Police forces across US promise reform

2020 6/11
Police forces across US promise reform

After nearly two weeks of nationwide protests against police brutality, several US states are taking steps to reform controversial police practices.
In Minneapolis, where George Floyd died in police custody, chokeholds and neck restraints are banned.
But as Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Washington, DC, those policies are not being implemented.

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  • Rob Claxton says:

    I feel crime is going to be out of control every where for yrs now…cops are not going to rush to crime scenes …there going to evaluate evey call that could end there career…and ur on ur own…murder rate going to soar…rapes..molesting…robberies…senior abuse..GATED COMMUNITIES and private police…is going to be only safe place..and…private schools…THANK GOD MY KIDS ARE RAISED AND WITH VALUES….NOT LIKE THE MONSTERS SOME OF THESE PARENTS RAISING..

  • private malone says:

    Yes. The hold should be banned. But it was its use against a bkack msn but not against a white. It was racism that killed GF. Ban racism against the black is whst you should also be saying. Stop this kind of injustice stanglehold!

  • The Dork Knight says:

    Dismantling police unions, removing a racially biased quota based system, demilitarize and discourage the police “culture” of “us vs. them” are a start…

  • Real Yute says:

    Still wont stop police brutality

  • Elena Timofte says:

    Thank God for camera,all criminal must be charged!!!!

  • Guido Stahl says:

    How is the Human rights situation in Quartar? ALJAZEERA s sponsor, right?

  • Mrs Neanderthug says:

    Bullshit. These racist cops having been using chokeholds aka lynchings on us for decades.

  • tuck295q says:

    See those 4 cops get convicted with full deserving charges of 1st degree no parole, no bail, and get all the previous cop cases reopen.

    And you will see they dont really want an actual reform. 😂

  • Christine Moores says:

    You know this is how I failed why is everyone get to know and they’re nice Twitter get on your knees pray for the good Lord are exit the king or queen nobody’s a king and queen in your protests I’m sorry this is how I feel it is what it is I need to go home and quit now too much has gone next in a couple weeks everybody’s going to be sick and running to the hospital all I got the Coronavirus I need to go back to work I can’t even drive downtown this is ridiculous

  • Christine Moores says:

    The police is there to protect and serve they had enough they got fresh stolen items they got shot they got stuff people spit out of people throwing bottles at on bulshit I will quit to overthrow night shift

  • Andy Roo says:

    No choke holds eh! Is this because it kills people. Imagine that .

  • Nkanyiso Africa says:

    The police should go to the army if all they want to do is kill people

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen says:

    I hope part of the deal is people stops breaking in businesses so we can work in peace.

  • DynaMike says:

    I can’t wait until this blows over.

  • Rick T says:

    Police doesn’t need to reform, it is parenting that needs to be reform.

  • SparrowGryphon says:

    They can keep their promises, we want actions.

  • Misty Thomason says:

    Yeshua is alive and here people and so r alllll his angels being reincarnated

  • kok keong foo says:

    No wonder US has so many prisons .. all cases should be reviewed and wrongly imprisoned inmates should be freed immediately …

  • Svengali Yu says:

    Nothing will happen. People will get tired and stop protesting. Black people will continued to get killed by america. It’s been like this since the beginning.

  • Steven Spiers says:

    Bwahahahaha THE PEOPLE DONT BELIEVE YOU. What a joke. Foreign powers in our lands will be removed.

  • AJ Plus says:

    smartphones are exposing the ugly and poorly trained police

  • N. Oki says:

    Not good enough. We need them to join us in taking out all the child molesters and corrupt politicians who still dictate us and other parts of the world

  • Nick Friend says:

    …..“Just doing their job“ knocking old people to the ground harshly is doing their job, yes that’s right, they most certainly are doing their job as they always have,….. violently.

  • ben mckenzie says:

    The license plate said POLICE

  • Cesar Cruz says:

    U cant promise to control the cops that like to control in the first place.

  • Saitama December says:

    The problem is not choke-holds, but rather the fact that there are a high percentage of KKK people in the police force.

  • Wasi Hasan says:


  • Veera guru says:

    American birtish France Russian China India full corruption country government every minits billion billion murder this world Police government joined murder of civilians God punishment this government very dangerous this world

  • D S says:

    thankyou police we are all human beings let love lead,or else God wont be happy with us.

  • Steve Lolz says:

    “I really believe for the first time in our history we have an opportunity to really make change like we’ve never made it before” Nah, you have had that opportunity all along, it just took a protester revolution to call you out on it.

  • Stergios Dikos says:

    If you need to train police officers to NOT strangle suspects then there’s something terribly wrong with your hiring protocols to start with.

  • c g says:

    Good. Now teach them to stop lying and filing false reports.

  • kitty john says:

    They will never change they will always do harm to people and lie about it thank God for cell phone video i cud imagine how much they get away with in some cases there is no video of actual what happen

  • Roisin Bryson says:

    Big brother wasn’t planning on us looking back.

  • John Doe says:

    The Police’s should just go on strike and let tge Thugs have their way with the City. Maybe after Crime skyrockets and thousands of innocent people see why they need the Police they finally admit that not all cops are bad

  • Elite says:

    Who gives a rabbit…….

  • Patel Group says:

    If you believe them, then you are just as naive, as your ancestors, who were taken into the Ships, by the Christians offering a free expereince on the ships….

  • frank franko says:

    👁👁 of what Good ? Is The Supreme Court???😢😢😢

  • Looi Sun says:

    Trump Trump America is on fires spreading like virus, are you still hiding Trump.

  • Alvin Newell says:

    All eyes on the Ribbi.

  • Kay Love says:

    I was a security officer and was taught to deescalate situations. Police escalate situations. Something small always turns into something bigger with police. I understand sometimes people push your bottoms and make you unprofessional. But for you to get mad to the point you kill them or make up fake crime is abusing your power and you don’t need it. Police don’t understand we are really doing them a favor following rules. If we didn’t follow rules they would be running from bullets on the daily.

  • Polar Bear says:

    The thing is; we never needed police. We need strong communities, that stick together, know each other and provide mutual aid. We need experts on the services that need to be met, police mostly just dominate, esacalate and execute or incarcerate, but don’t actually help. They are not equipped to handle people with mental health issues or drug addicts, as they are often called in for to take care of, which have resulted in tragedies.

  • Anthony says:

    When you bow to another man, you become his slave.

  • Game Troller says:

    My knees are only for Christ

  • Lord Vegeta says:

    We all know a “reform” will never happen 😑 the issue is hiring useless power hungry people in the first place and letting them stay on the force with tons of legitimate complaints!

  • Darrell May says:

    The Police would have to start by putting signs on their cars saying,, ” To Respect , Protect , and Serve”

  • Ferro_ MY says:

    Read the description first. It still not being implemented.

  • lloyd moore says:

    If not now when? it’s amazing how all of those American officials will be on national T.V. accepting the fact that yes America is a very racist country and yes there is systemic racism targeted towards blacks and other minorities, it has being 400yrs what is stopping the changes necessary …or is it just talking points?

  • Google UserX says:

    Stop harassing citizens. Stop police brutality.

  • Hippie Inasuit says:

    1.32.-35 Million $ on retraining officers on “not to strangle people.”
    A 10 year old knows that you should not strangle people, or they die 😏☺🙊🙉

  • Geoffrey says:

    So ideally police are trained to strangle people not to arrest them. Police need to be retrained on de-escalation procedures. Most of the people who even resist the arrest is simply because police have no clue on how to de-escalate a situation.Its time we start training policemen/women not killers.

  • Steve Harris says:

    Slaughter the pigs
    Police are unreasonable scum

  • Duffy D. says:

    39 Million $ to train Police Officer NOT to choke…. let that sink in…

  • Lature Bogdan says:

    Maybe try teaching people how not to break the law

  • Dan Jamil says:

    Dont believe them! Keep fighting!! We suffered too long. They country cities and govts need to feel our pain!

  • PJ Summers says:

    This channel has no clue about America. These Cities and States are all run by Democrats, and have been run by Democrats for decades. If these problems have existed for so long, why didn’t the Democrats make these changes years ago? Doesn’t it surprise you that these issues only surface during an election year? More Blacks are killed by other Blacks in America, then by the Police. Blacks in America like playing the blame game, instead of honestly confronting their own problems. Fact: 75% of Black families are fatherless. Black inner cities schools are rated F. Blacks continue to vote for the same Politicians who keep them oppressed. So, instead of spewing the fake news, do your research.

  • E Walker says:

    There were promised reforms during the Civil Rights Movement. Yet here we are again. Choke holds aren’t the only form of police brutality. The reforms needed are many. The main reform is that police are held accountable for their brutality. That accountability cannot be in the hands the police themselves. Militarization of the police must end and be seen as it is, unconstitutional. That includes ending the use of military training from the occupiers of Palestine. The war on drugs and its laws must be ended. Prohibition didn’t work the first time. It’s taken decades to create the current climate and mindset of policing. It won’t be ended by only stopping choke holds. It won’t end overnight.

  • G m says:

    They just want to have a peaceful looting!!

  • Ldvus 187 says:

    Them cops who pushed that old man probably thought he was Joe Biden.

  • Warren Peace says:

    It’s a lie. There will be no reform. Violence is the only thing these cops understand

  • Dante Mactavish says:


  • Christopher W. Sanders says:

    Pinky promise? 🤣

  • Jerry Hutchinson says:


    OH YES…….



  • Jerry Hutchinson says:

    If it weren’t for phones or cameras, the police would continue to go unchecked. It would be the word of the citizen versus the cops.
    Take pictures……
    Video everything, even if they demand for you not to record. Funny that they feel it’s ok to record us, but we can’t record them. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

  • Tama says:

    you know what frightening, 10 years later we came to this video and commenting
    yup its happening againn, racism, police brutality just like global warming

  • Paul Airola says:

    With police reform coming what’s the ar-15 with large magazine capacity to buy ?

  • Feb Vel says:

    The reform in the level of policing is one thing, the systemic racism is another battle

  • Tim Kimble says:

    Promises mean nothing any longer. We demand action! We demand our officials hear us!

  • Petra Krönert says:

    The job is for a police men; to take care of the people and not kill them as murders or hit them for looking rihgt!

  • Bebe lee says:

    They can BAND the choke hold but they will still use it as we see it still being used .
    Cops need to be charged to the full extent of the law. And not giving a two week paid vacation.

  • Martin Price says:

    Your empty words mean nothing. Whenever society gives up their personal arms and policing themselves. Then gives it to a system of people to do it for them. Always leads to oppression. Every single time all throughout history. “Police practice oppression while advertising service.” At the foundation of our Country. After the oppressors of the day were driven out, being the British. There were no police. Americans carried small arms and took care of themselves. The the way it should be. “Get rid of all police and take care of yourself.” More government equals less liberty and freedom. Less equals more. How many times do humans have to suffer and learn this lesson? It’s the only way. Learn your history.

  • King Fantastic says:

    This is exactly what people power is !!!

  • Jarda Adámek says:

    Good Day, demonstrants you are criminals And grazy!!! I wish good luck for police!! Bay from Czech republic😃😃😃💓💓💓🏋️‍♂️

  • marikh sky says:

    US Police , foolish

  • Shanna Sweger says:

    They better hope and pray there’s change, otherwise this will continue.

  • Lee Harvey Oswald says:

    Same ole song and dance the police will continue to needlessly kill.

  • tiberiius says:

    hiring needs reform. training needs reform. discipline needs reform. changing one technique isn’t going to do anything. their mindset needs to change on what it means to be a police officer and what that power looks like. they need to have the same consequences that a civilian would have for lying, assault, murder, etc. get rid of the police unions and special immunity. the police have one job….enforce the law. not to punish civilians for their hurt egos or their fearful state of mind. there are several examples on youtube alone of good cops that are reasonable, intelligent, caring, positive contributors to their society. police of have a “us vs. them” mentality. once they realize they are citizens as well and we are in the same boat, things might improve.

  • Elena Monakhov says:

    You need to do you job and protect us from people like this 😂hero ! !!!!!!! And also protect you life and stop to make it show .The whole world it laughing at us .Stop !!!!! Please stop if you still have dignity!!!!!Trump 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Leslie Deans says:

    George Floyd was murdered by chauvin TAKING A KNEE on his neck!
    Seems to me that the police taking is a calculated insult which says very clearly:
    we regret nothing!
    We support our brother officer!
    We intend taking the knee to the necks of all who challenge us!
    Whoever came up with that idea has got to b one of the uniformed 40%, as is chauvin, and arrogant beyond belief.
    As you would expect a sociopath to be.
    Too late for soundbites and gimmicks.

  • Ninja says:

    Its not just about police reform, the supreme courts and police union are too powerful. You have 1 person putting all his weight on the man’s neck, chest legs and they say its due to underlying health issues.. seriously let me get 3 ppl to stand on you, if he dies lets blame his asthma, ludicrous

  • Mrs. Stewart says:

    I don’t believe these cops..we need to gut the police departments and put in new reform..i haven’t seen it yet..

  • voyo K. says:

    A lot of people work in the police departments juste to kill, or to use it for their politic believe or for racism.
    This country is big enough for anyone to live happy but some selfish people don’t want to see that happened. It is sad. May God help usa !

  • John Bravo says:

    Reform fron what ?

  • seeyouagain911 says:

    They pushed an elderly man. Wow!

  • Mr.Logic23 says:

    The police reforms won’t take place due to the police unions. Don’t buy any of it!

  • Chua Yeow Fatt says:

    Reform? You believe?

  • Percy White says:

    They cant reform due to mentality and politics. They dont get paid unless they make arrests and ENFORCE the law. This is a joke. Cities are not going to pay them to arrest and harass white people.

  • Steve Y says:

    That’s what they said last time, and the time before that, and the countless times before that. US Police is a system of abuse and execution. Nothing less.

  • Prins Ricky says:

    What are you talking about? Cops every where are retaliating..

  • Ron Sandlin says:

    There can be no reform as long as the F.O.P. union exist !
    The Fascist Order of Police MUST GO BEFORE REFORM can occur !!!

  • Caryl Halfwassen says:

    These police officers must want to retain their pensions and healthcare badly.

  • doreen rwamirama says:

    What reforms are 5they doing they are already shaming George Floyd’s life 5hat they took the police officer they claim to have in custody is not the one shown in the mugshots that they are showing to the world.America stop lying and present the real Chauvin. Stop protecting him he didn’t show any remorse to Gerorgw

  • Sam 1308 says:

    No matter how much change they did is only the paper’s not the personality This horrify tragic will happen again and again

  • Y says:

    These MFz r not gonna change for any1 it can only get worse it is one of the signs of the day of Judgement !!!

  • He who must not be named says:

    You mean police misconduct since the founding of America and its hipocrocy. State it right.

  • TM Hines says:

    They will keep the same tactics and rename them

  • EL EL says:

    These Marxist youth led by old Black Panther Malik Shawbazz who called for a million blacks to attack the White House and remove Trump by force, are simply being used as an anarchists tool, probing for weakness in every level of law enforcement and government, and the American population, with the sole purpose of destroying the United States of America.
    The silent majority of patriotic Americans who are against the the rise of socialism led by Black radical Muslins whose hidden King Pin is Obama have been attacked , beaten, cars and businesses burned out !
    I back law enforcement and as a law abiding citizen I am telling Cops and Military to “get off your knees” and remember your oath to defend this country and CONSTITUTION from all enemies foreign and domestic. ”
    Please, DO NOT TAKE A KNEE! to a communist take over of our great Country. You are being duped and this is a coupe’
    ! Stay strong Patriots, police and troops.🇺🇸❤🙏
    “Do Not Bend The Knee To Tyranny!”🇺🇸

  • Dunirah Khan says:

    Police is for protect people not to kill people. This is new world oder police between them and they are train to kill people.

  • Joseph Flora says:

    When is someone going to grow balls and get the army out here and get these morons under control

  • Jonny Woo says:

    Maybe the solution will be just hire black police so theres no more racist….