Malaysians in need urged to hang white flags outside homes

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A social media campaign in Malaysia is encouraging people who have fallen on hard times to hang a white flag outside their homes.
That is to ensure they receive community help with food and paying rent as a COVID-19 lockdown continues indefinitely.
But as Al Jazeera’s Florence Looi reports from the capital, the campaign has taken another turn, with people directing their anger towards the government.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Self-Law says:

    Not a vitrus but the draconian conditions ill effects are killing people.

  2. Avatar Self-Law says:

    Well done to those giving out free meals.

  3. Avatar optimist Jaspreet says:


  4. Avatar Tassos Tsoutis says:

    It is a scientific fact that lockdowns dont help, many studies on it.

  5. Avatar Paul Muaddib says:

    all chi na fault

  6. Avatar B R says:

    Well with all due respect it’s China that started all of this hardship now government s are paying.

    • Avatar Alif Amirul says:

      @Rebel Wind At which point yang aku cakap rakyat Malaysia ni innocent? If we want to talk about salah rakyat Malaysia, sure, let’s do it. There’s a lot. Tapi kat sini dia nak highlight salah peningkatan kes tu pada China. Sure, they’re the cause tapi kita dah buktikan yang kita mampu untuk kawal, lawan and persevere through it last year. Then came the second wave, apa kerajaan kita buat? “Masih terkawal, tak perlu bimbang, tak perlu panik.”

      Aku tak cakap rakyat Malaysia tak bersalah, some memang bertanggungjawab dalam peningkatan kes. But now, when dah jelas-jelas kebanyakan kes berpunca di kawasan kilang and perindustrian but kerajaan still buat don’t know, who should we blame? Still China?

    • Avatar Ariff WM says:

      @Rebel Wind I remember the first MCO Malaysians in general were all compliant. But after the second and third MCO it got worse because there were no more roadblocks. Then we hear ministers traveling abroad and having dinner gatherings. When clusters started within the factories, they didn’t close it down. People were allowed to go back to their home during raya. Even ramadhan bazaars opened. Remember the government allowed them to balik kampung and open bazaars. They are the ones who give the authority to travel and permits to open stalls. The People will only be as good as their government. Ever wondered why Malaysians always to run red lights and speed? Because they don’t get caught. No real enforcement leads to this sort of behaviour.

      Agreed everyone is guilty too but the buck stops with the government. I miss Pakatan Harapan even with all its flaws. At least it was democratic. We had a good health minister. Now these politicians are playing musical chairs to stay in power whilst citizens are putting up white flags. You still want to blame the rakyat?

    • Avatar razer666L says:

      @Alif Amirul To be also fair, none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for those tabligh attendees that defied the government’s warnings. There’s a reason why “tabligh” was synonymous with “liars”, “irresponsible” and “stupid” last year.

    • Avatar Matryoshka Doll says:

      @razer666L Im disappointed seeing the authorities hosting secret gathering and eat durian together while the rakyat is suffering in their home

    • Avatar Muhammad Haziq says:

      Ah yes, racism towards china. Mediocre dumb peeps

  7. Avatar Swee Seen says:

    lockdown for small medium enterprise but big companies are authorized to operate…in fact most covid originate from the factories

    • Avatar fun facts says:

      you know, i know but the politicians pockets dont know

  8. Avatar D-bomb says:

    Y’all gonna die , so am I .

  9. Avatar Anw says: going to reactive up..🙄

  10. Avatar the ART of LaPierre says:


    • Avatar the ART of LaPierre says:

      mcdonalds .cokacola. wendys.pepsi.herseys.nestles.burgerking.redbull.subways.popeyes.chikfila.tacobell.sonic.KFC.arbys.fiveguys.dairyqueen.krispykreme.dunkins……are the FDA CDC or WHO really concerned about HEALTH ?

  11. Avatar Afendi Yusuf says:

    white flag campaign is not to express anger against malaysia government … al jazeera is spreading hoax … whats your intention ??? 😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Avatar Mike G says:

      They said black flag is for anger against government. White flag means distress or need help.

    • Avatar Mrlanlanpapa1 says:

      @Mike G that guy above should improve his English proficiency in order not embarrassing malaysian

    • Avatar Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukannya. says:

      We Malaysian care about smart idea but our people do drugs before posting comments.

    • Avatar Aqil Hakimi Ismail says:

      @Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukannya. Halah2 mamat ni sial la

  12. Avatar Afendi Yusuf says:

    white flag is a SOS signal of household that do not have food anymore … its people to people campaign … no political concern

  13. Avatar Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    fake news fake

    • Avatar Qnhaksn sj Jsijsjskkd says:

      Yes aljzeera is fake 🤓🤓

    • Avatar Salah Al-din Ayyubi says:

      @Qnhaksn sj Jsijsjskkd aljazeera is fake for hindu extremists and islamophobes

    • Avatar Adityanarayan Chauhan says:

      @Salah Al-din Ayyubi LoL, a muslim is accepting this,
      So don’t call others😂🤣🤣

    • Avatar Salah Al-din Ayyubi says:

      @Adityanarayan Chauhan Are you an idiot? I said this because only hindus and right wingers deny aljazeeras news, because it bashes them with reality, except them, every one agrees that aljazeera is not biased, but please go and watch godi media of yours instead of watching aljazeera 😂😂

  14. Avatar Malone's Cones Good Ice Cream says:

    I’ve been to malaysiA .it’s a rich country but the people are so poor .

    • Avatar Malone's Cones Good Ice Cream says:

      @Matryoshka Doll don’t u know what Malays call Chinese ?

    • Avatar Ariff WM says:

      @Mrlanlanpapa1 Pls scroll up and look who I’m talking about…

    • Avatar Matryoshka Doll says:

      @Malone’s Cones Good Ice Cream I thought we all just called by names, or races.
      Discrimination seldom appear in my place so I don’t really know what the semenanjung people actually do.

      Heck I’m Chinese myself and I got Muslim friends or Kadazan friends as well.

    • Avatar Malone's Cones Good Ice Cream says:

      @Matryoshka Doll I’m not from Malaysia man I came to visit .I know what they speak behind Ur backs .just be safe is all

    • Avatar Matryoshka Doll says:

      @Malone’s Cones Good Ice Cream I agree my country is quite poor, but tbh the places you listed out like Penang or Malacca is actually wealthy places in Malaysia. Since I live in the East side of Malaysia I don’t know what the discrimination against races be like in the West side.

  15. Avatar Mahadzir Abd karim says:

    In to deep problem
    Kuala Lumpur
    Negeri Sembilan

  16. Avatar Matt says:

    White flag is boycot gov..for me china must pay a price

  17. Avatar Waleed Ahmad says:

    Its getting worst here 🇲🇾😥🙏💔

    • Avatar Vikram Sharma says:

      We will die without food 🇲🇾😥🙏

  18. Avatar Daniel Fourie says:

    Thank you China we also in lockdown here south Africa! Rich people getting richer poor people poorer thanks to Wuhan virus courtesy China the cancer of mother earth!

  19. Avatar Internet For You says:

    This is obvious that the current failed government failed at combating covid and failed to helping its citizens. Malaysians no longer can depends on their failed government, instead helping each other.

    • Avatar T PHANUMAS says:

      During covid 19 every govt has failed.

      Its public mistake to maintain social distance and apply sanitizer to hands.

  20. Avatar Mrlanlanpapa1 says:

    Incompetent government, the worst in the world!

    • Avatar KIZO B says:

      He should go this evil president

    • Avatar razer666L says:

      Malaysian government in 2022: “Hold my Carlsberg!” 🍺

  21. Avatar Jornalista Renata Rosa says:

    The governament doesn’t give any financial suport to the population to stay at home?

    • Avatar Asmaa' says:

      They did. But yeah, not everyone entitled for it

    • Avatar siti khadijah says:

      They give us money but its not enough.

  22. Avatar ramzy riyad says:

    Lockdowns and Border Closures are coming home to roast. You cant close the ability of millions of people to feed their families and justify it that this is for their health against the virus and expect all will be okay. the Costs far outweigh the benefits The result is you couldn’t stop the virus which no one could and people are gonna starve and families are going to drop below the poverty line. Strict border Closure and Lockdowns are catastrophic for Small family businesses and people working in hospitality which is a huge portion of people. Every Person or politician who orders strict lockdowns should only do so if he accepts to receive no salary for the period of lockdown. God Bless the Malaysian people , great people and a great country. Hope they get through this.

  23. Avatar Nenek Cantik says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Malaysian now waving original France flag at their houses.

    • Avatar Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukannya. says:

      Kenapa selalunya yang bawak malu kepada negara adalah golongan kuat Islam.

    • Avatar Nenek Cantik says:

      @Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukannya. kenapa komunis ni asyik nak sibuk? boleh pergi jauh2 tak layan teori manusia berasal dari monyet?

    • Avatar Aqil Hakimi Ismail says:

      @Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukannya. Translate tak penat ke

  24. Avatar Ted Bundy says:

    Why did that translator do my man like that

  25. Avatar aman chaudhary says:


  26. Avatar Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukannya. says:

    I’ve an idea stop being religious.
    Start thinking for yourself, man made religion will never help us.
    Todays we can’t build civilization based on dogma and lies.

    • Avatar Influens agama akan hilang jika tiada mahukannya. says:

      101 nama Ahura Mazda.

      Titian Chivat.

      Hijab masa solat.

      Anak perawan akan turun di akhir zaman.

      Nabi Srosha diangkat langit ketujuh oleh Ahura Mazda.

      Berdoa 5 kali sehari.

      = Zoroastrinism

      Cuci tangan kaki sebelum solat.

      Solat 3 waktu dengan pegerakan serupa.

      Buku Taurat 87% serupa dengan Qur’an.

      = Judaism

      Zoroastrinism (5000 tahun sebelum Islam) Judaism (3000 tahun sebelum Islam).

      Info di atas buat saya percaya agama dicipta intelek manusia.

    • Avatar Aqil Hakimi Ismail says:

      Kisah lak aku

  27. Avatar Eduardo Antonio says:

    Fake news white flag means they need help inshort theeir dailyneeds like food🙄

  28. Avatar lourdes john says:

    Al Jazeera,when is your owners the Qatar goverment going to have democracy and elections?We malaysians are waiting in anticipation for that news.

    • Avatar siti khadijah says:

      Why they want replace their sultan with democracy when their sultan or emir doing 100++ much better than our goverment. Qatar is the richest country in the world. First in the rank. Even gulf countries and egypt against qatar several years ago they still cannot beat him. I am malaysian so please dont hate me

  29. Avatar SoundCrafterVic says:

    Dismantle all Governments ! Free the people from Dictatorship , from creatures in high power , from Demons and Devils possing as “Leaders” , from mental Slavery .
    Distroy all Governments ! Take them to the guillotine ! Its time to start purging sub-humans from existence !
    Your children’s future depens on you !

  30. Avatar DALJEET KAUR A/P KESAR SINGH - says:

    We salute those generous donors who are TRUE HUMANS. May God bless them. Certainly we don’t need those humans called POLITICIANS who are only concerned abt themselves to remain in power!

  31. Avatar troygundam says:

    stay Strong in Malaysia Bro & Sister

  32. Avatar AngelicHellSpawn Yang says:

    Yall got a jungle full of foods how’s about go hunting or foraging

    • Avatar siti khadijah says:

      We can go hunting or pick wild veggie and fruits if we live in the village not in the big city like kuala lumpur. Many villagers they plant vegetables and fruits. People who live in the city have no privilege like that.

    • Avatar Auntie Drummer says:

      Yah, we don’t have alot of forest left after all the illegal logging. Also not many stay within 10km range frm a jungle. Have u been to Kuala Lumpur?

  33. Avatar great instrumental music says:

    Basically clueless, just mimic what other countries are doing and don’t know how to adjust to situations that arises.

  34. Avatar Uyen ruLe's says:

    PM ..we love you.

  35. Avatar Anhar Miah says:

    Looks like China

  36. Avatar c wasan says:

    God save Malaysian.

  37. Avatar Kee Kl says:

    Malaysia is speeding up toward the failed state club. The government is steering it that way

  38. Avatar Tauffik Hassan says:

    i hope all the millionaires and Dato is helping the malaysians in this difficult times..stay strong Malaysia!

  39. Avatar PM2021☮️ says:

    the lockdown began in March 2020 🦠 ⛔️

  40. Avatar Laura Saxon says:

    Very creative.

  41. Avatar fantasy虚拟世界 says:

    Malaysia is much prominent as a product of british colonisation. It is of a capitalist country in nature and has been following the west in political system, and many other aspects. We saw current government is giving money (at least) to the poor as well as businesses, even though some agree and some not agree. Yet for individual such as politicians, millionaires, billionaires all of them are keeping rich to themselves, it is the ordinary Malaysians who suffer the most. We saw some kind people donate food and daily necessity to the needs in the community. Indeed, never expect politicians and most of the rich to be helpful in this difficult time at this moment.

  42. Avatar Chupapy Chupapy says:

    nuke CHINA

  43. Avatar Hafiz Rock says:

    the good restoraunt los chao zhou give free meal welldone 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾👍👍👍

  44. Avatar Izzuddin M Nasir says:

    we already solve Covid last year. Now its the worst

  45. Avatar joel Bélanger says:

    o lili

  46. Avatar Kutties says:

    Being a father of two grown up children and international student doing PhD in Malaysia I went in to depression and had panic attacks everyday because my data collection in Malaysia was nearly impossible for more than 10 months. I sold my house to complete my PhD because I was told as a foreign student I cannot work and have to do full time PhD. My grants and research assistance job was canceled because institutions stopped funding because of coronavirus crisis. I got approval from government, associations and organizations to do data collection but I cannot go because of full/ partial lockdown for many months.

    • Avatar Chase n Laboo says:

      I hope the world kind to u and u can complete phd. Goodluck

  47. Avatar Malim Esanuddin jah says:

    Lockdown serve no purpose, not anymore.

  48. Avatar David Arulnathan says:

    ..these are our genius PM & TPM…blind leading the blind!!…the Rakyat says..No MCO…Full SOP…Full Vaccine…carry on with life ….

  49. Avatar Alexandria School of Science says:

    Oh so sad for Malaysia

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