South China Sea: Chinese ships remain at Whitesun Reef

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Filipinos are saying territories in the South China Sea have never been more threatened and are questioning whether President Rodrigo Duterte will act decisively.
Chinese ships are anchored at the Whitsun Reef, which is part of the Philippines’ Exclusive Economic Zone, but is also claimed by Beijing as its own.
Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Manila.

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  1. Avatar Enrique Mercado says:

    The CCP is becoming desperate as it unwittingly unites other countries against itself. There should be no bilateral talks with the CCP since it does not hold its end of the agreement. Down with the CCP!

  2. Avatar Coco Martin says:

    Philippines sell it to China for $200 billion

  3. Avatar Subhan Ansari says:

    Great country all world China 🇨🇳

  4. Avatar Illum1ne says:

    China against the World

  5. Avatar Lukd Lacuaeadta says:

    We are all in this together our officials are just fighting for our rights on our territory and China has no right to question that

  6. Avatar Lukd Lacuaeadta says:

    There will be no red dragon

  7. Avatar Emeli :3 says:

    China picking a fight with Philippines is a really bad idea. This could spark ww3. Philippines is loved by many countries.

    • Avatar PRO GAMER12 says:

      The president can just give a statement against china and he needs to repair the relationship with the US for incase

  8. Avatar piratesXD says:

    Chinese ambassador should summoned about this and force their ships leave the Ph territory dna nila pnpnsin diplimatic protest kya dapat ang ph ih pursigido n patrolan un ph eez

  9. Avatar leon lewis says:

    If it’s your turf then demonstrate it, send out boarding skifs to arrest the crews if they attack the parties, sink them.. if they let them get arrested than give massive fines.
    But sitting back saying o’well golly isn’t going to do f**k all for you

  10. Avatar Zack Zoldyck says:

    lets start a war from ph my life is boring coz the fuvking covid 19

  11. Avatar Benj says:

    China is very obvious threat in the South China Sea. They have no respect to the UNCLOS and to the sovereignty of the other countries. Why they don’t challenge the international tribunal court decision won by the Philippines?

  12. Avatar Andrei男 says:

    we need south east Asia to act together against a common foe

  13. Avatar PECCAKING says:

    tangina administrasyong digong idol ko kayo,pero dahil sa pagtitiwala nyo sa china,nalilinlangan na ang pilipinas,unti unti na tayong sinasakop ng demonyong china..hinde sa nagmamatapang o nagpapakahero sa comment section pero hinde na tama ito,para bang batang inagawan ng candy ang pilipinas…..

  14. Avatar elvin rosetes says:


  15. Avatar Eilmier Umbiens Vlog says:

    just 2 drops of atomic bomb, i think china stop bullying neighboring country

  16. Avatar Grandmastersexy says:

    If war war happen, I will volunteer my self for my beloved country, but I have only 1 requests after the war all DDS must kick out in the Philippine soil, they don’t deserve to live here, and duterte should hang in LUNETA for betraying US!

  17. Avatar Yran Ken says:

    Help us…

  18. Avatar Joms A. says:

    Unfortunately, the Philippine President is China’s dog. His protest is just to mask his pro-beijing stance within the international community.

    Oh yeah, he’s been missing and unseen for about 10 days now. Our best guess is that he’s gone or he’s in critical condition but his cronies hiding his condition to stay in power.

    We’re hoping that our hardworking Vice President takes over soon and that she can negotiate a Joint Maritime Patrol Group within South China Sea with the US, Japan, Australia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. And now that Germany, France and the UK are also concerned, we hope they’ll join the group as well eventually. This is the only way to deter China’d aggression in South China Sea.

  19. Avatar Chris Graham says:

    CCP Get out !!! It’s not yours! Thieves!

  20. Avatar Opan Sofian says:

    China Vs Tibet, China Vs Mongol, China Vs India, China Vs Taiwan, China Vs Hongkong, China Vs Japan, China Vs Korea, China Vs Philipina, China vs Indonesia How Many Again ?

  21. Avatar Animeliam says:

    If war breaks, I would feel bad for my fellow Filipinos. Not only they(more like we) don’t have much military equipment as China has but we will also lost what made our country beautiful.

  22. Avatar Tata Pataka says:

    Our president is china puppet

  23. Avatar rico567 says:

    The harbingers of the new, improved “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.”

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:


  24. Avatar Shambho Chamar says:

    Indian Hindu women loves black men 💯

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Racist much?

  25. Avatar Shambho Chamar says:

    Hhmmm.. So many 3’10” PinoPino keyboard warriors 👇here.

  26. Avatar アンデレイ says:

    I’m already imagining that all of the country’s around the world will fight china and it really makes me happy that they truly care about the Philippines and the Territories that should’ve been for the Philippines and not for China and the map is 700 year’s ago and that doesn’t work anymore and China should need to focus on its contries first because they will be the first country who will fall because china is polluted with gas and having to wear a face mask and they should do it in there country rather than the South Asian countries territories

  27. Avatar Aries Grecia says:

    O paano ngaun yan, mapapaalis pa ba natin ang mga Chinese na yan e inaangkin na nga nila ang lahat ng mga isla… Nilabag na nga ng mga Tsino na yan ang International Law at Freedom of Navigation, d pa ba malinaw na wala silang intensyong umalis at inaangkin ang sakop at pag-aari ng Pilipinas… Bakit pa tau nagpapa-modernize ng military equipments and weapons, sayng lang ang gastos at hayaan na lang nating sakupin tau… Kaya din tau kinakayan-kayanan ng iba dahil ganyan ang konsepto ng pag-iisip natin sa kapayaan…

  28. Avatar Malaka Tan says:

    Border disputes are always there but as long as no one try to instigate it, usually it is peaceful just like dispute South China Sea before America decided to use divide & conquer tactics to suppress China growth & relationship with those countries

  29. Avatar Malcolm Christopher says:

    The world needs to wake up to China before it’s too late! China will take over the world and cause world war three if nothing is done soon!

  30. Avatar Jesus Rojas Art says:

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

    • Avatar Shalom Azubuike says:


    • Avatar Yordanka Falcón sir. says:

      Believe me he’s the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.

    • Avatar Alexis Rossles says:

      I just texted him now on what’sAp, hope he replies me 🥺

    • Avatar Alan Darren says:


    • Avatar Jean-François Cyr says:

      @Alexis Rossles
      Me too

  31. Avatar MHeEn TV says:

    China where is your brain? This is our territory . Shame on you china. Stop bullying philippines…. U. S and Russia is best for your bullying

  32. Avatar Stridus7 says:

    China is blackmailing Duterte with vaccines.

  33. Avatar Jece Alain says:

    China didn’t know that long time ago up to 1945 Philippines was colonise by USA from Japanese Spanish . Philippines was part of America and the USA naval base was in the Philippines long time but the pilipino ended its agreement back Yr 1990s better Chinese will be out that place. Its a big riots a war may start if China will proceed their human made island. USA will interrupt that.

  34. Avatar Jece Alain says:

    China forget that Filipino killed ferdinando maggellan a Spanish man went Philippines to colonise it but maggellan ended his life In the Philippines

  35. Avatar Chew Heng says:

    Just close two eyes and let the Chinese do what they want at sea!!! The Fillipino Armed Forces can never win them. it will be a massacre!! Ha ha ha!!!
    Ipikit mo lang ang dalawang mata at hayaang gawin ng mga Tsino ang gusto nila sa dagat !!! Ang Fillipino Armed Forces ay hindi maaaring manalo sa kanila. ito ay magiging patayan !! Ha ha ha !!!

  36. Avatar TheLoveWorkout says:

    UN is garbage 🤣🤣

  37. Avatar travelerwithstyle says:

    2021 – Global Fire Power Ranks
    Military Manpower:
    China: 3,355,000
    Philippines 315,000
    China: 3,260 (1,200 Fighters, aka not trainers)
    Philippines: 179 (0 Fighters)
    Land Forces:
    China: 3,205 Tanks, 35,000 Armored Vehicles, 1,970 Self Propelled Artillery, 1,237 Towed Artillery, 2,250 Rocket Projectors
    Philippines: 4 Tanks, 600 Armored Vehicles, 12 Self Propelled Artillery, 285 Towed Artillery, 0 Rocket Projectors
    China: 777 Ships (2 Aircraft Carriers, 50 Destroyers, 46 Frigates, 72 Corvettes, 79 Submarines, 123 Patrol Vessels, 32 Mine Warfare)
    Philippines: 103 Ships (0 Aircraft Carriers, 0 Destroyers, 2 Frigates, 4 Corvettes, , 0 Submarines, 55 Patrol Vessels, 0 Mine Warfare)

  38. Avatar Nora Villanueva says:

    Ito na yata ang kapalit Ng pangungutang Ng pilipinas SA China . Yung pinondohan Ng China na build build build program Kaya . Yun kumuha na Ng ilang mga Isla SA pinas

  39. Avatar PH-SOS says:

    Chin_ is an ancient Coron_ Virus, bully, and illegal conqueror of this world. I think they want to conquer Mars as well in the future.

  40. Avatar glass house astonesthrough says:

    electrify the a pertmiter prisoner of war island no fus no mas

  41. Avatar Slim says:

    China is getting arrogant and dangerous for the stability of the region … they are testing the new president Biden !

  42. Avatar Liang Dong says:

    Funny how low cast Indians here talking big yet they live in slump and 400 years colonized by their gora masters

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Not so different from a lot of Chinese posters really.

  43. Avatar Sed Dasa says:

    Its time the PHILIPPINES arm the country with nukes…

  44. Avatar Frank’s WW2 Airfields & MSFS says:

    China seems to be looking for a fight, so maybe the rest of us should be preparing to give it to them.

  45. Avatar albano enzo says:


  46. Avatar keeping up says:

    Here we go western countries usual policy divide and conquere I can see in the comment section while mike pompeo banging on about how the west in winning my asians keep fighting so the west come rule and ruin u for another 500 years especially india

  47. Avatar Lexus sedan says:

    I come from Vietnam. Love the Philippines. Filipinos, be courageous. Vietnam is always with you. Filipinos are gentle by nature, so China just bullies them. If you are tougher and more courageous, the whole of ASEAN agrees, China should not attempt to capture any island. China, bordering 14 countries, has claimed land from 13 countries. It’s greedy.

  48. Avatar Yasser Indol says:

    It is rediculous and very greedy to claim the entire see.

  49. Avatar Lexus sedan says:

    If there is a conflict at sea between the Philippines and China (although I do not expect this to happen because I love the Philippines), the Philippines please rest assured that Vietnam, Asean and the world will always support you. China can bully a few fishing boats but cannot bully an entire nation, so you should be strong. Love Philippines from VietNam

    • Avatar The Big Game says:

      Asean is gay like you and me! Will be both speaking chinnchinnese ese and that’s awsome!

    • Avatar Lexus sedan says:

      @The Big Game We each have their own language, why have to speak Chinese? How stupid.

    • Avatar The Big Game says:

      @Lexus sedan ok. You’ve hurt me! But just like man says. What does not kill me! Just keeps me stronger!

    • Avatar Lexus sedan says:

      @The Big Game I don’t understand what morality you are explaining here. I just need to know that your China cannot swallow this East Sea alone. The Philippines will stand side by side with ASEAN against China. Do not believe that you are a big country and have the right to bully small country

  50. Avatar Azhar Yasin Hashmi says:

    Indian in which capacity talk about Philippine. Is India a police man of the area..?
    And is actually capable of facing China..? Indian to think about Ludakh and Galvan Valley. Forget about South China see.
    Philippines to remain impartial in between China and America. America is outsiders while China and Philippines to live together.

  51. Avatar deep state says:

    East Asia co-prosperity sphere was introduced by Japanese. In Japanese narrative, Asian land should be rule by Asian. Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and South East Asia at the same time. While also fighting China & Russia in Manchuria. Japanese army achieved victory against the USA, French, British, Dutch in South East Asia before they were humbled by two atomic bomb. The Chinese are living the Japanese dreams.

  52. Avatar Yasser Indol says:

    In history of world war any rising power who sparked war they thought they were invincible, after the war they were humbled and reduced.

    • Avatar Ken Portugalete says:

      There is no victor in a war. We all have someone to lose.

  53. Avatar Ak Gw says:

    CCP&XJP Oppressive Authoritarian Regime

  54. Avatar Handy Manny says:

    You think Duterte is dumb? He is smart and fair guy. Whether the content of this news is twisted or true, we won’t know

  55. Avatar Navi Zurc Al Ed says:

    All countries should take down China.

  56. Avatar Ken Portugalete says:

    We should start to build establishments also in those islands.

  57. Avatar Ralph Luther Tablason says:

    Not South China Sea… It’s West Philippine Sea… Dumb media… psssh!

  58. Avatar phillip griffiths says:

    China needs to be taught a lesson!

  59. Avatar thebigwarthog says:

    Sheltering from a month long storm lol

  60. Avatar DirectorJK says:

    Why they can’t just seize that ships. It’s in their territory.

  61. Avatar Txhiaj meej Lee says:

    China is looking for their way to disappear in the world of map only and they will lost their country if china does not stop. The more china wants to have the more china will lost their country becuse God said that. God said China government were torture all the minority people in China in the 5000 BC and until today, God will put their country back to the ocean 95%.

  62. Avatar Duke Nukem says:

    China only getting stronger by the minute. Lmao

  63. Avatar Aries G. Raymundo says:

    Sa ML lang naglalaban amg Indo at Pinoy, sa gera umaanib sila.

  64. Avatar Duane Rice-Mason says:

    In the if Subic Bay had remained a U.S. Navy base this would not happen

    • Avatar K- Studio says:

      Jesus….. US left that base way back in 1990’s. China started occupying and militarizing those islands in 2012

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:


  65. Avatar Jacob Mcmann says:

    China…needs too be stopped by the world…time for the Chinese people too have democracy.

  66. Avatar gunner 30-30 says:

    No dispute China is now invading other countries territory because they know they have bought or compromised us politicians from biden on down so us will do nothing why they helped steal election and got rid of Trump and us now back to Russia as enemy

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Yeah right…… hahahahaha

  67. Avatar USHER G low326 says:

    Stupid china

  68. Avatar Thok Cuân ci says:

    Expansionism is the most honored tradition of Cina & Cinese & CCP. No one believes a country would ever expand from a tiny Henan province to a regional superpower only using lectures right? Well if you keep this common sense, you are the enemy of Cina & Cinese & CCP. Attention to these three identities. THEY ARE THE SAME, and you have been warned. Remember to come thumb up here if this warning proves to be helpful later in your life.

  69. Avatar michael says:

    Stop ordering at china shops.

  70. Avatar Naruto PinoyHokage says:

    Chinese government shame on you, no respect in short no GMRC(good manners and right conduct) in the exclusive economic zone or sovereignty of other countries. Crazy and very deceitful, misleading,hypocrite,liar government, There false claims on history owning most of the area in the Asia region. Ban all products made in china there using their economy to buy weapons to gradually enslave and invade other countries, Chinese government you are alien, cause you ignore international law, international law is created for stability peace and order in the international community. The Chinese government is bullying other countries especially the Philippines.China Ambassador in the Philippines shame on you for not respecting Philippine Government and for ignoring International law. The Chinese government is creating chaos in the international community, a modern invader, an evil authoritarian, totalitarian government that does not care about the international community.

  71. Avatar alonzo lobaton says:

    You got 72 hours to leave, a week ago. Rise up 🇵🇭 Govt but I hold my breath.

  72. Avatar Charles says:

    The world should be outraged by now that China continues to fool every Filipino official for 5 administrations now (Benigno Aquino Jr. was a massive failure and so was her mother, and so were Ramos, Estrada and Arroyo). And it seems the Duterte administration has given mixed messages. President Duterte’s generals and Foreign Affair Secretary are the only ones that have the balls to confront China while Duterte remains silent, clueless and naive of China’s evil intentions. If you ask me, the solution is simple: ALL OUT WAR AGAINST CHINA. That’s the only way to defeat the CCP. The question is not whether its worth fighting China or not. Once the first bullets are fired, it will eventually shape World War 3. As it is written in Ecclesiastes 3: There’s a time for peace and a time for war. A time to throw stones and a time to gather them. This is the time to throw missiles at China. The new Axis vs Allied Forces scenario will look like this: Iran + China + Russia vs THE WORLD. The war could end up wiping out between 30% – 70% of the human population when the dust settles but it’s a war that can and will be won by allies of the Philippines. History has always defeated thieves and this will be no different.

  73. Avatar Onin's Adventure TV says:

    If china goverment think they can fool the goverment official of Philippines… We citizens are not fool… Although are goverment officials and Arm forces are coward like a dog…
    I can say out loud us a Filipino.. F*ck you China.. Putangina nyo.. 😤😤😤

  74. Avatar Hannibal Lecter says:

    Why didn’t the chinese take back their so called “South china Sea” when Ferdinand Marcos was still in power? Was it because Philippines back then was the TIGER OF ASIA? Was it because Philippines were more powerful than china in the 1970’s and 80’s? They started taking our Land when the Aquino’s was in Power

    • Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

      Well. the massive US naval base was shut down. Probably felt clever at the time but in the long run that hasn’t helped PH.

  75. Avatar meg sober! says:

    And the President doesnt do anything..its like he’s giving away our island.. Hey you chinese!! YOUR THE NUMBER BULLY IN OUR COUNTRY!!!

  76. Avatar chen le says:

    Before 1980, Nobody really care about SCS beside China. After 1980 when oil has been found in SCS , Vietnam , Philippine ,Malaysia were busy on taking islands in SCS .
    Today , Vietnam took most islands in SCS , 2 times of China , Philipine and Malaysia took as many as Chinese.
    Somehow , Vietnam , Philipine , Malaysia already started drill oil in SCS and took oil in years . China doesn’t have a single well in SCS . Clearly international law is not work here .
    Vietnam agreed of SCS belong to China before 1980, then change it soon after border war occurred .

  77. Avatar Vicente Tankeh says:

    To the tsinks do you remember THE BATTLE OF YULTONG 👍🇵🇭🇨🇦

  78. Avatar Al Uy says:


  79. Avatar Al Uy says:

    Evacuate NOW that’s our Island!!!

  80. Avatar Al Uy says:

    Who ever sold you the property shld be punished also

  81. Avatar Cruising Speed: Stock Market and Forex Community says:

    Time to bring out your Speed Boat.

  82. Avatar Tikboy says:

    Excuse me! This is West Philipine sea and not South China sea

  83. Avatar 45641560456405640563 says:

    China sure has given a masterclass in how to make yourself disliked and distrusted around the world. Such a pity.

  84. Avatar Seak Wurdeng says:

    China = robber, grabber, bully.😈

  85. Avatar David de Guzman says:

    Hindi ka magtatagumpay sabalak mo Mr ching wa I china

  86. Avatar Ronald Victoria says:

    A more united ASEAN can do more vs this chinese harrassment
    🇹🇭 🇲🇲 🇱🇦 🇰🇭 🇮🇩 🇲🇾 🇻🇳 🇸🇬 🇹🇱 🇵🇭 🇧🇳

  87. Avatar Bundokerang Palaka says:

    Hoping that Many Countries will Help us Filipinos ……..China has no right to WPS .
    Laban Pinoy 💪💪

  88. Avatar Bundokerang Palaka says:

    We Thank for all the people who support us Filipinos .China is very Bad Country

  89. Avatar Vanz 123 says:

    This is a slap to our country which is the philippines..😬😬😬
    DDs love china..

  90. Avatar Augusto Ibanez says:

    Annex Palawan if Filipinos Don’t shut up. Also support Mindanao Muslim independence. China can destroy Philippines easily. Also support communists in Northern Luzon.

  91. Avatar Augusto Ibanez says:

    New king is ascending the throne. All must bow or get destroyed!

  92. Avatar Augusto Ibanez says:

    Why ur American master don’t come to rescue u? Hahaha

  93. Avatar MR. BRUH says:

    Thanks to the peoples that supporting our country

  94. Avatar Francine Bañez says:


  95. Avatar GIAN ALFONSO DIMAYUGA says:

    Now I know why we need the BRAHMOS missles.

  96. Avatar Jezsa Mae Mores says:

    Word war lll

  97. Avatar Randy Parayno says:

    Julian filepe reef not whitsun.

  98. Avatar Waqas Zubair says:

    Support Philippine Malaysia Indonesi Vitenam and Thiland for their island. They have right

  99. Avatar George paalam says:

    Bayot cguro ang fresindente

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