More displacement in East Africa as Lake Victoria swells

2020 6/15
More displacement in East Africa as Lake Victoria swells

Record floods have devastated East Africa this rainy season with almost half a million people displaced.
Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake and connects Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.
It is at its highest recorded level.

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reports on what that means for the communities living around the lake.

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  • Steve Jones says:

    Africa always suffering floods, Drought, Starvation, many natural clamaties.
    All countries support and help the Africa .
    God helps them.

    • wow i am lost says:

      @Augford P. Doggie what ru telling buddy…he never told like this.he teach about importance sharing and take caring ur loved ones…slavery just white man’s idotic idea….black’s are now more religious than white nowdays…

    • Augford P. Doggie says:

      @wow i am lost sure he did. that just means you have never read the bible/ Luke 14:26 Matthew 19:21. Slavery existed before the atlantic slave trade. Even Emperor Menelik and his wife Taitu had 70,000 slaves in ethiopia in the 1900s, long after slavery was outlawed in the USA. I know non of this fits your narrative of hating the white man, but it was the white man who spread christianity…so you sound hypocritical

    • wow i am lost says:

      @Augford P. Doggie A great question that deserves a longer answer than I can give here. However I am constrained so I’ll keep it short.
      Jesus is not teaching a new commandment of hating people. He is teaching about the cost of following Him.
      The clue is in Luke 14:33 when Jesus says:
      “In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.”
      It’s about what we must be prepared to do to follow Jesus. It’s about giving up everything, even our very lives for Him. He doesn’t say, “by doing this you will get into heaven”. Jesus clearly teaches that through faith in Him we have eternal life (John 3:16). Through His death on the cross, we have the forgiveness of sins (Romans 6:23).
      However, as His followers, are we willing to place Him in first position and place the most important people in our lives in second place?
      Let’s paint the scene. In Luke 14:25, large crowds were travelling with Jesus because they had seen him healing people, feeding people and teaching people at no cost. Why not follow Jesus? You can get something for nothing. However, in this passage we see Jesus turn around to them that following him is not without cost – you have to place him before other important people in your lives. You even have to place him before yourselves.
      To get his point across he uses very emotive and challenging language – you must hate everyone else. In so doing he is not saying that you do it literally but you must be prepared to put everything else second. So if your parent forbids you from following him then you must disobey them and so on.
      Thankfully many of us have never been put in a situation where we have had to choose between Christ and our loved ones. But imagine if you had been captured by religious terrorists and they demand that you deny Christ or watch one of your friends die what would you choose? Jesus is saying you must choose him.
      But it can be more subtle than this. In the stress of working and making ends meet we can be tempted to cut down of church activities, reading the bible or praying because we don’t have time. It may be the things you are working hard for are good things that will allow (say) your kids to have a better education. Jesus is saying don’t pursue these things at my expense – nothing, not even your wife and kids, is more important than following me and obeying me.
      Its not easy but Jesus promises that he will provide for all our needs. See Matt 6:25-34 and also Mark 10:17-31. Both these passages talk of God’s rich provision for those who seek to follow Jesus above and beyond everything else

      Btw white mans use biblical verses in a demonic way to achieve their goal..

    • Augford P. Doggie says:

      @wow i am lost why would i follow jesus, who may oray not have existed. No proof of his miracles outside of the bible and is so insecure that he cant handle me putting my wife ahead of him. Sounds like a weak god.

    • wow i am lost says:

      @Augford P. Doggie no one invited u to believe…all historian agreed that a man name called jesus walked on face of the earth 2000 yr ago…..

  • SohaiL Rehman says:

    *Whole World’s r Faceing Big Problems We All Need to Help Eachother & Care Hey God Forgive US & Help Us Plz*

  • Your Polish-Vietnamese guy says:

    Water for free? Well, not anymore. Poor guys 🙏

  • Yasin Yusuf says:

    Good news

  • abdulgafar muhiadin mohamed says:

    They will pass through this

  • Passang Sherpa says:

    Please help them.

  • Quetzalcoatl says:

    East Africa looks like it is starting to develop. The infrastructure is looking pretty good.


      🙆🏾🙆🏾🙆🏾 starting??….have u eaten anything this afternoon ? Or your foodbank…is 😂 not issuing anything?

    • Tara Jack says:

      Like Australia and parts of Britain early this year


      GMO isn’t food….its plastic …thats why they are so ignorant “them”

  • rido yunanda says:

    Covid 19, locust and this…ohh africa..

    • Pietro Jenkins says:

      They should make sacrifices to appease the gods.

    • Kwo says:

      Pietro Jenkins stfu

    • Jewnited Snakes of AmeriKKKa says:

      @Pietro Jenkins shame on u

  • SuperFoster1979 says:

    I wish it rained in Namibia like this

    • west max says:

      I want to visit Namibia sometime next year or the year after. What places would you recommend for a first timer? Are car rentals expensive in Namibia? I have heard of stuff about a place called swapmound or something like that and I hear it’s not good for natives. Is it true?

    • SuperFoster1979 says:

      @west max yes some places are racist, but they like the money more. Finding black owned lodges is very hard. Look online for car hire, pick the ones that are owned by international companies

    • west max says:

      @SuperFoster1979 is it expensive to own land there? How easy is it for foreigners to invest there?

    • Kwo says:

      Well Namibia is a desert so obviously it won’t.

    • SuperFoster1979 says:

      @Kwo sure but they said Africa will die in the millions with covid19. But they forgot to ask the man upstairs

  • Nia Pgn says:

    SubhanAllah May Allah give them protection, provision and ease 🤲🏼❤️

    • Prithvi Raj says:

      Fake religion does not help.

    • sun rises says:

      @Prithvi Raj it make u faithless…. Because faithful person never disrespect other religion… 🙀🙀🙀

    • krnpowr says:

      A make-belief, fairy-tale based wizard up in the sky isn’t going stop suffering.

    • Lazkrik Arkos says:

      @Prithvi Raj fake user does not exist.

    • Gym Brown says:

      Lazkrik Arkos exactly

  • Boodram Manie says:


  • Pietro Jenkins says:

    Better than Australia with its huge wildfires problem.

  • sun rises says:

    Recover soon…. Life is hard on everyone… Don’t give up..

  • Dr. Md Faisal Talukder says:

    May Allah bless them

    • krnpowr says:

      Allah is make-belief, based on fairy-tales.

    • wow i am lost says:

      @Word for Word Covfefe-19 trump is a non religious man…his god is money…then act like he is religious

  • Cliff MacFarlane says:

    Can George Soros not fly them all to Europe?

  • libeesh K says:

    They need side wall for protection.side wall will help the people from the flood especially in the area of highly populated

  • Abraham Tsfaye says:

    All that water is fresh water. It’s a freshwater lake. In 3 months they will experience drought.
    They can’t manage to plan and manage problems.

    • DAVIS MATE says:

      talking like floods happens only in E/Africa, havent you seen floods wrecking havoc anywhere in the world?

  • Delon Thomas says:

    My brothers and sisters

  • Faux Manchu says:

    I hope the government will help the citizens who are suffering.

  • General Naz says:

    They should build more build dams!

    • t rex says:

      The politicians steal all the money for dam allocation and the taxpayer pays for it.

  • Juliet Katakanya says:

    East Africa we’ve had it rough God help

  • Connie Balmer says:


  • Informed Choice says:

    If it’s not droughts, it’s floods. One scourge after another it seems. Extreme weather events will only make this sort of thing more frequent one imagines.