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Egypt’s former leader Hosni Mubarak has died at the age of 91. A hero to some, a despot to others, he was president of Egypt for almost 30 years but lost his grip on power in just 18 days.
Mubarak’s forced resignation was felt across the region and around the world. So who was the man who some will remember as a modern-day pharaoh?

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97 thoughts on “Who was Hosni Mubarak? | Start Here | EXTRA

  1. Tim martino Reply

    When he was be came a.president his live full by luxury…

  2. DivineLove247 Reply

    Husni Mubarak,… Tyrant and a curse upon Egypt.. Good riddence to such Dogs.

  3. Amir Fahmi Reply

    Another Israel puppet is dead.

  4. First Last Reply

    mohamed morsi <3

  5. Rocco 007 Reply

    Egypt was prosperous and had prestige under his leadership.Ask Egyptians themselves.

  6. Social Distant Singh Reply

    History reveals most of the Arab Nations’ Presidents/Rulers have a decent military background. Is this a criteria for holding of Presidential post?? Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Omar al-Bashir etc etc

  7. Lorax Dave Walters Reply

    He was president of Egypt when I visited (not shocking). A week after my family visited around 7 Americans were killed by extremists in Egypt. There is still a problem with getting archeology, geological, and any other research done if the results will claim the Earth is older than the traditional religious age. The history of the Pharo’s own place 21 dynasties, by ancient Egyptian writing (hyroglyphs are writing I don’t care if people disagree) is older than the story of creation with Adam and Eve.

    • Lorax Dave Walters Reply

      @BE5EET Why do you think the government of Egypt won’t allow research to suggest an older history?

    • BE5EET Reply

      @Lorax Dave Walters Who said that? Every Egyptian knows that Ancient Egypt is more than 7000 years old. We are always bragging about it like it’s gonna help us now or something! xD it’s well known even for little kids around here, I’m Egyptian btw hence why I find your story a bit weird!

    • BE5EET Reply

      @Lorax Dave Walters and btw the Egyptian government or to be more precise the Zionists ruling Egypt are always digging for history and ancient monuments which are then stolen and sold to the UAE and others in “diplomatic shipments”. I wish your story were true, at least they won’t be stealing anything! Unfortunately this ain’t the case!

    • Lorax Dave Walters Reply

      @BE5EET Stolen history causes division when the world needs communication and unity.

    • BE5EET Reply

      @Lorax Dave Walters True that! The thing is you gonna have to ask Trump and other European leaders to stop supporting Israel and their mad dog Sisi to get a little closer to this bright future, which (and I’m not being cynical) will not happen anytime soon, however the thing you said about “communication and unity” reminded me of this verse from the Quran:
      “O mankind, We have created you male and female, and appointed you races and tribes, that you may know one another. Surely the noblest among you in the sight of God is the most God-fearing of you.” wow we really need to “know one another”!

  8. Make Racists Afraid Again Reply

    Impeached Trump is jealous.

  9. letsgetsocialinfo Reply

    The last pharaoh of Egypt was anward Sadat..

  10. mahmoud abdelsalam Reply

    Mubarak used to present himself as peace and stability broker throughout the middle east but no one bought into this image from him 👌the most part of your brilliant speech which resonated with me.
    Indeed Mubarak has gone but he left his legacy sustainable behind him 👌
    Emotionalism is the most dangerous sickness into the Arabs as always they sympathize with the despots who subjugated and enslaved them over years

  11. Yusuf patel Reply

    Dead &buried.

  12. Abdalla Ahmed Reply

    And sisi eventually will go to jail and will do for hunger and torture because he made this Sunnah.

  13. Men In Black Reply

    He and all his cabal were so corrupt, they institutionalized corruption as a norm in Egyptian society. Under Mubarak Egypt became a failed state and sub servant to Israel .

  14. Men In Black Reply

    Qatar 🇶🇦 why are you so cozy with israel?

    • Az Peace Reply

      israel and the zionists are the source of all evil

  15. Musthafa Kemalpasha Reply

    Madam please ones eye on …mahater Mohammed

  16. Mauro Garcia Ferrandiz Reply

    Could you guys make a video about the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood, and it’s impact today?

  17. Youssef Hegazy Reply

    Finally, he will be judged for what he did and his lackeys won’t be able to help him.

  18. Fahad Bari Reply

    Superb explanation of such long story in 6 minutes.

  19. Massiw _fpv Reply

    He was a criminal and kurupt

  20. Ali Muslim Reply

    Wat is to talk about husni Mubarak . You are saying like let talk about so and so hypocrite.

  21. #_it's my time now_ Reply

    Please cover up the whole story about syria.

  22. We Optimists Reply

    Sandra love you ❤️

  23. Sourabh Kemparaju Reply

    ‘Start here’ is such an awesome thing. A very balanced analysis of what’s happening around us. Always waiting for the next interesting episode:)

  24. ThatBigGuy yoyo Reply

    Soooo did anyone see the game of thrones map?

  25. Uncle Ruckus Reply

    Who was hosni?

    The best friend money could buy

  26. Aniket Tripathy Reply

    Why no story on Qatar seems like it vanished from the globe

    • Ha Reply

      Most important is: where is the story of innocent people being killed in Delhi and Kashmir by brainwashed Hindus & modi

  27. Carl alarcos Reply

    thanks to obama bad luck being his friend neighbors regimes fall 1 by 1

  28. Sarojinidevi Thambapillai Reply

    Muslim can’t handle the freedom well they prefer dictators ship I don’t know why

    • Андрей Назаров Reply

      Because there’s no freedom in Islam. So there is no freedom in Islamic societies.

  29. Layth Obeyd Reply

    We need an episode on what is going on in Idlib.

  30. USS Pandumbic Reply

    Husni Mubarak was a sanguine dictator, an authoritarian, a piece of human excrement but, above all, he was a US & Isreal lapdog. No love lost for the puppet.

  31. Farre ibbe Reply

    I knew him as ” the laughing cow”
    arabs say it better thou
    “البقرة الضّاحكة”
    That tells you all you need.

  32. Incurable Romanticist Reply

    That devil killed Sadat. Bill Clinton’s Buddy.

  33. Paragon Of virtue Reply

    Mubarak killed and oppressed innocent people to please the US and Israel.

  34. channelcyclopedia 92 Reply

    Could you make an analysis on Delhi violence?

  35. black_cat Reply

    You should have talked more about his tenure

  36. Keyse Mohamed Reply

    This mubrk ispest presents African

  37. Jeff1961 Reply

    Al Jazeera’s Hussein detained in Egyptian prison for over 1,100 days without charge

  38. Paul Washington Reply

    👅Ms narrater you makes my tougue hard i would love to taste your (juicy peach👅).

  39. Demon Cloud Reply

    Don’t care about Hosni Mubarak, I came here to see this wonderful lady !

    • Commendatore Reply

      her name please?

    • Allan Appiah Reply


    • Moist Socks Reply

      @Commendatore Sandra Gathmann

  40. Nghia Le Reply


  41. Chander Kumar Reply

    We want to know how war in Syira started and now what’s going on and who is involved in it.

    • Jonathan Oliver Reply

      I assume every one now this

    • Chander Kumar Reply

      @Jonathan Oliver yes but nobody knows the politics within conflict.

  42. Abdullah Daniyal Reply

    Start Here on Afghan Peace Deal. Please

  43. Prasad Phatak Reply

    Could you cover afganistan vs usa war and the peace treaty that just happened in the next episode

  44. Mohamed Naguib Reply


  45. King M Reply

    Please do an awesome explanation on the New Indian Citizenship Law

  46. pixel wortel Reply

    After Mubarak you got Mubarak on steroids AKA SISI

  47. Nizar Jaradat Reply

    He was a dictator & a thief!😎👍

  48. Muzamil Abbasi Reply

    Please make an episode on war on terror and afgan peace process

  49. Ulugbek Mirzohidov Reply

    Can you make a video about post-soviet political status quo of Central Asia ? I think it could be an interesting topic as a lot of people don’t know much about this region.

  50. vaquarsyed1 vaauarsyed Reply

    Great presentation in brief about the subject – Hosni Mubarak..

  51. vaquarsyed1 vaauarsyed Reply

    Also very informative and with vital highlights

  52. vaquarsyed1 vaauarsyed Reply

    Al jazeera has always been a pioneer of the real news in the middle east.. Keep up the good work

  53. vaquarsyed1 vaauarsyed Reply

    Sad to find that Al Jazeera’s coverage and network being sidelined and limiting it for political gains.. By some parties… Hope everyone knows about the so called parties..

  54. Mohammed Sadath Reply

    Look at 0:23 .u should not have shown the woman’s feet

  55. Hamed Berahmandi Reply

    Sandra 😘😘😘😘😘

  56. fatima cheema Reply

    Oh GOD I can listen to u all day long 🥰

  57. fatima cheema Reply

    Idlib vedio is mandatory

  58. Mr. Sahab Reply

    Why did you remove the democratic candidate episode?

  59. Akanksha Patadia Reply

    I love the start here series! always waiting for the next episode.

  60. Awais Khan Reply

    Please make a video on the “Afghan deal process” whether it will be succeeded or not, and what is the role of Pakistan is this deal?

    • Rauf Bhatti Reply

      If such a video was made – don’t expect it to reflect goodly on Pakistan. The ISI has, historically, had strong ties with the Afghan Taliban. So strong – that at times some journos & media suggest that Pakistan controls the Afghan Taliban (true in some cases). Hence, bringing the Taliban and the US on the same table is something that has been done by the influence Pakistan has on the Taliban. Hope this explains!!

    • Rauf Bhatti Reply

      You can watch Head to Head show of Mehdi Hassan and Lt Gen (R) Asad Durrani (DG ISI during the US-Afghan invasion) and you’ll understand what I mean! 🙂

  61. Pranay Talagadadeevi Reply

    What’s happening in Delhi, IRAN friend of India condemned the actions of indian Govt, UN wants to step in… so, tell me what’s happening

  62. Vishnu K N Reply

    Sandra a video on the Afghan Peace Talks.

  63. KROTUS Reply

    This women is peng

  64. Rumors Have it Reply

    I come for the history and brains

  65. Monsieur P. Reply

    The mostly illiterate masses in the Arab countries crave the crack of the whip…

  66. HITMAN Reply

    whats her name?

  67. Steve Austin Reply

    oh really .. why don’t you talk about the rulers of Qatar

  68. Atanu Dasgupta Reply

    Qatari Amir is a gey

  69. Hyetts Reply

    Let’s be fair: the toppling of Hosni Mubarak didn’t directly lead to a more repressive regime afterwards. It led to a democratically elected government that failed to survive. If Hosni stayed in power until his death, it would have been just as likely a more repressive regime would succeed him. It was better to take chances by getting rid of Mubarak.

  70. Mina Ghobrial Reply

    all I hear is y’all sucking on the Morsi lol he killed thousands more

  71. Eller Fontamillas Reply

    Wow what a voice and beauty …plus the explanation that sums it all up…. it just keeps you coming back and back and back again 🙂..

  72. Peace Reply

    Hosni Mubarak killed because Al-Jajeera………it’s fake propaganda

  73. hellize Reply

    Such a beautiful woman


    Please discuss about usama bin laden


    Let’s do a work on Mullah umer, Taliban, us ally forces etc

  76. Muzammal Ali Reply

    Hey your videos are amazing and really informative. Can you please help us understanding the Palestine-Israel issue?

  77. Sufiyan Khan Reply

    Israeli friends abdel fateh al sisi

  78. rehim cv Reply

    Beautiful Sandra…. Nice topic

  79. rehim cv Reply

    Please make an episode on minority issues and Dalit problems in INDIA…

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