Coronavirus: UK declares ‘serious and imminent threat’

2020 5/28
Coronavirus: UK declares 'serious and imminent threat'

The UK has now declared the coronavirus a “serious and imminent threat to public health”.
A medical centre in England has been temporarily closed after at least one staff member tested positive for the virus on Monday.
The British government has introduced new powers to deal with the outbreak.
Under new measures, people with coronavirus can be forcibly quarantined and will not be free to leave, while scientists in London work on a possible vaccine.
Testing on animals is set to begin, with testing on humans possible in a few months.
For more on this we speak to Dr Richard Dawood, a specialist in travel medicine who joins us live via Skype.

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  • David Wolf says:

    how long before Trump’s political distractors are taken into custody for suspicion of being sick and then turn up dead …

    • foundthecreek damrights says:

      you guys want bush back

  • mazlum dogan says:

    Islam= virus ist worse than qorona =virus

    • c dawkins says:

      @Ghufran all religion is bs for the weak minded who fear death and need a sky daddy

    • Chip Schleichardt says:

      @c dawkins Sky Daddy! 😂
      Xi is Chinas Earth Daddy and he’s purging his children..🤫

    • Miss Northumbria says:

      @Ghufran God is watching you

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      @Ghufran both are evil as and both will be destroyed by the God of Abraham.

    • JimboParadox says:

      @Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA So the evil will be destroyed by the SUPER evil?

  • Earth Man says:

    But but but the Gov. Fox says everything is under control. Nothing to worry about, move on.

  • David Wolf says:

    china appears to be arresting some of its political opponents for being sick and then they die or dissappear ..

  • Naveed Shams says:

    Save Uigur Muslim save holi Quran save Islam solution for China country.

    • JimboParadox says:

      Yes. For a Muslim invasion. That will sort them out. Although I dislike the idea. Chinese make reasonable quality cheap electronics. It’s very hard to find semi-skilled manpower at those cheap prices, especially on mass. Bangladesh and Vietnam can be drafted in, but they don’t have enough people [even combined]. India cannot do it as most of them are still sh-tting on the streets. Can you think of any other countries? The truth is, although it would save Islam in China, it would be a disaster for the rest.

  • drepachi77 says:

    You let the virus in now you wana lock us up!

    • Discharge Summary says:

      drepachi77 it’s The Wuhan model

    • Samson King says:

      drepachi77 Bro you’ve been locked up your whole life.. This earth is a prison.

    • vegan portugese says:

      its chinas fault

    • c dawkins says:

      @Samson King edge lord sighted

    • JimboParadox says:

      @Samson King We could ‘release’ you into space. I hear it’s a real blast.

  • Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise says:

    Too late !!!

  • Discharge Summary says:

    Al Jihad Eera

    • /////AMG Power says:

      Nice religion you follow mate that’s what Christianity teaches we ain’t surprise

  • cannon ballz says:

    “Tested positive” rarely means positive thing

    • MIHAI S. says:

      IQ 200

    • I STAN Kim Jong-Un but Can't stand Trump says:

      Yep especially nasty youtube commenters and DPRK slanderers.

    • Jay Jay says:

      Pass mark confirmed stable genius is not want you want on your Exams

  • Granny Anonymous says:


    • I know you better says:

      I STAN Kim Jong-Un but Can’t stand Trump

      dummy you are using their languge and technology

    • foundthecreek damrights says:

      @I STAN Kim Jong-Un but Can’t stand Trump this is a real threat not trump derangement syndrome

    • Jerry Carnes says:

      Relax. The entire world is downplaying the virus your not alone. Best thing to do is make your own preparations than to rely on the govt to fix anything.

    • DIrck Wuestefeld says:

      Bill gates and his wife funded the creation of the virus and his company owns the patent.

    • DIrck Wuestefeld says:

      It is a US virus. Hate to say it but Russia was telling g the truth about the us being at fault

  • jesse doof says:

    When do we hunker down?

  • oderus urungus says:


  • Chronic Yeh says:

    must be missing the point on this quarantine 14 day stuff… what if Joe A becomes infected while in quarantine on day 8 and will not show signs or symptoms until he his left out into the general population…. once in the gp then the damage would be the same as though Joe had never been quarantined…

    • Dave Dirt says:

      If someone else in the group tests positive in the quarantine period, surely it would reset the 14 days?

    • foundthecreek damrights says:

      @Dave Dirt yup that why that cruise ship will be there forever lol

    • JimboParadox says:

      But they can still test Joe to see if he has the virus, surely before releasing him into the general population. He may not show symptoms but it can still be confirmed whether or not he has the virus. Also it’s about _probability_ not certainty. Quarantine decreases the _likelihood_ of it transmitting in a short period of time. But it may not be possible to eliminate completely.

  • Mark Heywood says:

    Masks now ! and not later like everyone else it’s a precaution at the least .

    • Neil Mo says:

      Mark Heywood good luck finding one 😉

    • Jonathan Austin says:

      It’s simple isnt it… but they says masks dont help

    • Leyla Mamat says:

      @Jonathan Austin better do something than nothing!


    *Where are those Americans?? “The last defender of planet Earth”….it’s high time now* 🤔

    • VIVEK ARYAN says:

      They are defender of mother or planet earth as u said, not human’s!!

    • Mike ODonnell says:

      I agree… Each country should lock it’s self down until it burns itself out. Maybe the plan is to infect the globe.

    • Helen Pauls says:

      CREATOR STATION No guns involved, so won’t be interested.

    • JimboParadox says:

      Then why is the American culture such a global virus? Answer me that!

  • robertb2468 says:

    The right’s Thatcher/Reagan/Bush New World Order is being enacted, 911 wasn’t good enough.

  • audioramplify says:

    Idiots in charge of allowing virus in. How are these ppl in whatever office they were working allowed to work. Just a lot of blah blah from all these useless workers.

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      It’s a deliberate depopulation move.

    • syd says:

      @Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA No it’s not , stopping world travel effects the economy and believe me that’s what politicians are concerned about over anything else.

  • Lee Robinson says:

    Where is his face visor? This stuff can be absorbed through your eyes 👀

    • Leyla Mamat says:

      He thinks he is immune..hmm

  • Dan The Man says:

    Fun fact; Wuflu attaches to mucous ( eyes, nose and mouth ) so you must cover all 3….I noticed the sanitation worker in this video is not wearing goggles, no wonder it’s spreading fast.

  • Donna Cabot says:

    No. They couldnt keep them in china. That’s just wrong. Idiots

  • Donna Cabot says:

    I bought beans this morning. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • MisterSupermanSir says:

      Ahh, the magical fruit.

    • M. S. says:

      think i’ll pass for a space in your bunker …

    • alex carter says:

      @MisterSupermanSir The more you eat, the more you toot!

    • javaguru4u says:

      I hope you didn’t forget the can opener…

    • Techno-life says:

      Please eat and fart

  • Bobby Ding says:

    Western government can detain people but when China dies it. Its human rights violations.

  • N Qw says:

    Awesome . People stop traveling and stop spreading this to everyone . You have to be considerate to others

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      Humans are not considerate.

  • Thomas M says:

    A robust response without too much sensitivity about the rights of the individual might just save millions of lives.

    • Wendy Adams says:

      Thomas Praytell me Thomas, now that the government are forcibly removing people from their homes, because they are suspected of having the coronavirus, will now not report any suspicions, to the 111 service, they may have that the cold they are suffering is this virus.

      I certainly won’t, unless I have to, along with many others!

  • Chris Van Bekkum says:

    At last the needed urgency !

  • James O'Brien says:

    So how many people did they come in to contact with and over what time period ?

  • Roy P says:

    Update. Incubation period for coronavirus is now 24 days.

    • Елена Крылова says:

      Or 28 days I heard..

    • Red Bee says:

      28 days later

  • Plugger says:

    Australian news are now saying corona virus is cured and travel ban to china is now lifted

  • Miss Jace says:

    Just the flu…

  • Blue Moon says:

    Mark my words. This Chinese regime is evil and incompetent. The coronavirus outbreak is just one example of what its capable of.

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      Wake up looser. All world government’s are evil and in on it together.

    • syd says:

      No, the Chinese are dirty when it comes to food practices especially with poultry. That’s what starts these things, it’s happened a few times before.

  • 멘토르석사 says:

    What happened to the spanish flu? don’t tell me they didn’t invoke such powers during the spanish flu!

    • Youtubers rule Youtube says:

      멘토르석사 that was 1918

    • Crow29Darkness says:

      The Spanish Flu outbreak was a Century ago.


    Keep calm &get yourself a protection

    • CYRUS THE GREAT says:

      @Con Job 😆🤣

  • rawrberrys says:

    I would happily stay at home and not go to work or the store or be around people for 14 days… That’s basically a dream to me.

    • Retro Wolf 13 says:

      Lol same

    • Blither box says:

      The rats are disgusting.

    • Mike McKay says:

      Solitude is my best friend👍🏼

    • Leyla Mamat says:

      Me too.

    • JimboParadox says:

      Tbh with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YT, Uber, Just-Eat, Tescos/Sainsburys etc., Dropwash, TaskRabbit etc. you can literally do everything from home now, and never leave your house. I mean basically endless entertainment, shopping online, tasks/chores online [of any variety], deliveries next day or same day, video-conferencing to cover any meetings… you basically can do EVERYTHING [including most forms of non-manual service work like auto-mechanics and nurses] online. WTF would really go out for anything?

  • Eugene S says:

    The doctor was sick for a full month. 14 days won’t cut it.

  • Evan Williams says:

    Dude was gonna ramble on with that history lesson till she cut him off 🤣

  • Benny Bees says:

    Big thanks to the man who infected a whole bunch of people here! NOT!!!

    • Bad Robot says:

      could have been anyone….

  • Amar Shokher Vlogs says:

    Nice job assh#%! For not taking action in the first place the uk Government really are stupid in many ways.

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      They are smart. It’s depopulate time. Government is doing a good job keeping you still while it gets you all infected. Soon you’ll all be in football stadiums.

  • around me says:

    yes sure do nothing for test get paid and lazy

    drunkers , what going to offer this old drunkers?.

  • A.I. Symbiosis B1322 says:

    “You are all going to die down here ” – Red Queen

    • Donald Perkins says:

      Will you come pick me up

    • P B. V says:

      The robots we spent the last ten years creating can do your job so…

    • Clay Sinborn says:

      Well, if you read the bible, it says about 2.5 billion will die, from 3 plague types.

  • Scoring digits, son. says:


  • Clare Vickers says:

    Ooof ‘super spreader’ not a good name anytime

    • Mike McKay says:

      Clare Vickers why?

  • Amit Rakshe says:

    Oh my god
    She is pretty

  • Anglosphere United says:

    Is this a bio-weapon released by China to kill off the elderly and excess male population?

    • Chip Schleichardt says:

      Out of all the videos I’ve seen of people on the streets being detained, not one is of a young female. All males and none of them even look sick.

    • JimboParadox says:

      This is what happens with a one-child policy. These policy ‘experts’ need to be beaten.

  • A H says:


  • Delon Thomas says:

    I strongly belive its a bio weapon been release to slow the Asian world

    • Miss Northumbria says:

      Dont be ridiculous

    • Jay Son says:

      Yr Hen Ogledd how is that ridiculous, they limit the amount of kids you can have.

    • Metaldetector Depth Tester. says:

      Maybe your right. Seems it might have some hall marks of a bio weapon. Millions World Wide will Be Dead before the end of this year at this rate. Unless it slows down and “fizzles out” . Fingers crossed.

  • Elsie H Martinez says:

    Us will send comrade Nancy to uk to shred this Coronavirus 😝

  • Carlos Barahona says:

    Super spreaders? Is that even proper English? Highly contagious, should have been more proper straight to the point. She is pretty. But i have a problem with her saying super spreaders! I dont know maybe my English is not as good as hers! When i hear spreaders for some reason i think of American blankets lol.

    • Chip Schleichardt says:

      Typical news media making up words to be more dramatic.

    • Leyla Mamat says:

      Its a term to describe the currenr situation. Anotjer term is superconducter spreader. Worst than superspreader.

    • JimboParadox says:

      When she is saying ‘spreader’ I’m thinking totally of something else [not blankets or contagion] 8 = = = } ~~~

  • Ace J says:

    WHO is one of the China government departments

  • Abhijit Mitra , the dost bhai says:

    Who is this news reader?

  • Alx says:

    Block all flights from china and to China, whole China is infected.

    • Mike Flood says:

      Exactly…Quarantine the whole country

    • L L says:

      Plus Japan, South Korea, HK, Taiwan and Thailand

    • JimboParadox says:

      You know they are. You can just tell it from their smug faces.

  • SpikeFae cumbernauld. says:

    A medical Centre is closed in Brighton on South Coast of England… I live in Brighton … Aaaaggghhhh

    • c dawkins says:

      gay capital. god must be punishing you guys again

    • John Smith says:

      JOO medico hates UK natives

  • Ian H. says:

    China: Declares UK mean-spirited.

  • Wendy Adams says:

    Just wondering, how many positive coronavirus cases will go unreported, now that the government have announced they are forcibly quarantining any positive cases of this virus on to us!

    Way to go, numb nuts, the government have just caused a real epidemic – I know one thing I won’t be reporting any suspicions that my next cold could be this virus, along with many others!

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      Good point

  • Tim Penni says:

    So first couple weeks everyone bent over to china by still allowing people to come from china and go. Now its serious. Remember ladies and gents these goverments care more about there economic welfare over lives

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      LOL foolish man.
      A business man would risk the first quarter of business with a quarantine. Then to risk the whole of the financial year with a pandemic.
      It’s about depopulation. Not money mate.

  • musicguy20 says:

    Even on this subject I bet someone will comment that it’s the Zionist who created and spread this virus 🙄 might as well since it’s on every Aljazeera comment section of every video no matter the subject 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Elizabeth R says:

      You’re the only one commenting about zionism buddy…

    • Slanted Eye says:

      you’re the only one here saying that bruh, but perhaps it does hold some truth to it. israel wants to cripple china since China will suprass America’s economy and that’s a big nono since Israel wants to ensure their scapegoat America stays on top. 👌👌

    • SuntzuMocro says:

      Not true at all. No one is saying this you troll.

  • Warning Signs says:

    Fullerton Informer for truth –

  • atlaslex says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

  • Blither box says:

    Sheep are stupid.

  • NDA * says:

    And China has the guts to request a loan from IMF 🤦🏼‍♂️ every country who devoted resources to fighting coronavirus with Chinese nationals should invoice China for the services…….

  • bright light says:


  • P B. V says:

    I read that there are 24 days of asymptomatic contagious incubation, it’s aerosolized(airborne) and can infect through your eyes.

  • Luigi Tolentino says:

    I do not like to be NcoV Aladeen…😥

  • alex carter says:

    What’s this I’m hearing about how it make affect those who smoke a lot more? That would make sense since smoking is still very much in fashion in Asia. In the US where I am (California) the only people who smoke a lot are “FOB” (fresh off boat, newly immigrated) East Asians and our underclass who smoke.

  • Sanjay Shetty says:

    Belt and road is working very well.

  • Rachel Melhado says:

    Buy British from now on

  • Lonie Cross says:

    If you create a vaccine on this one it will create a super strain. Mother nature has had enough. It is incredibly small minded to scream yet again Give us another vaccine! We need to address the root problem not a jab.

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      It’s documented the virus is man made.

  • Mahbub Dawood says:

    Next China will an infect Kenya with coronaviruses

  • JRT 4JUSTICE says:

    It’s a good time for all governments to finally address quarantine and other measures when a REAL DEADLY PANDEMIC finally arrives..and the threat of one is very likely.

  • Jay Jay says:

    We need to nuke the UK from orbit, they left the EU no one will notice.

    • Yukari Takeba says:

      Bruh we all hate the Tories

  • nuclearcasserole says:

    So, we wait. And see how many people were infected by this person, in two weeks, those people may have had contact with many others, and so on. This can really get interesting really quick.

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      Oh it will

  • Dan Nick says:

    Canada and UK you should be used to your government dictating your freedom and liberty 🗽:: a armed society is a free society take back your lands

    • Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA says:

      LOL British people too busy watching Harry potter and getting wasted on a Friday with cocaine and beer. Keep dreaming son.

  • Sweet Home says:

    Government should band any face covering spetiali jesus people look like letter boxes

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    you can’t say this in the usa because it is racist accept coronavirus and kiss those chinese on the cheek

  • Guille383 says:

    Not a problem of the European union any longer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wicked Witness says:

    After 1000+ people died *I think this is serious! O_o*

  • WarAgainstBabylon says:

    If Coronavirus will eventually hit the City of London it will be mayhem…it will only take a trip or two by underground to spread outta control.

  • Kash Javid says:

    How boring was he

    • JimboParadox says:

      Honestly I think the people dying of the virus were actually more lively.

  • Dr. Lex Winter says:

    Poor guy builds up to a point giving historical context and all for it and just when he’s about to make the point the bitchy sounding cow cuts him off and won’t let him talk.

  • heri dauw says:

    (2) And The implementation is,… after ones died sentenced by corona, the nose of the death body should be closed used cotton lubed barus lime, other than Muslim is bathed, the body need to be wrapped with a wrap made by cloth instead of plastic that has been greased lime barus (desinfectan). The cloth wrap will absorb and bind fluid liquids as well virus or amoeba or bacteria that are still possible out of the corona victim body and be killed by lime barus (desinfectan).
    The death body then buried to the deep ground. Dig in at least as deep as muslim graves generally. As deep as possible for libel or illness or virus or bacteria embedded also in the ground is not out anymore for dissemination. Burial without crate means that the cloth wrap will be in the direct contact with the soil so that the virus or bacteria amoeba that still persist from the lime barus will be death by soil acid and by due to the absence of the oxygen. To get quickly digging use a beko to make, if credential, a massive and large grave. Planting and solid soil solids. Make a hospital building for 1000 bed patiens took only 4 days, then make mass graves for 1000 death body should be much easier. After being buried, the slander or virus or amoeba or bacteria accompanying mayit or death body no more infect the air and were buried with him.
    In the Las word, muslim will say, Wa La Taftinna Ba’da Hum.
    O Allah do not leave for us the Fitnah, (virus. bacteria, and other bad thing), after his death departure.

  • heavenly angel smith says:

    The virus from the deamons of mosques

    • Sweety 7866 says:

      What are u even trying to say

  • Amanda Farnham says:

    don’t let them take you

  • Vivienne Ashurst says:

    there down playing it uk

  • Sauga Direct says:

    Plague was last time the had quarantine legislation and plague was more likely than not brought from China

  • Udayan Mitra says:

    Coronavirus is better than Quoranovirus

  • Rafid Hussein says:

    Fact; Al jazeera is a terror network

  • fernanando manjula says:

    Praying For Every Ones’ Be Safe And Faith

  • DualNexus says:

    When u get too into plague inc and your virus becomes reality

  • J HH says:

    I wonder if this virus was put into the air by terrorists

  • Magnus Soevgaard says:

    The bioweapon has been unleashed by a brutal totalitarian dictatorship that oppresses it’s population.

  • Order11110 says:

    coronavirus is PATENTED by PIR BRIGHT of MOXEY UK, BILL GATES financed PIR BRIGHT.

  • Pugile MoltoBene says:

    Oh yeah…and three weeks later, look where we are…

  • Sweety 7866 says:

    And people make fun of the burka.. soon the whole UK will be wearing one

  • quincy737 says:

    i hear the goverment are just going to call in the a-team ba says all they need is a large bag of cake mix and a bag of rusty nails and some weedkiller chin up they are on tha way .. lld3r

  • abusalman Salman says:

    Please I want to know announcer if possible