Peru on edge as vote counting begins in tight presidential runoff

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Peru on Sunday closed out its most polarised presidential electoral contest in its democratic history with a result margin so narrow that a winner cannot be announced yet.
The contest between socialist Pedro Castillo and conservative Keiko Fujimori looks like it will be a long and stormy vote count that could last several days.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports from Lima, Peru.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar LESSONS 4 LIFE says:

    Stop the count

    • Avatar Dro2Real83 says:

      I see what you did there.💀💀💀😂😂🤣🤣👀👀

    • Avatar Bernard Andrew says:

      So the leftist one can commit fraud like the masistas in Bolivia , peronistas in Argentina, Frauden, etc?

  2. Avatar 1 Din Darbar Tay says:

    ولی اولیإ کے دربار دیکھتے رہو۔۔53

  3. Avatar Islamic Center Natore says:

    Wow darun laglo

  4. Avatar Liton Qa says:


  5. Avatar الاخبار والعالم says:


  6. Avatar الاخبار والعالم says:


  7. Avatar 0 to infinitive says:

    Love Al Jazeera from Bangladesh

  8. Avatar Miriam Schiro says:

    Oh no it’s going to be like when the voting season of trump and Bernie in America Ugh the worse one for them is going to win that’s how it always happen when votes are so close but I pray not for their sake

    • Avatar Bernard Andrew says:

      I hope the traitor Trashcialist (socialist) loses

    • Avatar Christian Gomez says:

      @Bernard Andrew ah yes instead vote for the person that was associated with a dictator

    • Avatar im energy from god says:

      Biden is a lie have you all seen they don’t even know whos in charge?

    • Avatar Bernard Andrew says:

      @Christian Gomez No vote for a traitor thats associated with those terror. Ist that killed many people in the 80s and blamed the “dictatorship” for it. You sound like the peronistas and their 30k “victims” (which weren’t 30k victims in the first place and they were literally bom’ bing civilians).

  9. Avatar mark norris says:

    thank god the usa doesn’t have a land border with this shambolic country

    • Avatar G S says:


    • Avatar mark norris says:

      @G S you people have turned the jewel of the earth , lake titicaca , into an open sewer , i’ve seen it , horrifying , just the idea of a functioning government in peru is a bad joke

    • Avatar Miriam Schiro says:

      @t x how are they similar? 🙄

    • Avatar Prospect azpro_yt says:

      Doesnt Peru have US embassy tho

  10. Avatar rocket5833 says:

    its all fake Trump…and some dummies would believe that

  11. Avatar Collydogz nampach says:

    Hope you aren’t using those machines.

  12. Avatar Styxhexenhammer666 says:

    Expect the socialists to cheat.

    • Avatar Bernard Andrew says:

      @Kolton Mitchell Well if you can explain that happy hour that Biden had during the election where no candidate except him receive hundred of thousands votes(? In 7states at the same time!

    • Avatar Bernard Andrew says:

      @Kolton Mitchell You also forgot to mention that its illegal to cover the windows during the count, to stop the count in the middle of the night, to bring ballots after midnight, not let the inspectors supervise the count even with an order of the judge , Post propaganda banners in voting, locations, offer money in exchange of vote, not ask for id, let homeless people vote using their shelter address, people who voted multiples times for coming from other states, dead people from 1920s voted, etc

    • Avatar Bernard Andrew says:

      @Kolton Mitchell Another thing trump never called for a “revolution” or a “riot” like many democrats did. And pls tell me why in the world a pro capitalism guy will have communist tattoos? (I’m refering to one that entered the capitol) or will use antifa helmets?

    • Avatar Kolton Mitchell says:

      @Bernard Andrew It was the mail in voting and the fact they couldn’t count those votes until the polls closed.

    • Avatar Kolton Mitchell says:

      @Bernard Andrew You are being ridiculous. I have shown you examples of republican voter fraud. you are just throwing things around hoping they stick. This has been in front of judges.

  13. Avatar kurtosis says:

    We love you Keiko

    • Avatar SlyBiffrons says:


    • Avatar Risk Dubz says:

      Stfu, glory to communism

      Death to right wing

  14. Avatar ❤❤❤ says:

    In india more people daied by corona, it’s failure of bjps government 👈👈👈

    • Avatar DAJJA DAZZAL says:

      Sudden happen

    • Avatar T. Meriadoc says:

      India needs compassionate government

  15. Avatar Kolton Mitchell says:

    I always support the poor people and natives. How can someone betray their people and vote for an extremist daughter of an extremist dictator?

    • Avatar T. Meriadoc says:

      Fujimori is a criminal.

  16. Avatar TJ Marx says:

    One candidate on the extreme right, one candidate on the extreme left but voters are looking for a president to represent everyone… Doesn’t sound like that candidate is running.

    • Avatar SlyBiffrons says:

      @jmg544 Bernie was a moderate Social Democrat. Biden is a decrepit ghoul who will do nothing to fix America’s fundamental issues. I’d take Bernie in a heartbeat.

    • Avatar SlyBiffrons says:

      @jmg544 Getting a politician that will break the status quo is wrong? Okay.

    • Avatar Bernard Andrew says:

      @Comrade Polar bear Biden isn’t far left he can be a traitor , a pro ccp, a far left, pro domestic terrorism(blm-antifa), a kid sniffer,etc but never a legal elected president.

    • Avatar Michael Casali says:

      Castillo is not on the extreme left, he is still a capitalist and very socially conservative

    • Avatar TJ Marx says:

      @Michael Casali I figured both candidates were probably much closer to the centre than the news story was making out. I just wanted to highlight the corner the news story painted itself into with it’s sensationalist rhetoric.

      I really am getting tired of hearing reporters make sensational claims to make a story seem more exciting. Just give us the plain, unbiased facts and let us make of them what we will.

  17. Avatar ILL State Fishing says:

    Cmon Castillo end Neoliberalism!! 🇵🇪

  18. Avatar Carlos Francisco says:

    is it true she colonizes peru with japanese people?

    • Avatar Brenda Bazan says:


  19. Avatar A R says:

    Does anybody else see why the virus is exploding in Latin America? All they have elections watch it will shift to the next country that has elections get ready america it’s coming back

  20. Avatar Marycarmen Villasis says:

    Who ever is commenting from my country affairs favoring Castillo doesn’t have any idea what are you talking about, he is a communist and is involved with Sendero luminoso please go head and read before you comment regarding Terrorism in my country in the 80′ if you are not from that era and you are not Peruvian you don’t know what you are talking about and if you people loves communism you can go head and live in Cuba or Venezuela period

    • Avatar Soloman G says:

      Fujimoris are genocidal clowns

  21. Avatar Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    India needs better gov

  22. Avatar Quran Meaning Translated - English Only says:

    Democracy is shirk

  23. Avatar McLaren F1 GTR says:

    So there is only two candidates? Why?

    • Avatar Manu Oviedo says:

      Is the final round, is like a final, other candidates were eliminated by their amount of votes.

    • Avatar Douwe Meijer says:

      I think this is the 2nd round of voting. These are the 2 candidates that were the biggest in the first round of voting

  24. Avatar zetoland says:

    Peter clastle president

  25. Avatar lunarstars says:

    Peru is a very crappy country to live in because it doesn’t have guaranteed social safety nets to support it’s less capable and/or disabled populations. Its minimum wage is also a joke. There are people over there stealing earrings, shoes, and mobile phones to buy groceries. Treat people like animals and what do you know? They start acting like animals.

    Social safety nets found in countries like Sweden, France, Canada, and even the U.S. are what keeps anarchy away. Whoever is chosen as President over there needs to address this issue once and for all.

    My money is on Castillo fixing something if he wins by some miracle. Mrs. Keiko won’t lift a finger to implement social safety nets in Peru because she’s concerned with giving herself and her friends tax cuts and access to more of Peru’s natural resources. Her promise of giving $2600 to the families of people who died from COVID19 is a joke.

    This isn’t a culture war or a war about race, most of the people in Lima are just as brown as most of the people in Piura, Cuzco, etc. This is about paying people their fair share, taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves anymore, and making sure people have clean water everywhere, not just in large cities like Lima.

  26. Avatar Brenda Bazan says:

    Alberto fujimori with USAID sterilizationed many andean women…what do you think?

    • Avatar Soloman G says:

      Of course both are terrible people. Father and daughter

  27. Avatar Gladys Arg says:

    ❤️❤️Keiko 🇵🇪🇵🇪 🙏🙏🙏

  28. Avatar Tenebrass Golliatt says:

    Sometimes it is sad to remember history, especially at this time, when the Country lives the living example of corruption and betrayal committed by its disloyal and ambitious ancestors.
    While it is true the speeches of the Cajamarca candidate are mere threats, however he is only a puppet who transmits the messages of his cowardly comrades all this tragedy is due to an old settling of accounts, proof of it, throughout of his campaign this guy promised to protect only all those “poor victims without rights”:
    all those frustrated people who failed to dominate the country as they tried in the 1980s and under the supervision of their terrorist leader Abimael Guzmán.
    That is, all this is about political revenge, and because X President Alberto Fujimory haunted them like a rats.
    However more than a political social coflict, this riot has a racial order, most of them complex people with deep resentment, against people who are not responsible for the miscegenation that occurred in the country a few hundred years ago. years, neither because of their misery nor because of that inner hatred that consumes them to death and prevents them from growing mentally and spiritually to experience peace.
    By the way, very similar to the conflict and tragedy that the United States is experiencing.
    Most of the people in many countries have a very wrong concept of what humility, simplicity, slavery, and who are the victims?
    Almost everyone has forgotten that “the facade does not make the monkeys”, this definitely means not all the natives especially those from the Andes, are not the best example of humbleness
    at least not the “Lemeños “who reside in the Capital.
    Now, the only reason we have to talk about disloyalty and treason, is to refresh your memory, or forget about those who conspired against Elinka.
    But who were the ones who lent themselves to the ambush?
    And who were the other Peruvians who fled and founded Ecuador?

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