US sees biggest food price rises in 46 years

2020 5/18
US sees biggest food price rises in 46 years

In the US, grocery prices increased by 4.3 percent in April – the biggest monthly jump in 46 years.
The price rises have put more pressure on Americans struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic – with more than 36 million people out of work.
Al Jazeera’s John Hendren reports from Chicago.

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  • Vihari Royal says:

    No Wonder the Meat Processing Industry is
    Paying Republicans big bucks to keep their
    Plants Open without Any Testing…..😂☝
    Profit Baby 💸

    • A O says:

      Woke idiot spotted!

    • krnpowr says:

      @A O You must be looking in the mirror, filthy deplorable.

    • krnpowr says:

      The meat industry already has the GOP in their back pockets in order to reduce regulations for more sanitary work conditions.

  • la mulata linda Martinez says:

    This is criminal. People are out of work, sick and scared and you mean to tell me these greedy jerks are allowed to raise food prices? This is a society with NO morality! A failed system.

    • Yamato Kira says:

      If any country printed money without limit and the number of goods stay the same, of course price will increase. That’s the way it works.

    • L1 says:

      The free market is also in charge of providing masks and ppe during a desperate shortage. This is what free market worship gets ya

  • arshan khan says:

    0:25 – “I am single parent, I have a mortgage, you can’t do this to us”

    Drives a JEEP suv with an iPad on the steering wheel

    • arshan khan says:

      @Leonard Carr can you please elaborate on this

    • Syed Ahmed says:

      @life matters You are an Idiot. Arshan actually complimented Indians. He maybe Indian origin himself. Improve your IQ, people like you cause disasters.

    • My Pet Crow says:

      Foxy Lady Said a bimbo member of the Comfortable class…

    • Leonard Carr says:

      arshan khan time payment,pay a deposit the so much per month,she doesn’t own that car yet,if she misses a payment bank will take it

    • arshan khan says:

      @Leonard Carr than why take the car in the first place. … Why take the risk

  • Allah madarchd GoatRapist moslim terorist says:


  • syed pervez says:

    Attack 🛫✈🛬🔥🇨🇳 Mfucker 🇨🇳🔥🛬✈🛫 Now 👍👍👍

  • Darth Maul says:

    When you print 2 trillion dollars prices will go up. It’s inflation.

    • iLoveBagons says:

      that is so true!

    • Janee Thapa says:

      Darth Maul in american case its hard. Cuz there is demand of dollar.

    • Heather Larson says:

      Imagining one day all those printed dollars get back to the US… People around the world keep dollars as reserved money because they believe in America’s ability to create wealth. However, the situation is worse and worse every single day. It’s time for investors to move to thousand-year civilization: China.

    • karenza t. Wall says:

      It’s the land – it’s the land they want to own. If they own all the land; they own all of us. That’s why we got rid of monarchs, or pulled their teeth as in the case of the British. They don’t care about the paper – it’s the land.

    • Robert Pearce says:

      Printing more money dosent make prises rise.
      It only devalues the money.

  • tca says:

    Hello fakeee economy!!!

  • tedlovejesus says:

    Another $ 3 trillion… what in the world

  • محايد قدر المستطاع says:

    Now They Know how Peoples in Blockaded and Sanctioned Countries Feel.

  • Tara Drolma says:

    And still government unwilling to give us another stimulus check. They aren’t even talking about it yet all other developed countries are giving their citizens monthly checks. Doing this would help keep the economy going, instead Dems and republicans give billions to large corporations.

    • Janee Thapa says:

      American cant afford it. Well technically they can print the dollar btw the cost is to high

    • T Kamaruddin says:

      Still you lucky, indian pm paying lip service to poorest of poor migrants labours.

  • Akbar Kamall says:

    Money creation of fiat currency creates hyper inflation. Everything is going to increase in price.

    • DaveOJ says:

      No way it’s the coronavirus disrupting the supply chain, right?

    • Akbar Kamall says:

      @DaveOJ I hate to break it to you but this is all planned buddy.

      Whether this is an actual virus remains unclear but this is definitely planned.

    • DaveOJ says:

      @Akbar Kamall Riiight.

    • Jimmy Wijaya says:

      Have you checked the US dollar rate against other currencies? US is not only good at printing money, they are also good at producing stuff.

  • books from Windblown says:

    If unemployment rises, I think food bank won’t be able to support so many people out there.

    • Hazel Koski says:

      There’s enough food, just nobody to pick it and the capitalists don’t want to sell if they can gouge by killing dairy cows and dumping milk instead.

  • Graham Thomas says:

    You could always spend more on foreign wars.

  • J Henry says:

    Housing prices will start to drop too

    • Lynn says:

      No. No they won’t.

    • Gabriel De Luca says:

      They’re gonna rise because inflation and interest rates

    • L1 says:

      Housing price drop would be a relief so i doubt it

    • J Henry says:

      @Gabriel De Luca not with 15 percent unemployment. If we cant even afford food theres no way we’re gonna pay for overpriced housing. It’s time for the bubble to pop. Sorry if your an investor

    • M A says:

      Housing prices are already falling.

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    hope no tariffs hitting the usa would be sad for the capitalists

  • A O says:

    Al jazeera
    Why you delete comments…? When someone ask counter question to ur reporting?

    • Simple Life says:

      A O Hindu chutiye

    • A O says:

      @Simple Life
      Rapist profit follower

  • A says:

    That’s the downside of having a giant monopoly. It’s baffling most Americans have properties that are over an acre each, and they don’t grow their own food.

    • Lynn says:

      No. Most Americans do not have a half acre. 85% of America’s population lives in an urban center. Facts matter.

    • karenza t. Wall says:

      Because Americans have become spoilt, lazy, in thought & action. It’s not just Americans, this happens in Canada, and in other parts of the world, surely. And as long as agri-business (Monsanto, etc.) have the politicians in their pockets, people will not be encouraged to grow their own food and become self-sufficient.. We can see from what is happening that they control the food supply production & distribution, and control the pricing. I live in a co-op apartment in one of the most densely populated places in Canada, and have five rooftop gardens, only one of which is devoted to gardening. About one dozen lucky people get plots. Out of approximately 150 people. We have enough garden space to grow food for the co-op for the year. Thank you. Peace

  • Behnam Zare says:

    now you know what trouble regular people in Iran Venezuela and other countries are getting not that im happy this happened to you but know what your country is doing to us

    • 김태진 says:

      Oh so you prefer Islamic State in your country? You idiot.

    • Syed Ahmed says:

      @김태진 How do you know if he does or does not. How can you accuse and sentence random people. Irony is you use the logic of terrorists and tyrants.

  • Jeremy Lopez says:

    absolutely fake news, if anyone actually live here they will tell you there’s no differences at all. Absolute lie

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

      quiet jennifer lopez and start to sing for me for a wetbag and some beans

    • Zintle Mvana says:

      You stay in Chicago?

  • Nitin Official says:

    It has to be happen in most parts of the world.

    • Jamie says:

      It’s called living the American credit dream!

  • Abraham Tsfaye says:

    They will print more money then they will threaten sanctions or war against other countries who hold the dollar reserve.
    US is a country built on sand.

    • karenza t. Wall says:

      Built of greed, spit & a prayer to satan.

    • Jimmy Wijaya says:

      Abraham Tsfaye US can print money because US can produce things. Arabs can’t even dig out their own oil without the help of foreign companies.

    • karenza t. Wall says:

      @Jimmy Wijaya Those foreign companies? The pay the U.S. tons of dinero, mucho dinero for the product they buy from you. You work for them, when you produce things & sell them to the “Arabs”, that’s what it means. They are paying you.

  • Boyd Gilbreath says:

    Artificial shortages to increase already ridiculous profits.

    • L1 says:

      Yep if they can get away with it they will

  • Yassine Amsterdam says:

    This how nations you sanctioned and put a blockade on their economy has to go daily with shortages.

    • Von Dutch says:

      Unfortunately my friends, its our military and Washington DC Americans how zero idea what’s going on, The media is lying to them

  • Fred Matthew says:

    Go US go. Print more money and it will all go away. Common sense!

  • mahesh debata says:

    Good symptoms

  • A.O.A says:

    it’s Obama’s fault…isn’t it?

    • Wannabe Wannabe says:

      As per Trump yes lol

  • DAVIS MATE says:

    This, on hindsight is good for USA, people there need to eat less as its more healthier that way, obesity rate there is over 40% because of the culture of constant eating and cheap food.Obesity is cause of many deaths probably more than corona will do.

  • Sebastie Cortes says:

    One crisis and the US is looking like a 3rd country…

    • Mr Ed says:

      Yeah shut up, they were looking like a 3rd world country even before the crisis.

    • Lockon Stratos says:

      Mr Ed true

    • karenza t. Wall says:

      @Mr Ed It is as you say Mr Ed. ‘Tis.

    • gery port says:

      Lockon Stratos *”Shutup” is the latest new word in English language.*

    • Lockon Stratos says:

      gery port cool, I’m gonna but the dictionary

  • Tuni Richburgh says:

    Greed, freaking greed! Unfreakingbelievable! And they wonder why we stock up in advance and empty the shelves!
    UNITED States my A$$.

  • X ShockWaveAMG says:

    Who ever is price gouging is an idiot there will be a investigation for sure. There’s always is a fall guy these days for public anger.

    • M A says:

      The US doesn’t investigate things like that. Only poor criminals are investigated, not the rich.


    Printed money manupulated behind computers ..then given as “aids” to so called “third world” in exchange of mineral resources and war………mmmmmmm u will pay u demons


    U devalue our currency yet we have all the minerals which u come to loot. Using war with your printed tissue called dollar…..u need to suffer

    • Tony Vu says:

      do you mean China, it’s the biggest minerals mining investor in Africa. The US and Europe had withdrew from Africa decades ago, giving Africa back to African before the Chinese come to colonise it over again, with soft power and massive loans which lead to un-affordable debts!

  • Cincinnati Reds says:

    Looks like U.S. sanctioned itself this time, cause there wasn’t anyone else left.

  • Deadpool 34 says:

    Prices still the same here :/

  • raven scott says:

    food costing more now? No problem I can cut down on my eating, time to get on a diet, I have great abs now, not one crunch was done. Nice.

    • Hyteen Ju says:

      @L1 just a joke man

    • Robert Pearce says:

      @Hyteen Ju
      Love how people with low self esteem start calling people derogatory names when giving a general comment.

    • My Pet Crow says:

      Were you born inherently stupid or did you have to work at it?

    • My Pet Crow says:

      Hyteen Ju Not funny man.

    • raven scott says:

      @My Pet Crow No dear , I was born rich.

  • Hoover E Londono says:

    All thanks to the fear mongering Chinese bought Democrat politicians and mass media scaring people out of their 🗽 liberty and prosperity 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ they are all traitors to the republic and should be tried for treason

  • Palaven says:

    Go Whole foods Plants Based; fruits, vegs, beans, lentils, flours, grains like rice and oatmeal, olive oil,. I grew up with meat only once a week and that was enough. Now I’m vegan Whole Foods Plants based and don’t even miss meat, fish and eggs. I drink water and tea, no coffee, and smoke 1 cigarette a day. I sport, meditate and do yoga. Look here for the Daily Dozen, there are weekmenus for 20-30 dollars. Grow your own food, many vegs can be grown indoors so throw out your plants and start seeding vegs and fruits.

    • L1 says:

      Honey… flours been out for months along with beans and rice

  • Frenchkisssss says:

    Inflation ? Will the FED increase prime rates ? If they do so, get ready for another financial crisis.

  • Rami Sebit says:

    The army should be delivering grocery. They deliver bullets & DEATH for cost of
    $750 billion every year.
    Release them to deliver unused grocery sitting in restaurant and bars. Farmers are destroying food for lack of labor & transportation. Train small group of soldiers to slaughter animals.
    We pay taxes for army to protect us why are they protecting Saudi King & UAE king while we the American people need them the most.

    • L1 says:

      It’s only plebs hungry and dying, as usual. The army is not for us

    • Rami Sebit says:

      L1 the army is full of children of plebs. We might have to call them with massage of desperation & mutiny. USS Roosevelt incident is a sign our boys are ready for civilwar

    • ronnel acido says:

      use the military for civil jobs? seriously? but i thought the US needs them more to bring freedom and democracy around the world?

  • Avishek Saini says:

    See, this is the reason why everyone “panic” bought and hoarded. All those SJW idiots who wasted weeks screaming for everyone to stop and leave some for them were the only ones who didn’t know the price was going to increase. Their loss. Should have spent less time preaching and spent more time taking action.

  • Irag Sayad says:

    I AM to happy the way usa is suffeing … now they know how iranian people feel they usa sanctinned and blokeded iran

    • L1 says:

      First, being happy at someone else’s pain is not helping you just making you look miserable and bitter. Second, in no way is comparable to sanctions, which are far more severe

    • Robert Pearce says:

      What a horrible man you are gaining pleasure from others pain and suffering.
      You need to check your morality in life….

    • Jimmy Wijaya says:

      I am just happy Iran don’t have nuclear weapon. I don’t care much if Iranian are happy or suffering.

    • Tony Vu says:

      4% inflation in the US comparing to 42% in Iran is not a good comparison!

    • Irag Sayad says:

      @Tony Vu hahaha . wellcom to los angeles of la in 3rd world country usa 36000 homeless ……. one crisis and the usa is looking like a 3rd country

  • DrivenByRage says:

    This is typical of Fiat money. More money chasing fewer goods. A result of endless creation from nothing and backed by nothing. This is just the beginning. Just like every fake, fiat money system tried over the last thousand years. The dollar will also inevitably fall as will all currencies back by the dollar. Which is nearly every country on earth. Take care, things are only going to get worse.

  • dedoshucos says:

    *November 17:* First known case of COVID-19 in Wuhan China. (Possibly September).

    *December 27:* Chinese laboratories sequencing the coronavirus are ordered by authorities to hand over or destroy their samples and NOT release their findings.
    Doctors like Dr. Ai Fen and Li Wenliang are prevented from notifying the outside world of the outbreak.

    *December 30:* As a result of overwhelming social media outcry over a “SARS-like” outbreak, Chinese officials are forced to publically admit for the first time of “mysterious cases of pneumonia in the Central City of Wuhan”.  Officials claim that “tests showed the cases were only viral pneumonia. That NO obvious human-to-human transmission had been found and NO medical staff had been infected”.
    When medical staff in Wuhan Central Hospital were contacted directly by independent Media, the staff “declined to comment”.

    *December 31:* Taiwan notifies the World Health Organization of Coronavirus human-to-human transmission. Taiwanese health experts had learned from mainland China medical staff that they were becoming infected. Clear evidence of human-to-human transmission. *”Directly contradicting Chinese authorities official statements”.*
    The WHO ignores Taiwan’s warning and chooses NOT to notify other nations.

    *➨January 10: Chinese Lunar New Year officially begins (Chunyun) considered the largest human migration in the planet for 40 days of celebrations from January 10th to February 18th.*
    *Chinese authorities knowingly allow miillions of people in flights in and out of China to spread the coronavirus around world.*

    *January 14:* In a tweet WHO writes:
    *”Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in Wuhan, China,”*
    *WHO Tweet dated Jan. 14, 2020*
    The WHO chooses to push the Chinese narrative despite having been warned of human-to-human transmission risk by Taiwan weeks earlier.

    *January 20:* Unable to continue covering up person-to-person transmission, Chinese authorities are forced to confirm human-to-human transmission of the Coronavirus. By this time the original Wuhan coronavirus had mutated into 2 additional strains and multiple cases had already been reported outside China.

    *January 30:* Two days after meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom in a press conference states:
    *”The Chinese government should be congratulated. Its efforts are protecting the people of the world. China is setting a new standard for outbreak control. There is NO reason to take measures that unnecessarily interfere with international trade and travel”:*

    *•SOURCES:* South China Morning Post, National Review, Axios, The Guardian, Washington Examiner, Business Insider, Yahoo News, NY Post, Reuters, Global News

    There is no need for conspiracy theories, all information is available outhere from MULTIPLE multilingual sources despite Beijing’s & the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns to avoid culpability. *The CCP by using the WHO as a tool is directly responsible for every single COVID-19 Death around the world.*
    *Google the dates & facts yourself.*
    *•Additional sources:* TRT World, Al-jazeera, DW news, France 24, Sky News, BBC News, PBS News, Euronews.

  • vsboy 25 says:

    Corporate America back at it

  • Kimberly GM says:

    I eat beans, vegetables, lentils, oats, potatoes and a lot of plant based stuff and my food bill is the same….. they act like not being able to afford meat and cheese is a problem….. maybe your diet is the problem……

  • Jasson Poirier says:

    Human beings … the other white meat , never a reason for food shortages with a planet of over 6 billion human burgers. Everything tastes great Bbq’d

  • SIBI TV says:

    “Make America inflation great again”
    Trump next slogan. Get ready folks its coming printing trillions won’t change. Bubble 🗯 321

  • karenza t. Wall says:

    The good old american get up and go – profit profit profit
    the American Dream – oh well, good luck.
    You are the self-designated helper of the world. Good, help yourselves.

  • Agnes Laufer says:

    Portion control, Americans more than Europeans .

  • My Mick says:

    Glad I’m Vegan.

    • The Critic says:

      Youre blessed, you can eat grass and hay for free.

  • David Bradford says:

    The richest country in the world, has its population queuing for miles for a chance of something to eat. Countries should be run for the benefit of its population and not the few.

    • Syed Ahmed says:

      The few serve their ideology “America first” means themselves first.

  • Gian Reyes says:

    Now we are all the same…no need for great migration latinos and asianos..hehehe

  • Jamie says:

    America is broke!

    • M A says:

      Most Americans are but not the wealthy, who have been stealing from ordinary workers for decades.


    Senctions backlash, enjoy.

  • Wannabe Wannabe says:

    May The Almighty Donald “fookin'” Trump helps you all 😂

  • Chuan Liang says:

    Hold up, only 2% raise? So you’re telling me if i spend 1000 dollars a week it would a extrar 20 dollars. And due to this people are going to be hungry?
    Something seems wrong here.

  • Gedi Steve says:

    AMERICA first .Make America Great Again

  • Gedi Steve says:

    Only war with china will resolve this situation

    • M A says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. The US would lose anyway. They haven’t been able to win any conflict that they’ve been involved in for decades.

  • s s says:

    Dont worry everybody bailout the rich first, and hope you get a trickle down

  • M A says:

    The US is a failed state and a third world country. Right wing/so called centrist Americans should be forcibly kept out of the rest of the civilized world. They are a clear and present danger.

  • Skylar Fowler says:

    fake I live in the United States and food prices have not went up at all in my area they’ve actually went down

  • Dalena says:

    Maybe those pigs will go on diet now. Too much obesity in yanky doodle doo doo

  • Lockon Stratos says:

    US, Canada and Mexico will merge to become one country

  • Ross G says:

    Stop throwing away food

  • Truth Seeker says:

    Trump is responsible for the highest unemployment, inflation on US history by far. Nothing good has come out of his watch. America is respected and well loved by the world as he claims. Just ask the Syrians,lraqi ,Afghanis South American, Europeans etc: Trump is destroying US with trade wars. He is winning but the public is paying higher prices. That lovely is it not? He loves wars and threaten wars. When the wars are brought over to mainland USA then the Americans can enjoy it like in Iraq

  • Raj s says:

    Time for Americans to become Vegeterians.

    • Ahmad Wazir says:

      Man vegetables are very expensive.

    • Nicholas Parker says:

      Time to cannibalize the illegals in the detention centers and the Chinese people in Chinatowns around the country

    • Victor Ray says:

      Ahmad Wazir Why?

  • June Thomas says:

    Eggs are no good the yolk was hard in side the shell I bought hamburger had.muscus in it my daughter bought chicken it had glass in it she called and told me I told her to throw it away like I did the eggs and hamburger China is what she said I told her yes that’s why we have to bring out foods meds to the u.s.a.

  • Steven Lopez says:

    Never noticed the price hike, prices look the same to me.

  • consulting insultant says:

    Quarter the customers half the workers and full commitments for the loan only calls for an artificial rise in revenue, by increase in price.

  • Audio Pervert says:

    160million people were out of work in India before the pandemic. Now it has soared way beyond…
    Now Dull Jazeera is always crying (crocodile tears) over the richest nation on Earth. Pathetic.

  • omegaboostZ says:

    yo that news anchor has some amazing hair. Not even a sign of balding anywhere! Lucky guy.

  • David Smith says:

    China need to pay for this!

  • Mr Ed says:

    They are living the dream while the corporate and political elites are living the life. Wonder when they’re gonna wake up.

  • pineapplesareyummy says:

    Karma for all the economic and military terrorism the US has done to the rest of the world – Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Serbia, Afghanistan, etc., etc. Looks like they are getting a taste of what they’ve been dishing to others for decades.

  • Indian says:

    There will be hyperinflation soon. All that printed currency should go somewhere.

  • M A S says:

    They don’t have control on it, but what they want dollars keep rising now too?, Seem there’s is some *****?

  • olzt100 says:

    Trump gave the well to do tax cuts so they have a cushion. Ordinary US citizens have no protection. COVID-19 is just pulling the curtains back like in the Wizard of OZ and revealing the wizards as frauds.

  • David Bradford says:

    It’s America’s answer to the obesity problem the fatter you get the more profit they make. Growing your own vegetables no profit in that.

  • Dietmar Bitterlich says:

    Just maybe American will finally lose some weight.

  • Titan King says:

    Some of it is gouging

  • huseyin emin says:

    Go Vegan.

  • Alberto Portillo says:

    Thank the CCP
    And the idiot Trump🖕 still looking for a free trade agreement Whit China 🖕 Mike pence you all suck

  • John S says:

    TRUMP bin Laden network says you subsidizing u.s farming so why is the food increasing in pricing…😁

  • John S says:

    U.S.A watch and learn how can a cracked egg be put together quickly ..😋

  • Aaron Robinson says:


  • Gustavo Brandao says:

    Don’t worry, be happy….. lol…lol….

  • I spy with my little eye says:

    Where’s the great northern and pinto beans??

  • demonorse says:

    Thanks Trump.

  • Paul Matters says:

    Let them suffer. Dumbest people on earth

  • Alan Ye says:

    Print too much money by the US FED, making it not worth anything anymore

  • musiko90 says:

    They are finally paying what the rest of us are paying! Good

  • cisa93 says:

    It’s not for lack of food. Many people are hoarding and also people are eating dramatically more while stuck at home.

  • scarlet simpson says:

    time to agree america is a 3rd world country

  • Philip Hengchow says:

    Time for Americans to pick up the shovel and forks

  • Philip Hengchow says:

    Galatians 6:7, is good enough

  • gery port says:

    *Real-time praise for the Americans fighting tyrant rising food prices without innovation in products and services within America.*

  • nuclearcasserole says:

    There are a number of shelves in a number of stores that are always empty.

  • Rustham Al muhathim says:

    *FrEe mArKeT wIlL rEgUlAr iTsElF*
    Free market :

  • NSX 55 says:

    The world should sanction the US

  • Mohammad Islam says:

    Within three months Long Coronavirus.
    Richest America become 3rd World Country…
    They called themselves …. ?