Hypersonic weapons and the new space race | Project Force

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@AlexGatopoulos looks at how hypersonic missiles are emerging as a key tool in the race to dominate the next frontier – outer space.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar عمر احمد says:

    Well informative and educational program.

  2. Avatar S A Musande says:

    Waiting for next Episode 😀😀



  4. Avatar 2TONNE says:

    India already made it last year. Keep up with the news buddy!


      The only thing India needs is toilet’s and food to eat!

    • Avatar gel ten says:

      Who told you ?

    • Avatar E HA HA Productions says:

      @PAJEET WHY DON’T YOU USE TOILET’S? Pakistan is India’s biggest toilet and your mouth

    • Avatar UTKARSH DWIVEDI says:

      @PAJEET WHY DON’T YOU USE TOILET’S? we don’t need more toilet we already built a massive one in 1947 just next our country 😂

    • Avatar Jacky Meetei says:

      Only prototype not a real one

  5. Avatar Paul Gibby says:

    Advice for Alex and MIC people: There won’t be a planet unless fear-mongering war makers are defunded.

    • Avatar David Salcido says:

      “Hard to defund ‘AmeriKKKa the EVIL’ 🦹‍♀️ where STIMULUS FUNDS for America’s Homeless and Unemploymed Joe 6-Packs are generally UNAVAILABLE and WMD FUNDS, into the TRILLIONS’ are always PREPAYED to the Pentagon Ghouls with UNLIMITED cash available DEBIT CARDS 💳! * 🔥💩🔥🐀🔥🦇🔥🐀🔥🖕💀🔥🙀🔥🐍🔥🤮🔥🕎🔥🔯🔥

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      @David Salcido Yeah, the US is soooo bad.
      *Let’s not even mention Russia and China which are worse*

  6. Avatar Masud Rana says:

    So many sophisticated weapons will one day destroy the earth.😭😭😭Please stop these and keep the peace🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      @John Smith And that has no bearing on future weapon systems
      That is an argument for keeping the status quo

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      @Ben Ghazi That will be a bad day when a country actually thinks it can win a Nuclear war.

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      @John Smith Exactly. Hypersonic weapons makes a first strike more feasible.
      And the likelihood of unwanted nuclear war is higher, since everyone will be on a hair trigger knowing they need to react lighting fast.

      No time to figure out that it was a solar flare messing with the sensors before you launch a retaliatory strike (an actual event that happened)

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      @Ben Ghazi First Strike do not affect Ohio Class Subs with 22 Trident ICBMs with 4 warhead each or Truck Mobile ICBMs.
      The other side will always get the 2nd strike in.

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      @John Smith A quicker delivery system makes a first strike more feasible. That’s all.

  7. Avatar Hissen Daud says:

    Our responsibility 😈👹👿

    • Avatar God Made Weed, Sun Flowers & Birds ! says:

      I expose our satanic government, I have 2,000,000+ overall channel views

  8. Avatar 🤝 says:

    America Promted global strike, Second American Empire.

  9. Avatar B1 FOR LIFE says:

    Mankind is their own enemy!! we destroying the Earth and now we about to bring destruction to space

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      No not everyone’s bringing it to space the United States is bringing it to space that means they have the upper hand hypersonics don’t work without your satellites they’ll have soldiers up there destroying the satellites there goes your hypersonics there goes your nukes there goes everything you’re screwed and the United States wins.🇺🇲

  10. Avatar Ossie Weinert says:

    Humans are a violent species bent on total destruction. I wonder where billionaires plan to hide?

  11. Avatar chris smith says:

    Thank God for America an again will lead the way in advance weapons go USA.

    • Avatar Сергей Павлович says:

      Sorry, America is lagging behind in hypersonic ballistic missile. I know the truth hurts.

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      @Сергей Павлович Nope sorry to burst your bubble the United States created a non glide Mach 17 hypersonic missile that will be implemented into their military by 2025 surpassing the one created by Russia and India you can Google it if you want sorry to burst your bubble cope harder.

  12. Avatar Joy House says:

    Everyone a idiot 🤦 So countries are building Doomsday weapons?… That no-one can stop ✋. So what happens when a terrorist group/ mad person gets control of this type of weapon?…

  13. Avatar MrRaghavendrabt says:

    Please watch

  14. Avatar The Globalist says:

    Fear is the best human attribute. It drives the world. Without fear the military industrial complex will collapse.

    • Avatar FOURTH RIGHT says:

      Its better to have a military industrial complex than getting crushed by your enemy.

    • Avatar Pedro Costa e Silva says:

      Covid seems perfect for the MIC…

    • Avatar Rizal Elias Mosquera says:

      The MIC is useful only during total wars like the 2 world wars. Now, fighting/initiating wars on foreign soil for the MIC to turn a profit is just horrible.

    • Avatar Art DefiesGravity says:

      Exactly! We must start to realize we make them money by feeding into their lies that eventually fund “their” pockets 🤢🤮

  15. Avatar Majid majid says:

    My weapon will swallow the earth in 15 seconds

  16. Avatar Lord Jasds says:

    i think after 50 years there will be world war 3 ,,,,,

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      In 10 years we will have world War 3 mark my words.

  17. Avatar Joshua Teoh says:

    Aliens are like…. laughing at us…

    • Avatar Middle East History Channel says:

      How do you know?

  18. Avatar Abdikadir Abdirizak says:

    Somalia is going to do.

  19. Avatar Ali Asad FS says:

    Food, shelter, health, education?

    • Avatar Pari says:

      It’s not useful 😂🤣

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      Nope the US has to destroy the entire planet before we can have that. God help us all if world War 3 breaks out no one’s going to beat the US the planets just going to die, oh my God we’re so screwed…

  20. Avatar DUKEOFSOUNDS says:

    I wonder if a type of camera can be put on something with hypersonic speed.
    Love to see the speed live

    • Avatar CinemaClips says:

      Just watch a crew capsule returning from orbit, it reaches hypersonic speeds? We will get good shots of Starship as it returns from orbit.

    • Avatar DUKEOFSOUNDS says:

      @CinemaClips the view from over land I meant to explain.
      Like a jet flying

  21. Avatar Raine Riny 7 says:

    As I see, war is a motivation for technological development.

    • Avatar Yu Tian says:

      A lot of the basic tech we take for granted today were developed from original military applications.

      Inventing new ways of killing each other often leads to better civilian tech for the next generation.

    • Avatar R Pitt says:

      Or to buy a small island, somewhere off the coast of New Zealand. 😅

    • Avatar Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 says:

      Always has been🔫

    • Avatar Sam Ling says:

      When you want to survive, your brain goes into hyperdrive

  22. Avatar John Smith says:

    They never made a reliable defence from existing ICBMs with multiple warheads , they just overwhelm defence missiles by sheer numbers.

  23. Avatar Malik Arslan says:

    I am leaving this comment so that whenever someone likes this comment, it will remind me to check the new episode of Project Force.

  24. Avatar Entropic Pedro says:

    Killing people is tight…😀

  25. Avatar SHUBHAM SRIVASTAVA says:

    India already tested last year.

  26. Avatar Ahmed Osman says:

    All satellites will come down as per orders of Mahdi because of Satanic and Evil deeds while millions were died starvation. wait until all setlites will come down over you head

  27. Avatar W Snr says:

    Very informative. Thank you.

  28. Avatar Backpack PePelon says:

    Hypersonic weapons is the one of the few things that keep the power balance now. Since US have been circling both china and Russia with missiles base, their reaction time for US nuclear attack are really short, while US can do it fast because Russia and china need to shoot from longer distance. With hypersonic missiles, its even again, cause US now also have short reaction time due to the missile speed, and insanely hard to detect.

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      US circling Russia and China with bases?
      You mean countries fearing Russia and China wanting to protect themselves, asking to be allied with the US?
      Heck, South Korea even pays for the US deployment. And the Baltics and Poland have been asking for more help for a decade now against Russia’s possible Ukraine styled aggression.

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but the US has created the most powerful hypersonic there is more powerful than the one created by Russia and India they’re in their last stages of it now and those hypersonics will be implemented into their Navy and other sectors of their military by 2025 Google it.

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      @Molly Wop Chainsaw It is well established that the US is behind in missile technology. That’s why they are trying to catch up with the Russians and to some extent the Chinese.

  29. Avatar G I R says:

    Gundams to defend your satellites and colonies coming very very soon.

  30. Avatar Barua Safi says:

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said all this about space war. It will be there.

    • Avatar Good Luck says:

      😂😂😂nice joke

  31. Avatar 自粛警察巡査 says:

    Please call for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.

    The reasons are as follows:
    ·Vaccination is not progressing in Japan
    ·Olympic Games may further spread infection
    ·The number of infected people in Japan is unreliable.

    Especially the third one.
    If you look at the statistics, the number of infected people in Japan is low.
    But this data is not reliable.

    The number of tests for COVID-19 in Japan is extremely small.
    The Japanese government has intentionally reduced the number of tests and announced a small number of infected people.

    I think it’s the worst thing to do to deceive the world.

    Don’t you think it’s against the principles of the Olympics to hold the Olympics in a country with such anxiety?

    I think that the Olympics should be held in an area where the environment in which everyone in the world can feel secure is established.

  32. Avatar Elangbam says:

    USA prompting up cold war scenerio yet again!

    • Avatar Forest Lathers says:

      Along with Russia and China, not only the US. The US is just keeping up

  33. Avatar Sabiha Tanveer says:

    👍the space race duex🤔😎

  34. Avatar mrs mucha says:

    Great and informative video!

  35. Avatar M J says:

    Daily unseen unmentioned Economic weaponries are more dangerous and severely damaging for regular citizens of less powerful countries than those kind of weapons don’t you think?🧐

    • Avatar Ben Ghazi says:

      Yeah, don’t take any responsibility for your own situation right?
      Countries that get sanctioned are authoritarian regimes, but only those who misbehave.

  36. Avatar chi oochi says:

    Very soon,men will not need men like them to fight their adversaries again,they just satellite themselves which will be very interesting,as God watches human beings becoming more greedy even though a few of us can live past 100 years yet,human beings keep greed to get it all,more wealth they think will be more power and control. Oh well since God who own it all watches his children do whatever they like,it is fine then,let live and see the price of greed,whether it is good or bad. Time will tell.

  37. Avatar The Game Archiver says:

    War, war never changes.. oh wait.

    • Avatar Bob The Farmer of Cows says:

      never has.

    • Avatar Lenard Regencia says:

      War has changed. – Solid Snake, MGS4

  38. Avatar Matthew Stewart says:

    The fact you think we do not have these already is amazing. 3d printed ram jet missiles have been in manufacturing for a few years now.We already have railguns in space. 40 trillion defense system and it keeps going up.

  39. Avatar Thinking Tech says:

    This is just propaganda the us have no hypersonic missiles and yes hypersonic missiles are faster than current ones, the russians have a missile over mach 5. Only china and russia have hypersonic missiles, his take is careful missleading, hes acting like hes talking the truth but hes carefully praising the us military.

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      He’s talking about a new form of hypersonic. The one that Russia has goes all the way up and glides down that can be spotted by radar that’s why the US did not make them. The US is in the last stages of a Mach 17 non glide hypersonic much more powerful and much more faster than the one created by Russian and India it will be implemented into their military in 2025 you can Google it.

    • Avatar Thinking Tech says:

      Molly Wop Chainsaw nope thats not the only one the russians have they also have a conventional hypersonic one that isnt an icbm, it can be launched from an fighter jet aswell. So hes clearly biased.

    • Avatar Thinking Tech says:

      Molly Wop Chainsaw and bo the us doesnt have any hupersonic missile not because they can be spotted thats complete bullshit infact all us icbms and missiles can be spotted by radar, the problem pf hypersonic missile development is the heat they generate that can render its radio communication electronics problematic. Being spotted isnt the problem because hypersonic missiles are so fast that conventional missile deffence systems arent fast enough to shoot them even if they are spotted.

  40. Avatar Servant of Allah আল্লাহর গোলাম says:

    Who making world’s universal

  41. Avatar HAPPY VLOGS says:

    Ram Ram ji 🙏

    • Avatar हर्षित harshit sharma says:

      Jai shree ram 🚩🚩

  42. Avatar Abdii Abdu Osman says:

    Thanks for the broudcast great work it was informative video

  43. Avatar Aikky Tan says:

    Who control the space will control the Earth.

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      I guess that would be the United States of America then. 🇺🇲

  44. Avatar Mike 72 says:

    Their is no contest russia, china and now north korea has hypersonic missiles. the U.S is still playing catch up.

  45. Avatar Edwin Koech says:

    Balance will soon be tipped to the strongest intelligence. Always been that way USA,China and Russia steal each other’s designs and data. Tho Russia has always been ahead in space

  46. Avatar milutinke says:

    Russia already has functional and operational hypersonic missiles in operational service. The US does not have a single functional hypersonic weapon yet. Do your research better.

    • Avatar Jamaal Armstrong says:

      Yeah I don’t know where this guy is getting his information. The Russian federation has had proven hypersonic nuclear missiles in service since 2007. Sooooo I think he might be misled

    • Avatar cool nice says:

      @Jamaal Armstrong he is talking about a different type of hypersonic weapon the one russia has goes high then comes back down fast and since it goes really high it is much easier to see that through radar then a low flying slow missile thats why the us doesnt have them because it is much easier to see them but the new ones fly low and are fast thats what he is talking about thats what i heard anyways

    • Avatar Jamaal Armstrong says:

      @cool nice yeah that’s what I thought because he didn’t mention nuclear not once so I was kinda wondering if he meant the new strategic non nuclear variants of new hypersonic tech

  47. Avatar Brian martial says:

    AL Jazeera is always the best

  48. Avatar simon scowled says:

    If all this research and development went into cancer research we could have beat cancer

    • Avatar I love Camels says:

      As if the medical industry would allow that. Cancer is a big big business. They will not allow an official cure in order not to lose all these billions yearly

  49. Avatar Mufunyi Ibrahim says:

    Since when did America have hypersonic weapons aljazeera?Russia is the one that successfully tested and already deployed the avangard system. Poor analysis

  50. Avatar Michael Ripley says:

    Weapons??? In What Divine department are earthlings weapons accepted ???…
    None ❤️

  51. Avatar boredgrass says:

    An country (or, former nation) in possession of hypersonic weapons whose governing body was and will soon be dominated by people who believe in reptile people lurking in Wallmarts. Europe needs to take initiatives for political and military independence from America, may be soon the Overseas Colony of Russia and the Anerican forces perhaps then to be called Putins mercenaries for Russian dirty work…

  52. Avatar NonoDonkey says:

    The ruling classes of every nation state drive these marches toward conflict. The only way to avoid it is for the working class to assert itself internationally.

  53. Avatar TJ Marx says:

    Wtf are you talking about. Space Force (USSF) has existed since the mid-80s. Trump just merged two existing agencies and renamed them.

    They came into existence as part of the star wars defence program, which later incorporated SHIELD in the 90s.

    Hypersonics are relatively new service weapons, with Russia pulling them into service first in 2019 and the US responding with their answer in 2020.

    But Space Force isn’t doing anything the USA hasn’t been doing for almost 40 years, it’s just a new name and their names have always been silly.

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      No they are doing something different now they’re building a new space station in 2026 that is for the space force and the United States has created a space plane I know it’s crazy right! So now they could just go right up to their satellites destroy it and go away. That means their nukes won’t work, their hypersonics won’t work, Chinese Navy satellite won’t work it’s a done deal the US will destroy them and they’ll just be unarmed.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Molly Wop Chainsaw Those projects are inside the original mandate. Nothing has changed…

      It’s like saying the army is brand new because they’re developing a new tank.

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      @TJ Marx The space force thing is crazy though and this new global system for killing the world is simply astonishing it really does give them the upper hand.

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Molly Wop Chainsaw They’re still not allowed to take weapons into space, so whilst they might use a UAV to knock a satellite about, under international law they can’t arm it.

      Nor can they arm the space station.

      Revamping what is now Space Force with additional funding was a response to Russia and China whom are both far ahead of the USA on all of this.

      It took a year for the USA to catch up to Russia on hypersonics, DARPA hadn’t even started when Russia announced they had them.

      The USA is behind on everything, they’re country is crumbling. The world needs CANZUK


    Will hypersonic missiles take out the Russian made S-400 air defense system because S-400 defense system is considered to be the most advance in air defense systems in the world and also Russia is already developing S-600 air defense systems which’s more advance and capable of shooting targets down from thousands miles away and will never miss any targets because is equipped with most advanced radar systems..

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      That’s what the space force is for they’ll destroy your satellites that’s the end of all your hypersonics that’s the end of your defense system it’s over they’re the only ones that’s going to be up there so that means they’ll control the satellites without them nothing works.

  55. Avatar D K says:

    yall already know whos the leader in hypersonic weapon leader of the industry

  56. Avatar Wally Wildin says:

    Has anyone else put a few dollars into DOGECOIN? I doubled my money in a day. Thinking about putting more. I got it on Robinhood

  57. Avatar L d Life says:

    Yeah we will have our extinction of our own hands. 2500 years from now the real deal will come lifetime humanity and nature will collapse not my words its buddhas and his words never got wrong to this present day

  58. Avatar moofymoo says:

    2:04 – thank you for not believing in putin’s cartoon about hypersonic missiles and not reporting that russians already have lot of them.

  59. Avatar Ntando Tshangela says:

    Jeff who??

  60. Avatar IndustrialBonecraft says:


  61. Avatar Kalito Croatoan says:

    Russia already has hypersonic missiles, do some research

  62. Avatar IΔΜΜΞ says:

    The USA does not have hypersonic weapons.

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      Yes they do it’s the most powerful in the world more powerful than the one created by Russia and India it’s in its last stages and will be implemented on to their Navy and into their other places of military by 2025 Google it.

    • Avatar Bob The Farmer of Cows says:


  63. Avatar John Mitchell says:

    Just get it over with already

    • Avatar Bob The Farmer of Cows says:

      the game of chess just started.

  64. Avatar victor huynh says:

    Hypersonic missile will render US military power useless.

    • Avatar Molly Wop Chainsaw says:

      The US has hypersonics and they have plasma lasers. The United States created the most powerful hypersonic in the world surpassing the one made by Russia and India it’s in its last stages of development and will be implemented into their Navy and other sectors of military by 2025 Google it.

  65. Avatar Jawed Manowar says:

    Always an Treat such an in-depth Video hope to see more and more such Informative videos

  66. Avatar Jamaal Armstrong says:

    This guy must be very misinformed. Hypersonic MIRV’s are already deployed on Russian ICBM’s. There is no such thing as a missile defense shield in existence that can stop not even 50-100 let alone the 1600 nuclear warheads the Russian federation has deployed on missiles. The “weapon of tomorrow” is already here and has been since 2007.

  67. Avatar Robert Schlesinger says:

    Interesting, informative and worthwhile video.

  68. Avatar Gundulmu Gaming says:

    Can we stop develope new weapons, why still making new way to kill another human

  69. Avatar joselo 3112 says:

    Always the same old thing,,,, a competition to find new ways to destroy,,,
    Destroy the world, each other ,,,,
    It is over kill we already have the power to do so!!!!
    We r not as smart as we think we are

  70. Avatar Joel Bondurant says:

    Bomb the USA, or they will bomb you.

  71. Avatar Free Style says:

    USA is the only one to want conflict it’s sickening.

  72. Avatar Ungrateful Ninja says:

    “When a nation continues year after year, to spend more on military armaments than programs of social uplift it is approaching spiritual death.”

    • Avatar Fils de Jean Noir says:

      Yup. And we’re fast approaching soul death with no way out! 😳 And we DO NOT want to go there!

  73. Avatar Jeff Yocum says:

    Many people may have made fun of President Trump, but Space Force may turn out to his most important contribution!!!

  74. Avatar daryle benson says:

    every government in the world are being ran by the same people they only make us fight each other this is one of the ways they keep us under their control so pay close attention and don’t fall for the bullshit

  75. Avatar Bob The Farmer of Cows says:


  76. Avatar margaret neanover says:

    To ruin space? Colors of a face. No. Not here there or now. I see so much

  77. Avatar S1NB4D says:

    This is the face of it for the time being,all though lasers and rail guns are going to prove to be the ultimate def and attack.

  78. Avatar Ashraful uzzal says:

    Love this program

  79. Avatar jazim jibril says:

    this is just fiction….i dont believe the human race will ever set foot on another planet

  80. Avatar greater pakistan says:

    america totally failed to provide fast internet in pakistan. shame on america and his technology.

  81. Avatar Alex xelA says:

    Lovely! Any amateur astronomer worth anything can build a ground to space laser powerful enough and shoot down passing satellites.
    I wonder why terrorists haven’t been doing that yet…
    I’m waiting… popcorn in hand.

  82. Avatar Fils de Jean Noir says:

    0:07 Nope. We know that’s just a front. We know ‘the war scientist’ doesn’t use the old geopolitical map! 😳

  83. Avatar Fils de Jean Noir says:

    0:10 Let’s NOT ‘see the conflicts’ of tomorrow! Let’s give them a miss! Unless you’re talkin’ about ‘the conflicts of today in the higher layers’ which are being sold as ‘the conflicts of tomorrow’.

  84. Avatar Fils de Jean Noir says:

    3:08 Oo! He doesn’t look like the guy to get on the wrong side of! 😳

  85. Avatar Fils de Jean Noir says:

    3:55 So non-superpower rival nations prevailing over the U. S.? Or you want the U. K. to prevail? Oh!! India! We can move fast enough! Of course we can!

    . #1 in Power Rankings. No Change in Rank from 2020. …
    . #2 in Power Rankings. #3 out of 73 in 2020. …
    Russia. #3 in Power Rankings. #2 out of 73 in 2020. …
    Germany. #4 in Power Rankings. …
    Kingdom. #5 in Power Rankings. …
    Japan. #6 in Power Rankings. …
    France. #7 in Power Rankings. …
    South Korea. #8 in Power Rankings.

  86. Avatar polo polo says:


  87. Avatar M Hanif says:

    Hi so good

  88. Avatar Mick Krever says:

    *Every day… this propagandist 🔴*

  89. Avatar K C says:

    the command of God almighty it’s like the twinkling of an eye,.

  90. Avatar George Kelmeris says:


  91. Avatar Fuck You says:

    At least the next fallout game will have realistic graphics and mechanics.

  92. Avatar Publius USA says:

    Planet of Apes.

  93. Avatar Inga Mgoduka says:

    Its good to be a citizen of one of the weak countries which is safe quiet about wars we will watch the big boys fight for our resources.

  94. Avatar Hooyahfish says:

    You can’t take out an enemy satellite without harming your own satellites.

  95. Avatar toytony ji says:

    What happen to Al Jazeera English, it has turned into a branch of US government. This is just a better funded version of VOA. Hypersonic weapon is not still being developed. China had already deployed them.

  96. Avatar franco luis sotomayor says:

    Sticks and stones

  97. Avatar Da BRIDGEPORT KID says:

    What’s wrong with us? I talking about humans

  98. Avatar Infidel Apostate says:

    Is anyone _still confused_ about the potential 42,000 StarLink satellites possess? 😒

  99. Avatar ax says:

    Stupidity towards infinity

  100. Avatar play station says:

    All these toys will be rendered useless in a blink of an eye. Corona crisis should wake these people up. No matter what super power you are, the wrath of God can turn you to begging anytime.

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