Mixed results in testing HIV drugs against coronavirus

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Doctors in Thailand are testing medication normally used to treat HIV and influenza against the novel coronavirus, which has become a global, deadly epidemic.

Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports from Bangkok.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar flippynips 69 says:

    Poor third world country :'(

    • Avatar ST. YB. says:

      Comment’ s Low class and stupid person

    • Avatar ST. YB. says:

      can you clever to cure corona like them ? then Stop your mouth

    • Avatar Po Prall says:

      ?????????? Where are you from. Word class country it doesn’t make you look smart at all . Lol ok then if that what on your mind … just wait for virus catching you happy 😊 bye

    • Avatar NATTV says:

      Now First world countries ​are struggling​ with millons of infected and tons of death daily while poor third world Thailand has 2700 cases, death 47 and recoveries 2000.🤣 Such a stupid and poor First world country.

    • Avatar NATTV says:

      flippynips 69 Are you infected and died already in all of those First world countries​?

  2. Avatar Andrew Khaigou Mate says:

    Dr. Super what?

  3. Avatar Francis Lim says:

    Salute to that lady doctor , she looks confident.

  4. Avatar jaden summer says:


  5. Avatar Nini Prom says:

    Hiv drugs 🤔 so the Coronavirus must have strings of hiv in it, then interesting they might as well add the Ebola treatment to that cocktail mix🤔. Sounds like another Bioweapon made in the lap yet again 🤔🇬🇲

  6. Avatar BENITO ABDUL 666AXIS999 PROPHECY says:


  7. Avatar Dan The Man says:

    I wonder if this virus was created at Wuhans civilian/military covert biological research facility located in that city.

    • Avatar mstar tomo says:

      nope, it was developed at Harvard U and sold to Wuhan U.

  8. Avatar bryan lalramchhana Hringngen says:

    So its oseltamivir + ritonavir {protease inhibitor} hope it can cure

  9. Avatar lob ops says:

    I feel pity on that bat.

  10. Avatar dwayne ben says:

    This thing on chine isn’t from there some one Send it there, Thailand finding some cure and I think something spooky there.

  11. Avatar Rajeswari Saravanan says:

    Then why to eat bats and wild animals….why don’t we develope eating safe domestic animals…….spreading and stopping the virus is in our hand

  12. Avatar Eric Joseph says:

    Doctor SuperPorn Wachadaparnapludarshachesadeedeeporn.

  13. Avatar Jade Jasmin says:

    Hopefully, Thai research of vaccine will get success. Grateful to the Minister Anutin. He works for the people. ❤️

  14. Avatar ronch550 says:

    I like that lady doctor’s name. Supaporn.

    She’s quite attractive too. 😉

  15. Avatar Marco Marc says:

    I never imagine just from eating bats would result to global emergency

    • Avatar KAREN G GRAY says:


    • Avatar KAREN G GRAY says:

      FOR YEARS!

  16. Avatar T.D.M. More Than A Movement says:

    Why is this the only media news outlet mentioning a treatment?

  17. Avatar suneer babu Babu says:

    Kaaafir eats pork…Now all people running…

  18. Avatar JOEL NET says:


  19. Avatar Othen Business Services says:

    Which adds to the rumors flying around the internet that this a made manufactured disease!

  20. Avatar raywin1718 says:


  21. Avatar Abid Hasan Ridoy says:

    كل شيء غضب الله

  22. Avatar Prateek Shetty says:

    I don’t know which information to trust. I read articles stating at least 6 people were cured of the coronavirus in Thailand via this new drug.

  23. Avatar Alexandru Kontiu says:

    Use horseradish…..muderfucjer

  24. Avatar D S says:

    I’m sorry but the corona virus will evolve/mutate in 1 week…. we really need this virus to spread world wide to reduce the population of human.. humanity are to many and need to be reduce….

    • Avatar Ytter B says:

      But mutation usually reduce fatality in order to spread more.

  25. Avatar Noppadol Laosujaritkul says:

    The first taxi driver in Thailand recovered from the corona virus in 4 days. It’s a wonderful story. Congratulations, Thailand. It’s very respectable.

    • Avatar Marco Polo says:

      Did he have HIV as pre-existing condition and taking HIV medications? If so then Thailand is great candidate for Corona study with HIV cocktail as cure remedy.

    • Avatar Alexzi zig says:

      @Marco Polo is it true but i heard France found the cure for coronavirus

    • Avatar yo name says:

      @Alexzi zig how they find a cure if people still dying from it

    • Avatar Alexzi zig says:

      @yo name people are still dying but in France in two more months they will bring the cure to Lebanon im Lebanon btw

    • Avatar tip pinas says:

      @Alexzi zig really what kind of medecine is that, prove to me if its really true

  26. Avatar Shaun Naidoo says:

    It most certainly has crossed over from animal to human. These Chinese eat bat’s dog cats rats etc. U never hear of other nations getting these viruses

  27. Avatar Experimental life says:

    Still calling the false god nothing gonna change here

  28. Avatar alternative says:

    finding a cure scientists need to find out why some people are just carriers with no symptoms and while others get severe symptoms, I believe thats the key to find the cure to mimic bodies of carriers
    1) is there another virus which gives immunity to coronavirus after you recover? (cross immunity)
    2) is it some defficiency in peoples bodies which make them more vulnerable to the disease, eg. selenium, bioflavonoid, zinc, iron, vitamin C deficiency?

  29. Avatar danijel124 says:

    0:53 doctor superporn???

  30. Avatar Franco Palumbo says:

    The Mask you see everyone wearing is useless against any Virus! Period – It must be an N95 mask – filtering 95% of what you breath – Regular mask are good for exhaust, etc – Too Many Chinese in Thailand in my Opinion – They Spit on the Streets at Temples! WTF – I have a Home There, I seen it!

  31. Avatar Jay Ed says:

    Those people who eat bats got the corona virus

    • Avatar 37c_.s says:

      Jay Ed yeh but it’s contagious 😷 so everyone has got it

  32. Avatar Saeed says:

    USA come on. You made the virus now it’s time to give out the medicine. We get your point.

    • Avatar JIM TIM says:

      Saeed u meant China, right?

    • Avatar Saeed says:

      JIM TIM NO, USA doesn’t start with C. USA puts its nose in an effort to control the world.

      Now that business is now down on HIV meds, USA really needs another thing to kill people apart from wars? Selfish losers.

  33. Avatar Kobcuadub H says:

    Drink corona beer no more virus

  34. Avatar Karina Vallejo says:

    This is crazy

  35. Avatar X_BadAngel 🌈 says:

    🦇 🧪💉🦠

  36. Avatar Rendemo Shitio says:

    Wipe out bats totally from this world

  37. Avatar NO YOU says:


  38. Avatar Sipper x9 says:

    Good job Thailand

  39. Avatar Raj kumarji says:

    You re butyful

  40. Avatar Dinelson manuel taveras mata says:


  41. Avatar Sergej Panov says:

    The lab worker has no protective glasses against the liquids he is working with. Anyone notice that? But he has a mask on 🙂

  42. Avatar Ali Chaudhry says:

    Lesson from Coronavirus: “Eat Halal”.

    • Avatar 一國兩制 says:

      What is the lesson from MERS?

    • Avatar are min says:

      @一國兩制 dead coronavirus? Dead MERS?

    • Avatar Khalid Mahmood says:

      Now they click on.

    • Avatar Tolmon model Official says:

      Ali Chaudhry true bro

    • Avatar Gazpacho Suave says:

      It doesnt make any dffrnce does it ??? SARS originated fr chicken & many of them were with halal stamped

  43. Avatar yehk torres says:

    God please guide them
    give them more power🙏

  44. Avatar R Jordan says:

    That’s great but the factories that make hiv edication are closed in china

  45. Avatar Be Gone Thot says:

    China said food is medicine but they ate bat soup then bring chaos to the world….

    we better drink Thailand’s mystery cocktail

    • Avatar Perth Kraya says:

      You are funny lol

  46. Avatar Khaya Dlamini says:

    Why is she smiling?

  47. Avatar Bsharp Daterra says:

    Why do bats look like dogs?

  48. Avatar Raymond Papang says:

    To find medicine for these virus drink Alcohol Raw don’t added water 5 ml for childrend /15 ml adults is the best way to get cure

  49. Avatar deee 327 says:

    Not a good time to be a lab animal…

  50. Avatar Dyno Saur says:

    Infected people might travel to Thailand soon for faster treatment if they ever found cure.

  51. Avatar wei ling says:

    Actually many can recovery from virus infection ,this virus is not strong and mortal than SARS just easy to spread

  52. Avatar BergenBergen BergenBergen says:

    Feel sorry for that bat. End animal cruelty.

  53. Avatar Tiffy Vivo says:

    What a ugly creature 🦇

  54. Avatar Ahmed Musa says:

    They my sisters and brothers chinees first eat HALAL dont eat everything and second stop harming the PEOPLE worship LORD GOD the CREATOR the GREATEST CREATOR the created mankind from dust mud and Angels from NUR brightness and jinn=demons from fire and the reason Allah created mankind and jinn demons to worship him that why we have life and death both creatures mankind and jinn so if u harm and kill GOD’S people then u fighting with GOD and I swear GOD is so powerful GOD of 7 heavens earth and everything between and sun rises and dont work or follow devil Lucifer bibles he is biggest liar and he is very weak man Lucifer bibles satan or demons jinn are very weak but they mischief mankind when they are empty no knowledge so dont be out of knowledge educate ur selves and download from apps free that GREAT HOLLY BOOK quran in ur language or English that HOLLY BOOK quran from ur GOD the CREATOR of all thing and all the information u mi6are in there and it is guidance protection healing etc for u and ur families and Allah knows best and Allah yahfidkum

  55. Avatar Marco Polo says:

    How many exiting AIDS patients on cocktail have have been infected with corona Virus?

    That will give you clue on whether its working or not. I hope Chinese are sharing the info on pre-existing conditions on patients with corona infected cases.

  56. Avatar S5 Od says:

    With this cure.. only Michael Jackson can afford .

  57. Avatar S5 Od says:

    Likeca computer virus.. once its there.. very difficult to fight or kill… current drugs only immobilizes but not irradecate out of human . Our bodies loves them and fully replicate them . Viruses are with us and even in the universe as more native than all living things … now WE are their enemies. WHAT REALLY HAPPENS..??.. why only these times..??.. did we sin or did something wRoGn..??.

  58. Avatar The Dude Man Jeremy Olson says:

    What if America planted the virus to weaken China, its only real threat for global domination. Once the pandemic reaches America on a large scale Trump will then declare “Marshal Law” and no Presidential voting will even happen… Trump wins 2020 with Marshal Law!!! No Voting allowed

  59. Avatar Anarina TV says:

    Good job Thailand. I hope those who got well can stay in Thailand for a while or until the infection subside in China. They might get infected again when they return and might not receive good medical attention because the hospitals are full.

  60. Avatar monaliza retrita says:

    I hope China is okay

  61. Avatar Barry 3 says:

    Why is public health minister dressed like some military commander 🤔

    • Avatar SwarleySwablu says:

      Because they are still under military rule after the parliament was dissembled by the military I think.

    • Avatar Joe Rogue says:

      Military rules is the best in Think .
      Very patriotic and no bullshit .
      They’ll crush the virus .

  62. Avatar Quataija Shavers says:

    I finally understand what they mean when they say virus’s were man made… HIV, Caron virus were made from people doing things that aren’t healthy, or not supposed to. Not necessarily on purpose but someone was doing something they weren’t supposed to in order to make it.

  63. Avatar keys island hopper says:

    Its from taiwan,
    Gilead created tjis virus, and a treatment
    Gilead charges 33,000 usd for harvoni 28 pills,
    Its isreal taiwan and usa,
    Attacking china, and will make a trillion dollars

  64. Avatar Elna shiks says:

    The day it reaches kenya am dead…its horrible

  65. Avatar Natsu Shoujo ID says:

    racist kids should watch this news instead of using the corona virus as a reason to spread their hatred

  66. Avatar Bollywood Media says:

    now 400 cases in S Korea

  67. Avatar joel decastro says:

    if this is the medicine why this medicine give all the people now it is spreading all over the world come on now!

  68. Avatar Hannah Nguyen says:

    Good job Thai!! You are making a big improvement to our world and your country! I wish you luck!!

  69. Avatar gaurab chauhan says:

    Best of luck

  70. Avatar Naqi Syed says:


  71. Avatar THARANGA says:

    Those bats are so CUTE!

  72. Avatar Itskenzy AM says:

    If you haven’t watched the news last week..not sure if this is true but 500+ recovered from the virus it depends on how high the immune system is.. 3 people recovered in less than 5 days because of their high immunity the immune system killed the virus with no treatment so in my opinion a treatment FOR NOW is to make medicines/substances made out of immune system boosting resources to higher the immune system to be able to fight the virus seriously they should think of this idk why people take this so seriously people who DIE,DIE BECAUSE OF A WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM SO CHILL OUT TO ME ITS JUST A FLU THINK POSITIVELY IM NOT AFRAID TO WALK IN STREETS WITHOUT A MASK BECAUSE I THINK THIS WAY sorry but ya that’s all from my perspective

  73. Avatar SamSam says:

    North Korea has it right, the only way to recover is kill on site.

  74. Avatar Harun Khan says:

    I love Thailand

  75. Avatar Arayah Ban Yasharalah says:

    This woman name is superporn wtf is dat ish about

  76. Avatar Ryan Bahe says:

    I’m HIV pos/undetectable for 7 plus years now. My CD4 count is in good range. The HIV drug therapy prevents a virus from replicating itself within the immune system. There are over 11+ HIV therapy drugs on the market and your body’s defense will react differently.

  77. Avatar weimu says:

    Me drinking a Coke with a straw: 0:02

  78. Avatar kelvin kinyua says:

    Not in afrca

  79. Avatar Paul Tafalla says:

    Using Virgin coconut oil, Great!

  80. Avatar Green Belteszear says:

    ,i went to church and we prayed about coronavaris,and i believe Jesus will stop it

    • Avatar TheOneAndOnly says:

      @Green Belteszear no not because they prayed to God, because medicine and genetics saved them Wich God made so I guess?

    • Avatar Green Belteszear says:

      @TheOneAndOnly but people didn’t used any medicine they just prayed to god.god only the one who can do anything

    • Avatar TheOneAndOnly says:

      @Green Belteszear your immune system is why viruses don’t kill you

    • Avatar Green Belteszear says:

      @mack 2k because they are scared

    • Avatar Green Belteszear says:

      @TheOneAndOnly well bible say do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.(phlippians 4 capter and 6)

  81. Avatar MollyTorsvik says:

    is that a puppy? 0:41 what are they doing with that animal?

  82. Avatar Robert Davidson says:

    Scotland seems to have a cure vaccine!

  83. Avatar hemant kumar verma says:

    We will fight corona vires in india

    • Avatar Arjun t says:

      No one asked. The world is fighting . Not just India.

  84. Avatar Rakim Stallings says:

    Can’t kill a virus. Suppress it maybe…!

  85. Avatar Freddie Stranger says:

    I am 1000% certain that those White Tourists there in China caught the coronavirus

  86. Avatar Lilly Cate says:

    If people are recovering from the virus then nobody should panic now…. But there is this group called “government” if they’re benefiting from this virus, then I don’t think they’ll give any order to verify the vaccine…. They’ll twist everything and watch us die…. NOBODY IS GOING TO DIE

  87. Avatar Nasheed Nazms says:

    100 percent bat is not true

  88. Avatar Élise Renée Kouloukas says:

    Tangerines or oranges?

  89. Avatar Gouki Akuma says:

    Jesus replied: If I spoke badly, prove it, … John 18:23
    He set a denarius a day with them and sent them to his vineyard. Matthew 20: 2
    Here is the proof: a day is not for work, with that it is enough to spend time and get paid for working time, with little or no work.

    The Lord, addressing Job, said to him:
    He who disputes with the Almighty presents his criticisms! Whoever argues with God answer! Job 40: 1,2
    Here is the criticism: God sent man to work at the same time the earth was made, but he did not send man to make the earth itself. God only thought about working time, the same thing happens when you say good morning, because day is time, while speed is the distance divided by time, so it is better to say good speed from God instead of good morning to that each one can make their own Earth. So no one will need money.

  90. Avatar thailand Sweden says:

    meanwhile Thailand create surprised curr

  91. Avatar sanket warkute says:

    Carona virus ko khatm krne key ley 150 kv electric shok dy only 1 second. Garmi ke Karn wo Mar jata hay.

  92. Avatar Dr. Jones says:

    Extracting a virus from bats to fight MERS gets released in a wet market in Wuhan, China and infects the human population so they panic and try different existing anti-viral drugs instead using SARS and MERS drug combinations.

  93. Avatar Amber Derion says:

    I feel like this is the SARS virus. With a little tweaking so the virus fits like a key in a lock with our ace-2 receptors with some HIV thrown in. These people need to find the Chinese doctor/scientist who was working in Chapel Hill, SC …or her colleagues. She was there in 2015 I believe.

  94. Avatar David Manske says:

    Two months ago . This video looks like a travel agency ad comparing on what’s going on now mid April. Things change fast .

  95. Avatar Mateusz Cichocki says:

    Somebody says they added hiv to coronavirus. Propably fake news but what do i know.

  96. Avatar Abhinandan Routray says:

    as per news covid-19 dna is a mixture of hiv dna and malaria dna. hence it is created. sumthing like that i am not sure.

  97. Avatar Elite Reggi says:


  98. Avatar RememberAllah says:

    THEY used a coronavirus to make HIV. Now they used HIV to create sarscov2. The t4 cells are attacked.

  99. Avatar Miki Playz OwO:3 says:

    I think you guys should uh try the hiv drug and see if it cures the corona virus please pin this so every one could

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