Tesla activates world’s biggest battery

2020 6/25
Tesla activates world's biggest battery

Tesla has activated a lithium-ion battery big enough to power 30,000 homes in South Australia.

Tesla, the US technology giant, has started up the world’s largest battery and plugged it into South Australia’s power grid.

Being one of the world’s biggest coal exporters, Australia has also long been seen as one of the world’s worst polluters.

South Australia is scrapping its coal-fired power stations and switching to renewable energy.

Al Jazeera’s Hannah Hoexter reports.

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コメント一覧 (111件)

  • Jakab Gipsz says:

    What They Do not Speak: Batteries use such a rare earth that runs out soon (because it’s rare) and what about worn, broken batteries?
    Any car in the world with battery? how? Where will it be so rare metal?
    Elon just hopes that the developments will be solved because it just looks like …

    • Teli Lala says:

      You use the word “rare earth” but cant state the name? When you mean lithium… That is not freaking rare at all. If you want to discuss something, bring atleast ONE simple fact, not some bullshit.

  • Raptor Jesus says:

    Just a friendly reminder, Elon Musk is a businessman who sells himself and his company as the saviour of the world and this is not strictly true. I’m willing to bet that not only is most of what Elon does a PR stunt but also generates him money.

    I don’t say this as a hater, I say this because it is important to not put people up on a pedestal and think they can do no wrong, it is also important to question all their actions and do your own research. If you have done this, and you do still believe he is the saviour of the world, more power to you.

    • 80386 says:

      exactly. he’s a graduate from wharton which creates hardcore business and marketing folks and that’s exactly what musk is – a glorified salesman who has identified a particular online active demographic eager to feel like they ‘make a difference’. musk has capitalized on that and mastered the art of manipulating them in order to accelerate the hype-train. unfortunately hype doesn’t always translate to real world outcome and that’s why you’ll notice when one of his ventures start to stall, he immediately creates another big hype about some new ‘breakthrough’ to distract the naive masses away. and this cycle is made worse by the media who also want to cash in on the action and keep repeating and accelerating the online hype-train further.

    • hey heyhey says:

      Yes hes part of the technocrats that wish to take control of society through technology. The climate change arguement is used to take control of the countrys energy source and with computers thet can monitor everyone at any given time.

    • Jack Jenkins says:

      The battery system has already prevented one black out for a part of the grid it’s not even supposed to be monitoring.

  • Ronaldo Roda says:

    It beggins…

  • Cave Man says:

    id love to see that on fire

  • Dominic Warner says:

    “An example of Australia leading the world” with a battery built by an American company.

  • Joseph Farhat says:

    This is a good report well done, Tesla doing something good for once. .

    to bad its being done on a isis supporting network

  • oo7moses says:

    The batteries are lithium ion? _Really!?_

  • Bruce Wayne says:

    So tesla made this and south australia takes the credit for it lol. What a jackass

  • born2doubleup says:

    I’m assuming it was pre-built somewhere else and then just put together there in 60 days?!?

  • Amachetay Cybo says:

    there’s way better battery technology then lithium ion that u can literally make yourself its not hard.

  • Stefan Cel Mare says:

    Ol’ Musky doing his thing. helping the world. Good Ol’ Musky 😀

  • Richard Hagan says:

    Real life energon cubes

  • Geza Turi says:

    Interesting that they are opting for wind and not solar just a quarter of a mile of the Sun’s surface.

  • Denny Hiu says:

    no downsides? where’s the lithium come from ?

    • facedrill pie says:

      you are now aware that australian the #1 producer of lithium

  • AnantaSesaDas says:

    Nice he met deadline to get paid.

    Too bad those batts didnt get used in cars first when weight was a big factor. Then as their output decreased they could be grounded in a substation where weight doesnt matter.

  • Simon Andree says:

    Storing energy chemically like this is not the solution of our problems.

    • lewtsun says:

      But it is a step in the right direction.

    • Simon Andree says:

      Depending on what you define as the right direction. Batteries can of course store energy, which is good, but are not very durable and probably require intensive maintenance. Not to mention that lithium is a very limited resource. There already are better methods for storing energy, batteries are more useful in mobile applications.

    • lewtsun says:

      Simon Andree I consider a step in the right direction as changing the way we currently think about electricity generation and use. Probably the largest issue with wind, wave and solar power is that they are only going to generate energy during the day or when there is wind and not necessarily when it is needed most. Energy storage is a solution to this problem. While I agree that lithium ion is not ideal, it does shift thinking into a new direction, and hopefully with that, advances in energy storage.

    • Simon Andree says:

      Yup, we can agree on that – but what I meant in my original comment is that we have to be careful not to push a technology that is not thought through to the end. Elon Musk is extremely hyped at the moment, for example here in the comments, while this is by far not the ideal solution for the problem of storing electrical energy. I think we would be better off promoting really scalable solutions like pumped storage hydro power stations or power-to-gas. Or we expand the use of constant renewable energy sources like hydros or tidal power plants.

  • Victor Ledezma says:

    Elon Musk <3

  • B T says:

    Yeah, but how many bombs can you fit into a Tesla to kill infidels with? Right, Al Jazeera?

  • Gnome Party says:

    No wonder he chose the name Tesla. I suppose Faraday was already taken 🙂

  • Hunter Jones says:

    Does the Australian taxpayers have to subsidize Elon Musk like the American Taxpayers have to?

    • Raw Frags says:

      Hunter Jones
      Elon saves tax payer money actually.

  • Silent Swordsman says:

    Nuclear power is far cleaner and effective.

  • axelxan says:

    Elon must play a lot in Factorio 😀

  • Dr Zonnked says:

    I heard a story about the line I work on at Tesla where Elon was yelling at everyone for not being efficient enough yelling them all to do better or they’re fired then everyone started clapping for him. Lmao

  • Tewthpaste says:

    *suck thing about battery is they degrade over time like the battery on your phone. The battery on your phone and the battery on the power plant are no difference, they are both lithium ion battery.*

  • Skullcs4ever says:

    Will it finally be enough for my iPhone?

  • Muralikrishna Jayan says:

    Elon musk

  • markog1999 says:

    Well, It’s just “done the job” of picking up the power-shortage after one of he coal-fired plants failed.

  • Albert Zion says:

    We are the worse, an absolute monster polluter, how dare we. China, brilliant.

  • The People says:

    i bet tesla will make a new type of battery for smartphones

  • FastLikeUNO says:

    Elon is life

  • dingus malingus says:

    i live in south australia ill be paying for this battery for years

  • Brandon Fuller says:

    your 30 minutes or free $40 billion battery!

  • Lakota Tom says:

    I worked on those. Literally saving the world is what Tesla is doing. Support Elon and his amazing ideas . He will be remembered for decades to come.

  • Rata 4U says:

    Car production has slowed because the precious metals required to build batteries is in short supply. There’s only so much material in the world.

    On the other hand hydrogen vehicles have no such problems to worry about. Htdrogen is the most abundant form of energy in the entire universe.

  • Shailesh Chaudhari says:

    Elon came to rescue of Australians when they needed him most to overcome electricity poverty! Great move indeed..

  • Ikram Ramli says:

    Imagine the world without Sir Elon Musk and His Guys..

  • Drone says:

    what happens when the battery reaches its maximum cycles, how would we dispose of it, also, how much carbon emissions were emitted when mining the lithium. Lithium is toxic and unrenewable, we can’t cover the planet in this stuff, we’ll have cancer left and right and this will only increase carbon emissions.

  • CozmicK G says:

    Why can’t they use dams as energy storage? Pump water up into the lake to store energy, let the water down into a lower reservoir to power turbines and get the energy back. Pretty sure dams are already used in this way anyway.

  • Chris Schene says:

    I would be interested in the net cost per KWH

  • stacey sun says:

    *battery switches on*
    Elon Musk: Yay!!!
    *next moment*
    *battery catches fire*
    Elon Musk: Noo!!!

  • Daniel Harvey IV says:

    Mining the lithium sucks too tho. But I love elan musk, he’s truly changing the world . History in the making

  • DeathVodkanz says:

    haha once again Australia leading the world in technology… I heard the internet is still worse than Ethiopia 😛 hahahahah

  • Siddharth Chowdary Vunnam says:

    Elon, I say rip the money out of those Aussies 😈
    P.S. I will take all your dislikes and haterade only as likes 😝👍

  • Norenborg says:

    Wasnt it this that would be “free of charge” if it wasnt built within 90 days? Done in 60… Mad.

  • adam2011 says:

    no point unless China started caring about renewable energy.. or other high pollution countries.

  • Sohan Singh says:

    example of south Australia leading the world cough cough

  • Robert Bidochon says:

    Why is it just coming now, it should’ve been in place decades ago by the governments! Good thing Elon’s there !

  • Prabhanjan D says:

    battery to power 30,000 homes for how long if the main power supply goes out??? is it 15 minutes or 4 hours???A giant UPS for a city for 40 mil??Curb your enthusiasm? Elon musk sold a lot of batteries…good for him.

  • Acronyx says:

    I Phones have been under fire recently because their batteries degrade over time and hold less charge as the years go on. Just remmeber that before thinking bigger batteries are a permanaent fix. Tesla is just putting A bandage over a gaping wound, not stitching it up. Its only temporary till we can find a permanent alternative to Coal, oil and gas.

  • Jim Jiang says:

    I live in SA and I believe in Elon!

  • LAUGH says:

    Dafuq do they mean “lucky for him” .

  • jo bloggs says:

    good on you S.A.

  • Stars227 says:

    “Leading the world.” What? A battery = leading the world….? I think my country is dumber than I thought.

  • fidel catsro says:

    SO how to store solar and wind energy for later use without need of batteries that degrade over time????

  • ÆRational says:

    Lithium mined by child slaves…. BUT WHO CARES EVERYTHING ELON MUSK DOES IS RIGHT!

  • anes amm says:

    good job aussies. modernize your country just a little bit more so it will be ready for the globalist moneymens unrestrained armies of imported western emulating foreigners now destroying the rest of the millenia civilized european world

  • void says:

    And in a couple of years they’ll replace this one with a Graphene battery

  • Evan Dickson says:

    Imagine if they pulled a Samsung and it caught on fire and exploded.

  • superstealth says:

    Please make a new battery technology
    Lithium ion degrade overtime


    DONT YOU JUST LOVE a guy who says “We’ll do it on time – or its FREE!” – Compair and contrast Trump “It was his fault!! No his – no his – ANYONE except me!!! Im BIGLY wonderful!!!!”

  • Christopher Pippin says:

    You mean Elon Musk powering the world

  • NoLeads Ent. says:

    it’s not luck, it’s diligence.

    and no thanks to j.p morgan and roccafella we are 100 years behind on this technology.

    think where we would be now…

  • Marius Ninjai says:

    is that dude taking all the credit from Tesla and Elon musk or did i misunderstand

  • Sour Words says:

    Spend 40 mil and become a national hero. Only in America opps i mean in Australia.

  • DizzProductions says:

    That moment when you find the ditsiest people in Jamestown. sweet god..

  • momo lolo says:

    Probably one of the biggest explosiom in human history.

  • 408Magenta says:

    That will fit neatly in your car trunk.

  • 408Magenta says:

    China is buying more and more Australia coal. It will not stop. It will continue!!

  • SIMM0 says:

    Wind power? Why not solar, it’s Australia

  • Pavel Israil says:

    But can it charge my phone?

  • Riad Ahmed says:

    Just learn from us this is technology nothing match yet least 100 years ‘Elon Musk’

  • John Keane says:

    Can power a galaxy s9 for over 5 hours!!!

  • Just a Knight says:

    It’s all about investments and US is not leading the way, but they should be but too arrogant to evolve.

  • Joe Hallam says:

    How much did this monstrosity cost the poor old tax payers????????

  • Edwin Tolentino says:

    This is the way to go.

  • Kendrick Smith says:

    Elon musk’s only one that will change the world

  • artoru vidal2 says:

    Why wind when Australia has 30% of the world Uranium ?

  • محمد احمد says:

    دول متقدم طبعا يسوها

  • Bobby Chang says:

    Elon is the man!!!

  • Tom R says:

    So no info on how any of it works? Probably hiding any possible downsides or how many years it will take to be carbon neutral 🙂

  • Gregory M says:

    So little power in this battery . Only can hold { 2 hours } worth of power for 1 tenth of South Australia’s need private homes . Nothing for businesses By my calculation , we need at least 10,000 of these just to store 1 days worth of power for all industry commerce and households use in Australia . 10,000 multiplied by the cost of the Adelaide experiment , 50 million dollars . Are , that equals . 500 billion dollars . That is so expensive Australia would be broke and collapse into ruin . No-one with any sense can tolerate that absurd scenario . But the Greens who are ignorant of mathematics . Cause and effect . The Greens are inept .

  • silys says:

    Not so much Australia leading the world but Elon Musk saving it…

  • Haven Huffman says:

    Y not uesd that battery in a boat all electric boat electric ships electric yachts into the feature lefamulin berries with oversized trolling motors

  • Haven Huffman says:

    40lbs trolling motor 950cca go 41/2hr long run 365time max uesd than buy a new battery but cheaper and environment and more power I just think boat need to update to Electric

  • Haven Huffman says:

    Ships need to be Electric power

  • Haven Huffman says:

    Why not put up with a higher horsepower electric motor in a ship and the biggest battery in the world

  • Malik Jalal Ud Din says:


  • Samir Safarov says:

    If that battery explodes, then uh oh

  • MATAM says:

    And then connect that to a phone.

  • المهندس شوكت حمد says:

    هل يمكن تصميم بطارية لتغذيه المنزل بالتيار

  • Fat Roo Productions says:

    I wonder how many children died in the Congo’s cobalt mines in the production of this unnecessary, make me feel good, waste of money?

  • Do NOT says:

    Man made climate change is the last widely accepted superstition. You should hear yourselves when you blame a freak storm on coal power plants. Smh.

  • Stacey Ogier says:

    We live in SA and our power bills still suck nuts. Never even heard of this thing till today. If the Australian government wanted us to pay less for power then im sure the dozens of wind farms and now apparently this battery would have started passing on the price benefits by now. But they dont want us affording a good life because then we wouldnt have to work for them as much.

  • Jeb Julian says:

    When the prime minister’s response, was to compare the worlds biggest battery to the world’s biggest prawn or banana. All I can do is thank Elon for solutions in the face of ineptitude

  • Matrix Dude says:

    Elon mask is futurestic business man he is doing this to earn money in simply good way

  • Charles Ndung'u says:

    I wonder how it’s going now!

  • Talavera jr says:

    Well good luck with emps…

  • Md Suheal says:

    Was egypts pyramid was ancient battery or power house

  • James Barclay says:

    I don’t think its big enough to power a good home computer for over eight hours.

  • Mo RBD says:

    More lithium yeah destroy our world