Rwanda genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga arrested in France

2020 5/18
Rwanda genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga arrested in France

Rwandan genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga was arrested on Saturday near Paris after 25 years on the run, accused of playing a leading role in one of the worst massacres of the 20th century.
The 84-year-old, who is Rwanda’s most-wanted man and had a $5m bounty on his head, was living under a false identity in a flat in Asnieres-Sur-Seine, according to the French justice ministry.

Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reports.

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コメント一覧 (104件)

  • S O says:

    Disgusting. No one would be surprised if there are war criminals in Europe and North America.

    • I am not Pleased says:

      You could only wish that war criminals were hiding out in the US. With the depth of our govts ineptitude of dealing with Covid-19 pandemic, and armed morons flocking to the streets demanding freedom, it is almost a death sentence living here!

    • TheSushiraw says:

      Real CRIMINALS are hiding in WHITE HOUSE.

  • Josip Tumapa says:

    Karma please catch up with others like him.

  • SNB says:

    Who got the 5 million dollar?

    • I am not Pleased says:

      It was not me. 😕

  • Gunman G says:

    Kill him?

  • Gerard Grant says:

    Is action cause the unification of a nation, well done sir. May your sacrifice live on in the hearts of all Rwanda

    • TheSushiraw says:

      RWANDA can never be unified.

  • Elizabeth Klimas says:

    It’s not “Europeans” (like everybody from Europe) it’s own native fascist killing own people!!!

    • TheSushiraw says:

      *Or… CIA backed Junta killing PEOPLE since 1990, moron*

  • Henji'sPlace says:

    We make the world think we are looking for them and want them to be brought to justice but secretly give them new lives to live in comfort how disgusting.

  • I am not Pleased says:

    Fry, baby fry! Or… how will he be executed? Oh, do not say that he will get life internment.

  • Wakanda Forever says:

    Still someone is Evading JUSTICE in Kigali, Someone who SHOT the Airplane carrying TWO HUTU PRESIDENTS of Rwanda and Burundi, murdering them, the act which sparked the Genocide.

    • TheSushiraw says:

      *CIA was involved in that presidential plane shooting… as RPF carried out the crime, of course nobody talks about it for a reason.*

  • Cat 106 says:

    Hang him. He doesn’t deserve to live.

  • Хозяин Госдепа says:

    I hope we will see the “wanted for genocide” on the picture of xi Jinping of China, emomali rahmon of Tajikistan, nursultan nazarbaev of Kazakhstan, kurbanguli berdimuhamedov of Turkmenistan, vladimir putin of Russia and alexandr lukashenko of Belarus. One day

    • João Soares says:

      Don’t forget Donald Trump, Bolsonaro and Maduro, one can only hope so

  • Robert Bridges says:

    Why haven’t America been prosecuted for what they have done to the dark skinned population of there country! Is the UN scared of America or do they believe what America has done is something they agree with! Al the country’s that participated in colonialism and slavery should be held accountable too!

    • etos butch says:


    • BT Aitken says:

      Derailment, fool.

    • tara k says:

      Yes India suffered lot because of these looters. And they call themselves civilized. May be they are criminally civilized. Still want to control world, with their cheap business models

    • TheSushiraw says:

      *First of all CIA and CLINTON, sparked that so called GENOCIDE.*

  • Enoch Antwi says:

    Of course France is behind this. Get one of our own to do the damage to our own while they loot our precious minerals.

  • Simon Kumar says:

    25 yrs on da run,,,bin landen should have taken some tips ,bad he trusted his pimp, pakistan 🙂

    • surgical analysis says:

      modi should have given him better tips I think

    • Aurangzeb says:

      He died in 2002 you idiot

    • Big Bang says:

      How’d modi

  • feminine boy gay is the only truth says:

    masculinity is ugly and always kill , beliefs is all fake and lies

    • wow i am lost says:


  • feminine boy gay is the only truth says:

    open the live chat

  • Brush Adam says:

    French support it.

  • BT Aitken says:

    Interesting, protecting him so long, probably has cancer or similar, about to die? Shame on Fance.
    Good though.

  • ON TIME says:

    I wish we should have an international force team which can enter into any country to tackle any further riot or genocide organized by either group of govt people or radical organization so that govt negligence can not kill thousands. Just like the concept of NATO forces but this should be instant

  • Asifa Sumi says:

    This man is India’s Modi’s dad.

    • surgical analysis says:

      true sis…where you live

    • Asifa Sumi says:

      @surgical analysis india

    • tara k says:

      So true

    • Matang darky says:

      @Asifa Sumi 🤣🤣🤣

  • Manneh Na Salimata says:

    He run out of money now they can arrest him,well come to the western protection.they will protect you untill you are broke and then arrest you.

    • TheSushiraw says:

      He can never run out money🤣😊🤣

    • Manneh Na Salimata says:

      @TheSushiraw I mean by investing all his money in the West

  • oderus urungus says:

    Find all these monsters and bring them to justice

  • Yagga Limba says:

    The French helped him to escape justice for 25yrs
    Let him rot his reminding life in prison

  • Boqor radio says:

    France is more heinous than ISIS

  • Taco says:

    When would you go after the Bush and the Clinton families and their groonies????

    • Joseph Nku says:

      They are behind the killings of Rwandans. He supported Kagame, he killed Habyarimana.and this spark the killing of the Tutsi Genocide which followed Genocide about the Hutus. We hope that Kagame will also be punished for Genocide against Hutus.

  • END TIME PRODUCTIONS Alvin Mwangi says:


  • rant404 says:

    Kabuga will die of old age LONG before the glacially slow court in the Hague gets within 1000 kilometers of completing its work.

  • Steve Tanai says:

    Indication of an absolutely inept police/intelligence force of France. Bunch of inspecteur Clouseau.

  • Mae Borowski says:

    Good news
    Yet it was too late to make this arrest

  • Mohammad Cadri says:

    Makes me wonder, who’a worst?
    France or ISIS. .?

    • TheSushiraw says:


    • M1CHAEL C0RL3ON3 says:

      The Frogs or the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service they both serve the same master which is Israel.

  • Joseph Nku says:

    Thank you, Kagame will also come to Justice for Genocide against Hutu especially in CONGO

  • James Bond says:

    France was probably in on hiding him…………………..

  • TheSushiraw says:

    *What does US want in RWANDAN affairs?*

  • African Messiah says:

    Probably he ran out of money to pay the French government.

  • Kayiranga Foustin says:

    Genocide against tutsis in Rwanda in 1994,not Rwandan genocide dear @al Jazeera English

    • TheSushiraw says:

      GENOCIDE AGAINST TUTSI never took place, moron…
      It’s just RWANDAN GENOCIDE in which both belligerents committed massive killings, *I studied and worked on this case, for a period of time.*

    • Kayiranga Foustin says:

      @TheSushiraw that is your view,

  • T Young says:

    You don’t pronouce any ‘s’ in Asnières.

  • Danny MussaE says:

    I hope justice to Rwandans will take a place one day/ if he is real the one, let wait to hear the trials/ when are the others monsters will be arrested? Including those on power including those who still in hiding? / TPIR Closed in hurry and by force before it finish arresting all Genociders, I wonder why! 🤔 💔 😭

  • Reallyahzxinxin dreadjulyon AbyssinyallahDGINinJah says:

    It is more his french and eurocentric sponsors that better get demystified also from now on

  • Ahmed Dalbile says:

    All criminals including this man must be brought to justice, we reject only Africans are sent to Hague. If you agree hit LIKE my comment

    • TheSushiraw says:

      Is he even a CRIMINAL?
      Do follow the news Blindly.

  • Chris says:

    hmmmm why is France being cooperative ? Afraid of loosing the billions of free money from Africa every year ?

  • Baby drumphf says:

    This is as if Elvis, Michael Jackson, Hitler or Jeffrey Epstein were still alive & well & living right under our noses in Jerusalem or the Vatican or somewhere. These monsters need to be prosecuted to the full letter of the law.

  • pat mourassa says:

    when will those who supplied WEAPONS TO CANNIBALS so they can MURDER MILLIONS IN SYRIA,LIBYA,IRAK,be arrested?

    • TheSushiraw says:

      They are the ones that sparked the CIVIL WAR, that they are accusing this MAN!!!🤣
      PRESIDENT CLINTON ordered the downing of the former president plane, that terror act sparked everything.

  • ioan pena says:

    Somebody is 5 Million $ richer !!!

  • Kong Lee says:

    Like the French Government don’t know he’s in the country…

    • TheSushiraw says:

      He lived in GERMANY and SWITZERLAND as well…
      *he is MADLY WEALTHY, probably he have been paying PEOPLE…*

  • Mixtec Jaguar says:

    Why don’t they skin him alive? He should go out slow ..

  • Brian Mwaura says:

    I still wonder what was he to gain?

    • Sunny H. says:

      Just an evil.person reason just evil.

    • Brian Mwaura says:

      @Sunny H. yess but that’s not the whole story,in a way he was to benefit from all of it

    • TheSushiraw says:

      Its just POLITICS… go and ask Mr CLINTON the same question, him and CIA sparked everything up,

  • Baby drumphf says:

    I thought Felicia was a womans name while Kabugaloo does sound African!

  • DAVIS MATE says:

    Why now? probably his well of money has dried out, with all intelligence and technical know how they poses, how did he manage to slip and live in europe capitals?

  • Afg Tunes says:

    Kabuga is a Zionist, U.S, Great Britain, NATO close ally to colonize Africa. His job was to continue extreme violence. His WESTERN white masters protected him for a long time

  • Geo MS says:

    Why only after 25 years? Who has protected him so far, and why has his protection been revoked? What does France receive in return?

    • Wise Cub says:

      America offered $5 million reward for his arrest, those keeping him had a difficult choice to make.

  • Sectionc saisai says:

    RIP to all the victims

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    France still supporting arming and financing warlords all over the world

  • Joseph Abraha says:

    This is such disturbing to remind back those who lost their life. But the Government of Kagame and his people need to ask to France ,how this evil man had run away from justice for too far long? Those colonial powers are still committed Crimes by hiding those responsible and avoiding them to bring to justing. 26 years running from justice this is dispicable. Such series questions have to be asked to France. Colonial powers are just nothing but only
    Distruction and division among african continent. Africans think twice befor its too late.
    Rest in peace those died.

  • Jaseem Muha says:

    Can they arrest white christian terrists like george bush and tony blair

  • Joshua Grover says:

    It’s very strange and suspicious that the suspected “nuts and bolts” man behind the Rwandan Genocide Kabuga was arrested in a former ally country of Rwanda, probably the closest ally of the Rwanda government at the time of the Rwandan genocide and literally in the lions den in Paris, what the French going to say next? “We never knew he was in France”? Very hard to believe for a guy who’s been on the run for 26 years he must have had help no doubt from powerful individuals especially in Europe, won’t like to be Kabuga’s connections at this minute, the amount of damage he could do to his connections!

  • Kathy Grey says:


  • carole chevalier says:

    lecture avisée “Le Génocide Voilé” de Tidiane N’Diaye

  • Adi Murenzi says:

    26years and France knew he was there. So what made France betray this criminal. Money? A interesting offer they couldn’t refuse? Or…?

  • duhur labiste says:

    Why does that matter to France

  • limenyande olivier says:

    Last time I checked you all didn’t like the court in the Hague 😂😂😂

  • Gordon Welford says:

    President Macron stated: “I hardly knew him, I never met him.”


    Thank you to the USA 🇺🇸 and France 🇫🇷 for arresting “ Kabuga “ the most wanted genocide mastermind and perpetrator who is responsible of the genocide of 1 .000.000 Tutsi civilians in 1994


    Arrest the French government too. They supplied the weapons!

  • Wise Cub says:

    Apart from Neo-colonialism the West has nothing to offer to Africans, not even our own fugitives, if they could share intelligence and apprehend Osama Bin Laden, Kabuga is a piece of cake, like Billions of Dollars stolen by our currupt African leaders, they know where he is all these years.
    It’s like they milk a cow until it runs out of milk, then they send it to the slaughter’s lab that’s it. And the process continues.

  • George Njoroge says:

    France Government knew and played part in Rwanda Genocide… Also gave a save heaven to the fugitive after the genocide…. France should be held accountable

  • Muzungu Me says:

    🛑 🛑 He ran out of money 💰 to fund the French economy 🏦 , then they just hand him over now.

    A person who bought Machetes to kill off Tutsis from the Earth 🌍!!

    France 🇫🇷 is a shame to Humanity 😰👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿😰😰😰😰😰😰

  • Juventine 1 says:

    @Al Jazeera it not 800k pepoeles killed is over 1 million in 100 days and dont you use rwanda genocide is genocide against Tutsis plz correct

  • Jirroh Leon says:

    Stupid editors don’t question the complicity of French authority.

  • Tom Sall says:

    Why he was protected for 25 years and today why he protection is revoked today and Rwanda should torture him forever and they are all part of it Rwanda genocide and today they just came out and pretend that they are helping Rwanda.