COVID-19: Africans ‘evicted’ from homes in China

2020 5/22
COVID-19: Africans 'evicted' from homes in China

City leaders in southern China are denying allegations of racism amid the coronavirus pandemic, insisting foreigners have not been discriminated against.

Africans living in Guangzhou say they are being kicked out of their homes and face harassment, as healthcare workers step up testing efforts for new imported infections.

The African Union, Nigeria, and Ghana are calling on the Chinese government to address concerns.

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コメント一覧 (105件)

  • Lavance Jackson says:

    Africans now see that they are no better than the black Americans in the usa at the end your still black😭😭😭😭

  • Alleyup1994USA says:

    It’s not africans whoa re responsible for the virus, but regardless they should not be in China or Europe

  • Samuel says:

    Times like these when I wish I wasn’t Chinese, so I don’t hav to associate myself with this bullshit country

  • The Chang Family says:

    “Ever since the country opened up, the numbers are going up. But, they are blaming most of the cases are imported cases.” China has very detailed tracing. The numbers shows that, in fact, most of the new cases are imported with travel history. Do you have any proof to support your claim? Stop spreading rumors.

  • MegaJf16 says:

    Why would you immigrate to China of all places. East Asian countries have always isolated themselves and hated foreigners. It should be no surprise that they’re racist.

  • Pat Pat says:

    In the world there doing this to the chinness all over the world so the chinness are. Doing it back to people karma alledely

  • STEVE says:

    “Chocolate City”

  • TheRemnantSeed says:

    That’s insane! I’m sorry African brothers and sisters! I’m sorry people can still be so ignorant and racist against another human being!

  • Alenah Simmons says:

    I don’t like Chinese people 🧟😣

  • Alenah Simmons says:

    I don’t like that country Chinese

  • Soumya Sengupta says:

    Iam an indian. If something like that happens to me then i refuse to take one step in China.

  • Abtin Tankas says:

    Africans are the sweetest people on this planet. They are generous, friendly, compassionate and sympathetic. In other words, they have retained all the elements of humanity as opposed to some nations that too much materialism has killed humanity in them. I feel so comfortable with my African friends. Stop annoying such lovely people.

  • PrestigeWorldWide179 says:

    Thank god I’m not Chinese in this era, i liked Isis more then I do china

  • Juliet Victoria Osadiaye says:

    Sooo bad of China 😈😡

  • Brenda Dale says:

    All foreigners should all go back to their own country! No one should change their culture, religion, language, or faith. All people go to migrate to another country and they cannot take care of themselves. They depend on another government to give them freebies. A lot don’t want to pay for rent, good, or anything else. They migrate with nothing thinking that another country has to take care of them. What are wrong with all these leaders to where a lot of their people want to illegally migrate to another country! A lot of this starts at the top of the government and works it way down!maybe if everyone goes back to their own country, it won’t be a racist thing anymore! Immigration laws need to be changed in every country!

  • The Princess says:

    I mean are we surprised at this point.
    They lied
    Covered up
    Lied about their numbers

  • Wilson Dassumpcao says:

    African is not a race, there are other races that inhabit the continente of Africa, including whites, I bet someone that is african but looks like Charlize Theron would not be barred at malls or shops, not be evicted from their homes and would not be round up like they are doing to BLACK Africans, the racism always been there but now they have this ‘pandemic” as an excuse to manifest it.

  • Random Guy In The Comments says:

    Evict all Chinese from Africa, send them back!

  • Jessica says:

    This has nothing to do with corona virus. The same way the CCP is releasing recordings as a pre-emptive attack, amidst signs that countries are seeking they be held accountable, they are ousting Africans as revenge for Africa making a more organized effort to oust Chinese nationals after they finally realized China has been surreptitously buying all of Africa and sending their people their to further their agenda from within the country.

  • 권1 says:

    I’m from south korea. We hate china so much like other asian countries. They don’t know how to apologize.

  • Fancy Nancy says:

    China is the same one friends with the North Korean president who kills his own people. China is racist. China is always lying. They blame corona on italy, then US, and now Africa. I’m over China.

  • Channel Iman says:


  • All things creative and diy says:

    Acts 10: 34, 35
    At this Peter began to speak, and he said: “Now I truly understand that God is not partial, 35 but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him…..

  • Sophie Talos says:

    This is stage! They don’t trear african with direspect the love Africans. The reason they wanted to deceive is because african and china are joined to take over America and convince the world to treat Africa with inhumane practice. Its also because of china our health system is failing. We shouldn’t accept any of there medical supplies.
    Also china know and live by this oth(the longer the life span for there citizens the longer the monopoly for health insurance.) China keep their citizens life long for s reason. They take care of Africa and vice versa. Follow me over to this song on YouTube I (SHALL WEAR A CROWN) yolonda deberry.

  • Valur Mather says:

    This Makes Me Very Angry. The World will never forget this China!!!

  • head hunter says:

    Dont believe commies

  • MJTUEN says:

    Fake and concocted news, another trash media.

    • Leyla says:

      MJTUEN it’s not fake

  • gerrie doll says:

    That will learn African don’t trust China !!!

  • LELE says:

    Honestly who in their right mind would want to live in that country it’s just trash racist and backwards these people eat rats, dog, and cats very primitive

  • Noha Cahn says:

    Economy of several countries has collapsed and people are suffering because of you CHINA!! Each country should definitely send their bill to CHINA and CHINA should pay for their losses!!
    more than 240 000 deaths…bkz of CHINA
    more than 3 400 000 positive cases of COVID 19…bkz of CHINA
    more than 3 400 000 people are suffering…bkz of CHINA
    lockdown in more than 212 countries of the world…bkz of CHINA
    no school/university for children in more than 212 countries of the world…bkz of CHINA
    no work, no salary, no food…bkz of CHINA
    no trade, no flight, no income from tourism sector, economy of many SIDS has collapsed enormously…bkz of CHINA
    after all humans around the world are suffering…bkz of CHINA
    A nice lesson to be leaned for the leaders in CHINA!! Please rectify your mistakes in the future so as not to cause another COVID-19 S Plus. God bless!!
    First time in life that something (Corona Virus) “Made in China” is so long lasting. Whole year 2020 will be wastage.
    Now God is sending birds to do tawaaf at the Kaaba Sharif in Saudi Arabia since this sacred place is EMPTY which has never been the case till COVID-19…all this bkz of CHINA as well!!
    The process of REPRATRIATION should not have been carried out by the GOVERNMENTS of Country X and other countries (except China) bkz repratriation of Country X citizens/students from China, Italy, UK, USA, France, Spain, Belgium…etc brought COVID-19 to Country X since Country X citizens were already infected by Chinese Virus in the start of January 2020.

  • ragejinraver says:

    And this is exactly why I tell people don’t feel sorry for them . How psychologically brainwashed in damage are they ? The whole world is pointing at them yet they have the audacity to be racist .

  • Body OfHealth says:

    All africans please go back to your country. Americans really dont like you all.

  • that_missing_link says:

    THIS IS YOUR FAULT CHINA how you gonna do that and put the blame on black people

  • Invisible Person says:

    They aren’t doing themselves any favours acting this way it’s going to represent the race in an even worse way

  • rap rocky says:

    There clowns that’s infringement on our rights

  • abcd. wxyz. says:

    China Shame on you…

  • ADHD says:

    China is a threat to the whole world

  • Peter Stark says:

    The only black people they love are NBA players.

  • LifeWithCocoa says:

    Serious question 👀 why are there so many Africans in China I’m shocked

  • Dank says:

    I hope that black man I saw in that Chinese mall one time is OK

  • Bingze says:

    …. Good!

  • Feyi Joseph says:

    I used to support China!! No more

  • Jonny Tarrant says:

    Many of the Chinese are unbelievably racist, lacking logic and rational thought. Simple as that.

  • SV says:

    These are few examples of what will take place when the Chinese settle in Africa/ other Nations in 10 years time .

    – China is not santa Claus everything has been done very slowly to take control .
    – China will horde buying over all companies
    – China will control telecommunication
    – China tourist will be extremely arrogant
    – China will hold a corrupt government in power to ensure no disruption to their grand plan.
    – if government noticed or try put a stop to a lopsided future deal, funding will be halted putting countries in a tight spot .
    – China will control the supply chain
    – every business will depend on Chinese business owners for supply , the others will be eradicated by playing with stock price .
    – The Chinese owners will get dealer price much lower to ensure the above happens.
    – the local citizens will never control their own economy
    – there will be Chinese language ATM’s to specially cater for business people
    – Mandarin will be your countries national language .
    – there will be whole townships that don’t even bother to know local language
    – Chinese citizens will flood in to take over business
    – there will be Chinese schools to forward their agenda.
    – there will be support sector catered for only the Chinese .
    – u need to know Chinese to get employed .
    – there will be townships and property with Chinese only resident .
    – grocery stores and supermarkets will be wholly owned by the Chinese.
    – The Chinese will not work under and other local manager even if his life depended on it .
    – because of the above fact , higher management will always be Chinese.
    – because of above no other person’s will fit higher management role .
    – all meetings will be done in Chinese and others won’t fit in.
    – even if a few makes through for the sake of seeming to give equal employments opportunity, eventually they won’t last seeing the kind of culture Chinese have against others .
    – property will be booked by Chinese , only apartment / house numbers not in favour of their numerology believes will be open for booking to the public.
    – due to this property agents will be dominated by the Chinese .
    – There will be racial tension as locals will feel they have lost the right to their land.
    -chinese always build walls . Their colony will be behind one , stopping others from gaining access .
    – in a high property value area , there would be 3 others and 97 Chinese . These 3 others will eventually move out .

  • Jimmy Biggs says:

    They should not want to live in that communist country anyway!!!

  • Sassy Kwissy says:

    Nasty nasty nasty behavior. They scream xenophobia when it’s their people that are being prejudiced against but have no problem doing it to other marginalized groups of people. Very disappointing considering the epicenter of the Virus is in China you’d think they would be compassionate and humble themselves.

  • menia oz says:

    No God no conscience.

  • Gabe Stevens says:

    Fight back Africa!!! Their dirty money isn’t worth it!

  • T C says:

    How can make q u turn and ban China from deals!?

  • Abdul Jabbar says:


  • Grant420 says:

    I’m a white American and at this point I hate everyone I’m so tired of people, all people 🙄

    • Steven Mcgee says:

      You and me both.And Im Black.

  • Carlene Palmer says:

    Why are black people in China please get out they don’t like us….I’m done with China

    • Ryan Zad says:

      because Asians and Chinese hate black skin

  • Malaikah Saadiq says:

    Wow. I wish they just leave. I wouldn’t even do business with the Chinese anymore

  • Ronald kinzanza says:

    Chinese M.O : Africa, South east Asia, South America, Australia, Jamaica, and etc…..They are Known for their racial inequality, ignorant and exploitation, that is why the whole world hates them. The whole world has gone into a lock down due to the Chinese lack of transparency on Covid-19. There are 10 millions Chinese in Africa living in peace and harmony, on the other hand Africans being evicted, beaten up and subject to inhuman treatment and living condition. BOYCOTT CHINESE PRODUCT AND DEPORT CHINESE FROM AFRICA.

  • Suuli Marley says:

    Every race blames blacks for everything 🤣🤣🤣 its like we bad just because we black

  • A-Boogz says:

    CHINA CANT BE SERIOUS!!! So you start a virus… you don’t do anything to help contain it… it then kills millions of people around the world… now you want to blame it on others SMH🤦‍♂️

  • boosie 4l says:

    Chinese and Africans are supposed to be friends, not enemies.

    • Junbao Wu says:

      Yeah,you’re right👍

  • Sharon Smith says:

    They don’t want you there in the first place..if you could understand them they curse your very existance..learn to love yourselves go home plant and eat..we always running right in the arms of the ENEMY. China has moved its unwanted to Africa and African running to china. Why no room to flourish.

  • mimi assefa says:

    The AU should step up and bring our people home- it’s high time African Govts stoppef kowtowing to donors and protected the people they supposedly represent and whose remittances are their bread and butter.

  • smile6063 says:

    When when will you Africans wake up

  • DingDongChingChong says:

    Why is this not getting any more views? This is so important! If white discriminate blacks! ALL OVER THE NEWS!!!! If Chinese discriminate blacks…. crickets….. YouTube is definitely controlled by China.

  • Blue Mouth says:

    Gotta say, Chocolate City does sound delicious.

  • * says:

    I think the Chinese are just jealous of black people for having bigger dicks than the Chinese

  • Jimbo Jumbo says:

    theres a lot of “oh the chinese are racist so its fine to beat them up”… so lets do some reverse whatabouts…. what about the chinese getting physically assaulted in white countries by blacks?

  • Fleury_Fan#29 says:

    Leaders of China lie.

  • Richard says:

    This networks makes up racist nonsense every day. 😏

  • Francesca Powell says:

    This is unacceptable… when is Africa and any of the Caribbean countries going to anything about this.
    It’s diabolical.

  • Junbao Wu says:

    I am a Chinese and I hate Chinese Racists, as well. But they’re small in proportion and…hmm pls don’t claim that “most Chinese people are racists and discriminate blacks”. All races should respect each other instead of discriminate

  • geoffrey collins says:

    Lots of this reporting being shut down by yew tube

  • Chris Woodhead says:

    Where is the far left outrage ??


    There are actually so many Africans in China already


    There’s a lot of benefits in China Africa men
    wants to stay one open their businesses there. And also marry Chinese woman..

  • Christian Charles says:

    China f…k this world now thank u China u bat eatting roadkill d..khead

  • Troll Not says:

    In Africa Chinese are honorary Blacks…

  • Cluiver2.0 says:

    How can they blame Africans if there is videos of Chinese people eating bats on the internet

  • kalifala fane says:

    And Chinese In Africa are being welcomed, and treated even better than African in Africa. When we’ll African nation ever wakes up????

  • Regina Ozawa says:

    God bless the africans.

  • Sirito says:

    Let’s get this clear.
    Y’all are hating because the Chinese government is a bad person, and y’all are blaming every other Asian race that has never been to China…
    Seems legit.
    Basically history just restoring itself.

  • Sharon Smith says:

    Africa is always smiling..right at the enemy..welcome..welcome..👎 stop selling your land. You can’t do it in china.

  • pritz says:


  • Ja MeS says:

    Chocolate city hahahaha! At least they don’t eat bats

  • Julia Dior says:

    Why are they oppressing Africans over there?

  • Inshallah TV says:

    THE REAL QUESTION PROFESSOR, IS WHY EXACTLY IS THIS 1 GROUP OF PEOPLE ALWAYS HATED & OPPRESSED BY ALL OTHER NATIONS? AND MORE SO LOOKED DOWN UPON BY ALL OTHER RACE GROUPS ON EARTH? once this ancient phenomenon is solved i think we will discover something very interesting…these people are the 1 race that has been scattered to all corners of the globe…… ALHAMDULILLAH.

  • Naqiuddin NajmiYT says:

    If Africans from China is forced to go to their Country back, send those CHINESE from all over the world to China back! The Chinese even scared to go back to the China!

  • Sarah lee says:

    I am Chinese and I feel bad for African people. This is wrong.

  • John Spinelli says:

    China has always been a bully to the world

  • First says:

    Meanwhile they have their disgusting China Town all over Africa

  • Dominic Lee says:

    Africa is just a colony of china. All your mines are China’s!

  • Jessica C says:

    Is there a part 2? the guy was talking and the video literally just cut off. Disgusting “news” reporting on such a serious issue.

  • Brown Sugar says:

    Wtf Chinese people are saying that people are bullying them because of corona virus 🦠 wtf and look what are china doing..

  • Marcel Gardner says:

    Every African country/nation should put Winnie the Pooh on their flags.

  • Youtuber Rozonexkt says:

    Now chinese are afraid to ghana palbearears

  • Oscar Garcia Jr says:

    The Chinese are the most racist people on earth let’s not pretend this just started.

  • That Iru says:

    and hong kong is the best place to talk about Racism in China?

  • Adarsh Chauhan says:

    not only africa, they are also racist towards indians and other southasians.

  • Akeem minott says:

    If all the country sent back Chinese to them country them would a have crisis

  • Innocent XIV says:

    Don’t worry. I’m in England and i don’t much care much for Chinese international students who flood our universities and cities.

  • Step 4head says:

    Why is evicted in quotes?

  • Juliet Cheruto says:

    There is no problem how they discriminate Africans, Asians have had their fair share of discrimination in USA. We

  • D Kenneth says:

    They’re ccp supporters are doing the same in Canada, ccp media ,crying racism , hopefully Canada will start canceling deals, close their embassies, deport non grata groups, ban made in china fake food ,poisonous products, hopefully ban all Chinese exports from here , stop providing them fuel for their suppression of Hongkong protesters