Death toll rises as severe winter storm sweeps US


An icy blast continues to cripple parts of the US where more than 20 people have been killed amid the freezing conditions in the south.
The once-in-a-generation storm has left millions without power and three-quarters of the country blanketed in snow.
Storm warnings have been issued for the states of Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Arkansas, disrupting COVID-19 vaccination programmes there.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports.

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155 thoughts on “Death toll rises as severe winter storm sweeps US

  1. Alma The Saint Bernard Reply


  2. nas taran Reply

    Yesterday I saw news, I thought i would have died from that cold but wasn’t sure if i was dramatic not now I see i really would have died from cold, cause I freeze in 16 degrees above zero with so many layers warm clothes

    • jack lal Reply

      minus 16 😀

    • nas taran Reply

      @jack lal 😉 really I’m under blankets all the time in 20 degrees above zero and still shiver 🤭😬

  3. kalpana rao Reply

    Only pray so God can make a concrete plan, jesus protect America

    • Momon Reply

      Oh, I guess if you’re praying that the power comes back on, then everything is sorted. The engineers and maintenance workers can go home, they’re no longer needed. Faith is going to fix those those power lines! Wait for it….

      Aaaaaaany minute now…

    • kalpana rao Reply

      @Momon God bless,

  4. Afthabgull Bangash Reply

    Three countries USA, Israel and India are going to be destroyed very soon

    • Mahdi Benhannan Reply

      @lobsang dorjee Because they left Quran for hadith, like the followers of Moses who left Torah for Misnah(oral Torah).

    • John Mitchell Reply

      we probably won’t go down without a big bang

    • Afthabgull Bangash Reply

      @John Mitchell you will go down with or without a bang,it is predicted

    • One In Million Reply

      The best democracy in the world is in INDIA only. We are happily living in this great INDIAN DEMOCRACY with full of religious freedom…I am a CHRISTIAN living happily..I am proud to be INDIAN.

    • Afthabgull Bangash Reply

      @lobsang dorjee I told you Iraq, Yemen,and Afghanistan are not following Islam as is required of them

  5. Leni Salomon Reply


    • Mina Park Reply


  6. Ken Fu Reply

    the curse of the afghans thats how the british empire the soviet empire broke down time for the american empire to break down

    • George Bonta Reply

      This is a new level of stupid in the comment section.

    • Kenny CanHe Reply

      They don’t have power because the state governor didn’t connect them from the national grid

    • Rooble z Reply

      @TJ Marx Lol!!😂

    • Maryama Dahir Reply

      @Ken Fu The Babylon is falling to pieces. Lmao. And there nothing they can do about it. 😂😂😂

    • Maryama Dahir Reply

      @Fakey Namey You think your empire is the greatest and they even control the ocean? How come they can’t handle COVID-19? Your country is a joke.

  7. Kaizer Reply

    In Russia , it a Thursday

    • Regine Velasquez Reply


    • Evelyn Miranda Reply

      Russia is another piece of s***.

  8. TJ Marx Reply

    It never ceases to amaze me how frequently and in such a vast array of scenarios, that the USA experiences rolling blackouts like a third world country. And yet, still claims to be great.

    • TJ Marx Reply

      Yeah that’s not anything near true@ozen to shama. It happens in the USA because it was never all that great to begin with.

    • TJ Marx Reply

      lol@TheMrgoodmanners no it isn’t.

    • TJ Marx Reply

      No@Manuel Lopes the USA hasn’t led in “all aspects of social and technical development”. That’s complete nonsense

    • TJ Marx Reply

      Most of the western world is vastly superior to the USA@Serenity

    • TJ Marx Reply

      The US military didn’t win WW2@George Petersen, that was Russia.

      The US military haven’t won a military conflict since the US civil war and that was a bit touch and go.

      The fact of the matter is China is expanding their military at a rate 5x faster annually than the USA.

  9. Gaudioso Llanos Reply

    I hope you have this equipment portable electro power …10watts enough for 1house hold…its a indoor design and for climate change(any weather)more than 10 watts you just series parallel how wattage to provide(wire tapping) may God protect, provide what you need and Gobless us all🤧😇

  10. Ken Zhang Reply

    It is china planned this.

  11. Sara Khan Reply

    Biden proved unlucky for America

  12. George Bonta Reply

    Bro that global warming….

  13. m3gakurv4 Reply

    Such a dumb country I love it

    • Colourwheel Reply

      Consider what your saying. People are suffering and dying from the cold, including small children.

    • ozen to shama Reply

      REPENT or it will come back on you and yours.

    • Evelyn Miranda Reply

      Which one yours.

    • jack lal Reply

      @John Mitchell don’t vote for them 😀

    • Bidness100 Reply

      @jack lal It’s Deeper Than A Vote

  14. ReclusiveLoner 96 Reply


    • philip john Reply

      What’s so funny??

    • Hasan Hussain Reply

      @philip john 🤣🤣🤣

    • ozen to shama Reply


    • Jigsaw Reply

      @ozen to shama 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Jakinur Islam Reply

    After that some country and people tell about Global Warming.

    • Shayaan Shamnad Reply

      The correct term is climate change

  16. ro vari Reply

    USA is like a 3 world country . your goverment spend only money on the rich ppl and the army

    • Be Encouraged Reply

      USA doesn’t have a welfare system for the poor?

  17. vipul rai Reply

    Madarchod news

    • Ken Fu Reply

      indian miner are u mad?

  18. Danniel Juan Reply

    Luke 21:25-27(KJV) And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

    Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

    And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.


      Watch my video about the tribulation

  19. French frenzy Reply

    Alternate source of energy ……. what is known to men ?

    Yet to find such energy

    Future holds the answers

  20. Dale Wilson Reply

    Nuclear energy is what I heard would be the best alternative to fossil fuel.

    • Rita Gameiro Reply

      Cause kaboom.. That’s why.

  21. Dale Wilson Reply

    That’s why we need to go back to the old ways, migrate with the weather; have less to travel faster.

  22. Use Full Reply

    This is to be expected after years of Green Party BS in the face of a Grand Solar Minimum which happens every 12,000 years. Many Politicians made money while preparing our country for greater warmth, when in fact we have greater cooling coming and this is just the beginning. as usual, the government apparat chics failed us.

  23. Yurthing Muivah Reply

    Super power is human term but know that there is God our Greater.

    • Gpolice Reply

      Its a matter of opinion your comment.

  24. Bk Tan Reply

    America did lots of evils around the world.
    Punishment from heaven.

    • Serenity Reply

      Most countries around the world has been part of evil stories. The countries that dogmatically believe in God has committed so much more wrongdoings than the USA, but you wouldn’t recognize that, right?

  25. Apao Reply

    Sad to see but reminder to USA PEOPLE… THIER LEADER needs to sign global environment submit. Which is called Paris climate

    • Apao Reply

      @Rita Gameiro Without any effort how can u say won’t help? Need to sign and do what is necessary…😎😎

    • Rita Gameiro Reply

      @Apao yes but the effort of some will be nothing if a group is authorized to polute. The math in the end is more polution with or without the deal. That’s my isue.

    • Apao Reply

      @Rita Gameiro something’s is better than nothing. Is it 100% damage better than 60% Damage?. That’s my point

    • Rita Gameiro Reply

      @Apao in the case of pollution the best way to compare is: will 60% poison kill you less than 100% poison? That’s why I think deal no deal it’s the same: the poison is killing us and it should be no poison at all.

    • Apao Reply

      @Rita Gameiro no it’s different from posion. But as ur compare remember if posion is only 60% we have more time which means we have more care cure than been posion 100% which you will die on spot 😭😭😭.

  26. John Peter Reply

    We need more warming… global warming.
    Oh wait!! The Arctic IS warming, the world’s tundra is thawing.
    The only solution is to refreeze the Arctic.
    The oceans are dying, as they die we die. Good to be 73 and watch this end-game.
    Thoughts and prayers don’t matter, the science does… have a good day.

    • John Mitchell Reply

      IM just Glad I didn’t reproduce in more ways then one

  27. steve rashad Reply


    • Hasan Hussain Reply

      You mean global freezing??

    • Le Rédacteur Reply

      They didn’t understand what you said. Lol

    • Hasan Hussain Reply

      @Le Rédacteur yeah I know but still it doesn’t affect the freezing weather

    • Le Rédacteur Reply


    • Hasan Hussain Reply

      @Le Rédacteur what?

  28. John Mitchell Reply

    Make America Great Again

    • Junior SIr Reply

      How about seek Gods kingdom for the sake of your soul? America is a sinking ship as is with the rest of the world. What you are proposing is like trying to sweep the floors of a sinking ship.

    • Rita Gameiro Reply

      Lol when was that it was great to begin with?

    • John Mitchell Reply

      @Junior SIr It was a Joke

    • Junior SIr Reply

      John Mitchell so you were kidding about making Americana great?

    • John Mitchell Reply

      @Junior SIr IM sorry you miss understood the it was a joke

  29. Military Man 71 Reply

    America has finally achieved 3rd World status! The sheep worry about the wolf, it’s the shepherd that will slaughter them. Have you woken from your American Dream yet!

  30. Nate G Reply

    Texas sucks – it’s sad people are freezing to death. This is what happens when evil people use abortion issues to spin reality into office and not care about people actually living there.

  31. Freddy And Bendy Reply

    Gotta wonder after this deep freeze how many people still in deny of climate change. Profit before fact.

  32. Mohd Hatta Reply

    The extra storm for people who did’t the function of God Theology.

  33. J The Original Reply

    Liars…. My city gets the most snow in USA… There is alot of prooof. andddd no one has died yet….not from a car crash, Not from being stuck outside…nothing. Is lying fun for u guys or is it every lie u tell u get extra money???

  34. L0CKTiTE Reply

    But you’ve had time to prepare decades in fact. Shame on the Texas Political group

    • L0CKTiTE Reply

      @ree xree I looked it up, it happened in 1967, 1995, 2011, and now 2021. Also after all these dates the following hurricane season was Extra Extra bad as far as tornadoes, 20 in 1 day in June 1995. But this time your getting 4x the snow and its wY more wide spread compared to all previous years which means 50 to 100 tornadoes could spawn in 1 day this coming June – October. Texans and will not be warned of this upcoming tragic event and I can only try and warn you from data from the past. In my opinion I would leave the area this hurricane season to return at a later 📅

    • ree xree Reply

      @L0CKTiTE Thank You For The Information

    • L0CKTiTE Reply

      @ree xree At the time, greatest snowfall in a 24 hour period – 19.8 inches January 26-27, 1967 (surpassed by Groundhog Day Blizzard 1/31-2/2/11: 20.0 inches February 1-2, 2011). At the time, greatest snow depth – Additional snows brought the snow depth to 27 inches by February 6, 1967.
      Sixty-seven tornados occurred on Sept. 20, a Texas record for a single day. In addition to Hurricane Beulah’s 115 tornadoes, there were another 9 tornadoes in September for a total of 124, which is a Texas record for a single month. The greatest number of tornadoes in Texas in a single year is 232, also in 1967.
      I just did 1967 to give you an 💡

    • ree xree Reply

      @L0CKTiTE Thank You Very Much For Telling Me, I Would’ve Never Known About That!

    • L0CKTiTE Reply

      @ree xree warn as many people as possible this year especially.

  35. Roger Delta Reply

    Take care folks!

  36. frank john Reply

    Can someone please explain me why does this happen in winter is it because generators won’t in cold weather or what please reply

    • Enrico Fermi Reply

      It’s Texas, man. Temperatures barely scratched freezing point during harshest of winters there. It’s the coldest it ever got in thirty years at least, and not overnight as a lowest detected, but for days and days straight. The infrastructure – powerlines, waterways, supply chains etc. are not designed to withstand such conditions. If it was Canada or some of the northernmost states, they’d just shake it off and call it a Thursday.

    • frank john Reply

      @Enrico Fermi Thank. You so much for the reply

  37. Deux Ex Reply


  38. Purnima Gurung Reply

    I pray for you all America you are always in my daily prayers n in my heart . Love you all . Love from Nepal. ❤❤

    • keep typing Reply

      Thank you!
      This does not mean i want you here
      stay in your country. Hope you are safe.

    • Purnima Gurung Reply

      @keep typing For your kind info , I never wish to live in any countries than my own . I wrote that my daily prayers are with other countries facing troubles especially for America now. God bless those in need now.

    • I Can't Breathe Reply

      @keep typing racist

    • Purnima Gurung Reply

      @I Can’t Breathe I am not racist .

  39. John Tucker Reply

    Why every home needs 2-3 sources of heat, generators wood stoves. In BC we might lose it all for up to 7 days, large bottled water stored.

  40. AvaLily Reply

    The solar panels froze and that was one reason for the power outage, so explain to me why we’re talking about “other sources” of energy? Anything to make it political when the truth is Texans in a blizzard are like fish out of water, it’s not their fault. The same chaos happened in Atlanta a few years ago when they got like 2 inches of snow.


      Alternative Energy wasn’t being stored in a battery bank for back up power. They were simply using it as they produced it without storing extra. No states have the battery storage infrastructure built for backup power yet! We need to focus on that so this never happens again.
      And panels don’t freeze, they get covered with snow and ice so it takes man power to keep them clear, whiçh they also failed to do.
      But guaranteed, there are many Survival preppers who are sitting comfortable right now through this. They have solar or wind power at their homes. And water stored. And they have heat.
      Its wise to be always prepared.

  41. David Leo Morley Reply

    Where is that evil “socialism” when you need it?…LOL. Texas Senator Ted Cruz left for Cancun, Mexico…and is now on his way back to Texas since it was leaked to the press. This is today’s Republican Party. Wow. I know Biden sucks too but wow…
    Texas doesn’t like government regulations…..and that has consequences.

    • KoalaTeaShot Reply

      Actually ERCOT the ones responsible for the energy grid is to blame even after they were told to upgrade the grid for winterizing, for the cables components, generators, training ect. They were told to do so by the Texas government back in 2011 but they didn’t so that is why we are having problems that is why wind turbines (which Texas is the biggest wind energy production) are having problems. It has nothing to do with Federal regulations but with ERCOT cutting corners and not doing what is what the TEXAS Government told them to do.

    • David Leo Morley Reply

      You: “They were told to do so by the Texas government back in 2011 but they didn’t so that is why we are having problems”

      Well…I hate to tell you…but the government’s job is to enforce the law.
      If ERCOT failed to do their job…and government officials refused to hold them accountable …..that is on government.

      That’s how it all works.
      That’s why we have a government.

    • KoalaTeaShot Reply

      @David Leo MorleyThe “government” already addressed that “The Texas Supreme Court is considering whether ERCOT, a private, nonprofit corporation, is entitled to its sovereign immunity, a well-established legal principle that protects governments and their agencies from lawsuits. The high court’s decision, expected later this year, could determine whether electricity buyers and sellers can hold the grid manager responsible for pricing errors, mistake-ridden forecasts or life-and-death consequences of power outages.” Sounds like the government f*** up. Your whole thing about Texas doesn’t like government regulations is BS if the government itself isn’t doing anything

    • David Leo Morley Reply

      You: “Sounds like the government f*** up. Your whole thing about Texas doesn’t like government regulations is BS if the government itself isn’t doing anything”
      You are confused.
      That IS the point…and you helped me to make it.
      Private industry wants Texas government contracts WITHOUT liability and government regulations…and the state of Texas and its own elected officials gave it to them… and now they are refusing to hold them accountable.

      That actually confirms my whole point about Texas not liking US government regulations.
      They created their whole power grid separately from the rest of the USA’s power grid….just to avoid government regulations…. because they don’t like government regulations.
      If Texas liked government regulations, ERCOT would have been regulated by the government and held accountable by government officials when they failed to do their job.
      Pretty simple.

  42. rsxteufel Reply

    AMERICA infrastructure is failing…but due to greedy. The mass population will surfer the most. The riches country in the world act and look like 3rd world country. America doesn’t want to move forward always want to go backward. The world move forward from energy to new technologies while AMERICA fail from covid to natural disaster. Texas still built house made of wood instead of concrete or stone or granite. Oklahoma home still not built to with stand tornado.

  43. Mina Park Reply

    this what happens when 90% of tax goes all into military.

  44. Bengali Ghat Reply

    These people are lying. I grew up in India where Power Grid failures were common. What happens is when wind mills fail and the power from wind farms supply gets turned off, as the demand keeps increasing due to heating requirements, the demand and supply mismatch grows to an unsustainable level till the whole grid fails. Once the grid fails even coal and gas fired plants shut down and its not possible to bring them up fast. So although only a third of power may come from Green Deal, it is the wind farms that triggered this whole thing and it is those who promote this who should be blamed for this and those who vote for them are responsible for dead people. Democrats do this for money.

  45. ecotts Reply

    Bidens America LMAO

    • Hasan Hussain Reply

      Trump was better lol

  46. N Reply

    Ice, snow now earth quake in Texas. Stock up be prepare for coming days ahead.

    • jack lal Reply

      mexicocaine 😀

  47. Charles Canzater Reply

    Tesla house and Tesla car ?

    • Manuel Jose Reply

      Texas is out of electricity for 3 days afaik. Your Tesla Model X would’ve been a fancy junk.

  48. keep typing Reply

    Hi Robert
    All that money behind you, and too stupid to know how to keep warm.
    I love it.
    – A very comfortable very warm off grid RV guy

  49. AJ Reply

    It’s an artic clipper in a state then doesn’t get them.
    That’s all it is.
    People looking to blame someone are being obtuse.
    We here in Texas will learn from our mistakes so it doesn’t happen again.
    If you don’t live here and want to judge then don’t bother because we don’t care.
    Thanks to all the supportive folks out there.

  50. RJ S 2601 Reply

    any other streaming video sites ads on youtube can’t be skip now

  51. Sergei Step Reply

    In the north-east Europe it would be like usual day when it is snowing and freezing cold weather here. We have here a temperature 14 F (daytime) and 5-7 F (at nighttime). No problem.

  52. Jillian mcleod Reply

    Repent for the wrath of the Most High is upon us

    • Evelyn Miranda Reply

      He’s always upon us.

    • jack lal Reply

      @Evelyn Miranda so what 🐕

  53. Chow Trump Reply

    Enjoy your global warming and Tesla. All climate refugees welcome to Sweden. Free money for everyone.

    • Ken Fu Reply

      sweden has no indian latino problem

  54. Boruto Shippuden Reply

    thats why you should build your house with concrete blocks

  55. Boruto Shippuden Reply

    the californians that moved here caused this

    • Andres Torres Aquino Reply

      lmao the dumbest comment I’ve seen on youtube.

    • Boruto Shippuden Reply

      @Andres Torres Aquino thanks

    • Matthew Schilling Reply

      I’m sure San Francisco is looking good about now.

  56. I Can't Breathe Reply

    USA is internally and externally coming apart thread by thread. It won’t be long.

  57. Tim Anderson Reply

    The US is basically a third world country with nukes and an overbloated military. Look at Covid deaths per capita in the US. It is actually doing worse than most third world countries.

  58. Evelyn Miranda Reply

    I don’t know why people say stupid comments there’re children that are dying.

    • Jigsaw Reply

      So do the children in the Middle East


    Company called Griddy Electric charging 1,000.00 a day for power!!!!!! Just got bill for over 2,000.00 and counting….

  60. Tik Tok Bee Reply

    At least it’s not a hoax by China

  61. Vince C Reply

    Talk about a attack on Americans 1st covid now this ..prayers 2 all under Gods umbrella 🙏😪

  62. Lee Cheong Reply

    If Trump is still the president it will be kungcold or chinasnow or wuhanice. Strange that this doesn’t happen to China unless it is the most northern part. You can’t say that God is not a God of justice who don’t hear the blood of those murdered around world screaming out from the ground. Those Iraqis, those Afghanistan’s, those Libyans, those Syrians, those Yemenis, those Iranians, those Central American’s, those Koreans, those Vietnamese and all those souls mass murdered after WW2.

  63. The World Is Yours Reply

    Cursed nation

    • ozen to shama Reply


  64. Poker Player Reply

    Better news than the American MSM. Awesome work. I have always appreciated aljazeera news.

  65. Commander of what’s Right Preventer of what’s Evil Reply

    Their military and mercenaries are occupying the world when their service are needed home

    • Le Nick Reply

      Lol. You’re just a liberal troll. What does that military has to do with this snowflakes. Maybe we should not have to get rid of fossil fuels so blackout doesn’t happen. Guess ur nit smart enough to think outside of the box

  66. Commander of what’s Right Preventer of what’s Evil Reply

    Bush family live there unless they abandoned the place since the blackout

  67. Arn Arninson Reply

    As long as the Stockmarket is up is all that matter in America!!

  68. MetaView7 Reply

    it’s god’s punishment for letting trump get away with murder

  69. Dustain McLovin Reply

    It’s okay…The Democratic States of America used to be the world’s number one pollutant and the most badass, hardcore country which ended on 01/24/2021 when our superhuman, basement superstar became our 46th president and he will fix global warming and make DSA Number 1…i’m writting this from marshfield, wisconsin after we had a full week on snow and -33 temps

    Texas could always use them “coyotes” or “kids in cages” to operatate pedal bikes which generate electricity…I’m sure theres enough of them to power the entire state…

  70. TruthTeller Reply

    Haarp system in use, that these demons created.

  71. Þorbjörg Ragnarsdóttir Reply

    In iceland we call this monday

  72. seraphiccandy21 Reply

    Wait wait, she was an “old woman”..a “grandma” at 41?!! Thats not old! Thats not even middle aged! My mother had my brother at 41!

  73. v j Reply

    The government fails, the civilians take the consequences. Disgusting in how such a rich country has such poor safety!

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