Libya’s GNA forces press ahead after failed truce offer by Egypt

2020 6/17
Libya's GNA forces press ahead after failed truce offer by Egypt

Libya’s UN-recognised government has vowed to take back the country’s east, starting with the strategic city of Sirte.
They are hoping to build on a series of victories against renegade commander Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

Al Jazeera’s Malik Traina reports from west of Sirte, Libya.

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コメント一覧 (175件)

  • Ebrima Dem says:

    six months ago turkey said they will teach haftar a lesson I hope he learn now!

    • H A says:

      He’s studying very hard 🙂

    • my view says:

      70 years ago Rommel said the same to Monty

    • H A says:

      @my view Are you comparing Haftar to Monty??? wahahahahahah you made my day

    • my view says:

      @H A both are idiots

  • Cheng chang Chu says:

    Coward russia

  • B Abdulla says:

    Win of the GNA Libya

  • vinm300 says:

    Haftar has already bought a mansion in Egypt.
    All he ever wanted was to live like a warlord.
    He’s a jumped up clueless half-wit.
    I pity the schmucks who are fighting for him.
    Haftar’s most pressing concern is to get planning permission for a 2nd swimming pool.

    • toklaut and another says:


    • Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

      True, hopefully he ends up meeting the same death as Gaddafi…rod up his a$$

    • Afz 95 says:

      He’s a man unlike you

    • M.Zidane A.A says:

      @Afz 95 a man who calls his sugar daddies when someone hurts him

    • toklaut and another says:

      @M.Zidane A.A lol

  • Rubel Hasan Aka says:

    Egypt LNA- Stop Killing Pepols child
    Stop killing Muslim
    LNA EGYPT Stop

    • Amiul Rahaman says:

      I agree with you. Egypt and is the enemy of humanity. Please Egypt stop killing the innocent people.

  • S Hussein says:

    Thank you Obama, Clinton, sarkozy and Cameron this Is what your ‘freedom and democracy’ has done to Libya.

    • Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

      Egypt, UAE and Russia are responsible for the chaos in Libya

    • Themba Zwane says:

      Sarkozy is a walking devil. He won elections through the Libyan money. He was funded by Gaddafi and the devil turned around and killed him. I salute Gaddafi for what he did and his beliefs. Africans must know that the European did not kill Gaddafi but they killed the whole of Africa. They will never be a United state of Africa after the death Gaddafi. Africa will forever be owned by Europe. Africa will never have it’s own currency. Africa will forever indebted to Europe. Gaddafi tried to free Africa from Europe but our African leaders were too scared of the west and they betrayed him. We don’t even know where Gaddafi was buried. May his soul be in peace. Martyred Gaddafi 🙏

  • musicguy20 says:

    Abdul is a hottie 🙃

  • Dr. Smart says:

    Salute to the GNA braved forces and the REPUBLIC OF TURKEY!

    • Murat says:

      @Russian stuck inside an American Body and lna too Russia

    • Yeet Magheet says:

      @Russian stuck inside an American Body What’s your point? Haftar has Egypt, Russia, UAE, and France on their side.

    • the best peoples says:

      🇹🇷 great Turkey

    • AAA BBB says:

      @Russian stuck inside an American Body idiot. puppet haftar got help from russia + france + gayreece + egypt + UAE + saudi america + italy. Libya govenment got technical help from Turkiye, only 10-20 drones + radar and some artillery, no fighting personnel. That was enough to defeat crusader coalition.

    • sepasgozar says:

      @AAA BBB Haftar must lay-down his arms.
      the Zionists are the ones who benefit from the Libyan war.

  • Helal Uddin says:

    Terrorist Bush destroyed Afganistan and Iraq and killed millions of innocent people, due to terrorist Obama Libya is destroying.

  • ian ilet says:

    Turkey is come back 😉

  • Muhammad Ayaz says:

    We support GNA,

    Buddy its not as simple as you assuming….

    • Muhammad Ayaz says:

      @toklaut and another conspirator

    • Yeet Magheet says:

      @Khadiza Tul Kubra what?

    • Muhammad Ayaz says:

      @Yeet Magheet It’s for Haris

    • Yeet Magheet says:

      Muhammad Ayaz oh ok

    • sepasgozar says:

      @Muhammad Ayaz my dear, the best way to support, is to pray that this kind of civil war ends and that all sides unite to liberate the Palestine.

  • Basu Suman says:

    May Allah liberate Libya from haftar and its allies. Ameen

    • Khadiza Tul Kubra says:

      Amin brother Amin

    • AAA BBB says:


    • MLGdigimon says:

      Basu Suman you know nothing GNA is puppet of haftar

    • Md Shakil Ahmed says:

      Who is Allah! Is he another warlord?

    • MLGdigimon says:

      Md Shakil Ahmed allah is the Arabic word for God

  • Andrew Berkant says:

    Once GNA is done with the criminal Haftar forces, Libyans should convince Turkey to provide aid so Libya can topple Mr.Sissy from behind.

    • Zafir Zakaria says:

      That would be nice.

    • Md Shakil Ahmed says:

      Day Dream, Sisi is far better the conservative IS patronizer Erdogan

  • Amiul Rahaman says:

    May the monarchy be destroyed in the Arab countries. Be one of the whole Arab world, be one of the Arabia leaders. Ameen

  • Y™ 香港 says:

    Finally Egypts Son haftar is getting crushed .
    Good luck turkish army and GNA

  • Mustafa Khayre says:

    Push forward guys

  • syed monowarul karim says:

    Go ahead

  • Ridan says:

    Allahu Akbar

  • Sirlut _ says:

    InshaAllah there shall be in Libya

  • Muammer Gaddafi says:

    And now regret sets in…!

  • Doğan Kurtuluş says:

    Turkey❤️Libya And Gaddafi

  • toklaut and another says:

    I hope its not too late to say Eid Mubarak to Haftar, Sisi, MBS and also MBZ. How do you like 2020?

  • Ahmed kulow Abdi says:

    Down with Haftar and UAE

  • Mathyderabadi says:

    Fools stop killing each other. Your enemies are laughing at you.

    • Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

      Who is the enemy?

    • 354PITBULL says:

      Have to clean enemies in your house first….

  • the best peoples says:

    Harika Türkiye 🇹🇷
    Harika ottoman
    Great Turkey 🇹🇷

    • Khadiza Tul Kubra says:

      Love u Turkey
      Love Erdogan
      Love from Bangladesh

    • sepasgozar says:

      @Khadiza Tul Kubra
      love Bangladesh and Turkey from Iran.
      my dear please, don’t let this kind of event make all of us forget the Palestine.
      the Zionists are the ones who benefit from the Libyan war.
      the goal must be the liberation of Palestine.

  • Millan Doobay says:

    All the deep state rulers need to do is take the life out of those people and end their suffering, then all the oil is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OttomanOsman says:

    Well, Haftar will be sent back to CIA or die like Gaddafi

    • Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

      Gaddafi was sodomized with an iron rod, Haftar must be looking forward to that 🙃

    • OttomanOsman says:

      @Mohammed Abdul Khader to think Haftar and GNA used to ally against Gaddafi…

    • 354PITBULL says:

      @Mohammed Abdul Khader Whoa he was….sAD…..

    • OttomanOsman says:

      @354PITBULL that’s irony

  • Dil Dil Pakistan says:

    Please dont fight .we are muslim why i m fighting with our people’s

    • Dil Dil Pakistan says:

      @aan andika 💪💪💪💪💪i love jihad

    • 354PITBULL says:

      Dont think everybody with hat your friend.

    • Ahmed Hamdi says:

      @Khadiza Tul Kubra
      And turkey is the new khelafa and ardogan is the new profit of Islam u guys r blind turkey just involved in Libya because they want oil

    • Orhan Demir says:

      ahmed gevo shut up loser

    • aan andika says:

      @Ahmed Hamdi goodbye haftar & sisi

  • Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

    Haftar is going down…will he meet the same fate as that dog Gaddafi?

    • Gökhan N says:

      Kaddafi wasnt a good president?

    • Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

      @Gökhan N He was a lunatic and an autocratic dictator who terrorised and murdered his own people, and also sponsored terrorism beyond Libya

  • erick meyer says:

    Libyans can destroy themselves, they fon’t need US full-scale invasion

    • AAA BBB says:

      dumb and clueless american alert ! run into a shelter. stupidity can be contagious.

    • Ahmad Zubair says:

      @AAA BBB well we will be seeing a second American civil war which is coming soon and will destroy this evil nation .

  • corona virus 19 pembunuh 2020 says:

    We malaysia 🇲🇾 love Turki 🇹🇷 hope turki win that war…

    • Zafir Zakaria says:

      @Afz 95 2 cases today

    • sepasgozar says:

      and please, don’t let this kind of event make all of us forget the Palestine.
      the goal must be the liberation of Palestine.

    • Gokmen AKin says:

      And we Turkish people love Malaysia!🇲🇾

    • Afz 95 says:

      Zafir Zakaria that’s great news mashallah

    • Zeshan W says:

      But you new PM was not good i think not like mahatir mohammad.

  • hadaan lamidoobin waa lais guumaysan free man says:

    hhhhhhh nice to be like this ,libyan gazel

  • Joey joey says:

    for libya..take care ur country..u all are omar mokhtar..kick out haftar and sisi they are israel puppet..very sad good leader muhamad gadafi die..please support ur great leader for ur country..from Malaysia ur muslim brother..we all with u …glory2 gna

  • Osman BALABAN says:

    Before Hafter 😁

  • Osman BALABAN says:


  • Esa Shaik says:

    Since Russia ,France and the Arab dictorial regimes failed to oust the UN recognised government of Libya they are now hoping to partition Libya.

  • Ousseynou Diba says:

    We Senegal love Turkey and Erdogan, hope they and Libya win the war reclaim all the land

    • sepasgozar says:

      and also please, don’t let this kind of event make all of us forget the Palestine.
      the goal must be the liberation of Palestine.

  • Ahmed Mansoor says:

    May God bless the Libyan Army and may God keep you safe from all terrorists

  • abdullah frzna says:

    Safe u egypt by virus frm pakistn

  • Ahmad Mostafa says:

    Qatar an tukey support them with Mercenaries an tank for kiling lipyan pepole an turned to war zone , where is the mother of the arab world , 600 million arab behind you egypt ❤❤❤

    • Skyrock 12345 says:

      Your racism is killing you

    • Orhan Demir says:

      No 599 million Arab support Turkey,1 mil wannabe and zionist c… sucker with Egypt

    • Orhan Demir says:

      By the way where is your mother when it comes to Syria Palestine etc

    • Ahmad Mostafa says:

      By the way Palestinian they don’t wanna fight for their freedom , an by the way Egypt Lost more man’s 👏 than even Palestinian them self, an become also broke financially after 5 wars , an if you read history of 🇪🇬 , you will know😉 how many times 😳 Egypt defend Palestine🇵🇸 , you need to count an read an read 📚📖📙b
      AN S🇸🇾 , SADAT WARN US MILLION TIME , THAT HAFETH HE WILL ruined the whole region😒 , but we didn’t believe him . Just read an try to educate yourself .Egypt will be the mother of the world🌎❤ forever. Because no body know the history more than Egypt .

    • Reisoglu 52 says:

      @Ahmad Mostafa Egypt defeated in israeli war.Egypt does not help with fear .palestine is the most widely advocated turkey .egypt , saudi , bahreny , countriy is coward .. Sisi is dictator end it is a murderer.

  • D_1990 HG says:

    ottoman empire playing with weak countries like syria and libya but if play with IRAN or Israel the ottoman empire would be lost like the past

    • Orhan Demir says:

      Turks ruled Iran more than 1000 years what are you talking about

    • D_1990 HG says:

      @Orhan Demir but mow ottoman no match to Iran

    • Ade Kausa says:

      @D_1990 HG why don’t your country go to war with Turkey.Are you scared?

    • D_1990 HG says:

      ​@Ade Kausa we don’t need war, we like peace, we are not aggressor like ottoma

    • Ade Kausa says:

      @D_1990 HG so why do you provoke Turkey with Iran.

  • MLGdigimon says:

    I live in sirte and this is bad

  • andhdgs ahahsbd says:

    Blow the LNA apart

  • Susan Ananda says:

    I miss Gaddafi!

    • Themba Zwane says:

      A true hero and liberator. The intention was to kill Africa. They never killed only Gaddafi but they killed the rest of Africa. Africa will never be free from the devils after Gaddafi was killed. Africa will forever be owned by the devils. Gaddafi warned our African leaders but our leaders were too scared of the west.

  • pelister noah says:

    I just hope when this ends the people of Libya can live in peace and harmony.

  • my view says:

    Libya, is an ancient battle ground, Rommel pushed East, Monty pushed West, back and forth, this is far from over. The same tactics are playing out. The game of logistics, supply lines and calculated retreats is now in full swing.

    History loves to repeat its self.

    • sepasgozar says:

      and the Zionists seating back and laughing at both

  • Zia Naqvi says:

    Stop the fight

  • Hamza Gigyani says:

    Pakistan loves you 🇹🇷🇱🇾

    • sepasgozar says:

      love Pakistan from Iran.
      my dear please, don’t let this kind of event make all of us forget the Palestine.
      Haftar must lay-down his arms.
      the Zionists are the ones who benefit from the Libyan war.
      the goal must be the liberation of Palestine.

    • Hamza Gigyani says:

      @sepasgozar inshallah 🇮🇷🇵🇰

  • Vado Camora says:

    Tell me which country is fighting for poor people for justice against exploitation like Turkey.

  • ali biid says:

    His thinking countrys is you’re country and you have wath still we have so think about you’re country + youre people and humanity who ever you are if you’re muslim Islam talking about us a muslim breothers wsc warxmtlhi wabrktu

  • Murat Saka says:

    Qallifa général maréchal danseur dictature hafter dégage

  • samba Lamin says:

    I hope E U are happy of war in Libyan

  • Jb Jama says:

    Next liberate Egypt


      Brother not only Egypt…UAE, soudi also need liberate and then jews free Palestine .

  • Jb Jama says:

    Next liberate Abu dhabi

    • sepasgozar says:

      my dear please, don’t let this kind of event make all of us to forget the Palestine.
      the goal must be the liberation of Palestine.


      @sepasgozar inshallah turky will must do it Don’t worry . But before doing this , first need the betrayal leaders must be uprooted from Arab world .because they are supporting israel from behind . It will be difficult to win unless they are overthrown.

    • sepasgozar says:

      @SAID ANOWAR HALDER indeed, the Arab Monarch are the headache for the Arab community.
      although the United States and Israel don’t see them more than a Milking-cow
      they’re on the side of the United States and Israel in all matters.
      may God guide them to the right path.
      it’s very painful for us Iranians to see that the Arabs are divided and have deviated from the Palestinian issue and are fighting each other.

  • sepasgozar says:

    Haftar must lay-down his arms.
    the Zionists are the ones who benefit from the Libyan war.

  • yeamin fatha says:

    i think what we see its not true, I can’t believe any media anymore. I can’t believe America, their economy based on robbery, terrorism and many other distructive work.

  • Love Bird says:

    Respect for Brave GNA Soldier

  • YallaGoethe TV says:

    Haftar is an american cia agent

  • Shyamsundar Halder says:

    Turkey is going to end

  • Roshan Jameer says:

    Iraq, siria, libia, who are responsible civil war in this countries. My answer is western stupid idiot countries.

  • Aminoor islam says:

    Every 100!!

  • Joshua Grover says:

    If the GNA are going to attempt to advanced to East, the GNA might gain more support if it hands out an olive branch to the East, their open to reconciliation, participation in the political process and that its Forces wouldn’t harm civilians or fighters, unlike what happened in Tripoli.

  • Yasin Tengioglu says:

    Turkey rejected , Dictator Sisi and Hafter ceasefire. Well done Turkey 🤘🇹🇷💪🇦🇿

  • Future Vack says:


  • Mr Perpetual says:

    Where is Haftar?🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Themba Zwane says:

      Maybe he is dead 😂😂😂

  • Tolgz says:

    Us Turks are coming to teach all of you a lesson never to forget. With Libya’ oil economy Turkish will thrive, more and more military power for us. Algeria, Tunisia, Libya is now under the military control/protection of Turkey. Bases around Qatar, Somalia, Sudan. We are surrounding you slowly but surely United Emirates. We are coming to end you!

  • Demir Demiroğlu says:

    First, the putschist Hafter, then the putschist Sisi!

  • Imran Shahzada says:

    We are with you brothers.. no more dictators , so more puppets

  • Truth is logical says:

    Good, don’t accept any offer from Egypt… Sisi and haftar are traitors to Islam and under no circumstances can they be trusted.

  • Swat Khan says:

    These shameless kill their leader now they will be eating eachother like crazy dogs

    • Pirate Cariban says:

      They have more enemies though !!

  • Antoine Johnson says:

    Bientot ! Libya Beaucoup De Sangria Champion Guerra ! Nuovo More Migs 24

  • Reisoglu 52 says:

    If the ottaman were colonialists, those countries would all speak turkish ..

  • Belki Olur says:

    Libya is belongs to Libyan people,Hafter is a underground killer puppet.
    Go Libya goo…Turks are with you until the end.

  • reality finder says:

    Unity of Muslim world is needed to stop this daily war in Muslim world
    Feel bad brothers killing brothers
    From India

  • SEXY BEAUTY says:


  • mmmutahhar1978 says:

    Haftar is another DICTATOR like GADAFFI.

  • A Miyir says:

    Haftar is a puppet

  • denniabenghaly says:

    Col. Hefter has been a traitorous fool for decades.

  • The Truth Sayer says:

    Turkey is after the oil! They will double cross the GNA! Just wait and see!


    kill the traitors


    Free Egypt from traitors

  • Cherrie Dee says:

    If the GNA wins, then millions of people will flood into Europe and the European economy will collapse completely……..

    • The everything Channel says:

      this will happen if the war continues
      If Either side wins or peace is established then it’s good for everyone

  • Sami Gabi says:

    Aljazeera = cheitane, diable ,devil , fitna

  • Nishkid641 says:

    Thank a lot to Mohammad and his dog lovers for bring this evil cult to Libya and that death cult still cause chaos to this day. Watch out for Turkey as well cuz they want to revitalize the neo-Ottoman empire.

  • Tobias Rohrer says:

    Why is haftar a war criminal. What did he do

  • Guide Doğukan says:

    Ottoman is back ! After 100 years! And we will never leave Libya! 🇹🇷 Libya and Turkey forever together! We are strong together! We will clean Libya from Hafter and Sisi military’s! Because they are terrorist ! Like Israel and France!

    • Erik Rudolph says:

      Ottoman will stay dead and will continue to decay

  • Guide Doğukan says:

    After Libya.. Ottoman ( Turkey ) will clean Egypt from Sisi, after we clean Terrorist Israel and king of Saudi Arabia (dog of Israel) ! Turkey coming! 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 🇱🇾 🇱🇾🇱🇾

  • Guide Doğukan says:

    Soon we will open Hagi Sofia ( Ayasofya) mosque from museum. That’s mean OTTOMAN IS BACK! Modern ottoman is back! President Erdoğan working!

  • Guide Doğukan says:

    Let’s make great Libya! 🇹🇷🇱🇾🤝💪

  • Amos Njoroge says:

    The usual propaganda is on again .. They are supporting where their EMIR face is pointing.. Aljazeera propaganda headquarters failed miserably in syria and they’re here🙃 again lying about this battle where turkey is failing miserably… 😂😂😂

  • Lendzemo Joachimkimeng says:

    Lol Libya is a joke there will never be peace in Libya.

  • Titi1324 Kiki13 says:

    Warlords need to be hunted down in Africa. They are dictators and CRIMINALS who use shallow sentiments of a clan or tribe to DESTROY their country. They neither believe in elections nor in round table negotiationd.

  • Tim Tam says:

    Turkey, Qatar, Pakistan and China….lives don’t matter?

  • Fitz Henry says:

    Look how these war criminals mash up the nice country. Hungry for power and fame. Gaddafi would have done a better job with the nation of Lybia. The ordinary Lybians are in shock and awww of the things they now seeing after the death of Gaddafi..

  • Ünal Bagci says:

    Ran halter Ran. Ran wagner Ran.

  • Nakko Nakko says:

    Turkey stand with the people in lybia
    Turkey is the only country that helps

  • Ephrem Eyasu says:

    Egypt should accept every agreement mentioned by Ethiopia unless we used Nile tributary rivers to our fertile soil irrigation investment then the Nile Chanel free from water ( dry) but Ethiopia will ever green in the other hand Egypt will ever drought(dry)

  • Dominik Hutník Viktorovich Chlebnikov says:

    Lybia is Syrias Ghetto 😂

  • Goran Stajic says:

    Al Sheetira FAKE NEWS …Slowly, guys ..Turkey is to stretched …Maybe, the neocolonial dream is only just a dream. Too many players are interested in Lybia. Slowly.

  • dick heder says:

    egypt tryng to buy time for haftr so he can regroup, rearm and counterattack