m amazed at how peaceful these people are.

    • vike fon Reply

      Myanmar need Portland Police.
      Only a democracy knows how to put down an “illegal protest”.
      Do the right thing, follow Portland Playbook !

    • ConservativeCutiepie007 Reply

      Only BLM and antifa groups seek violence

    • Gary Graham Reply

      @ConservativeCutiepie007 .. but it’s maga’s that trash stuff

    • vinh nguyen Reply

      Lol that really scare of the military that why

    • BadKarma Reply

      @Mkenya Halisi 😐 Rambo is not based on a true story.
      And Hollywood lies about everything.

  18. Przemysław Frankowski Reply

    The military is becoming mad. Beware, another Tiananmen in the making.


    Trump after seeing this: WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!

  20. Padmawarna Wijayatilake Reply

    Peoples wish is a victory for the People. Wish them all success from SriLanka.

    • Gopalakrishna S N Reply

      America should not watch the situation helplessly. Not only should it warn military rulers to restore civilian government but also start creating trouble for the military junta in all possible ways to run the government..

    • Cilla Reply

      @Gopalakrishna S N The PEOPLE of the USA are in agreement with the PEOPLE of Myanmar!

    • Gary Graham Reply

      best if america stays away, usually make things worse

  21. Ken Fu Reply


  22. Tim G Reply

    Where is the world police? The US couldn’t find any benefit to be involves.

  23. Chinese-Russian nationalist friendship Reply

    We must remember Myanmar has been persecuting Chinese and minorities since 1967 and now blaming China for the coup that China doesn’t care about, even though China is the biggest economic donor for poor Myanmar.

    China should either give the minorities Shan, Kachin, Rakhine, Mon, Chin and Karen independence or annex northern Myanmar to China, and send back those Bamars to their home India.

    • Min Yaung Sone Reply

      I’m part chinese/ Pakistani and Karen lol where do I go? 😂

    • Mikey lances Reply

      @Min Yaung Sone Pakistani and his dear brother India 🇮🇳 only

    • Gary Graham Reply

      must remember China has been persecuting Myanmar and minorities for ever and people of Myanmar are against the coup that China provisions, because China is the biggest looter of what once was rich Myanmar.
      China should desist land-grab and resource plunder in Myanmar and be a responsible neighbor instead.

    • Khai lcp Reply

      Chinese people eat more bats

  24. Shahrulhanuar Md Aris Reply

    look at Egypt…that’s why not so much noise coming frm the White House when comes to Myanmar

  25. Wandering Android Reply

    as a last resort, hackers should dox the families of the top personnel of the police and military who are supporting this junta.

    • Serenity Reply

      That wouldn’t set a good precedent. Harassment, doxxing and threatening people is never acceptable.

    • Wandering Android Reply

      when junta starts killing people… anything goes from there.

  26. George Querelle Reply

    Did GRETA send them her India Playbook. The Generals should shut down the Whole Internet and expel the Foreign Press and Agent Provocateurs. GET RID OF SOROS he is THAYE!

    • Gary Graham Reply

      @George Querelle no thanks

    • George Querelle Reply

      @Gary Graham Have you cut it off yet – we hear its very small anyways ??? You have the herpes also ????

    • George Querelle Reply

      @Gary Graham No thanks no like Lady Boy – you should search for clients elsewhere…..sorry not my type…..

    • Gary Graham Reply

      @George Querelle try a street corner

    • George Querelle Reply

      @Gary Graham Which one are u on Silom Soi 4 ?

  27. Yakeen Reply

    The best joke would be if the generals are down with Covid.👍🏻

    • Min Yaung Sone Reply

      They got vaccinated first and then kept all the vaccines as of yet. So none of the civilians has access to the vaccines

  28. Daniel Babaian Reply

    Good luck to them, ripe conditions for a civil war.

  29. Ruatmawii Mawitei Reply

    If you found china people, china market, china building, china company, china signboard, china product goods, In any where in Myamer distroy automatically.

  30. Min Hlatt Htun Kyaw Reply

    It seems like the military learns more to oppress people rather than accepting us. Aung San must have rolled in grave to see the military he created has gone…

  31. Julius L. Angeles Reply


  32. Paing Zin Htway Reply

    When drivers says the cars’ batteries broke down, the police try to move it, then another campaign appears on the scene (at the same time same place). The people on the street crowded the crosswalk by walking over and over again , and when they wanna pause they try to tie their shoelaces then walk over the crosswalk again. And when police got no idea what to do, they just leave us alone.

    • paris commune Reply

      Stay Safe

  33. Mohammad Nurul Alam Reply

    Where is democracy in Qatar? Al jazeera should coverage news about arabs nation brutality dictatorship.

    • Gary Graham Reply

      qatar is not brutal dictatorship, saudi?

  34. Ethan Clarke Reply

    Out of 500,000 soldiers non of them join the people? At least there must be some few hundred?

    • Nilar Moe Htet Reply

      The real problem is soldiers never join us. The military brainwashed them to obey the order. They don’t care about the civilian.They are protecting their leaders,not us.

      In 1988 uprising,the whole burma protested against the Military coup.
      The police joined the protestors but actually they wanted to inquire the leaders’ informations and arrested them at night. Some soldiers pretended to be police.

      There started a conflict between police and civilian.
      The whole uprising ends on September 18,1988 with thousands of deaths.
      You can search to read details “1988 uprising burma”.

  35. Sir L. M. Swart Reply


  36. P Rigual Reply

    civil dissobedience will work

  37. ImSo Littt Reply


  38. xiaxu nobunaga Reply

    What if in the middle of that traffic an ambulance rushing to a hospital gets stuck.. the patient would die.

    • JustOne Byte Reply

      No worry,lockers will pave a way for that

    • xiaxu nobunaga Reply

      @JustOne Byte oh great then..

  39. Shez 1983 Reply

    where was the protest when army were (& still are?) killing rohingya – shame on this hypocrisy

    • Imperial Guardsman Reply

      @Shez 1983 see you in the other comment but no matter. Have you ever protested for other people too. Have you protested in the streets against the criminal injustice happening in your country? Have you protested in the streets against the war crimes your government has committed? And also, you dodged my question which is the whole point of this argument. What is the benefit of them protesting back then?

    • Imperial Guardsman Reply

      @Shez 1983 I can name many benefits of them protesting now than back when the crisis happened.

    • Shez 1983 Reply

      @Imperial Guardsman go ahead?

    • Shez 1983 Reply

      @Imperial Guardsman the same benefit they have of protesting now! to stop the army..
      its not just even the people in burma, its also western govt sanctioning now but they stayed quiet at that time.. so you are not the only one who is a hypocrite

    • Shez 1983 Reply

      @Imperial Guardsman still waiting for benefits?

  40. Shez 1983 Reply

    Aung sung silly b**** deserves this – she stood silent when the army was killing rohingya – she is a RACIST….. that much I know now..

  41. Oscar reyes Reply

    The main pressure will come from u, the military is used to sanctions, maintain ur long civil disturbance, just take ur time and be organize, international community is doing its jobs now

  42. SC 03 Reply

    Why listens to just one General? He’s just a guy

    • Eavy Eavy Reply

      Usa have so many guna, where are they during capitol riot?

  43. Muddassir Ghoorun Reply

    The karma of this government after massacring rohingyas… You reap what you sow

  44. Enamul Haque Reply

    Wish people of Myanmar learnt lessons not be inhuman towards minority Rohingya Muslim.

    • Lawrence Martyn Reply


  45. maxtinos l75 Reply

    The next hunger games 3 fingers

  46. Sethyk Pen Reply


  47. Danniel Juan Reply

    Revelation 14:13(KJV) And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

  48. Xong Lo Reply

    That is a good solution, attack the military websites!!!!

  49. Wong willy Reply


  50. Renz Gonz Reply

    Dont pay tax now, safeguard ur central bank dollar reserve, have the patient it will be a long peaceful fight

    • Meliton Rioferio Reply

      You are right, without taxes the military dictatorship cannot sustain.

  51. Marry Me Reply

    Praying for the freedom /and democracy to the people of myamar..
    Frm. Philippines

    • Sedevacantist Traditional Catholic Reply

      They reap what they sow. Theyre being punished for worshiping false Gods.

  52. Sai Sai Reply

    Su Kyii defended the army and now they lock her up. What a shame !

  53. Nikki Reply

    problems with you myanmar junta you did not study carefully the possible effect of your coup d’tat in your entire economy at the time you seize legitimate power… look what happen to you now… your own family will get hungry, relatives has nothing to eat in near future and you yourselves will die of hunger if you will not relinquish your illegal acquired power…. prior to stole power you should have had asked neighboring experts if your plan is right or wrong !!!

  54. 理愛 Reply

    I pray for Myanmar to get the freedom and rights they deserve…
    Please stay safe in the middle of this havoc!!

    • Max M Reply

      You cannot eat freedom and rights, the people should able to earn to feed themselves and families and live peacefully. What the point of freedom if you live under bridge and eat on food tickets.

  55. yesdvt Reply

    Looks like another “color revolution” in the making. People just don’t learn.

  56. The News Channel Reply

    Myanmar just saw another option to push trough the dictatorship that is going trough the whole world ! The people in Myanmar must win this battle ! We all must win this battle everyone is the world is struggling from this dictatorship in our countries! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Sithu Naing Reply

    What do u mean pretending. Their cars really broke down.

  58. Jeffrey Turbolencia Reply

    Fight myanmar, fight!

  59. Kitti Piyapongkun Reply

    Hanged,headed min aung lai,free aung sa suu kyi.

  60. Bing Nacpil Reply

    Calling the attention of all men in uniform! Please don’t support your leader who staged the coup! Think of your children’s future! Do you want them to live in darkness under this dictatorial form of government! Have mercy to the people! You are there to protect them not to harm them. If you want a free country, join the people now who are crying for freedom! God bless you all…

  61. Sameer Messi Reply

    what about kashmir
    they are under army controll since 1947

  62. batman daredevil Reply

    This is edsa 2 remake time will tell common soldiers who is the backbone of the country armed forces will defect….

  63. Home Phomm Reply

    😂🤣😅😁 the Myanmar military jailed people they claimed to protect ! Now you know who’s the BAD guys are….Yes,…You …Mr. Military General 😂🤣

  64. Toddler Style Reply

    Cambodians are with people of Myanmar.

  65. Jat Senyum Reply

    Where”s “hacker target military websites” report like you suggest in the title? Misleading title

  66. Benjamin Rex Ben Reply

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    • Benjamin Rex Ben Reply

      Thanks Luiz .+

  67. Renol Taen Reply

    If you guys could focus on Myitkyina, I’ll be much appreciated. It is in violence police crackdown for days now. Even medias got arrested. The less media there is, the more violent police and military become.

  68. All Singing All Dancing Reply

    So… I guess Al Jazeera is also relying on clickbait now

  69. deliari11 Reply

    Where are you all when they kill people in Rohingya ?

    • Three Wishes Reply

      you mean *Military* ?

    • CaniusLanius Reply

      @Three Wishes No, the Burmese

  70. Peppermint Reply

    This is not about “democracy”. It’s all about India vs China regional influence. The military are backed by China, the legal government is backed by India, USA, etc. That’s why you hear now everywhere about Myanmar, but when the government was in power and the Rohingya were murdered and 700,000 were thrown away from Myanmar, everybody kept short and quiet.

  71. Adhitya Chandra putera Reply


  72. Naing Win Reply

    We stand with Myanmar. Thanks Al Jazeera for the news.

  73. C. Lincoln Reply

    Shame on China for being quiet.

  74. doggo woof Reply

    every one in hong kong take note from this protest . also korea,if you guys dont like dictatorships.

  75. Erina Nagasawa Reply

    Instead of hacking military websites why not they try to hack the fire control of the sam sites 😂

  76. Annemarie De boer Reply

    Remember THE ROHINGYA ??? This is what they deserve .! Hope your whole country breaks by the power of god.

  77. Alfred Wang Reply

    Did UN or USA help during the last Thailand coup/junta? This is evidence that some Democracy systems fail time and again.

  78. cleofas pinto lima Lima Reply

    Every good always

  79. Harrison Thompson Abdullah Reply

    Democracy is worth dying for because it’s the most deeply honorable form of government ever devised by civilized liberated men.. Keep on protesting!

  80. Gloria Hunt Reply

    Why is little Myanmar fighting peacefully to keep a partial democracy, but America is not fighting AT ALL to return to its democracy?
    Just like Myanmar, in the USA the Military Industrial Complex , and the Security Agencies, are in charge.
    This was made obvious when the military told the 45th President “No,” he could NOT have a farewell military parade. (SUPPOSEDLY, the President is the Commander in Chief of the military. )
    An extremely important difference between the USA and Myanmar is that in Myanmar the people really did choose their leader.
    In the USA the Elite SELECT the Presidential candidates (probably at either Bilderburg or Bohemian Grove).
    Another difference is that the attempted Coup d’Etat in the USA failed, whereas that in Myanmar succeeded.
    A final important difference is that Myanmar only commits crimes against humanity within its borders.
    The USA, on the other hand, does not restrict itself in that way.

    Supporting attacks upon, or direct attacks upon, countries, which have NOT harmed the USA in any way, and the war crimes which come in the wake of these morally reprehensible attacks, are obvious examples of external crimes against humanity the USA commits as a matter of course.
    I shall, therefore, confine myself to the relatively unknown internal crimes against humanity of which the Security Agencies of the USA are guilty on a none -stop daily bases.

    Do you recall the threat which Ms. Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor under President Barrack Hussein Obama , made to Snoop Dogg? (Ms Rice is also amongst the first chosen for Biden’s Cabinet. )

    ‘Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @ Gale King, you come against an army. You will lose and it won’t be pretty.’
    Ms. Rice was in the world’s face, speaking LITERALLY and not figuratively!
    Allow me to elaborate.

    The USA has well
    over 800 (eight hundred) military bases!
    Over FIVE HUNDRED of these bases are located OUTSIDE of the USA (Even in Africa … AFRICA?!?!?)
    Everywhere these military bases are located, reports arise of 5G electromagnetic torture. 
    From Japan to Thailand, from England to the USA, the precise same reports of 5G EM torture .

    In case you are unaware that 5G electromagnetic weaponry exists, search under ADS (Active Denial System). You will find an ancient government video which shows a tank which shoots 5G electromagnetic radiation. (If this site has been scrubbed, you can still find videos of this equipment on mainstream media outlets. )

    The official government video denies that handheld versions of this electromagnetic technology exists. 
    Absolutely False!
    Handheld 5G EM weaponry has existed for, at least, three decades. 
    There is even a miniature version small enough to fit into a man’s front trouser pocket and still leave room for his hand inside the same pocket. 
    The power and range of this miniature gun can cause  heart arrhythmia in the Target, and , consequently,  death is a possibility. 
    This method is used to publicly execute a Target and have the death appear to be from medical causes rather than a CIA/DoD hit.

    (Another rather ingenious assassination technique which has been developed by the CIA/DoD is food suffocation.
    The food or drink of the Target is contaminated using a biological/chemical agent.
    Upon consuming the slightest little bit of this contaminating agent, the Target’s throat immediately tightly swells up. The food is trapped in the throat’s passageway not allowing the victim to breathe and leading to suffocation.
    The offending biological agent disappears from the victim’s system within minutes.
    Once again, We see a gendre of assassination which gives the false impression that the victim was not murdered, but rather died due to an unhappy set of circumstances.
    As an aside, the CIA scientists perfected (by the 1960’s)an extremely virulent cancer which is many times(but not solely used to produce throat cancer. All biological and chemical assassination methods are perfected using real, live, none volunteer subjects. )
    For information on CIA latest weaponry read Project Soul Catcher by Scientist Robert Duncan (who also wrote , “How to Tame a Demon,” a book exposing the CIA/DoD program of Targeting and experimentation upon innocent Americans).

    To go forward, I must now go back a bit. 
    Some of you may recall the disinformation apology of President Bill Clinton for the CIA/DoD developed Project MK-Ultra. (This apology is on YouTube. )

    In his apology, President Clinton greatly diminished the level of the human rights abuses,  as well as the intensity and horror, of the torture conducted by the CIA/DoD in Project MK-Ultra.
    Nor did he mention that routine killing of the victims, once they were deemed to be “unnecessary, “was “normal. “

    Additionally, Clinton failed to mention that these CIA/DoD developed projects were heavily reliant upon SRA (satanic ritual abuse) to achieve their trauma based mind control objective.
    (See the YouTube channel of Fiona Barnett, an SRA survivor, who was sexually farmed out to President Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham as a child. She now receives a pitance in compensation from the Australian government.
    (NATO aligned Intelligence Services co- operate in these CIA/DoD projects. ))

    Clinton also neglected to mention that the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children is another integral part of these trauma based mind control projects. 
    (See the book,” The Trance Formation of America,” by Cathy O’Brian. 
    Ms. O’Brian is an MK-Ultra survivor (as is her child who was also sexually trafficked). )

    President Clinton solemnly promised that Project MK-Ultra would be terminated.
    He lied.
    Project MK Ultra was, in fact, RENAMED and EXPANDED. 
    One offshoot of this renaming and expansion is the Targeted Individuals Program. 
    (For more information on Project MK-Ultra, research “The Black Vault. “ )

    Ms. S. Rice was, therefore, in front of the world, in plain sight, threatening ‪Snoop Dogg‬ with being placed in this Targeted Individuals Program.

    A few of the elements of the Targeted Individuals Program are:
     1.  Being gunned, 24/7, with the handheld version of 5G EM torture guns.
    2.  Being used as a human laboratory test animals for biological and chemical weaponry (Like the two assassination methods mentioned above. )
    3. Being bombarded with high frequencies which destroys the hearing and damages the brain (check the back of the left eat, near the jaw bone, beneath the ear lobe for something which feels like a lump of dry skin , that may be a chip)
    4. Having  none-stop subliminal messages pumped into one’s living quarters.
    5. Being none stop subjected to extreme psychological and emotional trauma (in addition to receiving long distance shocks and EM gunning)
    6. Having your pets (and sometimes loved ones killed)
    7. Being asset stripped ( not just your money and jewelry, but everything, job, reputation, clothing, photographs, personal telephone books, e- mail accounts, e-mail contacts, identification,University documentation ..EVERY-THING)
    8. During the constant home invasions, your food and water is contaminated to facilitate the shocks, and EM torture which they administer. (The contaminant is probably lithium which is odorless and tasteless, and is an excellent conductor of electricity. The USA’s two decades long war in Afghanistan is not because of terrorism , but rather to obtain their lithium and other minerals.)
    9. Having your body contaminated with worms which were meant to feed on dead bodies, but which have been genetically modified by the Intelligence Agency’s scientists to feed on those still alive. (See photos on Youtube of two Chinese doctors who helped to expose the Covid 19 virus and, as a result, were punished with being infested with these worms by Chinese Intelligence. The telltale sign of this infestation is the blackened facial skin. These two Chinese doctors now appear to be be two Black men. )
    10. Being chipped like an animal. (If a Targeted Individual, or whistleblower, reads this comment and is aware of why miniature drones,which were the size of bees in 2008, are sometimes used to hover over Targeted Individuals, notwithstanding the chipping please contact me.)
    11. Being subjected to V2K … 24/7.
    12. Being gangstalked
    If you wish to research gangstalking  and Targeted Individuals on YouTube,  please note that the CIA/DoD have taken the precaution of scrubbing most pertinent videos and   placing VICE and other disinformation videos in amongst those of the few remaining real videos produced by Targeted Individuals.
    13. Having your living quarters sprayed with contaminated “smart dust” and mold

    For the daily life of a victim,  there is the video of Myron May. 
    May was painted by the CIA/DoD, and, consequently, the media as insane. Nonetheless , his video shows us something quite different.
    Watch his video. 
    HE is SANE. (To see his video go to YouTube search. Type in Targeted Individual Myron May. Go down to post by memory hole blog, James Lico, Dabbin Good and others. … many are working to keep the memory, and sacrifice, of Myron May alive.

  81. Meliton Rioferio Reply

    If they stop paying taxes the military dictatorship cannot sustain.

    • Su Htet Ko Reply

      Myanmar will run out of fuel within a month 🥺 Help us😔😢😭 we want democracy so bad 😭😭 😭

  82. Richyb86 Reply

    What have the world governments done to help?

  83. Eavy Eavy Reply

    And usa thought they are being opressed for wearing mask or have their social media post deleted lmao

  84. Daniel Bradley at FSS Future Star Sports Reply

    Get help

  85. Eddie Dumangcas Reply


  86. Razzel Dazzel Reply

    I have a friend that lives in Burma it he says the general sentiment is the reverse of what all the news says. Apparently there are plenty of people who feel the election was tampered with.

  87. LPOgamer from myanmar Reply

    So the hacker is real

  88. Electro1ize Reply

    where was the out cry from these local people when the Rohingya genocide occurred? 🤔

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