Lead-up to Burundi election marred by unrest

2020 5/22
Lead-up to Burundi election marred by unrest

Political campaigns in Burundi have ended ahead of a general election on Wednesday.
They have been marred by violence and hate speech, with both sides blaming one another.
As Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi reports, health experts have also raised concerns that there are not enough safeguards to help contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

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コメント一覧 (24件)

  • Tau ceti says:

    I,m seeing no physical distancing and mask!

    • Bladimir Rojas says:

      No wonder this a country where crooks have taken over the wealth of Burundi. As every dictatorship, they do not look out for its citizens.

  • Samuel Sunuwar says:

    And corona???

  • Pratik Patel says:

    Corona: Am i joke to you?

    • China Virus says:

      I m the China virus. And I m gonna get U. 🤯🤯😡😡

    • Augford P. Doggie says:


  • Raymond FERRETTI says:

    Underdeveloped countries are scary…. thousands of people in this video and not one automobile !!! No electronic devices … cloths and people dancing like comic book characters . What ??!!!

    • S Hussein says:

      @luke shaw After this pandemic whats the difference between Burundians and them. At least Burundians have community spirit and look after each other. In UK don’t care if you drop dead tomorrow only ‘me, me, me’ Secondly living there was depressing and empty. Millions of them are on anti depressants, they live in tiny homes, drive in tiny narrow roads. What a joke.

    • Haya Glamazon says:

      They are at a rally you imbecile. You expect people to be driving during the rally 😂😂😂

    • luke shaw says:

      @S Hussein (K, that’s a different topic…but you didn’t acknowledge your statement was wrong, & this quote was 100% correct: ”of london, you can’t say: ‘thousands of people…and not one automobile !!! No electronic devices’ ”

    • adan santur says:

      I like the energy.

    • Augford P. Doggie says:

      How are you going to drive a car through that mass of people? There hundreds of thousands of cars in every country. What a dipshit, try leaving the house once in a while

  • S Hussein says:

    The result has already been foretold.

  • nd newman says:

    Unserious people.

  • THE MUKESH says:

    Plz respect corona and make social distance 😂😂

  • Steve John says:


  • Ambrin Gul says:

    And what about corona?

  • Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler says:

    Election’s are important though…

    @mremun01 On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  • I am yes way says:

    Dividing each other again what idiot behavior THESE AFRICANS ARE HOPELESS……

  • no hatred says:

    These are supporters of Donald trump

  • G51065 says:

    Nature doesn’t respect politicians, government or anything civilisation thinks is important….while power crazed leaders continue to puff out their chests, nature is chipping away at the edges.

  • Innocent Nibikora says:

    We’ve been longtime waiting for this time, candidate Rwasa is good guy to lead our Burundi n I’m sure the 20th may ther will be no mistake✔️ enough is enough.

    • Bladimir Rojas says:

      I’m really glad democracy will finally be restored in Burundi. Hang in there. I’m watching this News from the western hemisphere. The Americas.

  • Simon Hamupunda says:

    Uh guys I’m 🇳🇦, what about Corona in 🇧🇮?