ASEAN set for talks with Myanmar military as crisis escalates

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ASEAN foreign ministers are preparing to hold virtual talks with a representative of Myanmar’s military on Tuesday, as anti-coup protesters returned to the streets in the main city of Yangon defying fresh threats from Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.
Singapore’s foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan, in a televised interview late on Monday, said the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will tell the military it is appalled by the violence in Myanmar and call for the release of the country’s elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and for the two sides to talk.
“Instability in any corner of Southeast Asia threatens and affects the rest of us,” he said, adding that the coup will cause “grievous damage to Myanmar’s society and economy”.
The military’s February 1 power grab has plunged Myanmar into chaos, drawing hundreds of thousands of people on to the streets of cities and towns across the country as doctors, teachers and other civil servants stop work in protest against the coup.
In the bloodiest crackdown yet, security forces opened fire on protesters on Sunday, killing at least 18 and wounding dozens more.
Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Kyle Marionne Tafalla says:

    ASEAN is as powerless as a lame duck in terms of internal management of its member states. Good luck!

    • Avatar Dragoneel Tax says:

      ASEAN not NATO we don’t have military alliance 😪. Vietnam is already enough to sent U.S back home crying.

    • Avatar Queen Seondeok says:

      @Dragoneel Tax lol but US is back again in Vietnam. lol

  2. Avatar Agus Sujana says:

    Myanmar has seen many human rights violations. and even genocide. 😇

  3. Avatar Robing Ng says:

    Hope the Myanmar ppl can be more ruthless and think of ways to cater the military and police. There are so many ways to beat them. Sigh…

  4. Avatar specsNsarcasm says:

    I hope this isn’t another empty promise. Humans should be able to understand others pain even if it’s not directed to you. The UN keeps saying they are concerned too. US said too. When it’s about a 3rd country and a small nation the rest of the world just pretends to help. This isn’t about a country this is more than that. It’s about stopping the notion that it’s okay for anyone to be treated unfairly if they belong to non-developed nation. If Myanmar isn’t helped by outside force it will prove that the world thinks that less privileged nation isnt worthy of peace

  5. Avatar Khanh Quoc Nguyen says:

    Let’s be honest here, it’s hard for ASEAN to ever unite as a political block. Unlike the EU, ASEAN is too diverse, literally in everything, from political system, culture, religion, and levels of economic development.

  6. Avatar Taza TV says:


  7. Avatar Shamshu Alam says:

    Compare to what they did to Rohingyas it’s almost nothing.

  8. Avatar Asnan Katril says:

    Gd job military Stop this mass group of holligan from ruining the country also irresponsible zionist liberal base media spreading rotten lies 👎👎

  9. Avatar R A says:

    We can’t forget 2017 Rohingya genocide in Myanmar.

  10. Avatar s1 says:

    People-lets kill government
    Government-lets kill people

  11. Avatar MrBIG lan says:

    A few days ago the the buddhist.. good for the monk..

  12. Avatar Johari Talib says:

    Asean is just a social society.. what can Asean do, Ronghinya crisis failed to resolve, its all orchestrated by RRC…..Asean should organize dance party.

  13. Avatar Jose Lozada says:

    Democracy wins

  14. Avatar AJIT SALOPAL says:

    Mad human beings.

  15. Avatar NS Sohag says:

    China is fully responsible for this…

  16. Avatar soe eiei says:

    Asean is too late they support militery government they are worse neighbours

  17. Avatar Rubin Dau hkawng says:

    Yangon street is now dog military training ground just say f to MAl

  18. Avatar NKaityo says:

    USA: We cant help You

    Myanmar Citizen: We Have Oil

    USA: So we have a deal. .. friend

  19. Avatar right s says:

    Myanmar military and police very very reject

  20. Avatar right s says:

    Myanmar police very very reject

  21. Avatar right s says:

    Myanmar military very very reject.

  22. Avatar right s says:

    Please help Myanmar people all 🙏🙏🙏

  23. Avatar right s says:

    Please help Myanmar people all

  24. Avatar right s says:

    Save Myanmar please

  25. Avatar Moon Rain says:


  26. Avatar Nguyen Anh Toan says:

    Wtf soldiers and cops, they are not Myanmar, are they chinenes?

    • Avatar chris crane says:

      no they are vietnamese and whitemen

    • Avatar Nguyen Anh Toan says:

      @chris crane welcome chineses, covid country

    • Avatar chris crane says:

      white men use you – wake up – you think they love you? poor things

    • Avatar Nguyen Anh Toan says:

      @chris crane and you think Chinenes love you, at least they are better than covid country

  27. Avatar Nakamura Toma says:

    I cried to see the suffering of the people of myanmar😭 🇲🇲❤️🇮🇩

  28. Avatar komarevo says:

    Why is that many believe how Myanmar Military is supported by CCP!? – No, it is not! – Suu Kyi and CCP share the same agenda.

  29. Avatar Y K says:

    Please help to donate CMD movement. We care for democratic voting. The democratics’ vote are violated by corrupt military, police and court. USDP and ANP voters made complaints on voters’ fraud that NLD stealing parliament seats to win 43 out 45 parliament seats. NLD government was not given a fair trial by the military to seizing the opportunity given to coup d’etat.

  30. Avatar Home Phomm says:

    The military is confused

  31. Avatar Captain 2b says:

    Vietnam won usa now its hard for us to send troops in asia

  32. Avatar Shimohira Reika says:

    This show how Asean is a joke, Asean was created to only benefit Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia and Thailand. Meanwhile, mainland Asean are struggling with dictatorship, in term of government and military. Vietnam, a communist country that has influence on Laos communist, Thailand a military dictatorship supported by monarchy regime, Cambodia is a fake democracy country with freedom of speech but under the influence of China. This is not a joke, it is mean the very existence of democracy in mainland ASEAN is not widely recognized by ASEAN citizen. Even Cambodia, a small country want to help, it won’t end well because Cambodia military is weaker than Thailand and Myanmar, to me I think the only option left is for Malaysia and Indonesia to demand all asean country stop trading with Myanmar and accept Myanmar immigrants from Laos and Thailand to Cambodia in order to stop civil war from broke out, once the government had no citizen to rule, the military will grow weaker.

  33. Avatar Trusten Baker says:

    “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.”

    Revelation 17:12

    • Avatar Queen Seondeok says:

      lol. China has no Hollywood to rule. lol

  34. Avatar Game Legend says:

    It is not to think but high time to take actions wit the evils.

  35. Avatar Obed Sinlae says:

    Indonesia mendukung kudeta

  36. Avatar anees klmnp anees says:

    USA take military action against Myanmar

  37. Avatar N Kuu says:

    They shoot real bullet

  38. Avatar khee Eh says:

    May God bless our Asian

  39. Avatar Mark Ashik says:


  40. Avatar Harish Rijkaard says:

    Too bad for Myanmar, every other country got their own problems… plus they are a buncha arrogant and ungrateful ppl…

  41. Avatar Charles O says:

    They have to change the system where everyone in the Army can wake up and take power. The military never fully handed over to civilians and the country seems tired of military rule in 2021

  42. Avatar Chris sawma says:

    I support Myanmar People from Northeast India Mizoram

  43. Avatar Md Hafiz says:

    Soon there will be an illegal government in Bangladesh, but the movement agrees with the Myarmar movement🇧🇩❤🇧🇩

  44. Avatar Reean International says:

    Bangladesh and Myanmar are same

  45. Avatar Nicolas Watson says:

    It is easy to say for Burma that, Myanmar (Burma) should leave ASEAN and enter the Commonwealth as a member. Commonwealth definitely knows public suffering while the ASEAN quietly support unwise dictator ( in the past also) under non interference policy. It is moral (right or wrong) matter that the ASEAN use to ignore while the China is trying hard to control Myanmar economically. It is all about the ‘Coup’, money and power struggle.

  46. Avatar John Iong says:

    These past weeks have shown that the military does not have the legitimacy to govern. If they are smart they will negotiate conditions to step down. Coup is treason and is punishable by death.

  47. Avatar Shwe Lin Htun says:

    Nearly 50 was dead (mostly head shoots). RIP to all our heros

    • Avatar Queen Seondeok says:

      why are we not hearing the other side? the road is only one way.

  48. Avatar Saffy Hussian says:

    Awww the military is giving free showers to all.

  49. Avatar 류종현 says:

    미얀마의 민주화를 지지합니다. 🇲🇲
    Free myanmar. 🇲🇲

  50. Avatar SomthingUNIQUE says:

    Check out my channel

  51. Avatar Deaddeed Deed says:

    Time for UN and asian to send arm to those civilians for self defend. the myanmar military is crazy and bully those unarmed civilian. the more UN , asian or other country asked myanmar to stop the more they kill . just because they are armed , they bully and kill unarmed civilian. there is no other way to resolve it than to kill? if thats the only way out for military than get the civilian armed for self defend. how could myanmar military general be leader when they don’t even sit down and talk , but decided killing and putting fear is the way to resolve . those old general already in their 70 year olds, almost in coffin . why don’t they just enjoy life but bring war and hate?

  52. Avatar Deaddeed Deed says:

    the army fearless because they though no one could stop them, but the most simple solution is UN , ASIAN, or other other country drop arm supplies . the army will pee in their pant for what they did. THE PEOPLE LIFE AND THE ARMY Soldier LIFE IS TOUGH ENOUGH, GIVE THEM A BREAK FROM YOUR HUNGRY OF POWER GAME. the soldier just need to feed their family too. why not just release the leader and show proof of whatever, or spilt into 2 country if both want power? there must be a solution beside killing and killing.

  53. Avatar Green Bean says:

    Today more than ten people died and some of them are children.

  54. Avatar Deaddeed Deed says:

    because those army hiding behind the gun, they though nothing could stop them and not willing to negotiation but to kill more civilian. the simple and most scary way is to airborne arm supplies for the civilian to self defend, they would be in fear and want to start negotiation now. few hundrends thousand of civilian is just small number, once they armed and strong more will be there for sure. the fking myanmar military will want to negotiation. put those military in fear.

  55. Avatar HUEPAQZ DE LA OBLAK says:

    General Min Aung Hlaing, is the HITLER OF Myanmar. He’s a DEVIL! HE KILLED CIVILIANS. Protestors want its DEMOCRACY back in their country.

  56. Avatar Nikki says:

    ming myanmar power taker has no capability in handling domestic problems … he takes that illegal power for granted without having careful and thorough evaluations. he thought he can rule the nation in an easy way. the civil unrest may last longer and might result to further economic destruction… and…perhaps this unrest if not settled will result to a civil war…. hunger and thirst will be felt by its people….suffering from authoritarian regime… where are you united nations don’t leave your member in miserable situation… ming started killing protesters… U.N. should act now while it’s not yet too late…. by just condemning means nothing…. where are you asean time to rescue your dying member….

  57. Avatar Rajkumar Schwartz says:

    What is US doing – power has to be used when really required

    • Avatar Elon K says:

      true 🙁 11 people just died because of real gun shot in North Oakalar, Yangon, Myanmar

    • Avatar Chuy L says:

      What is China, Russia or SEA doing?

    • Avatar Queen Seondeok says:

      @Chuy L they just dont want to be hypocrite, coz they also dont like rallies.

  58. Avatar Rajkumar Schwartz says:

    The super powers are just a joke they are self centered – just people of words

  59. Avatar Casper Official says:

    For military.
    Do you still have a conscience?

  60. Avatar Ranch JellyBean says:

    this is probably chinas fault

  61. Avatar Pakistani Baloch says:

    myanmar deserves democracy….

  62. Avatar 개톡TV says:

    At least Singapore say something and it, leader of Asean region

  63. Avatar go0crash says:

    It’s time to raise up Chinese people, how the heck Chinese are doing nothing for your people and nation. Now is the time to do something for your self!!

  64. Avatar panji raga says:

    Believe me, Don’t expect more than ” just talking” from these ASEAN
    BULLSHITS. Big talking and talking is the most they can do. Why? Because
    they afraid of china which owns these Myanmar Generals.

  65. Avatar fakenewsbuster jj says:


  66. Avatar MINA LEE says:

    ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတွင်ဒီမိုကရေစီကိုထောက်ခံသည်။ ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ၌နွေ ဦး ရာသီကိုထောက်ခံသည်။

  67. Avatar Thiha Naing says:

    TODAY MORE THAN 30 DEADS and 1000+ INJURIES’. Please Save Us.

  68. Avatar meows buster says:

    if Myanmar Hitler military not give up and keep shoot and kills then Myanmar peoples will go out to the woods to regroup with arms to fight with the military to get rid of all Hitler for good

  69. Avatar punseibei says:

    Power should be in the hands of people, not few individual criminals who does not represent anybody.

  70. Avatar Marius yanthan says:

    It’s organised kingship… Few against the masses…. How can so called rulers treat the subjects as aliens.

  71. Avatar coin buyer philippines says:

    decades of oppression against its people,

  72. Avatar mril swin says:

    heavy if buildings and houses are not burned

  73. Avatar Recon Smith says:

    Lol you wanted socialist party now you got a Biden administration backed military Communists dictatorship.

  74. Avatar Viet Le says:

    only Myanmar people can handle this

  75. Avatar kyilei wai says:

    After many people died and we are under the Coup for over 1 month, ASEAN talks.

  76. Avatar ELEMENTELITEYe says:

    1:40 lol Person said cannot solve problems lmaooooo. Fire….
    Remember Myanmar military had start violence cut all interenet and company cause peoples grow angry. Ok ready kill MYANMAR military evil.

  77. Avatar L.A. Prodigy says:

    And yet all we’re doing here in the US is cancelling some children book. And as with the the UN? Simply being a joke as usual.

  78. Avatar mukarji says:

    Where were they when Rohingya was getting burnt ?

  79. Avatar Mahir M Tiham says:

    Hello Aljajira,
    Did you know anything about ‘Rohingya’ people? Did you know thousands of Rohingya people were killed by these ruthless Burmies Army? Did you know, the Pig Army conducted ethnic cleansing, raped thousands of Rohingya womans and make them flee to Bangladesh?

    Where were you all at that time?
    Whatever, at least now expose this Bullshit Armies and their allies and pressurize them as much as you can.

    Thanks in advance.

  80. Avatar Adam usp says:

    When the army was killing rohingyas the whole nation was quiet,now this army is killing their own kinds.what goes around comes around

  81. Avatar 막내 says:

    Algorithm led me here. Pray for Myanmar’s DEMOCRACY. From South Korea

  82. Avatar Voice of International Shenzhen says:

    Send the troops

  83. Avatar Gourab Sahu says:

    Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere: M.King.

  84. Avatar 술지기 says:

    ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတွင်ဒီမိုကရေစီကိုထောက်ခံသည်။ ကျွန်ုပ်တို့သည်မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ၌နွေ ဦး ရာသီကိုထောက်ခံသည်။

    우리는 미얀마의 민주주의를 지지합니다. 미얀마의 봄을 응원합니다.

  85. Avatar doe eyes says:

    They must address and take responsibility on rohingya massacre too. Why people keep silent about it? Why Suu Kyi and general of Myanmar people let the genocide happen? Recently rohingya refugees stranded on the sea. Now a days, the military have teased Suu Kyi and people of Myanmar to the core. They demand democracy because it is convenience them but rohingya massacre.

  86. Avatar doe eyes says:

    Will Suu Kyi do something to help rohingya after Myanmar get the democracy? Why people of Myanmar give less emphaty on ethnic cleansing of rohingya?

  87. Avatar Ah mee Nupha says:

    RCN, useless, and they also half democracy and communist.

  88. Avatar Ah mee Nupha says:

    No, Indonesia is the most heartless.

  89. Avatar Harrow says:

    I really hope they push the military to the limits of mo return,what I dont understand is the shootings of peacefull demonstrations,the police are shooting real live rounds,how do you feel as a policeman,who had killed a young person and go home and tell your family you love them?? This is the people previous to the military takeover who protected their citizens against crime and misconduct.

  90. Avatar Tohirin 200796 says:

    indonesia disebut gaes

  91. Avatar David Chin says:

    Why the police use plastic bullet to shoot the protestor? that will cause injury. Use tear gas will do.

  92. Avatar Laora Arkeman says:

    fact 1:
    the myanmar buddhis monk killed rohingya’s muslim and the leaders of myanmar are silence.

    fact 2:
    the people of myanmar killed by the army.

    fact 3:
    fact 2 just like indonesia, by the army and the police.

    fact 4: indonesian minister silence about fact 1 dan fact 3.

    suggest: indonesia minister should silence about fact 2.

  93. Avatar jedcarlo antonio says:

    Removed myanmar in ASEAN for good.

  94. Avatar waynedarren says:

    Asean is a useless association

  95. Avatar Kiat Low says:

    ASEAN is a waste of them unless they are prepared to sent in a contingent of crack troops to confront the bullies in the Myanmar “army”.

  96. Avatar Dennis Wong says:

    Seem that the junta is prepared to kill many of it own people with no common sense. It time for asean countries to sent in the combined armies to fight against the junta with Myanmar people.

  97. Avatar Hugh Lim says:

    These are not police, they are military personnel dress in police uniforms and there are snipers shooting at the protesters.

  98. Avatar ZOU KIM SAMTE says:

    We can help you

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