Japan’s Stalking Crisis | 101 East

It is a fear that haunts the lives of too many Japanese women; a silent epidemic with consequences that can be fatal: Japan is suffering a wave of violent male stalkers.

And some victims are speaking out. Reports of stalking have increased ten-fold in the past decade, with more than 21,000 reported cases last year. But experts warn that this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Rates of stalking are growing faster in Japan than in any other nation. When a stalker murdered a woman in 2011, Japan’s anti-stalking law was toughened. But the killings continue.

‘Hiro’ began stalking his wife when she fled their home and his violent, controlling ways. He tells 101 East that he planned to kill his wife in divorce court because he believed it would be better for her to die than to be with another man.

Like Hiro, Japan’s stalkers are often jilted lovers seeking revenge on former partners who they feel have wronged them or tried to leave them.

It is not easy to find victims and perpetrators willing to talk about stalking. But through support groups, we enter a world that remains hidden in the shadows of Japanese society, often at a shocking cost.

We speak to stalking victims who detail the terrifying experience of being continually threatened and harassed. We also hear from the brother of a woman who was killed by her stalker. He wants to draw attention to the dangers of stalking and says tougher laws are needed to protect women.

Therapists working with both victims and perpetrators say that much of the crisis is rooted in Japanese society. They say many Japanese men believe that they “own” women. They also claim that the police often fail to act to stop violent attacks.

Japan’s leading criminal psychologist on stalking is calling for therapy to be made compulsory for any stalker with a criminal conviction.

101 East travels to Japan to explore the fear stalking numerous women across the country, and to hear from the men behind this insidious crime.

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118 thoughts on “Japan’s Stalking Crisis | 101 East

  1. Sophie13.Wright Reply

    I don’t think people don’t believe, they just can’t or don’t want to deal with the issue.

  2. New2Haven Reply

    Your woman is your partner not your property, it is clear a lot of men like this did not grow up with a sister or a strong mother figure.

  3. Minty Cup! Reply

    Women will probably take great precautions to avoid this
    – alter their appearance , make them selves look uglier
    – not go to police, go to family so they take care of it
    Since Japan doesn’t take stalkers seriously

  4. Ghana Gone Gondar Reply

    Is it the overproduction of testosterone? Not trying to create gender war but we cannot ignore that these types of behaviors (stalking, rape, murder, child abuse) can occur within women but that number is extremely low and half the time women who exhibit such behaviors were themselves victims of childhood abuse (by men).

    Why do men behave like this? How can so many woman date these guys (who had to appear normal enough to engage in a relationship) turn out to kill them?

    It’s a global phenomenon and very scary for women.

    It’s as if they really cannot privately date someone and have to have all family members involved to screen these guys before any type of dating alone occurs.

    Something is very wrong with the male gender as a whole since this is behavior that can be found globally.


  5. lensing ed Reply

    proof vaping makes you a douchebag

  6. Dom Trussardi Reply

    Terrible. Every place has a dark-side. But, I must say that “gender equality scores” are horseshit. They have been debunked.

  7. AGGROBERLIN615 Reply

    Are you telling me a country that has vending machines selling used panties also has weirdos? That’s just hard to believe

  8. King Slechtvalk Reply

    Love is sacrifice. It is not based on feelings, its based on the value of that person and God says your invaluable. This is so shameful. People who do this dont not know love all they know is how to feed their narcissistic nature. A man should lay down his life for his woman. More people need Christ in their lives. Personally I think Asian woman are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Its so sad to see that this is a real problem.

  9. Nocturnal Keyboard Warrior Reply

    A channel from Middle-East accusing Japan of Human rights violation?

    • Lela Xx Reply

      Where are you from? Shall we start to discuss your countries sins ?

    • kagrenac _ 2b2t Reply

      True though.

    • Lela Xx Reply

      Mr. fallout mmmm kind of. But I don’t think it’s that black and white

    • akpinar okkes Reply

      @Lela Xx It never is.

  10. Jason Bourne Reply

    Yeah.. right.

    No one is stalking these ‘leftover women’ and future Cat Ladies. No sane man wants them.

  11. Poopy Peepod Reply

    rape and assault is a joke in Japan anyways. It’s still a system of don’t admit to being raped because noone will want you, and you’re embarassing.

  12. Tommie Reid Reply

    I heard that STALKERS are cowardly.. I’ll bet if some guy approached him and said she’s mine, if you keep doing this, you will have to deal with me. The stalking will end..

  13. Cassidy Reply

    What happens to the woman if she defends herself and kills the stalker if it came to that?

  14. Gym and everything inbetween Bhattacharya Reply

    Muhm0d used to st@lk his son’s wife.😅

    • القنبلة تي في Reply

      At least he didn’t invade your country for oil then kill your people then call you a terrorist when you defend urself 😂

    • Gym and everything inbetween Bhattacharya Reply

      @القنبلة تي في Your ancestors did invade my country and destroyed my culture mc

  15. Peter Cavanagh Reply

    Simp epidemic

  16. Eliz Donovan Reply

    Unless you’ve been stalked, I don’t think that you can understand the absolute terror to which you are reduced every time the stalker comes near.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you do not understand the state of fear in which life is lived, danger in every place, no where is safe.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you do not understand, that most people don’t understand your fear.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you do not understand that a person being stalked, needs to hide their fear in order to live, work, exist in society because the stalker presents as being a rational, ordinary person.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you do not understand the state of perpetual fear in which a person lives because they don’t know when or where the stalker 👀 will appear.
    Unless you’ve been stalked you do not understand, why I constantly check my environment for danger.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you do not understand what it’s like to live in a glass prison.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you do not understand what it’s like to lie in bed at night, thinking if this is the night he will break into the house and kill me and children as he has threatened to do.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you don’t understand what it’s like to think , I hope it will be quick and relatively painless, but also know that it won’t, because you know how he likes to inflict pain.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you don’t understand how sometimes, one thinks that if he finally kills you, it will be a relief because then, it would be over and one would finally be free of perpetual fear during every waking and sleeping second.
    Unless you’ve been stalked don’t tell me you understand my fear .. because you don’t, because you can’t, and I don’t blame you.
    Unless you’ve been stalked, you don’t understand, that the stalker has told lies about how he fears for my mental health citing that I say he has stalked me.
    There is one thing you can do, treat my concerns seriously, ask if there is anything you can do to help in the current situation.
    There is one thing you can do, offer to watch he environment while I sleep. Your presence will make it safer, but not absolutely safe, because most stalkers are cowards and won’t show their face to you.
    There is one thing you can do, don’t dismiss my fear. Fear of what I’ve seen him do already and knowledge of what he has promised to do is probably what has kept me alive this long, because I am vigilant.
    There is one thing you can do, lobby your government law makers to ensure that stalking is treated as the serious crime that it is.
    There is one thing you can do, help me catch the stalkers stalking of me, because it’s difficult to prove and he knows I can’t prove it on my own.
    There is one thing you can do, tell me I can rely on you to help me because most people don’t want to know.
    There is one thing you can do, tell me that, if necessary I can call you or go to you for safety anytime day or night if it becomes necessary.
    There is one thing you can do, don’t laugh at me or dismiss me because you do not understand why I fear my stalker.
    There is one thing you can do …

  17. Maciek Igna Reply

    my ex girlfriend is stalking me… she would slap me back at home if I looked at other women. .. some women are crazy and she would blackmail me with fake/fabricated stories so now I just go to the escort service and no more headaches and no I don’t own an escort service. If you are stalking anyone you must have mental problems or/and need help.

  18. desolate surfer Reply

    All of the beautiful women should come to the USA and be safe.

    • القنبلة تي في Reply

      Count the rape rate in us you’ll be suprised 😂

  19. datdude_k Reply

    Simps gone wild man. These guys suffer from something called “ONE-ITIS” its disgusting and dangerous.

  20. That Guy Reply

    Oh great, cops are useless EVERYWHERE.

    Sounds about right.

  21. J What Reply

    Islam talking about stalking…lmao!

    • القنبلة تي في Reply

      Will if you compare gulf to other countrys about rape and stalking and murder.. Crime in genrel… Belive me you’ll be shoucked how there no crimes compare to ur country..

  22. J What Reply

    How many rapes are there in Japan?

  23. Bobby Lamm Reply

    Bukkake and anime all bad teeth

  24. Keenan Schouten Reply

    Firearms training would correct it. Criminals will always use weapons but they want “easy prey.”

  25. Kaykay Reply

    That’s messed up that they are victimizing they stalkers.

  26. Anna Vajda Reply

    Police make excuses for them probably like he just wants to know where his kid is or imply the woman is unreasonable for deciding to leave her husband etc. The culture is just geared to male entitlement. Not the only culture like that either.

  27. Kanan Mammadov Reply

    This is the same in most Muslim countries. All these people have gone astray

    • القنبلة تي في Reply

      Lmao … There almost no crime in gulf if we compare it to other nonmuslim country … What are you talking about…

  28. Crystal Glass Reply

    Stalk celery

    • Robert Schalk Reply

      Asparagus también.

  29. John Simms Reply

    The police in Japan need to do more.

  30. WARCHILD 5309 Reply

    Oh you go make me sandwich oh you shipped back to rice land

  31. Kash Sattar Reply

    Hiro is not a Hero

  32. Paul Beebe Reply

    Having lived in Japan for 8 years in the 1980’s-90’s I found most Japanese men to be extremely emotionally immature… MOst men I knew got married for someone to replace their mothers as their care givers…. Also, misogyny plays a large role as well….

    • Lian Za Khai Naulak Reply

      well 49% of Japaneses man and woman age between 18-30 are virgin

    • Angel Truth Reply

      Its there culture.. Showing emotions for males, is a sign of weakness. They don’t know how to handle there emotions.

  33. Masrudin Malowangiツ Reply

    Japan is dying

    • Kallus Garnet Reply

      everything is dying

  34. Juan Carlos Delgado Reply

    It’s very sad. I’m to disappointed to learn about how men perceive women and how authorities continue to let down women. A total Japanese tragedy. Time for Japanese women to fight for their rights and make it illegal. Most definitely these men need therapy. Enough is enough!!!

    • Ash Kitt Reply

      What we need is to go all Operation Downfall.

  35. Jay-B Abbasi Reply

    What the heck is stalking

  36. Denny Hiu Reply

    What is this? It’s so weird… Did Japan live on another planet, planet Japan maybe… I can understand that you have been divorced, cheated on, but stalking and killed her??? For what?

    • Kallus Garnet Reply

      because she bought shame and dishonour on his family, she has chosen death.

  37. joe caterman Reply

    40% or so men of age are virgins / and or involuntarily celibate in Japan… lovely place, but they’ve got this aspect of society wrong. Work/life balance and a few other things. This can lead to high level of mental instability leading to these behaviours being more prevalent in society… not saying it excuses it… but its what can happen. They have a great work ethic…. hard workers. But too focused around work… there needs to be a balance.

  38. LetoZeth Reply

    Listen.. If your daughter is getting stalked and her life is in danger, it’s your responsibility as a father to kill the stalker and take your sentence so she can live safely. It is the ONLY way to prevent stalking completely. The police can not do anything. It’s impossible for them to stop him. They can’t lock him up forever for a crime he has not yet commited.

  39. P E Reply

    An Arab news channel reporting on a Japanese issue for Americans.

  40. Inu Yasha Reply

    It’s all because Japan has no Allah in it’s heart
    They all should covert to Islam and accept Sharia Law

    • Ash Kitt Reply

      Says the guy who presents himself as an anime character

  41. Sam LSD Reply

    This is more of possession than stalking..
    Kills wife, he’s free and vaping?

  42. madmanga64 Reply

    I think a lot of this is the cultural has no release valve for there feelings it’s a very conformist society and it seems to leads to a high suicide rate and other things like stalking

  43. the top Reply

    japanese need to stop creating hentai animes, that’s one major reasons for stalking.

    • القنبلة تي في Reply

      And av about rape cheat incest loli 😂 more then 100000 av pornstars wtf

  44. Debra Ann James-Bissoondath Reply

    Serious insecurity issues…really sad.They need to establish stricter laws against this sort of behavior

  45. Marcus Bullock Reply

    the media did this to ’em.

  46. Ninja 4837 Reply

    I actually remember watching the Charles Thomas case on the news live when I was in Japan.

  47. Marcus Aurelius Reply

    Maybe because they are consuming too much anime garbage and soy?

  48. Sally Grant Reply

    It’s like police and laws all over the world are set up by design to keep women down. I wonder how many of these lawmakers and cops are abusers themselves? Maybe that’s why there is is vested interest to go easy on this type of this crime. I wonder what would happen to this type of offence if castration was the penalty?

  49. Viktor Brisman Reply

    I am always with you, Matthew 28:20. Never fear being alone because you’re not,Jesus always with you and that’s all you need. He will save you from all those demons that try to attack you.

  50. AquaLeo69 OMM Reply

    Hiro, you dont own anyone. Not even when u are married…u dont own ur wife. You sick head! You are not God!

  51. Jennifer Oviawe Reply

    Ive know 3 people killed.
    The first one was Danielle LeBlanc. Killed by her lazy soon-to-be ex but he didn’t want her to leave. The other one was Urena de Jesus her soon-to-be estranged husband kick down the door and killed her. And then Ashley Harrison co-workers killed her because they were mad that she ratted them out for stealing stuff. It’s sad that all three of them were on the news and then people that I knew.

  52. Kevin Alexi Reply

    Like Arabic countries especially Saudi Arabia

  53. DoraDuncan Reply

    I thought only 3rd world countries had slimy men that murdered women. How cruel and indignant is it for honor to be forsaken.
    Stop the torture and murder.

  54. Patrick Otshumbe Reply

    This is about Asian shame which is a real thing in all of Asia. In most if these east Asian countries, “saving face” is very big deal, you can literally get killed for embarrassing people or their families in public.
    And in patriarchal society as a man being “rejected” by a woman (regardless matter the context) triggers these emotions of “shame” and “embarrassment” which results into man having to “save face” by doing something drastic as stalking/ killing in order to restore some of his ego and dare I say “manhood”?

  55. Shalexia Davis Reply

    Wish I could help these women arm themselves and kill the bastards.

  56. John Cabott Reply

    “Worst Equality countries”
    Muslim countries : *Ha hA wE hAvE bEtTeR EqUaLiTy!*

  57. Sheila Mayer Reply

    It is amazing to me that this cultural male pride is still passed on from generation to generation. Marriage or any romantic relationship is not ownership, but a team effort. If the ownership idea is not discarded by Japanese men, then the cases of stalking and deaths will keep increasing. Its a type of culturized slavery that must be faced, not hidden, or it will never just go away.

  58. Venomorph Reply

    one of the first victims of high population and social media exposure….sad to see no gender equality too

  59. Carol Fremel Reply

    My daughter was being stalked – got a HUGE pub bouncer to go up to him and tell him that if he kept it he was going to get his own stalker and some dark night he was going to have a very nasty and painful accident – the stalking stopped immediately – most stalkers are just rotten little cowards who love to terrify women but run when the tables are turned

  60. Hominem Reply

    Guns, the great equalizer. Get a gun and shoot to center mass until that “stalker” piece of human garbage dies.

  61. Ice Commander Reply

    I’ll become a vigilante there, and when I find the stalker I’ll use a baseball bat and hit them on the leg so they won’t be able to walk again

  62. Monique van Wyk Reply

    Seems to me like Japanese culture has a *slight* problem with boys being raised as complete incels. 🙁

  63. daniel LEVY Reply


  64. PointBlank00 Reply

    12:42 Real-life Judgement detective agency

  65. amanda lee Reply

    The problem with middle eastern(Saudi Arabia, Dubai) or some Asian countries are male dominated n whatever men says, everything goes.

  66. Cat Man Reply

    Japan: the land of engineers, the land of psychos……..Interesting contrast.
    What about hanging the bastards? Hanging is the way of execution in Japan.

  67. mirola73 Reply

    It’s ridiculous that you are almost forced to take the law in your own hands to stop this obsessive and intrusive behaviour, as the legal bodies will not / cannot (but that can be changed by the government) effectively intervene.

  68. Cynthia Chang Reply

    Japanese Women must learn Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, etc., to protect themselves.

  69. Best Of Everything Reply

    Al Jazeera talking about gender inequality. Ironic.

  70. Dhruv Iyer Reply


  71. Flips Valdes Reply

    If Japan is a culture that puts a big emphasis on shame and pride, shame the stalkers publicly,male brother cousins etc, protect your females, follow the stalkers around, and if they don’t stop step up to bullying etc, cowards

  72. ICE FLAME Reply

    in some languages husband mean owner.

  73. Zbth Lpz Reply

    ewww i do not like japan anymore..shame on you disgusting

  74. M. Karbaschi Reply

    A person who goes to kill and kill a person should be killed

  75. M. Karbaschi Reply

    It is a cultural issue. The best way to tackle it is to remove these dark sides of man-woman inequality from school.

  76. Dan Forster Reply

    What do you think happens with K-Pop stars in Asia? In order for a girl to raise up to become a star he/she needs to service all the producers and financiers. It’s a wonder they still keep their good looks on stage.

  77. Souta No1 Reply

    I find Japanese/Chinese/Korean culture so bizarre I mean it’s 2020 what makes u think someone is ur property, guess what she wants a divorce, maybe if u didn’t act like a possessive psycho u would still have a wife.

  78. Gab Ino Reply

    Values subject must teach in school in early age and regularly teach over and over again… that a person is not material item/thing that can be owned… the person is free even they are married… national TV must also do educational commercials as there social responsibilities.

  79. Ray Staar Reply

    Cops the world over are all the same. They exist to protect the patriarchy.

  80. Risky Rantung Reply

    they should teach a subject in schools/university about how stalker is not acceptable

  81. hairyfishcakes Reply

    I like turtles …

  82. Julius Lee Reply

    Japan is a great nation, with great city, history, nature, & culture. Unfortunately it is weak as a society which fails to protect individuality, especially women. I feel sad for them, really 😢😢

  83. himselfer1 Reply

    I’m going to stalk all of you

  84. Kallus Garnet Reply

    Yikes.. these dudes need to chill out.

  85. E Z Reply

    And how many among these stalkers are just having an attention seeking behaviour? I would study the rate of their social interactions like how often they meet with friends, their hobbies etc. I mean if you have the patience to stalk people like that you must be incredible boring… you got to pay people to do that in many other countries…

  86. DON BUTTLER Reply

    Bro ain’t no cooter worth all that

  87. DON BUTTLER Reply

    use a .22 with a oil filter

  88. Louis Simmonds Reply

    I luv Japan. Don’t know why they need to stalk women who are so nice. I went there for 3 days and met a woman within the first 3 hours of landing and spent next 2 days with her. Beautiful, nice, fantastic women there.

  89. akpinar okkes Reply

    Despite being one of the most advanced nations on Earth, Japanese culture is very patriarchal…

  90. Imperial Japan Reply

    Is This My Fate

  91. Jaeger 101 Reply


  92. May Sharma Reply

    I casually dated a man when I was 22. He was very attentive in the beginning and I was flattered. After a few dates, he became very controlling and physically abusive..regardless of whether its a public place, he would not hesitate to hit me or verbally abuse me. I tried breaking it off, but he stalked me and terrorized me night and day. I planned my escape for a year. I arranged for my passport and looked for a suitable job abroad. I booked my flight at 5am, chatted with him til about 11pm, reassuring him that I will meet him the next day for a movie date. I left the house at midnight so none of his friends would see and report my escape to him. I was so overwhelmed my relief the minute the plane lifted off the tarmac of my country. I stayed in that horrible, abusive relationship for almost 3 years, all the while walking on eggshells because little things triggered his outbursts and beatings. He continued to stalk my parents house even 2 years after I met and married my husband. About 5 years later, he got arrested for some petty crime, and landed in prison. He died in prison. I know its bad to wish death on someone, but I was relieved when I found out he died. I later found out he stalked also the girl he dated before me, forcing the girl to elope with some random guy just to escape the situation. He was a sick, sick man.

  93. Casey Wiggin Reply

    No women is a man property!!!

  94. Seks183 Reply

    Culture 🤘🏼

  95. William Werenberg The Surgeon Reply

    If things aren’t getting better, then I’ll be a bodyguard for someone

  96. Erivelto Martins Barros Junior Reply

    I’m Brazilian and it’s more or less common knowledge that Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside Japan.
    I used to date this sansei girl (3rd generation Japanese descent), and she used to tell me about when she lived in Japan and this is standard there.
    Almost every Japanese woman has some story to tell about being stalked.

  97. Roger Wilco Reply

    Examples of making choices on emotion alone. No reason , no rationalizing. Just raw animal emotional thinking. All to common now days. This why its important to know just because you feel a certain way, it doesnt mean your feelings are moral or just. Any emotion, opinion and feeling is your right. Physical action on another person based on those feelings is not a right.

  98. Sakura Kentasha Reply

    I also recommend to ask the police to make him stay in the police box until you leave. That’s the smart thing to do.

  99. Angel Truth Reply

    Most stalkers are psychologically damaged, they can’t handle rejection, because they have a low self esteem, and low emotional intelligence.
    Most psychopaths are stalkers, since dominating and hurting another person, is due to a lack of empathy.
    Rejected by people and love interests they feel worthless inside, and think dominating people will make them feel powerful.
    People who are afraid to approach people usually fall into this category.
    Most stalkers don’t take care of themselves, thats why they look ugly, financially unstable, lack education, unhappy and messy.

  100. Four See Reply

    Step your charm game up. Women are looking for somebody to clap dem cheeks, you just have to present your as worthy. Be a real man & real women can’t resist natural law.😁. Stalkers are cowards.kill’em all.☠

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