Nepal experts warn Kathmandu could face COVID crisis like India

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Healthcare experts in Nepal are warning the capital Kathmandu could see scenes similar to neighbouring India.
Infections are rising and hospital beds are filling up.
With new restrictions being imposed, officials say the situation is under control.
But many residents aren’t taking any chances.
Al Jazeera’s Ramyata Limbu reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Busy Business dubai says:

    All kumb returns

  2. Avatar Krishna Panta says:

    Lockdown is not a solution please think about poor people and under poverty.

    • Avatar Tšāį R'Magar says:

      Well if lockdown is not implemented in time, this country will be doomed. Nepal health care system is isn’t good enough to control the current mutant versions of covid.
      So it’ll be wise to control it before it spreads out

  3. Avatar Balargus says:


  4. Avatar Alma Hardman says:

    Mt Everest. 🙂

    • Avatar Top 10s List says:

      Not only mount everest
      Cho oyu

    • Avatar Alma Hardman says:

      @Top 10s List Yea ik but I like Mt Everest better. 🙂

    • Avatar Safal Parajuli says:

      @Alma Hardman fun fact, all the mountains he mentioned are in top 10 of the tallest in the world

    • Avatar What Name? says:

      @Safal Parajuli who cares? I’m Nepali btw.

  5. Avatar Mike Toreno says:

    Education ministers: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that

    • Avatar Mike Toreno says:

      @vander monke already finished SEE bruh

    • Avatar vander monke says:

      @Mike Toreno ani k kara ko ta sathi

    • Avatar Mike Toreno says:

      @vander monke 12 ko finals cha ta lmao

    • Avatar vander monke says:

      @Mike Toreno tyo ta j gare ni huncha sathi :(( chor haru ko paisa aune tei boards bata ho. EmPlOyEMeNt dincha rentaw

    • Avatar benevolence says:

      Machikne wifi xaina gharma… Edu-Minister ko GERA CHAPAUDE BAS MUJI…. ATA BATTI AKO XAINA MUJI KASARI HUNXA CLASS MUJI😁

  6. Avatar Wei Young says:

    Stay strong Nepal! Prayers from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇳🇵🐬

    • Avatar taladuga picpwaspwat says:


      Wei Young Pakistani???

      Abey halkat Chinese-pakistani mulla tu?? Hahhaha

    • Avatar Ao jun says:

      @Abdul Qayyum he’s Pakistan but using unverified Chinese name .

    • Avatar Wei Young says:

      @Abdul Qayyum, it is the name of my favorite character. I clearly mentioned I m from Pakistan. Don’t think everyone is like Indian trolls.

    • Avatar Wei Young says:

      @taladuga picpwaspwat, I thought India is mourning, but you are laughing like crazy! Are you OK?

  7. Avatar South Asia says:

    Let us build more Ram temples in Ayodhya, yaw!

  8. Avatar Rodger Bloor says:

    Nepal’s healthcare system is even fragile than India as far as I know. Nepal must contain the virus because it cannot even think about a surge at this time when its health care is very unprepared and very under developed.
    India’s healthcare system is fragile and we can see that and Nepal will suffer more if it is faced with the cases like that of India.

    • Avatar dream traveller says:

      I agree.

    • Avatar Someone says:

      @Rodger Bloor That is true, but Nepal’s population is much lower compared to India’s

    • Avatar Abisek Mndhr says:

      Only vaccine can save us now. Talks are going on with Russia for Sputnik V but it might take time.

    • Avatar Dheeraj Rawat says:

      Pls stop all flights from India for a temporary time, stay safe all Nepalese Brothers and sisters

      BTW i am from India

    • Avatar Noob master 69 says:

      90 percent recovery rate … Omg thats must be record but why??? Nepals goverment is usless and amost all the people of nepall are not vaccinated so why ?? Its all beacause of adaptation in human genetics. Its clear covid causes hypoxia and kills people and most of the people dieing are from low altitude or sea level india brazil america etc … Here nepelese people simply has mutated genes that allows them to survive in less oxygen prime example of that are sherpas from nepal they can even climb everest carrying two white guys without oxygen tank … Thus this ability gives nepelese higher chance of recovey and other perish due to hypoxia

  9. Avatar Bishtiram Basumatary says:

    The govt of any country should allow vaccination only after it is available to all of it’s cityzen , otherwise it will be very dangerous like what happened in India.

    • Avatar Trendy Romish says:

      We Have Free Vaccine In KTM.

  10. Avatar lasha lashaa says:

    liudi prinimaite kajdi den 1 stakan voda tuda polojite 1 shaini lojka sol i prinimite 2 stolovi lojka esli ploxo poshuvstvoite v gorlo a esli temperatura prinimite paracetamol

  11. Avatar Mirza Hamza Baig says:

    Stay safe Nepal. Best wishes from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇳🇵

    • Avatar Russo R says:

      The Human over-population the root cause of the tragedy in India. Not to mention a host of other socioeconomic problems we face today. In 1947, the population of India was close to 320 million. India has added another 800+ million since then. And somehow magically, its citizens expect a supply system that should periodically adjust to a large population’s demands of goods and services? China is the only country on the same scale and has done a better job at achieving order/governance. Then again, they have earned it by brute force. Not to mention all the industrial activity has resulted in large-scale environmental damage – water/air/soil for which all of us will pay sooner or later.
      In comparison, the population of the U.S in 2021 is close to 330 million. The total land area is about 3.5 times that is of India, and an economy that is many times bigger. Picture India in 2021 if it were around 500/550 million people.

    • Avatar Abisek Mndhr says:

      Thanks brother ❤️

    • Avatar Krizal shrestha says:

      Same to u bro

    • Avatar PRAYATNA says:

      You too stay safe and protected 😊🙏

  12. Avatar Cc Dd says:

    I’ve noticed Nepal is a lot cleaner than India. I guess it won’t be so bad even if there is outbreak. The culture probably is not so virus friendly as India

    • Avatar Aba Atti Bayo!! says:

      @Code Monster no..
      Culture is not same

    • Avatar Someone says:

      @Cc Dd Yeah also Nepal has a lower population

    • Avatar assasindxd says:

      Vaccination rate is high in Kathmandu but very few under 40 are vaccinated.

    • Avatar Made India Superpooper in 55 years of rule says:

      Culture is same you Indophobic dumb@ss, State of Economy is same. Both are Poor Underdeveloped Country, But Nepal has less Population.

    • Avatar Sabina Subedi says:

      Yea population and crowd are less.

  13. Avatar Lucas Watts says:

    Thanks India for importing your disaster to Nepal, we need help now from our neighbours like China and also help from Pakistan. We hope China and Pakistan take Kashmir fully from India or like we call them in Nepal Covidstan.

    • Avatar Charchit Thapa says:

      Dont spread hate virus is enough problem to handle

    • Avatar King Zee says:

      @Someone a complete lie. Not a single shred of evidence has come forward. Wuhan was locked down and all the genomic testing showed that wuhan has mutated viruses thus it’s not at all likely that this was even from wuhan. This rubbish assumption belongs in the March 2020. This false narrative being pushed is there to blame a nation without evidence.

    • Avatar Someone says:

      @King Zee well COVID-19 started there, but not the og coronavirus. Also the government tried to assissinate a journalist trying to let everyone know about it

    • Avatar King Zee says:

      @Someone um no

    • Avatar comfortablynumb128 says:

      Man, end your bigotry for now at least. Securing our borders is the Nepal Government’s job.

  14. Avatar Nan Hin Ting says:

    The minister’s way of talking is just the same as those in India before the explosion. Hope they are well prepared before the onslaught.

  15. Avatar Banana Republik says:

    Many of them visited the kumbh mela this have become super spreaders

    • Avatar Banana Republik says:

      @Sunil Sahu stay safe

    • Avatar Made India Superpooper in 55 years of rule says:

      @Banana Republik How Khumb Mela is responsible for second wave of Covid? Are you being dumb or what? Second Wave of Covid started in Maharashtra & Delhi long before Second wave has started.

    • Avatar Bibek GC says:

      We are in nepal .how kumb mela is the cause ??? Fk off islamist ..We are proud hindu ..Will never forget our lord shiva,vishnu and brahma 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    • Avatar Sunil Sahu says:

      @Bibek GC 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🚩🚩🚩🚩 jai DHARMA

    • Avatar Noob master 69 says:

      @Sunil Sahu but 90 percent recovery rate … Omg thats must be record but why??? Nepals goverment is usless and amost all the people of nepall are not vaccinated so why ?? Its all beacause of adaptation in human genetics. Its clear covid causes hypoxia and kills people and most of the people dieing are from low altitude or sea level india brazil america etc … Here nepelese people simply has mutated genes that allows them to survive in less oxygen prime example of that are sherpas from nepal they can even climb everest carrying two white guys without oxygen tank … Thus this ability gives nepelese higher chance of recovey and other perish due to hypoxia

  16. Avatar Boii Villa says:

    Stop !!!! Going anywhere… Confine your self to your home…you will spread it faster, by going somewhere… You are not sure, if you are already infected!!!

  17. Avatar purplerain says:

    Please please do not rely on your Govt. Unite among urself and form makeshift dedicated shelters for covid patients. Be ready with oxygen supplies. Please take a lesson from India.

    • Avatar Abisek Mndhr says:

      Health ministry did warn people about impending second wave but neither the government nor the people took it seriously. This is what happens when people starts to act more like a sheep than a human.

  18. Avatar Binte Zen says:

    My love and pray for Nepal and all my Nepalese friends and my memories.

  19. Avatar Ian DON PAUL says:

    End times are here. These are the days of Noah. People please repent and pray to God for his divine protection and healing. God Bless you all….

    • Avatar Abc Def says:

      “End Times” wouldn’t be here without Communists in China releasing the virus from the lab. Makes me wonder if those communists are in cahoots with your ‘gawd’.

    • Avatar Ian DON PAUL says:

      @Abc Def Please be with him. He’s the light and the way.

    • Avatar foysal afridi says:

      @Ian DON PAUL ur right end time is Comeing

  20. Avatar World Politics says:

    Nepal should take measures before Covid virus reach from India to Nepal in deadly way should deal borders curb moment of people borders seal borders stop vehicle moment ban flight even Nepal ask China to cover Nepal sky from irondomm till Indian virus clean from sky

  21. Avatar Subigya Lamichhane says:

    They didn’t ban indians coming here.

  22. Avatar Зяд мах says:

    Until India’s situation improves we can’t handle the situation of our country but Indian pm nd politicians are still conducting rallies ..Please People of India stop this lunatic government..

  23. Avatar Maan says:

    Border control with India is needed.

  24. Avatar Roshik Dahal says:

    it not like mini INDIA ..You should make wide research

  25. Avatar Sam grg says:


    • Avatar unique videos of youtube says:

      Coz we love u

  26. Avatar hartfordlin says:

    CCP Virus!
    CCP Trouble maker!
    CCP must be eliminated!

  27. Avatar Santee Sociego says:

    they should quarantine people coming from India for at least 14 days before finally let them in..

    • Avatar Abisek Mndhr says:

      Its impossible. We’ve open border with india. But if retunees acted responsibly, then its possible.

    • Avatar Santee Sociego says:

      @Abisek Mndhr stay safe

  28. Avatar VIKRAM SINGH says:

    Thanks to Wuhan virus🤬🤬🤬

  29. Avatar jassi singh says:

    Shut the india borders nobody will come to your country even your nationality people’s

  30. Avatar Obj Nex says:

    A stitch in time saves nine. Do appropriate things in time.

  31. Avatar SAGA says:

    I still don’t understand why this kp is not closing Indian border.

    • Avatar benevolence says:


    • Avatar foysal afridi says:

      Close the border untill too late…

  32. Avatar Yoke Sim Tan says:

    Take good care Nepal people Stay safe 🙏🙏🙏

  33. Avatar Tomato Ahmed says:

    I pray for Nepal. I love Nepalese people from Bangladesh🇧🇩 . May Allah protect you people. Amin, Amin, Amin.

    • Avatar Aba Atti Bayo!! says:

      Thank you for the prey!!

    • Avatar Dipak khatrid500 says:

      Thank you

    • Avatar Made India Superpooper in 55 years of rule says:

      May Supreme Lord Brahma guide you all to True Path.☺️🙏

    • Avatar Ranjana Bhandari says:

      @Aba Atti Bayo!!found u again😊

  34. Avatar Baconator Rodriguez says:

    Straight outta Kathmandu, but I hip to the hop like a black man do ♥

    • Avatar EyaN 11 says:

      Uniq poet ❤…

    • Avatar Nabin Buda says:


    • Avatar kisses 2U says:


    • Avatar Ishwor Shrestha says:


    • Avatar Master roshi Turtule says:

      We god a even Hindu god who smokes and chill.
      Does not matter where you from. Tyaa naaya naya

  35. Avatar flop world says:

    Hey , your reporter not wearing mask only

  36. Avatar Mister M A.K says:

    India stay away from Nepal !

    • Avatar Captain Obvious says:

      Yes, and you keep staying away from your brain

  37. Avatar Sanoz says:

    ITs normal in kathmandu media is the virus

  38. Avatar MâĐ Løve Rêvival says:

    There is an invisible war going on all of us are soldiers now the enemy can be within us

  39. Avatar Sloka Rai says:

    Even alzazera’s news is sometime lacks the real information.good luck everybody.

  40. Avatar Avatar Aang says:

    Take care please

  41. Avatar benevolence says:


  42. Avatar The CrazY Bass Man says:

    Indian coming to Nepal and spreading everything close the borders

  43. Avatar Musk Limbu says:

    My prayer for INDIA to overcome from pandemic and please Nepalijaan haru take it serious and stay safe, corona is not present unless it caught you or your family.

  44. Avatar Ben Debeer says:

    Hospitals in Delhi are empty, this is giant hoax. Right now the world has been transformed in a medical extermination camp. rise!!! Watch Brand new tube for true news!

  45. Avatar Thapa says:

    @Al Jazeera -The translator must comprehend perfectly the source language and target language.

  46. Avatar kidcaper007 says:

    Why are they referring to this as an epidemic ??

  47. Avatar gaitondhe sharma says:

    government is busy no time for corona

  48. Avatar Yim Veerasak says:

    Please Nepal stay safe.

  49. Avatar Kiran Karki says:

    The politicians and PM oli responsible for the death 💀

  50. Avatar Krishnna Bahadhur says:

    Jay nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  51. Avatar Phul Kumar Lama says:

    The fact that the goverment isnt stopping flights. Like wtf you wanna see ur nation suffer?

  52. Avatar नेपाली संगीत नेपाली मन् says:

    Nepal win From This Covid 19..We all stay safe and follow the MOHAP Rule

  53. Avatar Migma Lama says:

    I went yesterday for covid test and found negative result.But when I went to collect report, in queue there were some people with covid positive but hospital didn’t mention them to stay in quarantine or stay a part from family or society.

  54. Avatar Rajan Kunwar says:

    1:47 English dubbed Voice indian accent. Is dubbing actor from india.

  55. Avatar Alok Shrivastav says:

    Politician are not gud…nepal need king back

  56. Avatar Pema Kelsang says:

    Lockdown is the only way to contain this virus in Nepal… The precautionary steps r the only way to stop this virus… This time the virus is even more dangerous.. if 2nd wave hits hard then situation of the country like Nepal will be even worse then India…. Stay home stay safe

  57. Avatar Puja Adhikari says:

    Nepalese education system be like: please take exam and pay fees, we’re gonna die anyway!🙄

  58. Avatar Sujata Baskota says:

    It is a ticking time bomb 💣💣💣

  59. Avatar ganesh raj adhikari says:

    Be safe every one 🙏🇳🇵

  60. Avatar Rahul Brahma says:

    We know what is happening in India, we are facing it.

    No unfortunate soul should face this.

  61. Avatar Balraj Pradhan says:


  62. Avatar Prabin Dawadi says:

    people dont care about corona
    some people still dont wear mask even in public transportation.
    I feel scared to get into public transportation in Kathmandu.

  63. Avatar Pasang Doma Sherpa says:

    KP oli and Prachanda are blamed.

  64. Avatar Saroj Shrestha says:

    Not only government of nepal is responsible for spreading corona, but too people are consider for action.

    • Avatar Rajesh Budhathoki says:

      How is government responsible and we are not?

  65. Avatar thinley tsomo yl says:

    Nepal is not prepared for second wave neither was it forthe first wave. Health care system is extremely fragile and lockdown surely isn’t a solution for country like ours where half the population don’t have a work that can be done via online . Whole nations focus was driven into Nepal’s political instability making a joke out of covid and now this bullshit from ministry of health spokesman . Instead of improving health care system ,they lie about how situation is still under control. Situation is worst than one can anticipate.

  66. Avatar D J says:

    pramita Limbu mam..i want ur success story😍

  67. Avatar Naam je Vaeni hunxa says:

    ख्याल ठट्टा नगर्नु होला। बिन्ती छ।मेरो दाई ले ब्ल्ल टेकु मा बेड पायो।अरु थाहा छैन कति बाहिर छ, के भयो ,के हुँदैछ थाहा छैन।तर २-३ जना मरिसके नजिकै को बेड को ।अहिले सम्म त दाई को सुधार हुँदैछ।तर तपाईं हरु सबै सुरक्षित रहनु होला।

    • Avatar Sabina Subedi says:

      Hamro ta gharmai quarantine basera niko bho.

  68. Avatar Christina Maiya says:

    Nepal ❤️

  69. Avatar George Varghese says:


  70. Avatar Mukunda Regmi says:

    The man who spoke at the beginning of This Videos Mr. Serbahadur Tamang has rejected jobs from Countries like USA UK JAPAN and many more yet he hasn’t been well treated by the government. We all Nepalese request our government to give some respect which he deserves and make him permanent in the hospital.

    • Avatar jax rai says:

      Actually he is Sher Bahadur pun, as far as i know he is Nepal’s one and only virologist! last year government almost took action against him for speaking truth and warning government about corona virus!

  71. Avatar Noob master 69 says:

    90 percent recovery rate … Omg thats must be record but why??? Nepals goverment is usless and amost all the people of nepall are not vaccinated so why ?? Its all beacause of adaptation in human genetics. Its clear covid causes hypoxia and kills people and most of the people dieing are from low altitude or sea level india brazil america etc … Here nepelese people simply has mutated genes that allows them to survive in less oxygen prime example of that are sherpas from nepal they can even climb everest carrying two white guys without oxygen tank … Thus this ability gives nepelese higher chance of recovey and other perish due to hypoxia .. i can clearlly say in coming yeas nepal will be one of the strongest country in asia if goverment is ready to do something about it and many foreigner will want to live here .. lets say give them retirement visa lol

  72. Avatar furba lama says:

    There is no greater things than our life so please nepalese brothers sister please stay in your home. And don’t let suffer us

  73. Avatar Pubg TV Np says:

    And soon there is gonna be
    board exam…we havent still finished our course how we are supposed to give exams?

  74. Avatar MAX MANISH says:

    Stay safe napel
    Me from Nepal
    Namesta sabai lai

  75. Avatar ॐ ǟƈɛジɢɨʀɨ says:

    Indian virus is rathan than india right kp oli

  76. Avatar SaBi Basnet says:

    We Nepali are on home now.. Locked down
    God bless us.

  77. Avatar Hakunamatata says:

    Because of open border with India many Indians have crossed the border so causually. We must take this lockdown seriousoy. We already have serious cases near Nepal India border by now. Be safe than sorry folks.

  78. Avatar Aba Atti Bayo!! says:

    Oli has warned about it earlier!!

    Indian varient is more dangerous than chinese varient and italy varient!!

  79. Avatar Rabin upadhaya says:

    It is already out of control. Now it is just the matter of how long can we hold before breaking down.

  80. Avatar Nishan Pokhrel says:

    Mini india?

  81. Avatar Deep B says:

    current situation of nepal is worsen then INDIA. Help Nepal🇳🇵

  82. Avatar Pristine Beauty says:

    We are here saying stay safe stay home but what about the small business owners my mom owns a beauty salon we aren’t allowed to open yet have to pay rent, bills, and taxes. Dedicating 20 yrs of lifetime to this industry and country this is the payback. I understand we have weak gov but what about the people, community. People around the world saying Nepali are open hearted but I can only see greediness. There is nowhere to file a complaint. Almost for a year I helped my mom to pay the rent but as an international student I couldn’t support her any longer. It feels like we will be dying coz of all these issues rather than the virus.

  83. Avatar Pristine Beauty says:

    We say stay home stay safe but what about the small business owners. My mom runs a beauty salon so we aren’t allowed to open yet we have to pay rent, bills and taxes. Dedicating 20 yrs of her life this is the pay back she receives. I know we have a weak government but what about the people and community. People from all around the world say Nepalese are open hearted but all I can see is greediness. Is it morally and ethically correct to ask for rent at such a global pandemic? We are happy to stay home if we weren’t obligated to pay rent. It seems like we will die coz of all these issues rather than the actual virus.

  84. Avatar Manish Mandal says:

    हरिण को दौडिने गति ८० कि.मि प्रती घन्टा हुन्छ र बाघ को गति ६० कि.मि प्रति घन्टा हुन्छ फेरि पनि अन्तिममा बाघले हरिणको शिकार गर्दछ । किनकी …. हरिणको मनमा म बाघ भन्दा कम्जोर छु भन्ने एक किसिमको डर हुन्छ र येहि डर का कारण उसलाई बारम्बार पछाडी हेर्न बाध्य बनाउछ । जस कारण उसको गति र मनोबल कम हुन थाल्छ र अन्त्यमा तेस् बाघको शिकार बन्छ….!
    कोरानाको पनि येथार्थ तेहि हो। कोराना भन्दा कैयौं गुना बढी रोग प्रति रोधात्मक शक्ति हामी सङग छ, हाम्रो । मनोबल र गति केबल डर को कारण ले कम हुन्छ, र हामी बिरामी हुन्छौं । कृपया आतिनु भन्दा सयमित° बनौ। सकारात्मक सोचौं, सकारात्मक बनौ…. साबधानी अपनाउ सबैको जय होस❤️
    Source: Pradeep Thapa

  85. Avatar urmila Gurung says:

    Please stay safe 😭😭❣🙏🇳🇵..form 🇬🇧

  86. Avatar ToranJR Saba limbu says:

    Awareness is the best cure😷😷

  87. Avatar saurav jha says:

    Y the translator spoke in weird english accent while Interpreting the doctor.(representative of ministry of Nepal.)

  88. Avatar shreechan chitrakar says:

    dont believe in news..

  89. Avatar Another Weeb On Google says:

    the funny thing is that there are more indian and fake nepali commenters than the original nepalese people. the original nepalese don’t even know this video exists 🙁

  90. Avatar Chhabi Upreti says:

    Thank you so much for praying Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 for covide19 lots of love around the world countries🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵😍😍😍😍

  91. Avatar Ramchandra Chettri. says:

    It will be worst…bcoz it doesn’t have proper Vaccines and oxygen plants like India….It has to depend on others

  92. Avatar Pdollar says:

    The translator needs to be precise with the words. “Mini India” was never mentioned by the doctor. Please kindly stop throwing your own words. 🙏

  93. Avatar Lokendra Chand says:

    Nepalese experts are just predictors….don’t take them seriously

  94. Avatar Deepak Grg says:

    Our political persons and nepalese peoples are responsible for spearding this virus …..

  95. Avatar ReLevAnT thOuGhT ! says:

    Till when this covid thing gonna control us all /control this wholesome population ?do you think 1year lockdown like previous year is possible ?wtf i am out of answer myself but i have many question to ask 🤔🤔

  96. Avatar Gaurav Limbu says:

    Gorkhali ho hami bhandai hidxa muji haru ani lagi halxa ni.

  97. Avatar Gita Sharma says:

    I’m from nepal

  98. Avatar Love Kimchi says:

    Stay safe it’s already late for Nepal

  99. Avatar Lim chea ting says:

    always having problem to pronounce the name Nepal

  100. Avatar Pratima Rai says:

    Stay safe🤗

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