Philippines revives defence pact with US as China threat grows

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Filipino and US forces are restarting a two-week joint military exercise which was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.
President Rodrigo Duterte cancelled his country’s defence pact with Washington last year.
But with regional tensions rising and China expanding its military presence, he has reversed that decision.
Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Manila, Philippines.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar de0509 says:

    China has trapped itself in a hole it has dug and forgot to bring a ladder

    After many generations of the one child policy, the average chinese person has to earn ONE salary, to support the life of 4, 5, or 6 people (parents, grandparents, self, child). And as chinese labour stop being cheap like before, the time window for the China Boom is slowly closing.

    If China plays by the rules, it will suffer a second century of humiliation. But most probably Beijing will not accept the idea of suffering honourably. It will lie, rob, scam, and steal to stay alive. WW3 is inevitable.

  2. Avatar KKK says:


  3. Avatar KKK says:


  4. Avatar KKK says:


  5. Avatar 萬球 says:

    Love Phillipines from Taiwan 🇹🇼

    Hong Kong as well 🇭🇰

    • Avatar Tiow Peng Ong says:

      we Singapore although is a tiny nation we too support our asean brother👍

    • Avatar China Number 1 says:


    • Avatar Tiow Peng Ong says:

      We are talking about Philippine,this guy suddenly bring out Taiwan. Makes me really think that china is no 1. No 1 in making enemies of the world.

    • Avatar Justin Velasco says:

      Taiwan is real China!

    • Avatar Gunther penguin says:


  6. Avatar KA Worker says:

    Isla na inaagaw ng insik bakit di lagyan ng tao.

  7. Avatar Big Joe says:

    Does China have ANY allies in case of war?
    They’re starting trouble with ALL their neighbors.
    If war breaks out and Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Japan, S Korea, Philipines, Australia,(Tibet), all gang up on China, plus the USA, China will get crushed.
    War with no friends is not fun.

    • Avatar Terralel Productions says:

      China got Russia, Russia meanwhile just deployed 80000 troops near Ukraine Border.

      War is coming…Russia and China is up to something

  8. Avatar Rassismus Gaming Beuh says:

    Ez clapped

  9. Avatar Aden_ 62 says:

    y’all better not start a war
    my order from china hasn’t arrived yet

  10. Avatar Dell Cruz says:

    china wants USA out of Sea because china wants to acquire more land and sea area…
    a greedy country. already a rich nation but still wants to acquire area. to the extent of not playing by the rules of UNCLOS.
    the philippines should from its history… foreign power always wants natural resources of the philippines… SPAIN. USA. JAPAN. BRITAIN.. even chinese li ma hong.

  11. Avatar Jack says:

    Pinakamahina at palpak na presidente ng pilipinas Duterte Hindi dapat naging presidente

  12. Avatar Marion Joaquin Reyes says:

    Many filipino’s hate duterte’s being a stupid kissing china’s toes but we are full support on what the US is helping us i really hope in next years elections their would finally be a president that are really good going in threats and knows how to handle the REAL enemies of such country.

  13. Avatar hard rock says:

    give back Subic Bay to US Navy again

  14. Avatar Luther Perez says:

    USA should arm PH with the latest hi- tech weapons all around under soft loan negotiations so that it can protect itself…transfer tech too if possible!

  15. Avatar Allan Daniel Serrano says:

    Duterte is a traitor. He is China’s pet. We can’t rely on him to protect our sovereignty. I’m glad that a powerful nation had stepped up to help us. China is a coward, bullying smaller countries. They should pick somebody their own size, like India and the United States.

  16. Avatar ian superchamp says:

    why did they interview hontiveros shes pretty much useless as a senator

  17. Avatar Josephine Regino says:

    Guy’s let’s pray that on war Will happen i wanna live peaceful

  18. Avatar Francis B says:

    If US would use the VFA as a bargaining chip to force the philippines to settle down with US’s demands, then Ph wont restore it 100% then US may lose leverage over the south china sea and maintain a strong presence and protection fo its local PH investments and control of soouth china sea. Etong si Hontiveros, napakakitid ng pagiisip…

  19. Avatar tywin lannister says:

    Duterte is such a joke!! He tried to play both sides and got burned by the Chinese. This just proves that you cannot trust the CCP they have a history of breaking agreements.

  20. Avatar Bong Afable says:

    wag ka ng magbabalita tungkol sa pilipinas kung kasiraan lang ni du30 .. si rissa virus pang opposition ang napili mong magsalita puro kasiraan ng gobyerno ang bukang bibig. . get mo?

  21. Avatar ross spencer says:

    Good Philippine s

  22. Avatar ross spencer says:

    Support from the UK

  23. Avatar Nature, Creativity, Humanity says:

    Stand strong Philippines and defend your sovereignty

  24. Avatar erick cruz says:

    luko luko ka hontivirus lahat ng oposisyon puro bunganga walang gawa anu ba ginawa ng admin noon nung 2012 nirereclaim na ng china yung islands sa wps

  25. Avatar Eric Hill says:

    China must fall…!!!

  26. Avatar TheGQBrotha says:

    The only thing China will understand is strength, you don’t back down or appease a bully. Duterte as President of the Philippines should have the interest of the Philippine people and its territorial economic zones as non negotiable. It is remarkable how silent he has been about this issue that goes to the heart of Filipino sovereignty in protecting their own economic resources of their EEZ. Very strange actions by Duterte by not saying a word to the Filipino people publicly. What kind of leader is that.

  27. Avatar Subano ni Bay says:

    Ai NAko honteveros hahhaah

  28. Avatar bryan lester aviso says:

    The Armed Forces of the Philippines wants to defend our territory, but the commander-in-chief (President Duterte) is a China lapdog. He only wants what’s best and beneficial for his boss, Xi Jin Ping.

  29. Avatar Boo Brick says:

    Duarte is confused but will soon be taught a lesson by China. China will nuke the US and democracy will end. I have foreseen this.

  30. Avatar Sablicious says:

    Philippines = expendable fish farm for China — then a floating missile battery.

  31. Avatar Illum1ne says:

    Risa lugaw!

  32. Avatar Philipp Delos Santos says:

    Sampal kay riza poro critics para mapansin.

  33. Avatar Anthony Ilaguison says:

    President with no balls in protecting its country. He is only good in threatening with no actions.

  34. Avatar Sky Cornholio says:

    President duturte is a coward he can only beg the U.S.A for help 😭😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  35. Avatar JR D G says:

    putang ina mo hontiveros…sabihin mo sa harap ng sundalo yan..

  36. Avatar Wavey Maq says:

    Why did you guys interview Risa Hontiveros? She doesn’t want the Philipine military to be strenghtened because it will harm her NPA allies.

  37. Avatar Yohanes Lo says:

    whitsun reef is a test for duterte response

  38. Avatar Miggy’s Vlog ! says:


  39. Avatar Miggy’s Vlog ! says:


  40. Avatar Florino Avila says:

    The Philippines should cut all diplomatic ties with China for not respecting the sovereignty of the Philippines. This is not a declaration of war so there should not be any form of massacre to happen. Above all President Duterte should at least protect the dignity of the country. Claiming that Philippine is no match against China’s power is a given, but which country is going to war? The Philippines is a strategically located country and China will lose out on that. Meanwhile the Philippine should create closer military alliance with India, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, South Korea, etc.

  41. Avatar Bruce Wayne says:

    I love U.S. better than gotham..

  42. Avatar Elcid Bernardez says:

    Destroy china

  43. Avatar Jomer Santiago says:

    Many countries support Philippines
    But Philippine government not support their country

  44. Avatar eduardo quirino says:

    The Visiting Forces Agreement is far outweighed by the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty ratified by both Houses of Congress of the USA and the Republic of the Philippines and signed by the US Secretary of State and Philippines Foreign Secretary in the presence of President Harry Truman and Philippine President Elpidio Quirino and many high officials of both countries.

  45. Avatar Blues Catz says:

    that’s the thing when the president withdraw from the defensive pact China saw this as an opportunity to expand while the country is weak
    don’t forget they have a great old strategist

    sun tzu

    “Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise. All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

  46. Avatar Joey Battlefieldv2 says:

    I though the Philippines didn’t like the US anymore.

  47. Avatar Ceshua says:

    Support for the Philippines from Mars

  48. Avatar 63123LEWIS says:

    From the US. We made this monster by giving China most favored nation trading status. We relocated factories to China and most of our manufacturing. CHINA learned it’s lesson well, industrial might is what wins wars.

  49. Avatar TrenVi says:

    West Philippine Sea Ms. Reporter!

  50. Avatar Ramon Zapanta says:

    Naalala ko nung nangangampanya si duterte puro mga chinese mgq nasa likod nya habang nagsasalita.. bataan talaga si duterte ng mag chinese

  51. Avatar gann says:

    that long line of fishing ships really a tasty target for A10-warthog go Brrrrtttt . . . .

  52. Avatar MaDQuila says:

    Welcome to the Era of War on Water


    The US wants to “strengthen our military” with their military materiel through military aid. But the question is, we had been “friends” since 1898, why haven’t they strengthened our economy so we could buy or have our own military industry? Why did they make China the factory of their economy, that allowed China to have that dramatic rise, and not the Philippines?

    Why the US of A has Military bases around the world? Like in Japan, S. Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Kuwait, formerly Subic Naval base, former Clark Air base, just to name a few.

  54. Avatar abdul jabar says:

    Didn’t the Philippines make a deal with china not long ago ? They just can’t be trusted

  55. Avatar Suntukan Tv says:

    Duterte tuta na ng china

  56. Avatar Nandan B K gowda says:

    Mean while india yeee boy Philippine did u forget us

  57. Avatar Cool Mikey40 says:

    🇺🇸🤝🇵🇭 god bless the Philippines 🙏🏻

  58. Avatar World Wide says:

    US should teach China a lesson it’ll remember forever 🇺🇸🇻🇮🌎

  59. Avatar Jordon Berkove says:

    I think our US government needs to reassess this for 6 months so the Philippines leader can have his independent policy. He has nothing to back it up of course when the Chinese navy is circling he Philippines like angry sharks. Maybe for the sake of his people he will show a little appreciation which is something the US so rarely receives from the countries it rescued in WW2. Remember General Douglas MacArthur came back to save the people.

  60. Avatar Janson Amature Gaming TV says:

    Honteverus the vuris should Shut up the Useless senator in Philippines

  61. Avatar Penters hayden says:

    The only way to teach China a lesson is to stand up to it like India did.Thereafter China wants deescalation.


  62. Avatar jacob drei says:

    Really? You interviewed a virus senator.. risa hontivirus 😁. Words coming from a garbage like her..

  63. Avatar Kenjo Sato says:

    Time to move on from Duterte and get rid of Chinese influence in the Philippines.

  64. Avatar Kexin says:

    Didn’t they kicked out the US so they can forge closer ties with China? 😒

  65. Avatar MyKirrut Chennel says:

    If theres going a war my town is very close to southe china sea I hope theres no war 😭

  66. Avatar Danilo Malate says:


  67. Avatar Daniel Whyatt says:

    This is great news to hear. Hopefully we can all be a strong fighting force together in the future when the unfortunate inevitable conflict with China begins. In the end though, it is the only real practical answer.

  68. Avatar Ocean says:

    There they are, acting like a peace keeper/ superhero, where in fact US killed millions of people in the history of mankind including Filipinos. And right now Asians are being bullied and harmed in their country.

  69. Avatar Abishai Jesh says:

    What can we do the current admin loves the ccp

  70. Avatar sgperformer says:

    China even stated it has the rightful claim to the Hawaiian islands, so we will have to see if they decide to push that narrative. In the meantime, The USA is proud to stand with the Phillipines (without trying to push some pro-American narrative I hope).
    Love to Phillipnes from the USA.

  71. Avatar miko natad says:

    dds team love china soo much😅

  72. Avatar junrey orbeta says:

    Hoi hontevus matagal kanang virus sa bansa natin

  73. Avatar JireH Gaming says:

    Duterte remain silent? 😂😂😂 fvck off al jazeera.

  74. Avatar miles Sellana says:

    America please help defend Philippines against evil china

  75. Avatar flaire tagle says:

    Strongest Allies but cannot give free visa in US. But the US citizens are free visa when they r coming in our country

  76. Avatar Gillan Baclayon says:

    Thank you US Navy and Marine Corps!

  77. Avatar Raif Faizan Bin Al-Taleb says:

    Riza Hontivirus 👎👎👎👎👎

  78. Avatar Level1 Selamat1 says:

    AlJazeera is doing USA a service.

  79. Avatar Vee Jay Acebedo says:

    Duterte the puppet of china.

  80. Avatar Level1 Selamat1 says:

    Fighting over fish? Waste of time

  81. Avatar richard evangelista says:

    World peace 🙏

  82. Avatar Rafael Asis says:

    China, Philippines & Russia against the world. 🇨🇳🇸🇽🇷🇺

    • Avatar Scaucy man 2.0 says:

      i would rather die then be a red commie.

  83. Avatar Benz Heinz says:

    For duterte it is an honor to die for the chinese

  84. Avatar djbenzo says:

    Of course they did.

  85. Avatar mae paden says:

    That’s good but the Philippines should also be careful because US has its so called “Interest” specially when it comes to oil and other resources.

    The Philippines should be more independent in defending there own soverenity and territory rather than just relying to other nation to defend the country. They should start building our own industries that would provide equipments and assets like ships, tanks and rifles.

    Collaborating to other nations to gain knowledge and experience to new technologies like missiles, planes and radars.

  86. Avatar Cerridian Empire says:

    took the Pinoys a while to renew that alliance but I’m glad they did

  87. Avatar The Spanish East Indies Company says:

    Can’t complain China’s agressive behavior for geopolitical dominance, after what had happened to them in “The Century of Humiliation”. However, this does not justify the reasons to bully, abuse its smaller, poorer neighbors into submission.

  88. Avatar YTX_Legend says:

    Support for the Philippines, from Mars.

  89. Avatar Adrian rey says:

    Duterte and biden: Let’s wait for it
    Marcos when he’s a president: bomb that shits

  90. Avatar Arhatu says:

    US Army is a terrorist organization that causes thousands of civillian deaths each year.

  91. Avatar junojunwel kambal says:

    tanginamo hintivirus puro ka dada hayop ka… wala ka naitulong sa bansa

  92. Avatar junojunwel kambal says:

    hontiveros still sending fake news…

  93. Avatar junojunwel kambal says:

    why not ask Aquino about that? dont blame duterte

  94. Avatar Alan says:


  95. Avatar Jimmy dseeker says:

    The US regime is not reliable and will only declare ‘ i shall return’ if there is indeed going to be an actual war in the philippines. Check the history. Obama even declared hands off policy when former President Noy Aquino request US help on the issue of west philippine sea.

  96. Avatar Sublime Fermion says:

    I will consider China to be top dog when people start to immigrate to China more than they do to America or Europe.

    Even Chinese immigrate to US and Europe rather than Americans or Europeans vying for Chinese citizenship.

    CCP is paper tiger and hides the blackside of Chinese life.

  97. Avatar Dylan Flores says:

    Nice. There is hope

  98. Avatar Hot Richest says:

    Hontiveros is talking sheyt.

  99. Avatar Alexanderson LeRich says:

    @1:29 we are weak. That’s a fact. We can’t even rival Taiwan in military prowess. Haiys. Senator, ok ka lang?

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