The Netherlands struggling to meet housing demand

2020 6/24
The Netherlands struggling to meet housing demand

In the Netherlands, the number of homeless people has doubled in recent years and 300,000 new houses are urgently needed. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the yearly target will not be met.

To create both houses and jobs, local officials and developers have made an urgent plea to the government to invest billions of dollars.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from The Hague.

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  • ABC Analytics says:

    black lives mmmattaa…my brothaar

  • ABC Analytics says:

    Netherlands is the best country on earth, nude girls everywhere and free money from govnt

    • Zakaziko Ziko says:

      ABC Analytics nice

    • Zakaziko Ziko says:

      ABC Analytics on the beach the wear bikini’s without the top.

  • R M says:

    Immigration is blamed rather than government bureaucracy, people wanting to leave family home the moment they turn 18, older population living in 5 bed houses all alone, younger people not settling down I.e getting married. Shame on the brainwashed twats

    • Jason says:

      Who are you, you neanderthal !!!!

    • R M says:

      @Jason someone who doesn’t blame an immigrant for his own misfortune.

    • Renske de jonge says:

      I don’t blame immigrants. Not their fault. But it’s very irritating and antisocial that this divorced woman who simply steals her man’s house gets a nice big fat house alone that’s cheaper than my apt w 1 bedroom for me and 3 kids. I remember in the 90s no way they’d give a cheap 1 family house to one person.

  • Chris Van Bekkum says:

    When I left there 50 some years ago , there was a housing crisis . Same as now . My opinion ? By design !!! Gov. Policy .

    • Dime says:

      The elderly shouldn’t be allowed on the internet.

    • RoadRage says:

      Obviously, you probably did hear of Pechtold getting an appartment as a gift. A strange story in itself from which we will know the full truth. Or about Prins Bernhard owning +-750 houses.
      What do you think they want, for their own property to increase in value or to decrease in value. Now you know why these corrupt bastards don’t do anything about it. All they trully care about is protecting what they own or better yet,make more money. Also ensuring their own future in politics.
      Some even assist banks into getting a bank license, assist them in softer regulations or for the DNB to close their eyes a bit and somehow this guy got a job at top banks. Or a guy makes the roads wider towards schiphol and gets a CEO position at KLM. Or more examples.
      Nobody even questions these things, but if you think of it, it is obvious corruption.

    • RoadRage says:

      You mean dumb little kids should not be on the internet.

  • Stacha Stochmol says:

    Why dont he go and drive for Uber to make money
    Is he that lazy to complain?

    • Ahmed Sufiyan says:

      He doesn’t have a car probably

    • Stacha Stochmol says:

      @Ahmed Sufiyan So he is poor in a rich country ?.

    • Ahmed Sufiyan says:

      @Stacha Stochmol You’ll find beggers in any rich country and you’ll find billionaires in even the poorest countries, that’s how the wealth is unevenly split among humans.
      Don’t you know that 1% of the richest in the world now own 50% of the resources?

    • Journalist boy 2022 says:

      I think most Europeans don’t even own a car at all.

    • Renske de jonge says:

      You don’t need a car here. It’s flat. Biking is cheap and good for your health.

  • Jimmy Wijaya says:

    Europes are old slow countries.

  • John Smith says:

    Immigration from third world

  • Vincent Conti says:

    Making new land? Didn’t know they were doing that anymore!! Maybe make fewer people?

  • Illyrian Gamer says:

    wew comment deleted

  • Illyrian Gamer says:

    it’s mass immigration the root

  • Vincent Conti says:

    Wow this is teenager central!!

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    thats why sand is so expensive these dutch buying it to create new land

  • Edite Ferreira says:

    Letters of True Revelations. Soon, wait! 🍽🍷🍗🍔👪🍎🌎♾

  • David Cheney says:

    Worldwide phenomenon! It is happening every other countries !

    • Deozeo says:

      Not so much in the US… unbelieveable deals in rural towns/villages especially in Midwest, OH, IN, PA regions as well as plenty of land to build on w/ low mortgage loans MT, WY, UT, ID, NV and Dakota’s.

    • Ed Rod says:

      @Deozeo Yeah we still have a long ways to go in the US. Maybe in 100 years will the middle of the US finally populate. Problem is that no enough people want to live in those states. Most people just want to live in the big cities no matter what the cost. They’d rather sleep on the floor and eat from the soup kitchens than leave the big city behind.

  • Wim M says:

    Miss calculation by the government? LOL 😂

  • Zainul Abidin says:

    I can relate this situation with my Dutch friends because we Penangnites share the same problem , only worse ! Here , the private developers are totally devoid of compassion , and Penang Island soon will be affordable only to the rich . They get the lion share of the land , leaving scraps to public housing . Perhaps that’s intentional to give an upend image to Penang , while changing the demography of Penang Island . Steep priced houses will drive the Malays who form a large majority to mainland Penang where houses are much more spacious and cheaper , and landed too . Even today , Malays are averse to staying in high rise apartments .

  • Zainul Abidin says:

    Mistake in typing : Malays form a large minority .


    Waiting list for life…

  • vv n says:

    Dutch government should help their citizens first

  • Net Surfer says:

    For so many years(350 years) of exploitation, raped, looting, stealing and colonialism in Indonesia, karma is now bicthing around netherland.

  • Chris Hoff says:

    Welcome to the real world.

  • SHARP GF8585X says:

    Good video.

  • realpqleur says:

    What’s it like in the land of Al Jazeera?

    • Journalist boy 2022 says:

      Qatar is a pretty rich(financially) place ngl.

  • Whut Now! says:

    Europe is getting overcrowded. Cites are kicking out the poor. Revolt will come. Tge rich will flee to islands, Antarctica

  • Go Johnny Go says:

    Why not learn from China, they built low cost hospital with containers in 10days.

    • Tiashe Varuhaito says:

      they want premium housing lol

    • Go Johnny Go says:

      @Tiashe Varuhaito – In that case, all they need to buy is a mirror.

  • Hot Chick says:

    First world countries is becoming more expensive to live move out of other countries

  • Frenchkisssss says:

    The lack of land, why dont you invade Belgium ?

    • Zakaziko Ziko says:

      Journalist boy 2022 no they don’t you guys still not even have a parlement

    • Ahmad El-Khatib says:

      Hey! That’s Germany’s thing, careful.

    • Tuncay Celik says:


    • Maria Esther Rivas says:


    • Stan Ramler says:

      We only want Flanders though 🦁

  • Frenchkisssss says:

    Why dont you build high rise buildings ?

    • Journalist boy 2022 says:

      Nah foreign investors will buy it instead. What Netherlands need is a low income/affordable housing project that is only available to the dutch people not foreigners.

    • Saida Agourram says:

      They build more than enough houses and sky scrapers for the rich.

  • roof pizza says:

    Looks like a ghetto in the next 10-20 years.

  • Hour Bee says:

    complain about lack of housing, while keep open door for thousands of migrants yearly. Go Netherlands

  • musicguy20 says:

    Maybe Corona will make more room for ppl

  • Gautam says:

    It’s not easy to let in asylum seekers it’s going to cause chaos in thy own country

    • Onno L says:

      You can not just reject refugees from a humanitary crisis

    • Gautam says:

      @Onno L they should stay back in their own land and Struggle for their Rights.

    • Onno L says:

      @Gautam that is argueing from priveledge that your country is not in a civil war. grow some heart

  • 321shack says:

    Make highrises or move from the country. Its the same here in Canada things are getting expensive. A normal is like a million $ here.

  • Death Larsen says:

    Maybe if they didn’t import the 3rd world there would be housing.

    • D.J MAMBA says:

      Was waiting for racists like you to say something. Maybe the afrikaaners should come back instead of the few immigrants what you think?

    • Ralph Bernhard says:

      Maybe if the USA (silently supported by “western interests”) didn’t constantly start wars, invade, carry out drone strikes, or plan covert regime change operations to guard business interests, *there wouldn’t be so many refugees?*

    • RAM GAY says:

      @Ralph Bernhard so true basically they are crying as victims when its warzone countries who got destroyed by their government evilness

    • Ralph Bernhard says:

      @RAM GAY Google “proxy wars”.

  • T N. says:

    Apparently, accepting all those Muslim immigrants is doing sending the local people onto the streets because there isn’t enough help to go around. What a surprise.

    • Asjad Azeez says:

      Factually, these European countries need to stop supporting the Middle East dictators

    • Chi keung Chan says:

      Western world created so many wars in Middle East. they deserved to accept those refugees.

  • Dime says:

    Just find another bf. it’s easy

  • Jhon Turn says:

    and why the main character moves as if he has a pederasty?

  • Asjad Azeez says:

    So which country are they planning to annex?

    • Kyle Panuncillon says:

      Some parts of Denmark and Belgium I guess😂

  • Charles van Dijk says:

    The reason we migrated all those years ago. I was still a teen and now I am 70 living in my own free standing home on 2 acres. In the Netherlands in the 60’s that was just a dirty dream and not much has changed.

    • rodger says:

      Where did you move though ?

    • Thomas Long says:

      There was a Danish brother and sister and a Dutch brother sister in my high school back in the mid 1980s.

    • Charles van Dijk says:

      @rodger Australia.

  • Timothy says:

    It takes 10 years to get approval to build? WTF!

    • Kyle Panuncillon says:

      Lmao here in Asia it would even took 3 decades

    • Kiki says:

      It gets 10% in my country 😂😂😂😂

  • cisa93 says:

    Is this because of Socialist Centralized government?

    • cisa93 says:

      Ralph Bernhard because I have spoken to countless homeless people. Weather is a huge factor, but they know the cities that are much more welcoming and permissive to homeless populations.

    • Ralph Bernhard says:

      @cisa93 OK, so why did you write that homelessness is *because* of “centralized socialism”? (your OP)

    • cisa93 says:

      Ralph Bernhard: My original post was a question. You shared your opinion about weather and detain states within the US. I shared my inquiries/experiences

    • Ralph Bernhard says:

      @cisa93 OK, so centralized and slightly “socialist” (aka “social democracy”) doesn’t necessarily lead to more homelessness than strict capitalism?
      Or, as happens in the US, Red states produce similar numbers of homeless people. These then migrate to other states (like “blue” California, or “red” Texas and Florida, all the the top 5) where conditions are more favorable.

    • cisa93 says:

      Ralph Bernhard : you can call socialism whatever name you like. North Korea is considered democratic. No system of government is perfect since they each have their faults. The systems that you talk about are based on high taxes across the board. I’ve been to Western Europe and spoken to a few people. Perhaps not was my luck, many want to escape the high taxation and inability to live in their home. Waiting lists for homes are well over 10 years. Your desire to take away from people that have worked, saved and invested to give to others doesn’t always work. The innate human desire is there to aspire and have more. That’s why generations of Europeans left Europe and USSR because they had aspirations controlled by their governments/societies. They wanted to have more control over their own destiny.

  • LibertyIsDead says:

    I guess they need more social services.

  • Hog Nutz says:

    Start building homes

  • Rakesh Kumar Singh says:

    Thanks to multiculturalism. Bring some more from middle east.

    • adam power says:

      the Dutch are taking up land and resourses of south africans. What do you have to say about that

    • D.J MAMBA says:

      Nobody is as hypocritical as white people lol

    • Weda Aesir says:

      @adam power Land an resources from South Africa, did i miss something?

    • D.J MAMBA says:

      @Weda Aesir he is talking about the boers

    • Weda Aesir says:

      @D.J MAMBA Than he is still wrong. The Boers were the first to settle the area of what is now Cape Town, the only black people present in Sout-Africa were the Nguni people who mostly lived in eastern South-Africa which was later all annexed by the British and not the Boers.

  • C. Lincoln says:

    I bet that racist politician from the NL will find a way to blame immigrants for this.

    • Jorben Noten says:

      Because it is the result of immigration

    • C. Lincoln says:

      @Jorben Noten lol

    • Jorben Noten says:

      @C. Lincoln what do you mean lol

    • Y F says:

      Jorben Noten nop, is not the result of immigration. Is the result of price speculation for big corporations and they are pushing people out of the city!!! Conclusion Government policies that reflect the interest of a small group!

    • Tang Ren says:

      LOL that’s already happened 😉 Geert Wilders doing that for many years now and even though his popularity is waning last few years (because there are more far right alternatives for him now and the establishment copied some of his retoric; stealing votes), the myth still persists with the more gullible people in the country. Disastrous neo-liberal government policy like is mentioned in the report vid is to blame, but it is offcourse convenient for the political establishment to let the people fight among each other so they have a ruse, in order to implement more of such measures to benefit corporate elites at the expence of all non-elites, regardless of ethnicity; basicly divide-and-conquer tactics…

  • mohammed adde says:

    Somalia is 20 times bigger and they are running to Europe to find a better life lol very sad 😭😭😭

    • Ranvijay Rao says:

      It’s about politicians and people
      African countries have rich resources

      In India,
      Few states are always poor

      few states are managed well together and build progressive….

  • ISCIFI ON says:

    Disadvantages of expensive big cities.

  • Gazi Seratal Rakib says:

    IMMIGRANTS! *sarcastically*

  • ViShNu says:

    Brother think of india situation 1.5 billion people and not have enough housing. Skyscrapers r not deliberately allowed to increase the cost of housing.
    we need high rise buildings this is the social . affordable and high rise.

  • Sam W says:

    They’re just building mega expensive houses.

    • Sam W says:

      Also this is been going on for about 40 years.

  • jay rider says:

    When women pop out babies the Netherlands give them everything for free. Amsterdam has beautiful low income houses with single moms who came their ilegal And popped out anchor babies..⚓🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣

  • Om Prast says:

    Dutch need house?
    Colonial detected…

  • lucaboris says:

    This problem only really affects the Urbanized west however, a one hour drive east of Amsterdam and the problem dissapears.

  • Brenden Dyson says:

    Stop bringing in migrants, look after you own people not imports

  • Honor Holly says:

    In Germany is the situation worse. They sacrifice their degnity, integrity and their lives for democracy and the riches.

    • Johannes Philipp says:

      And “refugees”

  • SARAH ASHUN says:

    This is happening worldwide. In the UK they build for profit. There are so many new properties being built in cities like London, only for the rich and private investors to snap them up. Pure greed.

  • Jason says:

    Welcome to 40 years of neoliberalism. The rich didn’t get rich by paying high wages.

  • Asma Ben says:

    Miscalculations of the past and present governments are many, but they stay in power and are allowed to continue making ”miscalculations” at the expense of the taxpayers. In fact , making miscalculations that they then present as a slight mistake of a very intelligent clan is standard policy…Censor me all you like, the truth will come out…

  • tafsir al qur'an dan dakwah islam says:

    Go to indonesia
    dont you remember the past ??

    • NeutralDice says:

      No because this problem affects modern Dutch people

  • azli jamil says:

    The reason for the shortage is because of the influx of third world leeeches but being ultra liberals, Netherlands would never say that!

  • Germany Holland says:

    invade france or german for 1000 hectare

  • Techie Tush says:

    World need a deadly pendemic… So earth can get relax

  • James Rockford says:

    Immigrate to US, free housing, free medical, jobs food stamps

  • Ranvijay Rao says:

    It’s artificially made….

  • Deozeo says:

    When I worked in Rotterdam (92-97) colleagues who wanted to marry, to raise families, could not because of housing shortage. Couples lived w/ families, put off plans until affordable housing available or pursued other avenues. There was very strong animosity by young people, towards immigrants, as they were put ahead of Dutch citizens for this housing “waiting” list. 🐈

  • Johannes Philipp says:

    Its obscure how Netherlands is housing tens of thousands of illegal migrants for free but have no affordable housing solutions for their own citizens

  • Alonso Rodrigez says:

    hhh how laughable ! Social housing has been given to migrants but Aj Jazeera fails to mention this !

    • Right Wing Radio says:

      Youre ignoring the part where he makes too much for social housing.

    • Zakaziko Ziko says:

      Right Wing Radio yea tfack

    • Saida Agourram says:

      I was scrolling for this comment because that is the lie that the MSM was feeding the people. Meanwhile we have a lot o gentrification and social housing are sold and all the new housing are for the free market.

  • Stephen Brand says:

    I live in the US but I went to Amsterdam as a teenager in 2003 and thought it was awesome that you could buy weed in shops. I’ve always wondered if it would be cool to live there.

  • Sach Much says:

    China can build a hospital in 7 days…check with them they are supper quick….

  • MariaV0071 says:

    I had the same issue, I was on the waiting list to get a house for 10 years, I could never get one because other people and immigrants, asylum seekers would be prioritized over me, whilst paying my yearly fee. Don’t get me wrong, helping people is a good thing, but we Dutch people are being taken for granted and I am sick of it. I have a house now, I had one build for myself. Where doors close, others open.

    • MariaV0071 says:

      @Ali dubabaxaka zoom. Yes, poor Dutch people, I agree. Not asylum seekers, they get everything for free here. Free house, free Healthcare, free food, welfare from the state. They get it all for free, but we Dutch people keep paying our taxes, we get nothing in return. We pay, pay and pay.

    • Ava Jallali says:

      They should definitely prioritize their own citizens. I mean in my country we also provide things for free to refugees and asylum seekers because if you think about it they are the most helpless. New country, new language, chased away from their homes due to war. So I understand why they need to be taken care of. I think you shouldnt think they are taking away from the citizens, it’s just basic needs for people when readjusting and probably a different budget line. You should focus more on pressuring the government to develop new cities. It’s pretty easy to build large apartments ( look at Singapore and Asian cities) and ask them to get rid of the red tape that is preventing development

    • Ibn Muhammad says:

      Keep blaming immigrants and asylum seekers instead of your falling government.

    • MariaV0071 says:

      @Ibn Muhammad did I blame the asylum seekers? No, if they get houses for free, prioritized over Dutch citizens, who’s fault is it? Exactly, first think before you open your mouth. You sounds stupid. The treaty with countries is to help asylum seekers at the cost of their own citizens. So, again, am I blaming asylum seekers? No, I am sick of our government taking their own citizens for granted. Explained enough? Or still not clear?

    • Ibn Muhammad says:

      @MariaV0071 Ah yes I see what you mean. My bad.

  • Donna Adom says:

    It’s g oing to be horrid, the homelessness in much of the world, as evictions come in this & next year. Further dividing rich and poor. 😞

  • Diogo Pinto says:

    2:02 that’s my house in the background .. Social security got it for me .. I pay €10 rent monthly …

  • Beni Beni says:

    Sweden has same problem

  • sharon wilson says:


  • arfer minute says:

    You as a nation walked away from Jesus and now you wonder why its all going wrong? You were once a lamp unto the Lord now you promote satan and his ways and no im not a nut go check your history ,take a peep at the orange family like william

  • Hsis Hdj says:

    Homelessness is a growing crisis in western countries

  • Arjen van Doorne says:

    King Creator has a money problem in his space mosque. Happy annexation.

  • Ominous says:

    It’s because we are being kolonized.

  • Iqra mahmood says:

    how about floating cities in sea .

  • Devon Alexander says:

    This is what happens when you play with the far right. The Netherlands you should stop entertaining fascist leaders.

  • Lesvons says:

    Not to mention the yearly 3,9% extra on top of your regular rent. Just because they can.

  • RASHEED KHAN says:

    Crisis bcos of captalist policy.. Change to socialist policy in economy

  • Abang Rino says:

    Because capital investors buy all the houses

  • Marc Jonkman says:

    I mean social housing is never the option for anyone, it’s the last resort if your in a family and need cheap housing. A man looking for a social house just for himself? Ain’t gonne work, should have stayed in college ma man

  • Savira Balamash says:

    Move cities, why cling to Amsterdam? He could’ve found a place easy if he just went a little to the east, we don’t have a housing problem in our part of the country.

    • Anton4488 says:

      I don’t know very much about Dutch society, but in Russia people try to keep to their cities because they have all their professional contacts, friends and family in one place. Especially for older generation, it’s takes an enormous corsage to move to a different location. It’s much easier to move around when you are young.

      I suppose it might be different in a small, highly connected country.

    • Your childhood was a lie says:

      Yes, but al the jobs are in Randstad (Amsterdam, Utrecht etc). There is a reason people dont just migrate to the provinces.

  • Ilias Vermeijden says:

    yes i think they didnt expect the massive growth of population due to high amount of immigrants and their high birthrate either X)

    • Saida Agourram says:

      Immigrants is an excuse. Gentrification is the problem. Rich people have no problem finding housing.
      That excuse got the citizens of Rotterdam to vote against their own interests.

  • craig h says:

    30? he looks at least 40

  • craig h says:

    if they build enough houses that will create a bigger economy like everybody else but they sabotage their entire economy just because a few people want to get rich from the present system even tough they could get richer from a bigger economy

  • Juan Starnotip says:

    Everywhere has problems with housing prices, but this is the first time I’m seeing a problem of available housing.

  • Darius says:

    30 years old but can’t look after himself, and his entire emotional outlook depends on a paycheck from someone else. Pathetic.

  • Egal Ramla abdi ali says:

    Tats why i left and live in england.

  • G vL says:

    I thought the same thing was happening in most cities across the western world

  • Firstname Lastname says:

    The real cause of the problem is that Netherlands insist that they don’t want to build skyscrapers. So yea you need a lot of land to build small height buildings

    • Renske de jonge says:

      Yes there is no room. You also need some nature and everyone wants their big fat house. Takes way too much space. Everyone divorces and wants 2 houses.

  • George Bryson says:

    This problem is even worse in New Zealand (despite no shortage of land)…

    • Ava Jallali says:

      I saw that Jacinda addressed it though. As in there is a plan to work on it.

  • Salty Grandma says:

    No land? Look at New York retards

  • carocarochan says:

    Same issue in Canada.

  • Electron3 Photon1 says:

    Indonesian still have a lot of land even for 10 million homeless Netherland…

    Farmers will not sturggled with climated change on here, and water cost “free” .

  • Ibn Muhammad says:

    Alhamdoulillah 😊🥰

  • Leo Per says:

    In the past 10 years the number of built houses in the Netherlands was relatively higher than the increase of thepopulation. Nowadays fewer people live in the houses in which big families lived in the past. But the real problem actually is “housing” inflation, average housing prices are going up faster than the average income. Because low interest rates push up prices (in NL you get tax returns for mortgages but the higher your income the more you’ll get) and speculation on the housing market by big investment firms push away low income families. So the real problem is the neoliberal system which doesn’t care about the poeple but the bankaccount of the rich.

  • Reynan Henry says:

    The dutch needs to learn from singapore