Animal Activists Outraged After NYC Carriage Horse Collapses

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A controversial video shows police officers trying to cool down a working horse with water and ice after he collapsed on a New York City street. NBC News’ Steven Romo reports on how animal activists are sounding the alarm over whether the popular tourist attraction of horse-drawn carriages should be banned. 

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar SaveYourMoney says:

    White ppl always doing stuff causing pain than when it’s done to them it’s a big problem leave these animals alone

  2. Avatar BIG G says:

    Listen, I am a hard core Trump Republican but I am 100% with the Animal rights activists here. There must be a limit to how much they work, how hot and how cold it has to be for them to not go outside, major stable inspection at unannounced times, logs of diet and medical care that the stable must keep and is subject to verification for truth at un announced times, a limited workday of 5 hours each day for a horse with 30 minute breaks every hour and a half, and requirements that fresh cold water are carried by the carriage at all times.

  3. Avatar meowmeowbobo says:

    But if they dont work they will end up working in the glue factory…no horse wants to work in the glue factory.

    • Avatar Gale Grazutis says:

      They don’t WORK in the glue factory, they are used to MAKE the glue. But that hasn’t been done for a long time!

  4. Avatar Diane Angle says:


  5. Avatar E. says:

    Please end this carriage rides ,these horses are suffering under this horrible weather conditions , everyday day after day the horses need to be resting ,please rescue the horsers.

  6. Avatar Aren says:

    Sned the activist to the hood. I wana see how many blocks they survive…pfft

  7. Avatar Gale Grazutis says:


  8. Avatar leslie sorady says:

    Hope the horse owner was arrested for animal cruelty and the horse is removed from him permanently.

  9. Avatar Just lovely says:

    Slavery is a choice right? Look familiar??????

  10. Avatar Rolando Roblero says:

    Hey Christina Hansen, working in 94 degree temperatures covered in hair will make you collapse too, you ridiculous employee.

  11. Avatar Rolando Roblero says:

    And hey, Eric Adams, how about support vocally and fully causes other than those related to police. We’re waiting.

  12. Avatar Prayer and Profit says:

    It’s laying on the concrete with no shade wow

  13. Avatar Philip Nelson says:

    Animal activists need to shut there mouth

  14. Avatar Ilse Quinones says:

    This is so messed up!!! The fact that their “owners” don’t give a crap about their horses and they only care about the money… it’s so sickening!!!

  15. Avatar WindTurbineSyndrome says:

    That poor horse had to have been a thing in trouble long before it collapsed. This happens every year. It’s too hot to be pulling carriages. That driver needs to be fined for animal abuse to think the horse lay down and could get back up. Dehydration. I am glad he is ok.

  16. Avatar Bitemyshinny Metalass says:

    Hoping for the horses recovery and yes the horse should retire from pulling anymore carriages or wagons. I can see the activists side of sometimes inhumane treatment on the animals. I also see New Yorkers love and growing tradition to horse carriages. I’d hate to see the end of these horses going around the city I feel more should be done in protecting these horses whether it is from a scorching heat wave or droppings 💩 left by possums or other critters.

  17. Avatar Marc Bastien says:

    No moreeee horses

  18. Avatar mark Sanchez says:

    Rip horse 🐎🐎🐎

  19. Avatar Beth Roesch says:

    They need to better monitor what’s happening with these animals. When they were used as “working” horses in city limits, the city was still just a town and not coated in black top. Maybe, suspend them for the summer or only do them at night. And maybe feed them. That horse was too thin

  20. Avatar Tired Momma says:

    Take note!
    St. Louis stopped doing them because it was too hot for them, and this was years ago they stopped. People have been wanting them to stop much longer ago and not just for the heat but because of dangerous traffic. It is not safe to have horses do this in big cities.

  21. Avatar Cynthia Rowley says:

    This is not the same city, when horses were needed. Of course there needs to be oversight, of all animals. Fines are useless, if abuse is habitual. What happens to the horses after their service?

  22. Avatar sfqu1 says:

    Put this animal abusive business to its end now!

  23. Avatar DonDadaASMR says:

    This needs to end there’s no need for it

  24. Avatar Nick says:

    The lack of sympathy the man showed for the horse tells you all you need to know. He didn’t care at all, just wanted the horse to get back up and make him some money. I’m curious to know what “retiring” means

  25. Avatar Maude Buffat says:

    That’s not acceptable to make suffer an animal like this , repugnant

  26. Avatar r m says:

    Bless the beasts and the children

  27. Avatar CANADIAN UKRANIAN says:

    I have never been more proud of the people that cared.
    Yes, this is tramatic but people care and that changes everything.

  28. Avatar Animal Justice says:

    We had a serious heatwave across the nation last week, dangerous temperatures with lots of humidity which is not healthy. NO animal should’ve been outside in that heat let alone working in that heat!! This son of a b**** needs to be fired and every horse drawn carriage should be shut down. I hope Ryder the horse is healthy, loved and protected. He deserves to retire in air conditioning bliss

  29. Avatar ComicPhreak says:

    We don’t need to have these beautiful animals used like this.

  30. Avatar Lord Humungus says:

    Human beings don’t deserve the planet that carries us..

  31. Avatar Lynx40 Forever says:

    😢 this is not ok

  32. Avatar Vince Vincent says:

    Like come on man it’s common sense !! My pets are always taken care of befor I do anything for myself especially in the heat of summer ! Soon as I get up it’s all about them then me . Show your animal the respect & care they deserve !This was cruel ! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  33. Avatar Delovely Day says:

    Omg😔🐴❤ Lord poor horse beating him and he was poisoned by possum droppings that tells me the horse is kept in inhumane inhabitable conditions🙏🏾

  34. Avatar Dionte says:

    Pets need to be made illegal, all living creatures deserve freedom.

  35. Avatar d gronzega says:

    Check all the horses for “EPF” , see what you find.
    Sounds like victim blaming.

  36. Avatar Asturias Celtic says:

    Ryder has only known hard work and not love all his life. He was a work horse for the Amish, who are notorious for mistreating their horses, sent to a slaughterhouse but was rescued to be a carriage horse and now this happens. Please send Ryder to a sanctuary, Help End Horse Slaugher

  37. Avatar a564 says:

    People who call this animal abuse are the actual animal abusers.
    Like peta who abuses animals.

  38. Avatar NoFiltersYouTuber says:

    And the way that guy pulls on the horse,lucky him I am not there 😡🤬Poor baby.I hope the activist stop this Bullshish.2 Democrats for Governors that have done nothing,put pressure in regards to this disturbing issue on that Governor.

  39. Avatar itzhexen says:

    Someone should have cut that guy’s head off in the middle of the street when he started beating on the horse for being in the condition he put it in.

  40. Avatar Lola Love says:

    Omgosh!!!! They should band these businesses during hot weathers.

  41. Avatar Michele Otero says:

    Poor house

  42. Avatar Pablo Rodriguez says:

    How could you not feed a animal properly that makes you money.

  43. Avatar GreenEarthBlueskies says:

    Cant imagine the poor horse walking amidst all those exhaust fumes, trash and high humidity and heat. Guddamn shame. #FucCarriageRides

  44. Avatar Th3 purpl3 p3nguin says:

    Look man they’re always going to be people out there that don’t deserve to have animals man they’re going to abuse them whether they’re riding them or not they would you see it time in and time out they didn’t Carriage riding is not going to stop horses being used I hate to tell you that some people are just s***** human being they shouldn’t own animals they shouldn’t have kids they shouldn’t take care of the elderly and when they do bad things happen you know what I mean not everybody that has a horse in the streets though and not everybody with a carriage company beats their horse when they they fall down you know what I mean you’re showing one a****** and having him be the face of every person that has a company like that I don’t think that’s right either

  45. Avatar Prince Christyn says:

    It’s nice and all to them but they should at least wait for the sun to go down.

  46. Avatar archangel807 says:

    Horses ribs are sticking out because he is starved by owner……Next step is owner will dump him in a meat slaughter auction for $…..Someone needs to adopt him….

    • Avatar archangel807 says:

      Hot pavement can reach over 200degrees and burn horses hooves….

  47. Avatar archangel807 says:

    Tourists like bull fights too… about Central Park….or no, cruelty…

  48. Avatar James Douglas says:

    A competent and compassionate caregiver to the horses isnt nuclear science. Horses have historically been mans right arm in transportation. Keep it real. Romantic carriage rides are sweet. You either man-kind or man- unkind.

  49. Avatar Chris Bruton says:

    Bet the average person don’t know that he has to try to get that horse to stand ….they can count the ribs ? 💁🏾‍♂️ you animal rights people are disgusting

  50. Avatar Zorro II says:

    People to stop this should not take rides on them!!!

  51. Avatar Zorro II says:

    Union representatives will always protect this inhumane actions. It’s the money.

  52. Avatar S CT says:

    Horses shouldn’t be worked, but how about humans working in the heat? Let’s rally for the human workers. The Fedex, UPS, Amazon, and other delivery guys worked in the heat. One even died recently.

    • Avatar Johnathan May says:

      Those workers have a choice and a voice

  53. Avatar Nicholas Parker says:

    I’ve never been an animal activist and I know this is torture.

  54. Avatar tiff r says:

    they deserve to be free!

  55. Avatar S says:

    i think everyone is outraged

  56. Avatar Dolores says:

    No need for this Get rid of this attraction and fine that cruel driver

  57. Avatar Edonna says:

    Abuse….stop this madness.

  58. Avatar Edonna says:

    That women is evil

  59. Avatar Edonna says:

    Owner karma is coming

  60. Avatar Elder McNamara says:

    Everyone in UK should be watching this ! With all them horses in the heat carrying the lazys …

  61. Avatar King Doc says:

    Why advocate for ban? With inquiry done doesn’t appear Abuse. Reasoning in hot or rainy Conditions but ban? Why?

  62. Avatar John Russell says:

    No more horses in New York City. Enough is enough. Yes more regulations.

  63. Avatar Tamekka Knuth says:

    Catch names at this stoplight??

  64. Avatar Tamekka Knuth says:


  65. Avatar darkalligator says:

    Stop paying for this

  66. Avatar Joe Dirt says:

    What do you do with horses if you don’t use them for entertainment?

    Answer…turn them into glue

  67. Avatar Mario Jr OG says:

    Nyc money

  68. Avatar Shawn Monrean says:

    Help this baby

  69. Avatar Shawn Monrean says:

    You dont want this

  70. Avatar Patty Roeting says:

    Just to amuse stupid people,animals being abused ,not even feed right.This is animal abuse Those poor animals don’t deserve that .shame on the people who put them through this.

  71. Avatar Empress Dushi says:

    That man hitting the horse should go to jail.


    Why newyork lots humanity
    Lots of cases like this can be observed there, they are monsters

  73. Avatar Vee v says:

    Heartbreaking!!!I hope others come to the aid of that poor horse in that heat,makes me ill to see this

  74. Avatar Mark Rich says:

    While I don’t think horse drawn carriages should be ban that horse had enough . Send him to a farm upstate to live out his days .

  75. Avatar W.A.V says:

    Without the carriage business there be no horses in NYC🤷🏽 better treatment yes but I remember as a kid feeling mad seeing how donkeys were used for work in the island nowdays you cant find a donkey anywhere cause they not needed and I miss them🤦🏻‍♂️

  76. Avatar Lakers Gang says:

    All them people love eating at the bbq. All you eat meat. Stop it.

  77. Avatar Lakers Gang says:

    Your ancestor had slaves so shut up. Stop feeling sorry.

  78. Avatar KINGPICCOLO716 says:

    Possums droppings sounds like a new pandemic

  79. Avatar dragon0361 says:

    Are we sure the cops didnt do something to the horse?

  80. Avatar Peter says:


  81. Avatar Gail Worth says:

    That horse looks very thin! This should be outlawed!

  82. Avatar Joyce Jean-Baptiste says:

    I wonder if they require that a tutorial on horses before they do this kind of work. Just the basics, so they will notice if the animal is not well or fit. Just like when people notice their pet is sick. Then instead of hitting or kicking the animal they might see what’s wrong. Also before you put them to work you would make sure they’re hydrated and okay to work due to the heat. This incident can bring that to the fore I’m thinking.

  83. Avatar Denise Davis says:

    Stop it now…there is absolutely no reason for carriage rides in a city.

  84. Avatar George Garces says:

    To the abusers who drive these carriages , get a different kind of job ,these animals are not your slaves ,pedal people around in bike carriages if you must

  85. Avatar Charlie Anderson says:

    Any type of horse should be mandatory checked once a month to see how it’s healthy’s anywhere in the world. But to all these people that are crying it’s abusive since it’s not stop it. What’s next oh you can’t cut your grass because you’re hurting the grass you shouldn’t buy flowers because you’re hurting flowers especially the cutlands it’s abuse. All the vegetables that you eat all the bread that is made from wheat anything that is growing is alive and yes all that stuff does have feelings. Do you research it has been proven by scientists.

  86. Avatar Alisia Demi says:

    Blatant animal abuse. Go vegan

  87. Avatar Alisia Demi says:

    Why didn’t you shoe the part of the footage that shows the horse being whipped while down?!

  88. Avatar WHITE LION says:

    1) arrest that animal abuser
    2) ban horses in NYC

  89. Avatar tvtime1 says:

    How would the reverse roles were played? If the horse beats the man. Just ban these rides it’s so inhumane and these rides are so expensive!!!

  90. Avatar asdaliga dumiani says:

    Id bet if the horse never collapse none of those animal rights gonna protest…what a loser group

  91. Avatar MCDragon012 says:

    Maybe the owner should be the one pulling that cart.

  92. Avatar Zyon B says:

    You can live without those horses 🐎

  93. Avatar ChrisS says:

    this is awful even when i take my dog for walks i bring water and on hot days we do either shorter walks and stop to give him water every block or so if its too much heat and even water isnt helping we go back or wait til the sun goes down and then go for a walk hope animal welfare do a constant check

  94. Avatar A Jos says:

    It’s disgraceful that in NYC you still have these primitive rides. Speaks volume of the people there.

  95. Avatar Isaac 84 says:

    Just because something is a ‘tradition’ doesn’t mean it’s right. New York can figure out other ways to haul around tourists for their site seeing tours without abusing horses. Cocaine in Coca-Cola, slavery, etc were all ‘traditional’ practices. See where I’m going with this? Stop it!

  96. Avatar Nicolas Allen says:

    😥 poor horse. Be kind to animals

  97. Avatar Jennifer Luo says:

    Thank goodness for the animal activist fighting and advocating for the poor horse!! 🙏🏼💚🐎

  98. Avatar Amanda Hugginkiss says:

    All you animal lovers should be happy these horses have purpose. But the US, Mexico, and Canada slaughter almost 1 million horses a year for food. And China leads the world. We gotta eat, duh

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