Flying Frenchman crosses English Channel by hoverboard

2020 5/22
Flying Frenchman crosses English Channel by hoverboard

A French inventor has crossed the English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard.
Franky Zapata’s hoverboard is powered by kerosene which he carries in a backpack.
He took off from Sangatte near Calais and reached Dover in just over 20 minutes – but he had to stop for fuel.
Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports.

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  • Eli Eli says:


  • Mike scott says:

    I want one….

  • sky scan says:

    My dream come true, to be able to levitate and fly😃

  • T Al says:

    Beginning of future

  • Gemto Rori says:

    *We need this to storm Area 51 !*

  • Omar Leslie Music says:

    Yup always turns into a military tool smh

  • mr keeper says:

    Ofcourse army supporting it.

  • 2 Birds1 Stone says:


  • Justice Warrior says:

    MERKOIL is buying those to every single ISIS migrant

  • Justice Warrior says:

    Now that’s a wife!!!

  • Beaverhousen says:

    How amazing to have this in the Market. But…too many people having that in the future…..won’t they crash in the air?

  • Sonny Anchor says:

    This is great news. He can deliver croissants to England, after Brexit is in full effect.

  • Topgun God says:

    Banned for public use, no doubt.

  • William Jayaraj says:

    Great invention. Congrats.

  • Billy John Moreno says:

    This is our future. Traffic will be in the air. Armies will swarm the air like bees. Spectacular but scary future. Air pollution will get worse.

  • noor Bangash says:

    Great job appreciate

  • Christopher Armstrong says:

    Did he fetch any gear 😉

  • Christopher Armstrong says:

    I’ve nipping back and forth for years on the wife’s broomstick

  • Jerry X says:

    All those guys that thumbs down are better cuz it’s not USA

  • Truthmedia Rebel says:

    Not another illegal immigrant.

  • Prady 51 says:

    Please start selling in Bangalore

  • Panagiotis Antonis says:

    And now the drug cartels can deliver drugs from Mexico 2 us easily nice one

    • Ma Sato says:

      They have been doing that with drones for years

  • Edouard ESK says:

    Stop with the illegal entries. Which normally constituted person would want to go permanently to Great Britain?

  • don't Denali says:


  • Robert Schlesinger says:

    Amazing and important video. But how was the mid-flight refueling accomplished? That film clip would be even more interesting.

  • Bill Weaver says:

    No one…but very one…. wants the police to have these. Change the piolet to a satellite remote, replace him with 150lbs of laser aimed weapon and ammo. Put 50 of them in a refueling and supply van…urban warfare has a whole new plan. .

  • Sujit Kumar Ray says:

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  • ZA says:

    How cool! I will be buying one soon. That is as soon as China reverse engineers the thing and makes a cheap copy.

  • Spencer Cooper-Thorn says:

    Yeah it’s so hard – building a hover board and then going on holiday – such a hard life isn’t it .

  • Bernard Brachet says:


  • CEVAY YERLOO says:

    Insy winsy spider 🕸 climbing up the spout along came the 👺 goblin to wype the spider out

  • Anil Desai says:

    Can anyone tell distance he covered while crossing this channel?

  • Brian Sherick says:


  • My World says:

    I don’t know folks, could you imagine a suicide bomber using this to cause damage.

  • Daniel Whyatt says:

    Truly, a staggering achievement for technological and intonational transport. This technology can definitely be applied in the future, and this is just further proof of it.

  • Darkmischief84 says:

    Who’d have thought Green Goblen would be the first comic book figure to leave the pages and enter reality.

  • T-Series HD says:

    Wow its amazing. Unbelievable

  • Panda Spirit says:

    Tony Stark lives!!!


    Trump builds a wall.
    ..immigrants -ZZZZZZZAAAPAAATAAAAAA!!!!!!

  • rividizd says:

    I hope this thing becomes commercially available in the next 5 yrs!

  • JirenThe- Gray says:

    A car mechanic in Pakistan who is from Afghanistan builts a perfect chopper with car engine.
    No help and money from anyone.

  • Vanraj vannu006 says:


  • nigelcarren says:

    As an Englishman living in France, I have a feeling I might need one of these after the 31st October, and travelling in the same direction! 😂🚀 Felicitations Mr Zapata et bon continuation. 🏆

  • WolfKip Wolfkip says:

    Refugees new transport to England on a hoverboard

  • arnold oliver says:

    Governments are going to copy and modify his hover board invention and turn it into a weapon of war so SAD ! 😞

  • ajay sharma says:

    Future is here

  • Leonita 2018 says:

    I feel tired of standing for so long, fighting the wind, and worried that a thunderstorm would be in the way while still in the sea

  • Last one You love says:

    Breaking News:- citizens of Mexico order these to cross the border lol😂😂😂

  • PetrolHead says:

    so, where’s Doc and Marty?))

  • onesoloving1 says:

    Would be so much fun to shoot out of the sky.

  • mslashay35 says:


  • D.i.0 says:

    Now your passport please. What is the purpose of your visit

  • Jpkrao says:

    Marvelous!!! About 105 mph top speed. Very good!

  • Amy G says:

    Looks like harry styles sign of the times music video.

  • Metro Mmdk says:

    ❤💚💚💚💜💛💛💜💚❤💚💜💙💙💜💚❤GOD BLESS💚💜💙💛💙💜💚❤💚💜TRUMP💙💛💛💙💜❤💚💛💙💜💚💚💛💜💚❤💚💜💜💙💛

  • Truck Taxi says:

    Not exactly a jetpack but it’ll do for now … Santa

  • Getachew Sengal says:

    that’s wonderfull work you done it

  • FruxMoonDragon says:

    A french inventor invents something incredible. Military imediately want to use it to facilitate the slaughtering of people across the world.

  • stailleos says:

    Feminists will say his wife invented that machine and will apply for alimony like Jeff bezxos wife

  • Pink Panther says:

    Salute to flying franky.

  • Eliusalmo1 says:

    Zapata has changed the personal transportation history forever..

  • Egon Speneder says:

    This will open up a new dimension with respect to freedom and travel; unless of course the Government gets it’s claws in this with restricted laws and regulations. This is no toy that you just rent for the weekend and zoom off the radar; you need to hone your skills, mainly bodily fitness which puts enormous strain on your spine, legs and core being. Plus there is the adjustment to flying without being encased in some “shell” but exposed to the elements.

  • V Philip says:

    Another weapon to kill children in far away lands. Well done.

  • Saurabh Kanswal says:

    This is historic moment, our future generations see this and feel proud

  • diamond Tran says:

    The need to make China complying with intelligence property protection law has never been bigger!

  • Alan Caldoza says:

    Does anyone guess where its gonna lead us soon? That militarized contraption called…… The Rocketeer

  • Lostania0 livres audio says:

    Un vol stationnaire n’est-il pas un vol sur place et donc ou l’on ne bouge pas ???

  • martin craggs says:

    Just wow!

  • đại thutuong says:

    3 more years we Chase the bads guy on Air
    Hahaha 😂😂😂

  • đại thutuong says:

    With hover board the world will be like a mess,
    Immigration , killing and run,
    Robbed in USA 🇺🇸 flying back to mexico

  • Kendrick Jacocks says:

    What a great future for individual flight travel!!! To be able to rent one of these when traveling between islands would be a dream come true. I wonder how does one control this air plane vehicle? It seems easy as anything, and relatively low in power expenditure.

  • Al Somethin says:


  • Larry Hoyt says:

    I have flown, parachuted, flown my home built plane but this guy has more courage and skill than I could ever imagine. Congrats to him and hope he doesn’t have and accident. When I was a kid, Rocketman was my favorite short in the movies.

  • Santi says:

    Me : has Food
    My friends :

  • Timbo Doonovan says:

    are frenchmen now fleeing France, Macrot is wrecking the country

  • Jay Quan Trolling says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t end up like Nikola Tesla

  • Kausik JPN says:

    British people are like we want your autograph…and he is saying I am coming in few minutes at your backyard.

  • spooky1025 says:

    The key word arriving in MIST wakey wakey…..

  • Underrated Inventions says:

    Your 🍕 pizza is here 🤔

  • Adam says:

    No need for me to book easyjet in the future

  • Chapman Alexander says:

    How much is that thing!? I’m the first customer.

  • tony m.villacruz villacruz says:

    Must be nice to use it to go to work and skip traffic. Lol.

  • Arnold David says:

    I want one

  • Róbert Balák says:

    u nás v Tatrách už takto vedela lietať Majka z Gurunu pred 40timi rokmi. heh

  • SirJohn Foolstaff says:

    Love how it was on al Jazeera. So all the Calais migrants can understand it and get hope.

  • Jy Jym says:

    I hope the illegals dont get their hands on that contraption.

  • Eric Wilkes says:

    An outstanding achievement great humanitarian

  • jony cb says:

    I need one to travel the galaxy😎

  • Eliseo Guadarrama says:

    Hes not human, hes an alien. Just like a UFO. He accomplished more then what they be doing in area 51. CIA will assassinate and steal his work, they cant allow other nations with this high Quality technology.

  • Haemish says:


  • rana t says:

    Fake CGi, Mag Bitter Truth channel has already exposed this fraud!

  • Matt Houston says:

    That’s amazing. WOW.

  • misty man says:

    I didn’t catch how long it took?

  • Fais says:

    Imagine a 1000 of those coming at you in attack formation 😳 ..surrounded by swarms of drones. Or Emergency services can access places couldn’t before. Amazing achieving achievement by the French inventor.

  • Al Roye says:

    French inventor turns into the Green Goblin . Lol

  • Cliff Yablonski says:

    Picture a squad of infantrymen zooming down with Squad Automatic Weapons blazing away.

  • Russell Sapphire says:

    Finally, they added creative mode to real life.

  • James Vaughn says:

    Does the pack help the pilot maintain balance and flight control?

    If not, why not have the fuel compartment be part of the platform he’s standing on, so it doesn’t have to be attached to his body?

  • Chris Murphy says:

    Spectacular and a colorblindguy too!

  • josh0001100 says:

    Congratulations from Australia 👍🏼👍🏼