Taliban captures Afghanistan’s main Tajikistan border crossing

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The United Nations’ special representative for Afghanistan has warned of increased instability after recent military gains by the Taliban.
On Monday, its fighters captured the Imam Sahib district in northern Kunduz province.
Violence has escalated since the United States announced plans to withdraw its troops by September.

Al Jazeera’s diplomatic editor James Bays reports.

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  1. Avatar ABDUL REHMAN says:

    For USSR afg was Vietnam, and For US its the repetition 😌

  2. Avatar warrior 786 says:

    ma sha allah

  3. Avatar Mahbub A Islam says:

    Failed by UN. What a Shameful.

  4. Avatar I'M ALWAYS B4U says:

    Long live Taliban
    Support from Indian Muslim 💪🇮🇳

    • Avatar Red Chillies says:

      😂😂😂 Afghan are not muslim 😁

    • Avatar Anoko M A says:

      @Red Chillies your you an idiot we are muslim bruh literally 99% people in Afghanistan are muslim

    • Avatar Red Chillies says:

      @Anoko M A abey wahi kehraa k kya Afghani muslim nahi hai…
      Thy themselves not support Taliban know abt thre brutality …har jghaa apni nose poke karny k nahi jb situation n pata ho 🤭

    • Avatar Anoko M A says:

      @Red Chillies what?

  5. Avatar A Raz says:

    Indians are not happy.

  6. Avatar Mohsen Khan says:

    Zindabad Toliban 🕋🕋🕋🇦🇫🇦🇫 zindabad islami emirate Afghanistan 👳 👆💪🇦🇫🇦🇫🕋🕋

  7. Avatar The Wolf says:

    next is pakistan inshallah

  8. Avatar IvanPlayStation4LiFe says:

    The USA did this to destroy the Middle East from Al Qaeda to ISIS and now to Taliban. Demonrats have zero shame they are pure terrorist destroying the world and the USA

  9. Avatar Arif khan Vlogs says:

    Why UN silence about Palestine 🇵🇸 ❓
    And talk about Afghanistan we know everything what they want 👣

  10. Avatar Facts By Aman Ali says:

    Talibans r real heros of Afghanistan they r freedom fighters west must leave Afghanistan alone

  11. Avatar Abdul Qadir says:

    Afghanistan government forces and USA UK NATO are full of evil the real terrorists who have destroyed Afghanistan

  12. Avatar a b says:

    Exactly 2 days before the 9/11 conspiracy
    The US assassinated Ahmad Shah Massoud (a friend of General Soleimani) and the only powerful anti-American and anti-Taliban fighter in Afghanistan.
    This is , To be sure of his absence as the main obstacle, the US attack to Afghanistan after this (the 9/11 conspiracy)
    From 2001 until now, (2021) Afghanistan is under American occupation and the Taliban and al-Qaeda have never been eliminated, but have become more powerful.
    The United States apparently wants to leave Afghanistan
    But at the same time, the Taliban are working on a new plan to help the next US plan

  13. Avatar Muhammad Umar says:

    Ohh I thought they had a peace agreement 🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Avatar matrix007007007 says:

    Thanks you all by destroying my country

  15. Avatar rhino62 says:

    Nobody cries for the puppets of the USA

  16. Avatar Calot says:

    Us jeneral please persuade Rambo to defend afghanistan

  17. Avatar Calot says:

    Now world know who is really america.the worst liar

  18. Avatar Grand Boss says:

    Soviets(Russia) U.S destroy the stability of the country and leaving it at once without trying to fix the problem they have cause.

    Such a shame for this powerful but yet idiots

  19. Avatar Azwa Pick Lock says:

    Operation False Flag is normal by a shadow Organisation which doesn’t like Afghanistan peace again.

  20. Avatar Israel says:

    Here we go again…

  21. Avatar hayop ka says:

    their military commander do not know how to counter attack..

  22. Avatar chandler says:

    Controlling the border area is key to thier smuggling networks into central asia . Taliban is funded almost completely through the opium trade with their command and control in Quetta Pakistan and help of the ISI. Thats how they are funded , taking the border crossing makes complete sense.

    i suggest everyone reads the books “seeds of terror” By Gretchan Peters if you want the truth about the Taliban.

  23. Avatar Dylan peres says:

    So all the weapons the us gave to the Afghan government will end up in an Isis 2.0 in 10 or so years

  24. Avatar Miller Dj says:

    Roman: failed
    Genghis Khan : failed
    British: failed
    Soviet: failed
    American : failed
    What’s a joke 😂

    • Avatar GolonaWailus says:

      Except genghis khan did not fail. Genghis khan genocided-in

    • Avatar M Ahmed Asif says:

      @GolonaWailus he was still not able to rule full Afghanistan

  25. Avatar Isi B says:

    Hup hup Taliban.
    take back your country 👍

  26. Avatar usman khan says:

    Taliban to Afghan government after the US pulls out its troops from Afghanistan “Tera kya honga re Kaliya” 😂😂😂 this is the the reality of being a puppet of the US.

    • Avatar Farhan Gujjar says:

      well said😂😂

  27. Avatar hamidi says:

    Afghan… If the taliban likes to kill school children, they could have done it during their time governing Afghanistan. Now who is likely to do it?. Current Afghan government or other unidentified parties?

  28. Avatar Siva Ramaraju says:

    I think aljazeera is happy because their leaders friends are advancing.

    • Avatar 𝔸𝕟𝕥𝕚 𝕋𝕪𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕤🦅 says:

      🐄 🐄 🐄

  29. Avatar Sahid Marquez says:

    Are Taliban white?

    • Avatar Liala Liala says:


    • Avatar Liala Liala says:

      They are Afghan people of course they are white 😂🤣

  30. Avatar Holden Rodgers says:

    No negotiations with those terrorist you have to wipe them off the map

    • Avatar Sergio Ramos says:

      Good luck

    • Avatar M Ahmed Asif says:

      It has been 20 years tho

  31. Avatar Jonathan Free says:

    Sooo surprising…Not really

  32. Avatar Alief Alyansyah says:

    Russian and csto will enter the picture

  33. Avatar muhammad ateeq says:

    Oh ha ha. UNO is only servent of amerca and NATO army. Every person know in the world.

  34. Avatar Pakistan Zindabad says:

    Well done Taliban
    Pakistan Always Standing With You

    • Avatar Ans Khan says:

      Y bro?we should support no one.let their fight finish them self.

  35. Avatar Kaw Sar says:

    Shame on America and NATO

  36. Avatar Masroor Javed says:

    What about the atomic bomb used by USA in Afghanistan. You are showing a old vedio. Please go and report live from Afghanistan. Make live interviews

  37. Avatar Masroor Javed says:

    Tax payers money of American people was was misused on so called war on innocent people of Afghanistan. In the pretext of terrorism which never existed in Afghanistan.

  38. Avatar A.S.E Taboo says:

    So , what was the value of the American military training for the Afghan security forces ??….ZERO !!

  39. Avatar All Rounder says:

    Afghan Taliban is the future of Afghanistan! ❤️

  40. Avatar Ali Chris says:

    why u cares cowards go home

  41. Avatar Ali Chris says:

    go ask usa pilots they killed people more than Taliban did

  42. Avatar M Explore says:

    Shame on you Aljazer for supporting Taliban and other terrorist organisations.

  43. Avatar Jibrail Amin says:

    The grave yard of all supper power Just like mangols.English. Russian Americans.

  44. Avatar Nobo Jerry says:

    so the only solution is one side needs to win right

  45. Avatar Aradhana Gupta says:

    Thanks to pakistan

  46. Avatar worth it says:

    At least under US majour cities are living peacefully. see that’s what’s US role in afganistan. once they’re gone AFGANISTAN will be next Syria or iraq.

  47. Avatar Huzaifa YT says:

    Khilaafah is Comming Back ✌

  48. Avatar Janan Khan says:

    Free palistine

  49. Avatar Janan Khan says:

    Bui,ding Currupt government have that result

  50. Avatar ROBERT KC. says:

    Poor country India India will suffer now.

  51. Avatar Jay Haid says:

    This is all planned
    Its a UN theatre

  52. Avatar Saeed Qalandrani says:

    We love and support Afghani Taliban from balochistan

  53. Avatar Tyrion Stark says:

    None of them Concern about what happen in Palestine

  54. Avatar Strong Beleiver says:

    In Sha Allah peace will prevail when Taliban control all Afghanistan

  55. Avatar Strong Beleiver says:

    Haneef Atmar Liar always lying because he gets funds from America

  56. Avatar Naheem Ibrahim says:

    Afghanistan government is weak and only has power because they had support from the west .
    Afghanistan belongs to the taliban the quicker this reality is accepted the better it is for the law abiding citizens of Afghanistan. 20 years of wasted time and money. Thousands dead just stupid.
    Taliban are willing to die for there objectives unless they come across any other group willing to do the same Taliban will take over all of Afghanistan.

  57. Avatar Amar gujjar says:

    Long live the Afghan Taliban❤💪❤

  58. Avatar Evensky Zhekovic says:

    U.N: NATO we need you out of Afghanistan

    NATO: Ok

    (Taliban occupying territories again)

    UN: NATO you’re an idiot for moving out

    NATO: ….

    • Avatar Who Dat says:

      sounds like every conversation a left wing libtard democrat ever had

  59. Avatar jack chen says:

    Vietnam again! Next time if u can, t resolve, pls don, t start pls!

  60. Avatar Cricket 2 Central says:


  61. Avatar Muhammad Tariq says:

    Only Taliban can control Afghanistan. We pray for peace here.

  62. Avatar Boxer Khan says:


  63. Avatar Ken Miller says:

    You cannot teach people the courage to fight for themselves. Oliver North had it correct. Give your ally the the band aides, the bullets, the bread and they should do their own fighting to win or to loose.

  64. Avatar New Chapter says:

    They have been fighting hundreds of years. Sorry let them to it. Screw
    Afghanistan. Let them sort themselves out. Of course contractors want to
    stay earning massive amounts of tax-payers money. Normal working people
    pay for what? Deals behind closed doors, Drug dealing with the opium,
    soldiers with missing limbs who end up suiciding themselves? Stop being
    the world’s policeman at tax-payers expense. Otherwise it goes on and on
    and on and on!! Idiotic. If they want to controla nd supress their own
    people especially women sorry. Let them live under black plastic bin
    bags for clothes. leave them alone for God’s sake. Their wicked and evil
    ways will eventually be forced internally out of the stone age as the
    first world technology advances and their people will look and say, ‘we
    are living in th stone ages, we are backwards!’.

  65. Avatar RAKESH KUMAR SINGH says:

    Peacefool community 😹😹😹

  66. Avatar Bahar Ahmadi says:

    Afghan here.

    The Taliban is our enemy to the death, butchers, savages, barbarians, and every single Talib fighter should be hanged.

  67. Avatar Mit Dass says:

    Taleban should declare Afghanistan as a Islamic state. They can include tazikistan, Pakistan as well to be more powerful

  68. Avatar Arbaz Khan says:

    ISI government soon.
    Emirates islami Afghanistan zindabad

  69. Avatar WTF Gamerz says:

    The U.N sleeps when it’s palestine, everyone knows these attacks are inside job by us and its puppet government goons to destabilise peace in Afghanistan, the unite states and its proxy afghan government must go !

  70. Avatar Bruce Singh says:

    I wonder if these human rights and un know what’s going on in Yemen

    • Avatar Anoko M A says:

      They don’t even know about palestine , iraq

  71. Avatar Zailan Zai says:

    US fails to mine the trillions dollars minerals so they withdraw,… afghan government fights for US due to money given, it won’t last…..When the money dry out,they will surrender.

  72. Avatar Shahariar Fardin says:

    afgan democratic overment should surrender to talibans sariah law goverment if not more people will die its simple everybody supports taliban

  73. Avatar Jean Caux says:

    Afghan Government : We want democracy
    Also Afghan Government : Do nothing to preserve their democracy

  74. Avatar Sam Spartan says:

    More Power To Taliban Death To Occupiers N Its Collaborators

  75. Avatar Nabhonil Gupta says:

    US : OK I’ll leave Afghanistan, But Promise Me You’ll Co-operate With Us… Taliban : Promise… US : Ok then, I M Leaving… Taliban : I Was Jst Joking….

  76. Avatar Mehran Ali Lanjwani says:

    Afgan Taliban are courageous they defeated to the recent super power country of the world for them Afgan Army and government is like a new born baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  77. Avatar Hector Viramontes says:

    So who negotiated this exit deal with the Taliban ?

  78. Avatar Naga power says:

    Its the handy work of shadowy US and puppet afghan personnel. They will go to any length to keep the US troops in Afghanistan. So don’t trust everything the media says.

  79. Avatar Zegar safi says:

    US make Taliban than fight them now leave it to capture again bs

  80. Avatar asjad hussain says:

    USA and their allies are the biggest terrorists……they have killed millions of children in syria,iraq, Afghanistan,…..and these bastartds still think they are peace keepers……UN is the head of murderer council….
    Pece will come from Afghanistan inshallah

  81. Avatar Tazboy says:

    They are aiming for china regional influence …yup smell like cia has a hand in this

  82. Avatar Emon Hasan says:


  83. Avatar TechyTrendy Solutions says:

    Religion of Peace 😂

  84. Avatar Mustafa Yawari says:

    Those who care, these superpowers wanna shift their Cold War in Afghanistan as they have got defeated in Middle East by Iran. As a hazara we gonna suffer regardless of who wins. We want the world to know that there is no Militia strong enough to defeat a state willing to fight until they are alive. Taliban is merely a reason for these foreign countries to rob our land. How could they over throw taliban when they invaded Afghanistan when taliban were the strongest they ever have been. It’s a conspiracy they don’t wanna fight taliban they wanna make them think they are the strongest and no one can defeat them by acting as if they are losing the war, so that they can have a reason (taliban) to invade again if they wanted to and they know that Taliban won’t be a problem for them so let them rule until we are busy elsewhere.

  85. Avatar Abdullah Khedri says:

    Turkmens will make history again.

  86. Avatar Eli McCain says:

    Only Brave Indian 🇳🇪 Army can protect Afghan people from Taliban.

    • Avatar arslan Mazari says:

      🤣🤣🤣please come in afganistan

    • Avatar Eli McCain says:

      @arslan Mazari if Afghan government request when our Indian brave soldiers will take care of Afghans.

    • Avatar Anoko M A says:

      @Eli McCain pls in Afghanistan many people will rather die then get help by hindu we afghans have not lost my self respect yet

    • Avatar Eli McCain says:

      @Anoko M A You are Pakistani, real Afghan love Pakistan

  87. Avatar Ivan Knows Best DIARY says:


  88. Avatar Dilawarkhan12345 Dilawarkhan says:

    Taliban already won the. Bettle.. Usa got nothing but kills millions of civilians

  89. Avatar Petr Růžička says:

    Where Islam is there is hatred war and raped women

  90. Avatar TrainsOnGoPro 2015 says:

    More things for UN to talk about!

  91. Avatar Sheikh jahangeer alam says:

    Taliban zindabad ♥️⚔️🤫🇹🇷🇵🇸🇦🇿🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  92. Avatar Sanoop Thomas says:

    Dear goverment soldiers resign and run…..if you want to live…..

  93. Avatar Ion Dinu says:

    Religion of peace.

  94. Avatar Gerald EV says:

    The only solution for Afghanistan is to split it.

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