Philippines evacuates thousands as Taal alert level is raised

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Thousands of people in the Philippines are being forced to leave their homes after a volcano started spewing steam and toxic gas.
Nearly 15,000 people from villages south of the capital, Manila, are being moved to safe areas.
Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from near the volcano in Taal, Philippines.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar edye ann says:

    Poor children and animals. 😔

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      Ann is craving attention. Mustbe single🙉. If u are married, preserve your beauty just for your husband! If I wear a diamond-studded gold necklace and walk in the favelas in full display and get robbed, who is to be blamed? Even though I am right, we need to have common sense to live in safety. Next time if you get molested by some amigos, don’t be complaining. You aroused their hormonal levels which triggered their animal instincts. So be wise sweetheart!😊

    • Avatar Jong Un Kim says:


    • Avatar Indian Ball says:

      @edye ann can you be mine dear

    • Avatar edye ann says:

      @Caring Sharing Ha…I was just off to sleep when the last notification came in and I saw your stupid comment. You seem to care so much about my private life.. it seems as if I owe you something.. But like I told you previously— You don’t pay my bills so you really have no say as to what I do with MY life. You’re not my husband. I’m 43 years old, own my house, have a small but thriving online business so I’m doing well. You must be one of those religious nutcase woman haters. It’s not my fault I’m enticing you. That’s your problem, not mine. Oh, and before I leave this comment thread may I remind you that no matter how someone dresses- everyone is at risk. Even nuns. There are weirdos for everyone– you seem to be obsessed by me and my life. Ha.
      Bye, weirdo.

    • Avatar Ryan Jones says:

      Stay strong Filipino people. The strongest people I know.

  2. Avatar Smynoufa Sunkesula says:

    So sad 😞

  3. Avatar Eileen Gibson says:

    Those poor people.

  4. Avatar Marsha Boatenreiter says:


    • Avatar Rohin says:

      Pleas of the wicked.

    • Avatar Marsha Boatenreiter says:

      @Rohin ??

    • Avatar Rohin says:

      @Marsha Boatenreiter search Paragon Catherine on your browser.

    • Avatar Mars Jupiter says:

      O lord why do they have so many kids and then they start to cry. Most of these kids are illegitimate . Very sad to see kids suffering for the faults of the mothers.

    • Avatar Rohin says:

      @Mars Jupiter give them a quick and painless death. Let there bodies decompose and nourish the earth.

  5. Avatar voice of peace says:

    *I invite everyone for quran recitation thank you* 💔💔🌷🌹🙏🙏🙏❤❤’……….

    • Avatar Zardasht Spitama says:

      Recite the recite ?

  6. Avatar Maryam ZRK says:

    Anything because of nature has a benefit we don’t understand immediately…bless these people

  7. Avatar Rose Brandon says:

    Good luck to all the. People.

  8. Avatar Gyalchen Bhutia says:

    God help them 🙏

  9. Avatar Said Nasereddin says:

    Praying for you even if that’s not much help

    • Avatar I Curse Your Village says:

      Send money .Ur prayers are worth nothing .

    • Avatar Said Nasereddin says:

      @I Curse Your Village
      I know

  10. Avatar Joshua Buck says:

    Do not fear put your trust in the Lord God Almighty

    • Avatar Mars Jupiter says:

      @•AL°° Jazeera… YouTube @
      Moron STFU with your repeated pathetic comments keep it for yourself

  11. Avatar Mayen Uddin says:

    Good halp tham

  12. Avatar Roslee Ross says:

    Praying for them safely
    Breaking hearts to see tis situation the worldwide impact covid19 getting crazy

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      Then promote open borders and a smoking ban.

    • Avatar Lion Celica says:

      @Caring Sharing Yeah, isn’t encouraging central americans to continue to travel thousands of miles to the US creating more CockBig19 cases?

  13. Avatar Andy Andy says:

    Ooh my God may God see you through during this hard time guys

  14. Avatar KHADIJA PRODUCTIONS says:

    Awesome video my friend. Love from me

  15. Avatar rollmeister says:

    C’rona is the least of their problemz

  16. Avatar Vijay Kumar says:

    It’s so sad. I feel it is happening to me when I heard when Philippine facing volco effect. May God saves you all Philippine friends and family. 🙏

    • Avatar Vijay Kumar says:

      Our children or parents are direct contactee in relationship so we care for each other but these people who are also our kins who cut off somewhere in the past where everyone came from one man & woman Adam and Eve is not known or direct contactees to us. If care to think in that line then we are all came from one breathe of God.

    • Avatar Rohin says:

      @Vijay Kumar Goodness is just make believe. “the lord helps those who help themself”.

    • Avatar Vijay Kumar says:

      @Rohin that’s why we’ve to pray for them so Lord will open their eyes to see the truth; and turn to Lord and repent for their sins. There’s nothing that God cannot do. He’s very kind and loving towards humans to forgive when they turn to Him. I’m very pleased to read so many messages here about their negativity. And I got to know now taking few points to put in prayer. I thanks all of you who make comments here against them and it helps me to note down those points. 🙏

    • Avatar Vijay Kumar says:

      Sometimes people cannot help themselves on their own because of some mental disabilities brother. Brain maturity levels differs. Depth of Weakness matters who cannot come out sometimes. God let everything work in us. If He allows then it works if not it won’t. When I was travelling my brain stopped for 30 secs and I even can see what’s coming infront of me I can’t control as I lose my mind. My hands sticked to the acceleration and neither it going Down too. After 30 secs I thought.. if God allows my mind works if not it won’t. I known then everything is in His hands each and every movement of creation. Just it needs help through prayers to set everything right. And that prayers must be done for each other in helping.

    • Avatar Mars Jupiter says:

      @Vijay Kumar @ Bro I understand those with mental problems due to poverty. Even uneducated ppl have brains so stop making kids with every second man and when this man turns his back start to cry. Making illegitimate kids with multiple men is ruining n hurting the future of these poor innocent kids . NO sympathy for these cheap morons but YES I’ll be ready to help these kids who are at NO fault

  17. Avatar Mona J says:

    Hope everyone is safe

  18. Avatar Pro Traveller says:

    May Allah help them

    • Avatar Rohin says:

      May Allah slaughter them all.

    • Avatar Ramon Grech says:

      @Rohin looool robin, lovin these troll replies

    • Avatar Rohin says:

      @Ramon Grech Robin more like eagle 🦅

    • Avatar Pro Traveller says:

      @Rohin y so…?

    • Avatar Rohin says:

      @Pro Traveller the fallen is a burning force of primordial chaos, giving him the appearance of a living furnace. These forces purged him of what empathy and morality, all that remained was hatred and the purest of rage.

  19. Avatar Blessed Hope says:


  20. Avatar vincentlee says:

    I like this country and really hope all of them will be safe.

  21. Avatar yooser naime says:

    Has Duterte tried shooting the volcano?

    • Avatar Truth over Lies says:

      He stated “just put a cap” on the hole of the Volcano what a joker and wicked man he need to Repent.

    • Avatar Dennis Blake says:

      He humiliates his citizens so much that I hope he takes a helicopter ride over taal and gets kicked out

  22. Avatar jumangi 23 says:

    Prayers sent from another islander to my Pacific islander brothers and sisters ❤❤🇹🇹

    • Avatar CRAM MARC says:

      Yo, does the pacific region need/want English teachers? I’ve been considering moving to Micronesia and teaching English there, even if just in exchange for a meal and a bed.

    • Avatar Caring Sharing says:

      Fine. But do encourage people to give up smoking, plastic, fossil fuel and go green. Plus promote open borders.

    • Avatar Butteater3000 says:

      @CRAM MARC generally they need teachers.

  23. Avatar joe joe says:

    I would hate my god if he put me through this bullshit

  24. Avatar Labid foods Limited says:

    when published report of Bangladesh?

  25. Avatar Prince Groove says:

    Nature can be a blessing and curse, indeed.

    • Avatar Truth over Lies says:

      That’s God Judgment their President was wicked he stated “ just put a cap “ on the hole what a wicked person

  26. Avatar zacky says:

    Allah is testing you why you don’t back to him wlhi you going to get the best in this world and here after like every year they get problems and they don’t ask or look a way

  27. Avatar Indian Ball says:

    *Island of single moms.*
    *A factory of Babies*
    *in Philippines, 15/16 years old boys and girls = all have boyfriends, girlfriends*
    *after 21 years old, all girls are single moms*
    *I heard from some Philippines single moms that young, old, all Philippines girls hate cond##*
    *and so those young Philippines girls don’t request their boyfriends to use it*
    *but those poor babies come in the world unfortunately.*
    *Those young high school Philippines boyfriends, girlfriends are not ready for taking babies*
    *so those boyfriends leave their girlfriends when baby born unfortunately*

    • Avatar The Burden says:

      @the woke pinoy just give india more 20 years and they will become the superpowers along with russia america and china.

    • Avatar the woke pinoy says:

      @The Burden so…. do Indians own or founded any big tech companies in US? Big difference in being CEO and being the innovator/founder like Steve jobs or Bill Gates. Even snapchat was made/ founded by a Filipino American.

    • Avatar The Burden says:

      @the woke pinoy yeah but a company cannot function without CEO since the people that u mentioned are either dead or retired already. Indians played a major role in building sillicon valley since the place itself is composed of 30% indians. Indians are highincome earners for a reason because they are smart and they invented chess and number 0

    • Avatar Ma Ria says:

      Use deodorant first before you stereotype us.Yes,I stereotype you also😛

    • Avatar the woke pinoy says:

      @The Burden they invented shampoo too but they still smell (including their hair)

  28. Avatar Tuesday says:

    Praying for you all in the Philippines🙏

  29. Avatar Nurlela Official says:

    Ini knp ?
    Ada yg tau 🤔🤔

  30. Avatar Following the Hypocrats says:

    Propaganda about covid must be at hysterical levels in the Philippines if they’re more worried about covid than a active volcano that could easily wipe everything away

  31. Avatar Sushant Koli says:

    Stay strong

  32. Avatar L H says:



    Taal Volcano is one of the deadliest Volcano in the world because it’s surrounded by a big lake and will be catastrophic, either tsunami or ashfall may occur..


    Poor animals such as horses and cows that will be left behind at the volcano island

    • Avatar Marcus Solomon says:

      *yeah. Nowadays, Indians are more active in researching on Cows*


      @Marcus Solomon What kind of cows the two of you are you are talking about?, I’m talking at that volcano thing on the news

    • Avatar Indian Ball says:

      @Marcus Solomon yes, but not all indians ok.. They are Andh Bhakt. I don’t like them.
      Researching on anything good better than researching on Cows.

    • Avatar Indian Ball says:

      @DIAMOND ELIZABETH SAPPHIRE are Andh Bhakt who drag Cows in every topic😂😂😂


      @Muntazir Jan Humans have their boats to evacuate to the mainland:)

  35. Avatar Shazaz alattas says:

    Oh Allah pls save Philippines ppl🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Avatar •AL°° Jazeera... YouTube says:

      T•h•a•n•k•s_f•o•r W•a•t•c•h•i•n•g_d•o•n’t f•o•r•g•e•t_t•o s•u•b•s•c•r•i•b•e•_A•n•d k•e•e•p_i•n_t•o•u•c•h_o•n W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p__w•i•t•h_m•e

  36. Avatar Iain Mair says:

    Their suffering leaves me speechless. Where are the rich nations?

    • Avatar Death says:

      NASA earth

    • Avatar Death says:

      Papunta Ng mars

    • Avatar T-34 says:

      They play blind and acting strong instead of helping the country Wich is in need

    • Avatar Ohlourdes Padua says:

      Since when is it their job to do that?

    • Avatar Death says:

      @Ohlourdes Padua since the establishment of the earth

  37. Avatar Japheth Barisa says:

    Help OH LORD thou rebuke the devour Amen

  38. Avatar Charles Joseph says:

    Just pray

  39. Avatar Brian says:

    Prayers up for the people of the Phillipines.🙏🇺🇲 🇵🇭

    • Avatar Arolema Prarath says:

      @•AL°° Jazeera… YouTube yes daddy

  40. Avatar Emma Peel says:

    Sulphur Dioxide .. bad to breathe! but where are those people supposed to go if volcano becomes vigorously active?
    it’s 2021 .. surely the “leaders” can ensure a safe place for them!

    • Avatar •AL°° Jazeera... YouTube says:


  41. Avatar Vijay Kumar says:

    I urge and beg all my Philippine family to turn to God and repent. Let Him save your souls pls. It is not life you’re living in this earth but for after life also. 🙏❤️

    • Avatar Paizley Kreamer says:

      I thought they’re all saved and Christians because they all claim themselves as Catholics!!!

  42. Avatar J B says:

    So this is Gods plan or Mans plan?

    • Avatar Truth over Lies says:

      God Judgment people needs to Repent or Perish

  43. Avatar Penguin TV says:

    Praying for Philippines ❤❤❤

  44. Avatar Ludo Ludo says:

    No date on this post!

  45. Avatar Love And Peace says:

    Human is the baddest creature on earth.Look how and where people live while government wasting money on military equipments!! Almost every government does that. Why we have to live like that?
    Because us as humans we don’t respect ourselves,we don’t want to stop stealing from others so,because of that some countries have to spend what they have on military even if they can’t even eat well every day.

  46. Avatar Read my ABOUT section PLEASE says:

    Sadly, there’s a lot more sufferring happening in PH that the media is not able to cover. 😢 Hope everyone is and will be safe. Stay strong, PH. 🙏❤

    • Avatar haku22222 says:

      Like what inform us?

  47. Avatar Butteater3000 says:

    I live 513 Kilometers from Taal. I’m pretty far but smoke might reach here eventually which is bad.

    • Avatar Vijay Kumar says:

      Oh where is this place brother happening? That’s to far even so to reach those ashes, isn’t it? May God saves you all and I pray for you all.

  48. Avatar floyd breshears says:

    Prayers for our Philippine brothers and sisters from America, God be with you all

  49. Avatar The Deffmen says:

    People in the ph are affraid about “Covid” I see

    • Avatar •AL°° Jazeera... YouTube says:

      T•h•a•n•k•s_f•o•r W•a•t•c•h•i•n•g_d•o•n’t f•o•r•g•e•t_t•o s•u•b•s•c•r•i•b•e•_A•n•d k•e•e•p_i•n_t•o•u•c•h_o•n W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p__w•i•t•h_m•e

    • Avatar Death says:

      @•AL°° Jazeera… YouTube yeah even though they complain about wearing facemask and face shield

    • Avatar Joshua Jireh Marasigan says:

      are you one of those QAnon covid deniers??? pfft, lots of loved ones here suffered and died from it.

  50. Avatar Cris silva evangelismo says:

    May God bless you.
    Hello. For your heart; “All the ways of Christ are love and faithfulness to them that obey his commandments” (Ps 25:10). Have you been looking for someone who loves you faithfully? That you can trust that you will never betray you, abandon you and even reach out in your moments of pain, fear and frailty? Jesus is that divine companion. Invite him and be loved, forgiven, restored. God loves you that’s why he sent Jesus. Pray. Read the Bible. Jesus will soon return to lead those who love him into his kingdom of love. See you later.’From Brazil.🙋

    • Avatar Truth over Lies says:

      They need to Repent full of lies and deception Jesus is about to return.

  51. Avatar Hanne Storgaard Møller says:


  52. Avatar rod axel says:

    I live 30 mins from the Volcano. We are on high alert.

    • Avatar Vijay Kumar says:

      Stay safe brother ❤️🙏. Pray to God. All will be well with you all.

  53. Avatar Iz Za says:

    🤲😢😥 prayers 4 them.

  54. Avatar jassi singh says:

    Waheguru ji blessed you 🙏🏻

  55. Avatar Sun_Eyes Drake says:

    Covid vs sulfur dioxide…. interesting.

  56. Avatar 🛳 Cruises & Travels Crew ⚓️ says:

    We are wearing N95 mask even inside the house because there is the sulfur smog in all the area around from some days. Stay sage everyone 🙏

    • Avatar Vijay Kumar says:

      Are you from Philippine? Around from that volcano area? Then stay safe my friend!. ❤️🙏 Pls tc of yourself and if possible to help others. Ty so much

  57. Avatar Tata Benid says:

    Put it cap in the top of the crater so that it will stop.

  58. Avatar Dakota Rose says:

    Not watching long ads for short vids

  59. Avatar MIND the GAP says:

    Stay safe everyone
    ❤️ From Malaysia

  60. Avatar Zakir Hosen Mafi says:

    Very sad.

  61. Avatar Anton Perera says:

    Holy JESUS is coming very soon pls repent and get ready for the rapture

  62. Avatar Eben Ha`ezer says:


  63. Avatar Malaikat Israfil says:


  64. Avatar Cat Lady Politics says:

    I am praying 🙏 for all. May you, all life, know stability, safety, fresh food, water, medical care, free from all harm, peace, love, justice, and all your needs met. Love and light. 💔

  65. Avatar Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    Stop living near volcanos

  66. Avatar Monti Swd says:

    Praying from Sweden to Philippines 🇸🇪🇵🇭🤲🏻

  67. Avatar X Finity says:

    It erupted again?? Omg. Stay safe everyone.

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