Pandora Papers expose secret assets of world leaders

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A huge leak of financial documents has exposed what is claimed to be the secret assets and dealings of some of the world’s richest people.
The collection of nearly 12 million files from 14 global financial services – known as the Pandora Papers – was published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.
Among the world leaders which have luxury properties abroad and millions in offshore tax havens are Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis.
Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan reports from Washington, DC, the US.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Khoo Seng kuang says:

    How about Free Julian Assangge freedom of speech

  2. Avatar Abdihalim Yusuf Mohamed says:

    What about Europe?

    • Avatar Mare Van Hove says:

      the UK is Europe. Here in Belgium it is 1200 people on the list.

  3. Avatar jarosław bielski says:

    Many seek favor from a ruler, but from Yahweh comes the law for every human being.

    • Avatar CLUELESS JOE says:

      @jarosław bielski Advocating the slaughter of the Canaanites, that was WICKED !!!!!

    • Avatar jarosław bielski says:

      @CLUELESS JOE Husbands, untill my glory is to be insulted!
      How long will you cling to vain things and turn to lies?

    • Avatar CLUELESS JOE says:

      @jarosław bielski Glory ??? People starving, children raped, incurable diseases…

    • Avatar jarosław bielski says:

      @CLUELESS JOE I vent my grief, reviving the memories of how I walked in the crowd, how I walked before it to the House of God amidst voices of joy and thanksgiving hymns, in the midst of the holiday noise.

    • Avatar CLUELESS JOE says:

      @jarosław bielski I’m not a Satanist. I’m a Cathar. I curse the Creator and strive to dissolve in the light brought to us by Jesus.

  4. Avatar zahran traders says:

    oh really ! righteous and virtue people are exposed they are lords of democratic countries they are making foolish peoples to obtain lavish life in the name of democracy freedom of speech freedom of expression utilizing army for their own security to sit office commanding troops to fight to protect their luxurious Life

  5. Avatar heat seeker says:

    කවදාවත් මහින්ද මහත්තය හොරකම් කරන කෙනෙක් නෙවෙයි 🇱🇰🇱🇰 ඇයි මේ මහත්තයට mada ගහන්නේ

  6. Avatar Thomas Pickering says:

    We have 2 troubling issues here. First is, the fact that there is a such a massive amount of taxation being avoided. The 2nd, is that these same entities are looting “our” tax revenues/assets/capital/governments. The plan is to make us all broke and in debt, so that all ownership of everything is by the top wealthiest … when we and our governments are all broke and in debt, we have, then, to depend on those with all the wealth for everything from healthcare to infrastructure, and they become the new governing bodies … we have been “invaded”.

  7. Avatar Victor Matere says:

    He’s my president 🇰🇪🇰🇪but what are going through as country only God knows 😔😔😥😥😥 Everything is expensive ,,,no jobs ,, Corruption,, insecurity, hunger

  8. Avatar Jon Foss says:


  9. Avatar A R says:

    You are asking the king as who?

  10. Avatar Ok man says:

    I heard king of qatar is also in the list 🙄

  11. Avatar Armaan Jaz says:

    Hat’s off to this real journalist

  12. Avatar Haydn Parker says:

    Utter bollocks for idiots tax avoidance is perfectly legal, tax evasion is illegal.

  13. Avatar S Khan says:

    The US, the UK, Canada, and Australia are the safe heavens for money stolen elsewhere. The Pandora papers hide the real big shots.

  14. Avatar WHAT? says:

    বাংলাদেশের কোন দুর্নীতিবাজ আছে কিনা তার তালিকা দেখতে চাই!! 🤭🤭🤭

  15. Avatar MIGHTYPAI says:

    CNN Doesn’t know anything about the Pandora Papers, in fact it absolutely ignores it

  16. Avatar daddyteddy85 says:

    This is nothing 🤣🤣🤣 these are very very small amounts of money

    Go deeper you will talk about US$ billions

  17. Avatar Mac Daddy says:

    For the mainstream to report this just tells you they’re probably going after those who are rich, but not aligned with the global cabal. Too many elites that are trying to control this world world AND doing this will get away scotch free. Example: Bill Gates, Obamas, Clintons, Rothchilds, Rockefeller, Paysuers…..

  18. Avatar jee jee says:

    Azerbai who?

  19. Avatar Helen Anga'sa says:

    Kenya and kenyata family at the top.. what a shame! The Kenyans are over taxed and struggling to pay Chinese debt while some appears on Pandora papers as the first face.. As long as karma exists, the world changes. In this kenyatta family, There will always be karma to be taken care of.

  20. Avatar Sy Lo says:

    No wonder why the world is so messed-up as of all most corrupts dishonest hidden faces are leaders. Hells are for those thieves and criminals.

    • Avatar Sofian says:

      It’s corrupt because Soros can get people like you to dance to his tune whenever he wants.
      (the documents come from a group funded by Soros)

  21. Avatar Sasha Ch says:

    So what’s the news? Rich people are rich they look for places with low taxes? If it’s not a law breaking then it’s nothing but this socialist love to count someone else’s money. The disturbing part is though besides the rich everyone is so excited about does this dosier mean investments in the locations with lower taxes is some sort of wrongdoing nowadays and then apparently there is no information security in the investment world either bcs some journalists may just leak the millions of financial papers to the public and then brag about it….hmmmmm

  22. Avatar Amelia Conye says:

    Thank you.

  23. Avatar Matheen says:

    Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram shutdown is definitely linked to this. They probably don’t want information to circulate.

  24. Avatar peep tbgod says:

    This is only the beginning. 14 companies out of god knows how many.

  25. Avatar Emmanuel Aizprua says:

    We have to pay taxes, while some politicians of our countries (who even have great salaries) don’t pay their taxes.🤔

  26. Avatar Simriths .S says:

    Katora Khan is a rich beggar. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💩🇵🇰💩

  27. Avatar sti rumble says:

    Imran Khan has a court date, oct 27th/28th.
    U.S military court schedule

  28. Avatar Greenpoloboy3 says:

    Yet they will never be held to account

  29. Avatar Brian Mcclung says:

    Are we worried about ethics here or just upset the government cannot get its hands on every bit of money there is?

  30. Avatar Ranjan Wijerathna says:

    any body have money such money , give me little bit for me I don’t have money

  31. Avatar MaRz BrOz says:

    Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp shutdown is related to this

  32. Avatar Aggrey Kigen says:

    What are the odds that this papers came out and the social platforms went down to stop them from going viral 🤔

    • Avatar Colm Cassidy says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking

    • Avatar Maria G says:

      They always throw a distraction so we forget until the next scandal and the pattern continues.

    • Avatar Gaussianform says:

      this is stupid they dont name the us billionaires tax havens cuz they know it wont be published like whoever owns wash post

    • Avatar Gaussianform says:

      @Colm Cassidy zero wtf

  33. Avatar lauris skraucis says:

    bruh the business analyst in the end just stfu

  34. Avatar Alberto German says:

    That’s the why behind Social Media is down!!!

  35. Avatar Lasse Sandø says:

    Oh this? This is just history repeating itself and nothing further will happen..

  36. Avatar Erich Schiller says:

    Show me a rich politician and I’ll show you a corrupt politician.

    I mean… just show me a normal politician and I’ll show you a corrupt politician. They all suck.

  37. Avatar Robin Nees says:

    I don’t care how much governments claim to tax the top money earners, they always use loopholes to get out of paying those taxes. Loopholes created by and approved by legislation. It’s been going on for decades.
    Have you all looked into the non profit organizations put together by some of the wealthiest in the world?
    Talk about money laundering at the highest level. There it is. BLM is a prime example. People think they’re donating to communities but they’re only donating to the dnc for Democrat candidates.
    Candidates don’t have to return their unused donations.

  38. Avatar Matt McElveen says:

    All the elites are cheating and stealing. We have to stop letting them do it.

  39. Avatar 27 Moiz says:

    Looting their wealth and making them fight each other. Modern day colonialism simplified.

  40. Avatar H Sivan says:

    The usual reaction, deny and lie, lie and deny. The repuplicans in the us have made a virtue out of this mantra and now every politician apes them. What happened to the Boston tea mantra? No taxation without representation? How about no taxation till the rich and their political cabals pay their share?

  41. Avatar K201 Mail says:

    How DISHONEST! At 1:38 “other leaders with lucrative holdings” appears a video of Putin & Erdogan. Yet nothing is said about them in the entire piece & there are no documents that mentions either of them. What a shameful piece of reporting. Journalistic malpractice at its best.

  42. Avatar winterガチャ says:

    They should all get arrested, crooks

  43. Avatar Fake News 2020 says:

    “I say thing deep State like about climate crisis”

  44. Avatar Arslan Raja says:

    Poor are dying while Rich is getting richer and richer by any means.

  45. Avatar Natty c says:

    The elite will get away with it.

  46. Avatar Grateful Mann says:

    Climate change isn’t the world’s biggest problem, the RICH ARE, thieves to their cold black hearts, we think it was a Rich elitists gang that released COVID to test the waters to eliminate the poor

  47. Avatar tap1016 says:

    Rich people are rich because of corruption, they can afford to manipulate the truth and shut up the truth.

  48. Avatar webthing says:


  49. Avatar ljet3245 says:

    🤣 No worries. “My gov’t will investigate my gov’t and get to the bottom of these activites!” 👌🏽 😂😂😂

  50. Avatar Mr. Dino says:

    Its time for a revolution my friends

  51. Avatar Illuminati Killer says:

    If you’re talkin about this….what’s really going on

  52. Avatar Sparky John says:

    They deny it and leave the loopholes open for themselves and their friends.
    Corruption is rife in politics.

  53. Avatar Kurt Bogle says:

    One more reason to OUTLAW banks and money!

  54. Avatar Al AAA says:

    Lots of government leaders are corrupt and cheating the people

  55. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

    rich people hate the poor.

  56. Avatar Jarrod Yuki says:

    i dont believe in government transparency or oligarch transparency not every country is democratic. i hate westerners.

  57. Avatar Kelvin says:

    I trust my country Nigeria will be there.

  58. Avatar Bro Chai says:


  59. Avatar Algorithms Manipulator says:

    C’mon, they’re just naive and gullible puppets!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  60. Avatar iMoney says:

    We don’t need a revolution, we need the provably corrupt politicians, judges and others to be held accountable. Young, black men have some time and lost their lives over negligible offenses, yet our supposed leaders are getting away with theft on a grande scale.

  61. Avatar Zahid Maqsood says:

    Aljazeera is not telling about Qatari rulers overseas companies, that is no go area for Aljazeera.

  62. Avatar Wade Anthony says:

    People don’t get rich by being good or playing fair.

    We are still in the dark ages. We could evolve if we wanted to.

  63. Avatar S S says:

    Eat the GREEDY

  64. Avatar Grand Bay Central says:

    Are the Pandora papers real?🙌👏

  65. Avatar Teddi755 OG says:

    Yeah ok we all know now but nothing is gonna happen about it is there so why bother with all this

  66. Avatar Teddi755 OG says:

    P.m imran khan will not let them get away with it guaranteed

  67. Avatar Teddi755 OG says:

    So there’s no law for it so basically nothing is gonna happen then wow so whats the point of this news

  68. Avatar Top iq comedy says:

    Israel and america is a terrorist

  69. Avatar Veron Sunshine says:

    We have known this for a Long time, that some Superrich are doing it. Only the exact facts were not known. Gud Job! Really shameful, what has been uncovered! Look to our planet, what these people are capable of!!!

  70. Avatar Reuel Rasheedaa says:

    I think trumps taxes opened a lot of doors

  71. Avatar LA says:

    Taliban not in the list?

  72. Avatar Md Emon says:

    Imran Khan is a great man


    Next step: now release Julian Assange…

  74. Avatar Jean K. Weisz says:

    Thanks Intellectweb

  75. Avatar wormwood says:

    So basically nothing’s changed. We all know this for ages🙄🙄🙄

  76. Avatar Arafat Hasan says:

    What about Trump and Biden?

  77. Avatar Rsvbiker Booth says:

    Oh look the special pay station that’s only open to corrupt politicians 🤡🙄

  78. Avatar Arif Rahman says:

    Please find out Bangladeshi PM soon and his associates corruption.

  79. Avatar Clemantine Boston says:

    Not interested unless US is exposed

  80. Avatar L. Jameson says:

    As a matter of fact not everyone has to play by the same rules,most of our so called leaders are flat out scum or the earth

  81. Avatar Neo says:

    Take it ALL away and give it the the poor.

  82. Avatar Daniel Luma says:

    The Rich are getting Richer and Biden is one of those who is getting Rich off the poor .

  83. Avatar Jason Melbaus says:

    They made it Legal before they did this. Now they can say “Its legal, we didn’t do anything wrong”. They want us to believe that Right and Wrong is the same as Legal and illegal.

  84. Avatar Bob K says:

    people have no idea how much corruption there is in the world.

  85. Avatar Albert Diot says:

    Please find countries who are linked doing corruptions to all that money easy to do just ask any of these politician to prove from where the money is my accounts like our banks today over a certain amount you need to prove !! For all citizens in each country legitimate to ask!!!

  86. Avatar Felix C says:

    Why don’t you mention your leader, the almighty Qatar’s Emir involved in the pandora scandal? Fools

  87. Avatar Felix C says:

    Qatar Emir @aljazeera

  88. Avatar Don Juan says:

    If i could ask that azerbaigan official how hard is your president holding your leash hahaha

  89. Avatar Idris عیدریس says:

    At least pakistan pm make promises My PM modi Is in silent mode Bcoz Her best friend Name in these papers.

  90. Avatar Hazman Riess says:

    Uthuru Kenyata..USD 3.5 billion. Your own money???

  91. Avatar A Christian says:

    Of course they didn’t break any laws. They make the laws to suit themselves.

  92. Avatar Paul Mann says:

    burger king,llove you.

  93. Avatar Stephen Babin says:

    Politics is a ponzi scheme

  94. Avatar Diluka Prasad Gangabadaarachchi says:

    America take every options to destroy other countries now fake journalists and fake reports 😂🤣😂

  95. Avatar CB250 Nighthawk says:

    Expose Al Jazeera too.

  96. Avatar samuel chen says:

    It’s not surprising that such behaviour is happening. This is the ULTIMATE dream for many

  97. Avatar reiche group says:

    A great plan to tear down Jordanian by the giant corp. This paper is an act of war against good economic countries , and shows clearly that giants corps are dying and using this exposed alleged politicians as steping stones.

  98. Avatar transeditor says:

    What about western politicians?

  99. Avatar Brad Haaf says:

    Don’t think there’s a single larger data set then Taxes going back centuries, your telling me you couldn’t train a machine learning neural net in 30 min to catch every tax avoidance over past 100yr lmao stupid simple solution would solve the problem overnight by simply announcing that your going to do it. Auto track and charge every corrupt politician, corporation and criminal Globally np AI will be leveraged to expose everyone sooner or later, its inevitable. Don’t give them the time to destroy the records.

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