Hospitals running out of ICU beds in Brazil

2020 5/20
Hospitals running out of ICU beds in Brazil

COVID-19 has killed more than 15,000 in Brazil and reported infections have surpassed those in Italy and Spain. Experts say that with a lack of testing, these numbers could be much higher.
But, President Jair Bolsonaro has repeatedly downplayed the risks of the disease and pushed to reopen the economy.
Many people, including healthcare workers, feel they are being left on their own to battle the pandemic.

Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta reports.

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  • Big Deeper says:

    Early supplementary oxygen is key, once pneumonia recedes, check for high RBC counts and have patients donate blood to reduce to normal levels.

  • Dixie flatline says:

    Trump in U.S. his b plan seems to be to kill his supporters. They are the only ones listening to him. I don’t understand

  • Robert Brown says:

    Nobody expected that the Chinese would unleash a deadly virus on the world and so no one was prepared. 🥺

  • User619 TLSDCA says:

    These Countries like Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, we will never see the actual count of Covid Deaths as the count is far greater then their National Report.. Unicef would have to go to every hospital in the poorest areas and ask their Dr.s of cases.. The Count is 1000s of deaths short, if not 10s, of 1000s.

    • Job Wesley Cox Jr says:

      @User619 TLSDCA he got a thumbs up

    • A paradox says:

      Forreal earlier in the month in ecuador they had like 7000 excess deaths in one week with only 1000 covid deaths reported

    • Kimmobiino says:

      @A paradox That explains why the official figures recently seemed so ridilously low and so fluctuating compared to the overall situation and how the pandemic ‘behaved’ elsewhere.. The raporting in general seemes not to be up to western standards at all..

    • A paradox says:

      @Kimmobiino yea man I also found it weird how sundays and mondays the world death toll seems to drop drastically while the rest of the week it seems to skyrocket back up..

    • User619 TLSDCA says:

      @A paradox Yes, I also heard the poorest cities in Mexico are having people dead on streets in masses.. I also watched the Mexican news which is the best ,lol… love em reporters,lol…

  • Geraldine Duncan says:

    Why God’s water it’s a luxury to the poor you rich people there help God’s people it’s a sin not to help them build them a water well good health care good food

  • Alan Ross says:

    I feel for the Brazilian people, their leader is a buffoon.

  • Thourn Mam says:


  • dka71113 says:

    Treat thrombosis, this isn’t a respiratory disease alone.

    • thanos says:

      They are doing it…enoxaperin is in standard therapy rt now..

  • Dora Williams says:

    how is the poor is going to practice social distance, to many people.

  • 1jx7wlt9 ic7rk3ld8 says:

    iT’S jUsT A fLu!

    • Thomas N says:

      1jx7wlt9 ic7rk3ld8 , Oh yes. You are Trumpians or dumb Alec ?

    • Paul Kelly says:

      Just the tip?

    • NSX 55 says:

      Thomas N He’s being sarcastic, don’t you see from the way he typed it

  • Roberto Roberts says:

    It’s amazing how the media lies.
    I am from Curitiba, Paraná state, Brazil. There’s not a single hospital in my city, or in my state, full. Every single hospital is EMPTY.
    Wanna know why is such a mess in Rio? They have been involved with communists for more than 30 years. All the governors till this day were communists. They stole the money from the health services. Rio de Janeiro is a broke state.
    I don’t know anyone with the PCC virus.
    Not a single soul.
    Stop lying!

    • JJECWILD wild says:

      Kkklkkkll Rio de Janeiro comunista

    • JJECWILD wild says:

      É o estado que tem mais coisa privada no pais

    • Fernando Magalhaes says:

      Endoideceu. Ao menos respeite os profissionais de saúde…

    • yagami light says:

      Ur own puppet health minister resigned after less than a month in office.. that makes ur comment irrelevant n stupid..

    • Roberto Roberts says:

      Rio de Janeiro é um câncer no país. Só tem petista, Psolista, ladrãozinho e traficante.
      Em mais de 30 anos de má administração e roubos, quebraram o estado.
      Tem médicos e enfermeiros dormindo no chão de hospitais, enquanto o Governador compra respiradores que não existem.
      O ministro saiu pq era um merda frouxo.

  • Samuel Walker says:

    There are country I crisis and I got back lash , I see dog that act much more responsible then many leader around the world including the Brazil leadership some one need to hold them responsible seriously

  • Roberto BRAUS says:

    Why all the news about Brazil you have to show favelas, favelas, favelas and more favelas? Sounds like Brazil is a big favela 🙄🙄

    • Roberto BRAUS says:

      Are you even Brazilian by the way? I’m Brazilian and I can guarantee you most people do not live in favelas. That’s like 7% of our population. Favelas only exist in big cities, you won’t see them in the country regions or in the non-populous cities. Most Brazilians live in normal areas which are neither rich nor favelas. I see the media already made up your imagination that Brazil is a giant favela. I don’t think favelas should be forgotten on media, I just think media exaggerate about this situation in Brazil. Any video about Brazil they will show favelas. Touristic videos: favelas, documentaries: favelas, Amazon news: favelas. Vlogers/Youtubers visiting Brazil: favelas. I don’t understand why this happen, but we have as much favelas as the USA has guettos for example. It’s very overrated.

    • jorge aranha says:

      @gundamzerostrike no interior de SP não existe favelas.

    • Abdallah Maide says:


    • Job Wesley Cox Jr says:

      @Roberto BRAUS most people live in poor areas. Get some English reading comprehension because he didn’t just say most people live in favelas. Stop feeling so ashamed of your country

    • jon kallas says:

      Isn’t it? I’m American and we are only shown favelas on the US media.

  • Salvo Smith says:

    But it’s just a flu , it’s just a cold …. said that imbecile of the prime minister … he doesn’t get that by oveheleming the health system and making it collapsing he is not saving any economy .

    • codent says:

      “it’s just the flu”, but 5% of patients need an ICU bed. When you max out all the hospital beds, chaos is the only outcome. Looks to me like #’s in Latin America are doubling every 5-7 days in Brazil and Chile and Peru. The unnecessary death is shameful.

  • Liamae Radymz says:


  • Mohd mohd says:

    Saddly Brazil leadership not serious battling in this ‘virus’……

    • Hey Daddy says:

      You know.. you may be right. But you must know that the Brazilians are not united. There are major separations in this nation. I live here… And although political matters are atrocious… The people are no better.

    • EpicThe112 says:

      Absolutely correct same thing also applies to bolsonaro🇧🇷 American Ally Donald Trump🇺🇸

  • sabarish Callur Suresh says:

    Stil ppl believe jesus 🙄

    • Ziishin Zehen says:

      @PG trojka he is not Muslim his name sounds like Hindu..

    • sabarish Callur Suresh says:

      @Zena Shabani me yes trust issues

    • sabarish Callur Suresh says:

      @Ziishin Zehen nope iam a Muslim only

    • Hey Daddy says:

      @sabarish Callur Suresh Because it is all beyond our understanding. But again, what does that have to do with the virus nor deaths? It does not mean necessarily that because evil things and death happen all around the world that there is no creator nor God.

    • Frezgi Berhane says:

      Does Mohammad save u from coronavirus

  • Ben Cheong says:


    • Beam Toranavikrai says:

      They went to China, Italy and US obviously.

    • Dawn taylor says:

      Do not be uncompassionate ,these poor people with a very stupid government like ours ,you should not be pointing any fingers,but have some empathy for the families that are losing their loved ones !! I’m so sick and tired of evil greedy politicians ,all over the world,who do not give a stuff about their civilians,its a crying shame !!! A handful of countrys got it right Germany Taiwan etc

  • The Aryan Valley says:

    The voice of reporter is like she was dumped by her boyfriend

    • Sherekhan420 U says:

      Mabey her boyfriend died of corona…

  • Claudio Coppola says:

    So it’s not us Italians anymore, huh? OUUUUUUUCH! 💅

  • I am on Sunday says:

    everybody please stay at home…let we cut the desease 🙁

  • Xavier Fuller says:

    People this is bullshit and stop believing the freemason media. Annually an average of amout 50 – 60 thousand people die in Brazil from crime alone. Heart desease kills over 160 thousand Brazillians each year and viruses have also killed many. So these footages only reveal what a society would like when a sever economic crisis is taking place. The problem is that the sheeple do not realize that they are living in the worst economic crisis since the great depression. So just expect your country to resemble Venezuala for a while until the Millitary / Police state is optimized with their new NWO gadgets from Bill and Xi Jinping.

  • rabella lioni says:

    This president should be locked up. This is called killing people on purpose. No lockdown. Acting like everything is normal. The people are dying like flies and he doesn’t grieve. I don’t understand.
    This is sad. 😪😪

    • denisest11 says:

      rabella lioni, continues praying 🙏🏾 🇦🇺

    • Rich Rue says:

      @rabella lioni sounds like a nice place to live

    • rabella lioni says:

      @Rich Rue
      Yes, it is. we have 90% forest.

    • Ready Togo says:

      it come from sinning against the Creator and rebellion people who do what they want instead of obeying the commandments of God. God promises in Exodus 15:26 he the one will heal you if you repent and turn back to righteousness meaning turn back to him. read it for yourself maybe you can see and understand what you read. Exodus 9:14 says a lot

    • rabella lioni says:

      @Ready Togo
      You are right. People who disobey, will get punished 🙏

  • Chu Welson says:

    Their Military should take over this nation,and charge thier idiot presendent.

  • Kel San says:

    Poor country..

  • Makeit Simple says:

    Brazil govt waste

  • Marcelo Nao sei says:

    Big lie.

    Only 22% of all Intense Therapy Units are being used at this time.
    Some hospitals were closed to look like someones are full. This is criminal.
    Big lie.
    Just ask some doctors the truth.
    The hospitals are empty.



  • John Mad says:

    Their president is sick!

  • Reyaz Telematiks asia says:

    Love you Brazil people from India
    Get rid of bolsanaro, you nice people deserve better

    • Bellio Trungy says:

      They had they imprison his opponent for him to win 😆

  • Ismail khan007 says:

    What is the reason for this and who is responsible???

  • Mohd Rabiul Kamal says:

    so sad news. everything is from Allah. Alhamdulilah

    • inb b says:

      Allah has done a lot of bad things haha.

    • Clash Of Thrones says:

      @inb b
      Because humans are committing a lot of corruption on earth

  • lee zeo says:

    It is worse then FIFA

  • Alyssa_future sniper says:

    this president is a tyrant

  • Jari Haukilahti says:

    When the president is culling the population since he knows rich can protect themselves and I guess he is rich -IF he wanted less poor then give then condoms and force young women to work and edjucate but I guess he is catholic -so basicilly a fasist in htese questions -so cull the people because they deserve it”

  • Abrsh LG says:


  • Ray Mak says:

    Pray for brazil and the world

  • LoreleiMission says:

    They are trying to find more medical personnel, but you can see in the footage they don’t have full PPE for the current staff… I have a feeling any other available medical personnel would be hiding out or saying “no thanks” … especially if you were trying to get retired doctors to come back and work in those conditions 🙁

  • BETTERWORLD SGT0589 says:

    I was watching what was taking place down there. It’s not surprising one bit!

  • ShayBear Peter says:

    Brazil’s President is related to the U.S President. Rich, insensitive, Wisdom and loves being heard & seen.

    • Lou Gramby says:

      Don’t forget stupid

  • Michael Polidori says:

    I’m very disappointed in Al Jazeera.

    Where are your journalists?

    Jay Bhattacharya Eran Bendavid Dan Erickson Artin Massihi John Ioannidis Shiva Arryadurai… many other doctors and scientists call for an end to the shut down and an investigation into the players who perpetrated it, as well as those who took advantage of it and the multitude of consequences it has had…. when SARS-2 is a mild upper respiratory infection!

    By the time WHO DG called a pandemic, and USA officials complied with shutdown based on no evidence, and most media simply used as a megaphone for propagandists… there are a few people and organizations I hoped would practice journalism.
    Al Jazeera English, Shane Smith of Vice News, PBS’ Nova’s Frontline, New York Times, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, and of course Real Sports… among other sources.

    I have been a fan of Real Sports and Bryant Gumbel and his investigative team since I saw the journalistic story on Olympic corruption in South America.

    Have I used a form of the word journalist often enough yet?

    I watch your older shows when I can and when they are available.

    I’m really impressed and list your show and journalists whenever I have the chance to talk about my sources for news and relevant information and evidence.

    I hope you can pick up this story on the “pandemic” and investigate it and talk about it as you do with so many modern issues.

    For instance the Obama and Bush connections to our current shut down…
    Who stands to profit immemsely? Conjecture, so far, but with plenty of precedent.
    Pulling the drain plug on Social Security.
    Past records on pandemics that weren’t.
    Peter Doshi.
    Much more.

    As always,
    For the protection of children,
    In the interests of truth and science,
    Michael Polidori

    I have a good deal of info I am ready to share and hope this message gets to you.

    • jon kallas says:

      Good luck. I doubt they respond to many YouTube comments that begin with, “I’m very disappointed in…”.

      Just saying. ✌^^)

  • Nasser Derakhshan says:

    That CIA agent Bolsenero not long ago expelled hundreds of Cuban doctors. Idiot!

  • Silvia Logan says:

    Unfortunately President Bolsonero is not taking the coronavirus seriously which is leading to more people being infected and dying.

    • Lou Gramby says:

      If he gets the virus he will start to see how serious it is

  • Thesun Willcomeouttmrw says:

    I hope I do not suffer, by suffication, on a ventilator, from COVID. 🥱

  • Vera Lucia says:

    Isso é o Brasil que queremos

  • TOMAS says:


  • Alwin says:

    Losing mom is painful…..God knows what wreck this virus will further cause.

  • Zen Jen Chen says:


  • L J D UK says:

    This is a complete nightmare, poor people of Brazil. China will be very happy with their work. This is a goodun, they may as well of dropped a bomb on us all. Prayers forthe poor people ho always seem to suffer the most.

  • Max DC says:

    Bolsonaro: I agree totally with buddy Trump. This coronavirus is a hoax. Just like the flu. No big deal.

  • PG trojka says:

    Brazil and Russia will have their peak when it starts slowing down in USA (if it ever slows down in USA cause i don’t know what tf are they even doing there). Europe is already calming down big time, after it also happened weeks ago in China and parts of Asia.

  • Grosz Marton Csaba says:

    don.t worry Bolsenaro is your clovn….and will make you happy…sad.tragic,drama wait when this virus will murating then will be more dead people…so don.t worry when millions will die then it.s gonna a be a problem…

  • Mary Kanake says:

    Precious Blood of Jesus Christ cover us and the whole world. Amen

  • the turd reich says:

    Possibly the worse leader in the world

  • Tim martino says:


  • オフスターAnthony says:

    Will see this in Indonesia soon enough with president downplayed the virus again.

  • luan trieu says:

    So Brazil want to still do business with China?

  • JBplus4 says:

    Everyone should quit smoking and we’d have plenty of beds in the future

  • Jerrin Mathew says:

    Brazil and india suffering from leadership crisis

  • SZCZYZOR says:

    The president wants to get rid of poor people because this way 2 of his problems are solved, poverty and getting rid of people who do not vote on him.
    Sometime by doing nothing, you do a lot

  • Word for Word Covfefe-19 says:

    “So what? I’m sorry. What do you want me to do?” ~ Jair Bolsonaro, April 2020

  • Detective Halverson says:

    All lies. There’s no virus. Certificate of Vaccination ID19 is a hoax.

  • Pikachu says:

    Meanwhile in USA

    Trump supporters: Fake nurses, they are so disgusting!

    • Pray the rosary every day says:

      At least his not a supporter of blood sacrifices under the name of abortion


    Will Mr President say something ??? I mean of Brazil !!!! A normal flu 🤧????

  • Devotha Chitamu says:

    Order corv19 in magadasca like Magufu President of Tanzania

  • Meetmeagain Meetmeagain says:

    Let them die for choosing bad guy as their leader

  • Dale Anderson says:

    This is trumps hoax !

  • Mat Good says:

    This is gotta be bullshit. Its a weakened flu thats been passed around for months now with an extremely high recovery rate. Were just tracking each case of people getting the flu now

  • abdulrazak mohamed says:

    Temporary use those beds around the beaches and use recliner thanks

  • CMC Nadejda Надежда says:

    Actually hospitals are empty….many die for not being attended

  • Big Red says:

    Britain can donate some we have 4000 in the nightingale with only 37 being used 😉

  • foodies asian says:

    Murderer with legal….😭😭😭😭

  • RikoDub89 says:

    They need to take out their racist cruel president.

  • Big Daddy says:

    I figured Brazil would be tired of corruption by now…

  • Rich Rue says:

    I’m praying for all of you Brazilians, be brave inspite of your challenges

  • R McElhaney says:

    I would be in favor of bringing back the military draft in the USA so new military enlistees can help build hospitals in other areas of the world – like Brazil – hit hard with the coronavirus.
    The USA no longer has a hospital bed shortage. But Brazil does – and Chile is likely next.

  • Neo Learning says:

    May God protect us all

  • Michelle B says:

    These poor healthcare workers.

  • Deni says:

    I am so very sorry for all of you who have lost someone to this virus. Crying..

  • Rafael Rivera N. says:

    Brazil has the highest rate in the world of HIV, diabetes and overweight people!!!!!

  • Dante Mactavish says:


  • الإمبراطورية العثمانية 1 says:

    Trump in US , bonsaro in Brazil ..poor people are helpless

  • Antonio Costa says:

    He run the Cuban doctors out of the country whom were invited to fill the gaps on underserved regions by the previous administration. .

    Elections due up in 2022. He will be gone. No support from the judiciary, high ranking officers from all three branches On the military , Congress. He can’t pass a bill through Congress.

    All the state governors are against him. His supporters are a rag tag bunch.

    He is acting out of desperation, swinging from for the fences.

  • KreativDiva says:

    This is “PLANDEMIC” wake Up People 😓😓😓

  • kien phung says:

    Place the stupid Jair Bolsonaro in the jail and wait for death penalty.

  • Thomas Smith says:

    So I waited to swing the bat. I made the rules. Cool huh.

  • Ronan Max says:

    Brazil is corrupt country.

  • Helen Martel says:

    Even in America, less than 5% Of population has been tested.
    That means more than 30 millions Americans are infected at the present time.

  • Nick Koutsou says:

    Everyone take care 🙏

  • Pay Nongrang says:

    God, please heal the world🙏

  • NRG DAYMOON says:

    My goodness

  • Roni-Yah says:

    Way to go President Bolsonaro

  • Ro says:

    unfortunately this virus come in bad time with nazist president who wants kill people. ” If lot people will die, who cares?” he said

  • Maria Theresa Russell says:

    Horrible ellness. God please save the life of the people xxx

  • Chadwicked B says:

    Fake news

  • noor khan says:

    He is fool he dont know nothing president

  • Mandip Rai says:

    The difference between acting fast and ignoring the danger. My country went into total lock down mid March and so far there is only 2 reported death

  • randy tabron says:

    Stop letting in UN and China people what I think

  • samarhafeez says:

    Play your part !! Well said and done