US flight UA328 lands safely in Denver following engine failure


A passenger jet rained debris on the Denver suburbs, narrowly missing a home, after it suffered an engine failure shortly after takeoff on Saturday.
The Honolulu-bound United Airlines Flight 328 made an emergency landing at Denver’s international airport when one of the Boeing 777-200 engines experienced trouble and caught fire.
There were cheers of relief from passengers on the flight after a dramatic landing.

Al Jazeera’s Kristen Saloomey reports.

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127 thoughts on “US flight UA328 lands safely in Denver following engine failure

  1. Navarro Adams Reply


  2. Jason Bean Reply

    Yes, pilots are trained to fly with only one of the two engines. Does that training cover flying when the vibrations from the engine tear half of the wing off? Just wondering.

    • Benjamin Reply

      Afaik that shouldn’t happen the engine is attached with shear pins and if the forces get too dangerous the pins will shear off and the engine will drop

  3. Tanchito Pereira Reply

    Zrdo i1e

  4. Matt Chilton Reply

    Now this is pod racing!

  5. fredrick oduor Reply

    If I was inside an airliner with a blown engine like this I would be scared motionless. The guy who took the footage was kind of calm though.

    • Andrea Mariani Reply

      Trust me when I tell you that when an engine catches fire or blows up, you cannot sit motionlessly. The only different thing is the lack of sounds around you (other than the wind, the engine rattle, and the Captain’s PA announcements).
      It happened to me on a flight in Southern America some years ago… 1 turboprop engine caught fire and the other one stopped shortly after take-off. The pilot had the presence of mind of turning around, restart an engine and take us all back on the ground. No crew member nor passenger was able to emit a sound but I took some pictures (with my film camera since mobiles were not yet able to take pictures).

  6. Delano Reply

    am i the only one who mentally cross boeing off my list? to never fly on?

    • DB Class 407 Reply

      Not this specific plane. I only avoid 737MAX family. Everything else (737NG, 777, 747, etc.), I will fly.

  7. s k Reply

    Great timing. Imagine that at the midway point over the Pacific.

    • OhioExPax15 Reply

      The 777, like any twin-engine, is made to operate safely on one engine. Had it happened over the Pacific, the Captain and F/O would have decided either to divert to a California airport, or continue to Honolulu.

    • s k Reply

      @OhioExPax15 -I was referring to the passenger stress factor.

    • OhioExPax15 Reply

      @s k gotcha, thanks.

    • CatBot 007 Reply

      the FAA rated the b777 to fly for 180 min, they can turn around or carry on safely if it happened over the ocean

  8. alexandr Karmanov Reply

    241 seat covers to be changed after that flight… LMAO Crew did an outstanding job btw !

  9. Yung Gunn Reply

    Give that pilot a medal

  10. Chance Sudbeck Reply

    Well at least the engine failed soon after departure, rather than the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I couldn’t image.

  11. YAB Barkot Reply

    10x god🙏🙏🙏

  12. X Gaming Reply

    Awesome pilot

  13. senthil kumar Reply

    Passenger on Landing – Can you get me a Photo of the Pilot, want to place it next to Jesus frame😁😄

  14. Nebu Mct Reply

    Alhamdullilla ….

  15. Super Silver SPACE Sean Reply

    The cameraperson’s got balls to film and remain still while being right next to the engine.

  16. D3Xt3rity Reply

    Incredible pilots!

  17. Jeni Tjandana Reply

    Thank you God used the best skill of pilot saved his passegers

  18. Marius D Reply

    Troy Lewis you see what happens when you fall asleep on a plane? stuff like this happens. Don’t do it 🙂

  19. Victoria Alex Reply

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  20. Tommy Aung - TA Reply

    No doubt it’s Boeing , where’s 737 Max Mcst waiting time nose up and nose down crash 😢

    • CatBot 007 Reply

      Even though both use fly by wire the b777 dosent have mcas

  21. El Bush Reply

    God bless none was hurt

  22. Aloha Mau Reply


  23. Dickaroundavid Reply

    This is the one time you should clap when the plane lands

  24. yeetusdelitussmellmyfeetus lol? Reply

    My Pants Would Have been filled with Sticky Brown Stuff.. for sure.

  25. Graham Jordan Reply

    Glad everyone was okay, respect to calm sounding flight crew, from the uk 👍

  26. Ryan Kelly Reply

    Boeing = quality… Not hardly. lol

    I’d put my trust 10:1 in flying Airbus A3 series.

    • OhioExPax15 Reply

      Guess what? They use a lot of the same engines as Boeing. In fact, an Airbus A-330 has the same engine type, the Pratt & Whitney 4000, as was used on this Boeing. Most engines for the majors are either GE, P&W, or Rolls Royce.

    • Ryan Kelly Reply

      @OhioExPax15 True but Boeing assemblers are still the ones that hang em on the pylon.

    • OhioExPax15 Reply

      @Ryan Kelly and, so? Stop your fear-mongering.

    • Ryan Kelly Reply

      @OhioExPax15 Not fear mongering at all. I’m still not a fan of Boeing which is my opinion.

      You’re not required to agree.

  27. Simon Promotes Art Reply

    Thanks to God

  28. // Reply

    Looks like they used old beat up metal,cardboard, and toilet paper to build that thing.The wiring probably been done by a non qualified electrician and serviced by a drunk mechanic.

  29. Happy Sloth Travels Reply

    Amazing pilot!💕💕💕💕

  30. Matthew Tratz Reply

    looks like that engine threw one of its fan blades. That much force would cause that damage.

  31. hazri izwan Reply

    *Boeing no good plane👎🏻*

  32. Zulkifli Mahussin Reply

    Airbus is better

  33. Prison Mike Reply

    bruh it was literally right in front of the house door

  34. Osama Bin Laden Reply

    Good news.

  35. Jason Iheukwu Reply

    Up move to the Pilot and crew God is with you

  36. Syed Asif Reply

    Shukar Alhumdulliah. Allah save all of you

  37. mrpower328 Reply

    Wow, so lucky that plane wasn’t over the ocean

    • CatBot 007 Reply

      The b777 is rated to fly 180 min with one engine at cruise, they can safely turn around or carry on if it happened over the ocean

  38. Aqeel Butt Reply

    Why it is always Boeing involved in air accident???

    • Samuel kings Reply

      Cause they are very corrupt, heavily government subsidized company

  39. Carolin Avery Reply

    美国接二连三的出事,叹 国运不行了

  40. S K B Reply

    See. Cameraman never dies..

  41. psumiz Reply

    He look kinda like jack black

  42. V v Reply

    I was never going to step foot inside the Max, but I think I’ll never step foot inside a Boeing plane ever again.

    • OhioExPax15 Reply

      I won’t try to talk you out of such nonsense, but consider all the hundreds of thousands of commercial flights, each year, with Boeing aircraft, or Airbus, or Embraer, or whoever, and how very few incidents, let alone accidents, occur. It’s a testament to those who build the aircraft, those who maintain them, those who fly them, and those who guide them in the air traffic control centers. There hasn’t been a crash of any type of plane flown by a U.S flag carrier since 2009. But again, I won’t try to change such ignorance.

  43. Steffi A Reply

    Respekt Piloten

  44. Reloef Khoza Reply

    One engine dies.

    Pilot: We’ve been trained to handle this situation folks.🤦🏾‍♂️
    Civilian: We almost died😢

    Aero Engineer: stop the drama there is enough thrust to land you safely this is not a death threat, I repeat not a death threat.

    Journalist: Breaking news🚮

  45. mike behan Reply

    when it comes to holidays if it Boeing I ain’t going . I think they have chipmunks from the local zoo putting them together .

  46. Luffman Lights Reply

    Dammm, This is getting worse for Boeing


    It’s amazing. All are Lucky people who have safely landed on Land. God protests them

  48. Zedco Reply

    Broo that’s scaryy

  49. Chris Dean Reply

    This is all created by man, the HARPENDEN project, where their endure the weather to create storms and cold weather.


    Kesini gara”vidio bg hasan 🤣

  51. Shams GamingYT Reply

    If why not both engine are on stop working while aircraft is in cruise like that. Still the aircraft can glide if it is in high altitude) dont worry even aircraft can fly with one engine its not big thing

  52. Kerron Reply

    Would love to hear the pilot radio

    • CatBot 007 Reply

      there’s a video on it with them talking to atc

  53. Серж Шуляченко Reply

    Engine on fire, Boeing 777-200 United UA328. 
    Я же вам говорил ставьте двигатели Мотор-Сич.

  54. kɑrmɑxyoo Reply

    Must be trumps fault eh americans

  55. MiMiSA JIN Reply

    Boeing 777…..

  56. Neil Tibbs Reply

    Should’ve been Rolls-Royce turbine the best 🇬🇧

  57. Alex Reply

    Boeing 777 – sucks.

  58. Trevor Sutherland Reply

    That looks like Anakin’s engine after Sebulba threw a wrench into it… Glad everyone is OK.

  59. Mr balloonpimp Reply

    Thank God nobody was hurt but my God what if they were over the ocean when that happened? We need better oversight this should NEVER happen!

  60. Martin Harvey Reply

    I’m surprised it didn’t have to circle and dump fuel

  61. Paul Ryan Reply

    I wonder if Farmer’s Insurance has seen that ?

  62. Mark Anthony Reply

    That’s amazing that the engine held on for so long

  63. thiVirgo 71 Reply

    Thank God everyone safely landed.. n xone hurt on ground too..

  64. Subaru STi Reply

    Boein 737 MAX ?

    • CatBot 007 Reply

      b777-200 is very diferent from the 737 max

  65. Roland Kiser Reply

    You can fly on one. That’s why you have two. Just a spare.

    • Daniel Dawson Reply

      Not _just_ a spare. You do need both engines to maintain normal cruising altitude. But the redundancy is important too.

  66. 南道爾 Reply

    I wonder why not put an auto sprinkler on all plane nearby the engine.

  67. Markku Panu Reply


  68. Lewis Chawana Reply

    The man said he took a nap and then open the shade the shade should always be open when takeoff and landing

  69. Rachael Mortician Reply

    If people didn’t trust United Airlines before, they’re definitely not going to trust them now. 😬😰

    • OhioExPax15 Reply

      Ignorance at its finest.

  70. Alton Dsouza Reply

    The pilot and all the crew Need to be awarded…..

  71. Noor Javed Reply

    Salute to the pilots 👍🏿 they managed to save everyone.

  72. David Wooderson Reply

    That the boeing way cheap labor and worrying about share prices over safety. That did a documentary on 787 and cheap labor in north Carolina was used and there workers even said they would not get on that plane. WTF boeing sad you used to be best out there

    • CatBot 007 Reply

      tis time its not boeing’s fault

  73. Mateusz Szymański Reply

    1:10 Nie tylko Polacy klaszczą!!!1!1!1!

  74. rohit choudhary Reply


  75. KimmyDaisyMaltese Reply

    Fly on an Airbus or xx in a Boeing.

  76. Ohene Darko Reply

    Wow..the pilot is an expert
    Glory be to God no one hurt

  77. Rob Reply

    What’s the big deal? The plane has another engine! (Only joking; if that fire had spread to the wing then they would have had REAL trouble).

  78. Subhas Chandra Boss Reply

    Made in USA.

  79. Judge Dredd Reply

    I just want to see the onboard plane reactions when they landed

  80. ShitAss Reply

    To bad the debris didn’t fall on a BLM protest. I don’t want to see anyone hurt just how they’d blame Trump.

  81. Jhefferson Barros Reply

    Why am I not surprised it’s United again… How many planes have they dropped now? They need to be sued out of existence.

  82. Shakespeare Freak Reply

    So glad nobody was hurt 💛 🙏

  83. Geemitha Fernando Reply

    Awesome work by the pilots, flight crew and the ground staff. Its all about working as a team. There is no “i” in “team” 🙂

  84. Frank Reply

    Biden……….ban all aircraft ! Beer keg legs Kamala……I concur…… skelator’s all trumps fault..

  85. chris cabel Reply

    Boeing has issues. Scary 😔

    • Luki Lukas Reply

      It’s not Boeing having issues, it’s Pratt & Whitney

  86. Dave Olep Reply

    Looks like a scene from the twilight zone where the imp was tearing the plane up .

  87. Eric Chen Reply

    Boeing 737max fake certification, now this trash…
    Made in USA junk!!!

    • CatBot 007 Reply

      the plane was made 26 years ago and it was the engine manufacurers fault

  88. H rehman Reply

    Thanks God I m so happy for everyone on board.

  89. Tenzin Kunga Reply

    Wow pilot is amazing

  90. David Snell Reply

    Yes well done captain…

  91. Bimmy Hopkins Reply

    Glory To God

  92. Asif Shuvo Reply

    Thanks Allah 🙏

  93. Sadique Shaikh Reply

    God is great

  94. SGT ZOMIE 787 Reply

    What cost the engine failure? Mechanic are slacking

  95. BrainyWrecker Reply

    Omg, it’s like Madagascar 2

  96. G D Reply

    Idiot not wearing his mask

  97. Rudi CooL Reply

    Woww 👀

    👍 Pilot

  98. Jak Kidd Reply

    Lucky no one was hurt

  99. Jan Jensen Reply

    Here we go again Boeing…

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