‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ Mike Varshavski: ‘I Nerded Myself Out Of Being A Nerd’ | Better | NBC News

2020 5/29
'Sexiest Doctor Alive' Mike Varshavski: ‘I Nerded Myself Out Of Being A Nerd’ | Better | NBC News

Dr. Mike Varshavski transformed himself from a shy, unconfident, unpopular young man into an Instagram sensation and People magazine’s “Sexiest Doctor Alive.” This is the story of how he did it.
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‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ Mike Varshavski: ‘I Nerded Myself Out Of Being A Nerd’ | Better | NBC News



コメント一覧 (124件)

  • hooligan says:

    Pussification of men at its best.

  • Canadiana66 says:

    Please marry me and put me outta my misery!

  • Twinkle Cauliflower says:

    does he look a bit like ryan gosling?…i dont know..

  • Librada Estrella says:

    Hello doc help

  • L says:

    I’m just gonna leave this name and hope anyone will know…. ‘Gilbert’.

  • Ametaf Johora says:

    lol what’s funny is that he ended up dating miss universe. iconic

    • laramiaizz says:

      Ametaf Johora no he didnt..

    • Rachana says:

      @laramiaizz boy he did, miss universe philippines pia alonzo wurtsbach

  • playmobil48 says:

    hes straight

  • Jesus Quezada says:

    Ni tan feo ni tan guapo

  • N I says:

    I am also work in progress…… But why am I watching this guy…. I am least interested about science

  • Luay Khudirat says:

    I knew from his name that he’s Russian. I’m half myself✌✌ but before anyone knew he was Russian I could tell from his name

    • Poppy Harlow says:


    • Glory to niggeria says:

      Well he isn’t ethnically Russian if that is what you mean. He is a Ashkenazic Jew.

  • betty Dewanti says:


  • ms janinecastillo says:

    I lost my dad from gbm almost a year ago, I am 14

  • Greater Purpose says:

    He’s not only hot in looks but he’s even hotter because he doesn’t have a irritating ego about it, he’s obviously very intelligent and succeeded despite having it rough growing up.

    • Brisa Torres says:

      Greater Purpose yes

  • jess & gab says:

    Im in love ❤

  • chanel4u786 says:

    So Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Abir Amezzane says:

    So humble !! M sorry for your loss Mike ..your mom must be so proud of the young man you are now!

  • MINH T says:

    Love this guy. His channel is great

  • Priyanka Samantaray says:

    Really inspiring

  • MissyLillie says:

    He’s so dreamy!!

  • jerry says:

    Wow I’m in med School and i don’t wana come out of my comfortzone..i can totally relate

  • Elizabeth Bennet says:

    omg he has green eyes

    • Анаит Гдлян says:

      of course coz he’s Russian, many Russian men can have bright blue or green eyes either

  • Angel Lampley says:

    I can’t believe English isn’t his first language. He speaks so well.

    • Theonlyhufflepuff Animator says:

      Tammy K same! I was born in the US but my mom was Mexican and my dad was Cuban, so my first language was Spanish. I learned how to speak English in Pre-K. I’m white with blue eyes so people often get really surprised I speak Spanish. No, not often. Every single time

    • Gia Barrone says:

      varun nigam I have a great respect for people that are able to become fluent in multiple languages, especially if they are not exposed to native speakers. That being said, it is quite obvious you are not a native speaker, simply by the grammatical errors.

      Dr. Mike does not make the same characteristic errors of non-native speakers, or have a foreign accent, which is why some people are so impressed. Your English is pretty great though, and one million times better than my Hindi.

    • Samyam Lamsal says:

      Is it weird that I have never lived and grown up English speaking country and yet don’t have any particular accent as it is all mixed-mashed due to too much British and American movies and Tv-series..

    • Elaini says:

      @Samyam Lamsal No, I’m the same. Maybe our kinds are more prone to pick up a mix

    • Samyam Lamsal says:

      @Elaini Indeed, I had been working as IELTS assistant instructor for quite a while and as a regulatory act, I had to take ILETS exam several times and I have been repeatedly asked after test by the examiners if I have returned back to my home country after studying in America or Britain for which I have give them facts. And they get surprised by knowing how much TV and Internet can affect one’s accent.

  • Hank Hooger says:

    Lol that photo at the end of him with the husky is the most random thing I have ever seen

  • Jalisa M says:

    I hate that they sexualize him…seriously ” the sexiest doctor alive” ? Compliment the man and praise him on his accomplishments and morals. It bothers me how much they sexualize this man so openly. He seems like such an amazing doctor with good character…but because hes handsome…hes worth mentioning? Merica…

    • Alex A. says:

      @woman 23. you’re completely and utterly wrong

    • Mela B says:


    • Jack Brown says:

      He has an amazing youtube channel you should see it

    • johann Gonzalez says:

      Ok one of accomplishments of him is being hot i guess

    • Gia Barrone says:

      Shober Inu It is not the responsibility of other people to adapt to your shortcomings. Handsomeness is intrinsically subjective (i.e. opinion). It can never be proven, therefore can’t be a fact. If Sabacode confused you by not saying “in my opinion” you should look into an English tutor. Good luck!

  • P J says:

    He was gorgeous as a child – see the beginning of the video 🙂

  • Ranbeer Singh Dhanjal says:

    OMG ! he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and cute

  • Djiga Dessarzin says:

    You are always …

  • Akriti Akhaury says:

    Why are people not talking about his glo up?!?! 🔥❤️🙈

  • Kelsea Nova says:

    I wonder how he got so good at english.


    i am in love with his spirit

  • Seepika Pathak says:

    You inspires me…..thnx dear dr..👨‍⚕️

  • Eat with Keshia vlogs says:

    Miracle Arena Ghana

  • Eat with Keshia vlogs says:

    Come toGhana bring all American guys white.

  • Emma long name says:

    You’re not who you think you are, you’re not who they think you are. But you are who you think they think you are.

  • maria csendesné sandor says:

    very super

  • Eat with Keshia vlogs says:

    Send doctors to come to Ghana.

  • sisca wulan says:


  • Thamira Bakayoko says:

    He had such a rough start. I had no idea.

  • Kriti chamarty says:

    1:21 two cutest people on the planet

  • Kritanta Chernova says:

    People sexualize him too much but he’s actually a pretty nice guy.. He’s such a dork 😂 Y’all can go see that in his channel XD

    • Mk3 says:

      @Gilliana Pangilan
      That’s exactly why I watch him and have been following since he started on youtube, he is smart, he is cool, he’s so funny and fun to watch, and I get great medical knowledge!
      And, of course he is handsome which makes it interesting to watch! 😎

    • Your cup of Tea says:

      Pee woop

    • Sailor Candy says:

      I wasn’t even aware this video existed. I thought he was cute, but I’ve focused more on his personality.

  • Natalya Qistina says:

    3:19 awww so cute!The guy carrying him is okay.😂.Just Joking.Dont take the comment to srsly.But the dog is sooo cute though.

  • Ella Chamberlain says:

    Yes he’s handsome but how about praising him for his incredible achievements and morals and intelligence and integrity? Why does the media have to constantly sexualise people before they see anything else? It’s so frustrating and it makes people see his outside appearance before his character which is unfair because he is clearly such an incredible person aswell as his looks

    • gomu gomugomu says:

      there’s millions intelligent doctor out there. the # between him and them is the look.

  • Alice Moldi says:

    Either his dad or both of his parents are polish, hence the last name. In russia there are not only russian russians living. I wonder if he speaks either of these slavic languages fluently

  • Avocados Are Nice says:

    He was an adorable kid!!

  • KLS- 95 says:

    I hope he’s not arrogant.

  • Arden Cho says:


  • Mekeishakayla says:

    He has his Mom’s Handsomeness

  • Ruffle Butt Shorts ALDC says:


  • mood moody says:

    He’s not hot ….but I love how he loves his career…🎈

  • I have no since of humoor says:

    I just want to see him shirtless

  • Phdiva 0890 says:

    He’s Russian, that explains the beauty. There’s no way Americans can be this attractive, smart and humble.

    • Robyn H says:

      Phdiva 0890 you just had to be that person didn’t you?

    • Quoc Hung Tran says:

      Ok ngl that is just racist ._.

  • DramaLlama says:


  • Rowan Stanley says:

    Doctor Mike!!!

  • BOBINGTON says:

    Doctor Mike:I’m the sexiest doctor alive

    Chris Hensworth: OOF

  • Karen Harden says:

    You are too adorable! You will find someone. I am married to myself too. It is hard to find someone who is not crazy.

  • elysia Barnard says:

    Rip this video’s audio

  • Nasexsav Kifs says:

    I feel like people are trivialising his accomplishments in a way. Sure, I will admit that he is very handsome. But it’s almost like people are ignoring his accomplishments by calling him the hot doctor.

  • Orthodox 1 1 says:

    Came here legally!

  • Mrs. Ackerman says:

    Mike is love

  • Frédéric Chopin says:

    you can’t even tell he is russian or a doctor

  • Umbrella says:

    I’m going to be honest… I at first pressed his videos because I thought he was handsome, I want to look at being a doctor, and I wanted to see what his channel was about. I didn’t expect to stay long because most people who would have this title are very egotistical, but then I saw how in none of his videos he even tries to mention his attractiveness or the title people give him. He is very handsome in my opinion and I know that he is trying to take advantage of this title to get people to understand the importance of medicine and the benefits. He might not be comfortable with the title but it was given to him and he is using it to help people. I say that the title was given to the right person if it was going to be given to anybody.

  • Hi Blessyou says:

    Love you Dr.Mike😍😍😍

  • Yara Gamal says:


  • Melati Putih says:


  • Cici says:

    His mother is gorgeous!

  • Reven_Ren says:

    Can we cast him for the remake of Hercules?

  • Luz Calderon says:


  • Katy Gomez says:

    Husband material 😍

  • Christopher Henry says:

    Get out of your comfort zone😊that’s a nice life advice.

  • Melati Putih says:


  • Melati Putih says:


  • h a p p i n e s s . says:

    3:19 The woof woof is my favourite part of the video. It is so adorable and photogenic 😍😍😍 . The best looking dog I’ve seen so far. It’s so cute.

  • Solana Rives says:

    Omg the sound quality is so poor

  • queenvic83 says:

    He sounds like Zack Morris from “Saved by the Bell” I wonder if that’s how he started learning English Lol 😁🤣

  • 유나 문yuna moon says:

    i bet any girl that rejected him in high school is kicking herself now 😂

  • Eunice Arciaga says:

    He’s the living proof that someone can be smart, kind and hot at the same time.

  • king ak says:

    This guy is one of the best person i saw on YouTube!!! Check out his YouTube channel named dr. mike😌😌😌

  • Bernadette Borlagdan says:

    Gosh, I can’t believe people sexualize him like that. I actually look up to him because I want to be a doctor too. I promise myself to study hard and be a cardiologist (I don’t know why but the heart is very interesting to me). Try watching his channel though. He has quality videos.

  • Devanshu Dwivedi says:

    Hold up, he’s Russian?

  • RG Honda says:

    Get the man a decent mic holy geez

  • Blessings Love says:

    You and your journey is so inspiring 😇. Keep flying high🤩

  • Jyothsna Kandarpa says:

    The guy who was shy is now the best speaker and even at Ted x. Great job Mike!!!

  • ONLY HUMAN says:

    He looks so similar to his father!!

  • FootSoldier says:

    What a kind-hearted soul, compassionate and nice human being.

  • Kelly Fishbeck says:

    Coming from his channel, it’s so weird seeing “sexiest man alive.” I mean of course, he’s great – but he’s so much more than that. He’s really passionate about what he does. And funny!

  • JakulaithWolff says:

    I literally only need confidence in public speaking etc. and NOT be afraid of failure then I finally become that future self I see myself 🙁 I’ll try or die trying!


    U are so amazing you are the best guy on earth

  • Addie-Eileen Paige says:

    Doctor Mike has such an inspirational story. Seriously, stop just calling him “the sexiest doctor alive.”

  • Absolute Escape says:

    If you’re comfortable with failure, you’ll be more comfortable with success.
    – Dr. Mike


  • xxgirliesangelsxx says:

    dont be rude

  • xxgirliesangelsxx says:

    its the personality that matters not the looks

  • Himadri Dey says:

    I basically like the title ‘the sexiest doctor alive’ not just to sexualise him but to also show that he broke down the stereotypical wall of being a “doctor”….its like even if ure gud lookin or hot that doesn’t matter, the main thing is that he really focuses on his duty without any kind of external distraction..
    That’s one of the main reason I really love n respect that guy

  • Amateur Workout says:

    Netflix is interested to him and wants to offer him a big tv show contract. Good for him

  • Wayne Jeez says:

    Dude, to be so young, you’ve come a long way.

  • Stevon Robb says:

    If this was a female doctor with this title Twitter would implode and NBC would lose its advertisers and be forced to make an apology.

  • Boots Armstrong says:

    Well Doc, what ever nerdiness you may of had, you certainly have overcome. You’re a great catch for someone. Enjoy your videos quite a bit. The logo on your doc uniform is clever too (dm).

  • The Reasonable Liberal says:

    Wait this HANDSOME man had problems with talking to women?! He wouldn’t need to say a word!

  • J Z says:

    His mother was not only a great human, as far as we know, but also beautiful both inside and out.
    Also, I’m glad he uses his platform to inform people in a clear and comprehensible way. Great job!

  • Marcia Lourenço Campos says:

    Como você é lindo

  • AzlTheDzl - Minecraft and more says: