George Floyd death: Pressure mounts for US officers to be charged

2020 5/31
George Floyd death: Pressure mounts for US officers to be charged

Anger is spreading in the US over the death of an unarmed Black man after a white police officer knelt on his neck while restraining him on the ground in the city of Minneapolis.
As new video of the incident emerged that showed George Floyd was not resisting arrest as originally claimed, the lawyer for his family has spoken of a “pandemic of racism”.
Protesters demanding justice for George Floyd have come out in their hundreds in downtown Los Angeles, blocking parts of a freeway and surrounding Highway Patrol cars.
The protests are now into their second day.

Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports..

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  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    3rd world america

  • Kyuubi says:



  • longmarchguy says:

    Why looting the shops? Only enhancing the sterotypes.

    • Kai Huang says:

      Is called freedom, never let good riot go to waste.

    • G F says:

      Yeah I know all those WHITE males out there setting fires and looting is crazy.

  • poinked says:

    citizens must pressure the govt to get the four of them charged?? WTF they should be charged instantly and sentenced

  • Tammy Brighton says:


  • davidogan says:

    He was merely suspected of handling a counterfeit $20 bill which is probably a false charge as well. With the way they treated him, you’d think he just shot a dozen people. Totally disgusted!

  • Aminul Islam says:

    Don’t worry my brother, corona viruses has been finishing them, if you percentage pass away white people more died of the corona virus. US stupid country that do not take care black people and it is long history Martin Luther King was seen that.


    American history…

  • Nuclear Fire says:

    Killed someone and they only got fired from their job,if this isn’t privileged I don’t know what is.

    • arif jau says:

      It is called racism, but in usa it is called free world.

    • Abdure Graphics & Design says:

      Islam said “kill every person who kill some one “

    • Forrest Gump says:

      @Abdure Graphics & Design AN EYE FOR AN EYE AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH

    • Andrew Berkant says:

      They were handed a paid leave at first but the people started protesting. The police officers got fired afterwards.There was a similar incident in NYC. The police officers were kept at their jobs. Finally, one of them was fired after five years. None of them were arrested or jailed. I am a caucasian person but it’s true that if someone is black, he will be targeted by cops more often than a caucasian person. I have been watching some incidents where the cops act like tugs, shooting or arresting blacks in their homes or in public places without any evidence that the individuals have involved in any sort of crimes.

    • sheldon pereira says:

      @Forrest Gump the whole saying is leaves the world blind and toothless

  • Abuubakar Juma says:


  • tatiana vera says:

    Looting in America

  • Francesca says:

    Rest in peace big man. I hope this is the last time a policeman feels entitled not to listen the prayers of someone in custody. This is a pure homicide to me because we all know that even an healthy human being can die when kept like that.

    • MR K says:

      we know it wont be the last time.. it is dangerous be a non-white person in this country

    • Francesca says:

      @MR K in Italy 3 young white men died by the hands of policemen. One was killed the same way as George. He’s called Andrea Mogherini. People was filming and screamed, asking to stop putting their feet on his body. He said “please, i can’t breath, i am a dad” and they didn’t stop. Andrea only had a panic attack and he was escaping something, he needed help but he ended up killed in few minutes like George. In the case of George the policeman was clearly doing a sadistic action and luckily his face was caught by the video. I know that in the US prisons there are many innocent black men locked for years and this is very sad.

  • no hatred says:

    All police men related to this incident must be hanged till death…if u can do justice

  • Dean Johnson says:

    Indians are not commenting lol 😂🤣.

    • Mike Williams says:

      What does the Indians have to do with this?

    • Vuyo Gqola says:

      This isn’t a laughing matter🙄

    • John Thomson says:

      @Mike Williams Because everywhere Indians (South Asians Indian, Not Native/Real Americans Red Indians) try to show themself smart and lick US’s Azzzzz!! 💩

    • Dario Strassli says:

      This is no laughing matter. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. What this psychopath did was pure evil.

  • Seow Ling Wee says:

    Such a bad example of America’s record of human equality, justice and …..shits.

    • Dario Strassli says:

      This is pure evil. This is equally as bad as harvesting organs alive.

  • musicguy20 says:

    The poor man cried out for his mother before he died (was murdered) in police custody. He didn’t die later he was already dead.

  • piny 09 says:

    This is Demo-Crazy country. All is crazy.

  • Azzrudin Jamil says:

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  • abdul halim says:

    I suddenly lost hope in humanity.

  • Patrick heiden says:

    You only hear about unarmed black people being killed by cops! What about the unarmed white people?

  • DrivenByRage says:

    America, land of the fee, home of the slave.

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

      i will remember this sir

    • Jay Alvarado says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Omar Jr says:

    That’s a painful death indeed

  • Mash Alizar says:

    USA the racist!!!

  • DrivenByRage says:

    The police have sworn to protect the corporations, not the people.

    • Zz Z says:

      USA is a corporation and not a The Act of 1871..

  • Gmax Celgev says:

    These so called officers are not law enforcers.They are criminals.They should be charged as such.

  • Shamona Arshad says:

    Charge with murder.

  • Josh Edwards says:

    He died on the spot! Those 4 cops need tried for murder.

  • American Infidel says:

    Americans will overwhelmingly re-elect Trump, America does not want a return of this behavior by the BLM terrorists and their anarchist friends.

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

      American Infidel obama worst president ever

  • Nashwa h says:

    Display of American ISIS in uniforms trained in Jewsa

  • Sheegow Man says:

    there is no any justice in America so why he is

  • Hero Of Bukit Padang says:

    Now this is what I called police brutality. Those HK police are like childplay compare to these.

  • Kai Huang says:

    Don’t worry those officers just have to say “i feared for my life, there for I was forced to sit on his neck to clam him down” and they’ll get off clean works everytime.

  • krishna katikitala says:

    That’s America 🙌 don’t call other countries uncivilized and barbaric

  • j says:

    0.27 guy with white mask looting a muffler..LOL..a muffler ???!!

  • 19Jimin95 Park says:


  • Jack Spencer says:

    Death penalty for the kkkop

  • Crocodile Dundee says:

    4:41 Scumbag officer call the black guy to shut up when he told him he can’t breath

  • Oral Powell says:

    Don’t they have the death sentence in that part of America coz that is what I would like to see happen for this. No less and for other human rights murders in that place.

  • Mir Adil Ali Rizvi says:

    Blacks should take independence from white regime of America

  • Mir Adil Ali Rizvi says:

    African American should take freedom

  • 2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel says:

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    • Zz Z says:

      Are you a pagan practicing christian ?

  • Aziz Bah says:


  • Orhan Demir says:

    Civilised west 😂😂😂

  • Oaktree 313 says:

    Is this the Justice America wants to practice all over the world?

  • Earthling says:

    And the great US of A lecture the world of human rights. What a joke from a hypocrite.

  • vincent sebina says:

    Very wicked policemen man

  • Jennifier Yu says:

    No. Report real news u fake.
    The guy received a fake bill and the officers killed him for having it.

    • Emily Paige says:

      Jennifier Yu They thought it was fake it wasn’t so rip George Floyd

  • Barry Ryoba says:

    They Don’t “Care About Us!
    (Michael Jackson)

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

      the problem is michael jackson didn’t even cared about himself and he looked at the end like a weird east europian woman from poland or russia

  • Kato Chelsea says:

    So sad may his soul rip

  • iva taiwan says:

    Down with america imperialism !!!

  • S S says:

    If this thing happen in some muslim country wth any animal the world will shocked
    But bcz its usa racist society nothing gona change
    Sad reality

  • CChizel says:

    Biden is so fake. Has a history of sucking police bs stories. Trump is a nut too. We’re watching Nutty white men era.

  • Shah Miah says:

    It’s murder plain and simple

  • Fuck Off World all says:

    This is not police this is terrorist group

  • Star Mark says:

    You all put Biden on screen 📺 Dumb✨🤮

  • Sindabad says:

    Very bad white people

  • michael pike says:

    they should go over to the courthouse and protest over there future poverty

  • michael pike says:

    and god is watching

  • Dario Strassli says:

    Watching the video of Mr. Floyd’s murder killed my soul. I hope this psychopath gets what he deserves.

  • Devon Alexander says:

    There is a video circulating on twitter of a pig starting a riot dressed in all black methodically smashing windows of an Autozone store.

  • Luv1234 says:

    Police officers should have higher standards when it comes to using excessive force. They are trained people. Whoever or whatever agency is responsible for training these officers around the country also need to be accountable. Who goes around cutting off others people’s airway like that if not a criminal?

  • Mad Hatter says:

    Mr. Floyd was Murdered in the light of day. The question is, will the Murder of Mr. Floyd be White Wash, and will Cop walk?

  • midtennprepper says:

    I do believe this is the town no more than a year ago give or take where a black man walked into the Mall of America grabbed a five-year-old white boy throwed him from the third floor balcony nearly killing him all because he was white it got washed under the table and downplayed. this is a terrible tragedy because all lives matter but it is been weaponized and fueled by the media

  • Tim Johnson says:

    Let the culling of the unruly herds begin

  • Dalena says:


  • Wasim K says:

    Sadly no Malcolm X alive today to show these privileged white the mirror in clinical words.

  • Carlos C. Templar says:

    White police brutality, is horrible. Police should be in jail or be also killed. Eye to eye.

  • Bradley Riano says:

    Goes to show the level of impunity police officiers have in the USA, they can walk free after murder. There has to be reforms that unsures proper police conduct. This is not right to the highest degree. RIP George Floyd.

  • rishabh gupta says:

    Those policemen aren’t human… Resisting arrest?? U killed the man who was cooperative during arrest and was unarmed..

  • baday adi says:

    Amoral N racist police

  • darthsynchronic says:

    WTF do you mean GEORGE FLOYD died LATER in Police Custody? GEORGE FLOYD was killed while in CUSTODY…FAKE NEWS TROLLERS

  • VIRAL HOUSE says:

    that police officer should NOT be charged with murder. He deserves worse. A black man should cuff up that officer and put their knee on his neck until he dies.

  • Kurt M. says:

    Very poor reporting; you show video of the initial arrest, video of a police officer with his knee in the suspect’s neck later, and you state that the suspect didn’t resist arrest. Where’s video of what took place in between?

  • Yu UYSOK says:

    It is beautiful American DEMONCRAZY

  • Shams says:

    A racist supported by the system killed a black man. That’s the right explanation.

  • Mari Hearndon says:

    Why is it so hard to lock them up?
    Who has the officers home address?

  • Babak Rad says:

    And yet the US is talking about human rights in other countries!
    What a joke…

  • African Messiah says:

    I was just about to say “ooh thank God people are standing up to him” then I stumbled on 0:31😥😥

  • roger riley says:

    There has to be a change in this country when it comes to accountability of our police department’s worldwide.This has been going on in almost every state if not all states in this nation. To much power is given within these department’s and to the police officers to the point that they are abusing it in ever way they can and getting by with it. We the people will not stand by and be ruled by a police state and watch our love ones continue being murdered by a bunch of power hungry unlawful,illegal bunch of police officers. It is time to change this and hold accountable those in position of power to their wrongful deeds.

  • Blue Gorilla says:

    Pro-Justice demonstration is not an excuse for looting and rioting.

  • jose perez says:

    Duterte to America… Why are you killing blacks!

  • Achidri Akim says:

    Business As usual, it is Rule of the law not rule of law, when the head of a fish rots the tail is bound to rot too, so Mr. Trump has no difference with his mysterious boys in uniform- so disgusting. Actually when I watch Trump speak, It draws mental pictures of a man who is high on weed!

  • Anasudheen Saidhu says:

    Painfull 😢😢😢

  • kennedy Obeng says:

    Egypt exchange the Sueze canal for nile dam in Ethiopia.Foolish you are

  • Mandirigma Debonair says:

    Wow what a year 2020 for black people.
    1. COVID-19 followed by 2. police shootings then 3. couple of racism. That’s a lot smh it’s gonna get worst by 2050.

  • danny says:

    if you don’t already know .. the US is the biggest anti democracy nation in the world .. just 3 days into the protest and they are bringing in military .. lmao .. even Hong Kong didn’t get to face the military even though they protest went for months

  • Duston Landscapes says:

    Let we the people take over the case file so what the perpetrators address and his families names addresses? Roger that

  • dagdagdag says:

    we the people will destroy all the government business and will show them who is the real boss.

  • B says:

    It’s not about race, it’s all about these laws that protect law enforcement and judges. They want to call this race related but that’s to take your off law enforcement as a hole. Congress and state legislatures must enact stiff laws against law enforcement officers and judges to justly protect the people. Innocent people going jail, police killing citizens, and judges opinionating everything. It’s got STOP. Why is the judicial branch of our government has more power than any other branch and does what they want to. And these prosecutors they are terrible. Police unions are socialists. Fight back American citizens, fight back. This is a nation of the PEOPLE and not a nation of a tyrannical judicial government.

  • Word Porn 2.0 says:

    Same on you police

  • Iram Guard says:

    Americans can not give justices to there own citizens
    N they r worried about hk🙄high level of hypocrisy

  • Rick Chung says:

    USA world class HYPOCRITE

  • 조ᄒᄂ says:

    those cops were BS …
    justice must be serve indeed

  • Advocate of Free Open World says:

    Fokk da polis
    Fokk da polis

  • Muad' Dib says:

    The civil forces are overwhelmed. Martial Law will come.

  • Jason Hong says:

    Thousands should join the protest
    to put an end to police brutality.

  • charles gavin says:

    I’m from America. He died on the streets before the ambulance showed up.

  • zeezeebo says:

    We shall overcome someday

  • nisar rathod says:

    Insanity prevails .. is this a free country known for its ‘Statue of Liberty’ .. clearly White Supremacy’s Establishes their hard core agenda’s or maybe the disintegration of US is near to end the Great Nation ..

  • Christopher Dennis says:

    They don’t show that part on US tv where George Flyod is telling them there killing him