Cambodia tests cruise ship passengers for coronavirus

2020 5/30
Cambodia tests cruise ship passengers for coronavirus

A cruise ship that has been at sea for two weeks has docked in Cambodia after it was turned away by four other governments in the region.
There are no confirmed coronavirus cases on board, but everyone is being tested before they can disembark.
Al Jazeera’s Wayne Hay reports from Sihanoukville.

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コメント一覧 (169件)

  • Michele 🇨🇦 says:

    Cambodia in order to cull favour is doing an unwise thing.

  • VibrationsfromMirror says:

    Cambodia, Thank You! Cautious hospitality! Yea humankind! )

  • Adam Bosak says:

    i hope they make it off the boat alive

  • Umar Farooq says:

    So one of the poorest nation have the biggest heart …

    • M.A. * says:

      Hopefully they will be ok!

    • Solutions Architect says:

      poor people are also idiots, not well educated, don’t confuse stupidity for big heart.

    • sok chea says:

      More of stupidity

    • Brandon B says:

      @Solutions Architect Hun Sen is extremely corrupt, and let’s the avergae Khmer people stay poor while he is a millionaire.

  • Merry GoGirl says:

    They may only be doing this to suck up to China, but for those people stranded on board the ship it’s a welcome act of mercy.

  • Anna Sanguankaew says:

    Hope Cambodia has enough of medical standards and security for control this situation . If not, ppl in your country will have risk to get this virus. Also virus can be spread to another countries when the passengers or crews back their home. Because Cambodia doesn’t have direct flight ✈️ to Europe so have to transfer flight in another countries.

  • Claudia says:

    Awesome Cambodia!

  • Lily Stonne says:

    Better be cautious than causing an outbreak in Cambodia. Westerdam passengers should consider themselves lucky to have found somewhere to dock. Hope Cambodia does not regret this decision.

  • SohaiL Rehman says:

    *Safety First*

  • Albert Moore says:

    All healthy, believe it or not, whether it’s true or not.

    • Kimberley Higgins says:

      turns out it was not true – sadly

  • Johnny Johnny says:

    Hun sen is stupid allowing flight from China into Cambodia. He won’t be the one suffer from the coronavirus if it was to get spread into the street and city of Cambodia but the cambodian people will.

    • James Niland. says:

      actually he has a pretty good chance to have caught it. Watch him shaking hands with many people getting off. One passenger just tested positive !

  • Thoeun1509 Thang says:

    Hun sen very corruption government, he doesn’t care our Khmer life at all.

  • the watcher says:

    after they disembark, thats where the real show begins.

    • andre NORD says:

      The show was on.. all the time. One case confirmed.

    • James Niland. says:

      and the Cambodian PM was shaking hands with a big group of people disemebarking. I wish the people of Cambodia good luck but I fear their PM has greatly endangered them.

    • nhatrang xanhxanh says:

      you right! The funny story are begins

    • Brandon B says:

      @James Niland. The prime minister is horrible and extremely corrupt!

    • James Niland. says:

      @Brandon B I hope kharma is getting back at him this time

  • keahistight says:

    Wow! Cambodia … One bad decision after another after another.

  • I Thona says:

    My country always last choice especial for wealthy people When on trip plan no Cambodia in list but now it’s last choice and accidents arrive and then people say Cambodia is only see 🤑, $ can order Cambodia do everything . But I’m welcome!

  • Bun Vin says:


  • Nadika Hingurugoda says:

    All cruise ships are now floating prisons …..

  • yolo-so- enjoy says:

    So basically, China can control Cambodia. I guess China is already taking over Cambodia. They (China) will take over Thailand next…

    • Jack Reacher says:

      And America control the world for long time. i think you can’t even realize it.

    • Flipbook. VN says:

      @Jack Reachercorrect
      America try to control the world
      But they failed

    • Anastasia Asean says:

      Why you said my country is controlled by china’s government?? Are u sure you’ve known clearly through what you researched? Our relationship is just to developing our country, there’s nothing effected to sovereignty, China’s investment provides a lot of beneficial to cambodia citizens, if you’re not living my country so don’t claim of your researching stupidity, pls learn more. And keep in your brain even Europe and some parts of the world also need china’s investment and if china is in trouble, the world is also in trouble too, don’t forget that china is a second largest economic and represented 15% of world economics!! I tell you one more thing even the UN also recognized that china’s progress helped to reduced poverty not only their own citizens is also the whole world too.

    • ทัด นิทัศน์ says:

      Stupid Comment

    • Uwe Noster says:

      You have no Idea from you talking

  • In Vino Veritas says:

    You’re thinking immediate satisfaction,but the COVID19 dont kick in until a month later !

    • James Niland. says:

      actually it was less than a day

  • In Vino Veritas says:

    Hun Sen just infected 41 countries around the world !!

    • James Niland. says:

      He even shook hands with a good number of them. Clever

    • Dragonfly says:

      @James Niland.
      Khmer people will be happy when he die.

    • SecretdevexMORE says:

      @Dragonfly true im cambodian and cmabodian are angry and even my friends

    • Kep Tarareach 9H says:

      @Dragonfly OH HOPEFULLY SOON

  • Paul Meyer says:

    Cambodia, another back door for this virus to proliferate.

    • Max Sok says:

      So what do you want??? Take the ship and the peoples in that ship going to die in the sea?

    • nur sakinah mohd mahyani says:

      @Max Sok my opinion, when Cambodia accept the ship, they should wait a little more days to do some test n whatsoever to all the passengers n crew.

    • Hana Sofiyyah says:

      nur sakinah mohd mahyani agree. If cambodia is to accept the ship, at least quarantine for at least two weeks. Make proper measures to test the people on the ship.

  • Rithy Den says:

    We live in such as a poor country but we have a big heart as a Buddhist. This world is our home. We have to help eachother as we can . Better than just sit and see. In our country we experienced many hurt things in our history. In the last 20y we have not enough foods to eat because of civil world but you help us. This is what we can do for the world

    • Sita Ying says:

      Legend of the blue sea We’re have big heart as we are Cambodian❤️

  • Tou Acoustic says:

    We are a small country with the big heart especially in charity Mission. 🇰🇭🙏🏻

    • Kaboom P says:

      Tou Acoustic good luck for corona virus

  • Watashi kun says:

    I hope cambodia dont get infected by these people,..they should return to their country..dont let them enter the city just in the shore!

  • Red says:

    A very risky but humanitarian move. If (and fervently hope it won’t) the virus spreads, the WHO has a responsibility in making sure that the Cambodians receive the best possible health care.

    • Lemang Bakar says:

      what about the neighboring countries or god forbid, the whole world that they recklessly put in danger?

    • sok chea says:

      @Lemang Bakar As long as the u.s, Canadian, European gvmnts quarantine their citizens,I think it will be alright.

    • Lemang Bakar says:

      @sok chea Cambodia didnt test and quarantine the ship’s 2000 passengers properly, they were cleared rather immediately. then one of the passengers was tested positive of the virus at Kuala Lumpur airport, so thanks for adding to our statistics I guess.

  • Rescue & Survival Pets and Wildlifes says:

    Welcome to Cambodia and do not one day visit our Country again.


    God protect Cambodia. This is a quite a risk considering they are a smaller country.

    • Sreang Van Nira says:

      Thank you so much for worried to my country

    • Goldie C says:

      Cambodia is finished. Did you hear the news about the sick passengers. Bye Bye

    • C Y says:

      See what your country has done. Sent out people into different countries and one of them brought the virus into a country. God knows how many passengers are infected. They should stay in your country if you guys love them so much.

    • sok chea says:

      @C Y some of the people refused to stay for quarantine and decided to leave, security did the best they can.

  • Dear Respected The Marshal says:

    Worse than kamikaze attack.

  • Borey Chhorn says:

    Welcome Cambodia

    • Kaboom P says:

      Borey Chhorn good luck for corona virus

  • smile kh says:

    Cambodian is good for everybody!

  • Langdy Boy Entertainment says:

    Cambodia is my country 😘😘😘🇰🇭

    • Kaboom P says:

      Langdy Boy Entertainment good luck for corona virus

  • Pěäřl Šïñġľë says:


  • Georgios The Greek says:

    A corrupt government took money as always do.

    • bright star says:

      I believe every country all as corrupted as well.

    • Georgios The Greek says:

      @bright star Not in this level !!!!

  • Seanghour official says:

    Cambodia welcome

  • Let The Dew Drops Fall 1,000,000,000 says:

    Thank you for helping these people which could have been very easily my family or you! GOD speed! Cambodia super humble people! Strong Cambodians thank you

    • im Jus St ChiLLin says:

      A woman has been confirmed to have it….. So yea that decision by Cambodia is off to a bad start…

  • Cher M says:

    The problem is that people want off the ship it out if China. People need to understand that they can not leave to stop the spread. People are stupid. No planes, no ships, no one should be going anywhere until the spread stops. That is how it is spreading.

  • Let The Dew Drops Fall 1,000,000,000 says:

    One o’clock 30 seconds of prayers for help from the merciful! We say merciful because we are still healthy! Pray to heal the hearts that have been broken after they lost a tender love one! We have tender love ones! Pray for those who are sick to get well! Pray for a miracle! Look in the eyes of your love ones and realize the numbers are real people with real tears! 30 seconds of silence at one

  • haha IoI haha says:

    fight for your life!

  • Hroom Os says:

    Welcome to Cambodia, I hope you are safe when you travel back home.

  • Awan Putih says:

    Now 1 person been detected had virus in airport klia malaysia….cambodia should screening all passengers not 20 person… everyone should be quarantine including cambodia prime minister…

    • Awan Putih says:

      nith rothana today is she confirmed cured…not 3 days….is already 1 week…today is official statemnt tht lady is cured….its not wrong doing…thts sop need to be done when you enter the airport…let lady or weterdam official make report or you make official report to msia gov if you dare on wrong doing accusation…are you dare or not…plse bring the evidence and counter back to msia health ministry….

    • Dragonfly says:

      In Cambodia ask we speech right now over 40 people just felt to the floor and die their government don’t want people spread words they die of coronavirus.

    • Awan Putih says:

      Dragonfly really tht very sad…yiur gov need to contain tht area n lock down…dont let your people die without proper treatment

    • Dragonfly says:

      @Awan Putih
      I said their government could careless if their people die as long as tourist come money had in corrupted government pocket.

    • Awan Putih says:

      Dragonfly isee misunderstanding…yeah

  • andre NORD says:

    One case is now confirmed from a passenger from Malaysia. Woman 80 year old.

  • im Jus St ChiLLin says:

    And now someone has been confirmed to have it…. Cambodia you should’ve no…..

  • Khmer Spirit says:

    Why Cambodian map in the new was very strange, white line along the coast apart from red color of the whole country? Please respect our Cambodian integrity

    • uchihasurvival says:

      Your country’s authority are most irresponsable government I’ve seen, worst than WHO’s staffs.

    • Khmer Spirit says:

      @uchihasurvival I didn’t meant to protect MY COUNTRY’ AUTHORITIES, what I meant is for a protection for our map. I don’t feel positive with those Authorities either.

  • arjuna says:

    confirmed; one passenger infected with covid19. cambodia’s PR stunt backfires.

    • Goldie C says:

      Sooner than expected.

  • You & Me says:

    Love all of you, have a good flight back home.

  • alenuikuau says:

    It’s all a global game. Citizens are player’s on the field, THE MEDIA is the player’s coaches. The Owner’s control all. Culling is to control player’s when they become a threat. Divide & conquer is there tool. “UNITED WE STAND” There greatest fear…

  • webnut2000 says:

    American from cruise ship docked in Cambodia tests positive in Malaysia for coronavirus

    KUALA LUMPUR/SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia (Reuters) – An 83-year-old American passenger from a cruise ship that docked in Cambodia after being shunned by other countries has tested positive for the new coronavirus after being tested in Malaysia, health authorities said on Saturday.

    The woman was the first passenger from the MS Westerdam, operated by Carnival Corp unit Holland America Inc, to test positive for the virus.

    The ship docked in the Cambodian port of Sihanoukville on Thursday carrying 1,455 passengers and 802 crew. It had spent two weeks at sea after being turned away by Japan, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines and Thailand.

    The American woman flew to Malaysia on Friday from Cambodia along with 144 others from the ship, the Malaysian health ministry said in a statement, adding that she was in stable condition.

    The woman’s husband had shown symptoms but tested negative, it said. The couple were the only ones of the 145 to show symptoms, the ministry said.

    A spokesman for Holland America declined to comment.

  • Tiffany wang says:

    ทำอะไรไม่เจียมกะลาหัวตัวเอง ศักยภาพเท่ามดแต่อยากโชว์เหนือเอาหน้า งงมากกก ถ้าเกิดอะไรขึ้นมา ก็ไม่พ้นไทยต้องตามแก้ปัญหาให้

    • fou you to says:

      It’s a matter of the government, I don’t want to interfere.

    • Walking hippo says:

      @fou you to เรื่องการเมืองพักไว้ก่อน. อยากรู้ว่าเรียนภาษาไทยยังไงเหรอ หัดกี่ปี เขียนได้ไม่ต่างกับคนไทยเลย.

    • fou you to says:

      @Walking hippo จริงๆๆแล้วเราไม่ได้เรียนภาษาไทยนะ แต่เราอยู่ชายแดนอ่ะ

    • Walking hippo says:

      @fou you to เก่งนิ ถึงเราจะไม่ชอบการตัดสินใจของนายกกัมพูชา แต่เราไม่ได้ไม่ชอบคนกัมพูชานะ

    • fou you to says:

      @Walking hippo เอาเป็นว่า…..เราขอโทษนะ ต้วของผมเองไม่สมควรเอาความคิดของน้องคนนั้นคนเดียว..และตัดสินคนทั้งประเทศ……จริงๆแล้วเราไม่ได้ชอบประเทศไทยหรอนะ

  • Chantla Tan says:

    So the world is more selfish when come to provide aids to theirs citizens. Cambodia government have to step in and give solidarity to those on boards. Well done Cambodia.

  • Jey La says:

    Sad to hear that after they disembarked, one woman tested positive in Malaysia

    • Ian Alexander says:

      Plus she was walking in some towns in Cambodia after she disambarked from the cruise. She may also have infected people at the airport and some people on the cruise. Plus she may have infected some people in some towns in Cambodia.

    • Jey La says:

      @Ian Alexander yeah that’s a possibility, but we can’t blame her for that, the virus may not have been detected when they undergone testing on the ship.

  • Marco Polo says:

    WHO is playing politics which is not what it was designed to do.

  • CL Lim says:

    One of the passanger landed in Malaysia tested positive!! You’ve done a “good job” Cambodia 🤬🤬

    • Piseth Gaming says:

      CL Lim don’t Blame Cambodia,blame the Government.Cambodia didn’t do anything

    • Solutions Architect says:

      @Piseth Gaming lmao they were add praising in the comment section when this happen about how they are so loving.

    • nith rothana says:

      But after test 3 days, that US old lady is cured (unbelievable). It is the suspected test but thanks for CDC confirmed to save our face that there is no westerdam passenger to infected to Covid 19, 100%. Please kindly check on CDC report. Shame to Malaysia that dare to make the press conference that that lady is positive but not dare to make press conference again to response their wrongdoing.

  • Ker Ker Gaming says:

    Cambodia, I am small but good, I am happy I was born a Cambodian🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭

    • Kaboom P says:

      Ker Ker Gaming and bird brain spreading virus around the world

    • uchihasurvival says:

      Your country leader is the worst irresponsable government in the world.

  • R S says:

    public relations win for cambodia?yes.corona virus epidemic?yes too

  • ɢᴍᴋʜ_ ᴊᴏᴋʀᴇ says:

    Love cambodia

  • Indigo Inkognito says:

    @ 1:07 – the minister smiling, – … don’t know soon die !

  • Phai Preyveng says:


    • sok chea says:

      Khmer people at the ship dock must be quarantine for 30 days, clean all the places that tourists visit with disinfectant and alcohol wipes, also clean the tour buses, wear masks and gloves and google.

  • Diane Sullivan says:

    One of the passengers who traveled from Cambodia to Malaysia has been confirmed to have covid19…so all of you who are thanking and praising Cambodia are idiots to be sure!

  • Uy Ngor says:

    Japan still needs more tests opassengers on the ships for covid 19

  • 이경호 says:

    Japan wants to hide the cruel past.
    Germany admits and apologizes.
    Many people died while living in vivo, sexual slavery, forced recruitment, and colonization of Korea. Why are you trying to hide that?

  • Lareese Blaque says:

    People confined in a peatre dish setting.

  • ANAND perike says:

    Good decision combodia , small country take big decision.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • KORB IN says:


    • sok chea says:

      Coronavirus have arrived in your country, protect yourself and your family and all the people,wear masks and gloves and google please.

  • Nightmare nado says:

    I’m in cambodia:(

  • Long gaming says:

    Cambodia 🇰🇭👋🇰🇭🇰🇭❤️

  • V Philip says:

    Cambodia tests are unreliable. This will create more virus spread.

  • Wonder Bill says:

    Can a person test negative but be a carrier nonetheless?

    • Joyce B says:

      Yes because they can test negative and carry the virus around then can test positive have no symptoms and carry it around…then show symptoms later on.

  • ding174 says:

    This just in Tokyo will not allow Chinese athletes to participate in the Olympics

    • Kimberley Higgins says:

      doubt the olympics will go ahead this year

  • Rockytop VFL says:

    They have a passenger positive for coronavirus now!! Brilliant!!!

  • Chito Glen Deslate says:

    Cambodia is irresponsible in allowing them to go without quarantine

    • Kimberley Higgins says:

      I doubt whether they could afford to

    • Brandon B says:

      @Kimberley Higgins The government can, it’s just that the government is extremely corrupt and greedy.

  • Nigiri Sushi mmm says:

    I love the cruises to go more often to Cambodia because the people are so beautifull
    The people on cruise will love this amazing experience of being welcome with the asian kindness

    Just so relaxing

  • Gold Val says:

    “Highest government leadership”…..hmmm…

  • Master Ken says:

    Cambodia has too many fake doctors with their fake degrees and certification. People buy their spots for top government jobs and military ranks. Sick people who can afford it goes to Vietnam/Thailand for their medical treatment. Chief of police like 30 years olds and never worked more than 1 year in their lives… Students at top 100 of class having never attended school or done any homework/exams… Having money buys you rank and higher positions… Everything is corrupted in Cambodia, Kingdom of Corruption.

  • Manuel Matters says:

    Scramble to track Cambodia cruise ship passengers after coronavirus case reported

  • aa TZWL says:

    No other country dares to pick it up. Why does the Cambodian government dare to disembark them? Does the Cambodian government know the horrors of the virus?

  • Kimberley Higgins says:

    WHO has a case to answer for brokering that deal – begs the question who does the WHO work for ?

  • Joyce B says:

    It is likely many more from this ship will test positive in the coming days. I bet the ships owners did not even do a proper cleaning of that ship because that would take weeks. Most likely filled it right back up with people and if that virus is in one place on that ship it will start all over again.

  • KH Music says:

    I love all people ( I’m Cambodia) 😍😍😍

    • Sib Student says:

      and COVID-19 likes you

  • Eric Tan says:

    Cambodia is reckless to let the passengers go off instead of quarantinning them for at least 7 days.

  • Eric Tan says:

    Just wait for Hun Sen to be struck with the Covid19. Then he will understand the catatrophe he committed.

  • DeeJayz KoVin ll says:

    Im from cambodian 🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭

  • The Thrifty Hobbit says:

    When this whole thing started my concerns were for Cambodia because I have relatives there and I knew that the medical infrastructure is not strong. Then the news of the Cambodian governemnt not only accepting the ship but allowing people to go off without quarantining them… Ugh. And all Cambodians already know that the Khmer government has already been bought out by the Chinese communist party.

    • vichet noun says:

      It takes 14 days til the people that have coronavirus start feeling sicks,I say in early of March 2-5

  • Carl Steinfurth says:


  • ぼくちゃん says:

    Yes.Cambodia is cool!!(^^)d

  • addicz2 says:


  • Minh Trung Pham says:

    Cambodia is so stupid.

  • BRIGHT TOP B says:

    wish all of you safely back home!!

  • wayneyd2 says:

    The passengers is already left the ship. Some passengers is already left Cambodia.

  • ឈៀវហ្វុង មេបក្សស្មូម says:

    Sam dech Hun sen primminister Cambodia
    Should receive the world Nobel Peace prize
    Because his heart truly loves humanity,not

    • sok chea says:

      Stupid idiots,he brings in coronavirus to Cambodia infected hundreds and thousands of people, Hun Sen has the dumbest brain.

    • sok chea says:

      You should worry about coronavirus outbreak in your country,wear masks and gloves, clean up all the places tourists have visited, clean with disinfectant and alcohol wipes.dont forget the tour buses.

  • Freedom of speech says:

    Are you sure this 20 tested are really testing it? Because so many incidents and cases never get solved in Cambodian. They don’t even care for their own country and people’s how can they can care for other.

  • Freedom of speech says:

    Well what this will tell you. Over three thousand passengers on Westerdam cruise line only 20 doesn’t feel well and got tested. But Cambodian authorities said they are negative. The big question is the world never see this resolved or prove of this tested that negative. Plus this country is well known through the world of not being capable and responsible for their actions. Not just with local Cambodia people’s through out the world. The matter affect for 41yrs this leader and government are living under lie cheat and steal among Cambodian society. This country leader and government are lying so much that every single word that came from all of this idiots mouth are nothing in Cambodian populations or society. Also this country are 100% run by corrupted leader and government.

  • Sal says:

    To the people who say “thank you Cambodia for letting an infected woman run loose ”, are you really willing to leave those poor passengers and crews stranded on the ocean? Pathetic.

  • Yoswin Freeman says:

    Boomers on the ship: Let us dock and roam free, we’re the owner of every lands on earth.
    Cambodia: We big heart. We welcome you.
    Boomers on the ship: But we contain deadly viruses with some of us. Will that still be ok?
    Cambodia: That wouldn’t be a problem, Sir Just leave your purses for us to secure. We’ll handle the rest.
    Boomers on the ship: Wow what a beautiful people.

    The rest of the world: OMG

  • That One Audience says:

    I feel really cringing when people say that Cambodia has big heart….. there is a difference between being heartless and being cautious….. this is prove that PM hun sen will do everything even having his own people at risk for his benefit and power……..

  • DO DO says:

    Everyone in Cambodia are calm (For now). I am a Cambodian and I swear the corona virus is contagious but, Everyone in Cambodia can afford Face mask even as a poor nation. Litterly 15% are rich people. And Cambodians can freely make their own business.


  • Dounjikootsvet says:

    Hallelujah! Genocide #2. Finally!

  • Dounjikootsvet says:

    Please wiped out all the corrupted officals in that country and restore some peace…thank you Corona virus!

  • bright star says:

    Why is people talk bad about Cambodia when they are trying to take percussion? They’re have every right to do so just like other countries. Why dump the ship in Cambodia?

  • Sarady Kim says:

    Pourvoir&dola&la famille des’ cho peu tous fais sauf pour peuple khmer.

  • Kep Tarareach 9H says:

    tbh our technology is not that modern so even if the passengers did have the virus we wouldn’t know that