Indonesian health workers dying amid equipment shortages

Many health workers in Indonesia dealing with rising numbers of coronavirus cases say they are risking their lives because their protective equipment is inadequate.
At least eight doctors and a nurse have died after contracting the illness.
Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington reports from Jakarta.

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199 thoughts on “Indonesian health workers dying amid equipment shortages

  1. Creativity & Lights Reply

    World wealth people should contribute in this crisis

    • Mkinfknsndwyches! Reply

      If all wealthy people were generous, there wouldn’t be billionaires or poverty. Many are very greedy; this will never change.

    • Creativity & Lights Reply

      @Mkinfknsndwyches! Exactly. Agreed 👍

    • Keking Reply

      Creativity & Lights yes u just did told every that.

    • Creativity & Lights Reply

      @Keking I don’t think so you’re an uneducated. By the way, it’s my humble request to you reread my first comment. Contribute simply means to give money in order to help the poor. In this critical time there are lots of people are being died due to hungry.
      By the way, nobody will force anyone to have a contribute in this time.

    • Mohammad Anzar Hussain Reply

      China should pay, and every country should sue China.

  2. Keking Reply

    Hot and wearing protective suit

  3. Doomsday Cock Reply

    Watch “Event201” ….this is a planademic

    • Alexandra Green Reply

      Saw it

  4. sunshine in thee city Reply

    You need body pumped up on Vitamin C to do that job ffs. Look at Shanghai research…

    • musicguy20 Reply

      Your body only absorbs a small amount then you urinate the rest out. That whole immune boost/ascorbic acid is just marketing trying to make you buy their products. It’s all a sham to get your money.

  5. H3BLTM Reply

    When you think the country you live in is doing it tough…. there are plenty of other countires doing it 10× worse. 😷😷😔

    • Musically Inclined Reply

      That’s so true.

    • Nurse Terra Reply

      The USA wasn’t and isn’t prepared no matter what you think. Not enough ventilators, PPI, nothing…it’s a mess and people are dying in the USA a supposed 1st world country.

    • Ms. Elite Reply

      @Nurse Terra Its better then some countries.

  6. Ending Without Beginning Reply

    Well indonesian people is still hard to cooperation with the government instruction about the lockdown and stay away from the crowd, yeah since the publics relation here isnt stabil yet after the election case last year…

    Some people still hate the government this is why the government work hard to organize them

    And if this case going on, some people still dont want to cooperate with the government instruction, im worried this gonna be hard times for Indonesia and the infection will spread massively

    • Khaliil yaasin Reply

      @Ending Without Beginning rwywyegfdvxigy

    • Khaliil yaasin Reply

      @Ending Without Beginning f

    • Khaliil yaasin Reply

      @Ending Without Beginning w

    • Kanuie Hasihara Reply

      @Ending Without Beginning
      Economy economy economy economy economy , Hey hedonism worshipers! People’s live is a priority instead of Economy!

      Firstly, your description about corruption has nothing to do with this, is absolutely wrong! The way you describe corruption is very permissive!
      Stealing from our parents is not our Indonesian culture, I think it was yours and your fellow.

      Instead of curing better preventing!
      It doesn’t mean that I have no empathy, thank God the spread of contagion still 600 something, before it spreads widely, do the lockdown, and use that fund for covid19 for making people’s belly filled, for basic needs especially for the poor!
      And it is the time to rest earning money especially for the digger Indonesian natures, stopping business for a while won’t make those greedy folks turn to bankruptcy!

      And I believe you know better that our trade minister allowed those companies to export face mask to China, hongkong, and Singapore very massively and it rise difficulties to find the face mask, if we can find it the price suffocates your neck about 50 USD for the standard one!
      And kindly note since you told me I might made a mistake !
      I am doing the social distancing since February as I found that virus is very contagious!

    • Kanuie Hasihara Reply

      Adzhibil ba’sarobbannas isyfi Indonesian antasyafii laasyifa a ilaa syifa uka syifa ‘ala yughadiru saqoman . Aamiin

  7. F.J Reply

    Don’t worry ’bout a thing, cause every little thing’s gonna be alright.

    • Ms. Elite Reply


  8. Adam Rutter Reply

    The entire world wasn’t prepared.

    • Mohammad Anzar Hussain Reply

      @Letario Prodeo elaborate please

    • Dorian Mode Reply

      Adam Rutter Taiwan was.

    • books from Windblown Reply

      In 1918 neither the world was prepared for the Spanish flu

    • Mein Liebe Reply

      but some counstries react faster

    • ahmad ali Reply

      @Mein Liebe depend on the mindset of the leaders different people different attitude

  9. Rumais Mp Reply

    Uff..there is devoloped countries are in struggle..whereas indonesia😢

  10. Majid Hussain Reply

    Inna lilahe wa inna illahe rajioon, martyrs

  11. Mohammad Ali Reply

    Doctors, medical staffs are assets, they need PPE on priority basis.

  12. Tekendra Rai Reply

    भगवान ले चाडैं ठीक गरोस् यो रोग ।

  13. ujjwal singh Reply

    now where is WHO, Where is UN, where are world so called leaders….every country tried to enhance military power, nuclear power but now god has shown we are nothing if we are not together

    • Shane Shankly Reply

      If the east had of went missed to the west there would have been a response within mins , and trillions of dollars. They are only interested in ending lifes

    • ujjwal singh Reply

      @Shane Shankly g20 has taken a pledge to fight, against corona, together. They don’t know one thing pledge is not going to put food on plate to common man, pledge can not give blanket to sufferers, pledge will not give PPEs to medical personal….they keep on talking bullshit…that’s why people are supporting left nowadays

    • Kevin Satron Reply

      Because every country is busy with their own country

  14. Zawngchal Killer Reply

    Like India please lockdown ur country for best protection

    • Nila K.S Reply

      Lockdown plunged India into chaos. Indonesia’s president is trying to avoid that. Now they’re starting a local lockdown, mainly in the areas where some people were tested positive.

    • AlHafiz L Reply

      now u know how mentality of of indonesia… there always say indonesia is good among good in south asia even in world… last time i saw.. no virus in indoneisa n now?

    • Daydreamers Reply

      @AlHafiz L yes indonesian always claim everything because they are the best they say,and now look what happen

    • ah mat Reply

      just do like Malaysia, phase by phase, phase1 give advice, phase2 penalty $1000,phase3 prison. simple

    • AlHafiz L Reply

      i see some media about pandemic corona virus in Indonesian some of commments indonesia starting need support n help from malaysia… i dont want to start in bad thing but look like when in situation normal there forogting something like start to media or youtube, amalaysian is nothing to them eyes ..what kind of people like that? but as malaysian people like me, i dont care just leave it.. what i want is my country i love my country im proud as malaysian people…

  15. Lee James the liar Reply

    Thank the JWO for this.
    Been planning for hundreds of years.
    Abraham was actually the hindu ” God ” Brahma, stolen mythology and lies stacked on top.
    Wake up people…….

  16. Stephen Strickland Reply

    If they are dying and we will never know for sure it isn’t from a virus that doesn’t exist. Many doctors coming out blowing the planned-demic out of the water stating viruses are not contagious or make people ill….now man made bio-weapons are another matter.

  17. ogKUSHMAN kush Reply

    Every country on planet Earth should be taken China to war look at all the damage death destruction one Communist country can cause when left Unchecked China must be put back into its place and should be taken to war or banned any International flights from all countries going in or out of China.


    God help

  19. Kareem me Friend Reply

    All the world’s good Doctors, nurses, staff personnel, etc’ are top priority,… they are needed and appreciated beyond duration of any viruses to put frankly’… better equipped nations realize this, I’m sure, this is not the time for politics with out “morals”… rather, this is the moment to do the “help the professionals…all over the world thing😃… don’t think,… just do it 🌿 consider it an olive branch.

  20. Nurlinda F Sihotang Reply

    This is why some of us angry at our own fellow citizens and gov back in early february and ends of january was unfathomable ignorance to think that being surrounding with countries with positive cases, we wont get it too. The religious leader dont help either. What a bunch of morons.

    • Kanuie Hasihara Reply

      Please come to my country, work in my country, invest in my country, plan to distribute fund for influencer to invite tourists amid the outbreak in China,
      That was what our government did before that valentine dancer girl became the first covid 19 patient.

  21. Jack Teerawat Reply

    Quran+virus is deadlier and more sinister than the corona virus. This unholy book has been brainwashing people into brutal savages since its inception.

    • Mohammad Anzar Hussain Reply


    • Musically Inclined Reply

      WTF does that have to do with the coronavirus?

  22. Valentine Hogg Reply

    this is so bad, the government are useless actually. Remove the government and choosing new professionals to run the government is good idea.

    • Trema T. Reply

      Can you imagine how much energy, time, and money wasted for that such transitions? That’s not the point. The government need to focus on cure / vaccines and universal health care mechanism.

  23. Mary Mutavi Reply

    God,we are sinners.we pray for forgivennes have mercy.

    • marcus mcentee Reply

      wake up

    • Dorian Mode Reply

      Mary Mutavi God, whichever god you’re talking about, isn’t helping now.

  24. Al Demir Reply

    Government has money for everything except for the people

    • MixSona Productions Reply

      Government has money. The money came from the people. The taxes of middle and upper class

    • ahmad ali Reply

      @Al Demir complacency i think , hope for the best.

    • Gabriealla Hunt ina Reply

      I’m Indonesian who leave my own country for already 21 years.
      I love Indonesia of course but I don’t know i feel safe and better in others country.
      Because of my parents die and we are very poor family.
      I leave my country when I was 18 years old and work as a helper in 4 different countries till now. I worked for my sisters and brother school and for them have a better life.
      Government are rich because I know Indonesia have everything.
      A lot of Oil, Gold and others stuff.
      But sad have a lot poor people are not enough food every day.
      Old people 90 to100 year old still working for food.
      I wish I can help people who need help now because from coronavirus

    • ah mat Reply

      @Al Demir not all government

    • Al Demir Reply

      @ah mat
      Maybe not but they are definitely not helpful to their own people

  25. Burning Heart Reply

    Please Allah help us 😭🤲

    • marcus mcentee Reply

      scientists will help us. not fairytales

    • Ms. Elite Reply

      @marcus mcentee 😂

    • Ko Te Jebe Reply

      Don’t you think 270 million people praying to your Allah he would listen sometime? Islam has fried your brains.

    • Holt Hazel Reply

      @Ko Te Jebe Be respectful you aetheistic freak

  26. Iaum Reply

    Anyone not wearing something to cover the mouth and nose, needs a punch in the nose, you don’t know what I know about infection or infectious diseases

    • MixSona Productions Reply

      Welcome to third world country Indo where the middle low and low class are ignorant people

      “idc, idk”. Generic mentality

  27. luan trieu Reply

    Isn’t the Indonesian government embarrassed?

    • CjPiper Reply

      luan trieu The government is no different than our government that’s including years also nobody was prepared for this. Everyone can thank China for this or keeping it hidden

    • Azam Workmen89 Reply

      For sure..

    • Erick Jericho Reply

      For what?

  28. Johnny Adriel Reply

    Good luck Indonesia 👍

  29. Mulinda Faridah Reply

    No one was prepared about this but we have to come together and turn our selves to God he is the only medication right now

  30. Dilshan Khan Reply

    Allah save the world please

    • Dorian Mode Reply

      Spoken like a true idiot. Well done.

  31. Wasim Akram Halder Reply

    Indonesia needs complete lockdown of the country at least three weeks. Otherwise ,the country will see the disaster. We Indian people are locked down completely and staying home. We believe that this lockdown must free our India from the cruel cycle of coronavirous.

    Our government is helping us to stay home either by advice or by force.

    • Wasim Akram Halder Reply

      @Rahul gm where is grocery?

    • badlongon Reply

      @Nur Musfirah well philippines is not a rich country but we are implementing a lockdown.

    • Rahul gm Reply

      @Wasim Akram Halder I hope your state government is providing..
      In my state TN we are getting rice, wheat, sugar, pulses, oil free for next three months..

    • Wasim Akram Halder Reply

      @Rahul gm brother everybody is not getting that. Moreover, the government bodies should visit our home to give the grocery. Their visits to our home will lead to keep social distancing.

    • Rahul gm Reply

      @Wasim Akram Halder ohh that’s sad.. Let’s every people get the basic stuffs.

  32. fidel catsro Reply

    Alibaba banana republik not doing enough where corruption come first before everything else

  33. Why Should You Care? Reply

    Ini kerajaan yg indo bangga2in?ha ha ha..sibuknya membeli military gear tetapi rakyat mati akibat tidak mendapat perlindungan yg sepatutnya di hospital apabila merawat pesakit2 dijangkiti covid19..tahniah indo!keep it up!taksub berterusan hancur selamanya..

    • Geschmack J Reply

      Malayshit is always salty. Just look at the mess you create with that Sri Petaling event. Religious brainwashing is real there.

    • Ash Raz Reply

      @Geschmack J stop blaming the tabligh event…at the same time indonesia is still receiving flights from wuhan and from other nations…then another tabligh event in sulawesi were carried out too despite being told not to proceed. this virus aint got nothing to do with religion.

    • Daydreamers Reply

      Come on claim it!! That’s what indonesia always do, claim everything!!!

  34. Riaz Uddin Reply

    Without lock down it’s impossible to control💔

    • mona nis Reply

      South korea can control corona without lockdown

    • ah mat Reply

      @mona nis not really

  35. Tradeon Reply

    Reminds me Syrian gas attack.
    Wake up people. Covid is a fraud.

  36. Kyle Panuncillon Reply

    Stay safe Indonesian brothers! From philippines😷

  37. oz zo Reply

    Prayers from the Philippines, our government as well wasnt prepared and is not handling it well too!

    • Daydreamers Reply

      Compare to indonesia philippines is doing well handling their people and the situation

  38. guru Singh Reply

    Yea Indonesia keep clear cutting forests you burned all those trees still Indonesia cant added equipment

  39. Pachanga Manga Reply

    god can help them

    • ahmad ali Reply

      god already give brain dont sleep by the way hope for the best.

  40. LAZY DOG Reply

    Imagine if this was actually one of the really bad viruses that could occur at any time. The world has been living in ignorance I think. Giving priority to the dollar instead of the people.

    • Nila K.S Reply

      Yeah. After this, the world will be more vigilant.

    • ahmad ali Reply

      yep but many people still think money for everything we should see from many angles not from one side.

  41. skyi nuri Reply

    Shuh up all

    Mount Merapi has been swap the corona with its erruption

  42. RevertibleFate Reply

    Corona virus is the plan if china to weaken the world then let the world countries beg to them because the have the medical factories that supply the world.

  43. Cheryl Barker Reply

    The Greedy Government Officials should be behind bars suitable for Life in prison….. Should be ashamed of themselves…… Criminals government officials are Useless.

    • Bill Widjaja Huang Reply

      Being behind the bars is too good for them. Send the corrupt politicians into gas chambers and live stream the act.

  44. stacy skywatch Reply

    completely FAKE staged big time and very easy to see,, they think we are all braindead and under their mainstream mind control,,,lol far from it ,,

  45. Tamara Singleton Reply

    Lord help us all

  46. Shane Shankly Reply

    The same is about to happen in Britian and Ireland as the NHS has been brought to it’s knees by the far right Tory party. All while Cuba is sending it’s health worker’s around the world to help others countries. When will people wake up to the fact that capitalism is the biggest danger to human life

    • Dorian Mode Reply

      I agree. I mean, look at Communism. It’s worked so well around the world and gives people such freedom. Take China for example. The CCP was so open with their covering up of this disaster; an example for us all.

  47. thedriftmc Reply

    Yang penting masuk surga! Aceh is god’s chosen country, right?? They’ve got nothing to worry about! 🙈

  48. ISLAM IS WAY Reply

    Please help them

  49. MrCanman75 Reply

    I noticed they were draining his urine into an open bucket that’s not good.

  50. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Reply

    Indonesia u let these hero’s die fk u Indonesia take care of these people with good equipment

  51. Badri ciideed Reply

    My God protect all Islam covid-19

  52. S Hussein Reply

    They have lots of money to brutalize protestors in West Papua but not to stockpile essential medical items.

    • Alex King Reply

      S Hussein yes indeed …people stand up and take down rotten governments

  53. Dime Reply

    Thanks China

  54. Salim Reply

    No safety use rain suit… goverment corruption

  55. ibro khan Reply

    Thos is not ok

  56. Nyilas Karod Reply

    President was allow enter sick, but rich Chinese people, after start corona.
    …people wanted to change the fake president.
    Last year was little revolution.
    Where are you ” Muslim ” countries? All muslim countries are puppets.
    Except Turkey…..
    Ya Allah, Ya Rabbi.
    Protect your Ummah, protect our Brothers and Sisters in Indonesia.

  57. dan scolaro Reply

    It’s going to get bad fast in Indonesia. Thanks a lot China for hiding it in the beginning.

  58. HippieSkippy100 Reply

    Dengue fever and Covid. These people are brave, but they’re dying from added illnesses and underlying ailments. There’s not 1 person who has died just from the Wuhan virus alone. NONE.

  59. Nyilas Karod Reply

    Jessica Washington.
    Talk about the truth!
    No bla bla bla……..

  60. Christine Roberts Reply

    Just frefuse to work until they get supplies.

  61. bimbim channel Reply

    You made the wrong news…. not true if 8 doctors and 1 nurse died because contracting the illnese… who died from contracting the illnese are 6 doctors

    • Azmi II Reply

      @jbmb bandung Dinteun ayeuna parantos kasaksian ku lemah cai anu beuki ngahilir leutik dina rarasa leungiteun kanu jadi pangabukti cocobi gusti. Kula nyaranken candakan info oge kanu eta pamangku kapentingan di inews aya anu jadi kabuktianna.

  62. Dhaniel Arya Reply

    oh no, im in indonesia, im afraid we’ll become the first to collapse into an apocalypse

    • ปูเป้ ปูเป้ ณสว่าง Reply

      Go out from that country if u wanna save..

    • lovely女 神 Reply

      @ปูเป้ ปูเป้ ณสว่าง and infect other ppl?

    • Ine Ernawati Reply

      pray for us, im in indonesia too,

    • Dorian Mode Reply

      jenny carlson Sorry, Jenny, praying isn’t going to help you this time.

    • Erick Jericho Reply

      Well thats a good news… right?

  63. Ko Te Jebe Reply

    They don’t even wash bed sheets in the hospital. I saw them they are filthy. I don’t think they ever been washed. Filthy country, culturally confused people with brains fried from Islam. Pray some more guys see if it works. You would think 270 million people praying 5 time’s per day that Satan, oh sorry Allah would listen. The more you pray the more you suffer.

  64. Muneeb Siddiqui Reply

    Indonesian medics need to be given proper gears! Its saddening to see them making their own protective gears, or maybe china could provide them free protective gears, stay safe Indonesian brothers and sisters ❤



  66. Julie Zajdler Reply

    How can someone die of Bengal fever and corona ?????

  67. Julie Zajdler Reply

    They are blaming every death on corona. Wake up people.

  68. Luigi Tolentino Reply

    They insisted that hot weather will stop the virus… no. It does not😕

  69. teresa elliott Reply

    They are firing nurses who wear their own masks because they are not being provided in the USA. Doctors & nurses, first responders do NOT have adequate protection! Nobody even cares, especially not the government officials in these cities. It’s sickening.

  70. Fikri Adns Reply

    This is 62++ broo
    Don’t be surprised

  71. Progressive News Reply

    they should use a vehicle with a trailor behind it to carry the dead

  72. Rev Reply

    Indonesia has a 10% rate death with their cases and deaths. The negligence will make it another epicentre in Asia.

    • Dorian Mode Reply

      If the experts are correct in that half the population will be infected, at the current death rate that’s about 12,000,000 dead.

  73. The Justice Reply

    Indonesian is a rich of nature and natural resources…but still poor..why.. corruption…please protect your entire citizens

  74. coldogno7 Reply

    dumb goverment….this gonna be bad

  75. fish head Reply

    If you guys want to know, there are some sellers who hoard every medical equipment and them sell it ten-times more expensive. These sellers use this pandemic to seek fortune! Really inhumane!

  76. Kanuie Hasihara Reply

    Hi Indonesian, let us consume DAUN SIRIH, it is very efficient for our body defence, and it is believed able to cure the disease. InshaAllah aameen

    • Kanuie Hasihara Reply

      @Ine Ernawati
      Jangan lupa konsumsi madu ya! Minumnya dinihari, saat Perut kita kosong, efek herbal dari madu akan bekerja lebih baik!
      Di Singapore juga pasien covid indonesia yang dipulangkan setelah sembuh disarankan untuk makan itu daun sirih, juga konsumsi vitamin C.

    • Kanuie Hasihara Reply

      Lupa aku, CUCI dulu itu daun sirih ya

    • Ine Ernawati Reply

      Terimakasih ka info nya, sangat bermanfaat, semoga kita semua di jauhkan dr covid-19.. 👍

    • Kanuie Hasihara Reply

      @Ine Ernawati
      God bless you

    • Erick Jericho Reply

      Bullshit, tell me why your nation is one of the highest mortality rate in the world? 1.7k infected, 170+ deaths?????? Convince me

  77. sand dune Reply

    Dear oh Dear Mr. Widodo, I wonder if you’re also aware there’s COVID 19 pandemic (hence dire PPEs shortages) as well in all those countries you mentioned as sources where you’d be begging for PPEs from. Good luck finding your masks & other protective equipments 🙄

  78. f i z a Reply

    at this moment, im so thankfull for being malaysian.. with our new gov, new prime minister this is not easy for them to handle it with economy problem and health crisis but so far they doing a very good job, they care for the people. Kudos TSMY. I hope this pandemic will end very soon. Lets fight covid19 with doing absolutely nothing but stay at home 🙂


      Pls do not justify for the back door government. PH has done better during 1st wave covid-19. If not due to this betrayal, Msia will not be in this dire situation right now.


      @UCqXnDI_1rSrEJNNxNq6DjOQThen use ur democratic right in the election. Pls don’t send wrong msg to our kids, betrayal is the norm to be successful in Msia.

    • Azam Workmen89 Reply

      Menteri kesihatan kita Noor Hisham is the best:)

    • f i z a Reply

      @Azam Workmen89 dr noor hisham tu ketua pengarah kesihatan. menteri kesihatan dr adham baba.

    • restu mumpuni Reply

      Ameen.. Hope this pandemic end soon. i am very grateful to be an Indonesian citizen. although the central government is not strict. our local government has moved quickly to overcome this pandemic

  79. M.Rifki Reply

    This is what happens when the government was too lax.. we had two months of preparation and it was squandered. Indonesian leaders are incapable of handling this virus, if we are ever the first to collapse, make our nation an example of what you should not do in a global Pandemic… Stay safe brother and sisters.

  80. musicguy20 Reply

    We have all the money in the world for expensive weapons but can’t get a hold of N95 mask or protective gear 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Maftuh Fawwaz Reply

      Sad but true

    • zafff shah Reply

      Then ask the weapons to fight against covid 19

    • Lucy Hidayat Reply

      Because all countries for once are in dire need of the exact same items and you only have limited manufacturers in some countries to produce them. This is akin to global black friday

    • Lucy Hidayat Reply

      And i know of one conglomerate family here whose business has nothing to do w producing masks and they re actually doing it now for the need of our country. In the capital, doctors and nurses are staying in a hotel so they dont risk their families to the virus. But we have no enough doctors and nurses specialized in this kind of treatment. Some nurses refused to serve due to lack of protective gear…so all those combined, not surprised we have nearly 10% death here

  81. Mariah Carey Reply

    Health minister says to pray… 🙄

    • Dorian Mode Reply

      There are many uneducated people in Indonesia and a president that has been too slow to react.

  82. Park Jaemin Reply

    Poor country..

    • Erick Jericho Reply

      Filled with idiots

    • Al Path Reply

      @Park Jarmin : Are you Rich, Are your Country Rich? Fxck you Homeless

    • AlHafiz L Reply


    • Arbeit Macht frei Reply

      @Al Path triggered

    • SADruu Dynn Reply

      Triggered indonesians

  83. Adolf Hitler Reply

    Poor country….what do you expect

    It seemed only singapore malaysia and brunei are doing really well maybe due to their modern and rich country in ASEAN

    Even my country Philippines are struggling

  84. Always Learning Reply

    Same here in India , I don’t have any special protection and I have treated so many pnuenomia cases and many have died since January but we diagnosed it as Aspiration Pnuenomia.

  85. Garlic Girl Reply

    Mercy Lord.

  86. luthfi daffa Reply

    God please help us disappear coronavirus

  87. JoA Reply

    I’m ecstatic. Finally the apocalypse has come!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO

  88. books from Windblown Reply

    Question: Can the Covid-19 be similar or comparable to that of Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 – 1920.

  89. Alya Reply

    From malaysia. I pray that you guys will always be under God’s protection. Hope this pandemic ends quickly and I wish the best for our neighbour Indonesia. Stay safe💪🏻

  90. Kri Jow Reply

    Indonesia wont go i to lockdown. It is a poor country who cant afford to lockdown.. tsk their govt sucks

    • Nikki Sarino Pada Reply

      They have a higher GDP per capita than Vietnam and Philippines. The poorer countries are acting faster than them.

  91. Sandi Napitupulu Reply

    I am Indonesian, I refute the above statement, We have enough medical personnel, even we are doing the construction of a hospital within 8 days, we have a special way of handling covid-19

    • AlHafiz L Reply

      o really who said that indonesia said like that struggle till need help other country…

  92. isma hari Reply

    Indonesia is big country which 200 million population.. Dont blame the goverment.. You can see USA now become no 1 corona infected country.. With super power why they late to protect their population from covid 19.

  93. ahmad mushaffa Reply

    Whoever said that this is Tentara Allah IS AN IDIOT!!!

  94. Cepihamid Putra Reply

    Cat rice can handle corona

  95. Panca Yoga Purnama Reply

    Now, we sufficient with protection gear. Designer, garmen factory even personal citizen build it by them own money and donate it

  96. Merah Putih Reply

    Warning the true situation in Indonesia is very dangerous.
    Indonesia’s central government lies with data about cases of victims of the covid virus, the actual number of times reported by the public. This is because the government allows workers from China to enter Indonesia on a large scale during the outbreak.
    Now 30 doctors and 4 nurses have died and hundreds of health workers are infected with the virus, and the Indonesian government does not care at all. Health workers lacking tools are forced to use improvised tools
    The affected Indonesians were not given help from the government, this is a reality that happened in Indonesia.
    Anyone who criticized the government was arrested so that the international community did not know what was happening in Indonesia now.

    • Daydreamers Reply

      This is what I’m talking about. And still no lockdown right? Fishy

  97. vi ar Reply

    Sumpah sedari dulu sampe sekarang inj media selalu muncul2in kejelekan indonesia bahakan negara2 berkembang lain di buka semua image jeleknya,tempat2 kumuh di publish,kemiskinan di publish,tapi sisi positif gk pernah di publish kecuali negara2 barat doang,,ini media memang tolol

    • Dragon Guardian Reply

      faktanya memang begitu.
      aneh komen lu.
      ini bukan saatnya bagus2an berita.
      mikir kalau komen !

  98. Armina Sangma Reply

    Medical stuff will die if they are not wearing PPE

  99. restu mumpuni Reply

    Hope this pandemic end soon. I am very grateful to be an Indonesian. although the central government is not strict. our local government has moved quickly to overcome this pandemic

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