Death toll at 35 as Israel strikes hit buildings in Gaza

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As Israel’s army continues to bomb the Gaza Strip early on Wednesday, at least 35 Palestinians, including 12 children have died.
At least five Israelis have died after Hamas, which rules Gaza, launched multiple rocket attacks from the Palestinian-controlled territory.
The rocket fire came after Hamas demanded Israel pull its security forces from the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem.
Gaza has not been subject to such intense bombardment since 2014.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from Southern Israel.

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  1. Avatar Murali says:

    Love to Israel from Hydrabad, Telangana. I exhort Israel not to leave even one terrorist alive.

  2. Avatar tarou yamada says:

    innocent people die

  3. Avatar muslimah guidance says:

    Remember the Battle of Khandaq.
    “When they came from above you and from underneath you, and when the eyes grew wild and the hearts reached the throats and you thought doubtful thoughts of Allah. That was a test of the believers, and they were shaken a severe shaking.
    ” Qur’an, Surah Ahzab Allah testifies to the hardship of the believers when in the trench. and, although they doubted Allah, Allah forgave them and knew what was in their hearts. sabr is required when doing jihad

  4. Avatar Hariprasad Bh says:

    Indian sowmya from kerala working in Israel as nurse died by rocket hit on residential complex by Palestinian in Israel

  5. Avatar Awan Boss says:

    Free palestine

  6. Avatar Billal Hossain Francis says:


  7. Avatar Jerry Bodam Ayuba says:

    You guys are one sided on the issue on ground.

    • Avatar Butter Knot says:

      There are alot of pro israels in the comments

  8. Avatar Walk High says:

    Long live Israel. Israel need next Wrath of God operation again.Hamas mess with wrong people this time.

  9. Avatar Boy Lakwatsero says:

    Both sides have valid reasons to fight. So let them kill each other until they satisfied.

  10. Avatar Akash says:

    Why not U.N. & U.S. declare as a terrorist state? Why not kill or remove Nethanyahu ? Bring all Israel govt & leaders to ICK and try them for genocide. Be United Nations , NOT United Thugs.

  11. Avatar Darshan Soni says:

    We 💜💖💚💛 ISRAEL.

  12. Avatar Saleemy JR Applebee says:

    Shameful Israel and defeated govt of evils

  13. Avatar Vishal Tokarkar says:

    All countries together end Pakistan China and terrorist nights I am a mighty warrior

  14. Avatar Rohit kumar says:


  15. Avatar Man Yuh says:

    U see who is attacking the civilians….if ur not blind u will know who

  16. Avatar rose lee says:

    God bless israel

  17. Avatar md touhid says:

    Who ever is support philistini like there🇵🇸🇵🇸

  18. Avatar robinmyman says:

    Anyone believe Netanyahu will bring peace?

  19. Avatar Peggy Mattie says:

    Repent of your sins and believe in Yeshua/Jesus for eternal life, he is the only way to the Father. Don’t go into eternity without him.

  20. Avatar Astreix Ohh says:


  21. Avatar Astreix Ohh says:


  22. Avatar Deborah Victoria says:

    Entire Arab countries vs Israel who won yom Kippur war who won l!! Israel is undefeated and people doings this must stop

  23. Avatar SEAL SQUAD GAMING says:

    Israel al terorrist nation

  24. Avatar ACEH INDEPENDENT says:

    ,,This year all Muslim human beings on earth unite to attack Israel, Indonesia has prepared five million soldiers to defend Palestine,,

  25. Avatar Joey Anderson says:

    So Hamas is shooting missiles from daycare centers, and we have to give a 💩
    Isreal do whatever u gotta do!!

  26. Avatar Vinoth R says:

    Happy mubarak

    • Avatar Samjoe Balaq says:

      Rip to the hundred thousands covid19 victims of India.

  27. Avatar Vname Nname says:

    Europe stands with israel!! 🇮🇱

  28. Avatar Photo Man says:

    Dont fire rockets into Israel then !!

  29. Avatar Blanca Alfaro says:

    Hamas the world is watching you. I tell you this Palestine belongs to Israel not to you. Palestine is the promise land to Isaac y Jacob descendants not to the descendants of Ismael. Jerusalén is the city of the our KIN JESUS CHRIST. The son of God. Instead of fighting share in peace

  30. Avatar Ashvani Lahar says:

    Quran and Islam is Cancer to all Humanity

  31. Avatar Astral Pesmerga says:

    stop attacking israel let them leave

  32. Avatar Obaidur Rahman says:

    Israel wanted you bad😠🇧🇭

  33. Avatar Elcan says:

    UEA are happy to see that. Bcz they are not real islam.


    May God bring an end to the pain and suffering of all innocent people. May God punish the people in power who are watching while the Innocent women, kids, old people pay the price with their lives, we all live in a corrupt world…. Shame on all the Leaders for playing deaf.

  35. Avatar Atul vivek Kisspotta says:

    God bless Israel 🇮🇱

  36. Avatar Pole Dev says:

    Hammas : fire rocket

    Israel : intercept the rocket

    The debris falling down

    Hammas : it’s you fault

  37. Avatar Satish Kumar says:

    I support Israel

  38. Avatar Anna Briggs says:

    Innocent people are being killed and this is supposed to be a religious place. The devil is so busy all I can do is continue to pray very sad.

  39. Avatar gogadget go says:

    ‘Khaaaamas and islamic jihad…’ lol, the circus has come to town again folks, 😂😂😂😂

  40. Avatar kaharurizar roy says:

    End of the world…. Soon.. Allahhuakbar

  41. Avatar Ivan Valerio says:

    God help us all and help the children of Israel

  42. Avatar Muhammad Akhtar says:

    Israel have to stop all attacks on Palistinions , otherwise she shall have to suffer from hard reponce !!

  43. Avatar Nalusiba Caroline says:

    This should stop plz killing people not good Allah will judge you guys killing innocent people


    Free Palestine
    Death to Israel

  45. Avatar Gurucharan Gulati says:

    Israel has all the rights to defend it’s people..
    As Hamas has started it….

  46. Avatar Lalit Paliwal says:


  47. Avatar Nadeem Ahmed says:

    Thats good

  48. Avatar Pirjade M N says:

    Israel is culprit.
    Israel is devil
    Netanyahoo is devil

  49. Avatar Abubaker Ghulam Rasool says:

    Israel is killing innocent people Where is united nation declare Israel as terrorist state

  50. Avatar S Islam says:

    ” When my servants ask you (o Prophet pbuh) about me, indeed I am near. I respond to the supplicant when he calls on me …”. (Qur’an 2:186)

  51. Avatar Jay Mac says:

    It’s about to go down. This should scare any sane person. They are killing each other’s children with impunity. Welcome to the end.

  52. Avatar SALAH EDDINE says:

    UN: I can’t help palestinians
    Palestine: we will defend our selves
    UN: why did you defend yourself

  53. Avatar CG ELMORE says:

    Palestinians, stop Hamas from firing on Israel.

  54. Avatar AKki bhai says:

    Praying for peace❤️🇮🇱🇮🇳

  55. Avatar Tanvir shaikh says:

    Israel is a terrorist for the world and all countries should have to ban to Israel country for ever .

  56. Avatar Tanvir shaikh says:

    I support to Palestine because there is only Palestine country no one Israel country ithe world . Israel is illegal country in the world Israel passport is illegal passport .

  57. Avatar Ferry Misgiarto says:

    Hammas rocket will never reach the target unless they modify the booster design. The thrust shall stop at 50% of the travel way from the target so it can not be intercepted by iron dome.

  58. Avatar JakaKelana says:

    Where are you UN…??? What wrong with you Mr.Natanyahu??are you blind…please no more Palestine people cry….to more child died
    With this komplic….Wake up UN…?? Look at this ???

  59. Avatar gurufabbes1 says:

    Palestinians: We can dish it out but we can’t take it.

  60. Avatar besehee says:

    …said the one who has blood all over himself!

  61. Avatar Davis Davin says:

    Long-live Israel

  62. Avatar Debbie Duncan says:

    ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH, fight for your Chosen People, Israel! Fight Israel and win!

  63. Avatar Dhylan Spano says:

    God bless, protect, and save Israel 🇮🇱!

  64. Avatar Mike Chil says:

  65. Avatar mahdi-_- cj says:

    Letss gooo 💥🔥🔥

  66. Avatar Sona Mkhitaryan says:

    Israel’s president is evil

  67. Avatar Mohamad Riyaadh says:

    It’s astonishing how people say pray for Israel, while they do 99% of killing, anyways, such is life

  68. Avatar Homeless? Homeless! says:

    Organization ruin peace process between Jewish people and Arabs

  69. Avatar ThisisMyStory says:

    Repeated Cycle

    1. Attack Israel
    2. Israel fights back with all might
    3. Arabs/UN/World Leaders: “Israel, please, nooooo, stoooop”…

    Toinks.. lol.. Israel a meek lamb no more since Holocaust.. Go Israel! Defend and fight for your existence as well.

  70. Avatar free palestine says:

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸❤️🇮🇹

  71. Avatar Irfan Harry says:

    We support Palestine issue, and Iranian rockets web 🤗 right

  72. Avatar Abbas Hussain says:

    Alkhmdullah inshallah all killed israil coming and fast soon

  73. Avatar Sean Van Pelt says:

    Christian prayers are with you my Palestinian brothers and sisters.

  74. Avatar Daryl Llanera says:


  75. Avatar Travis Johnson says:

    If you don’t start stupid things, there won’t be stupid things.

  76. Avatar Ummah Of Nabi says:

    Hamas is funded by Israel, Hamas Knows that Israel has Very advanced defense system and its missiles won’t do anything to Israel but Hamas still fires missile on order of Israel so that Israel can get chance to Bomb Palestinians in Gaza, all the missiles fired by Hamas are being destroyed by Israeli defense system and after firing 130 missiles in Israel just 2 person die this is a Joke, Hamas knows that nothing will happen to Israel but it still fires missiles in Israel because Israel has told it to do so and then Israel attacks gaza killing dozens of Palestinian nad childrens.
    Read history of Hamas, Hamas has been created by Israel.

  77. Avatar husam abdul jabbar says:

    Free Palestine✌️🇵🇸♥️♥️
    ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــ
    The Terrorist Israel

  78. Avatar Shahrukh says:

    I have subscribed your channel and even press the bell icon to receive every video you upload but YouTube doesn’t show Al Jazeera video

  79. Avatar Darcy Mcnabb says:

    Who cares we in the rest of the world have our own problems to worry about.

  80. Avatar metalbandsrule says:

    All I see are people that looks exactly the same. However, they divide themselves with religion and names. Such sadness

  81. Avatar Nato elie Celnt says:

    God Himself created the bani Israel in the 12 main tribes of the bani israel. God who guided all the Bani Israel from Egypt and placed all the Bani Israel in the land of canaan which was the holy land of Israel forever. This is the territory of the holy land of Israel. Palestine was a false state founded by some wild tribes who came from the area around the holy land of Israel at the time of Assyrian exile and Babylonian exile at the time. Whatever God ordained for the Children’s of Israel, no creature can change it forever. Who started this dirty and sinful situation ??? God and Nebi Moses, Nebi elijah loved all the Bani Israel from heaven. God bless you and your family. Shalom,

  82. Avatar Rzr Man says:

    Peace to Israel and Palestine .

  83. Avatar Walter Patrick says:

    Leaders of Hamas…don’t fire your rockets from school yards or hospitals. Don’t hide where your children sleep. If you do, their blood is on your hands and not the Israelis.

  84. Avatar jommel feliminiano says:

    This battle of war land to land.. country to country.

  85. Avatar Miguel Panyo says:

    Palestine launching rockets at random Israeli civilians while Israel is only launching at Hamas rebel hideouts. See the difference

  86. Avatar yalın avşalı says:

    if don’t see sisi Selman zayed condem the zionist because they are all one alone with zionist

  87. Avatar 20ME011 Aditya Kumar says:

    Palestine will regret what they did

  88. Avatar Tykki - says:

    nothing more devastating than having dumb leaders whose ego are bigger than their mind.

  89. Avatar Lela Putri says:

    When us pray in Ramadhan in Aqsho,, who shutting.. ?? so who first make warr!!!

  90. Avatar lae uryo says:

    I love you israel😍😍😍😍

  91. Avatar Ruzbihan says:

    Hamas improved their home made rockets… well done..

  92. Avatar Ashish Thakur says:


  93. Avatar ZXOP Pro Gaming says:

    Hamas attacking without any warning from residential buildings or schools but Israel replied post warning to leave the place before attack .. Is this a fair fight ? … Why Israel has to inform before the attack?

  94. Avatar Aviram Div says:

    I love how they didnt mention that 2 Israeli kids were killed, one six year old kid and another 7 year old girl were hit by rockets

  95. Avatar Rose Rose says:

    Yaa Allah protect the Palestinian…

  96. Avatar Entrepreneur promise says:

    All the world watching this, and the UN did not do anything.

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