Several dead as gang leader escapes in Haiti prison break

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At least eleven people have been killed in a prison break in Haiti, including a police officer and a detention centre director.
Witnesses say they saw heavily armed men shooting at prison guards before inmates started to run.
Al Jazeera’s Homara Choudhary reports.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Jonies Raphael says:

    I’m Haitian myself / if I was leader of Haiti armed forces I will order a killed order to all crime leaders.

    • Avatar محمد الصيفي says:

      Remember that Jonies, the biggest crime leaders are government leaders, else you wouldn’t have had these crimes at the first place.

  2. Avatar Serenity says:

    Murderers and convicts being handled by force. Good riddance.

    Rest in peace to the Haitian police officer and the detention centre director that lost their lives during this debacle.

    • Avatar R4t_K1NG says:

      how many non-violent offenders are in that prison? you dont know if all of those people are murders.

    • Avatar Serenity says:

      @R4t_K1NG Most of the “non-violent offenders” tends to be more dangerous than often is suggested. A drug abuser can for example commit violent actions, split families, add to an industry full of depraved illegalities, destroy a country’s infrastructure and increase healthcare costs. You’d call such a person a “non-violent offender” and probably provide him clemency. But when a little back story and explanation is given, i’m sure you and many would change their mind about the person’s “innocence”.

      99,9% of those in jail tend to deserve it. Unless they’re a dissident in a dictatorial country perhaps.

  3. Avatar samath kem says:

    Two bullets in the back and still doing interviews

    • Avatar SODtv says:

      This is funny and sad at the same time

    • Avatar The Great African says:

      Blacc don’t cracc

  4. Avatar SMH says:

    After Ecuador and now Latin America countries again??

    I thought this region is so dangerous, their government is very corrupt, and honestly it looks like lawless society.

    • Avatar P F says:

      The homicide rate in Latin America goes from 52 per 100.000 in El Salvador, to 4 per 100.000 in Chile. When people say that Latin American countries are different from one another, that is not just to be cute or politically correct, it is an actual fact, it can be demonstrated

  5. Avatar Alex xelA says:

    There are only so few guards for so many inmates. I wonder why they don’t rebel and overtake prisons all over the world?

  6. Avatar kamthang changsan says:

    Prision security guard are useless can’t stop it

  7. Avatar Uncle Albert says:

    They have prisons there? I thought their half of the island is giant prison. Like the Escape from New York movies.

    • Avatar IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

      Haiti is prison the whole country is. That’s why they rather work as slaves in Dominican Republic.

  8. Avatar dread wilme says:

    comedy play by comedians

  9. Avatar Narcisse Yvancy says:

    Yesterday was a nightmare for us especially at croix-des-bouquets where im living nearby that prison,God help us 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

    • Avatar broly rcf says:

      Ill pray for you bro things have to change soon

    • Avatar IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

      Haiti like all African nation have no hope left.

    • Avatar broly rcf says:

      @jack lal yeah he does nothing but it not like i could do anything

    • Avatar broly rcf says:

      @IvanPlayStation4LiFe have you ever visited haiti

    • Avatar Badir Souffront says:

      Record some footage an upload it will watch an support

  10. Avatar Boukm3n says:

    The police are corrupt in Haiti and also incompetent. They serve more as a gang for the unelected leader.

    Look how these idiots didn’t even have rear sights on their weapons!! Can’t get dumber than that

  11. Avatar I C U says:

    Life is worthless to the military war pigs and the corrupt world leaders 😒 you people are supposed to serve and protect but you choose money and power over the people 😒 you evil people have had your rewards and the lake of fire will be your fate 😒

  12. Avatar TwentyOne Grams says:

    Sending love and prayers to Haiti from 🇺🇲❤️🙏

    • Avatar IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:


    • Avatar TwentyOne Grams says:

      @IvanPlayStation4LiFe Why wouldn’t I? Weird question 😂

  13. Avatar FOURTH RIGHT says:

    Hit by two bullets . Lying on the ground. Getting arrested and still doing interview.

    • Avatar IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

      rubber bullets

  14. Avatar Malik Shahid says:

    “Prison break” series comes true at final 😂😂

  15. Avatar tltinatl says:

    It’s simultaneously ridiculous, brilliant and extraordinary dedication to the profession of journalism to see a guy lying on the ground after escaping from prison and getting shot in the back twice to just walk right up and start interviewing him.

  16. Avatar Mack says:

    Aljazeera = Westerners Media

  17. Avatar Evaldas Kraseninikovas says:

    How about black lives matter?

    • Avatar IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

      BLM is trash made by tje Demonrats Party

    • Avatar Evaldas Kraseninikovas says:

      @IvanPlayStation4LiFe DemoCrap party

  18. Avatar Ginio Lamy says:

    Haiti Haiti 😔😔

  19. Avatar IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

    At least some got slaughter. They should spread the virus in the prison and after have a lockdown.

    • Avatar Greatmanche Greatmanche says:

      I wish you were close to me and i will show you what real hate is…

  20. Avatar STAN.P channel says:

    The biggest gang leader Arnel Joseph they were looking for was killed by the police, he received at least 16 bullets as he was making his way back to the ghetto they snitched on him thinking that he would fight/killed them to earn his spot back as their leader so they forward his infos to the police they track him down and he opened fire in them and they responded and killed him

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