Clashes in Yangon as Facebook bans all Myanmar military accounts

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Scuffles broke out between opponents and supporters of Myanmar’s coup on Thursday, as Facebook took down all accounts linked to the country’s military and banned advertisements from military-controlled companies on its platforms.

Pro-military demonstrators marching in downtown Yangon, the country’s biggest city, stabbed one man and punched and threw rocks at others, according to local media, after anti-coup demonstrators and residents of the area banged pots and pans to express their disapproval of the rally.

Myanmar’s military, known as the Tatmadaw, seized power on February 1 alleging fraud in an election last November that returned Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) to power for a second term. The coup has prompted daily protests across the country, with tens of thousands taking to the streets to demand an end to military rule as well as the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and other detained leaders.

Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Mg Voyager says:

    They released prisoners to do rude actions.

    • Avatar jaya tissa says:

      There could be a possibility.

    • Avatar Mg Voyager says:

      @jaya tissa No they really released.They paid prisoners and ordered them to kill innocent people.

    • Avatar Thida Tint says:

      Its true

  2. Avatar Aungmyint Thu says:

    Help Us. From Myanmar !

    • Avatar arnab rock says:

      Did you help Rohingya people?

  3. Avatar Mikey lances says:

    Ban face books is not help that’s stupid

    • Avatar jaya tissa says:

      The military uses Facebook to promote their propaganda. At the same using enforcement agencies to oppress the people.

  4. Avatar Rifa Hossain says:

    We Stand with Myanmar army government..

    Love Myanmar Army From Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Myanmar 🇲🇲 china🇨🇳 friendship long live

    • Avatar Khin kyi Nuue theint says:

      No,the ethnics and your Bangladesh people/ Rohingya are gonna suffer more than us.They were the one who lied the ethnic groups about bringing peace and Harmony.(Remind you,the military information is hard to find a search.They are like a one whole separate group.They are a secret group or a hidden group.They only show information when it is needed to or spread miss information.)

    • Avatar Rifa Hossain says:

      @Khin kyi Nuue theint support Myanmar army government … Love from Bangladesh and china

    • Avatar Rifa Hossain says:

      @Khin kyi Nuue theint Myanmar army killing Their owo kachins,Burmese,rohingyas,Rakhines,.

      So Bangladesh support Myanmar army government and China also with us

      😃😃😃 we are so 😀😀

  5. Avatar jax10x says:

    Exactly like Awami Chatro League goons in Bangladesh and BJP activists in India. Pro-dictator goons assaulting the general public with lethal weapons under the protection of law enforcer agencies. This is a perfect smokescreen to hide the dictator’s brutality on camera. Knives, cleavers, sticks, and rods are used in the frontline while gunmen cover them from behind. Survivors get arrested by police/military and dead bodies get disappeared amidst the chaos. That’s how dictators fight protestors keeping their own hands clean in front of the media. Without the police force behind them, these violent goons are coward and helpless. But once they get support from the police they can commit a brutal bloodbath.

    • Avatar jaya tissa says:

      My only hope for now , the police and military breaks ranks and join the protesters

  6. Avatar AR TV says:

    Stopid Ravish Mayanmar Army

  7. Avatar Myat Htoo says:

    We don’t need Russia’s Democracy.
    We don’t need China’s Democracy.

  8. Avatar mamun hemal says:

    খমতায় থাকতে সারা দুনিয়ায় এমন করছে কেনো নেতারা?তারাকি 400 বছর বাচবে?
    সবাই মিলে সান্তির জন্য কাজ করে না কেনো?😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  9. Avatar Vgguf Fgjj says:

    I hope they kill each other

    • Avatar jaya tissa says:

      What do you get?

    • Avatar Vgguf Fgjj says:

      @jaya tissa justice for Rohingya

  10. Avatar Eurus Hephaestus says:

    State Sponsored Violence?

  11. Avatar Nkanyiso Africa says:

    It’s always the case. Media only chooses to show one side and I am happy to see an attempt to slightly show both sides of the story. This should be done more

  12. Avatar Skeptic Jordanian Arab says:

    Maybe a civil war will solve the problem.

  13. Avatar Ray says:

    The 30% of the other comments are people saying Karma in a condescending way even though it does not correlate to anything that is going on…

    • Avatar Jack A says:

      @Mohd Nazri PM? it’s their leader, not their president. She is also basically a puppet of military as she has no power over anything. She’s just simply doing everything they ask her to do. If she had the power, this wouldn’t even happen in the first place. You don’t need a brain to think logically about it.

    • Avatar Mohd Nazri says:

      @Nemo Guy sorry for my opinion..didn’t know that i have to donate a single cent to be able to have the right to condemn a genocide

    • Avatar Mohd Nazri says:

      @Jack A Then does it matter if she get locked back inside if what you’re saying is true as she holds no power from the why the need to protest her release if this is a no-brainer as you say..

    • Avatar Jack A says:

      @Mohd Nazri Ok to explain a dumb like you, look, basically they need 75% of the seats from their parliament to agree on something to work, in this case, to stop rohingya genocide, you need 75% of the vote. Regardless, their military held 25% of the seat and NLD, Aung Sansu kyai party only held 51% with the rest remaining 21% were held by other ethnic parties. MEANING to agree on something at that stage was impossible back then even if every other party join to agree with NLD military still held 25% of it.

      BUT now, NLD earn the 82% of the parliament seat after the recent election on January wining by landslide meaning basically military will soon be powerless, so they arrange the coup before this entire process begin which was on February 2nd. That was unlawful that’s why other international countries can step in like my country PM (New Zealand) just did a sanction on them a few weeks ago.

    • Avatar Jack A says:

      @Mohd Nazri if you want more go read articles instead of blindingly accusing people. If politics were simple enough, there will be no bad guys on this planet and we will be driving the flying cars.

  14. Avatar jaya tissa says:

    Facebook has taken the right move to ban the military regime in its platforms including Instagram. The world should unite in putting more pressure on the military regime. The protesters are generally peaceful. Could those attacking the protesters are among the 23,300 odd prisoners released recently?

  15. Avatar Cro Shirt says:

    Military threat people

  16. Avatar Thi Ha says:

    It is not called “clash”. This is one-sided plot that military government has arranged to make it seem like “clash” . Clash needs two parties that are fighting against each other. In this case in Myanmar, peaceful pro-democracy protestors avoid them to avoid clash with them. So, they become actors, they become villain and they are starting fire , they are fanning.

  17. Avatar Jon Lamar says:

    Patriots fight against Western backed election frauders.

  18. Avatar WildBill22360 says:

    Time for countries to ban / block facebook to not allow such power and influence.

  19. Avatar aadsfa wgwefaf says:

    The playbook is identical for all totalitarian regimes (Russia, China, Hong Kong, Burma). Now it’s at the stage to use criminals to fight protestors. Next you will have prosecution of protestors but letting go of criminals.

  20. Avatar Abhishek Naithani says:

    Lol they were sent from military for sure, we all know this.

  21. Avatar Chac Mool says:


  22. Avatar Harrow says:

    Yes it could be police,it could be military collaborators,also those criminals who really dont care about anything just to intimidate.

  23. Avatar Khanh Nguyễn says:

    a peaceful country, why war, people suffer, poor country. In Vietnam

  24. Avatar A says:

    Pro Military supporter with a knife and earphone at 0:22. What is earphone for?

  25. Avatar Santosh சந்தோஷ் says:

    Pray for Uganda 🇺🇬 and Myanmar 🇲🇲
    Love, Respect and Hope from India 🇮🇳🙏❤️😭

    • Avatar katlekho umphela says:

      What happened in uganda ?

    • Avatar arnab rock says:

      Myanmar people was silent during Rohingya incedent

    • Avatar Hanzo Assassin says:

      Pray for your own country first and don’t be an impotent coward and pimp. Speak against fascist government of India.

    • Avatar katlekho umphela says:

      @Hanzo Assassin India is great country with great people

  26. Avatar MidniteSand says:

    Those supporters were military in civilian clothes and hired thugs, Military is getting desperate by the day.

  27. Avatar johir khan says:

    Military supporter thugs are members of myanmar awamiligue & it has a wing in Bangladesh too. 🤣

  28. Avatar Rama ZxZ says:


    • Avatar Jack A says:

      it’s an upgrade bro. Karma mean military being jailed at the international cord or something worst happen to him like what they did to rohingya. Now that they are sitting on the throne with full power, it’s more of like an upgrade to their killing spree LMAO.

  29. Avatar Eddie De Leon says:

    the way i see it , solving problems by their own and banning all togerher then in silence they will think better and a preventive measures for might whispering behind the curtain, we heard it in 35th anniversary here, keep calm and hoping for the best solutions acceptable to all foreign and domestic, salamat

  30. Avatar win htut says:

    23,000 prisoners were released on 12 Feb and now unleashed them into the streets of Yangon as supporters of the Junta.
    The timing was immediately after the FM Rento meeting with the Junta’s representative.

  31. Avatar Tk Cabasan says:

    Cant really trust aljazeera sometimes cause they sometimes make fakenews like the one with the journalist group nasdaily

  32. Avatar K handy says:

    Save Myanmar from military coup 🇲🇲🙏🥺

    • Avatar arnab rock says:

      Take Rohingya back then we can pray

  33. Avatar Kyi Min Htut says:

    That is state sponsored terrorism. The military intentionally make this to happen. The military hired thugs for 5000 ks and told them to attack the peaceful protesting citizens.

  34. Avatar Myanmar Insider says:

    This is fake news!

    • Avatar Thet Thet Han says:

      No it’s not and why are you here?

  35. Avatar Phone thiha says:

    Military hired thugs causing violence,not clashes.

  36. Avatar LaMaD says:

    Military supporters LOL they are military in civilian dress.

  37. Avatar oine nokib says:

    Myanmar already done lots of damage to my country… It’s time to get back same 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    • Avatar It was me,Jonathan says:

      It’s Myanmar military,not Myanmar people.

    • Avatar arnab rock says:

      If you can protect against coup, you could definitely protested then. But you chose to remain silent and now table has turned.

    • Avatar It was me,Jonathan says:

      @arnab rock Gen Z who started protest including me were kids when they were killing rohingyas. And they blocked out news from there. So, we couldn’t know or protest.

  38. Avatar Global world says:

    The Military supporters attacked us by knife

  39. Avatar evelyn sy says:


  40. Avatar Ariful Islam Rabby says:

    Congratulations for 7 milion love from Bangldesh 🇧🇩❤️

    • Avatar arnab rock says:

      Long may this continue

  41. Avatar Northeast India Promotion says:

    Maybe 23.000 inmates recently released are disguise as pro-military supporters or maybe militaries are disguise as pro-military supporters.

  42. Avatar Nguyen Anh Toan says:

    Chinese stratergy , they are fake , they are soldiers of myanmar military, be shamed

  43. Avatar Home Phomm says:

    I support Myanmar 🇲🇲 love from Somalia 🇸🇴

    • Avatar arnab rock says:

      You forgot what they had done to Rohingya people?

  44. Avatar Myo Thiha says:

    Don’t use ”Military’s coup”.
    There is currently no seizure in Myanmar. Those who abused their power were detained. The situation in Myanmar is like a domestic issue. As a sovereign nation, we care about your concerns, but we will not compromise on any one-sided accusations and decisions, and only cooperation can find the right solution.
    Thank and Best Regards,
    Myanmar citizens💚 🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲💚

  45. Avatar Myat Htoo says:

    Now they kill people with knives.

  46. Avatar Mick mac michael says:

    The only people Ive met in Burma, are in the main people like the armed attackers of decent people. i know only one normal person in that country. It just makes me wonder how the nasty ones have managed to push themselves to the fore. when its obvious by these news clips that the decent people outnumber the armed thugs by at least ten to one.

  47. Avatar Nyi Nyi says:

    Defence Services supporters are legal.
    Suu Kyi(Vote thief) and rioters are violating democracy.

  48. Avatar Jocelyn Abbott says:

    Military officers dress as civilians to fight with civilians

  49. Avatar LXQ Usain says:

    Where is justice for rohinga genocide?

    • Avatar Jack A says:

      they were about to get what they deserve but he chicken out and over throw the government so the international cord can’t accuse him as he is in full power now. The military act like they are dumb but actually they are pretty smart.

  50. Avatar 105 Htet Zar Ne says:

    Both sides attacked each other! The (anti-coup) protesters stabbed 2 (pro-army) supporters within an hour of their movement in Insein Tsp. and no sigle media present about that!!!! Not just one side! There are bad guys & good guys on Both Sides!!!

  51. Avatar maung thein Swe says:

    5000 kyat/day supporters

  52. Avatar herman pds says:

    Mungkin itu balasan terhadap kezholiman rohingya😀

  53. Avatar maung thein Swe says:

    We all must support CDM. CDM CDM CDM Donate for CDM.

    • Avatar arnab rock says:

      CDM??? Fernandinho, Casemiro, Kante or Fabinho?

  54. Avatar Gabriel Wicks says:

    Like in hong kong. Chinese govt pay to hurt the pro. Freedom.

  55. Avatar Music Pro says:

    need armed struggle like the cuban revolution ,

  56. Avatar Jas Marv says:

    Where is the Iron Man when we need him

  57. Avatar Tekie Diaries says:

    This is cruelty… someone needs to make an action for this matter, because its very sensitive in terms of violence. Hoping that this coups will end soon…

  58. Avatar 녕안 says:

    Is burmese looks like south asian or south east asian? But usually have a tall high bridge of nose than other south east asia?

  59. Avatar Sai Pha says:

    Most of the military supporter were paid. They were hired to hurt civilians.

  60. Avatar Fendi Rizki Pratama says:

    Myanmar RUBISH in PUBG and MOBILE LEGEND .

  61. Avatar Ko Lay says:





    မင္းတို႔နားလည္လား ငါလိုးမသားေတြ

    • Avatar YTwooK Y2K2000 says:


  62. Avatar Aung Kyaw Zin says:

    There ARE NO supporters of this heinous coup.

  63. Avatar OIC NUKES says:


  64. Avatar Thar Donald says:

    No Clashes. be carful to use word.
    this is 5000 cash attendant who paid by military.

  65. Avatar Zawe Tayza says:


  66. Avatar Yan Lon says:

    UN and other nations must intervene into the hardcore military ruled of Myanmar and suck out the illegally possession and power. Why just silently watched the innocent citizen suffered .🙏🤭

  67. Avatar រាំ របាំ says:

    Dictatorships and communism must end soon !

  68. Avatar Flippant Weirdo says:

    Civil war☹

  69. Avatar Just Some Guy Who Slays Goblins says:

    US and Russia: Time to sell Guns.

    • Avatar Nonya Business says:

      China Israel and Canada to lol

    • Avatar Lananh says:

      Dont forget China

  70. Avatar KPOP World peace says:

    freedom~!! democracy~!!

  71. Avatar Vazken tattosian says:

    These are the 20000 that they freed from jail for support of the military there dogs 👍

  72. Avatar DashKnow says:

    2 million Pilipinos in People Power Revolution in Feb 25,1986, despite of warning shots and tank threating to crush them and fighter bombers to incinerate them.

    They manage to stood their ground with religous org. at the frontline.

    Though most Pilipinos now thinks that the Marcos Regine has more good things done vs the Aquino who over throw him

  73. Avatar ISD says:

    Paid by the military

  74. Avatar Patricks Perezases says:

    This has gone out of hand ASEAN should step in to prove its worth….

  75. Avatar Limited Edition says:

    How many people will die for Justice in Myanmar? We are not safe under Military Coup.We need help! We don’t trust the soilders and police under Military Coup.

  76. Avatar daniel soe says:

    most of prisoners that are released by junta are drugged so as current situation , they are lack of sense

  77. Avatar Nonya Business says:

    I don’t like military takeover but I dislike Facebook even more

  78. Avatar Toxic Gamer says:

    The guy with the knive in the thumbnail was a 5000 Sar they are prisoners payed by the military 5000 kyats every day which is around 3 dollars

  79. Avatar Chicken Rice Warrior says:

    What type of backwards “people” support being oppressed.

  80. Avatar arnab rock says:

    Although Bangladesh is already an overpopulated country, we sheltered millions of Myanmar citizens (Rohingya people). Then why not to give shelter for one more Myanmar citizen. Ms Suchi. It’s clear that you are not wanted by your military. You know who’ll definitely Welcome you with open arms? The Rohingyas. We can definitely send you to Rohingya area so that the whole world can witnesses that satisfying treatment.

    • Avatar Nuk Kun says:

      Why don’t you send the Burmese military to the Rohingyan’s refugee camps instead since most people in Myanmar don’t want military governing the country?

  81. Avatar kyaw htay says:


  82. Avatar Bruce Wagner says:

    Why can’t I SHARE this video!?

  83. Avatar Faiz Khan says:

    Virathu has to control the public

  84. Avatar Lalnun Sanga says:

    May God bless all Burmese people and save them from their shameless Military

  85. Avatar Jaya says:

    United Nation useless

  86. Avatar Rathin Bhattacharjee says:

    Laissez faire, laissez passer. This development is Myanmar’s internal affair. As long as Superpower China is by its side, world opposition to Military rule is meaningless. No country combined can stand against Mighty China. Time is also running out to occupy Taiwan !!!!!!, India and else. ( economic blockade for Six months ONLY can be extremely harmful to China) .

  87. Avatar Isabella O’ says:

    This is beyond disbelief, the military paying these poor uneducated people money to use violence against the anti military coup protesters.

  88. Avatar John Patterson says:

    Democracy will always win.

  89. Avatar Gloria Hunt says:

    Sadly, we all knew that this situation would come to unfair detentions, and to blood being shed.
    Those in power never go quietly.
    The world is watching you Myanmar. Show us the way to freedom. Never give up.

    America SHAME on YOU!!
    Why is little Myanmar fighting to keep a partial democracy, but America is not fighting AT ALL to return to its partial democracy?

    Just like Myanmar, in the USA the Military Industrial Complex , and the Security Agencies, are in charge.
    This was made obvious when the military told the 45th President “No,” he could NOT have a farewell military parade. (SUPPOSEDLY, the President is the Commander in Chief of the military. )

    Our military also claims half of our tax dollars (without any opposition from congress), while more and more people become homeless or go hungry or both.

    An extremely important difference between the USA and Myanmar is that in Myanmar the people really did choose their leader.
    In the USA the Elite SELECT the Presidential candidates (probably at either Bilderburg or Bohemian Grove).
    Another difference is that the attempted Coup d’Etat in the USA failed, whereas that in Myanmar succeeded.
    A final important difference is that Myanmar only commits crimes against humanity within its borders.
    The USA, on the other hand, does not restrict itself in that way.

    Supporting attacks upon, or direct attacks upon, countries, which have NOT harmed the USA in any way, and the war crimes which come in the wake of these morally reprehensible attacks, are obvious examples of external crimes against humanity the USA commits as a matter of course.
    I shall, therefore, confine myself to the relatively unknown internal crimes against humanity of which the Security Agencies of the USA are guilty on a none -stop daily bases.

    Do you recall the threat which Ms. Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor under President Barrack Hussein Obama , made to Snoop Dogg? (Ms Rice is also amongst the first chosen for Biden’s Cabinet. )

    ‘Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @ Gale King, you come against an army. You will lose and it won’t be pretty.’
    Ms. Rice was in the world’s face, speaking LITERALLY and not figuratively!
    Allow me to elaborate.

    The USA has well
    over 800 (eight hundred) military bases!
    Over FIVE HUNDRED of these bases are located OUTSIDE of the USA (Even in Africa … AFRICA?!?!?)
    Everywhere these military bases are located, reports arise of 5G electromagnetic torture. 
    From Japan to Thailand, from England to the USA, the precise same reports of 5G EM torture .

    In case you are unaware that 5G electromagnetic weaponry exists, search under ADS (Active Denial System). You will find an ancient government video which shows a tank which shoots 5G electromagnetic radiation. (If this site has been scrubbed, you can still find videos of this equipment on mainstream media outlets. )

    The official government video denies that handheld versions of this electromagnetic technology exists. 
    Absolutely False!
    Handheld 5G EM weaponry has existed for, at least, three decades. 
    There is even a miniature version small enough to fit into a man’s front trouser pocket and still leave room for his hand inside the same pocket. 
    The power and range of this miniature gun can cause  heart arrhythmia in the Target, and , consequently,  death is a possibility. 
    This method is used to publicly execute a Target and have the death appear to be from medical causes rather than a CIA/DoD hit.

    (Another rather ingenious assassination technique which has been developed by the CIA/DoD is food suffocation.
    The food or drink of the Target is contaminated using a biological/chemical agent.
    Upon consuming the slightest little bit of this contaminating agent, the Target’s throat immediately tightly swells up. The food is trapped in the throat’s passageway not allowing the victim to breathe and leading to suffocation.
    The offending biological agent disappears from the victim’s system within minutes.
    Once again, We see a gendre of assassination which gives the false impression that the victim was not murdered, but rather died due to an unhappy set of circumstances.
    As an aside, the CIA scientists perfected (by the 1960’s)an extremely virulent cancer which is many times(but not solely used to produce throat cancer. All biological and chemical assassination methods are perfected using real, live, none volunteer subjects. )
    For information on CIA latest weaponry read Project Soul Catcher by Scientist Robert Duncan (who also wrote , “How to Tame a Demon,” a book exposing the CIA/DoD program of Targeting and experimentation upon innocent Americans).

    To go forward, I must now go back a bit. 
    Some of you may recall the disinformation apology of President Bill Clinton for the CIA/DoD developed Project MK-Ultra. (This apology is on YouTube. )

    In his apology, President Clinton greatly diminished the level of the human rights abuses,  as well as the intensity and horror, of the torture conducted by the CIA/DoD in Project MK-Ultra.
    Nor did he mention that routine killing of the victims, once they were deemed to be “unnecessary, “was “normal. “

    Additionally, Clinton failed to mention that these CIA/DoD developed projects were heavily reliant upon SRA (satanic ritual abuse) to achieve their trauma based mind control objective.
    (See the YouTube channel of Fiona Barnett, an SRA survivor, who was sexually farmed out to President Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham as a child. She now receives a pitance in compensation from the Australian government.
    (NATO aligned Intelligence Services co- operate in these CIA/DoD projects. ))

    Clinton also neglected to mention that the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women and children is another integral part of these trauma based mind control projects. 
    (See the book,” The Trance Formation of America,” by Cathy O’Brian. 
    Ms. O’Brian is an MK-Ultra survivor (as is her child who was also sexually trafficked). )

    President Clinton solemnly promised that Project MK-Ultra would be terminated.
    He lied.
    Project MK Ultra was, in fact, RENAMED and EXPANDED. 
    One offshoot of this renaming and expansion is the Targeted Individuals Program. 
    (For more information on Project MK-Ultra, research “The Black Vault. “ )

    Ms. S. Rice was, therefore, in front of the world, in plain sight, threatening ‪Snoop Dogg‬ with being placed in this Targeted Individuals Program.

    A few of the elements of the Targeted Individuals Program are:
     1.  Being gunned, 24/7, with the handheld version of 5G EM torture guns.
    2.  Being used as a human laboratory test animals for biological and chemical weaponry (Like the two assassination methods mentioned above. )
    3. Being bombarded with high frequencies which destroys the hearing and damages the brain (check the back of the left eat, near the jaw bone, beneath the ear lobe for something which feels like a lump of dry skin , that may be a chip)
    4. Having  none-stop subliminal messages pumped into one’s living quarters.
    5. Being none stop subjected to extreme psychological and emotional trauma (in addition to receiving long distance shocks and EM gunning)
    6. Having your pets (and sometimes loved ones killed)
    7. Being asset stripped ( not just your money and jewelry, but everything, job, reputation, clothing, photographs, personal telephone books, e- mail accounts, e-mail contacts, identification,University documentation ..EVERY-THING)
    8. During the constant home invasions, your food and water is contaminated to facilitate the shocks, and EM torture which they administer. (The contaminant is probably lithium which is odorless and tasteless, and is an excellent conductor of electricity. The USA’s two decades long war in Afghanistan is not because of terrorism , but rather to obtain their lithium and other minerals.)
    9. Having your body contaminated with worms which were meant to feed on dead bodies, but which have been genetically modified by the Intelligence Agency’s scientists to feed on those still alive. (See photos on Youtube of two Chinese doctors who helped to expose the Covid 19 virus and, as a result, were punished with being infested with these worms by Chinese Intelligence. The telltale sign of this infestation is the blackened facial skin. These two Chinese doctors now appear to be be two Black men. )
    10. Being chipped like an animal. (If a Targeted Individual, or whistleblower, reads this comment and is aware of why miniature drones,which were the size of bees in 2008, are sometimes used to hover over Targeted Individuals, notwithstanding the chipping please contact me.)
    11. Being subjected to V2K … 24/7.
    12. Being gangstalked
    If you wish to research gangstalking  and Targeted Individuals on YouTube,  please note that the CIA/DoD have taken the precaution of scrubbing most pertinent videos and   placing VICE and other disinformation videos in amongst those of the few remaining real videos produced by Targeted Individuals.
    13. Having your living quarters sprayed with contaminated “smart dust” and mold

    For the daily life of a victim,  there is the video of Myron May. 
    May was painted by the CIA/DoD, and, consequently, the media as insane. Nonetheless , his video shows us something quite different.
    Watch his video. 
    HE is SANE. (To see his video go to YouTube search. Type in Targeted Individual Myron May. Go down to post by memory hole blog, James Lico, Dabbin Good and others. … many are working to keep the memory, and sacrifice, of Myron May alive.

  90. Avatar air pods says:

    Why is Facebook pushing their values and agendas to other countries.

  91. Avatar Reggie Thongni says:

    Same formula in India also, whenever there is any kind of protest, BJP and RSS volunteers would do the same thing..

  92. Avatar Dingdong Tay says:

    Peaceful protests arent gonna do it. Start a civil war if you want real change.

  93. Avatar Lit Chi says:

    Facebook is involved in politics. Taking sides.

  94. Avatar Lalnunsanga Hrangchal says:

    F**king Burmese Army

  95. Avatar Kezakietuo Naga says:

    Let us look back to the History. Military Couped failed.

  96. Avatar Hzyb Gsthc says:

    They are prisoners and 5000ks par day peoples.

  97. Avatar Bruce wayne says:

    Jazeera I haven’t seen any news on the deaths of workers from South Asian countries like India, Pakistan Srilanka and Nepal in Quatar becuase of FIFA World Cup 2022. The Death toll is more than 6000 .
    What happened Your MASTERS are not allowing it?

  98. Avatar xxxdieselyyy2 says:

    Corporates have no business playing politics.

  99. Avatar Chris sawma says:

    I support Myanmar People.. Love from Northeast India Mizoram

  100. Avatar DaDa Dong says:

    A new Prison is now stablished called Myanmar.

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