Venezuela’s Maduro considers charging citizens more for petrol

2020 5/31
Venezuela’s Maduro considers charging citizens more for petrol

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said on Wednesday that his government must begin charging more for petrol and said he had directed a team of specialists to determine what the price should be.
The announcement follows the arrival of several tankers from Iran carrying much-needed fuel.

Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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  • broogbie says:

    Latino saddam hussein

    • Silvio Nunez says:

      Dude, not even more like Manuel Antonio Noriega. Ring a Bell. “Don’t want to come. Will pick you up.” LoL

  • Ayan Khan says:

    New super power chaina coming soon

    • Silvio Nunez says:

      Why doesn’ Maduro join that Club?

    • kushanu D says:

      Abey Bhikhmange spilling to sahi se likh …China ki

  • Yasin Arafath Danny says:

    Socialism always brings sufferings, poverty, and famine

    • Syed Ahmed says:

      @hussein chaytylle I am in Australia now. Luckily, we have no big pandemic here. I don’t like Maduro. He has destroyed Venezuela. I can tell from the news and visitors, the situation is very very bad and it does not have to be. I don’t like any dictatorship regime, communist, fascist or monarchy makes no difference. Venezuela deserves better leaders than Maduro and Guido. Guido is better than Maduro, but you need better, someone who is not a puppet.

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      Syed Ahmed still scott morrison is no better than maduro jaja why everyone hates him there?

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      Syed Ahmed i had a lot of friends that were Australians arabs in Lebanon, they good people, we used to called them the oussies lol

    • Syed Ahmed says:

      @hussein chaytylle My politics is much more left than him but you can’t compare him to Maduro. Australia changes PM often. Maduro thinks he owns Venezuela.

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      Syed Ahmed I know i was joking but hes seems loke very greedy, and yes no man should stay in power more than 4 years, and again there’s no comparisions at all

  • American Infidel says:

    Where is Putin? Putin has created the mess that Venezuela is currently in. Why is it Iran and not Russia that brings badly needed Petrol to those Venezuelans that can afford Maduro’s hefty price?

    • Silvio Nunez says:

      Why ask the question, is obvious. Putin does want any involvement in this debacle. He has enough going on back home.

    • Greg S says:

      They are all low on money dumbass. Have you seen the price of oil lately? That’s what happens when you don’t diversify your economy.

    • American Infidel says:

      @Greg S Filthy tongue you have. Now cut that out loser.


    Commodity-to-commodity exchanges, well new start 👏👏👏
    Keep it up IRAN & Venezuela ♥️🤗
    And anybody is not happy with this good news, can go home like this 🚶.

  • peter schmidt says:

    Blaming sanctions for not being able to do basic maintenance on the refineries – It’s the socialist attitude, no one owns anything – people who own their house and car pay more money, effort and time to take care of them. People who get free housing won’t use their own money to maintain a house that belongs to the state. Same goes for industrial plants, workers and supervisors will do their job and go home, they don’t have “owner-operator Management” that make sure the plant is upgraded and maintained – an uncaring government department now has this responsibility. If the government sold that broken refinery to a competent owner it would be repaired and running very quickly – surely there are still foundries , machine shops and steel fabricators in the country that can refurbish or remake broken parts, even with sanctions.

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      Clever Nduruza amd Venezuela is targeted for a reason, this regime is a narco fascist regine that kills his own people for not thinking the same, other than that we dont want to lose the country to communist countrys like cuba

    • fido dido says:

      @hussein chaytylle Chamo callate, no eres Venezolano para hablar de esa manera .

    • Al 72 says:

      @hussein chaytylle
      So Gay-dog and his minions want to get to power by all means, even by selling Venezuela to u$$.
      And a small country will always struggle to produce everything domestically, safety in numbers.

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      Al 72 maduro already sold venezuela to cuba, china, russia and iran, before you comment get inform, before when we were friends with United States back in the 50s 60s 70s , Venezuela was a prosperous country, thos communists have destroyed everything, Venezuela is no longer a a country is a colony

    • Greg S says:

      @hussein chaytylle it doesn’t matter man. These guys are educated from a young age to hate democracy and freedom. They don’t even know what it is.

  • Spaceballz123 says:

    Ironic…. a bus driver turned president manage to drive the Venezuelan economy off a cliff lol

    • Sharif Hasan says:

      @CHECOMAND any President who is not a Puppet of another superpower is a ‘Ok’ President. Fascist is another chronology.

    • CHECOMAND says:

      Sharif Hasan I am not talking against maduro!
      Honor and glory to maduro and the Venezuelan bolivarian revolution.

    • CHECOMAND says:

      Score they satanizemaduro, why they don’t see the reason venezuela is suffering .

    • Sharif Hasan says:

      @CHECOMAND bravo mate. Well said.

      They lack education who mocks maduro only after listening what usa says.

    • admin123 says:

      Wheres the irony in that??, that is to be expected.

  • Abdur Rehman says:

    Good job Iran 🇮🇳👌

    • محمد الجابري says:

      @Steve S???

    • Mi Dos says:

      This is IRÁN flag 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

    • Furkan Sahin says:

      @محمد الجابري Steve is suck

  • Manuel Vieira says:

    One month of petrol ; and after that ? Iran will keep on supplying Venezuela ? Am d they can afford it ? …

    • IMxYOURxDADDY says:

      Iran is over charging

    • Greg S says:

      @Mahir Hussam Venezuela has no cash and has now had to sell its gold. It’s already almost gone. Then what? It’s a tragedy what is happening to Venezuela.

    • Mahir Hussam says:

      @Greg S yeah 😥

    • Hadi Hamidi says:

      Iran will help Venezuela to extract oil and change it into petrol

    • Hablo Verdi says:

      @Hadi Hamidi Where did you read that?

  • Zubair Motala says:

    Why doesnt Iran help Venezuela with the equipment it needs to restart the oil and fuel production?

    • Dustin Tacohands says:

      To expensive

    • Kevin Rudd says:

      Iran is

    • Greg S says:

      @Kevin Rudd Iran can barely help themselves they are so broke


    apuesto que sapean mis movimientos futuros

  • Bruja says:


  • Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen says:

    Well you gotta pay there is nothing free

  • Kourosh Ghaaedi says:

    US-sanktion and CIA-operatives in Venezuela has been destroying venezuelan economy in the last two decades.
    Venezuela must arrest those CIA bound criminals and work with independent countries like Iran, Russia, Korea, Indonesia….

    • Juiceman 0331 says:

      Camels are smarter than you.

    • Kourosh Ghaaedi says:

      Korea depends on others

    • Kourosh Ghaaedi says:

      USA is the most hated entity on the Earth.

    • Sung Shin says:

      Kourosh Ghaaedi, yes. All dictators/ dictatorship and communist countries hate America. That is true. We value human rights, freedom and good life.

    • Kourosh Ghaaedi says:

      World public is watching Minneapolis right now.
      Surely %99 of humanity reject this kind of freedom.
      That’s not freedom but hypocricy

  • Adel Mohamad ali says:


  • Adel Mohamad ali says:

    Down with usa.

    • Greg S says:

      Lol all people flee to USA. Why? Even Syrian refugees are in the USA.

    • Juulk says:

      @Greg S Wahhabi ones like that one Saudi soldier that killed your soldiers when you were teaching them how to bomb Yemenis civilians hahahaha good they are smart not like you they gonna have better life there lmao, you steal from their countries and give to them…works xD

  • Steve Harris says:

    Not real communism

  • Lelen Kom says:

    The funniest thing is that u had a bunden of oil but u cannot know how to make oil wanderfull people

  • Dilek Kaya says:

    Good job neighbour Iran
    Long live brother Venezuela.

  • Dustin Tacohands says:

    Good luck trying to charge your on thin ice already maduro

    • 1972 chitekwe says:

      Americans can only dream of paying what Venezuelans pay for fuel.

    • Greg S says:

      @1972 chitekwe also right now, Venezuelans can only dream of a stable currency. Are you really this dumb to compare living conditions and prices between the two countries?

    • 1972 chitekwe says:

      @Greg S Are you such a “genius ” you can’t understand why that is? It’s commonly called “economic terrorism “. You give geniuses a bad name.

  • Too Much Salt says:

    LOL Al-jazeera is so Pro-America. @1:03 Blames the government for under-investment when the real cause is due to US sanction.

    • akhlak hussain says:

      America father of all media houses apart of some

    • Matias Velázquez says:

      _No it’s not, that’s just a cheap excuse glorified by edgy socialists and Putinists. Since the anti-government movement began in Venezuela, around 2013, one of the main complaints of the Venezuelan opposition was the poor economic management of the government and the savage corruption, an accusation sustained by several economists. In those days there were no US sanctions and in fact, Venezuela traded oil with the United States._

      _The sanctions simply showed how fragile the Venezuelan economy was thanks to the incompetence and corruption of the Chavistas. I mean, Libya was also under sanctions in the 1990s and it was a country that caused envy because they knew how to create a strong economy. Chavistas are just an example of what a kleptocracy is really about._

    • Juulk says:

      @Greg S LMAO you fking ape, Al-J is own by Qatari government hahaha go and fight with ISIS next mate. Al-J call them freedom fighters just like your government lmao xD

  • Sung Shin says:

    LOL. Madura is funny guy. He hates America! But, he uses America’s currency dollar to sell gasoline to his people. He blames America for NOT helping his country economic. LOL. Funny guy he is.

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      It’s all a game

    • Niterain says:

      If the truth was actually told. The real truth. This world would be like WTF…

    • Thug Life says:


  • ali ali says:

    People of Venezuela are paying the price for raising voice against America and friendship with Russia and

    • Juulk says:

      @Steve S You are a liar and an idiot. Your opinion means nothing since you are a racist pig too.

    • Juulk says:

      And China

  • Youtuve Youtuve says:

    Look how socialism works L O L

  • São João do mundo says:

    Socialism in progress.


    I was there 22 years ago… ..Famous with Miss universe, oil, party…….luxury…… Flip flop…….. USA aim…….w d u think? …..(I’m an Indonesian)

    • Greg S says:

      Glad you asked! I think Malaysia is garbage. I hope China attacks you first.

    • Khairul Danial says:

      @Greg S What are you on about? No one talks about Malaysia here. What a bollocks statement

    • Greg S says:

      @Khairul Danial lol I meant Indonesia, but Malaysia too. Garbage countries who persecute their minority religions.

  • Kevin Rudd says:

    Viva Iran, Viva Venozuela.

  • Hog Nutz says:

    Please do lololol

  • solisium says:

    I don’t get why many there keep having children 🤦‍♂️
    Same guys that voted in communism.

    • TheDark side says:

      You answered your own question!

  • Kamalpreet Singh says:

    Long live Venezuela revolution…..

    • Greg S says:

      5 million people fled the country. It’s a terrible place.

    • Przemysław Bodziony says:

      @Greg S IT was sarcasm

  • rudisg72 says:

    This is what socialism looks like,free everything POWER TO THE PEOPLE. A bus driver president.

    • rudisg72 says:

      al bundy Bus driver can’t run a country.

    • rudisg72 says:

      Frieden Lucette You would be surprise what I know

    • al bundy says:

      everyone smart for themselves , you smart to fill your own pocket that might be very smart for you , but other guys want fill their pocket to then he is not smart only playing smart business you can play , you feel that way , if you put competition against two and only allow to one winner I bet you will win that race and call yourself ” Smart ” but world do not Turn that way , you can not be only smart other you call ” Lazy & stupit “

    • rudisg72 says:

      al bundy Your right the world is complicated,but we still have one of the best systems in the U.S.

    • Frieden Lucette says:

      @rudisg72 that seems like an ignorant person would say, oh well nvm, if u say so

  • Greg S says:

    LoL iran and venezuela deserve each other.

  • Mi Dos says:

    ☠️☠️☠️☠️🇺🇸☠️☠️☠️☠️GAME OVER!

    • OrdinaryGhoul says:


    • IMxYOURxDADDY says:

      lol Venezuelans are being overcharged

  • MusicEthioAfrik says:

    Iran gov helping Venezuela gov = the blind leading the blind

  • Mi Dos says:


  • shiraz mohammed says:

    DC sanctioning suffer the people

    • Dinesy16 says:

      Damage was already caused before ANY sanctions

      You’re a liar spreading your FAKE socialist propaganda.


    • shiraz mohammed says:

      Dinesy16. Your reply says a lot about you🤣you sheep…

  • Michael Robins says:

    What a joke! A former bus driver now running a country, no wonder it’s failing

    • nisam says:

      Never under estimate any one, do u beleive in elite class!!!!

    • Juulk says:

      Have you heard about Trump hahahah

    • admin123 says:

      @nisam I believe in educated people.

  • okacet says:

    Now Venezuela has become a big burden to entire Latin America. A failed state .

    • slayerdude76 says:

      Juulk 👏🏼 perfectly stated

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      slayerdude76 i see you watch a lot of conspiracy theories lol how old are you 15? I recommend you to study more geopolitics

    • slayerdude76 says:

      hussein chaytylle lol no mate wrong but if you actually call that conspiracy theories, what it really means is either YOU are less than 15 years old and thus not old enough to have seen this history you could not overlook and learn from, or .. you lived under a rock in a desert in mountains with no tv or internet or just a naive bubble when all these events occurred. Please say You do know Gadafi was exemplified and glorified as a model leader for the African countries by the us all the way till before they took him out right?

    • slayerdude76 says:

      hussein chaytylle read a few books man give me your address I’ll ship you some

    • Juulk says:

      @hussein chaytylle I call your BS right here and now…don’t cry as if you were from Venezuela you are watching Al-J and your name is “Hussein” you failed Wahhabi bi*ch, yes are a puppet of USA and a good dog, KSA/UAE/Iraq/Qatar suk it and stop as if you were from Venz….shameless

  • chilledrush says:

    Disgusting what america does to independent countries

    • jason miller says:

      Yea, I guess what Cuba is doing to Venezuela is fine then.
      Your a dummy and have zero idea what your even saying. Go back and learn something useful

  • CHECOMAND says:

    How much does a gallon of gasoline cost in Venezuela?…. nothing, it is time to charge people for gas. Don’t believe everything you hear in the news. Why doesn’t the news talks about all the Venezuelan gold confiscated by the uk?
    Why they don’t talk about the embargo impostes by usa to Venezuela? How about gitco?
    How about all the Venezuelan money confiscated in USA banks?

    • admin123 says:

      How about all the expropriated USA companies in Venezuela since Chavez took power??? did you forget about those???, Venezuela just stole all of DirectTv assets in Venezuela, did you hear or the news didnt talk about that, hahahah. Do you even know what an embargo is?? why would you want to do business with your enemy?? and then blame your misery on your enemy because they dont want to do any business with you.

  • 柳岑焉 says:


  • 柳岑焉 says:


    • Greg S says:

      No Venezuela is not part of ancient China.

    • Greg S says:

      @Juulk lol

    • Juulk says:

      @Greg S bruh there is guy who does this to my so I’m gonna do it as well, seems fun. Zions man copy posting only

  • frank lloyd says:

    then communism did not work .. ??

    • Ahmed Elshiekh says:

      that’s why kids should not be out of school …. you should be studying now instead of watching videos

    • Juulk says:

      LMAO yeah go with that and ignore all other problem of whole fuking country kid. KSA/Qatar/UAE are doing better than Vz by just selling oil…you know why they can do that because they are not under fking sanctions….you are funny your said “communism did not work” LiKe

    • al bundy says:

      they try to be socialist , you call communist two different thing , you Live actually socialist system at USA , all trains , buses , airliners , Hospitals , Roads , Electricity , water systems , supermarkets , schools , mail delivery you name it all socialist things , you can not build highway one city to other if you want drive you want Government do for you , you may have good Goverment health care if you work for Goverment and you might love it it is socialism to , if Country strong as USA do not want your country survive economicaly do not matter what ever they try will fail , capitalism , fasizm , socialism , dictatorship , Kingdom , as long as USA put Economic embargo and their Allies , that country can have world most Oil would not able to Survive economicaly .

    • BOOM HD 2013 says:

      Sanctions are an act of war.

  • Manuel Morales says:


    • jason miller says:

      Si verdad. Venezuela y los venezolanos son los esclavos de los verdaderos dueños de el país, los Cubanos. Yo personalmente prefiero ser socio de los Americanos que de ser los esclavos de los Cubanos. Y los Chavistas son los idiotas que dejaron los Cubanos entrar en el país y acabar con todo. Que idiotas!!!!

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      jason miller 👍🏻 asi es

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      Ya estamos hasta la madre con estos comunistas de pacotilla, hasta cuando , el munido tiene que aliarse en contra y declararses la guerra , igual como lo hicieron contra hitler

  • ShaRu Sam says:

    God curse on america and american!Ameen. Long live Iran & venezuela!Ameen.

    • admin123 says:

      @Juulk What are we backing money with?? I don’t expect you to understand but ill try!. we back our money with Planes, Cars, Facebook, Google, apple, microsoft, computers, chips, jet engines, telecommunications, oil, gas, rockets, want more??, I can go on all day son.

      History?? we don’t live in history, we live in the present, what a stupid argument, what “is” is and the rest is wishful thinking, keep waiting on history to prove your point, well die before that, it doesnt matter!!. Ok kiddo?? That’s a good question for Maduro though, what are you backing your money with??? 100000000% inflation, hahaha

    • Juulk says:

      @admin123 Plane and cars are not a government assets you moron, its owned by the people…are you trying to say “tax”.
      Go on and try to read again or go back to school kiddo, where did I said we live in past go on.
      You are to horney kiddo, LMAO I don’t live in Venezuela ape but you could have told those morons that tried to get Maduro they are having fun lmao.
      “What a stupid argument” Yes you made it up in your head as you can’t even read yet.

    • Juulk says:

      @admin123 “History?? we don’t live in history, we live in the present” that is the funnies shi& I heard all day how low can you become…as I said go on where did I said that?

    • admin123 says:

      @Juulk Hey Buddy!!!! wow, that got your worked up, poor baby calm down!! you called me an ape, oh noooo, dont be so mean, that’s really hurtful, hahahahah. you are a potato face, hahahahaha.
      I meant All the goods and services that a country produces, that’s what money represents, taxes are just a part of it, as long as it keeps producing these goods, debt can be repaid and everything is fine, so yeah I think the USA will be fine.

      And Like I said wishful thinking!!!! keep waiting!!! I recommend you go buy yourself a time machine to travel to the future so you can prove your stupid point because it’s not reality, and that won’t guarantee anything neither, maybe you won’t even be able to prove your stupid point that the USA will fall at all even with a time machine, maybe you will travel to the future and find out the USA is even a bigger superpower, I guess we’ll never know. Hahahahah

      The only thing we know is that God seems to bless America and curse its enemies. and that is that and you can cry and call me names and read all the history books you want that won’t change reality at all. Ok kiddo?
       Go USA!!!!

    • Steve S says:

      @Juulk you are an idiot and a brainwashed fool, then there is your lying, you are pathetic!

  • ab 🇧🇩 says:

    I think, president Nicolas Maduro Made the right decision for his country.

    • It's Nasim says:

      ab আপনার চিন্তা ধারণা সম্পূর্ণ ভুল কেননা মাদুরো ভেনেজুয়েলা কি সম্পূর্ণ ধ্বংস করে দিয়েছে

    • jason miller says:

      Yea. He decided exactly what Cuba told him to decide.
      Your an idiot to boot.

  • vincent richie says:

    People are weak

  • borntobeking85 says:

    If your leader agree not to make nuclear weapons then there will be no sanctions. Your leader chose to make weapon and invade neighbor countries. Blame your leader instead of the United States.

  • Daniel Pani says:

    We always knew Venezuela is an oil exporting country, member of OPEC. What happened now that it is importing oil? Strange situation!

    • Road Warrior says:

      It’s not importing oil but fuel because they don’t have the chemicals to refined themselves due to the crippling sanctions that it is being subjected to by its Northern neighbor.

    • Daniel Pani says:

      @Road Warrior why sanctions?

  • Tim Turko says:

    The economic sanctions placed on Venezuela are the cause of its economic woes. The Maduro government was elected fair and square in 2018. Just ask the U.N. They observed the elections and found nothing wrong!

    • Tim Turko says:

      Poor Jason. You can’t put up a good counter- argument so you resort to name- calling.

    • jason miller says:

      Tim Turko

      Here I’ll try to explain to you, even though your a mental midget believing the UN is actually there to help the Venezuelan people.

      Here comes the truth, ready???
      Open your mind and get your thumb out of your mouth.

      Hugo Chávez let Cuba into Venezuela to help bring Socialism. Chávez died, and Cuba became an invading force into the Venezuelan bureaucratic system. Cubans held high positions in the military, as well as the siame and diex, which are the tax and citizenship offices of Venezuela.

      Cuba has been systematically robbing Venezuelan resources or the past 20 years and have basically run Venezuela into the ground.

      The Americans are trying to rid the Cuban influence from Venezuela, and free the Venezuelan people who are starving. And hopefully rid socialism and communism from the Western Hemisphere

      Before you ever make such dumb statements or even try to understand geo-politics again start by grabbing a flight and come to Caracas.

      A I’ll show you the truth. You have no idea, so before making dumb comments do your homework.
      Get your dumb head out of the sand and see the truth. Although I doubt you would even know how to get to Caracas, and even if you had the dumb luck to get there, you would probably get killed as you leave the airport. Dummies don’t last too long here, and the UN doesn’t protect you either.

    • Tim Turko says:

      If I was so far away from the truth you could easily refute my argument by simply telling it yourself. But I beat you to it. So go back to your mother’s basement.

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      Tim Turko im from Venezuela and your very ignorant, what a waste of mind, i feel sad for you

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      jason miller 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Mr. E says:

    What a buch of corrupt thieves who bunkruptrd a rich country

  • Cecilia Darko says:

    Given Maduro he is feeling the pressure alway blaming US….☠☠☠☠

    • slayerdude76 says:

      But of course us IS to blame for in humane pressuring of the VZ people ! It’s economic Trrorism

    • al bundy says:

      let USA shut up and Do not interfere so many countries could be Much better economicaly with out USA help , but USA doctrinate every countries he is the boss and everyone will get direction from Their President or else ruin that country economy .

    • Greg S says:

      @al bundy lol USA helped Japan, Germany, and South Korea become rich and powerful. Get a clue!

  • akhlak hussain says:

    This all happened to illegal sanctions of America on Venezuela, pro American media fear to take the name of own father

    • TrayBiz1 says:

      Sanctions are not illegal… they are nothing more than a country deciding who they are and are not doing business with which every country reserves that right to do.. if Venezuela me better decisions in the past and had more friends in the world us sanctions wouldn’t be crumbling their economy

    • admin123 says:

      Why would you want to do business with a country you hate and then blame your situation on that country because they dont want to do any business with you. You sir are an idiot!!!!

  • VanMy Trinh says:

    Why is a new? Price adjust is always set on a daily basis.

  • Radith Ramadhan says:

    venezuela becoming iraq now, they have a lot of oil but the govt didn’t have enough money to extract it so they choose the simple way by imported from another country what a plan

    • Juulk says:

      Wasn’t part of Iraq-US deal that US help to rebuild Iraq oil,dams,etc you know because they were the ones that destroy it saying Saddam have WMDs

  • Steve S says:

    Venezuela is like iran, controlled by evil dictatorships, although iran is more cowardly and run by crazy religious idiots.

  • Deep Sea says:

    US sanctions is genocide. US should focus on it’s own internal matters like dealing with Racism, inequalities and teach it’s stupid citizens good education.

    • Steve S says:

      You are a liar and an idiot. Your opinion means nothing since you are a racist pig too.

    • admin123 says:

      Do you even know what the sanctions are about? probably not, educate yourself ok.

  • Adam Ali says:

    Well done Iran, our brothers 🇵🇰

    • Sar Baz says:


    • Greg S says:

      @Sar Baz lol you guys can be garbage together. Funny how so many Iranians and Pakistani run away to the USA lmao

  • Job Carpenter says:

    Well done Iran help Venezuela and its people help them with water and gas as well. Iran and Venezuela should do more trade and help each other

  • Ryan HO says:

    Long live IRAN❤, be strong

  • IndieSpaceAstronaut says:

    It’s sad how Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in The America yet their government is so corrupt the people have to suffer on a daily basis. This isn’t “Good Job Iran.” This is one corrupt government (Iran) supporting another corrupt government. Maybe someday the people will rise up like in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria to fight such oppression

    • IndieSpaceAstronaut says:

      CHECOMAND The U.S and much of NATO nations recognitze Juan Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela. We don’t care about oil as we received 50.8% of it from Canada in 2019 and 8% from Saudi Arabia. We care to see Venezuela be the pearl it once was. If you think the current regime is better than alternatives than your polluted by misconceptions

    • Eduardo Fernandes says:

      Venezuela is in South America.

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      CHECOMAND china , cuba, and iran want the oil too , I prefer United states over those miserable communists anyday

    • IndieSpaceAstronaut says:

      hussein chaytylle I mean for God sakes look at how the people live. In China they have a social credit score based on your geolocation. In Iran 1,500 protests were murdered last year and just this week a 14 year old girl was murdered by her father under the existing ‘honor killing’ law of Iran. In Cuba (I just came back), food & resources are scarce but in Venezuela it’s an absolute humanitarian crisis. For some reason I watch the Venezuelan state news…Maduro lives like a king and dances on national television while his people wait for days to get oil and find resources. I’m not saying the U.S is perfect (far from it), I just know that capitalist states generally perform better in terms of economics and ethics.

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      IndieSpaceAstronaut 👍🏻

  • Gavin L says:

    Rubbish dictators always blame other’s for their incompetency

    • Greg S says:

      @zzz 1 the people get the leaders they deserve. They don’t like sanctions then they can change their leaders. We are not going to support Iranian expansionist policies to spread Shia Islam everywhere.

    • zzz 1 says:

      Greg S so you condemn the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians due to US criminal genocidal sanctions?

    • Greg S says:

      @zzz 1 LMAO is that the scientific terminology? No agenda at all I’m sure. Iran and Venezuela deserve each other. Also Syria, Lebanon, and any other country that slaughters their own people.

    • zzz 1 says:

      Greg S Is that what you tell yourself at night to make yourself feel better? I’d recommend you to stop watching mainstream media.

    • Greg S says:

      @zzz 1 lmao so they are utopian paradises? Why do people from those countries run away to the West??

  • Nasser KSA says:

    The country with the largest reserves in the world. They are happy to get fuel from Iran for only two weeks.
    A corrupt and stupid government
    and an oppressed people

  • Megamind says:

    This is so sad people in power will fight to stay in power while people dying for basic life necessities
    They have biggest oil reserves but they don’t know what todo with it and won’t let anyone do to make it better for people

  • Salam Khan says:

    Good job Venezuela

    • Greg S says:

      Lol really? People are starving smh

  • jobs Update says:

    Great iran

    • Greg S says:

      Do a jobs update in Iran lol. Regime starving it’s people spending money on wars.

    • Juulk says:

      @Greg S You are a liar and an idiot. Your opinion means nothing since you are a racist pig too.

  • Boqor radio says:

    Its a catastrophic situation for the citizens

  • mud larking says:

    The SUPREME GENERAL of the JESUIT’s is VENEZUELAN. Arturo Sosa. It is what he puts in place that will be recognised.. VENEZUELA has the largest OIL deposits in the world why are they buying fuel from IRAN? ALL scripted nonsense…

  • obazas says:

    Anywhere there is corruption & dictators you will see Iran there.

  • José Hilton Ferreira Alves says:

    Eu não sei como existe idiotas que segue esse cara,e como ele não acorda pra ver que está desgraçando a Venezuela!!!

  • George ONeal says:

    Sounds about right for a friend of Bernies

  • muhammadi khan says:

    Well daan Iran

  • jason miller says:

    ATTENTION!!!! all Lefties, Socialists, Communists, and all the dummies out there who believe Fake News.

    Here comes the truth, ready???
    Open your minds and get your thumbs out of your dumb socialist commie dirty mouths!!!

    It’s not American policies or sanctions that have screwed the Venezuelan people. Noooooo, the problem started way before in 2001 when a certain Hugo Chavez was voted into the Presidency.

    Hugo Chávez let Cuba into Venezuela to help bring Socialism, and the “perfect” Cuban system. He basically invited the fox into the hen house.

    Cuba has had it’s eye on Venezuelan Oil way before Chavez, and have tried to infiltrate Venezuela before. Unfortunately now with Chavez in power and his blind love of Fidel, it was easy. Chavez loved Fidel like a father.
    Venezuela used to have internal affairs meeting in Cuba, believe it or not!! Look it up, it’s true!!!

    When Chávez died it was the beginning of the end for Venezuela. As long as Chavez was alive He had somehow maintained a semblance of Venezuelan independence from Cuba. He was a strong political figure and believed in Venezuela as an independent nation. He kind of kept the Communists at bay, but the Cubans were patient and bought their time wisely. Once Chavez passed away Cuba became an invading force into the Venezuelan bureaucratic system.
    Strangely, Chavez didn’t even die in Venezuela but in Cuba.
    When have you ever heard of a sick president going to another nation to get “treatment” and dying there. Unbelievable, but true. It’s almost like the Cubans killed Chavez.

    Since then, Cubans have held high positions in the military, as well as the siame and diex, which are the tax and citizenship offices of Venezuela.

    Cuba has been systematically robbing Venezuelan resources or the past 20 years and have basically run Venezuela into the ground.

    The Americans are trying to rid the Cuban influence from Venezuela, and free the Venezuelan people who are starving. And hopefully rid socialism and communism from the Western Hemisphere

    Before any of you lefties answer me or try to rebut my factual statements please try to understand geo-politics and not repeat fake news bull to me. You can start by grabbing a flight and come to Caracas.

    I’ll personally show you the truth. You all have no idea what’s happening here. So before making dumb comments do your homework.
    Get your dumb heads out of the sand and come see the truth. Although I doubt any of you socialists Commies would even know how to get to Caracas, and even if you had the dumb luck of get there, you would probably get killed as you leave the airport.
    Dummies don’t last too long here, especially the ones that preach the “virtues” of socialism.

    Peace out ✌️

  • King Jerry Coleman IV says:

    Blame the US they are the ones Rather see your starve then help

    • Greg S says:

      Lol yes. Just blame somebody other than yourselves…

  • Angelina Olvera says:

    Everyone posting these comments sound evil god bless the world!!!!!

  • Ricky Roan says:

    I thought Iran gave the Petro supplies to Venezuela for free…

    • Juulk says:

      @Greg S Go on tell me your wet dream

    • Greg S says:

      @Juulk use Google.

    • Juulk says:

      @Greg S yeah souc please, “use Google”/”just google” stfu please

    • Greg S says:

      @Juulk well you obviously never received a proper education so it’s your next best option.

    • Juulk says:

      @Greg S You sound like the other fools I deal with on my job so please stfu, don’t act as if you know something and just say “just google” 4head.
      Only a moron call others a moron to feel better about themselves.
      By god how low can someone be alike of you.

  • Ricky Roan says:

    Just a BANDAID for the Cancer’ wounds….

  • Luis Merchan says:

    Lol, glad I’m not there

  • TruthSeeker says:

    Good job IRAN.

  • Andres B says:

    Cuando van a eliminar al Mamaduro!

  • Niterain says:

    This is the plan? Looks like they were slightly unprepared.

  • Croco Gator says:

    Maduro’s incompetence is the reason why Venezuela is in a sinkhole.

  • JAVI says:

    That is the result of being lazy and spect all from government.

  • Mr. Apriza Yutama says:

    Economic crash, unstable politics, hunger, poverty, mass protest, country sanctioned but somehow the leader still in power.

    Survival level : Maduro

  • Farhad Drafsh says:

    this is true face of AlJewzeera.
    the media which supported isis to destroying Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan of course with another whahabi founded terror groups.
    shame on Al Jewzera. zionist intity

    • hussein chaytylle says:

      Farhad Drafsh every person in this world with power is evil

  • Lai D says:

    What are they gonna pay with? Their blood? What a clown

  • jeric lee says:

    step down is easiest

  • not today says:

    104,000 deaths mostly because the first economic power won’t give health coverage for their tax payers.

  • slayerdude76 says:

    Basic economics at play here
    Apparently petrol was allotted for free to citizens before this which is crazy but it’s justified to charge for petrol as every country does

  • parash Gajmer says:

    I got the theme of this information( Us wants Venezuela to bow down to its fading supremacy)

    • Greg S says:

      Lol. Stay in school, you know nothing.

  • Are Faramarz says:

    Long live Iran and Venezuela.

    • Greg S says:

      Lol Iranians amd Venezuelans are poor and starving. Get a clue!

  • Are Faramarz says:

    Victory for witch country says no to evil America

  • Sam Denisse says:

    God have mercy on their souls.

  • Mohammed nahid Miah says:

    Blame America they are blocking everything

  • Adalberto Granados says:

    I get sick to hear the same o same.. and us it just talk.. go a head and take over Maduro and get over w/it…

  • Roskill Boyz says:

    What’s happen with Guaidog? he’s out of the picture America tried up with China to worry about Venezuela, and Iran. America got riots in it’s own back yardm you would be more safer living in Venezuela, Iran, China

  • Doc Man says:

    Real leftists are against Maduro.

  • Das perfekte Opfer says:

    Just wondering, I don’t know much about this country but why people just don’t farm more food. Although Agriculture is cheap but you can survive with it, unlike oil.

  • Graham T says:

    They have run out of other peoples money. Typical socialists. They will then rush to the first capitilist country they can find and then demand more socialism.

  • K C says:

    Venezuelans Loves Nicolas Madure…….That’s Why He is Still President