Kobe Bryant’s Doomed Helicopter Lacked Recommended Safety System | NBC Nightly News

The Sikorsky helicopter was not equipped with “Taws” — a terrain avoidance warning system required in commercial airplanes and Medevac choppers to help pilots avoid steep terrain.
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Kobe Bryant’s Doomed Helicopter Lacked Recommended Safety System | NBC Nightly News

127 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant’s Doomed Helicopter Lacked Recommended Safety System | NBC Nightly News

  1. N00 ENTERTM. Reply

    the heli probably hangin in the air till they “gave” some frog and some haarp?

  2. Candice Sacks Reply

    Maybe now things with change! And they did not die in vain! But it was a bad day to fly!!

  3. Victor Wendy Reply


  4. Joe Gotti Reply

    Vanessa can sue the helicopter company This is so tragic because his daughter was on the flight

    • Alphonso Zorro Reply

      She would have turned a teen mother or abortionist, later. The accident saved her that disgrace.

  5. Anthony Oliver Reply

    The aircraft has a altimeter , shows you how far above the ground you are , the pilot should have payed more attention to his instruments and gained altitude to do a VOR approach to the airport , between the low visibility and no outside flight references he probably got disorientated .

    • to501453 Reply

      he did gain altitude…however too quickly while the helicopter was going slow…the rpm’s got too low…and there was rotor stall
      The media won’t tell us the truth that there was a heartbreaking 10-15 second freefall because it is too hard to imagine…
      Imagine the really loud noise and then within a second – dead silence…

  6. 671JH Reply

    Reminds me so much of Aaliyah 💔😢

  7. Erwin S Reply

    This system wouldn’t have made a difference, the pilot already knew he had to go up and he did. When he switched from visual to instruments he lost control.

    • IT'S PROBING TIME 666 Reply

      And how do YOU know all this? They say the investigation will take some time and yet I’ve already read confidently that (a) it was a mechanical failure, and (b) That “it ran out of fuel”, and now this one which sounds highly unlikely, but not completely impossible.

    • Erwin S Reply

      @IT’S PROBING TIME 666 By putting together the NTSB updates on the evidence and facts they have shared thus far, coupled with simulation showing the flight path, and actual pilots who fly that helicopter taking that same info and coming to the same conclusion, until a final NTSB report is released later this year. Spatial disorientation in the fog.

    • IT'S PROBING TIME 666 Reply

      @Erwin S Well ” Spatial disorientation in the fog. ” contradicts your previous claim of “When he switched from visual to instruments he lost control. “. That could have happened the opposite way around, but not by switching to instruments. Since he didn’t have the ground avoidance system in this heli and seems to have been flying in thick fog then he WOULD have been flying IFR all the time he was in that fog. I’ll wait for the NTSB report to get actual factual information rather that all the experts here who don’t have a clue.

  8. MeanJoe Okerlund Reply

    They sent him the cheap helicopter because he be black and sheet

  9. Larry Calloway Reply


  10. Roblox pewpew Reply

    Weird thing is before his death i had a dream of a lightning hitting a helicopter and the helicopter was crashing towards me And ehen it hit me i woke up.

    • Alphonso Zorro Reply

      Next time your dream will come true on you, not someone else.

    • Roblox pewpew Reply

      @Alphonso Zorro I can not doubt that. Because it did once.

  11. Marilyn Federnales Reply

    It’s so sad all people from idol Kobe condolence ur family Bryant also only wife Kobe condolence 😥😥😥😢

  12. Parker Cataldo Reply

    They basically killed Kobe by not installing something that detects hills and more

  13. Omega Groudon Erupt Of Destruction Reply

    Didn’t the lakers cheated in game 6 and/or 7 involving the injury to kendrick Perkins not important tho I’m good folks?

  14. Mel Wood81 Reply

    I just pray and HOPE the pilot with all his prior flying experience (as it was stated) didn’t experience a mental episode, where it became a suicide on HIS part. Possibly a medical episode can on suddenly.

  15. Ronnie Rivera Reply

    I still can’t accept the fact that all of this is true

  16. Jrg Vsqz Reply

    Anyone else see Kobe’s commercial of a helicopter blowing up? Or the cartoon of Kobe dying in a helicopter crash? By the way Kobes helicopter was black.

    • First Last Reply

      He did not own any helicopter at the time of his death. And the black one is the same helicopter as the blue and white one.

  17. John King Reply

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  18. M Ghan Ismail Reply

    Investigation should covers all aspect..not just technicality only…need to investigate all on board including pilots…their behavior before the flight a day a week or maybe a month from the incident…need to know everything might find an interesting story hidden in between could happen..we never know…

  19. shigsho Reply

    Shaq hadn’t talked to Kobe since 2016. Sad. Call your friends.

    • Charles H Geis IV Reply

      They were fueding on twitter not long ago,I never knew they liked each other to begin with

  20. Beautiful Vdo Reply

    This incedent wrong pilot or ?

  21. KIM CRAFTER Reply


  22. J Arius Reply

    If there’s only an emergency parachute in the helicopter of Kobe, there is a chance they will survive in that crash.

    • Alphonso Zorro Reply

      There was also a good chance he got beheaded.

  23. Chicken_Biskits Reply

    That old guy sounds exactly like Dr. Phil 😂

  24. iridefast1 Reply

    NTSB starts guessing . 🤷‍♂️🤨

  25. Ramjohn Ceniza Reply

    so say goodbye
    Close your eyes for the last time
    Questioning everything that went wrong

    in the end we will both rot together
    In the end we rot toegether
    Our love lies in embers

    say goodbye

  26. Robert Hernandez Reply

    This poem goes out to all who we’re taken way to early. Day after day we spend our time thinking of you wondering why times like these have to come true your lost has left all of blue so all we have now are just memories of you . One day will all be together let’s make the come true because memories of you will never be forgotten. Your style and smile would light up any room and your looks would make any flower bloom because memories of you will NEVER be forgotten.

  27. miamiwax Reply

    In places with hills it should obviously be required

  28. Let Go Reply

    R.I.P. to all nine passengers ✌️May the families find strength to rise above their loses…. ✌️

  29. Pot Precious Reply

    Made in China

  30. The Hurricane Reply

    TAWS doesn’t come in american made helicopters because american made helicopters are cheap garbage. Literally.

    Thats why the FAA doesn’t mandate them. Why would you not have TAWS standard in a mountainous area like southern California?
    Or any area of California. I guess its cheaper not to have it than to pay to litigate. Just like American car companies. Does “fight club” ring a bell? And you wonder why people are losing it. Amercia is morally bankrupt. Just like the rest of the world now. Sad.

    • Ron Maxim Reply

      Pump the brakes there, windbag. The Sikorsky does come standard with a TAWS system. It is called a PILOT. Why would you need to have a computer system that warns you of terrain ahead, if the aircraft you are in is only certified to be operated when the pilot can see out the window? I wasn’t aware that people were losing it over a helicopter crash. Sad….

    • The Hurricane Reply

      Ron Maxim I have no idea what you are trying to say. Talk about a “windbag”. Let me know when you can speak English.

    • Ron Maxim Reply

      @The Hurricane Check your name…..

    • The Hurricane Reply

      Ron Maxim my bad you seem to think California doesn’t have unique wind and weather as well as terrain and no safety equipment for a large 9 person POS silosrky is okay. You are a tough guy.
      You could fly the black bird in your underwear. You drink radioactive gasoline for breakfast. Chuck Norris asks you for advice. Superman washes your clothes.

    • Ron Maxim Reply

      @The Hurricane No safety equipment? How about a pilot that understands the risk of low visibility flight into rising terrain? That is a pretty good piece of safety equipment. So you want to mandate a piece of equipment in an aircraft that is not certified for flight when the pilot cannot see out of the windshield? If the aircraft is not certified for flight when the pilot cannot see, why should the aircraft have a piece of equipment that has no value if the pilot is looking out the windscreen as is required by the certification?? Its interesting that the NTSB recommended a Terrain AWS based on a helicopter crash that occurred over NO TERRAIN, the ocean. What part of VFR flight is so hard to comprehend?? If you can’t see out the window, don’t fly. You don’t think a TAWS will cause VFR pilots to push the envelope even more, knowing that good old TAWS will let them know that they are about to crash into a mountain they cant see because they broke numerous FAA regulations getting themselves to that point? And no, fog is not unique to California…Y’all ain’t as special as you think.

  31. Rommel De Guzman Reply

    Even my DJI drone has a warning system. Geez get your act together FAA

  32. EchoSpamz Reply

    That news guy sounds like dr. Phil

  33. Jamel Ling Reply

    I think the reason that this helo didn’t have the TAWS was the fact the aircraft wasn’t certified by the FAA to fly in IFR conditions. Only VFR.
    With that being said no need for TAWS as the pilot would be looking out the windows.

  34. Frances Chavez Reply

    I soon about his laker years of friend and family

  35. j t Reply

    He finally learned how to pass…

  36. Jose Reyes Reply

    so this how he died said

    • Jose Reyes Reply

      I ment sad

  37. cookie are awesome love cookies Reply

    This is so frickin sad

  38. Chris Ryan Reply


    If anyone wants to watch a good review of the accident from actual professional pilots that’s the link. Way better than ignorant media ppl hyping tragedy.

  39. KOBE SWAIN Reply

    i was named after him

  40. Luke Cook Reply

    Imagine being in that situation where your daughter is afraid and only you can do is to hug her tight, Trust me Kobe died twice that day 😔

    • Nizariuss Yt Reply

      he was a legend I cried

    • Sally Emma Reply

      Luke Cook for sure

    • Charles Goehring Reply

      May have never saw it. Hit very hard.

    • Greg p Reply

      Kobe never knew what happened.

    • daheat0627 Reply

      I honestly think it happened so fast they never knew what hit them. By the time they knew something was wrong. It was over

  41. Uriah Reply

    I don’t cry when celebs die but when Kobe died it hit differently…

  42. S1CC MADE Reply

    No damm parashoots? 🚁⛱🎈🏮

  43. Arnelle Meadows Reply

    2000 ft per minute descent…There was no chance for the pilot to recover that Chopper…They were DOOMED!!!

  44. Edie Pontoo Reply

    Kobe Bryant like everything

  45. The Light Of The Body Is Pineal Reply

    Energy is neither lost or destroyed.

  46. mybloodismadeofenergydrinks Reply

    at least they were able to escape this world and head somewhere safe. may the rest in peace.

  47. Cynthia Wright Reply

    I want to say this , it’s so sad to me about Kobe , Lord Jesus . His death takes me back , my son Jeremiah Wright played ball in high school , He had a style like Micheal Jordan. He could put his hand all the way around the ball , he dominated other teams with his style .had scholships to Kentucky, south Carolina, Florida State Universities. And was gunned down .But that was his life . Now I want to say Basketball was something my soon loved. I know Kobe went to Heaven . Maybe my son, Travon Martin will see him and Kobe will start a Heavenly team, And Kobe will be the coach for that team. You know God has a place for the good ones , I’m in tears

    • Christy Ujie Reply

      Sorry my sister God will b yr guide and provider

    • Volta Empress Reply


  48. Bonbontwins Diabo Reply

    Kobe Bryant was so innocent he didn’t have nothing to do with this or his daughter

  49. Charles Goehring Reply

    Can you even fly by instruments over that kind of terrain when flying low?

    • Andy Peterson Reply

      Not in a helicopter. IFR is only good above a certain speed and in general for airplanes, not helicopters when they are flying low and slow.

  50. amy zamiak Reply

    Legends 💜💛💜💛

  51. Aleksia Reply

    I want kope back pless😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  52. shmickerbocker Reply

    Rest In Peace ✌️

  53. shmickerbocker Reply

    Rest In Peace 😞☹️😔😣😖😫😩😢😭😭😭

  54. shmickerbocker Reply

    I wish he had been there for the last time of this week

  55. shmickerbocker Reply

    I wish he disinterested have to go😥

  56. shmickerbocker Reply

    I wish he didn’t have to go😭😢🤛🏻🤛🏻

  57. Якубов Санжар Reply

    Rest in peace 😞😞😢 hard to believe it is real
    From Uzbekistan 🙏😢

  58. It’s me Nicole Reply

    I just can’t imagine the last word they said in that helicopter

    • Carlos Cummins Reply

      It’s me Nicole t

  59. Brenda DuBose Reply

    God Bless Them All 9 RIP!

  60. pabli to Reply

    The true Simpsons

  61. Kaafiya Koos Reply

    It doesn’t matter if he is died because alot of people died in Syria and Palestine no one get sad

  62. Geraldo Estrada Reply

    They should look at video surveillance cameras of who was preparing the helicopter the night before i smell foul play. This has the taste of a setup remotely controlled to take a dive murdered using the fog as an excuse illuminati style its not the first time i seen it happen to a celebrity.

    • Valerie Griner Reply

      Could be…it’s one theory. The technology exists to take down ANY vehicle (plane, train, helicopter, auto, etc)…REMOTELY…via hacking into the electronics.(kind of like with those 2 737 MAX crashes). Just saying…

  63. Abdulqadeer Aboy Reply

    I still can’t believe that Kobe Bryant is dead 😭😔💔😭😭😭😭 😔

  64. Crimson Black Reply

    I blame the pilot lmfao

  65. Sine Dieng Reply

    Rip 😭😭😭😭

  66. RexForce SG Reply


  67. Tarai WAQATAIREWA Reply

    What he had left to achieve!! What him and Gigi would have done for Women, women’s sports, and as a role model for Men/Fathers/Husbands and so on. The world was a better place with Kobe in it 🙁

  68. Wiz Kid Reply

    Kobes heli is a black one. Not a blue one. Something is fishy in this case

    • First Last Reply

      He did not own any helicopter at the time of his death. The black and blue and white one are the same helicopter.

  69. Duho Hirsi Reply

    Why noo kobe no dont

  70. Michael LAFLORE Reply

    We now know that the bodies were burnt and now we know about the flight pattern.

  71. Vgaming V Reply

    Is wut my birthday on the 23 January

  72. Vgaming V Reply

    3 bays later he’s bie

  73. Nathaniel Andrews Reply

    They killed him this baphomet hollywood circus its no joke. They iniate themselves for fame and money. Same with nipsey, George michael, whitney ect always around the awards. Blood sacrafice like left eye lopez.

  74. Edca Chacon Reply

    That is so sad

  75. Michael Landis Reply

    Where is the airport security footage of who was around the chopper prior to take off?

    The story does NOT make sense!!
    1. The crash spot was on a very minimal sloped hillside
    ..not mountain!
    You could not have flown INTO IT …

    2. The fog didn’t cause the crash as they were dropping 2000 feet per minute.

    – Not moving forward or banking side to side and hit … They were DROPPING STRAIGHT DOWN!

    3. IF YOUR HOVERING AND CANT SEE…. you don’t go right or left


  76. Tanner Tanner Reply


  77. lou scott Reply

    Hate 2020😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  78. Tina Hicks Reply

    RIP kobe and his 13 year old

  79. Tamara Harbin Reply

    So was this TAWS system installed in Kobe’s black chopper??? 🤔

    • First Last Reply

      They are the same helicopter and he did not own any helicopter at the time of his death.

  80. Bboohs Reply

    a week later and it still feels weird. 🥺

  81. teebz R Reply

    Know what.. to f@@king late now.. wtf

  82. Kailyn James Reply

    I feel so sorry for Kobe Bryant he played basketball games so sad

  83. ΕΛΕΝΗ ΛΟΥΚΑ Reply


  84. ΕΛΕΝΗ ΛΟΥΚΑ Reply


  85. Alien Hybrid Reply

    They make parachutes for helicopters. Use them. 🙄

  86. Lalotoa Sau Reply

    I love you love kobe and gg😭❤️❤️

  87. Lalotoa Sau Reply

    Rip rest in peace 🙏😢

  88. mark Ingalls Reply

    All respect

  89. Carlyn Moss Reply

    It is so sad that they were looking at themselves and just knowing u finna die. 🙄😖😭

  90. Mawazo Bisochi Reply

    I feel sad 😭😭😭😭

  91. Henry Savoy Reply

    The pilot has one job…😞

  92. Camilla Trenado Reply

    NBC News why can’t they show us they kobe and gigi body sorry this is weird and i sorry i said this

  93. Imran technical TV Reply


  94. Shadeya Smith Reply

    It even hurts a lot more when his daughter was in there she was to young to die so soon

  95. Gennie Maier Reply

    GIgi would of went crazy with out Kobe

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