Movement united in who it wants to lead Afghanistan: Taliban to Al Jazeera

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On the eve of the US forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, senior Taliban figure Anas Haqqani tells Al Jazeera the movement is unified in who it wants to lead the country.
Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis sat down with Anas Haqqani in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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  1. Avatar Intaragahanga Kuri murandasi. says:


  2. Avatar Muhammad Abdullah says:

    Congratulations Students 🎆. Long Live Taliban

  3. Avatar ❤nurgul Aygul Ozgul❤ ✈❤ says:

    Rabbim yar yardımcınız olsun.. islam peaceful

  4. Avatar Canada immigration Compass Services says:

    The man is tired, he just want q simple and peaceful life for him and his nation.

  5. Avatar Johnny Clado says:

    May your new government do the right way of having peace to everyone, more freedom to anyone especially to women, more open minded to the right of others. Show to the whole world that your religion is for peace. Apologize to Afghan people for your past experiences to them. If you don’t want any intervention from foreign influences, this is the moment to do the right things. Talk to every ethnic group and listen to their mandate and respect them for the sake of unification of your country. It’s about time to live for peace and harmony. You suffered so many years, live according to the will of God, with love to anyone. May God blesses your new government.

  6. Avatar Awais Khattak says:

    May they prosper and show the world who they are. Amen!

  7. Avatar Universe Creature says:

    Running government and taking care of people is not easy. First, they should not fight with each other in taliban group.

  8. Avatar John Legend says:

    Proud of this 👉GROUP✊

  9. Avatar Jithin Poliyedath Mohanan says:

    His PhD is I guess in sucide bombing. Haqquani network use children as young as 11 as sucide bombers. They maybe as the new educational minister of Emirate…

    • Avatar khķlkhcv tvr e 6f 7 85f says:

      You can only suicide bomb once in a lifetime though

  10. Avatar akarm faheem says:

    Aljazeera trying to polish up Taliban , expected act since Qatar cooking all the deal. Western world you made a fatal mistake.

  11. Avatar Taxi Rob says:

    I love how he utterly destroyed the “last chopper out of Saigon” analogy (saw that on TV when I was a kid btw, and I don’t remember anyone in my home being upset about it. And my sister was a sergeant in the army at the time. ) Some stuff has changed since this interview, Pakistan opened its borders for one thing. Hard to imagine them being any more porous, since the most wanted man on the whole planet got across it without anyone noticing…

  12. Avatar Mohammed Fahim says:

    How nice he talk wait till they get complete the power then see . How come people trust him especially the lady.

  13. Avatar Mohammed Fahim says:

    They killed so many women children and poor Afghan people. People still believe these Taliban.

  14. Avatar Tajamul Salmani says:


  15. Avatar Gloria Burge says:

    If only the US and the West stay out of Afghanistan and stop stretching their hands in the country via CIA/NGO/other terrorist groups…

  16. Avatar Fit Next says:

    She is cute 👍🌸

  17. Avatar ROMI AFRI says:

    our afghan brothers wants peace plz praying for world peace thank you

  18. Avatar dervo36 says:

    We all know the true enemy 🙏🏾

  19. Avatar Adi says:

    Why does al jazerra always dub a non-english interview instead of making a subtitle out of it to proof accountability in their translation process?

  20. Avatar Abu Bahkr Haji says:

    I hope the Taliban vote DNC in the next election, I’m sure they can get mail in ballots soon.

  21. Avatar mang sport says:

    They Deside To Be A Hero and its work. Well done.

  22. Avatar develon Anthony says:

    Lol how many Taliban leaders are there?? Each news channel shows a different leader.

  23. Avatar Aaron Wade says:

    This is hitler just not person

  24. Avatar Joseph Taylor-Kennedy says:

    Terrorists??? We shall see. It appears to me that they are becoming statesmen

  25. Avatar Bilal Ak khan says:

    After all they are human beings. The way they are talking I think their Govt will be better and safer not only for afghans but also for the region.
    Now the world has to help them in providing best possible education to afghanis…
    The top countries of the world are worried about the education of women and afghanis while we are struggling for scholarships and for studying abroad.. But the process for applying is very complicated and there are other complications as well

  26. Avatar davide porcu says:

    joe pinocchio biden and his imbecilic political slogan about ending ‘the forever wars’ is making world less safe,  jihadist groups sttonger, afghan women and men suffering.. usa an untrusted ally..

  27. Avatar nasir khan says:

    Taliban are so shy?

  28. Avatar Nizam Selamat says:

    Good luck Taliban 🥰🥰🥰🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  29. Avatar View Nature Beache says:

    This Taliban why a lot gun maybe that from US

  30. Avatar My smiles Ur smile says:

    Ask them how many muslim blood they got to stain their cloths..

  31. Avatar Grace Antonio says:


  32. Avatar Dawood Ahmad says:

    Love u taliban ❤️❤️

  33. Avatar Ding Dong says:

    I think Taliban will fight with each other to rule over all of Afghanistan. Great social experience. Any bets??

    • Avatar Madeleine Smal says:

      Only someone that call themselves “ding dong”would say something like that 🤦‍♀️

  34. Avatar Irfan Ameer says:

    This Anchor person doing a great job. Haqqani is so humble. Wish him best of luck for the future

    • Avatar Nick B says:

      Humble? He orders beheadings. Even probably beheaded himself. NOBODY gets that high in the taliban without killing innocents and infidels. Islam is cancer

    • Avatar Mohamed Shah says:

      @Nick B he was imprison from the age of 20 to 25….prior to that he was a student…only arrested because of his family…please don’t speak out of ignorance

    • Avatar Irfan Ameer says:

      @Nick B Get some knowledge before blaming Islam and him. It is bcz of Islam they forgave each and every enemy even the killers of their siblings and parents.

  35. Avatar 321Love-Walking The-Talk says:

    To serve Islam is to make sure Jihad is done each year. 😶☝️

  36. Avatar 321Love-Walking The-Talk says:

    What ideology is that?

  37. Avatar Watah Willy says:

    Western media misunderstood them you see the dont kill the reporter

  38. Avatar Emily Krahn says:

    So there is no translator, does Haqqani understand English then, but he doesn’t speak it?

    • Avatar IsLam 4 Ever says:

      No he doesn’t understand. He was interviewed by the interpreter then this lady acted as if she has interviews him.

  39. Avatar BG says:

    They are the ever talked about moderate Republicans.

  40. Avatar افغانستان۔۔Afghanistan says:

    Real heroes defeat international terersim on the name of peace

  41. Avatar El-el Lim TEODOSIO says:

    Whatever your plans, JUST DO IT IN AFGHANISTAN. Your group is NOT WELCOME to other countries! Your talking like your a good people you know! Lol! Stay in Afghanistan !

  42. Avatar Prabhakar Pandey says:

    al jazzera never shows the people the taliban hanged through helicopter and shot women in crowd . Overrated News

  43. Avatar kent takechi says:

    All i hear from this man were assumptions, biased amd empty promises.

    The future of afghanistan is clear. These mob will push it back to dark ages.

  44. Avatar Help me reach 1K 776% says:

    Pray for Afghanistan

  45. Avatar Himu Sardar says:

    He just came back from the death penalty. Depressed people don’t lose hope! Have faith in the God & be kind to others.

  46. Avatar Cute Cats says:

    They ended a democratic government by arms, although this government gave them the option to become a ruling party by vote. That is not savable. Everywhere in the world people starve and die of preventable illnesses. Just redirect development aid to those countries that respect democracy. It’s hard but we never provided enough money to aid everyone any way.

  47. Avatar Amihan Fidel says:

    Long live Afghanistan you are free now and show to the world that you have courage to kick out evaders from your country i wish your prosperity in your country and to yourselves give kind heart and serve best to your people allahu akbar may the almighty Allah Bless your country and your people.

  48. Avatar Straight Path says:

    I wish the best for these people and their country they suffered from brutal occupation for too long.

  49. Avatar Type Z says:

    Charlotte Bellis and Anas Haqqani will make good couple.

  50. Avatar Nunya Biznass says:

    “His response was scholarly”. Well guess that excuses the fact they hung someone from a helicopter and were killing people in the streets. Or where those dead people just looking for an “excuse”?

  51. Avatar Mac Finn says:

    nuke it.

  52. Avatar Rosa Leynes says:

    I like the way he answered very well said
    Taliban leaders are soft spoken & calm but the problem is their uneducated fighters

  53. Avatar Keith Wigley says:

    Our aims are to destroy all those who choose to live… we say in the name of Allah but never have known God …its just we want to be in control and hold power of those trying to live a normal God given life…. because of our twisted mental sickness we can’t see God and his love….

  54. Avatar Tim Liccardi says:

    We need Trump

  55. Avatar Lake Ratatouille says:

    Taliban are peace loving, throw down your arms and you will be given a peaceful quick death , just as they did to the 22 Afghan commandos that surrendered . This is how they will unite the country By following the orders of their elders just as the Nazis said they were doing. God help the women and peace loving people of Afghanistan because the Taliban have not changed

  56. Avatar batman daredevil says:

    Looking forward for the future Afghanistan..the world is tired of violence

  57. Avatar Shiraz Moolla says:

    ALHAMDULILLAH , All praise to ALLAAH for granting the Taliban victory. May ALLAAH guide them & keep them & the whole country safe. They are kind ,loving people.

  58. Avatar Mohd Azad says:

    Ms. Charlotte looks extremely tired.

  59. Avatar warlord romeo says:

    The reporter probably forgot to tell you that 4 of his brothers were killed in last 20 years by Americans. And he is just 26.

    • Avatar Madeleine Smal says:

      If you watched a previous interview with this man,you would know that…

  60. Avatar BOTOXIT says:

    i trust him more than !! any !! politician i the white house

  61. Avatar Valdimiromanel Chilenque says:

    Well don to Taliban and ISI

  62. Avatar 411 Baduy says:

    Amerika forget that Rambo is found wounded in Afghanistan 😂😂😂

  63. Avatar IsLam 4 Ever says:

    Plot twist: Anas Haqqani was interviews by the interpreter then Charlotte belis acted as if she has asked the questions.

  64. Avatar Mohamud Hilowle says:

    If western countries stop ✋ intervention politically, militarily and propaganda against Taliban , I’m sure they can capable to unified the people of Afghanistan 🇦🇫. Therefore we must give them chances to do that.

  65. Avatar davegreenbitch says:

    She’s covering her head out of fear tho lol

  66. Avatar Seng Dongma says:

    New year …. New decade…. Same problems as ever before… War. Nobody accept nobody, everyone wants to lead. This is the problem with animals…. repeating always the same errors.

  67. Avatar Glad Tidings To The Strangers says:

    USA… are the biggest terrorists and their media.

    One oppresses foreign lands.
    The other oppresses the minds of people.

    Dirty bast*rds.

  68. Avatar Agh Jahan says:

    A white chick with hijab looks beautiful 😍💖💕

  69. Avatar peace says:

    Allah god Al mighty is my grandfather he is mad just like Morocco I Isis Al-Qaeda Taliban they enslaved the children and they raped and beat the women and children

  70. Avatar Chandru says:

    US and west should stop imposing their values to rest of the world. Let their own people decide the path. Good, bad or worst it’s in their own hand. Europeans protect your own land, culture and borders, don’t invade others. Colonial age over. And have babies for god sake. How hard that could be

  71. Avatar need1deen1 says:

    Subhanallah, the haya in these men’s eyes! May Allah grant us all such lost virtues!

  72. Avatar Naeem Tahir says:

    Why only women’s are interview Taliban by international media. Second even in Indian air port, if US announce come to airport we will take indian to US, you would see 5 millions Hindu will run to airport and city will be choke. Try it

  73. Avatar Peter YO Kahuii says:

    that is their land,

  74. Avatar Lalit Singh Chundawat says:

    Afganistan is independent country

  75. Avatar Saed Mohamud says:

    It’s amazing how people who invaded his country, killed his 4 brothers and imprisoned him for 5 years are calling him terrorist…

    He is only 26 years old, but his wisdom is that of 50 year old …

    • Avatar kris says:

      He looks 50 too

    • Avatar Saed Mohamud says:

      @kris Hardship not only makes you wiser, but it also ages you physically.

    • Avatar kris says:

      @Saed Mohamud agreed

    • Avatar Madeleine Smal says:

      I’d say the wisdom of “50 life times ” he’s a good man🙏

  76. Avatar Lik Hong Tan says:

    You must have a beard to become a taliban

  77. Avatar charz pak says:

    Lies lies lies lies until now they kill kill kill

  78. Avatar Almanzo Lion says:

    Such a big actor saying peace in mouth and doing destruction world wide

    • Avatar MD Nadhir says:

      His name is not Charles or paul

  79. Avatar Tired of it All 👀 says:

    An excuse and made up by America? Do they forget people can literally record everything? There are many stating they’re being hunted by the Taliban and they’re going to be executed once found! Doesn’t sound like an excuse to leave to me, it’s neccessary to leave! Crazy thing is some people are going to believe the Taliban and not the people😔

  80. Avatar Asad Haider says:

    Notice how she describes his house to be in “leafy suburb of Kabul”. How will she describe the location of any western leader? This is just hate and disgust towards people they don’t like.

  81. Avatar leon coetzer says:

    Talibumbum, men who tug on beards and fondle each others dicks

  82. Avatar E Ar says:

    Meanwhile 25 years old is considerd a kid in usa 😂

  83. Avatar Abdullah Younas Hazrat Younas says:

    Irony is that u don’t understand there language pashto…pashtu is very difficult to predict…you give the meaning to there words the way u want…ist learn there language ….spoo bacho Khuda om tabah ka da 4 ror pa jung ki pa haq rasedali

  84. Avatar Madeleine Smal says:

    This is the second interview I have watched with this man…I have a lot of respect for him and I believe he is speaking the truth….I believe that they want what is best for the people of Afghanistan,I believe they are searching for peace and healing…many,many years of suffering under a brutal war , that have caused a great many lives lost…friends and family members ,all of Afghanistan’s people have been affected in one way or another,I believe it’s time for their pain and suffering to come to an end ,I wish them well and pray that God will step in and help with the healing of this country and all who live in it….love from South Africa ❤

  85. Avatar Khan Rahimi says:

    This person is the enemy of Islam and humanity
    He has committed crimes against humanity by killing of thousands Afghan innocent people

  86. Avatar A Leopardess says:

    The biggest question is why they hate woman?

  87. Avatar Nathan Yahoo says:

    We are the Son of Afghan and inshallah there is no nation on this earth 🌎 that woud take our country from us Inshallah we are the warriors nation All the world 🌎 know the Land of Afghanistan he land of martyrs the land of lions 🦁

  88. Avatar Ali Mohammad says:

    মাশাআল্লাহ 😍😍😍

  89. Avatar Khalil khud says:

    Mash Allah brother may Allah bless you the real soldiers of

  90. Avatar Md Anamul Islam says:

    I lobe you Aljazeera❤️❤️

  91. Avatar Md Faruk says:

    I will tell Al Jazeera News to do Bangla translation, then it will be useful for us to understand

  92. Avatar Edwards stump removal squirrel says:

    Taliban help us clean out the Washington DC swamp

  93. Avatar ShortsEditor says:

    Women are not the issue of the world. Women are tool being used by West. On average 90,000 women in United Snakes of America are abused every year. But no one is concerned about them. So this is just a tool used to pressurize Taliban.
    The real issues of world is Poverty, Corruption, Crimes, Oppression, Invasions, Wars, Dirty politics. And the lot of orphans, widows, homeless people, oppressed people are waiting for you to raise your voice in their favour.
    Get of of this woman card and open you mind.

  94. Avatar Ishfaq Ishaq says:

    انشاء اللہ تعالیٰ خیر کرے گا انشاءاللہ جلدی افغانستان میں امن قائم ہو گا آمین 🌙🌙🌙✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️❤️💐🌼🌟🌿🥀🌹🌻🌹🌟🌿🥀🌼👊👊👊👊👊👊👊🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍

  95. Avatar Evil Energy says:

    Why they wear bed sheets around their heads? Wtf is that about just nuts

  96. Avatar Farras Khairan says:

    Prophet Muhammad during War his bravery and toughness like a Lion.. When between sahabah and their people and kids. He Is Nice, gentle and warm with his beautiful smile.. Their just copying Rasulullah SAW

  97. Avatar Mahfuz Munir Khan PT says:

    USA don’t like corrupt kwrzai UK hate pedo northern alliance, but they can’t admit frustration to public!

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