How do we limit the coronavirus outbreak? | Start Here

2020 5/19
How do we limit the coronavirus outbreak? | Start Here

The coronavirus pandemic is testing the world. And health experts want everyone to help limit its spread. Self-isolation and social distancing are advised but what else do you need to know to protect as many people as possible?
Start Here with Al Jazeera.

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  • Jeffery C says:

    I left remember that’s not well considering whatever you’re doing haven’t worked well but means you’re going to keep on doing it because time will save you either way…huh. wow…

  • Wasim Majumdar says:

    glad to see your episode in this situation. Fell nice.

  • NeoCynic1 says:

    Hold a Joe Biden Campaign rally.

  • Angel Dust says:

    We Live in Fear, Fear will come to us!

  • Zakir Sahil says:


  • Ephorm Freeman says:

    Covis19 is funded by deep state billionaire and trillionaire with that in mind u know who they are

    • Delon Thomas says:

      I stronly believe u

  • Michael Chidiebere says:

    Let’s START HERE

  • Affan R says:

    Trump supporters would find this video to be offensive. There leader wants to set a timeline for the virus to go away by April 12th.

    • Liberty AboveAllElse says:

      Do we hide in our houses when the flu comes around? Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year. So far corona virus has killed 1’500 globally. Average age of dead around 80, most with pre-existing health problems.

    • Affan R says:

      @Liberty AboveAllElse have you been paying attention to the medical professionals? I guess not, since you’re comparing this to the flu. Do you know the infection rate of this virus vs the flu? You’re a typical idiot so I refuse to spend my time with you. But I do encourage you to go out and live like normal.

  • Albert Chehade says:

    It’s amazing that we are in the 21st Century and brought to our knees by a man made bug………now travel back in time to the Dark Ages………Bubonic Plague……

    Admittedly, the world population back then was just a fraction of what it is now.
    Is this an open warning of what is still yet to come?

    The more technically proficient mankind becomes, the more exposed mankind will be to the little things in the natural world and to the little things that escape from man made laboratories….where man is attempting to devise the ‘ultimate weapon’…..

    Who’s finger do we trust on THAT button?
    Forget about nuclear holocaust….worry more about these little things that can defeat mankind from the inside out, a true weapon of mass destruction.

    Enjoy your collective SELF controlled quarantine……one day, it may not be self controlled at all.

    • John says:

      Albert Chehade Not man made.

    • Ras Shabaka says:

      Fear is our greatest frenemy,fear is ignorance,what u don’t know u don’t know,fear is corona Vitus.

  • Rih Rih says:

    You must to say thats chanies virus is.

  • Gadhvi dharam dan Bhoordanjee says:

    Sty to Home and save

  • DamnBlessing says:

    She says ‘Start Here’. How am I supposed to start there if she doesn’t say where she is ? 😀

    • Hussein Ahmed says:

      Ha! You’re funny!

  • Peter Fairclough says:

    The hot chik knows what she’s talking about.

    • CYRUS THE GREAT says:

      I hope she find a good husband to start a new life ☺️

    • Will Ganness says:

      I couldnt hear what she said over all the banging.

  • stacy skywatch says:

    she is a shill working for the deep state and is reading her script,,the corona virus is a hoax ,,

    • Hussein Ahmed says:

      You are also a hoax and not a real person.

    • stacy skywatch says:

      @Hussein Ahmed lol dont be stupid mate i am a very real person who has not got a tv stuck to my head ,,

  • Delon Thomas says:

    This must happened we break all commandments presented to us by the almighty creator we broke all now we will pay for our disobedience

  • Abdul Rahim Adam says:

    How about another video but this time on toilet paper. What happens if it runs out?

  • bhu nji says:

    Who is Natalia Hurtado de Mendoza?

    • Hussein Ahmed says:

      Just an ordinary teenage who infected the coronavirus. It was meant to show us that younger people are not invisible to the virus.

  • alex unger says:

    Start Here is one of the best programs on Al Jazeera, in fact it is one of THE best on any news network.

  • Gary Hines says:

    Completely BS nonsense it takes years to these numbers and deaths fake news fake numbers propaganda .pysop

    • Gary Hines says:

      @Hussein Ahmed do they cures for the common flu ?? No take a Vaccine .just like this you take a vaccine .it called problem reaction solution?

    • Hussein Ahmed says:

      @Gary Hines But the thing is that there still no drugs that can kill the coronavirus or vaccines that can protect against it like the flu.

    • Gary Hines says:

      @Hussein Ahmed high doses of vitamin C nano silver will kill the Corona virus .

    • Hussein Ahmed says:

      @Gary Hines There is still no known cure or little evidence that Vitamins can protect from the coronavirus. It is just a fake news that Trump and his far-right buddies started.

    • Gary Hines says:

      @Hussein Ahmed where did you hear this ? This coming from the WHO not from Trump ? Whatever you say.

  • keshav sagar says:

    I shall wait until next week 😉🙏

  • keshav sagar says:

    Love the way you deliver the information and I truly admire the effort. May god bless you 🙏 thank you

    • Will Ganness says:

      I like unbuttoned shirts and tight jeans too

    • keshav sagar says:

      @Will Ganness it’s all about how she presents herself even when no one is looking at her or supporting her,she is so talented and beautiful and the way she represents the start here,the concept in which she delivers the news is relaxgiving and attractive.I love the way she talks and the way she expresses her emotions regarding various things in the news she delivers.

    • keshav sagar says:

      @A P you should quarantine too because this corona virus is very dangerous for the people who are not isolating themselves from others. the people who do not quarantine are risking the life of the others and themselves.

  • Leo Castro says:

    Great channel 👍🏻👋

  • asghar khan says:

    Stay safe 🙏😷

  • Sick side Worldwide says:

    Put on some golf shoes! Otherwise we’ll never make it out of this place alive. Impossible to walk in this muck.

  • Jesse Mutiga says:

    👏👏👏👏👏 You’re the best Sandra!

  • Tahir Hassan Yousaffzai says:

    This is so alarming and frightening. If it doesn’t end in 4 to 5 months, people with bleak financial conditions will die of hunger.

  • Michael Hartwell says:

    Nice work.

  • sun myra says:

    Enjoy Doha….
    Maybe next time I will research best place to quarantine….here boring

  • TONI SMACK says:

    A biological chemical weapon! Corona virus!…every one and everything will get hit with it!…no one is safe even if you think you are inside your house!

  • saeakh- al- Helal says:

    what a great journalism…. nice work while pandemic

  • Junior says:

    If im in quarantine with you in that hotel, im never coming out!

  • Robert van Riezen says:

    Social distancing is 2 meters, TWO METERS? Are they insane? The best tactic is testing all real experts will agree. By now the medical profession should know if a cured victim could become a carrier or even there must be people who have no symptoms but have been infected
    can become carriers.
    Real information is hard to come by but sensational information real or fake has replaced all news except coronavirus-19 stories.
    Why is this different than the yearly flu or other infectious viruses?
    War of the Worlds where no one bothers telling the truth.

  • chander kumar says:

    Take care team al Jazeera especially team Sandra and you guys doing such a great waiting for your next week video.

  • Neeved Gooroodoyal says:

    Dont know why but start here is the only series i watched for al Jazeera.

    • jecky naorem says:

      I think her voice is one of the reasons😀😀😀

    • Will Ganness says:

      unbuttoned shirts and tight jeans is the reason.

  • Lulzaf says:

    I love Sandra

  • Cheinterization says:

    After washing your hand with sanitiser don’t forget to wipe your phone

  • Nick Saltarelli says:

    Depressing, really, reading through many of the comments. 

    If Darwin could read them he might have concluded they’re simply a manifestation of natural selection at work. At the end of this latest adjustment in our species’ evolving gene pool humanity’s collective IQ will emerge a few points higher, though its number will be less.

    • lunar calendar says:

      Manifestation? LoL I remember Richard lewontin an atheist of Harvard University talking about “just so stories” like what you have said above on “manifestation of natural selection”. Your speculation above is just a speculation, a just so story.

      Even Stephen jay Gould an agnostic too popularized these “just so stories” of Darwinists.

      In fact, there are lot of similarities between you and a theist speculating.

    • Nick Saltarelli says:

      @lunar calendar The speculation on my part is what Darwin might have concluded from reading some of the comments, which bears no relationship to what faith I might or might not espouse. I refer to the sentiments expressed below that the virus is a hoax, fake news, politically motivated, revenge from God on the wicked etc. etc. and that we should just go about our business accordingly. The people who believe this, and act on it, will be those most exposed to eliminating their genes from humanity’s gene pool, unfortunately taking others along with them.

      You do believe there’s a gene pool, don’t you?

  • harshwilly says:

    after the “softly softly” approach the UN took with China I have no consideration for Antonio Guterres’ advice

  • Alain Fortier says:

    Another great video. Another Idea for a video what do experts say the effects of COVID-19 will be to the developing world?

  • Gina Hewitt says:

    It’s time to clean, clean, clean like China.

  • fidel catsro says:

    time to take 20,000IUs of Vitamin D, 1000mg of Vitamin C, cod liver oil, zinc and roam in plenty of sunlight everyday!!

  • 912alldaylong says:

    hopefully this viruses don’t become the new norm

  • Hayan Imadi says:

    “Start here” videos are actually usually SUPER behind on the story lol if anybody learned something new y’all haven’t been watching news the last month

  • uckBay Nguyen says:

    It is relative common sense. It’s just too bad not everyone is doing their part, or worse don’t care

  • Jayson Black says:

    Good Luck World!

  • Leander Barreto says:

    The Italian doctor looked like the good doctor.

  • Fortunepsych says:

    My favorite journalist…so beautiful 😍😍😍😘

  • andanteinblue says:

    I love how you’re fully committed to the chair branding 😀

  • oracleofottawa says:

    TEST TEST TEST and China can PAY PAY PAY……

  • Omar Sharif says:

    Al Jazeera is the best. East to west

  • JARJEES DR says:

    Great documentary

  • Fayan City says:

    Lion in the jungle OH ALLAH forgive us

  • Chun Yee says:

    This Qatar media need to spread fake news to support US. UAE, Saudi, Kuwait and Bahrain already stay away from them.

  • coldogno7 says:

    i want to be in a lockdown with her

  • bkbaz2011 says:

    Excellent stuff!

  • Sachs Husam says:

    Thanks Sandra.

  • Mohammed Sadath says:

    This is the best video that aljazeera has ever made.great job and keep it up

  • Shahzad Aslam says:

    Extra marks for producing work from home and maintaining the same standard of facts and reporting stay safe

  • Sage Oldmann says:

    Only 3 months late 😂😂😂😂 this news agency is always late to the party

  • danubuska says:

    Vatican should release their vast wealth! But they are just a fake religious state!

  • randy tabron says:

    How about some common sense

  • obaid qadri says:

    Working from home is a option, but there are people who dont have the luxury of “working from home”. The developing nations are a cause of worry , because they cant take the economic slowdown. The developing nations even dont have necessary infra structure. When most of people in the developed nations are enjoying Netflix, think about the poor nations. Hope every nation contribites towards a better future.

  • Shukuru Zote says:

    The universal health remedy for all, I repeat ALL diseases is FASTING ,. Even animals when they get sick avoid foods. Take it to the bank and account for it.

  • Diwahar Sivaraman says:

    Topic Request: Italian economy and fashion industry

  • Liberty AboveAllElse says:

    Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year. So far corona virus has killed 1’500 globally. Average age of dead around 80, most with pre-existing health problems.

  • Harvey Holloway says:

    Think, they have the pope and god centered right in their country and it is doing them absolutely no good at all. Shows you what religion is worth.

    • Justin H says:

      Such an ignorant and foolish comment

    • Harvey Holloway says:

      @Justin H Truthful based on the death totals.

  • Kareem me Friend says:

    The racial aspect on how America deals with this virus is glaring….

  • Kareem me Friend says:

    This sudden out break is suspicious, 2 months ago there existed little to zero evidence of corona virus in America, only in a narcissistic society can you arrange this sort of thing.

  • Mr. Sahab says:

    Finally SOMEONE who is working from home and knows what a camera is and what a frame is. You can still make a very decent video from a mobile phone these days.

  • Karan Gill says:

    This “Start Here” series are just awesome…
    Now I want to know more about India! Not Kashmir but its ‘Modi’ Regime. They say he is fascist…
    Nd there is something called ‘Shaheen Bagh’, what’s that?

    Please make a video regarding it!

  • Lord Mbatani says:

    Sandra is very pretty

  • Abdullah Faisal says:

    Very nice

  • OzziMerica says:

    This can end within 2 months IF people follow the guidelines. If you want to end this early without devastating affects – STAY AT HOME. You have heard this, but is essential because Health authorities can figure who is infected and you limit the chance of infecting others. Want to retain your old life STAY AT HOME!

  • kalyan shinde says:

    Make China pay🌬️🌬️🌬️🌬️🌬️🌬️🌬️🌬️

  • Ozee says:

    Well explained. Well done 👍

  • gery port says:

    **Not understandable*
    *Why Taliban controlled Afghanistan yet to report their first covid-19 case?*
    **Taliban prefer sandclay(clay absorbs by physics) over glaze tiles for no mass transmission among humans*

  • Marcus says:

    HAH, you guys actually believe the numbers that a single party authoritarian state are producing……. Do you even check your facts or do you just idolize China that much?

  • keshav sagar says:

    yes i think she is awesome.

  • Noel Prendergast says:

    Containment works. Prevent the curve. Lockdowns slow transmission only while they are in place, and they are far more costly than containment.


    Well represented, thank you 😊

  • beyond me says:

    Great work, guys. Let me know if I can help creating videos with one of your teams if you made a video about any thing concerning east africa .

  • Nitin Vaja says:

    *_I really liked💚 your style of presentation and providing unique information in nutshell throughout beautiful visualisation._*_ Thanks_

  • Dark Knight says:

    I just love this show the way she put facts is easy to understand n grasp d content simple short n to the point news

  • manny mo says:

    Where this virus can stay in the air for 3 hours come from? which study? resent bullshit, this what it called pure fake news if that was a fact will see millions and millions of infected people

  • mahmoud abdelsalam says:

    Doctors have been pushed to choose who they are going to cure!
    The whole world has been put on hold. People have losing their livelihood.

  • ROHAN NEGI says:

    can someone here share the link of AJ of what is happening in Pakistan occupied Kashmir? last I heard they were sending large numbers of Pakistani citizens and residing them illegally but wait why will aj talk about that right ? who cares if a muslim country sponsors insurgency?

  • Dianne Whitehead says:

    Very biased report.

  • Brad Ryan Roy says:

    She looks like Jeniffer Connelly – my crush.

  • Ninja k says:

    Sandra has some very beautiful eyes.

  • jan soriano says:


  • Pandemonium says:

    Very good quality, responsible articles.

  • HiXaM JOCULAR says:

    AJ – Start Here premium level

  • Steve Quigley says:

    Lock down just got easier with Sandra Gathmann ding dong

  • mo ali says:

    What’s the hot journalists name

  • syed mubashir shah says:

    I love that

  • Foton says:

    Sounds like you had a techno dj doing the music for the video nice

  • John Martin says:

    Let’s talk about how FAKE this woman is, let’s talk about, let’s talk about, let’s talk about, thought controlling words.

  • Sajjad Hussain Armani says: