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The US presidential election is coming up and both the Democratic and Republican parties are choosing their nominees.
The incumbent, President Donald Trump, has his challengers. But he has always looked like the shoo-in for the Republicans.
Different story for the Democrats, who started with a record 28 candidates and have been working their way down to just one.
The US system for choosing presidential nominees is unlike anything else in the world. It’s messy and convoluted, and not everyone thinks it’s fair. Start Here explains.

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  1. MansouR 1997 Reply


  2. gery port Reply

    *First for USA President, all candidates must have and Trump only have to visit Western Wall in Jerusalem to cost both USA citizen votes and vote count integrity.*

  3. gery port Reply

    07:29, 07:38
    *Why our USA President have to visit Western Wall in Jerusalem before final Election Day to cost both USA citizen votes and vote count integrity?*
    *Name at least one USA President, who didn’t prefer visiting Western Wall in Jerusalem to preserve USA citizen votes and vote count integrity.*

  4. Can I get 150 subs for no reason Reply

    Pete buttigieg is close with Mark Zuckerberg. They both met in Harvard and he was one of early FB adopters.
    Zuckerberg has since sent a number of his people into Pete’s staff.

    If there is someone who knows how to rig votes, its Zuckerberg.

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  6. Proof for East Azn Messiah on this channel Reply

    the usa election is nothing more than a reality tv shitshow put in place who will be the next tool for the vatican and who will be scapegoat to kill in the name of rome for the next 4 years

  7. Rune Dyrting Reply

    I am a big fan of the “Start here” programs. Neutral and informative. Keep it up!

    • Sandra Gathmann Gonzalez Reply

      Glad you’re enjoying the show!

  8. OHM-968692 Reply

    Basically an electoral college on a subnational level. Got it.

  9. C. Lincoln Reply

    The people don’t have a say in who becomes president… the real power is with the electoral college…. Hillary Clinton had like 3-4 million MORE votes than Trump… yet the 200 or so people from the electoral college decided to make him president. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF VOTING?

    • superdestructo Reply

      No, I think you’re confusing the electoral college with super-delegates. The super-delegates are individuals who vote for whomever they want in the primaries, the electoral college is a point system based around the US being a federation of states.

      Each state gets one electoral college point for every congressperson. The House of Reps get congresspeople based on state population, and each state gets 2 senators on top of that. A very populated state like California has over 50 reps in the House, plus the 2 senators. A low-population state like Vermont has only 1 rep, but gets the same 2 senators as well. Whomever wins Vermont gets 3 points in the EC and whomever wins California gets over 50 points. Clinton won the popular vote in California by 4.5 million votes and got all of those points, but Trump won the popular vote in more states overall. Even though Trump won those states by smaller margins, he got all of the points those states had.

      By contrast, Clinton locked up most of the super-delegates (individuals who vote for whom they want) before most people voted in the 2016 primaries and built an insurmountable lead. After that there was little point in voting for any candidate besides her, so many of the voters became bitter and stayed home for both the primary vote AND the general election vote. This led to the Democrats changing the super-delegate system so that they can’t cast their votes until AFTER the people finish voting in the primaries, and only then if no candidate has over 50% of the overall delegates.

      Thus, the play this year is to keep Sanders (who will almost certainly gain the overall popular vote) from winning over 50% of the delegates. In that case, it is my understanding that every candidate basically gets a number of votes equal to the delegates they won, plus the super-delegates get to cast their votes. So even if Sanders triples every other candidate in the popular vote but only has 49.9% of the delegates– everyone else can bundle their votes together and nominate someone else.

  10. Sani Abubakar Wakili Reply

    India’s Citizenship Amendment Bill can you make it on Start here. Thanks and keep it up!

    • Sandra Gathmann Gonzalez Reply

      We’re working on one right now!

    • meep Reply

      @Sandra Gathmann Gonzalez Thanks!

  11. nyla noor Reply

    Such an informative show, have not missed an episode. This one was a bit confusing, because of the nature of confusion in voting the President of USA.
    Can you please do one show on the CAA in India.
    It is so necessary to break that whole process of Citizenship into small intelligible points.

    • Léo Vinicius Reply

      good suggestion, im also also very confused with the situation in India, would appreciate a start here about it

    • Onkar Sawant Bhosle Reply

      As a well informed Indian, I can assure you it’s an extremely convoluted subject, that of CAA, NRC & NPR.
      People for it have different reasons, so do people like me who’re not for it. States have different reasons oppose it.
      I hope an episode on it comes here soon. 🙂

  12. Daily Truth Reply

    Another great episode from (Start Here) thanks 🙏🏾 Sandra

  13. Mr. Daman L Sun Reply

    So basically a temporary parliamentary system of government actually election*.

  14. romayel ahmed Reply

    Please talk about the CAA and NRC protests that are going on in India …

    • zusiphe sikayi Reply

      Its a shame what is happening in India but democracy is being tested everywhere.

    • Way Maker Reply

      Aljezeera are not interested in caa or nrc in india

    • the asian Reply

      Shariya law countries against CAA NRC

  15. jagdishkumar kukreja Reply

    Can you Please Make a video on NRC & CAA of India🙏

    • Sandra Gathmann Gonzalez Reply

      It’s in the pipeline!

  16. Saurabh Sawant Reply

    Please make video on CAA and NRC in India and please don’t be biased about it like Kashmir video.

  17. Steven Gerrard Reply

    love this program. so informative. hopefully there will be an episode of how radical islam movements started and how they spread terror all across the globe.

    • Earth Man Reply

      Radical religion’s.

  18. TheGeeeK Reply

    Please make a video about communal CAA law india and recent riots took place in natiomay capital of india

  19. Gustavo Monasterio Reply

    Although the subject is really complicated, this Start Here episode shed a light on this mess. I became a big fan of Start Here series, and a big fan of Sandra. Great acquisition for Al Jazeera! Keep up the excellent work! Greetings from Brazil.

  20. Mr. Sahab Reply

    Another awesome episode, Sandra. So far, this show has been consistent in packing valuable, no-nonsense information and it’s always well presented. I feel like I learn more watching these few min clips than I would watching months of regular TV. Just wanted to say great job, team! Please keep this up. I wish all news were like this.

  21. prakash tanwani Reply

    Video on arnab goswami

  22. chander kumar Reply

    I watched your every Start Here video and all are full of information, the way you pull off the things it’s all quite easier to comprehend, keep updating us with such information…love from Pakistan

  23. chander kumar Reply

    Make a video on basic story what’s going on in Syria and how it started?

  24. Man Mohan Reply

    Your po*n. Alert ** type of stupid comments alert 😂😂 now just kidding.

    Love to hear about your take on CAA.

    And if you don’t know what it is…
    Watch John Oliver show on modi 🤪

  25. URANIUM Reply

    Oh My God! American election is more complicated than Communism.

    Two party system is American democracy.
    One party system is Communist democracy.

  26. Mawlid Abdi Reply

    Thanks you make good prepration for “Start Here” Good Lucky

  27. Alyssa Kriel Reply

    These segments are done really well! Thank you for the good quality content.

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    Big big fan of “start here”!!

  29. TripleA Prima Reply

    Indian citizenships bill

  30. CSS Preparations Reply

    Video on Nuclear Prolifiration , United Nations

  31. Mohd. Imtiaz Karim Reply

    I am a big fan of the “Start here” programs. Neutral and informative. Keep it up!

  32. Delon Thomas Reply

    Bernie vs trump vs the world

  33. Esayas Alemu Reply

    Keep up the great work, Sandra!

  34. Nasir Uddin Reply

    I love this program because each episode of this program quite informative and voice of presenter very clear..keep it up..

  35. Chee Wei Liang Reply

    Please what is going on in Malaysia’s politics?

  36. Mathew Amos Reply

    try to cover a video about the Kurds and the Turks wars
    and what happening in Syria right now

  37. el _ Reply

    The world needs bernie sanders.not only america

  38. kalyan Naidu Karnena Reply

    how can qatar, a dictatorial state call american democracy flawed. isn’t it hypocritical?

  39. Ismael Ba Reply

    I like your style. Simple and straight to the point. Keep up the good work.

  40. thanos evengers ka baap Reply

    U read them all. Then reply and prove

  41. Abdul Don Reply

    Minute 4, I was completely lost.

  42. Nikhil Sam Mani Reply

    Need a video on democracy in Qatar.

  43. Awais Khan Reply

    This is a really messy and complex system.

  44. Danish Shafi Reply

    Make a video on Kashmir

  45. Mohd Shoaib Abbas Reply

    when is the next episode coming

  46. Xhevahir Hatergjoni Reply

    I am really impressed by Al Jazeera English Channel, especially by the “Start Here” Series! Good job, keep up the professional work.

    Watching from Albania

  47. fatima cheema Reply

    Love u 😘

  48. Rafay Izaan Reply

    Love to see a program on ‘Turnaround of 🇵🇰 diplomatic relations with other nations’ & ‘the soft power it is trying to present itself to the 🌎’.

  49. Rafay Izaan Reply

    A show on ‘ Imran Khan and his role in changing 🇵🇰s diplomatic relations with other countries

  50. Rafay Izaan Reply

    Delhi Communal violence or riots

  51. TheMatron'sMilitia Reply

    Pete lost Iowa by 6000 votes

  52. Something New Reply

    Please, lets talk about”BJP rule in India and the country’s economic downfall” in next episode….

  53. Alain Fortier Reply

    Star Here videos are great. Extremely well done. Thank you for trying to explain the American election system. I find your reporting is extremely well done and not as bias as the mainstream Western media.

    Could you make a video on the UN.

  54. Jd Banzon Reply

    Please feature Kashmir and/or how valid is the nine dash line of China in the South China Sea.

  55. Saddam ul Haq Reply

    So informative, and Ms Sandra expressions and delivery is perfect..

  56. Ankush Shah Reply

    Not political but what about an episode on diets? In particular, whether it’s better eating your ancestral diet (in my case, curry, chapati, etc.), Regional food to where you live or salads and such?

  57. Akoto Olubayi Reply

    the rwandan genocide

  58. Ankur Gupta Reply

    Please make a video on India’s dying rivers

  59. Ananda Mohite Reply

    so the voting is a farce, a smokescreen 😑
    it’s superdelegates who seal the fate of candidates 🤣

  60. Yasin Taşdelen Reply

    Idlib, Syrian civil war and the possible future of refuges. What will happen the losing side of civil war. How it will shape Turkey and Europe. There will be big stress points is going to burst. Millions of people stuck a tiny land. Does Idlib is going to be a new gaza strip? How they going to make a living. I think the problem is still under valued and it will suprisingly big affect on Europe and Turkeys future. Canyou elaborate it a litle bit more?

  61. Goodluck William Reply

    This one need episode 2…didn’t get anything

  62. sarwat farid Reply

    Would love one on afghan peace process/dialogue. And future implications for afghanishtan , neighbours and the world

  63. Rock Cool Reply

    Make a video on Indian media’s viability as they seem to favour the ruling party all the time

  64. Ehsan Rehman Reply

    A programme on Yellow journalism in India 🤭

  65. Bikram Parmar Reply

    Make an episode on CAB, NRC, NPR 🇮🇳

  66. Prince Zach Jacob Dampales Reply

    Please make a discussion about Philippines claim of Sabah Malaysia. Thanks.

  67. Timonster007 Reply

    Americans are the only one that think America is a great country tho

  68. tab333999 Reply

    Start here – for India’s CAA and NRC exercise

  69. Lord Orlandu Reply

    The truth is it’s all rigged, always was always will be. and these morons can’t seem too see it. Must be great being liberal, the brain is the first thing too go.

  70. Rebecca Ekwuruke Reply

    Start here breaks down complicated news. I have watched almost all the Start here videos and I get a clearer picture but I am still lost when it comes to how voting in US works 😩.

  71. navdeep sharma Reply

    I’m your biggest fan ………….

  72. navdeep sharma Reply

    How real is indian democracy plz have show on it

  73. MultiSyed110 Reply

    Is corona a tool of biowarfare or merely a pandemic disease?
    Various conspiracy theories are revolving around this enigma; however, no ample research is available regarding this issue. Kindly shed light upon this topic.

  74. Miebaka Anga Reply

    Great video. Please do a follow up on the Electoral College!

  75. Ibrar Nawaz Reply

    Wawoo, superb. Very informative.

  76. Anurag Singh gaur Reply

    I have watched every video of yours in last two days … It is so informative and easy to understand … Your skills to engage an individual is excellent keep it up …

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    The best and disinterested talks over the contemporary issues . I hardly miss any of it. You teach with delight.

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    i love this sexy lady She is best 😍

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    Super Sandra… We have gotten information about US election…

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    your voice is just wow…along with presentation

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    Sandra G, Your story teller is awsome.
    Now please explain How Does America was found?
    Not the name. Start with the Land of Natives before America – British- French- Spanish all fought and invaded native lands of other,
    Than claim it was in colonial periods but to bullies other weakness countries.

  82. Earth Man Reply

    The US has obviously never heard of ‘KISS’ when it comes to elections.
    ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ .

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