The scientific legacy of Dolly the sheep

2020 5/22
The scientific legacy of Dolly the sheep

Twenty years ago, British scientists introduced the world to Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned using nuclear transfer.

She only lived for seven years, but the scientific advances that came from her creation continue.

Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports from London.

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  • ingameKira says:

    don’t all sheep look the same? lol

    • Katie Grace says:

      Kind of but not all have the same dna

    • SpongeBob Da square says:

      @Katie Grace woooow you’re so smart, do you know what a joke is?

    • Katie Grace says:

      SpongeBob Da square I was just saying lmao don’t act like those idiots

    • Liz Mowrey says:


    • L͓̽A͓̽N͓̽D͓̽O͓̽ says:

      Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas 💀😆

  • Johan Abdullah Holm says:

    Cloning would be great for infertile men and women to get a child though. So hopefully SOMEONE is trying to figure out how to clone humans safely.

    • Gilbert Plays ☆ #1 Gaming Channel says:

      one step at a time.

    • Zlata A says:

      Johan Abdullah Holm why would you clone a child when you could adopt one??

    • Johan Abdullah Holm says:

      Everyone would adopt if it was easy.

      Adopting is incredibly time consuming, expensive and not all married couples are allowed to adopt due to all sorts of restrictions. Maybe the man is over 40 years old, maybe they have only been married 3 years and so on and so forth. Sometimes people can only adopt if both parents have the correct nationality, cloning is way less restrictive and I would imagine much much cheaper.

    • I Muted Notifications So Don't Bother Replying says:

      Lmao you would want your kid to be an exact clone of yourself?😂

    • Jullian Pratt says:

      @Johan Abdullah Holm it’s 100,000$ to clone a dog, but u feel it’s less time consuming and expensive to clone humans than to adopt a child?

  • Monique Overend says:

    Frankenstein, unnatural, abomination etc.

    • Doodelay says:

      Te Ati Awa Tohunga twins are clones, though. so not an abomination

    • Sara3346 says:

      It was just a sheep mate, calm down. Don’t let your emotions overule your judgement.

  • Awol Peace says:

    Perfect way to get new organs.

    • giovanni di marino says:

      Itt is an human being cloned, therefore it would count as a person, it implies that if not willing to donate them, her choice shall be respected.

    • saki train says:

      Watch “Never Let Me Go”. Actors are Keira Knightly, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan.

    • Liam Alistarr says:

      There is research for that but people don’t like that because they don’t like the idea of killing embryos. Scientists idea is that you use this process and then stop the process before the embryo becomes a fetus and then you take the stem cells from the umbilical cord and use those to make organs. As far as I know, this type of research has been ban in the US though.

  • Goldie Dee says:

    Dolly is Scottish. x 🙂

    • LCarlTBM x says:

      f u

    • Goldie Dee says:

      @LCarlTBM x Can’t hack the truth creampuff. x 🙂

    • Goldie Dee says:

      @LCarlTBM x We’re still waiting on the English Enlightenment up here hun. x 🙂

    • yas says:

      Goldie Dee Scotland 💪

  • Lyn 00000000 says:


  • DS YAMO says:

    The greater question is, can they be patented? can they be owned? In the us, if you change it genetically you can patent it which means you own it at an existential level. That’s a huge can of worm i doubt any of us can fully intellectually decipher, especially with corruption going on in our courts.

    • Daniyal Ahmed says:

      Also will the cloned human be slave of the patent owning company?

    • Sara3346 says:

      A clone is by definition unchanged though so I think the answer should be no.

  • Ali Khan says:

    We should start cloning humans. Next step in technology advancement. What are we waiting for.

    • Monique Overend says:

      ^ “Then we can put storm trooper costumes on them and re-enact star wars.” – Ali Khan

    • 7w4c says:

      Ali Khan well there is a slight chance that we could accidentally make a brand new disease with no knowledge about it and no cure which could ravage the world and cause mass hysteria and a global economic breakdown as nations turn to war against other nations for supplies to fend off the disease starting in a new world war which would most likely end in nuclear warfare all because we cloned a human and created a new disease.

    • C C says:

      Ali Khan because science has always lost the battle with Mother Nature. Look at what’s happened to the earth due to modern farming techniques. We now have no choice but to put chemicals in the soil in order to make it fertile. If human cloning advances the same way farming did, we may have no choice but to put chemicals in to human beings in order to make them fertile.

  • Born Justice Rule says:

    i have no doubt in my mind that a human has been cloned in a top secret black operation style experiment.

    • Lord Manhammer says:

      yea! like the movie “the island”

    • Rosa Tate says:

      Same lol

    • Samuel Fofana says:

      It’s possible. All these movies people are watching are influencing them to do crazy things

    • iLLWiLL says:

      Area 51

  • prakash p says:

    IT is good

  • Reinhold Pasaribu says:

    Human closing?

  • kalel 311 says:

    I remember this

  • Red Tango says:

    If we could find a way to locate and transfer our conscience in the human clone, we could potentially expand our life cycle.

    • jay sullivan says:

      Life is already eternal, man.

  • Pierre auguste says:

    I would clone myself and raise myself

    • he actually did drop is croissant says:

      @Dhruva Shah your clone starts off as a baby

    • he actually did drop is croissant says:

      @Dhruva Shah so like you can spot the age difference

    • Dhruva Shah says:

      @he actually did drop is croissant oh, right

    • bOwOgus says:

      Like the Star wars bounty hunter guy

    • Mississippi ball says:

      @bOwOgus boba fett idiot

  • Riadh Baghdali says:

    vive chikha bannat nasro badu

  • Mining Llama says:

    Mix a human’s DNA with a sheep DNA pls

    • Boboji • says:

      Mining Llama they mixed a sheeps dna with a spiders

    • Seth H says:

      That wouldn’t work because we don’t have the same amount of chromosomes

  • Not Aleesha says:

    It seems like they took a sperm from one sheep and an egg from another sheep and just put them together in a third sheep, no? I thought cloning is when you make multiple beings from like synthetically created eggs and sperms (so that they’re all identical)… Just kind of confused about the whole process and how they got these “sisters” to be identical

    • movie madness says:

      @goodness I’m not a kid. Like I told you I have a degree it biology

    • goodness says:

      @movie madness Read my comment properly grown up kid.

    • goodness says:

      @movie madness And a degree holder won’t make silly grammatical errors.

    • movie madness says:

      @goodness ok whatever you say you drunk wife beater

    • goodness says:

      @movie madness well whatever you assume me to be , I don’t care for I am simply not that . And by the way you are wasting your time and others time as well by making silly, stupid, totally impertinent comments . By the way who cares about people who like you are ignorant no matter what. Like your name says you aren’t mad not only about movies but you are a mad yourself. By the way if you can’t back your claims or defend yourself with reasonable , scientific and logical statements , rather than commenting stupid and silly taunts , just shut up and go on about your work if you have one. Again for heavensake just shut up.

  • Sonam Leda says:

    Why dolly sheep is important.

    • Thai's Studio says:

      Good question
      It shows us the solution to protect endangered animals

  • eliteviper6666 sub to old eliteviper6666 says:

    Niceeeeeeee seriously very effective and efficient

  • WeLuvSaiah says:

    Dolly the sheep died the day I was born February 14 2003


    nice dolly

  • krgdk says:

    my sister looks the same

  • Ed Camp says:

    Dolly Parton so happy she’s the best

  • Tanisha Parween says:

    What is cell

  • Fezeka Ngidi says:

    They can’t with humans , god has given man ability but has kept this one ability away from human

    • Charlie Catesby says:

      What? Yes they can with humans, the only thing holding it back is the ethical boundrys. They have as of 2018 cloned monkeys so therefore cloning other primates (Including humans) is difinitely possible.

  • Simone Tufano says:

    Rest in Peace little dolly

  • Katie Haslam says:

    animal cruelty……

  • Fares Berrehouma says:

    I would like to clone my crush 😂

    • Jefryson Ranera says:


    • Jefryson Ranera says:

      @live on playstation le oof ;( sad life (•_•)

    • iLLWiLL says:

      Fares Berrehouma there’s no point in cloning your crush. She will be a baby and then you will raise her and then she will be your daughter

    • Viva 1 says:

      And the clone wouldn’t like you either

    • jay sullivan says:

      That is insanely creepy.

  • DAZEN4LIFE says:

    Let’s clone kidneys

  • Raining Stardust says:

    Why clone a sheep and not a human?!
    It stupid!
    They both are living creatures!! So why do scientists clone animals but then say no when people ask them to clone a human?!
    We’re not the most important race you know!!!

    . .

    • lovelyn vigilia says:

      Okay, first of all, that’s already a thing. Second of all, sheep’s are more easier, and (I believe) is cheaper, since nobody is gonna insist to contribute their egg cells from their ovaries (from a woman) and infuse them with cells from another man (which could be a stranger) to create a “clone” human, when she can just do it with her husband.

      And, btw. “Cloning” humans is basically reproducing. A.K.A giving birth to an infant.

    • lovelyn vigilia says:

      And.. They’re only doing it out of curiosity, to seek greater information for future projects.
      I hope this gave you a better understanding to your question :)!

  • Kevin The hype train says:

    Who thinks that dolly the sheep’s baaa at the beginning of the video should be a meme

  • Mohammed Miyajan says:

    Well can they do the same thing with people?

    • Sara3346 says:

      It is almost certainly possible.

  • Ridwan Said says:

    I think they cloned kid buu

  • shutupshmuck says:

    We can have more than one ariana grande?

  • Da Flopster says:

    Didn’t Scotland clone a sheep?

  • rana tauseef says:

    your experiment can destroy humans

  • Captain Shake says:

    C is the mistake

  • Me- MaN Tube says:

    Make a clone of entire EARTH.

  • RekaSenpai YT says:

    Ui 10A!!!

  • L͓̽A͓̽N͓̽D͓̽O͓̽ says:

    What is the cloned Trump

  • Camila Icochea says:

    This video is kind of confusing. I have just read the original article and what he said is wrong, the body cell’s nucleus (in the video is called DNA, but DNA is located in the nucleus) couldn’t have fusion with another nucleus. That body cell’s nucleus was put in the cell in which was its nucleus removed so that dolly can exist. The explanation was ok, but the graphic description was not.

  • Dr.Tanveer Ahmed, Ph.D says:

    Confronting nature ultimately humanity paid a huge cost, and eventually, DNA Zambia zoonotic mutation and lab originated under the supervision of Bill Gates, the devil master, going much-wrosen wrong uncontrollable with themselves in the case of Covid-19 that potential shaken the planet, does it much-influencing matters, what will be next projective objective i.e. BRAIN-CHIP

  • Dr.Tanveer Ahmed, Ph.D says:

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  • enig ma says:

    Grow perfect hair on sheep

  • Shweta Singh says:

    Really phenomenal……. These sheeps are soo cute.