Germany launches world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor

2020 7/22
Germany launches world's largest nuclear fusion reactor

The world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor has been switched on in Germany.

It’s hoped the machine will pave the way for virtually limitless sources of zero-carbon electricity.

Neave Barker reports.

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  • jemszjemsz says:

    Nice one Germany, leading the way

    • animesis says:

      Theres no way to say whos leading the way in Fusion tech. The origins and most of the current tech lay in Britains half a century of research, the most advanced one would probably be either MITs or the multinational one in Switzerland. And as to power made/used ratio that is highly debatable and records jump between different reactors. But in none of these are the Germans seen as leading, but another contender.

    • kurtilein3 says:

      only because this one is not doing deuterium-tritium yet. They finished the tests with helium and moved on to hydrogen, some more of that then they will move to deuterium, and then you can start shattering some records.

    • Stay High says:

      animesis your just jelous… germany has the cleanest Energy in the world America should look up to germany

    • Windom Earl says:


      The Germans were using deuterium in 1943 ., that didn’t work out to well for them (norsk hydro)

      With that said Germany are 70 years in front of everyone with regards to engineering

    • Krešimir Ćosić says:

      @Windom Earl lol, alright sunshine.

  • Swaglord350 says:

    Anyone else notice they were all right…. can’t wait until they bring in those africian nuclear engineers…

    • YTSince2006 says:

      +Swaglord350 the “brown” engineers, like those in the iranian nuclear program are either stopped from working or killed, so yeah, only the white engineeres are allowed to research in this field appearantly.

    • Eduardo [Larry] Marín Silva says:

      +Swaglord350 Suggesting that the quality of research, is dependent on the diversity of skin tones of the researchers, makes as much sense, as saying that an artist will only make good works, when his head has an exactly odd number of hairs.

    • kurtilein3 says:

      +eduardo “mexamexo8” marin Not getting shot or poisoned surely helps in research.

    • Eduardo [Larry] Marín Silva says:

      Yeah, but so it does any activity, including being the perpetrator of such crimes. You are implying that the primary reason behind a lack of non-white researches its a low life expectancy for them (demonstrably false in more ways than one) but we haven’t ruled out economic incentive versus effort or mere personal preference. Even if we say that we somehow get the correct opportunity for everyone, and even outreach programs, the idea that we somehow should care that the result was not complete heterogeneity amongst physical traits, is a perverse incentive towards promoting or degrading people based on such traits.

    • kurtilein3 says:

      @eduardo marin
      you cannot get 10 billion dollars of funding while your scientists get assassinated by spies. If your scientists get shot, and a superpower not only threatens to bomb you but even threatens to nuke you, you will not get 10 billion dollars in international investment for your experiment. Also, to make a case that 10 billion dollars should be invested in THIS and not something else, you need to be rich.

  • Radu Andrei says:

    Low quality reporting. If i want to see how it looks and works i can look up information already available – there’s nothing new in this news segment except for the fact that they “turned it on” – not for the first time i might add. “So they turned it on and what happened? Well, we don’t know, we didn’t get around to doing any journalism.”

    • Radu Andrei says:

      @***** I would have preferred if they said anything about how the reactor is performing. Containment of over 30 minutes being the primary thing.

      So looking more into this, the tests are progressive. First helium to test the containment than hidrogen after 2 months (if all goes well).

    • kurtilein3 says:

      +Radu Andrei They did spend a decade building it, and now they fired it up for the very first time, they used only helium and their goal was only a basic plasma at ten million degrees. They did do that, proving that the coils can take 15000 amperes, proving that the injection systems work, and proving that the heating systems work. The reactor performed as shitty as expected with just helium and just 15000 amps instead of 20000 amps on the coils, but with nothing going wrong and the hardware working on the VERY FIRST try, it is a success. No hardware or software or design fail on the very first try to fire it up. They will now gradually ramp it up to 20000 amperes, upgrade to hydrogen, then deuterium, and finally to a deuterium-tritium mix, at that point they will reach above 120 million degrees and the machine will become radioactive. As soon as they go to deuterium + tritium and it turns radioactive, there is no going back, and hands-on work on the inside of the machine is no longer possible, so they switch to robotic remote handling, and obviously they will test that first with hydrogen and then deuterium.

    • Radu Andrei says:

      @kurtilein3 Something like this is what i was from the report. Thank you.

  • bajorjor1 says:

    Decades away… That is what they said decades ago. Doing something again and again and expecting a different result? Well you know the rest.

    • 0Diazzz0 says:

      @kurtilein3 scientists did realise this, but there was more interest in nuclear warfare than in actually making powerplants. This is why they dismissed the nuclear salt reactors, but they are making a comeback somewhat.  

    • Monty Monty says:

      In 2012 NIF got more energy out Than in, and the 1985 they Said they were 2 decades from achiving fusion sustaintability, and the NIF was 7 years behind schedule due to the spending in the Irak War and against Terrorism, so yeah, i actualidad believe they can achieve in 2 decades a fusion powerplant.

    • 0Diazzz0 says:

      @Montgomery Bermann With the current state of the economy it won’t happen. 

    • Patrick Bateman says:

      +bajorjor1 Doing nothing besides posting stupid comments on YouTube isn’t helping much either.

    • bajorjor1 says:

      @Richard Gecko likewise

  • kulio nuel says:

    German engineering at its best

    • OpenGL4ever says:

      @Julia Schneider
      Stephen Hawking wurde mal nach seinem IQ befragt, folgendes war seine Antwort:
      “I have no idea. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers.”

    • OpenGL4ever says:

      @Julia Schneider
      Das erste was man als Mensa Mitglied lernt ist, mit seinem IQ nicht hausieren zu gehen. Insofern, keine Ahnung wo du deinen IQ Test gemacht haben willst, aber ein Mensa Test war das wohl kaum.

    • OpenGL4ever says:

      @Julia Schneider
      Das wo bezieht sich auf die Frage bei welcher Organisation. Mensa scheinst du nicht zu kennen, also wird es das nicht gewesen sein.
      Damit ist dein IQ Test nichts wert.

    • OpenGL4ever says:

      @Julia Schneider
      Es gibt tausende IQ Tests, die einen taugen was, die anderen taugen gar nichts. In Deutschland ist nur Mensa ein anerkannter IQ Test, da du davon nichts weißt, bin ich mir sicher, dass du kein Mensa Mitglied bist und dein sogenannter IQ somit eine Luftnummer ist.

    • Lemon says:

      Ich hab mir jetzt keine der anderen Nachrichten durch gelsen doch der IQ eines Menschen besagt nur wie schnell du einen Sachverhalt verstehst und anwenden kannst. Jemand mit niedrigem IQ ist zwar etwas schwerer von Begriff, doch sollte es auch so einem möglich sein zu versthen wie ein Fusionsreaktor funktioniert. Er würde sogar die mathematischen Formeln dahinter verstehen wenn er sich lange genug damit auseinander setzt und es von einem geduldigen Leherer gelehrt bekommen! 😀 Klar wenn man sag jemand mit einem sehr hohen “matematischen IQ” kann sowas wie mascheinenbau in 2 oder 3 Jahren perfekt studieren so wird der normale IQler das vllt in 3 bis 5 Jahren schaffen. Der Weg wie man zu dem Wissen gelangt ist unwichtig, denn am Ende wird keiner sagen Person A ist mehr wert als Person B weil er den selben Stand an Wissen in der hälfte der Zeit geschafft hat. Am Ende zählt nur, das man es geschafft hat.

  • Pirate Wizard says:

    al jazeera is the most oppressive channel that calls itself news… why arnt all videos available for united states?

    • kurtilein3 says:

      @Chavdar Zakev
      The thing is: The laser is nice, and it is the most powerful laser on the planet. But in the target, which is a little bit of fusion fuel surrounded by metal, they keep getting less fusion than expected, the issue seems to be that the metal mixes with the fusion fuel too rapidly. They are working on it. I am talking about the National Ignition Facility, NIF, in the USA. Then, the giant Tokamak in France, ITER, it is facing delays and cost overruns, it will come but later than expected. Now the german experiment, the one in this video, Wendelstein 7-X, is stealing the show.

      Since this video was made in december, they already did over 100 plasma discharges with helium, and they moved on to hydrogen now. then they will do a long break to install more stuff, right now they have not yet installed the heat shields, so they do testing with short pulses. They will go full power as soon as the carbon and tungsten heat shields are in place.

    • Chavdar Zakev says:

      Thanks for the comprehensive information, I am not so well informed as you. Before I make a comment, I have to do more research.

    • Pirate Wizard says:

      im gonna make a youtube channel and call it news and make it only available to “certain” nations. it will not be oppressive at all, said the fukwad defending the muslim news outlet. isnt islam from saudi arabia? no oppression there rofl

    • kurtilein3 says:

      @Pirate Wizard
      You will have no choice if you want to show it in the USA on cable television. You will be forced to either not show it on cable TV, or to obey USA laws and block all your online content in the USA. This started the day aljazeera went live on TV in the USA, and it will end when they give up their TV channel or the USA changes its stupid laws.

    • kurtilein3 says:

      @Pirate Wizard
      First of all, you can use a browser plugin like youtube unblocker, if you come across a video that is blocked where you are, it will redirect you to youtube Canada or youtube UK or youtube France, and you can watch it. Proxtube also works, it gives you a foreign IP adress.

      Then, the deal they had to make in order to get a 24 hour TV channel in the USA is that all content must be exclusive. So the youtube content is blocked, but only in the USA, and only if it was on TV. If you ask me, its a deal with the devil, but they really wanted the TV channel. Basically the idea is: If you want to see it in the USA, switch on your TV.

      Also there are christians and atheists working at aljazeera, they hire people from all over the world, based on talent, not on origin or religion. For example, they hired the legendary journalist David Frost, who did the Nixon watergate interview, he had his own show on aljazeera english for 6 years until he died.

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    Naja verbraucht zwar mehr als er einnimmt aber was solls’ nukleare Fusion-Kernfusion hört sich doch total futuristisch an.

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

      … kannst du ja vom Thema versuchen abzulenken oder sprich weiter mit deinen Geistern im Kopf,Kuchenfalle 🙂 peace

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

      Frag doch mal die Geister in deinem Kopf,Kuchenfalle 🙂

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

      @***** lol …………….

    • BewareOfTheKraut says:

      +Hans Wolf (CALIBER WOLF)
      Du solltest Deinen Alias ändern in “SMALL CALIBER WOLF”.

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:


  • Shapka says:

    call me when you actualy produce something. adieu

    • Sizano Green says:

      +Shapka then get ready for another few boring decades, research needs time you know…

  • John Smith says:

    i thought germany swore off nuclear power after fukushima disaster

    • pilliwoo2b says:

      I thought so too…

    • kurtilein3 says:

      +John Smith that only applies to fission. fusion is safe and produces no problematic nuclear waste.

    • Volox TV says:

      it isn’t the same thing. The reason why nuclear power is bad is because it creates waste that will be extremely dangerous for the next 1000 years. also if something goes wrong it has terrible consequences as we could see with both Fukushima and Chernobyl.
      Nuclear fusion on the other hand doesn’t produce waste and releases a lot more energy.

    • 1984rockabilly says:

      +John Smith It’s a fusion, not an nuclear reactor. First inform, then write ^^

  • cool cat says:

    Allah is jealous. poor muslim world, such a waist of human capability 🙁

    • cool cat says:

      @Dee man i am talking about all the achievments of non-muslims! Islam is destroying human freedom and education. get rid of islamic fascism!

  • Mark Conrad says:

    why does it have to be so large if it’s a prototype? is it scalable?

    • 83Ramy says:

      +Mark Lagunzad Because you need a temperature of 100.000.000 degrees to make the fusion work….and that needs a massive magnetic field to contain otherwise it would just evaporate the whole machine

    • kurtilein3 says:

      +Mark Lagunzad As you build it larger, the efficiency tremendously increases. As you make it larger, the volume inside grows faster than the surface area around it, but the power of the magnetic fields stays the same. Also the particles move incredibly fast at 100 million degrees, it is easier to confine them if you give them more space. If you double the size, it gets at least 10 times more powerful and efficient. It basically scales without limits, you could theoretically build one huge reactor to power an entire continent.

  • Morgan Freeman says:

    this is not as informative as it could have been 🙁

  • Cho co says:

    Hope for humanity

    • Mister M says:

      Cho co Who cares about humanity?

    • Luis Fernando says:

      or death rays..

  • Chris Doge says:

    Spin the plasma. + – + –

  • violinonero says:

    why so many people find it so hard to say “nuclear”? it’s not “nucular” for god’s sake it’s “new-clear”

    • Sébastien Renard says:

      +violinonero This drives me crazy too.

    • matekochkoch says:

      +violinonero watch?v=OoASZyihalc

    • Edelplastic says:

      It´s because in Saxony (a State in Germany) they say “Nu klar” (it´s like “oh yes”) xD

    • olivia-J Trans says:

      violionero, English speakers have little apptitude for languages. it takes much imagination and brainpower. I speak three : French German and English,

  • 1984rockabilly says:

    Germany is holding the key for a better world with enough, clean energy and the end of fossil fuels

    • Chavdar Zakev says:

      Can’t build, but you can’t send anything in the space wuthout russian help….

    • GeilerRitter says:

      sure, europe can send stuff into space. first of all this rocket stuff is based on german technology and second: we have the ariane-rocket-system and a space port in french guiana. the only reason we use russian rockets is that they are cheaper.

    • olaolapepsiman says:

      GeilerRitter I am not suprised German has a rocket called Ariane

    • Tue Le says:

      Chavdar Zakev This design is the Stellerator, which is different from the Tokamak. It was invented in the U.S., not Russia.

    • michael drixler says:

      It does not

  • Vasa Maric says:

    Mass Effect 101

  • MrLewooz says:

    clean energy? can’t make bombs with it??? for real???

    • Ali Demirayak says:

      +Hayden Moore You do the research, uranium 231 is not even a natural isotope. Uranium has two naturally occuring isotopes, U-235 and U-238. When we talk about “enriched” Uranium we mean to say that it has a lot uranium-235. This is used in nuclear reactors. They bombard the U-235 with a neutron so it can become U-236 (which is a less stable combination). This then splits off radiating energy we can use. A common isotope with 231 is Thorium-231, that’s what they talked about in the video. So now that you have been proven wrong, do your own research please. Don’t get in to defence if no one was offending you in the first place. I just pointed out that something in your comment was wrong so that you may learn from the mistake. Goodbye to you sir

    • Hayden Moore says:

      @Ali Demirayak what i was trying to point out is that this is a Fusion reactor not a Fission reactor. This reactor heats positively charged hydrogen atoms; that in a stable environment propel each other like two +/+ magnets. When they atoms are heated to extreme temperatures they fuse together to create helium. This fusion reaction creates an enormous amount of energy and is the safest and the greenest form of energy production using nuclear power. Nuclear power is electric or motive power generated by a nuclear reactor in other words by manipulating atoms and their atomical structure.. There is no uranium what so ever used. only hydrogen atoms and extreme microwaves. Have a read of the differences between Fusion and Fission. 

    • OpenGL4ever says:

      @Hayden Moore
      You should do your homework befor messing up fusion with fission and the telling others to learn the difference.
      You said: “This fission process in turn does not yield any nuclear waste (that i know of) in which Uranium 231 does.”
      This is NOT a fission process, it is a fusion process and Ali Demirayak was referring to the fission process you mentioned by using the word Uranium 231 and in this aspect he is right. In nukes and nuclear power plants they don’t use U231 for fission, they use U235 besides other stuff.

    • MrLewooz says:

      yeah…….. but I do.

    • Dennis Slungard says:

      If nuclear fusion was not 100% clean, we would all be dead by now, since we have a massive natural fusion reactor beaming down on us all day (the sun)

  • bobby bass says:

    this is what happens when people let go of religion(bullshit).

    • Mister M says:

      Wudruff Wildcard I do.Of course not alone because of that,but it’s a reason.

    • Lemon says:

      I am sure that alot of them are religious but anyways there 100% some where on the world one relgious extremist group that is all like ” WAHHH the cann’t fuse the atoms together because it is nowhere written in the bible/quoran/thora or what ever book they bevive in 😀

    • Nathan Fielure says:

      Right, all scientists are atheist.

    • FutureChaosTV says:

      Most are. Because they believe in reasoning and not believing to explain the world as it is.

    • Luca Fuoco says:

      Nuclear is bullshit. The future is in free electricity. We just have to stop the big oil companies from hiding it.

  • procerusgigas procerusgiga says:

    It’s actually very funny when you think about it, all that tech, fancy fuel source, just to boil some water in a container and create vapor that will get turbines moving….

    • Skull Fucker says:

      procerusgigas procerusgiga it looks primitive doesn’t it

    • Kj16V says:

      No, what he means is: the fusion reactor will create heat to be used to boil water, to power steam turbines.

    • Tue Le says:

      At present, the only methods of generating electricity without boiling water to turn turbines are wind turbines, solar panels, and hydroelectric dams.

    • Jiansen Zheng says:

      Dude, solar cell is one of the exceptions.

    • johnDon says:

      @Tue Le and Diesel engines

  • Hayden Moore says:

    “How safe is nuclear Fusion reactor” well if you did some research you would understand that you do not! use Uranium 231; but instead you combine 2 types of hydrogen atoms that when heated to extreme temperatures that it allows both of these Positively. This releases small amounts of radiation that dissipates quickly, compared to fission reactions. This fission process in turn does not yield any nuclear waste (that i know of) in which Uranium 231 does.

  • Noowee says:

    Smh people think the Germans is the country that’s leading in these advancements.
    Good job Germany, wasted gov’t money to keep the flame lit for 1/10th of a second.

    • BewareOfTheKraut says:

      +Anton Avich
      At least a light in the dark.

    • lXlElevatorlXl says:

      +Anton Avich was quite cheapif u comapre it to the cost of the one in france wit has 10 cost and no really insight


    When this field eventually kicks off properly it will be an end to all this renewables garbage wind turbines etc , which will always be an eyesore no matter what way they are dressed up , Fusion WILL change the Earth when it finally arrives and it certainly will

    • OpenGL4ever says:

      It will cost too much because it must be built very big to be effective and with size comes costs.
      Thus it won’t replace the much cheaper renewable energy sources it will only complement them at much higher costs if they get it working.
      A nuclear power plant using fission can be build near a river, this won’t work with fusion. Those fusion reactors will produce too much thermal energy thus you will need to build them near an ocean to be able to cool them without heating up the water to a level that can harm the nature.
      Thermal energy of a modern normal nuclear power plant using fission: about 2000 MW
      Thermal energy of a fusion power plant that generates more energy than it needs itself and runs economical: expected value > 100000 MW.
      That’s > 98 GW more thermal energy that want to be cooled. Not feasible with a big river without having a big impact on water temperature. You will need an ocean to cool it.

    • KryptoStorm says:

      OpenGL4ever This stuf is cooled whit liquid Helium it doesnt need to be near a River

    • Mar says:

      right now even the biggest fusion reactor can’t eve produce enough energy to sustain itself. a nuclear fusion reactor that can boil a cup of water would a 1Billion dollar sensation.

  • Sizano Green says:


    • Swagpattern says:

      Anakin: What have I done….????!!!!

  • DanM194 says:

    No doubt Greenpeace will hate it and insist the whole world rely on windmills..

    • Dennis Slungard says:

      No its not. Nuclear fusion is unmatched when it comes to generating energy and 100% Clean. The only reactor type that could beat it is an antimatter reactor and that is atleast 200 – 500 years into the future.

    • Dennis Slungard says:

      Nuclear fusion is the same process that Powers the sun so… it is technically solar Power aswell.

    • poopyscoopy says:

      @johnDon no it isn’t. It is geographically limited, and windfarms do not produce half the energy a single reactor does.

    • johnDon says:

      @poopyscoopy have they solved the waste problem yet? No. Nuclear is also geographically limited to locations with a large water supply, away from urban areas and earthquake zones.

    • johnDon says:

      @poopyscoopy Nuclear supporters are so sure about themselves while there are very serious waste problems that cost billions every year to manage and people are still suffering from birth defects caused by Chernobyl, and now Fukashima.

  • gomez says:

    Why do I have to see that on “Al Jazeera” ?

    • Yanneck Diener says:

      +yvesgomez why not? o.O

  • Sebastian says:

    That “” source made me laugh. If you want to credit the source, do it properly and at least give the channel name, or even better the video link. Just putting “” is like saying “I got it from the internet”. You should know better.

  • blu3mind says:

    Is this really safe?

    • vizcacha5 says:

      You probably have more chance of winning the lottery than this reactor going wrong

    • steven smith says:

      and if it dose go wrong it will turn of

    • Haymitch Abernathy says:

      like the last guy said, it could all blow up and nothing much would happen. It is perfectly safe and the worst possible thing is that the machine breaks.

    • Miguel Peña says:

      Once the magnetic field stops, the gas expands and loses the capacity to keep fusion going. It is safe.

    • Marutan Ray says:

      it is as safe as AIDS. this new technology will kill a few hundred millions or billions.

  • Elektronikmaleinfach says:

    another lai . first parts of the reactor are get radioaktive and must be replaced. second the fuel to run these divece is not unlimeted. ist just to understand the procecc and create more mass destruction weapons. if we use these money to build solar collectors or build divcec to use the electric lower force we have a solution.

    • IAmTheWalrus says:

      +Klaus Jürgen Yes, cause you can totally use helium for mass destruction…

  • Wiesel says:

    2:27 ööoooeeeyyy 😀

    • EEROS says:

      +Wiesel hah

    • DönerLord Mc Elrond says:

      hahahaha öööeeeeeyyyyy

    • Prussian Eagle says:


  • IAmTheWalrus says:

    Why can’t that dude say freaking “Nuclear”. It’s not freaking “nuceler”. Damn. Why is he commentating these kinds of videos if he can’t pronounce the most basic words in the topic right?

    • olivia-J Trans says:

      iaMtHE Walru, English speakers have little apptitude for languages. it takes much imagination and brainpower. I speak three : French German and English,

  • Noel N says:


    • Drama Queen says:

      Tony Stark is the truUUUuee playyah, babe

    • Ser. Hudson says:

      this is a arc reactor not a fusions reactor!

    • stasyszy says:

      he also did it in less then 2 weeks

    • Displaced says:

      Excellent comment.

    • DADDY says:

      AnimatorZo2 Indeed

  • opsimathics says:

    nucular nucular nucular
    lol this person has a job

    • DönerLord Mc Elrond says:

      ye and what is spleeting?

    • Billy Gray says:

      why can’t he just say it properly?

    • Dave Cruickshank says:

      NEW-CLEAR… It’s not that hard!

    • Dani Davidoff says:

      It thought it was newkiller :)))

    • Theodor Witter says:

      Nukilar, the term is nukilar!

  • F Regs says:

    Primer Fields,     Bowl Shaped Magnets

  • pcread says:

    too big, too expensive, too slow to market.

  • FIRE FURY says:

    sloooowly getting there

  • eXtremeDR says:

    Saudi-Arabia: “Fusion is witchcraft!”

    • Faisal Yousuf Osman says:

      eXtremeDR I know I meant them. and some of the other wasteful Arab emirates like Dubai or abudabi

    • Sirexi says:


    • Kekistani Refugee says:

      in my car , LUL…. Have you seen the size of the reactor? You want a mini sun in the trunk of your car? Kek m8

    • alemanloco1 says:

      They recently issued a Fatwah: “Everyone involved in this heresy is to be beheaded…”

    • bambang303378 says:

      Yes they said that. And all people will be beheaded.

  • GumbaverianX says:

    Our Civilization still stack at 0.724 Type Civilization as of 2012 🙁

    • GumbaverianX says:

      And I hope Nuclear Fusion Reactor would help us to save our home, Earth..

    • Der Spliff says:

      It could do so much more for humanity giving us pretty much a unlimited, cheap powersource.

    • GumbaverianX says:


  • Lee Richard says:

    the EAST in china reached 50000000centigrate degrees lasting for 102 seconds this years and it seems only a step away from fusion

    • P says:

      Wendelstein 7x was able to create hydogenplasma for 6 seconds in February this year. With maximum temperatures of 100mio degrees Celsius for the elektrons and 10mio degrees celsius for the ions. Using 4 megawatt of power a second to create it. at the moment they are preparing for the next experiments which should start next summer. Then they want to create plasmas which last 30mins!!

    • Lee Richard says:

      looks very promising ,hope it will bring limitless energy to the world

    • log140 says:

      hope you can face reality… this is still decades away.. and energy will never be free for all humans, nor limitless even it it would succeed..

  • Gribbo9999 says:

    “And that’s still decades away”. Really? Its a long standing joke that, whatever decade you ask in, nuclear fusion technology is always “decades away”. But good luck to them and I expect we will get there in the end. Hope so anyway.

    • whykhr says:

      Nope, most of Germany’s RE is NOT from Wind. Biomass/waste is 3.2X total Geo/Solar/Wind, that’s total energy supply. In Electricity generation Wind & Biomass/Waste is about equal. If you count the wind that is actually used in Germany rather than exported at a huge loss, Biomass is much higher. Nuclear waste is a coke can full to supply an American’s lifetime electricity needs. And that is all contained and valuable, no energy source produces as little waste as that. Just the radioactive thorium waste from one rare earth mine that makes materials for Wind & Solar is enough to power the entire world, not just electricity, all energy needs burnt in a LFTR – molten salt reactor.

    • log140 says:

      how good is your german??

      this is from the official enviroment head-office

      A typical nuclear power plant in a year generates 20 metric tons of used nuclear fuel…

      sure the potential energy production from nuclear and fusion is fantastic, but the safety problems are a major problem.. nuclear waste also!

      just name me one permanent depository for nuclear waste, that can keep highly radioactive materials away from our enviroment for the next couple of 1000 years?!

    • log140 says:

      “Damages up to 250 million euros
      are covered by the insurance company and up to 2.5 billion euros by an operator pool.
      For amounts above this the nuclear power plant operat or is liable with its assets.. As a
      comparison, damage caused by the Fukishima nuclear disaster amounted
      to ca. 100 billion euros, a value which is many times higher than the company value of
      the German nuclear power plant operators. The uncovered risks are carried by the tax
      “On sunny weekdays, PV power can cover 35
      percent of the momentary electricity
      demand. On weekends and holidays the coverage rate of PV can reach 50 percent.”

      From Frauenhofer Institute

    • whykhr says:

      No Fuku is only about 20B in damages, a minor amount compared to the $2T thrown down the sewer on nutty renewable energy scams. Where’s the insurance and payment for your fossil & biomass emissions that kill 7 million people every year acc to the WHO? And will precipitate runaway global warming costing upwards of $200 trillion and kill maybe a billion people. Who’s paying for that? Where’s your insurance? How come you get to use the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and land as a giant free waste dump for your millionX greater emissions, that pumps forever toxins, carcinogens, heavy metals, teratogens, endocrine disruptors, mutagens, asbestos, poisons we are all forced to eat, drink and breathe? And how about your $5T Iraq Oil war that killed one million people and destroyed the Middle East, turned it into a terrorist haven? Where’s your insurance for that? When are you going to pay up?

    • Mickelodian Surname says:

      log140 The French one in 2020 will output more than input but only just …. Again that’s also experimental… But after that fusion will be a thing. That’s at least 20 years away since it takes a decade to build the equipment. The problem is after its realised who will be handed the keys? Private companies that didn’t invest in inventing it? That’s the way things go…. The European taxpayer pays for all the work and then its handed away to the buddies of the members of the EU council. So we all pay for it and then some energy company get handed the technology for free and charge us again for paying for the equipment and inventing the tech.

  • whykhr says:

    A lot of nonsense. Nuclear fission produces one/millionth the waste of Fossil fuel or Biomass per unit energy. And that waste is all contained unlike fossil waste which is recklessly dumped into our air, land & water for us to breath, eat & drink, waste that kills 7 million people every year. Germany is a Fossil Fuel Barons paradise. They love them & worship them. 2nd highest emissions per kwh generated in Europe and 2nd highest electricity prices in Europe. The reason Nuclear fission is “so terrible” is that it was rapidly displacing fossil, especially oil generation in the 1970’s, and that really INFURIATED the Bankster/Oil Barons so they had to put a stop to that.

  • punani simpson says:

    Man will never reach the energy which started the universe. We are limited to the resources we have and we must stick to that or we’ll end up destroying more than what we intend to create

  • Ripane says:

    19 years for one second?

    • log140 says:

      not necessarly… maybe/probably/who knows..
      I think the problems are more of practical mather, than theoretical…
      like: we have to controll 100 million grade celsius.. what materials can resist this temperature?

    • Ripane says:

      Yeah dude 100 millions grade of celsius, no material that resist that. They talking about magnetic fields and plasma in an other video

    • log140 says:

      Ripane I know and understand the principle of fusion.. vakuum, magnets, plasma…
      what if things go wrong?? than plasma heated at 100 mio degrees celsius crashes agaist the stellerator walls..

    • KryptoStorm says:

      log140 It will cool down very fast

    • The Eh Team says:

      Einstein was a physicist, not an engineer. Meanwhile molten salt fission reactors are about a decade away, a little bit of radioactive waste, potentially as cheap as coal, and no explosions. It’s the next best thing.

  • Ankur sharma says:

    is it based on Th232

  • paulanderson79 says:

    The word is nuclear not nukiller. I like the way we’re told that gas is heated to 100 million degrees and then we move swiftly onward. I’d like to know how they get it to this temperature.

  • paulanderson79 says:

    We already have a perfectly functioning fusion reactor. It’s called The Sun. Surely better to develop further the technology to harness that energy rather than chasing this outside chance?

  • Rene Kunnskap says:

    What a waste of money and potential

  • Frederick Röders says:

    This could put an end to so much conflict in the world

    • Luis Fernando says:

      by using limitless energy weapons right?

  • Planetgonenuts says:

    “For many centuries they did not lose sight of their august origin, they obeyed all of the laws, and were religious adorers of the gods their ancestors. Sincerity reigned in their hearts. Moderation and prudence directed their conduct and their relations with foreign nations, So long as they behaved in this manner, all was well with them. But in the course of time the vicissitudes of human affairs corrupted little by little their divine institutions, and they began to comport themselves like the rest of the children of men. They hearkened to the promptings of  ambition and sought to rule by violence.Then Zeus, the King of the gods, beholding this race once noble, growing depraved, resolved to punish it, and by sad experience to moderate its ambitions.”

  • Planetgonenuts says:

    “Yet, my children, were the evil ones of Atlantis to see from within the jaws of death those Sacred Heights which they had striven to reach. Outraged nature was to play her part, and suddenly a huge crater was formed within the Sacred Heights, and truly did it seem as if Satanku awaited them in that cauldron of fury. The Sacred Heights subsided and telescoping into the bosom of the earth, afforded those people  upon the tablelands a glimpse of what they had striven to see. Down went the Sacred Temple, surrounded by the seven peaks, and as it subsided it sucked after it the remaining portions of the tablelands, engulfing those evil ones which still remained alive. Thus perished Atlantis, and at length the waves of the ocean closed over the last traces of that evil continent, that same fair land that had once been the habitation of Ptah and the divine men.”

  • Planetgonenuts says:

    You people are fools. “Those that tamper with the Divine Mysteries will perish my them.”
    So as it was in the Days of Noah it is now.
    Prepare yourselves as these fools work for insane people with insane motives and they themselves have lost their way. They are going to bring the wrath of God on top of this world.

  • Planetgonenuts says:

    “The eye that sees earthly things is deceitful, but the eye that sees spiritual things is true. Then, because of the things that happened, the Great Eye that saw Truth was closed and henceforth man walked in falsity. Unable to perceive Truth he saw only that which deceived him, and so it shall be until his awakening.” – The Kolbrin (Wisdom of the Ages), The Book of Gleanings

  • Planetgonenuts says:

    “Then came the day when all things became still and apprehensive, for God caused a sign to appear in the heavens, so that men should know the Earth would be afflicted, and the sign was a strange star.” – Chapter 4 – The Affliction of God Extracted from the Great Book Of The Sons OF Fire (An account of the beginning of things and why they are as we find them)

  • Darsh Desai says:

    india has aldready invented it

    • Mathias Weitz says:

      The stellarator was invented by Lyman Spitzer in Princeton, USA.
      The Wendelstein is a special design, called HELIAS, which also was invented in Princeton, USA.
      India has contributed nothing.

    • Darsh Desai says:

      what do you mean by india hasnt contributed anything , we have twice as many research papers compared to any other country and we were the first to build it do your research properly

    • Mathias Weitz says:

      First of all – Thorium ? It has the atomic number 90. You can’t do fusion beyond anything with the atomic number 2, everything else is created by supernovas, dying stars or neutron stars.
      Second, the research in BARC goes into fision, not fusion. Big difference, at least for those who have some primal knowledge of nuclear physics.

  • thumpin1 says:

    But what is its power source…?

    • Mathias Weitz says:

      Heavy hydrogen aka deuterium, it can be basically produced out of water. The deuterium in a cup of water would be the equivalent of 400tons of coal.

  • DreamingFlurry says:

    They could probably make it happen within a decade if they had the military-industrial-complex’s resources (and if they worked around the clock constructing prototypes etc.), which every nuclear power (every state that has nuclear weapons!) has used in the past to make breeder reactors (to make plutonium!) etc.

  • imingzee says:

    Too bad we don’t just switch to MSR’s and do away with the dangers of nuclear power all together. Oh yeah, I forgot, New World Order.

    • KryptoStorm says:

      imingzee This doesnt has any dsngers

  • thumpin1 says:

    But it’s using power, to create power… So it’s not free energy…!!! Or limitless… Without power, they cannot produce it..!

    • Luis Fernando says:

      go back to high school please.

    • KryptoStorm says:

      thumpin1 Now it needs More power than it can generate but if the Fusion does work it will produce more than it needs

  • olaolapepsiman says:


  • Award Queue says:

    How many seconds does it works?

    • KryptoStorm says:

      Allen Que 6Sekunden der nächste test diesen Sommer sol bis zu 30 Minuten halten

    • Award Queue says:

      French? I guess you say 30 minutes?Thanks!

    • KryptoStorm says:

      Allen Que German! And yes 30 Minuts

    • Award Queue says:

      + KryptoStorm That‘s Great.If so,That’s now the world’s best achievements.

  • Lemon says:

    Now it all seems so hard and complex but I can imagine in like 50 years how ppl like colin furze oder the king of random or codys lab will make a fusion reactor in their garden. There will also be online 3D plans on how to print your own Fusion reactor. Everyone will have a “Fusioncore” basicly a Fusionreactor the size of a usual battery in their phones. These will require like only one or two houndred atoms to power when the Wenderlstein 7x only need that little too 😀 You may laugh now but never say never. Ppl laught at ppl who said we would someday have a device with power of a computer in our pokets , when coputers were still so big as a sportshall… ;D

  • Zelnick says:

    The science crew is not diverse enough!
    More “refugees” pls!

  • Requiredfields2 says:

    Fine but if something’s 100 million degrees there must be some risk involved. I mean that’s pretty hot.

    • DerCheapi says:

      Heyyy I know your comment was made long ago but I just want to say: I was actually there at this “reactor” and got a private tour. They showed me the control room and explained some things. The hot gas is actually veeeeery thin, so the actual thermal energy is very low. Its not much of a risk even if the reactor would burst or something.
      Hail German Engineering xD

  • iiimusika says:

    germany the father of the engeenering

  • Wudruff Wildcard says:

    Mohammed would not approve, that is pure witchcraft, unholy and he would stone everyone to death who is involved in this madness.

  • gammaraider says:

    Apparently even Brits say “Nucular” ! 😀

    • olivia-J Trans says:

      gammaraider, my comment from above: English speakers have little apptitude for languages. it takes much imagination and brainpower. I speak three : French German and English,

  • Brooks Anderson says:

    Impressive machine but, does the principle of “if it isn’t simple, its not the right solution” apply here? Solar thermal energy in the United Arab Emirates is alreadey cheaper than natural gas sourced there. “Google” it.

  • Angelo Variety Channel says:

    We already have a working fusion reactor its called the sun. Work and improve solar, thats a far cheaper solution and is guaranteed to work in less than “decades”.

  • Raoul Duke says:

    Instead of wasting money in useless wars, you should invest in free and clean energy

    • olivia-J Trans says:

      Raoul Duke, tell that to the all mighty U S.

  • chrisw says:

    cheaper electricity bills on the way ?

  • Coonstar says:

    The problem is climate change is still going to happen. We dont need to stop burning fuel we need to cool down the climate.

  • Jesus says:

    Host cant even say nuclear

  • Altaf Ali Naushad says:

    What a time to live in. Kudos to Germany from India!

  • JONOVID says:

    how to make a perpetual motion machine 2.0 ………spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

  • s Script says:

    fallout through the fallout🎶

  • Russell K. Bonney says:

    These idiot don’t get that fusion in stars is caused by gravity and their fusion calculations are erroneous. Fusion with a more than unity output is impossible on earth. I have been saying this for twenty years.

  • w wyborn says:

    great , the germans have a nuclear fusion reactor , nothing can go wrong with the germans

  • Johan Peeters says:

    I have hacked some footage from USA where you can see this thing on top of wtc

  • Nick Outram says:

    Fusion was 50 years away 50 years ago, it still seems 50 years away…

  • Ream says:

    “Decades away from make it produce more energy than it needs”

    So it doesn’t produce any electricity yet?

    • Mitch Goodfellow says:

      It does produce heat energy, but It’s still much cheaper to produce the same amount by burning tons of $$$ bills!

    • Zdem says:

      Read up about the ITER project.

  • 42 zap says:

    No results so far. Just promises, like in the past 60 or 70 years.

  • The Satanic Gamer From Hell#9279 says:

    i’d keep my out if i were you, never know what will happen if Germany is behind it.

  • Mitch Goodfellow says:

    Hans Schmitt had created a smaller version of fusion reactor in his garage… When finally he activated the main switch on,
    his niece was the last person to see him and the garage…

  • Dav Vez says:

    i like how your logo looks like a strange sphagetti monster sibling

  • Mike Jensen says:

    he talks about nuclear fission as if its coal power when hes referring to it he is talking about the commercial 1st and 2nd generation nuclear fission power plants if we used 5th and 6th generation nuclear fission it reuses its fuel and can use nuclear waste that has been stored also they are completely safe from meltdown look up 5th 6th gen nuclear fission power-plants. and you will never want to use any other form of power.

  • MrMpalmer33 says:

    Nucular is not a word.

  • Mickelodian Surname says:

    Nuclear fusion has been ‘decades away’ for over 70 years now. But at the moment with advances in A.I. and materials science along with the knowledge that there is a deadline things are finally hotting up… [Pun intended]

    Its just a scaling problem now… The larger the tokomak the higher the output for the same input. By that means a fusion plant will be massive and really complicated.

  • Zdem says:

    One word: ITER.
    ITER will be the true pivotal moment, proving that fusion energy IS possible… or not.
    Before ITER has succeeded, all these studies feel a bit pointless.

    • King Flippy Nips says:

      thats not a word its an acronym for 4 words

  • Zwanzika Hatzel says:

    what kinda journalist says nucular??

  • Wadel Radel says:

    How much attention has this received in the German news media? ZERO.

  • bambang303378 says:

    This was 3 years ago. Is there any news what is going on now?

  • Hallol says:

    That s not like our Airport BER in Berlin.

  • Francois Dupont says:

    its not even working.

  • Mspeed3 says:

    Would this be dangerous if it blew up? Chernobyl…Fukushima..that’s still leaking water from its cooling towers into the ocean..coz it’s too dangerous to fix the break or hole in the cooling tank wall…I don’t think we need to builder any bigger atm

    • Ralph Macchiato says:

      No radiation in this baby, so no problemo

  • Muhamed Karabuzdovanovic says:

    China have that long time ago

  • Krešimir Ćosić says:

    So what has come of this? Or we waiting on ITER for a real one? Another hoax by Germany.

  • abdul karim says:

    Germans wow

  • prof.bizzarro says:

    Mad Max Planck.

  • naseimwind1 says:

    The tokamak is easier to built due to its symmetric structure. However, it is less efficient at the same size than a stellerator. The stellerator is more complex to built and development started later as magnets of the required size, strength and accuracy became technically available later. The stellerator can run a continuous plasma. This is according to the Max Planck Society who are operating a Tokamak in Munich and the Wendelstein Greifswald, Germany, both successfully. The biggest problem is, that you have to have reactor size to come to a positive energy balance and ITER is expected to be the first reactor achieving this.

  • 아이시핫 says:

    now S.korea lead the way .. sorry germany