Coronavirus: Cruise ship passengers disembark in Cambodia

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Passengers from a cruise ship turned away by four countries because of coronavirus fears have finally been allowed off in Cambodia.

The ship had been at sea for two weeks, and the 2,000 passengers and crew had been tested to see if they were carrying the virus when it arrived on Wednesday.

Al Jazeera’s Wayne Hay reports from Sihanoukville where the ship arrived.

He says the Cambodian government is prepared to let passengers into the country, even if they were found to be infected with the virus.

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  1. Avatar Jack Low says:

    More human die of the flu corona virus scare tactics for money

    • Avatar #freeHongKong says:

      another dumbass commenter here-you must be smarter than all the scientists in the world who want quarantines on corona virus you moron

    • Avatar God says:

      and how would they earn from that?

    • Avatar Jack Low says:

      eric gonzalo by asking government for money for a vaccine charge people for a vaccinations masks to cover your mouth are expensive right now all kinds of ways

    • Avatar Jack Low says:

      Look at the symptoms of the corona virus and the flu looks the same

  2. Avatar Pro David Gaming kh says:

    Im a cambodia

    • Avatar Lets Try says:

      Why your prime minister let the virus enter tp youe country

  3. Avatar sophea sem says:

    My country is not a big country like US or sth but all my people and also my president Hun Sen have a big heart ❤️

    • Avatar Na Na says:

      Corona Virus OR Billie Eilish Music you know someone try to steal or you think it ur self ?

    • Avatar sophea sem says:

      Corona Virus OR Billie Eilish Music you’ve a poor heart ,rich country but small heart

    • Avatar Warya Pothan says:

      Thank you Cambodia for setting the trend. Now Japan is working with US and other governments to let healthy people off the Diamond Princess. Thailand allows a ship after Cambodia. Let’s get healthy people home to their families…

    • Avatar Warya Pothan says:

      Corona Virus OR Billie Eilish Music there is no thief in your country?

    • Avatar rotten apple says:

      Wait till there an outbreak… good luck.

  4. Avatar #freeHongKong says:

    Why is nobody masked?Stupid irresponsible people.

  5. Avatar jamhanitab says:

    why is the ‘us’s the donkey dumpster praised for this ?

  6. Avatar BRö Sä KH says:

    I love Cambodia 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Avatar Touch Nimith says:

    Far a part, but our heart is the same,. We help each other in difficult times, Cambodia is small nation with good heart , learned from this situaton

    • Avatar Glenn Kirste says:

      You really think no one was not sick on that ship ..?….your smarter than that..yes ?

    • Avatar Touch Nimith says:

      How everybody think Cambodia has good heath system when Cambodia is poor and small country , Cabodia is poor and small, borned from the killing-field of polpot regime, but Cambodia is trying to do its best to help all with good heart.

    • Avatar Glenn Kirste says:

      The leadership took a bribe $$$..and if you can’t see that…

    • Avatar Touch Nimith says:

      @Glenn Kirste i talk about we help the visitors on the ship. If you know the bribes in Cambdia and you dont process through the justic then you are part of the problem.

    • Avatar Glenn Kirste says:

      @Touch Nimith I’m a big problem… MAHALO !!!!

  8. Avatar Srey Bo says:

    welcome to cambodia please 🙏🙏❤❤

  9. Avatar SPIDER LILIEZ says:

    Likely some of them are asymptomatic.
    Nice going Cambodia, but you made a big mistake. I hope for the best though.

    • Avatar Don Fuego says:

      @Warya Pothan one confirm case infected u.s citizen women 83 years old postive covid-19 from westerdam ship while trying to fly back to us via malaysia airport transit . what do you gonna say about that ?

    • Avatar Warya Pothan says:

      Don Fuego As an American, I support my US government working with Cambodian, Canadian, British, Australian and other governments, and the World Health Organization to bring 2,200+ home. WHO supported Cambodia and urged other countries to do the right thing. Forcing 2,200+ people roaming around the ocean doesn’t solve CoVid19 crisis. Cambodia made decision based on WHO scientists and the doctor from the ship who tested the passengers that were at sea since February 1st. There were representatives from US, British, Canadian and other European countries and WHO beside/at the dock with PM Hun Sen. Cambodia is a poor country and it is an easy punching bag and to find faults. The Diamond Princess situation is a disaster. That ship is full of positive. Americans are being evacuated from this ship too late. Once again, thank you Cambodia for your help to bring 600+ Americans home. Cambodia has 2,200+ people that will always be grateful.

    • Avatar cHemon says:

      @Warya Pothan
      Setting a trend? LMAO!!
      Definitely not how anyone should follow during the epidemic. It shows how incompetent and irresponsible Cambodian government can be. Hun Sen has zero regard in the safety and well-being of Cambodian people.
      The US obviously doing this for the benefit of Americans on board. Do they really care about Cambodians? Why don’t they let the ship dock in Guam?

    • Avatar Warya Pothan says:

      cHemon I already responded via other comments. Guam is a US territory. I hope that US the Westerdam passengers advocate to Congress Representatives and Senators to change law. Cambodia is responsible in providing port. It is up to the US, Canadian, and other European health agencies (I.e. US CDC) and WHO to lead with plan to move the passengers home in an epidemic. Hun Sen has to lead because CDC, WHO and others did not. Small and poor countries are easy to blame. Cambodia is good punching bag…

    • Avatar bright star says:

      People love to talk bad about Cambodia. So the United States is being very cautious about the virus? There are deaths in the United now.

  10. Avatar gore n more says:

    Good bye Cambodia, 😔

  11. Avatar khun sokly says:

    God blessed us good Corona difficult to spread in my country

  12. Avatar Ali Hassan says:

    Thanks for good result many of them can goo home safe more we her about corona it fills more we fill bad at list good news start and hope more country’s do good works like them👏

    • Avatar Conan Exiles says:

      you mean they start spreading the virus soon since cambodian goverment is retards

  13. Avatar God says:

    funny politicians
    i hope no virus is present in that cruise ship
    this country will be wiped out if it is present there
    they cant handle a virus this magnitude

    • Avatar Here Now says:

      They can’t hear you over how great they feel about it. Point that out and they just shame you. They don’t seem to grasp what the numbers are for this contagion. The sickness will effect them quite a lot more than most other countries. It was an irrisponsible move from thier government. This feel good story may turn very sour for them soon.

    • Avatar Warya Pothan says:

      The passengers were tested and no CoVid 19. No passenger from China on board. It’s the right thing to do. Kudos to Cambodia for being a pioneer. Now Thailand and other countries are following Cambodia letting CoVid 19 free ship docks.

  14. Avatar CAMBO Office says:


  15. Avatar arte gotica says:

    Probably this virus Is wanted by some rhinoceros deprived of its horn, or some bear deprived of its bile, or some Shark deprived of its fins, or some boiled dog alive in Yulin horror festival… Ahhhhhh!!! Divine Providence!!!!

  16. Avatar Dj Lacia says:

    Happy ever after… Looks like they celebrate.

  17. Avatar M. Nurhaikal says:

    Hopefully none are positive of the virus!

    • Avatar alestane says:

      Unfortunately it seems one person from this ship was confirmed positive by Malaysia, after being checked twice.

  18. Avatar Hugh Vupy says:

    Great, now they will find their way home and infect their families and families infect their friends and so on, awesome great job everyone 🤦‍♂️👏

  19. Avatar Ge St says:

    Love you Cambodia

  20. Avatar Moses Kisiy says:

    Thank u cambodia

  21. Avatar Sok hoeurn ខ្មែរ says:

    Welcome to Cambodia 🇰🇭🇰🇭💐🙏❤️

    • Avatar mohd fitri says:

      Welcome virus??? 😂😂

  22. Avatar Edison eddie says:

    Humanity expressed. God bless them

  23. Avatar SmaCk You d1cK says:

    allah not so great because their followers afraid with KungFlu virus. lol
    even make statement all royal family who trip to KungFlu place will ban forever lol

  24. Avatar Khorn Chhim says:

    Place the God of Cambodia Kingdom Buddhis blessed all WestenDam cruise ship passengers. The place of Buddhis are very powerful from God and thanks to the God. 🙏🙏🙏

    • Avatar Ling says:

      To correct u, Buddha is not a God. And stop using the word God in Buddhism.

  25. Avatar Sa Ga says:

    people just romantizing Ncov and make it so popular

  26. Avatar Bill Dann says:

    These are the PR stunts that will in end kill millions. Were everyone in the video told not to wear any mask. Dicks

  27. Avatar Solina Keo says:

    Hope people around the world know Cambodia (Khmer) more. Cambodia is now a small country in the Southeast Asia, historically. Please, stop thinking we are a part of Vietnam or Thailand; especially, ASEAN people (even don’t know Cambodia), it’s not funny that you are educated people & don’t knowledge all 10 ASEAN members.

    • Avatar cHemon says:

      Congratulations! Cambodia is more well-known now. But not in a good way.
      This shows how unbelievably incompetent and irresponsible Cambodian government can be. Hun Sen has zero regard in the safety and well-being of Cambodian people.

  28. Avatar Tony Baines says:

    the scare tatics dont wash in cambodia, theyll have to drop some lotion there now to discredit them.

  29. Avatar syed zaman says:

    I have heard that corona virus can’t survive temperature above 30°C
    Is this true ?

    • Avatar Aden Gravity says:

      asif khan nope

    • Avatar alestane says:

      The virus multiplies in the human body, so obviously it can survive at 37°C. Also, there are cases of secondary contagion in Singapore, where the temperature usually is not far from 30°C

  30. Avatar Peter Brown says:

    thank you Cambodia humane government

  31. Avatar JK JK says:

    They didnt scan them????

  32. Avatar Hoàng Nguyên says:

    LOL Khmer is now Khờ Me !!! Khờ bỏ mẹ !

    • Avatar MoeNuff Yoyo says:

      Yes now alot of youn can leave Cambodia now.

    • Avatar Mini pham says:

      MoeNuff Yoyo yeah funny but you didn’t asked us to leave in 1975-1978… while Khmer Rouge killed 2 millions of your people including properly some of your family members ….

  33. Avatar Hoàng Nguyên says:

    Thus began Cambodian Genocide part 2

    • Avatar MoeNuff Yoyo says:

      Yes now all vietcong can leave Cambodia land now.

    • Avatar Hoàng Nguyên says:

      @MoeNuff Yoyo we already left since 1989

  34. Avatar Xmen Sheuche says:

    Awesome ..🙏🙏👍🏼
    God Bless Cambodia

  35. Avatar Harinath Goud Padakandla says:

    Cambodians. You are very kind people. 💌💌

  36. Avatar VENIEL BRETANA says:

    Wow the PM is very nice and kind but… He’s probably infected now….

    • Avatar Warya Pothan says:

      VENIEL BRETANA There’s no passengers with CoVid 19 and passenger from China. Kudos for Cambodia for being a pioneer setting trend for other countries such as Thailand to let cruise ship without CoVid 19 dock…

  37. Avatar Johnston Steiner says:

    Few days later: Cambodia starts having cases,officials mystified, passengers all back in their countries

    • Avatar Ivan says:

      Stop being a pessimist.

  38. Avatar Ben says:

    Big big big gamble here. If there is no outbreak in cambodia after this, then you have just won a big handshake and prob investment from China after all of this dies down. If an outbreak happens there after this, you are screwed lol.

  39. Avatar MGTOW 40 says:

    Virus gonna go buck wild in Cambodia

  40. Avatar trebledc says:

    Not sure if this a good idea. “Regret will always comes in the end”

  41. Avatar Let The Dew Drops Fall 1,000,000,000 says:

    Thank GOD!

  42. Avatar Let The Dew Drops Fall 1,000,000,000 says:

    May GOD bless you People in Cambodia

  43. Avatar Awan Putih says:

    1 american passenger had infected virus. Detected in msia airport klia….cambodia make big mistake

  44. Avatar Nith Da says:

    Welcome to Cambodia 🙂🙏🇰🇭

  45. Avatar Here Now says:

    This is a feel good story that will turn into a horror story.

    • Avatar steven r says:

      Here Now yep it is now after one confirm infected in malaysia transit

  46. Avatar BENITO ABDUL 666AXIS999 PROPHECY says:


  47. Avatar Soma sundar says:

    Really appreciable……. but what if corona out breaks ???

  48. Avatar AH HENG says:

    One US citizen got the virus, detected by Malaysia.
    Why no 14 days quarantine at Combodia….

    • Avatar Kaboom P says:

      AH HENG this country has no potential for screening disease

  49. Avatar arjuna says:

    confirmed; one passenger infected with covid19. cambodias PR stunt fires back.

  50. Avatar Royal Bandit MF says:

    Aaaaaaand today one of the Westerdam passengers got tested coronavirus positive… keep on spreading……

    • Avatar morbidbushido says:

      No good deed goes unpunished…Best wishes Cambodia

    • Avatar Bugs Bunnysupdoc says:

      @morbidbushido good deed? More like political photo op by a dictator. If I’m a member of the ship passages, I would wear a mask and self quarantine for at least 14 days.

  51. Avatar Warya Pothan says:

    Thank you 🙏 Cambodia for setting the trend for others to follow!!

    • Avatar zwush says:

      Your government made a big mistake, there were infected on board!

    • Avatar Warya Pothan says:

      zwush I am American. Thank you Cambodian people for opposing discrimination and helping Americans, Europeans and other non-Chinese citizens…

    • Avatar Winter Phoenix says:

      After one came out positive of the virus in Malaysia, this is a trend that has already ended before it even started. Sadly.

  52. Avatar MoeNuff Yoyo says:

    Bravo my mother land Cambodia. Love from the u.s.a

  53. Avatar Tony says:


  54. Avatar Rith Thea says:

    I love Comdmbie

  55. Avatar Noy Som says:

    There go the China virus. China new state. Let lose of China corona virus.

  56. Avatar LowJack187 says:

    Give me a list of passengers and crew with ties to the CCP! You have a loan wolf on that ship.

  57. Avatar Mavis Cheong says:

    Salute to the Cambodia government, well done 👍 for showing goodness to those who are in difficult time, , May God bless and keep Cambodia 🇰🇭 ❤️

  58. Avatar wakaka bravo says:

    83 years old woman of US citizen who are part of the cruise passanger have proven to be infected while flying to malaysia. Cambodia authority don’t even try to quarantine the passanger for any possibility of infection and let them free right after the ship arrive. Even the Cambodia prime minister simply shake hand the passanger without wearing any mask or protection. What make they think that testing a 20 passenger is enough to said that other 1400 passanger and 800 crew are free from infection ? Not a very good decision made by Cambodia government in fact it’s the stupid one.

  59. Avatar Ly vannasak says:

    I love cambodia

  60. Avatar Yobitch Can't Find Me says:

    Alright​ Cambodia​ you​ can​ have​ them​ but​ do​ not​ send​ them​ to​ your​ neighbor​ countries​ like​ Thailand​ Vietnam​ or​ Laos.

  61. Avatar Phai Preyveng says:


  62. Avatar Conan Exiles says:

    Cambodia PM money or cambodian life and escape goat for china for spreading virus globally = they chose money

  63. Avatar Pk2207 says:

    Covid_19 2.0 starts thanks to Cambodian minister or sinister

  64. Avatar Michael Potts says:

    So..In whatever way this “human experience” is remembered, Let the Nation of Cambodia be honored for their courage in the face of the unknown which is novel virus [Covid-19], I am very proud to call Cambodia as a Brother/Sister nation to the U.S.A. Long may the flag of Cambodia wave.

  65. Avatar K GKP says:

    Congratulations for just spreading this virus even more.

    • Avatar sailor soul says:

      Good act. Worst effect

  66. Avatar Goddess says:

    after the news about 1 person got positive of the covid 19….
    the PM and all the people who welcome them without any protection cant sleep anymore 😂😂

    • Avatar fadrium says:

      Their PM should be quarantine 14 day.

    • Avatar Gary Holden says:

      @fadrium apparently now 24 days.

    • Avatar Z - Juan Tawsan says:

      confirmed. what a waste of life.

  67. Avatar Paradigm says:

    Two days later…uh oh, all of them scattered everywhere with Cambodian Style OK. God help us.

  68. Avatar Lucretius says:

    While it was great that he’s letting people disembark, i think it is a really bad idea to shake everyone’s hands.
    Just hope that the one who flew to Malaysia is the only person, otherwise he just gave the virus a chance to go wild.

  69. Avatar Seagate Seagate says:

    What!! Few tourist from that ship positive of corona after test!!! I hope not the one shake hand with prime minister !! 😱😱😱

    • Avatar rotten apple says:

      I hope they did. What an idiot.

  70. Avatar sailor soul says:

    Good luck cambo. To combo virus even more spread

  71. Avatar Dy Vot says:

    Hi rich countries you’re really poor heat no heart for help, cambodia poor mony but rich heart than countries rich mony

    • Avatar Sib Student says:

      you are poor brain.Enjoy new epidemic.

  72. Avatar We are Khmer We love khmer says:


    ចូលមកខំមិន khmer 🇰🇭🥰☺️😍😪 ដូចមនុស្សឆ្គួត។

  73. Avatar I Selected For says:


  74. Avatar Funky Monkey says:

    Cambodia the 3 largest spread of coronavirus. They should have done quarantine at least.

  75. Avatar Gary Holden says:

    So an American from this ship just tested positive for the virus. Hope the Cambodian leader didn’t shake hands with Mr virus.

  76. Avatar VibeX MaTxeMa says:

    Corona Virus: finally i got a free pass here

  77. Avatar TheIxtlan says:

    There is outbreak in California. It has begun.

  78. Avatar SoRena Dix says:

    Where were they taken?

  79. Avatar Wazir Hosseini Dhillon says:

    Corona Virus: Countries are so hostile, every country is refusing me entry, Even my birth country china is becoming more n more hostile
    Cambodia: You are welcome here dear, we will accept you with open arms and without masks.
    Corona Virus: Thanks Cambodia I will return the favor soon

  80. Avatar Sarady Kim says:

    Monsieur Hun Sen toujours un homme serpent pour notre peuple Khmer.

  81. Avatar Free Couch says:

    Shaking hands.

  82. Avatar Chanh Chau soc says:


  83. Avatar Joseph IMO says:

    Cue in “to be continued” music…

  84. Avatar Roeun Man says:

    He just want all there money at their new casino lol

  85. Avatar Lets Try says:

    So incubation period is more than 14 days

  86. Avatar Thai Bad boy says:

    Camboians often say that Cambodians are poor but good-hearted, but I think they are brainless. Clever Cambodians killed by the Khmer Rouge.

  87. Avatar Zack R says:

    pray for cambodian people

  88. Avatar Manuel Matters says:

    how stupid. lets see in the next 48 hours. no mask and you scram them into buses and planes.

  89. Avatar a q says:

    US citizen confirm covid19 passenger from the ship.. US Embassy charter flight from Cambodia to Malaysia.. 145 passengers.. Malaysian Health Ministry.. test positive on 83 yrs old women.. n now.. 3 other charter flight from Cambodia to Malaysia with US citizens.. are forbid to transit in Malaysia.. before embark to US.. well done Cambodia.. u hv now spread the virus even more.. n to ur land..

  90. Avatar ARGENTINA MEXICO says:

    Cambodia is a corrupt Chinese colony

  91. Avatar El Vibora says:

    Im afraid the cambodian pm wagered the health of ordinary cambodians in hopes of winning goodwill points from beijing(earlier i read from bangkok post that a cambodia-china free trade agreement is underway). Later an american lady was tested positive for covid-19 in kl, malaysia. With the level of health facilities in cambodia, I hope no one was infected there.

  92. Avatar Carl Steinfurth says:

    They should be kept on board…

  93. Avatar Powersliding says:


  94. Avatar Bugs Bunnysupdoc says:

    They complain about US state department while cambodia welcomes them with open arms…….
    Are they stupid?
    Oh coz we were tested negative….Plenty ppl tested false negative 3 times but got a positive on the 4th test.
    Oh the info from US was too confusing…..nobody has figured out the virus, not even china and they were the first to study the virus.
    Oh cambodia is our savior….they don’t care about ur health as long as you give them a good photo op and put the rest of the world at risk…..u may not show symptoms if ur a carrie. Then bring it home to have ur family infected. Who will you thank?

  95. Avatar Pør Pørn TG says:


  96. Avatar Bea FreeAll says:

    Frank King comedian, snuck out of cambodia and flew to sea-tac airport..arriving monday , yest. 2/17/2020….has he been quarantined yet..he was on that ship…

  97. Avatar Jenn W says:

    If that one lady tested positive for the virus you can be sure that many more are going to be too and now they are all in different places and countries spreading it further. Really stupid especially since these passengers were free to move all around that ship hanging with each other.

  98. Avatar shubhangi ptl says:

    Only saw in movies that govt are foolish to expose people to virus now in reality seriously govt of all of countries are foolish . Now we are doomed.

  99. Avatar Soulong Zefatiii says:

    If Cambodia did not allow the ship to land, it would not be known where the food was, and the oil was almost gone. Will the end of their lives be sacrificed on a ship or thrown into the sea? If everyone refuses to turn them down? But Cambodia cannot turn a blind eye to the death of the people because it has been despised and discriminated against, and it is clear that this is the case with all tourists. We are all talking about human rights, but now the stigma is huge, proving that prejudice and excessive fear are leading to real human rights destruction. 👏

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