6 High Paying Jobs With No College Degree Required

2020 6/13
6 High Paying Jobs With No College Degree Required

In this video, we will discuss 6 jobs that do not require a college degree. The average 2016 college graduate had an average of $37,172 in student loan debt. If you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on an education, stay tuned for these six jobs that do not require any college experience. Feel free to share your current job position and salary range in order to give everyone a sample of various lines of work.

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コメント一覧 (183件)

  • Nate O'Brien says:

    Hey everyone. Feel free to share your average salary range for your job to provide everyone with some ideas!

    • Jimmy G says:

      @Jacob Sharp Why did you get layed off? Look up G4S.

    • glockstradamus 10mm says:

      Truck driver locally make $1800-2000 a week but work 50hr+ weeks.

    • Ramón says:

      I urge young people to get a low paying office job if you’re indecisive on what to do with your future. Just getting that exposure and experience will be helpful. I see local adds all the time for office jobs starting out at $16-18 an hour with no degree required.

      Offices are where the money flows, so once you get an opportunity, pay attention to how well your company is doing profit wise. Is there room for growth? Will this particular department stick around if the economy crashes? Working your way up from the inside is a real thing, but you have to be able to spot the difference between a dead end job, and one with real potential.

    • MikeyTero says:

      Checking in from Canada, Forklift driver in a cold storage facility, High school diploma, 57000-65000$ depending on overtime. It’s a union job so the benefits are pretty good as well. I will admit though, I got lucky finding my company and this is definitely above average for the field.

    • Robert Romero says:

      @glockstradamus 10mm i work 50 hours a week and make 2400 a month lol i need a new job

  • Denise pz says:

    Honestly I have looked into jobs like these before, but I don’t think they’re for me.

  • Denise pz says:

    Ok watching these videos give me anxiety …. Idk what is going to happen w/ my life 🙍

    • Jules Élan says:

      @Hans Nordquist Which books would you recommend?

    • Hans Nordquist says:

      @Jules Élan Rich dad poor dad, The richest man in babylon, As a man thinketh, Mans search for meaning, The happiness Advantage

    • Jules Élan says:

      @Hans Nordquist Thanks!

    • Ghoulishpug Old says:

      Me too

    • Paul Wise says:

      Read Rich dad poor dad

  • Garrett Overby says:

    im a usps mail carrier im 3 years in and made 55k this year and im 24 years old. if you don’t know what you want to do its a great job to make money!

  • NTB says:

    i am 23 and work as a Mechanic on an offshore oil rig . make 150k a year and got 3 weeks on the rig and 3 weeks off time.

    • RAGEisDEAD says:

      what so you work away 3 weeks, then return for 3 weeks all year around for 150k?

      Damn that the life.

    • Adrian Santos says:

      How did you get the job ,I’m interested

    • NTB says:

      @Adrian Santos went to trades school from i was 16 to 18. then landed a job as an apprentice for BP at 18. when i was done as an apprentice they asked me if i would keep on working for them, and i said yes. thru out school i had top grades, however i dident know anybody at the company so got lucky there.

    • NTB says:

      @RAGEisDEAD 3 weeks of 12-16hr shifts everyday, then you get to go home for the next 3 weeks. somethimes i get overtime and then i make 125% of my normal pay, but everyday i work overtime i lose one day off.

    • RAGEisDEAD says:

      @NTB sounds tough work bro but it seems to pay the bills and aslong as it works for you thats great.

      god speed bro!!

  • EJ AOKAY says:

    I’m a server at a popular locally owned burger restaurant. I make about 50k a year. Five days a week, only about 4-5 hours a day. Super good money for the time. But now I’m trying to save money and make some investments. Been spending too much the past year.

  • Nick Pannell says:

    the width of his shoulders scares me

    • Jake Black says:

      They have passive growth

    • John Kimbrough says:


    • Lesous x says:

      They sexy tho

    • broken glasses says:

      No it’s his head too small

    • Anti Vermin says:

      Then imagine if he started working out

  • Nate Baird says:

    Half of this list will be automated within the next 10 years.

  • dannydangle says:

    My dad makes 190k as a plumber

    • Jimmy Hardwick says:

      How exactly, and in what region of the country?

  • Kevin Eidsmore says:

    I looked into becoming a postal worker. Junk! They would not hire me because I had a small gap in my job history.. not easy enough to get into, like you suggest Nate. Also, I used to be a professional semi truck driver. Nate, I should be the man in this video.. ur just too young and inexperienced at life to know some of the things I know about money. You have to capitalize, that is why it’s called capitalism. I do like how you have figured out that the rich people live off of interest earned (& they get far more money than they are taxed so as to make a profit off of just their money in a savings acct.) & even get slowly richer over time just on their money alone. Anyways, back to trucking.. I was OTR with a CDL class A drivers lic. & DSW Trucking out of Tucson, AZ hired me right out of AIT Truck Driving School (in Phoenix, AZ) after a one month course. That company hired me as a solo truck driver, but without telling me strait up (honestly) that they expected me to do the work of two men! ALL solo truck drivers are expected to do the work of 2 men! Why? Because each truck is designed with two seats & 2 beds.. & when a warehouse told me that I was late, but I see on my electronic thingy (Qaullcomm) that I am NOT late and within the time frame to drop off my load I picked up for them.. then, something is odd. Means, they expected me to be even earlier than what my trucking company was telling me.. how could I have driven to max legal limits & been late!? It’s obvious that the whole industry expects there to be another drivers (2 drivers switching out & keeping the truck moving most of ever 24 period). The truck does not have a legal limit of 10 or 11 hours (DOT law), but rather each driver has that limit. 2 drivers would mean 20 hours out of every 24 hour period that the semi truck moves down the road for. Solo truck drivers either have to be twice the size, strength, stamina, & get away with driving more than they r legally allowed 2.. OR losing their jobs as about 95% of all solo truck drivers do. A stat another truck driver driving for SWIFT told me. Stupid miss management on a national level! My real anger lies with the damn trucking industry for wasting my time. IF I was well off enough financially to own and have my own semi tractor, then I could have stayed in my job I had back in 2002 being a truck driver. ONLY IF. But, my dad was poor & so was I.. so that wasn’t an option. I could not afford even a used semi tractor at about $90,000 to not have a mean dispatch/company to work for that always would ask me to drive too much. I might look into railroad work.. but from what I understand that insurance sales agent is required to keep up on getting new customers or else loose his/her job.

    • november132 says:

      Wow I wonder why it’s so difficult to be a postal worker in the US. In NZ they hire the same type of people that McDonald’s hires. Although lowest pay for a postal worker is higher than a manager’s at a McDonald’s lol

  • Ryan Simpson says:

    what is your laptop

  • ilovecats46 says:

    Hey man! I’m 20 years old, in my first year of college and currently I deliver food for a local company similar to “Uber Eats” I enjoy the hustle aspect of it but I want to make more money else where. I randomly saw your video in my recommended and assumed you were another typical get rich quick by buying some book scam, but your videos have actually shown me a lot. I didn’t realize how much more money there is to be made outside of a jobs income. You have inspired me a lot, thanks for the great vids!

  • Jordan Doyal says:

    Going to college for construction management. Will probably start off making roughly 80k and that will increase rapidly

  • Sourabh Bhavsar says:

    Trucking is a dying industry though. With the advancement in autonomous cars and trucks, it is going to drastically reduce the need for so many drivers. If you are already in the industry, its fine because it will take 10-15 years for the technology to catch up, but I would not recommend trying to get into trucking.

  • Peter Selie says:

    I see all this video’s about people talking 100+k salaries a year. Where I live, people make between 1.5k and 2.5k a month.

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      Where is that?

    • Peter Selie says:

      @Nate O’Brien In a village in Belgium.Your average job pays you 1.5k, Do you have something to offer? Do you want to work weekends and night? Then you’ll take 2.5k.
      The people that make 5K a month here are surgeons etc…

    • Michael J says:

      Yes but most people in U.S. are paying that much in rent/mortgage. Cost of living is getting expensive in many places of the U.S. 5K a month is just a decent living in most places and not enough in some.

  • EX evil says:

    No such jobs are left in India with over 6000000 people grabbing college degree each year

  • Kenneth says:

    I work as a postal worker in Canada and made 43k CAD in 2018. I’ve done so much overtime to make that much money. If I were only to do my job without any overtime, I probably would have made 33k~36k. This was when I was a temp. worker but since I’ve been hired as full time since Oct. 2018, I will get yearly increases in my hourly wage. I think they cap out at around $27/h?

    Also, came across your channel to find ways to get additional income. Just slowly going through your channel and the content has been great so far.

  • Max L says:

    Air Traffic Controller, 100k+ with no college

    • Tamar Lee says:

      I wish I’m too old now

  • Julianna Rivera says:

    I’m a college drop-out and I work for an insurance agent. The agent themselves can EASILY make way over 100k. I personally am not interested in becoming an agent, so I do the customer service for the clients and in this area my job is averaging around around 30-60k. Only one of my 4 coworkers graduated college, and I can name multiple successful agents who didn’t either. It’s a great industry for hs grads, in my opinion.

  • Ashes On Wool says:

    Im still at highschool! I hope this video can help me when considering degree-less jobs! Thanks nate!

  • D C says:

    Yeah, but if you work on the railroad, you’ll never get laid.

  • Kathy Vayo says:

    You are very wise beyond your years. I just came across your channel and have learned so much from you! Thank you!

  • The Upper Hand says:

    I happen to be a UPS driver and I’m not sure about the USPS making more money. The possible reason for the USPS showing more money is because its an easier company to work for and being full-time UPS driver is a very complicated process that many people would have a hard time sticking out until their wages increase. Current drivers at UPS max out at 36.50/hr and that wage is going to increase to 40/hr. I don’t recommend becoming a driver however because they are pushing through a new contract where you top out at 32/hr, have to work in the building, and have to work on Sundays. So get on now!

  • RandomGaming99 says:

    I work at a movie theater. I make 11k a year, I’m 19

  • Kallan Mitchell says:

    I’d be careful with truck driving. It’s one of the jobs with the highest chance of being automated in the next 15 years.

  • Mapphio says:

    I want to be a plumber so I can , ” fix ” old ladies problems….

  • Walter A. says:

    I have my bachelor’s degree, but lately I’ve been thinking about opening a business. My father runs a Latin pan dulce (sweet bread) bakery in San Francisco, CA and we’ve been a very successful mom & pop shop the last 38 years. I think LA would be a great second location because of the Latino population, but the risk of failing is what scares me. Should I go for it? There’s nothing like being your own boss. My dad takes vacations whenever he wants and makes all the big decisions. Of course he’s put in a lot of work the last 38 years.

    • Fearless says:

      Walter A. Nothing wrong with trying.

    • Walter A. says:

      @Fearless Yes, sir. Gotta be fearless

  • Zane Zaffino says:

    I’m a first year plumbing apprentice and I make about 45k a year

    • Eobard Thawne says:

      Zane Zaffino How long was schooling bro? I’m thinking about doing it after I get my GED.

  • Born Again says:

    What’s your IQ?

  • realhypnicjerk says:

    Any construction job is well paid if you work as a contractor.

  • Aerial Dynamics says:

    I work in a factory in Ohio, i make around 35,000 gross per year as a Group Leader

  • Caden's Garage and Stuff says:

    this video is so good it gives me asmr… I love your voice! also good video in general

  • Ryan Kelly says:

    Great informative video. I like how concise you supply your content

  • Journey Blue says:

    He was wrong about UPS drives, he said they make less than 57,000 a year. I make a little over 90,000 as a UPS driver.

    • Emanuel rodriguez says:

      are you just a delivery driver

    • K- MDN says:

      *On average

    • Jacob Wheeler says:

      I think it depends on location and experience as well just like all other drivers

    • Jacob Wheeler says:

      @Emanuel rodriguez have you seen them?

    • rick ross says:

      theres no way

  • Ryan says:

    Trucking will be automated

  • Michael Crnkovic says:

    For the lazy
    1. Railroad worker
    2. Postal worker
    3. Flight attendant
    4. Plumber
    5. Insurance sales
    6. trucking

    • Justo says:

      If u do the work a plumber does and put the amount of hours of labor those guys do, u are not lazy my friend. This is such an ignorant comment

  • Justo says:

    U mentioned it very briefly wen talking about plumbers, but I’m currently in school learning HVAC. 18 years old now, gonna be 19 wen I’m done with school🤘🏽 gonna work my way up and make as much money as possible

    • Vincent Miller says:

      HVAC is great. You can make about 90k after tech school and 2 years of experience.

    • Chris Boone says:

      How is it so far? Im interested in working in that field. Plumbing as well

  • Santiago Gonzalez says:

    Class A CDL Truck drivers who drive across the country can actually average about $60k-$100k working for a company. And if you own your own truck and you operate it yourself lets say in flatbed hauling or reefrigirated trailers you can see numbers as high as $250k gross and about $150k-$200k net.

    • Karl Ellison says:

      The future of ‘driving’ is in jeopardy with self-driving technology. Long-Haul driving may be the first to be automated.

  • Ekenna Hutchinson says:

    I need an extra job just to live in a better place

  • water boy 24 says:

    Im 19 and work at ups. My plan is to drive when I’m 21. What’s your thoughts on automation?Do you think robots will take drivers jobs?

    • Tobie says:

      water boy 24 no way robots will take driving jobs on our lifetime anyway (I’m 19)

  • Tyler Kerr says:

    I’m a journeyman plumber. We make about $35 an hour but the work kinda sucks tbh

    • Hell Razer26 says:

      Tyler Kerr why do it suck if you don’t mind me asking ?

    • Rafael Rodriguez says:

      Kind of shitty

    • David Man says:

      Rafael Rodriguez was an apprentice for 6 months and you will get tons of human and animal waste on you from crawling in crawl spaces opening pipes etc. I had no interest after anymore after we were fixing a clog at a house that was suppose to be simple. Ended up being an extreme backed up whole house clog and a pipe bursted and I got shit raining on me and my partner all over. We still raining shit on us start sweeping out the house. Needless to say I washed my self off with a garden hose the best I could and I could not come back.

    • Drew Le says:

      @David Man LOL

    • When Grapes Pop says:

      Hell Razer26
      No, I believe you’d like plumbing if you like puzzles. This is why I enjoyed plumbing. You don’t need to work with sewage if you’re working as a residential or service and repair plumber – you’d mostly work on new houses and people installing new kitchens, while repairing water leaks occasionally. Plumbing can be really fun if your like problem solving, solving puzzles and serving/interacting with people. If your mindset is “I want to love and serve this person”, then you’ll find a big tolerance to an occasional crawl on a sticky soda-spilled floor behind the kitchen counter. People also often serve you something to drink or eat, and it’s a nice job. A commercial plumber might have to deal with a little more sewage, while interacting with less people, and following a set of instructions/request/directions/plans, but they are people who ‘get the job done, cause it’s gotta be done’. It’s to be honored, but I myself enjoy the interactions and problem solving aspects of the other two types of plumbing.

  • Barry Robinson says:

    Car sales been in it 8 yrs average about 60k

  • rmztraq3d says:

    Completely false. Software developer is the number one job in the world currently, can be gained by teaching yourself and starts at close to 6 figures. Police officer and firefighters top out around 80-100 in a good city with great Benefits. No college needed. Personal trainer, car sales can all make 100k easy with no education. Meanwhile truck driver and postal worker will be gone in 10 years or less, replaced by robots. Possibly the same with insurance salesmen, flight attendant and railroad workers. Machines can build railroads and pass out drink carts on airplanes. Even the pilot will be obsolete soon. Insurance sales you will be able to do online. Except for a few outliers and barring any delay due to unions and lobby’s, the only job listed that is legitimate is plumbing because robots are not nearly developed enough for the fine motor dexterity.

  • Jon Spitznagel says:

    Overseas IT contractor 200k no degree required

    • Greg Spalding says:


    • Andromeda Galaxy Nebula says:

      How does someone get into IT without a college degree?

  • Developer LLL124 says:

    I’ve decided I’m going to save up and get my CDL. The pay is more than double what I currently make. With some jobs the pay is triple. Plus it’ll be an interesting challenge.

    • Luca Marghidan says:

      What’s CDL?

  • Chris Curtis says:

    Working in a fine dining restaurant made 90k in 2018…as long as you are a people person earning potential is always high.

  • Stephen Carbajal says:

    Waster water operator. I’m just starting my career in this field and I’m making 65K a year with an entry level position.

    • Anthony Landa says:

      How is it so far?

  • Karston Fox says:

    don’t do trucking. self-driving trucks are coming fast lol

    • Angel Valencia says:

      Self driving trucks can’t make deliveries to stores though. Trucking is still Viable.

  • John Beatty says:

    I’m listening to the white man

    • Fearless says:

      John Beatty If it ain’t white ain’t it right 😂

  • Fin Havens says:

    I make 102,000ish a year for being a handyman

  • Sanre says:

    How about network marketing?

  • amtraker says:

    Hey Nate, ive wanted to work for Amtrak ever since I was a little kid. Happy to say I just hit my 17th year on the railroad. College made no sense to me and ive been making six figures for years now. Very grateful !!!

  • Jo LAMA says:

    I’m 17 in Texas with my own fencing buisness building any type of fence and on a good week I make 1,000$

    • Jacob Wheeler says:

      Start getting people to do it for you..

  • Lynda G says:

    I graduated with a degree in International Studies and Spanish in 2017. Currently working as a PT Services Rep at a hospital. I’m make 32,600 a year (15/hr). Currently at home saving money to pursue a job in my major elsewhere, because there aren’t options for my degree in my area. I should have just become a postal worker 😅

  • Ryzen says:

    Another good area without degree is web developer and developer in general… if ur a good developer and good with math u can get a very good job on very good company without a degree.

  • Aesthetically Amazing says:

    Technically coding can triumph any of this list

    Yeah ik coding ain’t for everyone but if you study it for a year like every single day you’ll get payed like 50k for a junior and that’s just the starting line

    Some actually gets over to 300k
    On software engineering believe me or not but give it a try

    • Umar Ajmal says:

      r u a software engineer

    • I’mnotgay Gay says:

      Aesthetically Amazing is it realistic without a degree, I’ve read that I shouldn’t if I don’t have a CS degree. I think I would really enjoy it, but I don’t want to waste time learning it and getting a certificate to not get hired and or possibly make less over someone with a degree.

  • Kyle Caraway says:

    The reason plumbers are not sought after is because it requires either trade school training or college to become one and then you have to get certified to be a plumber and work.

    • Erik Swiger says:

      I don’t know specifically about plumbers, but as an electrician, I began with no experience and learned on-the-job.

    • Fearless says:

      Erik Swiger How long did it take you to learn most of the aspects?

    • Kyle Caraway says:

      It’s fine if you want to jion a union or work for someone. But in most areas you need certification to work especially in new york. My area specifically doesn’t have many licensed plumbers cause they won’t give out the license. So many plumbers have to work for one of those guys or sub out under them. It’s not this way everywhere though.

    • Kyle Caraway says:

      I’m also not a plumber. I do carpentry, painting, and tapping by trade. I just would talk to my gc a lot on long rides to job sites. I don’t work in the trades anymore though.

    • Erik Swiger says:

      @Fearless It’s an ongoing process, but after 3 years I tested and passed for a Residential Wireman license. A Journeyman license takes a minimum of 4 years on the job.

  • Erik Swiger says:

    When you talked about plumbers and other trades, you neglected to mention electricians. I used to be one in the 90s, and was moving upward at a rapid pace, until I developed health problems and was unable to continue it. It’s incredibly hard, and the test you take for your license will be the hardest thing you ever do, but it’s worth it. Once you can obtain a Master Electrician license, you can open your own business, and from there the sky’s the limit. We’re talking 5-6 years or so from beginning apprentice to being at the top of your trade. edit: BTW I’ve seen ads on Craigslist for electricians up to $45/hour.

    • Fearless says:

      Erik Swiger Back breaking job though that’s for sure.

  • Erik Swiger says:

    There’s also oilfield work, which is incredibly hard and incredibly dangerous, but if you can do it for awhile, you can amass $100,000/year.

    • Nate O'Brien says:

      so i have heard!

  • Mike Ortiz says:

    NJ transit Bus Operator was base 57k but with overtime about 75k. I currently do what’s called a depot master where I work in the office to run a bus depot and the salary is about the same but I’m making roughly 80-89k with overtime the past couple of years. And we have the union which is great.

  • Shirley Drake says:

    The only way to make money is to get a skill . If you go to college, graduate knowing how to DO something. Nursing, Lab tech, Respiratory therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, audiologists, teacher, engineer, doctors lawyer, make sure you have a marketable skill. Do not fall for the BS put out by recruiters. Their job is to keep the seats full. If you love history then by all means study history while you are getting your law degree, but realize you have to know how to do something valuable in order to earn money. You have to have something to sell. If you can get a two year degree at a local community college and graduate with a skill and little to no student loan, then do it. Then during your last two years of college and during your graduate degree time you can work part time for $25 an hour rather then full time for $10.00 per hour or worse, graduate with a sociology degree and a $50,000 student loan. You will never pay it off. We as a society have to put a stop to the protracted childhood we allow our children to experience. College is not an exercise in how To drink, drug, skip classes, and experience multiple sexual partners. It’s a privilege and a very serious thing.

  • Kyle Metz says:

    Automotive technician. I went to a for-profit trade school that was more expensive than it needed to be, but still way cheaper than a 4 year degree. The pay sucks starting out (usually as a helper or changing oil), a lot of people wash out, you have to buy expensive tools, it’s hard on your body if you don’t work smart. However there is money to be made if you’re actually decent at this. I was making 45k/yr after two years. Then 55k, 60k, 85k, and then 110k last year. I’m on track to do a little better this year, and I’ve found my niche that should keep me making that kind of money (or more!) for a long while.

  • Zahid says:

    This just popped up in my head
    A flight attendant has opportunity for making more money by creating vlogs about their destinations and putting it up on youtube. Some destinations get layover period as many as 3 days!!!

  • joseph yantambwe says:

    I work as a debt collector with no college Degree, I have been doing that for 2 years and I make around 60k a year on average with more pay increase each year

  • frank toole says:

    IT is great for no degree. I know I had no degree started and worked my azz off the last 12 years but have a team of sys admins that work for me and many of them have a 4 year degree.

    • I’mnotgay Gay says:

      frank toole what area In IT is good for someone with no degree or training in IT?

  • Seth Dechand says:

    I work security for G4S only make 14 and hour but lots of over time make around 30k a year with all the overtime. I working toward becoming a police officer 👮‍♀️

  • Andrew Morreale says:

    Diesel technician for semi trucks, averaging 88000 a year. That’s base pay. Overtime and other thingso bviously add more. Only been doing it 10 years

    • Yourmom69 says:

      And I need no degree right?

  • When Grapes Pop says:

    I had to go to vocational school for becoming a plumber. 4,5 year education, but that’s in Norway. If you like puzzles, you’ll like plumbing.

  • Vito Corleone says:

    A railway worker will put you on the right track..

  • Alex Aleshire says:

    Didn’t expect to see postal workers. I thought UPS made way more than us? I’m about 6 years in and make like $52,000

  • Smarter Not Harder Contractor Education says:

    If you’re watching this you might want to consider a career in a construction trade, just a thought. Great video though!

  • Fun Āsian Kobē 🐀 10MinutesOrMore says:

    Dear Nate, can you solve a Rubik’s cube? 🐘

  • 2fresh28 says:

    Wow you got #1 right! Being a truck driver contractor is a great job, my dad works as one and makes around 120-160K a year depending how much he wants to work and he is local. He doesn’t even have a high school degree and I always look at him as an example that you don’t need to go to college to be successful. You do need to own your own truck. If you work for a company like swift, most of the time those truckers make around 40-50K a year

  • Chairhag says:

    what about being a realtor? in canada you just need grade 12

  • Citiview Marketing says:

    I’m a line cook making $24,000 a year in Nashville Tn

  • Melinda Lloyd says:

    Jobs that a person with a service dog can get please let me know my husband need a new job

  • Caira Lee says:

    1. Railway worker
    2. Postal worker
    3. Flight attendant
    4. Plumber
    5. Insurance sales agent
    6. I got tired

  • Yvonne Omiya says:

    You have to whistle while you work. !!!

  • Jacob Wheeler says:

    I deliver fuel to gas stations, sleep at home every night and make $110,000 a year

    • Tyler M says:

      What career is that ?

    • Frederick Nunez says:


    • Jacob Wheeler says:

      @Tyler M class A driver with all endorsements. It takes 2 years of experience driving to be approved by the insurance providers of the company that will hire you. The premiums are outrageous for drivers less than that so they don’t tend to hire unless they are desperate for drivers.

    • Jacob Wheeler says:

      @Frederick Nunez in stead of being your own worse enemy, you could ask how it works.

  • rick poghll says:

    Trades … Specifically Electrician , Plumbing & HVAC are all gold mines if : you are a hands on fairly fast learner willing to wear a blue collared shirt . The endless side jobs and overtime e or self employment are well into the 6 figure categories

  • Luis Rosales says:

    I want to get a good job the problem in United states you have to speak fluent English and I don’t but I graduete from high school 😭😭

  • cali5995 says:

    Hi, I have been a minister for 21 years, I have two master’s degrees and a doctorate, and I make 55k.

  • Yusuke Ohkawa says:

    i am a college drop out working as an IT technician. I make 60k a year. quite good if you compare it to an average college graduate in my country (Japan). I sometimes help people with IT stuff outside of work and I get non-tax income from that so thats also a bonus. I am pretty that is the case with plumbers/mechanics/and lock smiths too. They get relied on by friends/family and they will happily pay you for your service.

  • Dustin Karrick says:

    I was making $65,000 driving semi for Celadon. They were a trucking company in Indianapolis.

  • Steven Parhat says:

    I’m currently making -$50,000 a year as a university student 🙂

    • Zohal Derwesh says:

      Hi Steven, how do u do that?

    • Kevin says:

      Zohal Derwesh read it again man

    • Steven Parhat says:

      @Zohal Derwesh by paying tution lol

  • Matija Miletic says:

    TRUCK DRIVERS WILL BE REPLACED BY A.I. self driving vehicles.

  • Iop says:

    I Have a Questioned

    R u related To Conan O’ Brien

  • RandomActivities says:

    I would strongly advise against getting a CDL. Trucking is a modern day from of slavery. It’s true that some truckers are making seriously good money, but most are working in a mobile sweatshop, making a very low wage. The big companies that dominate the industry pay drivers as low as 0.22/mile, though they don’t advertise it. You would have to run at least 3,000 miles/week, and still not make $1k/week. When you count the long hours loading and unloading (which are unpaid), you are making well below minimum wage.

    Getting a CDL is the single biggest regret I have in my life. There is literally nothing I don’t wish I had done instead.

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    Massage therapist 60-80k

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    I work for Fed Ex and making 52,000 a year

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    I just want a job where I don’t have to break my back and doesn’t require a 4 year degree. I just want to live a normal life where work doesn’t consume my entire life. Any suggestions?

  • Rich King says:

    Can you make a vid on shit jobs to avoid?
    Plumbing is shit literally.
    Hgv mech £40-45 with scania. Con -heavy work
    Plant mech £35000pa. cons- dirty
    Car mech vw £3200. cons- lots
    Motorbike mech kawasaki £31000. Cons none

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  • Rezan nazer says:

    Omg f*ck of Chris Wane I’m trying to watch a video and your shit ads come up idc. 😂🤣

  • Mute says:

    I’m so worried for my future as my high school days are almost coming to an end and I don’t know what I want to do or pursue 😣

  • Luis Ramos says:

    Nate, great job. Muy buen trabajo. Lol. Congrats. Also, could you decorate your wall back ground.

  • Jorden Pillard says:

    No degree, operations manager for distribution warehouse making 73K plus bonus.