Merkel urges Putin to pull troops back from Ukraine border

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Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has visited soldiers on his country’s eastern border.
His presence there comes at a time of heightened tension with Russia.
Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi reports.
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  1. Avatar Raul Borbely says:

    F… Russia👎

  2. Avatar Men Guarding Their Own Wallets says:

    NATO is going to be sending in 50,000 military troops to quell the violence there. That should either bring peace or start WW3.

  3. Avatar Sascha Esken says:

    To fight with masks is too much exhausting,
    so forget about that please.

  4. Avatar abhinav singh says:

    Russia is very dangerous . America is dangerous only in Hollywood movies😂

  5. Avatar Rene Koster says:

    Ha ha Merkel, what has she to tel .

  6. Avatar Podno Lej says:

    NATO closing in on Russia and they expect Russia to do nothing.

  7. Avatar Sireno Rebello says:

    Why do the good Russians are voting Putin ? Russians must find a new president of peace with its neighbours Ukrainiens , Putin is a dangerous liar & a Satan of war .

  8. Avatar Michael Cullinane says:

    Kill them all Russia

  9. Avatar George Mensah says:

    Madam Angie what you are saying is good but pull back to which country? Russian troops is in Russia so what are you talking about? Greetings from Ghana Mr PUTIN

  10. Avatar John Kale says:

    As much as she loves communism it’s surprising she says this

  11. Avatar Filip Španěl says:

    USa and Ukraine provoke Russia !!!

  12. Avatar Glenn Pinkus says:

    Russia needs soybeans, corn, and wheat to feed their troops for whats coming next. ” Pootin’ ” is No Fool.

    • Avatar Richard Connelly says:

      go get a big mack while you can

  13. Avatar Deimantas Zagrakalis says:

    Glory mother RUSSIA!!!!!

  14. Avatar A. Barker says:

    Putin use to not fear merkel. But he fears the back lash a war with the ukrainian will have on him. Nato baby.

  15. Avatar ভারতীয় র,ও ইসকন মুক্ত বাংলাদেশ চাই says:

    🇧🇩🇺🇦🇧🇩🇺🇦🇧🇩🇺🇦 🤝🤝🤝

  16. Avatar whiplash bas says:

    Ukraine will be in ashes but u.s,u.k will laugh not my land got nuke…

  17. Avatar Andy Fr says:

    Lech Kaczynski l’a dit en 2008 il l’ont buté en 2010 et depuis comme il l’a dit il s’attaque à l’Ukraine, après quoi il y aura Baltics…

  18. Avatar Facts Are says:

    Missing Trump yet?

  19. Avatar caswallon1415 says:

    Putin to Merkel”Stop this gas or I will stop Germany’s Gas” Gemany CANNOT do anything,Frau Merkel PLANNED it this way so it is just gesture politics. President Biden has made his dislike of the UK plain,fair enough-NO UK INVOLVEMENT in this ,let President Biden get Ireland to join his proposed actions,whatever they may be!

  20. Avatar caswallon1415 says:

    President Biden interferes in Northern Ireland-violence erupts. President Biden interferes in Iran-things go sour.President Biden interferes in Ukraine- WHY?What GOOD will come of it?A LOT of BAD will!

  21. Avatar pc 24 says:

    USA EU is getting chance to provoke Between Russia and Ukraine war conflict,

  22. Avatar S Brown says:

    Ukraine should respect the human rights and freedoms of the East Ukrainians, who have the right to choose their own lives. Ukraine and Georgia make the same mistakes, and believe that the United States will be punished

  23. Avatar Gonn Givdgn says:

    Next stop Berlin 👏 go Russia 🇷🇺

    • Avatar hello hello says:

      1945 flashbacks

    • Avatar mystery hindi says:


    • Avatar hello hello says:

      @mystery hindi Yes bro India Russia friends

  24. Avatar Black and White Era says:

    lets fight this tym

  25. Avatar Andy Lynn says:

    Nato can send the Army to help
    Ukraine.. why they did not do that?

  26. Avatar Dejan Eric says:

    Let’s go russia we know who is behind all of this.

  27. Avatar Black and White Era says:

    let fk europe Mr putin support to u

  28. Avatar Maung Lwin says:

    Let The World Knows that Communist Russia and CCP China will be started WW3 soon.

  29. Avatar 19Lom89 says:

    🇹🇷🇺🇦🇩🇪🇺🇸🇨🇵🇪🇺💪✊Putin 🐀🤢Gaddafi – Hitler 🔥

  30. Avatar 11BraVo SavAge says:

    Merkle isn’t paying attention to board cleary

  31. Avatar Valerio Monge says:


  32. Avatar Dave Shuman says:

    Well I sure feel sorry for the people of that area…and if I could change it I would send missiles and anti tank rounds to protect the country…until this United States president has the insight and balls to give you what you need…we here will watch and pray for u your country…please pray for ours…because they will not stop they will not quit unless we stop them…

  33. Avatar Emil Sinclair says:

    1st rule on the planet. Touch Mother Russia or her children & the 1st lesson is free – at most it will cost you your entire existence.
    The 2nd time you’ll never survive. Maybe not even the planet.

  34. Avatar Amin Pop says:

    Russian Play same tactics that Pakistan play in Afghanistan
    It looks like copy & past

  35. Avatar Cyber Ventura says:

    As soon as Biden becomes president the neoliberals start right back to where they left off

  36. Avatar Marduk says:

    White house: how to jump start the economy after the lockdown?
    Warmongers: how about another war?

  37. Avatar Amir Moezz says:

    So which country is next?

  38. Avatar Born With Golden Spoon says:

    That Ukrainian apt building looks AWFUL

  39. Avatar balabay77 says:

    Russians will fight till the last European solder.

  40. Avatar crystal harris says:


  41. Avatar truth seeker says:

    threnches are so world war 1.

  42. Avatar Chilled Sports says:

    Kashmir 1
    Russia 🇷🇺💪

  43. Avatar Mark mirand Macr0n says:

    Poor ucrania after the coup got a clown as president..

  44. Avatar Lot Us About Football says:

    Al – jazeera support imran government…lol

  45. Avatar Nice Thangz says:

    Why would Putin care what Merkel says? Going to war with Russia would be ANOTHER nail in the coffin for the West… if these people want to be apart of Russia (again, as they have been historically), let them… leave them alone, NO MORE WARS!

  46. Avatar flywithmeify says:

    Ukraine is unstable thanks to Russia. Hey Russia leave them alone get your rebels to back off And I bet Ukraine will return to normal. No wonder rest of Europe is armed to the teeth and wants distance from Russia. Stop your aggression

  47. Avatar KuLdi Lakh says:

    This ZeLenski is an idiot but he is purged by the US. Who are trying to possibly bring NATO together as well as Germany inparticular cause then it will disrupt the trading of Russian Natural Gas via Nord Stream.
    Ukraine Leader is trying to play hero for US.

  48. Avatar 12TwoHit12ThreeHit says:

    Why did putins wife give Biden 5M dollars??? Trump 2024.

  49. Avatar Dimitrios Margaroff says:

    Mighty Russia 🇷🇺 can do anything they like in Russia You dills!!!!😏

  50. Avatar JUNIOR says:

    Putin should renounce his dedication to Satan and evil!

  51. Avatar George Bond says:

    Just go full bore on Russian military with conventional missiles and rockets for several days then just stop and sit there for a day or two. Then hit them with heavy artillery for a couple days. Then stop and withdraw.

  52. Avatar Awang Safri Safri says:

    Love peace ❤️🇲🇾

  53. Avatar বাংলার খবর TV says:

    USA and NATO have many colonise in middle east and africa..>>>’s ok.
    But Russia have no colony and just moving it’s troops within it’s territory.>>>’s horrible.

  54. Avatar Aikky Tan says:

    Euro shud stay put n let the USA confront the Russia. Is it so coincident that on the other end China exert in the SCS, Taiwan, Philippines, Iran, Syria n Yemeni closely watch Israel, North Korea teasing Jpn n South Korea?
    It looks like it was the military plans of China Russia Iran n North Korea to divert USA focuses on specific location. The deployment of USA military aids to those areas of concerned can’t be at full force.

    The visit of Russia n China FM to few nations told us that something is brewing. We will see in couple of weeks what will happen globally. After the visitation by Russia FM to India, we can see the sudden aggression of the latter in the Russia Ukraine border. We can also see the sail in of Naval aircraft into India which anger the latter.

    God bless the World.

  55. Avatar Morbiusspectral Ghost says:

    Putin is using his obsolete weapons to use..send those drones and other unmanned vehicles for war in the front lines against russian borders thereby saving ukraine soldiers..

  56. Avatar Sheri Evans says:

    Maybe Hand back Crimea …. then propose a talk about Russian troop movements….. on the border? Just a thought 💭 ….

  57. Avatar Richard Mc kenzie says:

    Identity discipline covid 19 relief bill volunteers bear arm stanby for war national treat border terrorism green and pink sheets two weeks after now any comments on TV news .throughput.

  58. Avatar Gebert Fyter says:

    Donbass has no value unlike crimea. If Putin cared, he would’ve annexed it a long time ago… but it’s a negotiation piece to keep crimea. Go Russia go! Germans stop buying Russian gas… you feed the monster you get whacked 🤣 and not in a good way

  59. Avatar MadMakz says:

    Russia: “Why is Ukraine is so unstable”
    *annexed the Crimea and supported separatist movements in the East*

  60. Avatar Ian Wattie says:

    The west wants to encroach as much as possible to the Russian border..wouldn’t you feel under threat?

  61. Avatar Somewhere Near says:

    If Ukraine joins NATO, Russia has the right to defend itself

  62. Avatar Doosha Khaboosha says:

    The USA should get involved to bring peace and prosperity.
    Please call me, 50% off all bridges globally. Transfer 50% now to reserve yours

  63. Avatar skyi nuri says:

    it is time for europe countries to be commie

    privet privet

  64. Avatar Philips George says:

    I hope Putin wacks the daylights out of Ukraine.

  65. Avatar thedavid00100 says:

    The Russians would rightfully never allow the US to get so close to their border. The ppl that guide US foreign policy are megalomaniacal with no respect of human life or dignity.

  66. Avatar mystery hindi says:

    ,🇮🇳😘 love you Putin 🇷🇺🎉🇮🇳❤️🇷🇺

  67. Avatar Alicia Monsech says:

    Dear Angela Merkel, the Ucrania border on une side is the Russian border on the other, and Rusia is having the right to place their troops wherever trey like within his own territory.

  68. Avatar Erwin Jasper says:

    Come on russia.. ukraine have no match with you try china or us instead?.coward putin

  69. Avatar Karis Gaitho says:

    President Putin don’t take orders from nobody, u better wake up this is the most strong man in the whole world.

  70. Avatar Mohamud Ali Garad says:

    Russia should pull its troops back from Ukrainian soil by now. Somali spokesman.

  71. Avatar Hose Armando says:

    ukinazi will be dead meat

  72. Avatar игорь89 says:

    2000: Who is Mr. Putin?
    2021: Putin is Mr. Khuy !(хуй)

  73. Avatar Neshwin D'mello says:

    This is putin not biden go save your country from islamist in history you will be know for as agent of jihadist

  74. Avatar Shahzada Zulfiqar says:

    Hope So Putin & Putin’s Russia Will Rethink To Establish Any New Human Crisis.

  75. Avatar Aleister Crowley III says:

    The only way to end the war is to enter the war

  76. Avatar Michael Kealoha says:

    You think russia will pu back I dont think so .

  77. Avatar Lisa Hyyppa says:

    Isaiah 11:4
    King James Version
    4 But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth: with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.

  78. Avatar K Tom says:

    Why?? They are in his country he can have a million and that would be fine
    I think the west is so f up.

  79. Avatar Icy Football says:


  80. Avatar Zosimo Romero says:

    Really a russian aggresion.. after ukarain and nato thus include its wesrten allies provoked a military exercise within its boarder… a red cgnal to moscow any nato soldier enters ukrain they will pay the price.. ive just noticing when nato and its western allies sent to troops to any part of this world its just a normal.. but when russia sent its troops to ots boarder its an act of provocation… stale mate.. nato and its western allies will face the real army… putin will not allowed to let this things happened 🤩🤩🤩

  81. Avatar Boris Gbaguidi says:

    Oaks , please help me to understand this Why would Russia pull back his own troops standing at its own border, on his own soil and territory? I don’t understand this. Also the title is so biased. Russia is building – up its troop at its border with Ukraine.

  82. Avatar Giancarlo Zenari says:

    The US has more military bases in foreign countries than any other nation in history.

  83. Avatar Jonki says:

    So if the Russian part of Ukraine wants to join in with Russia it is not OK, but if the Albanian part of Serbia wants to join Albany that’s perfectly OK?

  84. Avatar cheron Jallow jallow says:

    This is all about Europe and America fighting one country Russia

  85. Avatar xpress J. Carter says:

    Turkey🇹🇷 are Very important issue on this Ukraine & Russia conflict!!

    Hope they handle it well…from 🇺🇲

  86. Avatar rade rade says:

    Biden war Devils!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Avatar nemea says:

    How about this get out of the borders or russia will have to take over ukraine it has been going on long enough the usa and the uk havd no place near russia

  88. Avatar Donat says:

    Kazakhstan support Ukraine brother too 🇺🇦❤️🇰🇿 with natural resources and food

  89. Avatar Pat Boyce says:

    anti russian propaganda in full swing

  90. Avatar Space exploration says:

    Sorry but russia does need this territorie because lots of russian live there plus I think the russian can take most of eourpe up to Germany or France

  91. Avatar Shivam Chaurasiya says:

    *War Alert* ☠️☠️✴️☢️
    Russia all set to invade and occupy Eastern Ukraine. Europe is in chaos citing massive Russian build up near Eastern Ukraine.
    Emergency meetings of EU leaders are underway. Consensus building to include Ukraine in NATO is underway.
    US warship will reach the site till 16-17 April (pass near Bosforus, Turkey by 15..Turkey granted permission)

  92. Avatar traveller 1ah20 says:

    Too much trouble now, Middle East , Iran, Israel , Syria , Yemen , Saudi Arabia, Asia, China , ASEAN, Taiwan and Japan , Russia, Ukraine , India , Pakistan , if they will fight in conventional terms. Hand to hand combat its okay, but with Nuclear bomb it will be deadly..

  93. Avatar Russell Feldman says:

    Had USA and NATO not lied to Russia for last 40 years promising no further expansion of Nato eastwards towards Russian western border, this would not be happening. Putin is totally correct. Tired of American lies and Ukraine as Nato member right on Russian border is unacceptable.

  94. Avatar cornebod says:

    So not only is NATO amassing troops on Russian borders but now Russia can’t even put troops inside their own borders? Why is nobody telling Ukraine to stop putting troops inside their borders…I smell hypocrisy

  95. Avatar Nikola D. says:

    merkel better shut her mouth if she doesnt want russian flag in berlin again

  96. Avatar Sumarni Sumarni says:

    That’s because Trump not in charge of White house

  97. Avatar Micha Bell says:

    Putin, xi, biden will be the ones who kill everyone

  98. Avatar Kurt Hassel says:

    The narcotic sleeping of Merkel is astonishing whole Germany, she is worn out and should go

  99. Avatar Nick Name says:

    why Merkel didn’t urge NATO to pull their troops back from Russian border?

  100. Avatar jryde421 says:

    We can stop pretending now. Ww3 already started.

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